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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 14, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> it's painful for those who grew up with lamar odom to think of him anything other than a neighborhood hero. >> he wanted to do what he love which is play basketball, and he wanted to get back in the league and if i'm not mistaken by december. >> odom checked into the love ranch saturday, a brothel 70 miles outside of vegas. tuesday afternoon he was found unresponsive. this is video from tmz of the ambulance taking him to the hospital. >> we just are praying, you know. we're praying for him, praying for the family. hoping everything works out for and him and he pulls out of this. >> miami heat shooting guard dwayne wade tweeted prayers all the way up for my brother llama odom. all prayers on deck,. >> he was a good kid. he had good morals. actually, i went to school with his mother. we were in the same class for three years, kathy, and she
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raised him -- he was a nice kid. it's unfortunate what happened to him. we wish him the best, and we only have good stories about him. we're praying for him, and we hope he pulls through. >> now this is the park where lamar odom first showed off his skill as a basketball player. in fact, the court he played on is under construction. the city is obviously building a new court he grew up a few blocks from here. i spoke to his aunt briefly who is rushing to vegas to be by his side. darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you darla. we're following a developing story on long island where rescuers descended on a storm drain where a man was stuck below the street. news copter 7 was overhead as firefighters lowered a lad ere. the man was able to climb out of the manhole. this was around 11:15 this morning. the man may have been in the sewer a day. he is checked out by paramedics and hosed off and escorted to
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why he was in the sewer. we were told the man went in one area of the sewer and was taken out another. another developing story this one overseas where israeli police say they have foiled a stabbing attack in jerusalem. the attempted stabbing happened right outside a gate to the old city. israeli police killed the assailant as he attempted to stab security forces. this is the latest in a wave of violence in the mideast as we take a live look at the west bank, a fire has been burning on a street for several minutes now. in just the past month eight israelis and 30 palestinians have been killed in violent clashes. israel identifies 13 of the palestinians who died as attackers. a man arrested for a deadly shooting outside a nightclub in manhattan expected to go before a judge today. dalone jamison faces murder and other charges. investigators say that after getting kicked out of a club in the flatiron district on monday, he opened fire. walikque faussett a young
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mother was killed. two others were hurt. investigators say that jamison was apparently aiming at the club's bouncer, not the victims. people in one long island community lost power this morning after a main electrical line failed. it happened in the rockville -- in rockville center in nassau county. traffic lights were out creating confusion and causing a few crashes at busy intersections. the village has generators so electricity was restored to most areas in 30 minutes. no word on when the utility will repair the main line. a wake will be held for the 16-year-old boy who fell seven stories to his death in an elevator shaft in an abandoned hospital on staten island. demolition begins today. an emergency order to tear it down was issued eight months ago. a permit wasn't issued until after marcos castillo's death. family and friends will pay their respects to castillo at a church in west brighton from 7 to 10 p.m.
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a bicyclist was killed after being hit by a dump truck in queens. it happened in the sunny side direction. the driver was turning right on 48th street when the truck hit the bicyclist who was immediately rushed to the hospital. no word on any possible charges. meanwhile in brooklyn a car jumped a curb in borough park hitting two people. the two men were struck at 18th avenue and 57th street this morning. they were taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition. police tell us it appears the driver fell asleep at the wheel. they don't plan to bring any criminal charges. turning now to vote 2016. the democratic presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail today after facing off last night in their first primary debate. five candidates took the stage, but much of the focus was on front runner hillary clinton and her rival bernie sanders. the two were the most talked about on twitter. abc's karen travers is live in washington with some of the highlights.
