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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 14, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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today as friends and family come together to remember a inside. lamar odom was rushed to the hospital overnight from a brothel outside of vegas. what we are learning about the former nba star. >> and it's going to take one more game and 3,000 miles of travel for the mets to clinch their spot in the championship series. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. for ken rosato. it is wednesday, october 14th. >> and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> good morning everybody. grab a little jacket, a sweater. let's take a look from our camera here at asbury park down the beach. real pretty morning. we're looking at a temperature now at 6:00 of 59 degrees to start your morning, and there's a wind out of the west across that beach there going right into the atlantic. 58 around sunset park brooklyn, 56 ridgewood, that's staten island. we're looking at 53 up the hudson river. should be about 50 around the park to 40 to the north.
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so you can see we are way warmer than normal for this hour of the day this time of the year. we're looking at 68 this afternoon. that too is a little warmer than normal. a couple of great fall days today and tomorrow but brisk cold weather coming up for the weekend. we'll talk about that next in your accuweather seven-day forecast. it's weather then heather every 7 minutes. >> we have this very serious accident in the bronx. i'll explain to you what's going on. the bruckner northbound side right near the hunts point drawbridge, a very serious accident involving a fatality. we have all lanes closed down as you head on to the bruckner going northbound as a result. now we also have the bqe north on the kosciuszko bridge. this was reported as a disabled tractor-trailer. it's actually an accident involving a tractor-trailer. you can see delays are really starting to build as you come up into the kosciuszko bridge. metro north and new haven they're doing that track work. long island railroad, new jersey transit doing okay. subways no major problems. new jersey turnpike north of exit 14 it's an accident in the truck lanes. we do have two lanes closed down.
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we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. michelle over to you. >> thank you heather. to a developing story, you're looking at the ambulance that rushed former nba and new york city high school basketball star lamar odom to a hospital. odom was found unconscious. he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. he could not fit in the helicopter. there is no word on his condition. odom gained basketball fame at christ the king high school in queens. we have a live report in the next half hour. demolition begins at a long abandoned hospital where a 16- year-old boy fell to his death last weekend. the former site of staten island hospital closed its doors almost 40 years ago. the building had been condemned months ago and sealed up, though it was too late for marcus castillo.
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friday when he fell seven stories to his death. kala rama is live with more for us. >> reporter: lori, let me show you something here. you can still see a memorial sitting outside the gate of this abandoned building. flowers and candles still there four days after this teen was killed here. finally today demolition will start to tear this eyesore down. this as the teens wake is also today. we obtained documents showing back in february an emergency declaration was issued for the building to be demolished along with an order to seal the old staten island hospital on castleton avenue, but after eight months the building was still standing and accessible. police say 16-year-old marcos castillo, and four others were playing in this abandoned building right before he plunged to his death in an elevator shaft last friday. now castillo's family wants to know why a permit to demolish this eight-story structure took
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so long to pass. >> a lot of kids from school, they go off to school, they hang in there, and they -- now they're closing it because now my cousin is dead. they should have done that a long time ago. it's 29 years that that building's been abandoned. >> reporter: today a gathering of castillo's family and friends will take place at our church. funeral. and also, meanwhile, this demolition here will take about the neighborhood says they can't wait to see it go. live in staten island, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you kala. this morning a bronx father is speaking out about the man accused of killing husband daughter outside a manhattan nightclub. dalone jamison is to be arraigned on murder and other charges in monday's early morning shooting.
