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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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right now. >> reporter: it's safe to say that lamar odom's basketball career started right here at this park in south ozone park queens. this used to be a basketball court behind me where he sprouted up to 6-foot 10. this is also where his friends, those who saw him grow up have been on the phone with other friends out in las vegas waiting for any word on his condition. >> tubes are in him now, but we felt inspired by his presence. >> prayers from reverend jesse jackson at the bedside of former nba star and queens native lamar odom at sunrise hospital in las vegas. >> the doctor felt he was much better off today than yesterday, at least there is some responsiveness now. >> the 35-year-old was found unresponsive at the love ranch in crystal nevada tuesday afternoon. it's a legal brothel he checked into saturday.
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>> did you see this coming? >> no, not at all. >> odom grew up in south ozone park queens playing basketball right here in lincoln park. >> he was telling me he just practiced he was just naturally gifted. >> it is that gift that led him to win two nba championships with the l. a. lakers with former teammate and now knicks head coach derrick fisher. >> odom is one of the greatest people i've ever known, and so that's the way i see him through the choices he's made through the heart and soul, the person that he really is. >> now the county sheriff's office in nevada sought to get a search warrant for odom's blood today. they will be holding a press conference in a few hours to give an update on their investigation. we'll have more on this story coming up on eyewitness news at 5. reporting live in south ozone park queens darla miles
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the owner of the brothel says that odom was found face down by a staff member. >> management came in, called 9- 1-1. 9-1-1 said put him on his left side, and they did, started throwing up. he was still alive. ambulance came. >> well, dennis hoff said odom was polite and reserved while he spent his time at the brothel and also kept to himself. he said odom drank at the bar did but did not any illegal drugs. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news and abc news as we learn more about lamar odom's condition. you can learn more about his career at abc7ny. we are following a developing story in midtown manhattan where police are investigating a violent robbery. it was all caught on camera as well late this afternoon. the man walked into a deli on 56th street and 5th avenue. why would standing in front of the counter he punched the clerk knocking him over. the man stole money and lottery tickets. coming up at 5 we'll hear from the clerk who was attacked.
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the man accused of opening fire in front of a nightclub in midtown manhattan killing a young mother appeared before a judge. dalone jamison faces several charges including murder, but his family maintains that he is innocent. eyewitness news reporter story. >> reporter: liz, tonight dalone jamison is being held without bail. prosecutors say there is powerful and compelling proof that this 26-year-old committed vicious and ultimately deadly crimes when he opened fire outside of that nightclub on monday morning. jamison with his attorney by his side face adjudge for the first time this afternoon. the single father is now charged with murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. police say he got into an argument with some people inside club motivo. a bouncer threw him out and jamison allegedly came back and started shooting. jamison's good friend walikque faussett was fatally struck. she was a single mom. her best friend and another
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lady were also shot but lived. today in court we learned a fourth person was also in the line of fire, a bullet ripped through his baseball cap. all of these people were innocent victims. jamison was arrested yesterday in brooklyn. prosecutors say the gang member was picked out of a lineup by four witnesses, but jamison's family insists -- or he insists he's innocent. his family is here today. they say it's a good man, a good father but pointed out if it's true, if he's the shooter it was a big mistake. >> i don't think that's in him. i know that we are human and it's unfortunate that sometimes we got caught up in some bad situations in life, and you don't think, sometimes you don't think before you react, and it's just -- it's really bad. no one wins. there's two kids now that have to question -- they have unanswered questions and how do you explain to them. >> and that was jamison's aunt.
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girl and then of course faussett's little boy. october 19th. coming up later on eyewitness news more from his family and the emotional message posted by one survivor. for now we're live in lower manhattan kemberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> overseas israel now deploying troops in cities across the country in a massive security blitz and a string of deadly attacks allegedly by palestinians. there were two more attacks in jerusalem today, and the city's on high alert. the last few days there's been a series of shootings and stabbing attacks on commuters and tourists, and panic is spreading across the country. israeli forces are setting up check points and restricting access to palestinian neighborhoods. he said he was innocent from the very beginning, and now a man from long island, his name has been cleared. all charges against luis flores junior have been dropped. he was accused of taking cell
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boy inside a bathroom stall at a hibachi grill in may. an analysis of his cell phone found no such images and none had been deleted. >> it hurt me. it's hurt my family, you know, and we haven't, you know, been able to move forward since. now that this has, you know, come across, this beautiful victory, oh, man, this is definitely what i couldn't ask for even more. i am so grateful. >> we reached out to suffolk county police but they would not comment on the charges being dropped. days after a teenager died in an abandoned hospital on staten island, the city is tearing down the building. demolition began today at the site of the hospital in the thompkinsville section. we have a live look from news copter 7. an emergency order to tear it down was issued eight months ago, but a permit was not issued until after marcos castillo's death. castillo died on friday when he fell seven stories down an elevator shaft in the building.