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>> good afternoon shirleen, the first two republican presidential debates featured plenty of fireworks and many memorable moments. the expectations for last night were much lower. people assuming it would be more subdued. well, it didn't disappoint. there were some feisty exchanges and hillary clinton showed she is ready and willing to go on offense. >> five democratic contenders on stage, but it was really a two-person show. >> secretary clinton is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all what i can tell secretary clinton that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want, and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns. >> hillary clinton versus bernie sanders, the front runner going on attack right from the start against the vermont senator who's drawing massive clouds. clinton couldn't avoid tough questions. >> tonight i want to talk not about my e-mails but about what
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the next president of the united states. from sanders. >> let me say something that may not be great politics, but i think the secretary is right, and that is that the american people are sick and [ laughter ] >> sanders is shaking up the primary race, but still trying to explain his far left positions and whether he can win the general election. >> what democratic socialism is about is saying it's immoral and wrong that the top 1/10 of 90%. >> and for the other three democratic candidates, a potential opportunity was missed to make a big splash, and what about vice president joe biden, where does he fit in. right now even his supporters are saying the window's closing for him to announce a run. reporting live from washington, karen travers, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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thank you karen. so could hackers silently take control of your smartphone. >> plus new information about the biggest health concerns for people living in brooklyn. >> and a little boy in new jersey now called a hero. find out what he did to save his mom and why he's now getting an award for it. >> meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center, well, we have sunshine. we've got temperatures in the 60s. it is absolutely gorgeous. what a great fall day. we're going to be seeing these temperatures drop on down tonight. before they get there, they'll be in the upper 60s today and tomorrow. got a little wind out there. we're going to talk about another great fall day for tomorrow and some november-like weather for the honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get
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the mets will be heading out west for game 5 of the national league division series. not the way we planned it. that's okay. news copter 7 over the team buses right now. you see it right here. they're getting ready, a police escort to the airports. last night the team suffered a crushing defeat at home in queens. it came one night after the mets scored 13 runs and came within one game of winning the series. the dodgers 3-1 victory evens the best of 5 matchup at two games apiece now, and that sets up a win or go home game tomorrow night. >> when you understand in a five-game series that any play or any pitch or any at bat can change the course of the series, it's almost like you practice the game 5 before you even get there, so i don't think that mind-set's going to change at all. >> game 5 starts tomorrow night at 8:00 at dodgers stadium. meanwhile, whichever team wins game 5 will have to go head to head with the chicago cubs for the national league championship series.
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last night the cubs knocked off st. louis in game 4 of their division series by a score of 6- 4. they haven't won a world series since -- it was about 107 years. this is the first time chicago's been in the nlcs since 2003. >> good luck to the mets. >> a small plane crashes to the ground destroying mobile homes in florida. the plane's final moments in the air were captured on surveillance video. two people were killed including the pilot and a person inside the home. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. a day after the dutch safety board said a russian made missile brought down malaysia airlines flight 17 russia is asking for an independent investigation. the board's report did not say who fired the missile but it did identify where it likely came from, an area of eastern ukraine under the control of russian backed separatists. 298 people died when the jet
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doctors without borders say it has received word an international fact finding commission has asked the united states and afghanistan to authorize it to investigate the deadly air strike of a hospital in kundos earlier this month. 12 workers, ten patients died. hackers may be able to take control of siri's voice commands and take over your phone from 16 feet away hackers can tap into plugged in headphones and manipulate radio waves. this allows them to trigger voice commands on phones with siri or google now. they can use the hack to eavesdrop or send texts, calls and spam. french researchers discovered the hack and alerted apple and google. southwest airlines rolled out a 72 hour nationwide fares on which the price of the flights are based on distance.
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. >> welcome back everybody. welcome back to the ball game. >> hey bill. >> we're all in baseball mode now. >> back back back back back. >> swing batter. >> if you had done that during the chicago cubs game you would have said become back back back back about 100 times, the home runs. i think the mets can beat the cubs if we can just beat the dodgers tomorrow night. >> i think so. >> see what happens. >> it is national dessert day by the way. >> yummy. >> ooh yes. we're going to find out what is david and shirleen's favorite dessert ahead. >> me i'm a new yorker, i prefer junior's cheesecake. baby watson. >> baby watson surveyed, they made the place into a hotel. we're going to be looking at sunshine this afternoon, and there you see the ferries working back and forth. the new york water taxi. they're all working it here on the east side. the temperature's 65 degrees. the humidity is dry.
12:17 pm
look at that, 52% and a wind that's west at 3. we've got a really nice day, very nice fall day, and the pressure 29.78. it continues to rise. yesterday's number was 72 on a really warm day. still we're going to be above our normal average afternoon high which is 64. the sun's going to set at 6:17. it's going to be gorgeous. we've got a pleasant pair of days today and tomorrow. we'll be seeing some rain showers on friday. not a big amount of rain, not even a significant amount of rain. we're talking about another fall cold front is going to blast through and make for a chilly weekend. we're going to have frosty suburbs, a little frost on the pumpkins particularly sunday morning and monday morning. that will be the coldest since this past april. we're looking at this pollen count high still for ragweed and elm. you ragweed sufferers keep up with that with your medication. 66 in riverdale and ridgewood. 65 murray hill.