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he opened fire outside of motivo which is a club in the flatiron district because he had been kicked out. the bullets hit walikque friends. faussett died at the hospital. angry. >> i don't understand, but i don't know, he deserve the same type of fate. >> police say the suspect was apparently. they also say jamison knew faussett but they're not sure he knew she had been shot. her two friends are still recovering. democrats turned up the heat in the race for president but their first debate lacked the personal insults and shout downs common in the forums that we've seen. the five democrats stuck to the issues, but they still played power political with hillary clinton in the center of almost every disagreement on stage. most memorable moment came from
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bernie sanders. he suddenly reigned in the other candidates as they scandal. >> let me say something that may not be great politics but i think the secretary is right, and that is that the american people are sick and tired of mails. >> thank you. me too, me too. >> clinton agreed with sanders a number of times, but she declared herself the progressive candidate who could actually win and get things accomplished. vice president joe biden watched the debate from his official residence in washington, but speculation about a late entrance by biden was so intense that cnn had an extra podium on hand for the vp just in case. biden was expected to be the elephant in the room as he considers jumping into the campaign. not one of the other candidates mentioned his name, and there were no questions about his possible entry into the race.
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lot of discussion on our facebook page. let us know what your thoughts are about the candidate s and follow us at abc7ny. the road to the world series is taking the mets out west again. >> they're making another cross country trip in hopes of finishing off the l. a. dodgers. one night after scoring 13 runs, the mets managed just 1 as they dropped game 4 of the division series at citi field. l. a.'s 3-1 win evens the best of 5 matchup at two games apiece. that sets up a win or go home game tomorrow night. >> when you understand in a five-game series that any play or any pitch or any at bat can change the course of the series, it's almost like you've practiced the game 5 before you even get there, so i think that mind-set's going to change it all going out to l. a. >> game 5 starts tomorrow night at 8. we will have complete coverage from both coasts. watch for live reports from sports anchors rob powers and laura behnke later on eyewitness news.
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of the game 5 alive will find the chicago cubs waiting for them in the national league championship series. the cubs knocked off st. louis in game 4 of their division series last night 6-4. chicago's back in the nlcs for the first time since 2003. >> that was something to see that win last night right before i went to bed. it was so exciting to see the cubs win. >> stayed up for it. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> the cubs have not been to a world series since the civil war. >> yeah. 1914. >> the guy with the goat. the curse. here's what's going on this morning. we take a look south from our camera at 4 times square. a beautiful morning, going to have a great day. here's our camera on the roof looking over towards 59th street bridge. we still have clear skies and 59 degrees at the edward i. koch bridge. high pressure and clear skies back to the great lakes. a few clouds to the west, a couple of sprinkles, lake effect sprinkles with this air
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coming in, this new air mass out of canada gives us a temperature by noontime of 65. 68 will be our high temperature this afternoon. very nice weather today. kids grab a little jacket. here are the huckleberries at the bus stop today. they've kind of got on their warm gear. you need that today and tomorrow in the mornings but the afternoons will be great. heather's looking at your commute. how's everything going so far, that accident in the bronx still a problem? >> still a problem. we have news copter 7 up above. we're going to check in with john del giorno for more information. good morning john. >> and heather, good morning. we're getting our first look at this accident here on the bruckner expressway. we're a little for a away. , the location of this accident directly under the departures at laguardia airport. we can't get very close there with news copter 7. you can see the flashing lights with the camera. there you can see where the closure is. this is northbound on the bruckner. some call it northbound. some call it eastbound. it's headed away from the
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triborough bridge up towards the new england thruway. this accident took place around quarter to four. apparently it was a car that went from bruckner boulevard on to the bruckner expressway. we have one confirmed fatality. the bruckner is being diverted up to sheridan. you're going to see congestion in the area up to sheridan and the cross bronx expressway. that's where the traffic is going to bottleneck. all that traffic detoured up the sheridan expressway. we're going to head over to a webcam, show you the bqe northbound side traffic on the right side of your screen getting up into the kosciuszko bridge. we have an accident in the process of being cleared away. let's head to our maps now and talk to you about mass transit. metro north and new haven they're doing track work. no major problems to report. long island railroad, new jersey transit doing okay. subways no major problems. running on or close to schedule. an accident in the truck lanes, two lanes are closed down. stick with the car lanes if you can.
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parking rules are in effect. michelle and lori over to you. coming up, what the nypd is saying about its new security program using x-rays around the city. >> new information on a shooting that killed a standout baseball player.