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pay their respects to castillo at a church in west brighton from 7 to 10:00 tonight. his funeral is tomorrow. a wake is being held tonight for a promising basketball prospect gunned down outside of a fast food restaurant in westchester county. 23-year-old michael nolan died last friday. that is three weeks after he was shot in a parking lot in yonkers. nolan's wake is at 6:00 this evening. his funeral will be at st. paul the apostle church tomorrow morning. $5000 reward is now being offered for any information leading to an arrest. on long island authorities are trying to find out how a man rescued from a storm drain got trapped there in the first place. firefighters lowered a ladder to the man around morning. a few minutes later the man climbed out of the manhole near corona avenue in valley stream. fire officials say the man went into the sewer in another entrance and somehow got stuck
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>> he slowly made his way out. we got him in a harness, on oxygen, brought him up to street level. there? >> not sure at this time. >> fire officials believe he may have been in the sewer for a day, but it's unclear again why he was in there. the man was checked out by paramedics, they washed him up, placed him in an ambulance. now to the race for president. one of the democratic front runners bernie sanders says his appeal for more small donations has paid off. he has raised more than a million dollars since last night. meanwhile hillary clinton's camp is calling her performance a big success. abc's karen travers is in washington with much more. >> as we say after every debate, each campaign is convinced that their candidate had the best night. team clinton is riding high today. they are convinced that hillary owned the night last night and took control of a race that had
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of course there's still a wild card. what will joe biden do. >> record ratings last night for the democratic presidential debate. 15.3million americans tuned in to see the five contenders duke it out for the first time, but today all eyes on vice president joe biden waiting to see whether he'll join the field. >> i was proud. i thought they all did well. >> last night hillary clinton was aggressive, not waiting to respond to attacks but instead going right at her main rival, bernie sanders. >> i'm a progressive, but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. >> much of the talk about a biden campaign has been in the context of clinton struggling. the ongoing controversy about her personal e-mail server, falling poll numbers and questions about her trustworthiness. but now even biden's supporters say the window's closing for him to announce a run, and after last night's debate is there a place for the vp in the race. last night it was the clinton and sanders show.
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getting a surprise boost of support from her rival. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails [ laughter ] >> in the republican field, no potential opponents. jeb bush on fox news said he'll make sure americans keep mails. >> if she wins the nomination and i win the nomination, trust me this is not going to end. >> and the issue will certainly come up next week. hillary clinton is scheduled to testify before the house committee investigating the 2012 attack in benghazi. reporting live in washington, karen travers channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you karen. a down day for stocks on wall street as investors weigh the latest batch of corporate earnings. wal-mart stock tumbled after the retail giant said its sales had been relatively flat this year, and earnings for jpmorgan chase falling short of analysts expectations.
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and still to come a fast food furry. we're going to show you what a customer found inside a wendy's kids meal that got two workers fired and sparked a whole lot of protest. >> plus the video that could help solve an animal cruelty mystery on long island. >> and the remarkable story of twins who could be born months apart. we'll explain how this could happen. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. sun trying to peek out after it looked dark and threatening from time to time this afternoon. radar is quiet. how about your signal if you're traveling out and about. i noticed today, especially getting a nice call in the hudson valley, leave some distance between you and the car in front of you.