12:18 pm
these numbers are great. normal average afternoon high is 64. we're going to see these numbers creep up a little warmer in the afternoon. our maximum heating is about 3:00. we've got west wind, 12, 13, 14 miles per hour. these are the wind profiles here. it's all right out of the west out of this high pressure that's up to the north. some of these little lake effect rain showers that made it across the central part of the state, but there's nothing really going on at least for today and tomorrow. you can see that west wind kind of going northwest. there is a cold front that gets together in canada, swings down and into our part of the country when we get to friday. thursday is nice and sunny. here's friday starting around 11:00 front pushes through, but you see there's just not much moisture with this, not much rain with this. even at 5:00 it's a spritz and a sprinkle on friday. so if the mets win tomorrow night they come back and play this weekend at citi field and it will be chilly. we're looking at 68 this
12:19 pm
afternoon which is great. tomorrow even though it's 66 that's still above normal and then here comes the chilly air we're talking about for friday afternoon, friday evening. still got some great weather. now the weekend with those fronts pushing through and high pressure coming in out of canada, this drops the jet stream down to the south. it's going to feel like the 40s, some snow showers upstate this weekend, and there could even be some water spouts on the great lakes. sun and clouds, breezy and cooler this afternoon. we're at 68. tonight clear and cool, 50 is the low in the five boroughs. 40 north and west. it's sunny and gorgeous tomorrow. i call it gorgeous. that's perfect weather for fall right there. 66, even 64 on friday is the normal high. there's a couple of sprinkles and then it's cloudy and it makes for a chilly weekend. make sure you've got your gear ready. you're going to need it. it's national dessert day. >> yep. >> what's your favorite dessert? >> my mother's homemade pumpkin pie. >> wow.
12:20 pm
i'll bring some in for you guys one day. >> it's funny. i thought she was going to say -- she goes my mom's -- yeah. because it's pretty close. my mom's spanish flan is ridiculous. >> really? >> if you don't know what flan is guys, it's this beautiful custard sugary magical thing that happens. you've got to just turn it correctly, otherwise you'll ruin the dish. my mother has perfected it and it is pow. >> it's going to be a cookoff. my mom's pumpkin pie and your mom's flan. >> i think we win no matter what. >> thank you bill. >> jennifer lawrence takes on equal pay and now other stars are joining in. the message she hopes will empower women around the world.
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a council woman turns it into a crime fighter. halloween costumes go up in flames and a roadside rescue. a woman who's used to making laws took the law into her own hands while trying to catch crooks. former houston city council woman went into a business to run an errand. she sees a man smash her window, take her purse and laptop. she ran off those crooks trying
12:24 pm
she ended up having them drive over her foot and then she tries driving after them. >> and then i jumped in my car, and i followed them except for i drive a kia soul and it has no get up and go. they got up and went. your life is worth more than a purse or a computer but all i can say is there was no thinking. i did not think. i reacted. i try not to let people do bad things to people including myself, and that's just what i did. >> very brave of her. fortunately she did not break any bones or get more hurt than you saw there. an officer was caught on camera saving the life of a man choking on a muffin. officer michael blanchard was pulling into a parking lot in galveston when he noticed an elderly couple trying to flag him down. his dash cam caught what happened next. the officer got behind the man who was struggling to breathe and did the heimlich maneuver and it worked. at a california wal-mart
12:25 pm
fire extinguisher putting out a fire in the halloween aisle. security guards caught the man they suspected of setting children's costumes on fire. all that smoke closed the for hours. we still don't know what this guy had against halloween costumes. he went in there, meant to take that place down and you saw what happened. >> some people don't like halloween. >> i'm telling you. >> thank you david. identical twin brothers in washington state are off to a very unusual start if you will. they are both in a seattle area hospital but one is in an incubator in intensive care, the other still in his mother's womb. they had an unusual condition where they were stuck together, but a surgeon separated them in the womb. while link decided he wanted to be the older brother, logan
12:26 pm
>> it's very surreal to be post partum and antepartum. >> logan's good. he's kicking. he's got fluid. he can move around. he was stuck before. >> that is amazing. the hope is labor for logan won't start until closer to the twin's original due date in january as link tries to grow >> wow, amazing. >> we have much more news ahead. the city's health kept releasing its first health boroughs. >> a push to update the new jersey transit tunnel. it happen. >> eyewitness news will be
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
you're watching new york's number 1 news with david novarro, shirleen allicot and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, rescuers drop a ladder to a man stuck in a manhole, a manhole along long island. officials say he may have been in the sewer for a day before he was rescued this morning in valley stream. it's still not clear how he got there. he was hosed off by emergency crews and taken away by ambulance. the man got into the sewer from another entrance. there has been yet another attack in israel within the last hour. a 70-year-old woman was stabbed near a bus station in jerusalem. she was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.