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6:14 right now. a promising future cut short by a deadly shooting in westchester county. friends and family will gather to say good-bye to baseball prospect michael nolan. the 23-year-old passed away last friday three weeks after he was shot in the parking lot of a yonkers fast food restaurant. police are offering a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest. nolan's wake will take place in yonkers beginning at 2 this afternoon. police commissioner william bratton is daring the american civil liberties union to take him to court. bratton refuses to disclose how the nypd is using special vans packed with x-ray scanners. he says they are not being used to scan people for weapons or spy on them. the commissioner says if the civil liberty's union wants a fight over the advance it will lose.
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over the nypd surveillance of muslim groups in new jersey be heading to trial. a federal appeals court found they raised enough allegation -- this reverses a judge's decision to toss out the case last year. current police commissioner william bratton has since disbanded the surveillance unit instead focusing on direct time now is 6:15. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. let's go outside with bill and the dogs. >> that's minimus. everybody up this morning, i work alone. i work alone i'm telling you. good morning buddy, how's it going. here we go, everybody walking dogs jogging. folks jogging getting ready for the new york city marathon, right here. let's take a look outside and show you what's going on this morning. if you're about to head out the door, get those miles in, this
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is the weekend you've got to get one of those 20-mile runs the marathon. this is the skies and how they look across from our camera here on our roof to the 59th street ed koch bridge. temperatures now, we've got a couple of great october days for you to get those runs in, to get outside, enjoy great fall weather. rain comes on friday. then we have a chilly weekend. we're talking about some frost in the suburbs this weekend. first frost will be around particularly sunday night into monday morning. we could have a good old frost. it's 55 around smith town to babylon. 59 across long island. 62 towards the east end. a west wind this morning. you'll feel that when you get outside this morning. it's a little cooler, a little humidities are pretty low. it's going to feel like a nice sunshine. you'll see back to our west not much going on. there's sprinkles in the western part of the state from that cold lake effect. our futurecast shows the next system, a front to come in on friday.
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noontime on friday. a couple of showers. it blows through really quick and then makes for a chilly night friday night and a chilly weekend coming up. kiddos grab a jacket. you need that at the bus stop this morning. it's perfect business suit weather. grab a jacket or a sweater, 68 after school is going to feel great, and tomorrow we're going to be right around 66 degrees, so some really beautiful fall weather today and tomorrow. 68 today is a little cooler than yesterday. clear and cool tonight, 40s in the suburbs. 50 around the five boroughs. tomorrow we're at route 66. it's sunny, gorgeous, and then we're looking at those showers on friday with that front when it's 64 degrees and then your weekend is chilly. it's going to be the first big frost, first big cool shot across much of the country with sunshine on saturday and sunday and -- >> stop it. >> 50s even into monday. lows at night upper 30s monday morning. that means freezing mark in the suburbs for monday morning.
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cold shot, a november shot coming up for the weekend. >> wow. >> that's right. >> a lot of noises going on here. >> my people. [ laughter ] >> heather o'rourke has another check on the commute. yeah, and we have news copter 7 above this very serious accident in the bronx. it's on the bruckner expressway. we're looking at pictures from john del giorno who's showing us the actual accident scene. you can see that we do have a lot of police activity, and again, the bruckner is closed northbound right before the hunts point drawbridge. one car involved in this accident. it was a fatality. we have all traffic being diverted on to the sheridan expressway. expect delays obviously in both directions. let's go right over to our maps now. we can tell you about metro north, new haven, they have that ongoing track work. long island railroad, new jersey transit running on or close to schedule. sub washingtons are doing okay -- subways are doing okay. right on kosciuszko bridge that earlier accident involving the tractor-trailer has been cleared away.