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time for a check on traffic. this is a live look at the long queens. boy, there's a lot of traffic there. this is 99th street. traffic stop and go between queens boulevard and springfield boulevard. at the hudson river crossings, the outbound holland tunnel looking at 15 minutes. the outbound lincoln tunnel about 10 minutes. things looking very good at the george washington bridge. a frightening close call at the los angeles international airport. a jet was forced to abort its takeoff after a car made a wrong turn on to the runway. compass airlines with 78 people on board was bound for kansas city after the vehicle made the wrong turn yesterday, an alarm sounded in the control tower. pilot applied the brakes, reportedly coming to a halt
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car. thankfully no one was injured two wendy's employees are out of the job because of a note many felt was racist. the fast food chain says two employees in colorado wrote racist remarks on a card and put it in a kid's happy meal. even though the workers were fired people have protested outside of that wendy's including the mother of the children. >> i had to explain to my child what the n word means and she's never heard that term before. my child is now very aware of what racism is and what that word means. >> once the employees were fired, wendy's apologized but the mother said that's not enough and she does not accept that apology. the mets road to the world series must travel through los angeles one more time. tomorrow night new york will play a decisive game 5 against the dodgers. this afternoon the team boarded buses bound for the airport. they are expected to arrive in l. a. later tonight. when the teams take to the
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ace jacob degrom will square off against potential cy young award winner zack greinke. the winner will advance to play the chicago cubs. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news through the mets playoff run. laura behnke will report from los angeles tonight at 11:00. >> it would have been so much better if they won last night. >> i know. >> they were back in l. a. last time it was like 100 degrees. is it going to be as warm this time? >> 78 degrees at first pitch, liz. >> wow. >> a 20 perpetrate chance of a -- a 20% chance of a shower around the l. a. area. it's almost like last night for us. i think it will stay away from the stadium for the most part. not as hot as it's been. >> it's cloudy now. >> watching the west coast and then watching our coast where we're going to have some pretty changeable weather over the next several days. we have actually really a nice couple of days coming up. it feels good out here. you'll need the jacket this evening. skies are trying to clear out a little bit.
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a nice look at new york harbor. dramatic. sky. 66 degrees, a west wind at 7. the air is really dry. the pressure holding steady, and the high just shy of 70. hours. we'll get the official word in the next half hour. only 57 in monticello. 63. danbury. long island in the middle 60s from roslyn to islip to cool mac and belmar and into jackson and new jersey you're in the low and middle 60s, newark at 67. summit, livingston, same idea. so westerly wind right now, i mean not terribly gusty but a noticeable breeze that's about 15 miles an hour on average in a couple of spots. a few places seeing a gustier 20 miles an hour. we'll have partly cloudy skies earlier tonight. it will be cool tomorrow morning but 50, 49 in new york city and lots of 40s in our suburbs. in fact, upper 30s well north and west. the wind isn't as breezy tomorrow, and there's a lot of sunshine. we should get in the mid-60s.
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it's such a comfortable great october day. so we have some patchy cloudiness around right now. it looks dark near huntington, babylon over the island. that will pass. a couple sprinkles to try and reach the catskills right now and those showers near erie pennsylvania. they'll dry out during the evening hours. i expect this to have a dry evening. we're watching our next front that's sitting over lake superior. if you look at the track of that low, it's sort of curling through quebec, so the coldest air to the north of that is actually staying to our north. we lose a degree or two the next couple days but it's still pretty comfortable. that's one of several fronts that are going to pass through, and that second one will unlock the weekend chill that's sitting over parts of central canada. that will be our coolest air of the season by far. tomorrow's a great october day at 65. more sunshine than we saw today, just a few fair weather clouds. then you have one front slipping to our north, and here's the good news about friday. that front is looking like it's going so far to our north and
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weaker and weaker that there's really not much of a shower threat anymore. there might be a passing shower to the north. it's looking like i have to add a little more sun to the forecast, less shower activity. a pretty good day. the best case scenario, it's a degree or two warmer that be tomorrow. that second front on the left side of your screen, that's the one that will unlock the weekend show. patchy clouds early tonight. 40s in the suburbs. need the fall jacket tomorrow morning. a beautiful day. mostly sunny. don't forget the sunglasses. a pleasant 65 degrees. tomorrow night partly cloudy and a shower late at night could sneak into the catskills and poconos, not a big deal. coming up at 4:30, look at that white on the precipitation on the futurecast. will we have our first flakes upstate. we'll address that. now back to my favorite flakes in the studio. guys back to you. >> i see where you're going. by the way, just so you know our director was shocked that you actually knew the temperature right off the top of your head for l. a. liz never doubted for a second that you would know it. >> oh, yeah, they thought we