12:29 pm
who had responded. this is the second attack in jerusalem in three hours. former nba star lamar odom is in a nevada hospital right now. there is no word on the former laker's condition at this time. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. all new this half hour, the new york city health department focusing on the health of new yorkers in all five boroughs. >> yeah n a news conference this morning, the department released its first of five reports on health in the boroughs. brooklyn was first on the list. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is in downtown brooklyn stacy. >> reporter: yeah, dave, this is really the start of a city wide look at community health. 18 different communities here in brooklyn at the start of this study, and the city's health commissioner along with brooklyn's borough president just got through explaining the details. now they say this is really the first time in nearly a decade that community health has been
12:30 pm
looked at in this way, so these studies were long overdue. here are the factors that they assessed in communities around the city. now they looked at obesity, childhood, emergency room visits due to asthma, infant mortality, housing, air quality, and the number of supermarkets per square foot. the community that fared the worst was brownsville where life expectancy is 11 years less than it is in the financial district. now that is the best community for health city wide. now the question is really can residents or can the city create change. >> bad health is as contagious as a cold. you could independently be healthy as an individual but if you are living in an unhealthy environment with some of these indicators, your health status would decrease just as the individuals who are around you. >> i think that the real take- home message is that there's nothing inherent about people
12:31 pm
who live in brownsville that account for these odds. all of this is something that we can change, and we should all aim to do as well as the best. >> now the best or at least the healthiest in this borough is considered to be park slope, at least according to these latest numbers. the city hopes to put all 59 communities throughout the city on their website by middle of next month, and you can get all brooklyn communities. there's a link. we're going to be posting it on abc7ny. we're live in downtown brooklyn, i'm stacey sager. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. new information a vehicle description in a hit and run that left a woman badly hurt on the side of a new jersey road. police in clifton are looking for a dark colored pickup truck, possibly a ford f-150 that may have front end damage. anna semioli was found in
12:32 pm
just after midnight. her family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. today friends and family in westchester county will gather to say good-bye to baseball prospect michael nolan. the 23-year-old died last friday three weeks after he was shot in the parking lot of a yonkers fast food restaurant. police are now offering a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest. nolan's wake will take place in yankers at 2:00 this -- yonkers at 2:00 this everyone afternoon. a major lawsuit stems from a jury's decision to hold a gun shop liable for the sale of weapons used to shoot police officers. marci gonzalez here with more. >> reporter: this gun store, the owners get to appeal, but for now many experts say this verdict is putting gun dealers across the country on notice. >> a landmark lawsuit, a gun store found liable in the
12:33 pm
officers that left them physically and emotionally scarred. >> i felt like i didn't deserve to live anymore, actually considered committing suicide. >> officers brian norberg ask graham kunis shot in the face by suspect julius burton. he was 18, too young to buy a game and this video shows another man illegally purchasing the pistol for him, even admitting on the form that the gun was for someone else. the officer sued the gun store claiming it repeatedly looked the other way and sold weapons to criminals. milwaukee authorities say between 2006 and 2009 more than 1800 firearms from badger guns were used in crimes. gun store officials argued on the stand that was never their intention. >> the last thing we want to do is put a gun in somebody's hands that has -- that's going to commit a crime. >> after nine hours of
12:34 pm
the officers nearly $6 million in damages. their ruling could have broader implications. >> i want gun dealers to make sure that individuals who cannot legally possess guns do not get their hands on guns. >> and the man who pulled the trigger is serving an 80 year sentence and testified in this case lawyers for the officer say they feel vindicated. shirleen. >> marci thank you. bill de blasio will hold the first town hall meeting of his administration. he's expected to address the rise in rent prices. the meeting will be held in washington heights that. neighborhood and nearby inwood have more than 53,000 rent stabilized apartments, the most in the city. de blasio has been criticized for not holding any town hall meeting. new details about a new proposed rail tunnel under the hudson river. new jersey's transit board agreed to conduct an environmental studies project. the project required before construction can start. it could take as long as three
12:35 pm
the focus will be the area between is a caucus junction and the existing tunnel. want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans. he's got the after school accuweather forecast. >> it's going to be gorgeous. look at these temperatures as we go into the afternoon. we get to 69 by 3:00, 64 at 6:00, dropping on into the 50s tonight. once that sun goes down the temperature really drops off. after school today, great weather. 68, sunny and breezy. great for after school sports. we're going to talk about another great day like this for tomorrow. rain friday with a big cold front coming through with a november shot coming at all for the weekend. all that in your accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in just a moment. shirleen, david back to you. new at noon, a young new jersey boy saves his mother. coming up what happened in a car that has the 7-year-old now receiving an award from police departments. >> plus parents outraged over homework for students at a middle school. a cartoon even showing a knife with blood on it and th alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins.