6:19 am
we still have this problem on the garden state parkway north around exit 165 in paramus. that's an overturned vehicle. those subways are running on or close to schedule. go for it. as you go on to the new jersey turnpike north of exit 14 an accident in the truck lanes. we still have two lanes closed down. our street cleaning rules are in effect. thank you. the results from the democratic debate are in, and there's a clear winner on twitter. >> reena ninan. >> in today's tech rising cost of cable and internet. >> new research shows the average monthly bill has risen from 120 to more than 160 a month. that's an increase of 35% in five years. >> one reason companies are charging more, fewer customers as more people cut the cord. >> facebook hoping its users will skip youtube. it's testing a new video feature. >> the feed will show suggested videos based on items in your news feed.
6:20 am
facebook is also testing a floating window so users can watch videos while managing their home page. >> and the democratic debate dominated social media. 28,000. donald trump gained 60,000 followers during the debate. >> that sound about right. those are your tech bytes. >> speaking of twitter, some bad news for the social media company announcing plans drastically to cut down on its work force.
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on the money this morning, u.s. stock futures are pointing to mixed open on wall street. the dow jones starts today at 17081. the nasdaq composite and s&p 500 begin lower as well. >> japan's nikkei dropped 2%, hashtag layoffs may be the newest thing trending o'en twitter after the company
6:23 am
announced it's cutting nearly 10% of its work force. 336 employees are being cut from the san francisco based messaging services global work force of 4100. cofounder and new ceo jack dorsey says layoffs will affect the company's product and engineering teams. twitter's stock price is down nearly 20% this year. the faa is warning passengers about bringing certain battery powered devices on trips. travelers are being urged not to pack lithium batteries in checked luggage over fears those batteries could ignite and start fires in the baggage come partner. rechargeable lithium batteries are used to power countless devices. there is no risk for batteries stored on carry on bags. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we're headed towards sunrise. we look to the east side, clear skies, temperature 59 degrees, and we're looking at some temperatures that are, you know, we're running about 5, 10
6:24 am
with this west wind and low humidities and a great ride on the ferry this morning. a little bit side. make sure you've got the jacket and the coat and sweater that sort of thing. later on today, upper 60s. a great fall day today. it is going to be really beautiful. for the weekend it's going to feel like the 40s. there's going to be some snow showers upstate. heather's looking at your commute. >> we're going to start with the biggest problem this morning as we head over to our maps. i can tell you that the bruckner remains closed down north of the sheridan expressway. all lanes are closed and diverted on to the sheridan expressway. this is an accident involving a fatality. we have metro north in new haven doing that ongoing track work. long island railroad is on or close. new jersey transit is doing just fine. bqe north accident cleared accident cleared from the parkway at 166 and we have our street cleaning rules in effect. lori over to you. a scary site at a wal-mart
6:25 am
in northern california when rows of children's halloween costumes suddenly caught fire. this is a new video posted on twitter. it shows employees working to douse the flames. police say a 40-year-old man set the fire using two quarter bottles of charcoal lighter fluid he picked up from the gardening section in the store. 6:26. we're closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a health emergency for former nba and reality tv star lamar odom. >> and a fire ball erupts at a mobile home park in florida when a small plane comes crashing down.
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now new york's number 1 news channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. new video this morning of lamar odom rushed to the hospital in nevada. he was found unconscious at a legal brothel. this morning his former nba teammates are reacting.