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>> liz if under thes me on the spot. i just talked to dallas raines before we went on the air. >> see i know you. i know how you prepare. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> you know the temperature in london right now? >> it's 53. >> that's pretty close. it's like 56. >> he's so good. >> no idea. >> that's good enough for me. >> we'll come back later. >> thanks lee. >> and still to come, actress hayden panettiere checks into treatment for post partum depression, the new mom's struggle. >> and a bear walks into a school, now that may sound like we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse
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seen shayna? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. following some breaking news right now, and there are backups for miles on tonnele avenue. this is happening in jersey city all because of that, that was a water main break. shannon sohn is in news copter 7 with the latest. >> reporter: it happened at about 4:00 this morning. we'll start with the good news. the united water company has managed to replace the broken section and restored water to the 35 families and two businesses that were without. now for the bad news, they still have to backfill and pave, and that is going to take hours. what you need to know as you travel through this area is that the southbound side of tonnele avenue is completely shut down and will be for the rush hour. the top part of your screen, those cars are coming through the detour which is set up to take you around county road,
4:22 pm
delay just goes on for miles. this is back to paterson plank road. avoid this area if you can because it is a nightmare. reporting live over jersey city, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> shannon, new at 4, an important recall involving bags of spinach. dole says the spinach is being recalled due it a possible risk of salmonella poisoning. for your bag shows an october 15th enjoy by date, it's part of the recall. the bags of spinach were sold in 13 states including new york, new jersey, and connecticut. with oscar season not too far away from now, we're seeing some of hollywood's more serious stories pop up as real contenders. >> the new movie beast of no nation takes its story from a novel of the same. here to tell us more about it, entertainment reporter sandy kenyon. >> dave, liz, beasts of no nation is harsh, violent and so worthwhile it is fair to call it essential.
4:23 pm
point of view and left me feeling raw. >> rarely has a must see movie been so tough to watch. beasts of no nation takes us to west africa where boys are literally forced to become men. >> that boy has hands to strangle and fingers to pull triggers. >> the world knows them as child soldiers and these kids who are under the command fighting government forces after a military coup. >> but in the hands of the young. >> agu's family has fled the fighting and he is alone in the jungle when he is captured by the rebels. he is offered a choice, kill or be killed, and we wince at his initiation, which is followed by scenes of brutality so harsh
4:24 pm
even in the trailer for this movie. psychologically the movie is fascinating because we see how elba's character keeps control of his young troops. >> they are my family. >> the relationship between man and boy forms the sick spine of this movie. newcomer abraham ata both deserve oscar nominations and so does the director for taking us into the heart of darkness, a place so dark beasts of no nation scared me more than any horror movie. >> this movie has not yet been rated but there is no doubt in my mind that it would have to be rated r for its intense violence. the best films take us to a foreign place and emmers us in a different world and by that measure beasts of no nation succeeds brilliantly. >> elba looks unrecognizable,
4:25 pm
not for his physical appearance but for the persona that he takes on it seems. >> you absolutely believe this guy. you forget that's an actor up there in both cases, man and boy. >> thank you. tough topic. animal cruelty mystery, a dog disappears from home only to be dumped at a clinic a year later. now his owner wants to know what happened to him. >> and this is no ordinary
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now new york's number 1 news channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 4:30 and all new this half hour, an animal cruelty mystery, a dog missing for more than a year is suddenly dumped at a clinic, and now the owner of that long lost dog wants to know where was he and what happened. >> these families are seeking justice. >> plus just days after the coast guard calls off its search of the el faro cargo ship that sunk in hurricane joaquin, the families of the victims who were killed file a $100 million lawsuit. >> and an incredible story of
4:29 pm