12:36 pm
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tiene o de 7 alicia keys is hard at work training for this year's new york city marathon. she has announced she will be among the tens of thousands of athletes running in the big event. keys, a native new yorker is running to raise money for her charity, keep a child alive. it offers care and support to children and families affected by hiv. the 2015tcs new york city
12:38 pm
1st and will air live right here on channel 7. new details about a michigan woman who opened fire on accused shoplifters. she will face charges. police say the woman had a concealed weapons license but showed poor judgment when she opened fire last week in a the accused shoplifters were running with loot from a home depot. they also faced charges of theft. >> : a homework assignment about isis has outraged some parents in georgia. the lesson given to students in the 7th grade at jones middle week. it has an article and a political cartoon about the terrorist group. school administrators say it's part of a combined language curriculum. but parents say it goes too far. >> it was about isis, the beheadings of our soldiers and instead of going into detail of our soldiers, it just went into >> what disturbed me the most bloody knife.
12:39 pm
weapons but yet this was okay to send home. >> the school district says only one parent complained, and that student was allowed to do a different assignment. school administrators say the lesson plan was not given to all 7th graders. actress hayden panettiere has checked into a treatment facility in her battle with post partum depression. she has been open about her struggle since giving birth to her first child last year. that disorder. december. >> she's from our area, we wish her the very best. actress jennifer lawrence taking on equal pay and other celebrities are backing her up. what she's doing in hopes that women will stand up for themselves.
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children.
12:42 pm
new at noon, a 7-year-old new jersey boy saves his mother by calling 9-1-1, and it's an incredible story. reaction. this week brandon was honored by police for taking action. brandon's mother was able to get the car to the side of the road as she was losing consciousness, and when she was out brandon got out of his booster seat, grabbed her cell phone and called for help. amazing. >> amazing indeed. actress jennifer lawrence is blasting hollywood sexism and wage inequality. in a new essay, the oscar winner says she just wants her pay to be equal to her male colleagues. lindsey davis has the story. >> those guys over there, they don't scare me. >> american hustle star jennifer lawrence, silent no more blaming herself for being hustled by sony studio executives after e-mails leaked last year by sony hackers revealed she earned less than her male american hustle
12:43 pm
lawrence penning an essay for lena dun ham's news letter titled why do i make less than my male costars saying i didn't get mad at sony. i got mad at myself. the 25-year-old who earned an oscar no, ma'am nation received a smaller percentage of the film. she is worth a reported $52 million thanks to two major franchises, the hunger games and x men, and while she admits her problems aren't exactly relatable, lawrence says she didn't want to seem difficult or spoiled during her negotiations, things she says her male costars didn't worry about. women earn about 84% of what their male counter parts earn. women have to bring home 40 extra hours a year and now other stars are speaking up. emma watson tweeting oh,
12:44 pm
she long with elizabeth banks and sienna miller are voicing their support. >> and that was lindsey davis reporting. lawrence is also getting support from bradley cooper, her american hustle costar. he said if you think that you only deserve a certain amount and that's not correct, it's about changing that mind-set and sticking up for yourself. good for them. >> important topic to bring to light. we're going to turn now to kelly ripa, she was greeted with a standing ovation from the audience as she returned to live with kelly and michael. >> she had been in los angeles receiving her star on the hollywood walk of fame. kelly said she was so uncomfortable receiving the honor she doesn't even remember what she said. >> but she's glad her husband and the children and her parents were by her side. >> my dad didn't have any sons so this really immortalizes his name. this is more about his name being in the cement than mine.