6:29 am
for a crash that injured a child overnight on long island. >> and we continue to follow breaking news in the bronx. the scene of a deadly collision on the bruckner expressway. john del giorno is over the scene in news copter 7. >> it looks like we're getting little bit of relief as far as the traffic goes. this accident happened northbound on the bruckner expressway near the hunts point this morning. we're told there was one car traveling at a very high rate of speed on bruckner boulevard which went out of control and finally came to rest on the bruckner expressway. in this stretch here, the bruckner expressway runs adjacent to bruckner boulevard. apparently that vehicle jumped over a divider and wound up on the bruckner expressway itself. there was one confirmed fatality in that accident. there's been a police investigation ongoing ever since and the northbound bruckner has been closed right here at the sheridan expressway. what you're watching now live from news copter 7, the highway in the process of being reopened a few minutes ago we saw the accident vehicle move from the scene, and right now
6:30 am
you're seeing that detour on the bruckner expressway being cleared out by the police department. we're live over the bronx. john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. good morning, everyone i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. it is wednesday, october 14th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill with your accuweather forecast. >> we're at dawn ladies. good morning everyone. thank you very much for joining us. we take a look at our temperature here at 6:30 we're looking at 59 degrees. a very cool, comfortable morning for this time of the year 9 degrees warmer than normal at the park. 8 degrees warmer at ridgewood queens. staten island 57 and newark. 53 poughkeepsie. start out warm and stays warmer than normal. normal high is 64. we're at 68 this afternoon. beautiful fall days today and tomorrow. northwest wind. rain friday and a cold weekend coming up. that we'll talk about in your accuweather seven-day forecast. heather's got all those issues you just saw with john del giorno and a whole bunch more.
6:31 am
>> we do have some relief. we'll head to our maps. i can tell you that the bruckner is in the process of being reopened northbound north of the sheridan near the drawbridge with that accident clearing away. but we have the bruckner going southbound at westchester avenue, an accident being cleared away and our mass transit times, metro north they're doing that track work in new haven. subways no major problems. tonnele avenue closed. it's a water main break and a sinkhole as a result. keep that one in mind. if you are traveling on route 202 it is closed down in suffern. our street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle over to you. thank you so much. 6:32. right now former nba star and native new yorker lamar odom is fighting for his life at a nevada hospital. the athlete and ex-husband of reality it was star chloe kardashian was found unresponsive last night at a
6:32 am
dray clark is live in middle village queens where odom played high school ball. >> reporter: lamar odom spent three years here at christ the king high school, and he brought a tremendous sense of pride and prestige to the school through his stellar play on the basketball court. this morning there are many prayers going up for lamar odom as he fights to stay alive at that las vegas hospital. this was video of lamar odom arriving at the hospital in las vegas yesterday afternoon in an ambulance. he is reportedly in very critical condition. odom was found unconscious at the love ranch, which is a well- known brothel about 70 miles outside the city of las vegas. emts were able to stabilize odom and eventually drive him to the hospital. the initial plan was to airlift him to that hospital, but he was too tall to fit inside of the helicopter. odom had been there on the ranch for several days and was in very good spirits and having
6:33 am
a good time until he was found unresponsive. >> i was not there. my staff said it was horrifying. blood was coming out of him. when they put him on his left side he started throwing up. he definitely was alive while he was there and put him in the ambulance. >> reporter: at 6-10 lamar odom was a super star in the nba winning two championships with the los angeles lakers. he did have some run-ins with the law and he struggled with substance abuse. he last played in the nba in 2013. in 2009 he married kloe kardashian. meanwhile many of lamar odom's former players are now sending out prayers including dwayne wade who sent this tweet out late last night. he said i can't help but to be up right now thinking about my ex-teammate friend l. o., on my knees praying. please god let him pull will
6:34 am
you. that's a tweet coming from dwayne wade with the miami heat. lamar odom did spend time playing with dwayne wade in miami. again, right now, lamar odom fighting for his life in that las vegas hospital after he was found unresponsive at that brothel outside las vegas yesterday afternoon. we're live this morning, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you dray. new this morning, it was a mercedes against a ram overnight above the long island expressway. nassau county police were chasing the mercedes when the car smashed into a dodge ram on an overpass. the driver of the ram was unharmed, but his son was taken to huntington hospital with minor injuries. the driver of the mercedes is charged with driving while intoxicated. authorities in newark made an arrest in the murder of a cab driver, the suspect 14 years old. he's charged with killing 45- year-old rodrigo berru along with robbery and weapons
6:35 am
possession charges. berru was shot and killed august 21st while on duty. the boy's name has not been released because of his age. the same teen is also facing charges for a carjacking that happened a week earlier in newark. the nypd is still searching for the suspect in a brutal stabbing o'en a city bus in -- on a city bus in staten island. crime scene investigators worked through the night processing the bus. two men were fighting over one seat when one of them went on the attack. the 24-year-old victim was stabbed five times in the chest, hands and arms. he remains in serious condition this morning. the suspect ran. no personal attacks in the first democratic debate, but there were some pretty sharp elbows over policy differences, and one sign of the fight get along mentality came from bernie sanders cutting off a discussion of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> let me say something that