more than a week ago while the other still remains in his mother's womb. >> it's very surreal and to be post partum and antepartum. >> but we begin here at 4:30 with that disturbing case of animal cruelty. small dog bloodied and bandaged left in front of an animal clinic. >> it happened yesterday morning on main street in hempstead. eyewitness news reporter n. j. details. >> reporter: that's right liz. outside the animal clinic where the dog was abandoned early tuesday morning, his condition was so bad. pictures on television. in fact, it was not until the dog was cleaned up that investigators got a real sense of just how abused and neglected he really was. deep cuts, liz. he was emaciated with skin infections. it's as bad as it gets. veterinarians check their surveillance video and saw two women apparently abandoning the
4:30 pm
dog in a box as i said on tuesday morning. the d. a. released the video today hoping that someone is going to recognize the women because, yes, the dog had been stolen over a year ago. what do they know about that? and why did this dog suffer like this? here at the animal hospital they were able to scan a chip in the dog, and they discovered he once belonged to a woman in uniondale. they will be reunited in the coming days as this investigation continues to unfold. >> the wounds were so sensitive that we can't even tell if they're bite marks, if they're lacerations, if they're cut with another object, but they were infected. it's devastating to see that someone has the capacity to do something like this to a defenseless, innocent animal. >> the acting d. a. says she is determined to find the people responsible for all of this and to prosecute them. we'll have much more on this very disturbing, very sad story coming up on eyewitness news at
4:31 pm
n. j. burkett channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. authorities in brooklyn say they've busted a gun smuggling ring that was bringing weapons from states with lax gun laws to the streets of new york city. eight people are charged with the scheme. they allegedly brought more than 100 guns to be illegally resold in brooklyn. any of those weapons were sold to an undercover police officer including several assault rifles. >> this can shoot through a bullet proof vest or an apartment door. the ring leader sold a number of these guns through our undercover officer. can you imagine what would happen if those guns or any of criminals. >> the prosecutors say the suspects use inexpensive china town buses to transport the weapons over state lines. a passenger was arrested at kennedy airport in queens after carrying contained liquid cocaine. the guatemalan man arrived on a
4:32 pm
flight from mexico city on october 5th with what appeared to be bottles of oil. when agents opened them they noticed an unusual chemical odor. the liquid tested positive for cocaine. the total weight was about 11 pounds with an approximate street value of $194,000. surveillance video captured the moments before a small plane crashed into a mobile home park in florida. two people were killed. the pilot and according to her father a 21-year-old woman who was at the home. two mobile homes were destroyed. neighbors were horrified after the crash. >> the plane fell into the house and then after that you just seen a lot of smoke and a whole bunching of fire, black smoke. she tried to go and save them, but there was too much. there was too much smoke. >> the cause of the crash is now under investigation. the family of one of the sailors on a cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin is filing a lawsuit. lonnie jordan's family suing the owner of el faro and its
4:33 pm
the suit claims the captain and owner were negligent in choosing to sail during dangerous weather. >> we're here today to send a message to those who are in the corporate world that place more emphasis on making profits than they do saving lives. the ship's owner has not commented on the lawsuit. jordan was among 33 men and women aboard el faro when it sank earlier this month east of the bahamas. tours are resuming at gracie mansion. the conservancy announced the house on manhattan's upper east side has a new installation of paintings, objects and historical documents. the house has been closed with repairs but will have guests start with an open house on october 25th. it wills also be open for
4:34 pm
the country have a bear for a mascot the but one in montana got the real thing. this is what members of the booster club at bozeman high school saw at 7:30 in the morning. it's a black bear casually strolling down the halls. students first spotted the bear on the football field. it didn't take long for it to make its way inside the school. >> just hanging out. >> let's give it some room. >> apparently the bear got bored after a few minutes and school. fortunately no one was hurt. >> i like the people all the way at the other end of the hallway just kind of hanging out. >> give it lots of room. and still to come, an actress shares her personal struggle. hayden panettiere enters treatment for post partum depression. abc's dr. richard besser is here with important information and the signs you do not want to overlook.
4:35 pm
4:36 pm
she has stone out about dealing with post partum before and hayden panettiere is seeking professional treatment to try and battle it.
4:37 pm