12:45 pm
this will be the last time i promise. >> wow, she's just so generous. kelly reminded her co-host michael strahan -- acts. >> it was her time. perfect. >> that was great. >> yeah. mine. i borrowed your boat while you were gone. that. what a confession. >> here's what's going on. we take a look at what's going on this afternoon, and congratulations kelly. take a look outside here at noontime. look at the boats here on the east river. there's a bunch, there's a barn going down. there's a lot of boat traffic today. >> a speedboat. >> see that one there, the ferry's working back and forth. water taxi went over that way. this noontime there comes a circle heading up and down the east river. good boat traffic, a couple of jet skis. the water temperature's 65 degrees. if you've got a wet suit and
12:46 pm
the sun certainly feels good, and we have these puffy fair weather cumulus clouds. this afternoon we're looking at a dry humidity, a west wind and a pressure that's rising. all of this points to a very nice fall afternoon, temperature's 64 right around queens, around brooklyn down toward fire island and 67 here and in bridgeport connecticut. well, the wind continues to be out of the west. that's a try wind, and it's been around 3 miles an hour in the park to 10 around white plains, newburgh 12, 13-mile an hour winds up the hudson river valley. a mixture of sun and clouds, nice weather all the way back to the great lakes. nothing really going on until the system starts to eject out of saskatchewan. we have today and tomorrow on our futurecast which is really nice and friday a few showers show up with a cold front. that swings through, and then we get a shot of some real cold air coming up for the weekend. notice up to the north here some snow showers, see the pinks returning here to the lakes.
12:47 pm
on the other side of lake ontario and lake erie. 65 and breezy. 68 this afternoon, 66 tomorrow, so then these fronts work their way through, and that chilly air starts to pile in for the weekend. 40s in the suburbs, 50 around the five boroughs. tomorrow it's 66. some gorgeous weather. tomorrow is just a great fall day. friday is cloudy. i mean there's not much in the way of rain. it's a spritz or sprinkle. it's the front that comes through. it drops the temperature friday night to 47, and then we got 50s saturday and sunday, great weather for the breast cancer walk on sunday. just better have yourself a coat. >> there you go. >> we've had worse, right? >> it will be in the 40s, but there will be lots of sunshine. >> very nice. i'll be there. i'll be starting off in brooklyn. it should be great. thank you bill. >> have your warm gear. >> yes, we will. think about this. the next time you shake your head when someone tells you they've never been on the internet, a united nation
12:48 pm
half of the world is offline. the u. n. oh , broadband commission says 57% of the planet does not have internet service. the major issue appears to be language. the u. n. says only about 5% of the world's languages are represented on the web. the cost of accommodating some diverse regions is a big challenge. >> it really is, facebook. >> 57%. >> facebook, google, both been working on projects to try to expand that to other people and thank you, bill evans for reminding us it's national dessert day. >> that's right. >> and there are some deals you can get today. >> a frees piece of pie at bennigans -- two for the price of one at cold stone creamery. >> sign up for its give more stripes program and get a free dessert. are we all hungry now everybody? >> yeah, well speaking of
12:49 pm
deliciousness, let's see what they're creating for us at the chew coming up next. >> okay. >> hey guys, we're at the 20th annual epcot international food and wine festival at the walt disney world resort, and today we're making an easy five-star feast. michael's cooking with scandal's bellny young. mario's showing us how to make a chinese delicacy at home, and clinton's upping your vegetable
12:50 pm
see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase.
12:51 pm
we're working on a lot of things coming up later on eyewitness n news at 5. families living with no hot water. the conditions so bad their children were getting sick. we've got 7 on your side getting some answers. >> some popular new york restaurants getting rid of tipping. what will it mean for the cost of eating out. is there going to be a result to all of this. it's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 4, 5, and 6. let's get a check of the feed shall we, these are the stories popping up on facebook, twitter and instagram feed. do you guys like macklemore? i'm going to pop some tags. >> yeah, yeah. >> look at you. a social media uproar after a macklemore concert was canceled by a high school principal in
12:52 pm
this instagram post starting the drama. in it the student body vice president wrote that parents claim macklemore and ryan lewis promote drug use and ma sole judgeny. thousands of students signed an online position, macklemore tweeting his disappointment. the outcry worked. the principal had a change of heart and guess what, the show will go go on. >> have you heard about this, it's a facebook post by a police department in new hampshire and it has gone viral. >> wow. >> i'm going to show it to you and you'll see why. >> it shows marijuana plants displayed on the hood of a cruiser. found, if you get home tonight and go for a walk in the woods and your horticulture project is gone and you'd like to talk to somebody about it, please feel free to give us a call. we'd like to offer you some counseling to get through your loss. you should have our number. i left a business card.
12:53 pm
something tells me they're not asking for any advice or help from the police department. >> it's an agriculture story. a none football player's greeting of a veteran gone viral. this was at a high school football game in louisiana. the football player during the game ran over to greet veterans of world war ii and korea. his photo is getting big time buzz on the internet. personally shake their hands. >> i love that. >> that will do it for this
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