6:36 am
i think the secretary is right, and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e- mails. >> thank you. me too, me too. >> clinton agreed with sanders a number of times, but she also attacked his votes on gun control and she painted his attacks on wall street as simplistic. clinton insisted she is the progressive one who can actually win and of course moving on. >> i'm a progressive, but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done, and i know how to find common ground, and i know how to stand my ground, and i have proved that in every position that i've had. >> vice president joe biden watched the debate from home, but cnn was so worried that biden might jump into the race at the last minute, the network actually had an extra podium
6:37 am
want to be forgotten while the democrats were on stage. he tweeted at least 72 times during the debate, and he was not impressed. sorry trump said at one point, there is no star on the stage tonight. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans and the accuweather forecast. bill. >> whoo hoo. let's take a look outside, a beautiful morning, a great fall day is on the way, and we'll see a lot of sunshine and we'll see some nice temperatures today, still a little warmer than normal. on a breezy, beautiful morning we're going to have today and a gorgeous day, we're right around 59 degrees. we have some clouds. we have some sun. it's a nice morning. got a west wind at 5 and at times that wind's been getting up to about 10, 15 miles an hour. clear skies back to the great lakes and beyond. next system to affect us is way up in canada.
6:38 am
that will not be here until friday afternoon. some other time we get to 10:00, it's 60. noontime 65. 68 this afternoon, absolute gorgeous weather. kiddos grab a sweater or jacket for the bus stop this morning, you'll need that. the afternoon temperatures are great. we'll talk about the weekend next in your accuweather seven- day forecast. weather then heather every 7 minutes. >> you have to look at this webcam, show you this bumper-to- bumper volume because of a water main break and a sinkhole. check out that traffic right side of your screen. the southbound side of 1 and 9 also known as tonnele avenue. as you travel southbound on tonnele avenue it is closed at manhattan avenue all because of that water main break and that sinkhole. now we're also talking about the bruckner north of the sheridan expressway. that earlier accident has been cleared away, but as you travel on to the bruckner heading southbound at westchester avenue that is another accident. mass transit, metro knot, long island right lane, new jersey
6:39 am
subways are running on or close to schedule. our street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle and lori over to you. >> thank you so much heather. it is now 6:40. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a tragedy in south jersey. a little boy found dead after being reported missing from his home. who police are talking to this morning. new this morning, an armed robbery at a subway station with the suspect forcing his way inside a token booth. >> and news copter 7 is in the
6:40 am
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news copter 7 is over the water main break causing delays on route 1 and 9 in jersey city. let's check in with john del giorno. >> good morning lori, first live pictures of this problem on route 1 and 9 tonnele avenue in jersey city. if you look closely you can see the water flowing down tonnele avenue. this is a water main break right at the interest with manhattan avenue. i was talking with the assignment editor on the radio here. we remember previous water main breaks in this location, so this seems to be a spot where the roadway is prone to this kind of problem, but you can see right now that water is out there. they haven't shut the water off yet. there have been reports of a small sinkhole down there as
6:43 am
well, so it sounds like the roadway itself is going to be out of commission for some time. it's a little bit of a long movement. let me show you where the traffic diversion is, southbound tonnele avenue, all lanes are shut. the traffic being diverted into the local streets. that's the traffic headed from north bergen into jersey city. all lanes closed while this water main break is ongoing. john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. it is still not clear how many people were killed when a small plane crashed in florida. the plane hit a mobile home park yesterday evening setting off a fire that consumed two homes in palm springs. one father says his 21-year-old daughter was asleep in one of the homes. investigators from the national transportation board are expected at the crash site later today. investigators are questioning the father of a 3- year-old boy found dead in a wooded area near his home in camden county new jersey. last night hundreds gathered outside a church in haddon township to remember brendon. the boy disappeared from his
6:44 am
yesterday morning, and the desperate search for him came to a tragic event when the park. >> i drove past there a few times so it's just scary. >> his parents are separated and he would spend the night with his father. right now the child's cause of death remains under investigation. also police have made no arrests in this case. happening today, a driver will now be able to help fight crimes against children. uber officially announces a partnership with the national center for missing and exploited children the agreement allows uber drivers to receive region based amber alerts. according to uber its network covers about 75% of the u.s. population. mayor bill de blasio will hold the first town hall meeting of his entire administration to address soaring rent prices. the hour-long discussion will take place in washington heights.