the star of nashville is seeking help at a treatment center. she gave birth to a daughter in december and last month she spoke on live with kelly and michael about how she can relate to her on screen character who's also battling post partum depression. >> when they tell you about post partum depression you think about okay, i feel negative feelings towards my child. i want to injure my child. i want to hurt my child. i've never ever had those feelings, and some women do, but you didn't -- you don't realize what broad of a spectrum you can really experience that on. >> talk more about this joining us now is dr. richard besser. dr. besser, you know, it seems like there's so many misconceptions surrounding this issue. what do we need to know about it? >> the first is when you're talking about post partum depression, it's not the baby blues. baby blues are very common. they're seen in over half of all women who give birth. it's that sadness, it usually starts about two to three days
4:38 pm
when you're looking at post partum depression, it's full on depression. it can start anytime during the first year of life. you'll see it more likely in women who have had it with a previous pregnancy. 5 to 7% of women can have it, and you can also see it in men, and the symptoms are what you think of when you think of depression, so hopelessness, helplessness, change in appetite, change in sleep, and you have those symptoms, you don't want to ignore it. your doctor should be screening for this during all of those visits during the first year. it can be treated, and it's so important to get it treated for your health and the health of the baby. >> when we talk about treatment, is it always medicine? >> medicine is usually a part of that, yeah. medicine can be quite effective. but usually with medicine there's also talk therapy and that can be very valuable as well. >> did i hear you right, you say men go et it too? >> yes, and it's under recognized. you can see post partum depression in men as well as women. it runs in families, depression does. you'll see it in situations
4:39 pm
around a pregnancy a little more commonly and 5 to 7%, that's a lot of women who have this. >> yeah. >> it can lead to suicidal thoughts and harm to the baby. >> we have a question from a viewer who asks, i have many allergies, eggs, et cetera, i've never had the flu shot. should i continue not to get it? i'm older than 50 years old. >> i get this question a lot, and the reason is when you look at how flu vaccines are made, most of them are made using eggs. if you're allergic to eggs that can be a problem. if you are over 18 and allergic to eggs there's a vaccine called flu block that is made not using eggs at all, and that's the way to go. it's not licensed though for people under 18. if you're under 18 and allergic to eggs and you have mild reactions to eggs, talk to your doctor. they can give you medication and can still vaccinate you. if you have severe reactiones
4:40 pm
to eggs, difficulty breathing, you can't get vaccinated and that's one of the reasons we all get vaccinated is to protect people who can't get vaccinated themselves. you protect yourself and you protect others. >> it was fascinating to hear. when we talked about the flu shot a couple of weeks ago, the long list of different types of flu shots now available. >> there are so many different types, the big needle, the short needle, the high dose for the elderly, the one that covers three strains, one that covers four strains. there are so many choices and so few reasons not to get vaccines. i'm not mentioning names. >> lee goldberg, the lee goldberg vaccine. >> i felt i was picking on him. i was going to say it without mentioning his name. >> leave that for us. that's what we do well. >> thank you dr. besser. as always don't forget dr. besser is here to answer your questions every week. tweet him using the hashtag tell me the truth. >> and still to come, twins separated at birth but it's not what you may expect.
4:41 pm
identical brothers could have birthdays that are months apart. >> and skip the tip, really? we're going to tell you why some local restaurants are banning them altogether. >> and we're following breaking news right now, a live look -- do we have that? a live look right now at the long island expressway.
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
if you visit spain, they will tell you tipping is such an american thing. some local restaurants are joining the trend and mixing it all together. danny myers union square hospitality group says it will eliminate tipping at all 13 of its restaurants as it changes how employees are compensated. myers says he hopes to raise the pay of cooks and other kitchen workers who do not share in tips. the group will raise prices on menus as it implements the new policy starting with its outpost at the museum of modern art. i don't know about the -- >> what do you think? >> i'm such a tipper and i always want to -- >> it doesn't say you can't tip. >> now you've got to pay more and tip. >> which i did in spain when i was there.
4:44 pm
the spot i now quiz you with some weather information. this is pretty easy, do you think today we were near 70 degrees again do you think this is our last shot at 70 degrees. what do you think? >> typically in october. >> i feel like i'm being set up. i'm going to say we couldn't possibly hit 70 again. >> i think we could. >> okay. i say it with such confidence. >> let's see who's right. i have a graphic. outside we go. a partly to mostly cloudy sky out there. i know how exciting that was for both of you. >> i'm rethinking my answer now. >> the foliage, just a hint of it starting in the park which usually peaks as we go into early november, a little later than the rest of the area. still looking really pretty, variable clouds we'll call it right now. a westerly wind at 7. last 70- degree day in 2015, i don't think so. now in the years past, last year it was the 29th of october.