6:45 am
inwood have more than 53,000 rent stabilized apartments, the most in the city. the de blasio has been criticized for not holding any town hall meetings. 6:46, time to get a check on your accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside of our studios on the upper west side. >> good morning everybody. it is going to be a cool start today, a little breezy here. so grab a jacket. you'll need that, a sweater this morning, here's a look outside. a nice sunrise in progress. sun is officially a great day with temperatures starting at 59 degrees. dry humidity, a west wind ask the pressure has been rising. all this points to a great day. yesterday's high was 72. a little cooler today, still above our normal high of 54. we're starting out at 59. our normal overnight low is 50. we've got warm numbers to start the day. sun's up at 7:06 officially. a pleasant pair of october days today and tomorrow. showers friday with a cold front but not a lot of rain. nothing really significant and
6:46 am
suburbs. we'll be looking at that, probably some very cold morning, too. we're looking at 55 cross long island to 62 out around montauk. 58, 59 degrees even around bridgeport to the north, 55 around poughkeepsie and west wind here this morning, clear skies all the way back to the great lakes, a little sprinkle is part of the cold air coming across the warm waters of the lake. it's quiet really over two- thirds of the country, but it's going to be the first real cold shot of air coming for the weekend. you'll see the next shot of any precipitation on our futurecast is friday right there, noon, 1:00, front comes through, makes it chilly friday night, going to make a chilly weekend with like a november style shot of cold coming for the weekend. so we're right around 68 today, 66 tomorrow, two great fall days and there comes that series of fronts to make it coal. that will push the jet stream
6:47 am
that will allow a good blast of chilly air over much of the country as we go into the weekend and monday of next week. maybe even some snow upstate. sunshine, breezy, cool today, a nice day, 68, still a little warmer than normal. tonight it's clear and cool. we're looking at 40s in the suburbs. sunshine, 66 degrees. we're looking at sunshine and chilly weather for the weekend after those showers on friday. we're going to be looking at sunshine on saturday, sunday, monday, highs in the 50s, lows in the 40s. i want to say good morning to the folks at the james lennox association was helping raise money for them last night at the university club. those are two wonderful homes for our elderly in the city of new york. always got to look out for and take care of those elderly in our city. >> that's so nice, bill. you're so right. >> it's a great organization, all those nice folks raised a lot of great money to help the elderly in those two houses that are in institutions here
6:48 am
>> yep, you got it right. >> he does not sleep. >> good for you. >> there's plenty of time to sleep later. >> yeah. heather what's going on? >> so not a sleepy commute if you're traveling on to tonnele avenue. we have john del giorno up above in news copter 7 showing us this delay, and what they're doing here is diverting you off 1 and 9 also known as tonnele avenue as you go through the area of jersey city all because of a water main break. let's go over to our maps, and we'll pinpoint where it is, tonnele avenue closed south at manhattan avenue with that water main break and a sinkhole. for those who travel down 1 and 9 trying to get to the holland tunnel this is really going to be an issue for you. we have metro north, new haven, that track work. subways are running on or close to schedule. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. michelle over to you. new this morning, police want your help finding this man, 42-year-old charles
6:49 am
hungens robbed a clerk at gunpoint. it happened at the 3 line if brownsville. police say hungens forced his way into the booth yesterday afternoon when a cleaning crew opened the door to take out the trash. he got away with $1900. coming up, the big name in music and native new yorker lacing up for this year's new york city marathon. >> and a woman comes within inches of disaster.
6:50 am
through her see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase.
6:51 am
and your tri-state ford
6:52 am
dealers thank you for helping protect our children. new this morning, a close call for a driver in massachusetts when a piece of scrap metal flies off a tractor- trailer smashing through her windshield. mary beth shay was driving to boston's logan airport when all of a sudden she noticed sparks flying from the truck, and that's when the twisted piece of metal which appeared to be a portion of a pickup truck's frame became airborne landing in a passenger seat where luckily no one was sitting. grammy winner alicia keys is in a new york marathon state of mind. the 34-year-old musician announced she will run the upcoming marathon for her charity keep a child alive. the charity offers care and support to children and families affected by hiv. keys is a native new yorker. she tweeted this picture yesterday apparently resting from her marathon training. oy. the 2015ccs new york marathon is right around the corner sunday november 1st. you can watch it live right here on channel 7.
6:53 am
still ahead this morning, lamar odom rushed to the hospital after being found
6:54 am
i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at
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ga former nba star and queens native lamar odom is in critical condition. he was found unresponsive in nevada in a legal brothel. >> reporter: lamar odom spent
6:56 am
king high school where he was a standout basketball player and this morning there will be many players going up for lamar odom as he fights for his life inside a las vegas hospital. this is video of odom arriving in an ambulance at that hospital yesterday afternoon. odom was found unconscious at the love ranch, a well-known brothel about 70 miles outside of las vegas. emts were able to stabilize odom and eventually drive him to the hospital. the plan initially was to airlift him to the hospital, but he's so tall he was not able to fit inside of the helicopter. now right now we know again that lamar odom is in very critical condition fighting to stay alive, not much details about what exactly condition he's in and what exactly led up to his state. we do know that his wife or hiss ex-wife khloe kardashian who he married in 2009 and is now in the process of going through a divorce is there by his side along with other family members. we also know he was a standout
6:57 am
basketball player winning two championships with the lakers, but he last played in the nba in 2013. we're live in queens this morning, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. on staten island preliminary demolition starts today on the abandoned hospital where a teenager fell seven stories to his death in an elevator shaft. there will be a wake tonight for 16-year-old marcos castillo at a funeral mass tomorrow morning. this is a live shot from the hospital site. family members have set up a memorial for marcos. an emergency order to demolish a hospital was issued eight months ago. a permit was not issued until after his death. the hospital has been sitting empty since the early 90s. let's go to heather talking about the commute. >> yeah, so we have that water main break and we have news copter 7 still up above and showing us the mess we have because of that. traffic is being diverted off 1 and 9. i'll head to our maps and show you where it is, tonnele avenue is closed south at manhattan avenue.
6:58 am
plus a sinkhole. if you're going to the holland tunnel that will affect you at that point. once you get past this scene it's about 20 minutes, lincoln is 30. george washington bridge is 20. subways running on or close to schedule and our mass transit is doing just fine including our mass transit with metro north. >> thank you. >> yes? >> let's take a look outside. >> the weather is speechless it's so pretty. we look across to the east side. it's absolutely gorgeous. a great day. cool outside, 59 degrees. we should be at 50 degrees right now. it's a little warmer than normal, and we're going to be looking at a great day with sunshine. 65 by noontime. 68 this afternoon. tomorrow we're at 66. friday another cold front comes by with just a passing insignificant shower. there's not a lot of o'them. it's a cold weekend coming up, highs in the 50s, lows in the 40s. >> thank you bill. >> that's the news for now. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm lori stokes.
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