4:45 pm
the average november 5th, but i can tell you in this seven-day accuweather forecast, we will hit 70 again. >> wow. >> it's just not this week. >> see how i help you out. you're welcome. >> so i'm right. >> so liz is right. >> aren't you always liz. >> patchy clouds becoming clear later on. 40s in the suburbs. lots of sunshine tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. a little less wind than today, but still a nice fall breeze. it will be a beautiful october afternoon in the mid-60s. some of the heavier cloud cover along long island and the jersey shore will start to thin out. there are a couple of sprinkles. it will be a cool night, drop into the 50s by 10 or 11:00. 40s to the north and west. tomorrow morning some upper 30s in poughkeepsie and sussex, 47 islip. during the afternoon looks great, lots of sunshine. have the sunglasses. it will be in the middle 60s. going into friday this futurecast has a little different look to it. yes we're going to have cloud
4:46 pm
start, maybe there's a shower over the poconos, catskills, look what happens here, the showers only start to reach our northern suburbs midday and afternoon, and there's a little sunshine that will allow us to get into the mid-60s. friday is looking better and better. air quality is good tomorrow, uv index, a 34 or 5 at times. look at the seven-day forecast, i love this time of year. there's a little bit for everybody. up and down we go. mid-60s the next couple of days. just a stray shower friday, the bulk of the time is dry. saturday still near 60. it's breezy and cool. sunday is the day where you feel the november chill. 52 feeling like 40s. a frost or hard freeze in the suburbs at night, i can see 20s in our northern suburbs sunday night. monday is 53. a frosty start. look at the recovery. we're near 70 by wednesday. should be into the 70s on thursday i'll take this chill and it's only here for a couple
4:47 pm
>> you know how i love alliteration. charming chill. >> you can boar it. >> can i see it -- you can borrow it. >> can i see it on the seven day? >> oh, man you guys entertain yourselves. >> here's what's trending and many are still dissecting the democratic debate. little doubt who was the big winner on twitter and it wasn't a democrat. it was donald trump, he tweeted up a storm. when it was done he added 60,000 more followers. doesn't mean they like or hate him. bernie sanders added 28,000 more followers and hillary clinton added another 10,000. locally every october from the 13th through the 17th hundreds of indy bands and individual artists descend on new york to play at at cmj music marathon. it's a week-long festival where some of the can be found [ music ] here's a small example. this is the band a fragile tomorrow.
4:48 pm
you can catch their show friday night at the cutting room. chris hemsworth finally joined instagram, his first post is a selfie from his backyard, and it includes a snake. he wrote hanging with the locals in my backyard. very cute. hemsworth may be famous for playing thor. the legend goes only thor, someone worthy can pick up the hammer. this guy made one a strong hidden electromagnet to it to make it impossible to lift, unless, here's the trick, your fingers match the hidden finger scanner in the hammer. >> everybody's like why can't i pick this up. >> finally a dad wants to call his daughter a princess but she has to break it down to him, she is not a princess. >> and you do not know about princess, okay. you can have sparkly bracelets and i don't have a bracelet at all. i'm not a princess.
4:49 pm
>> she goes on to say princesses are not real. i think the dad was a little disappointed to hear this. as always check out the trend online, abc7ny. send us your trend ideas using the hashtag the trend. she's a princess to me. >> i love the little tubby finger that's getting wagged in his face. don't call me a princess. >> don't mess with her. >> and still to come, an incredible story of twin brothers, one baby born and the other still in his mother's womb. we're going to tell you how they could be born months apart. >> here's check on the delays at the hudson river crossings, the outbound holland is 20 minutes. the outbound lincoln tunnel is
4:50 pm
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this next story is one of twins separated at birth. these brothers were separated because one was born and the other is still in his mother's womb. >> baby number one was born more than a week ago. if all goes according to plans, the twins could be born in different years. >> this is baby link, born at 1 pound, 2 ounces. the tiny baby is an identical twin and doctors expected to originally have both newborns born here at evergreen medical center, but instead -- >> it's very surreal and to be postpartum and apartum. >> reporter: brother logan is still in the mother's womb. >> logan is good. he's growing a lot and he's kicking, he can move around. he was stuck before.
4:53 pm
>> no contractions? >> no contractions. >> reporter: dr. martin walker delivered link but first he had to repair a complication. the babies shared a single placenta. >> one baby becomes anemic and weak from blood loss and the other baby becomes overstuffed with blood bloated and goes in to heart failure. >> reporter: dr. walker was able to perform surgery in utero, separating the baby's blood vessels. it wound up saving their lives twice. first it solved the blood flow problem. then when holly went in to early labor a week later, the separation of the babies meant link could be born and logan could stay inside his mother. >> so far so good. she remains pregnant just about a week and a half since that procedure. it's a real big week and a half for that baby that's in there. during that time the baby has grown, it's looked healthy. >> reporter: today link is so fragile, his parents can't hold
4:54 pm
him but they can be with him, celebrating his september birth while waiting for what they hope will be his twin brother's january birth. >> tiny. >> just amazing. i wish them all the best. still more news ahead including the local boy who saved his mother after she passed out while driving. >> eyewitness news begins right now. tonight an eyewitness news exclusive. a store worker in midtown, manhattan beaten and robbed. we have the video and new at 5:00, we're hearing from the victim of the attack as police search for the robber. but first, new information on lamar odom, the former nba player fighting for his life as we learn new details about what happened inside a brothel. good evening at 5:00. i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm bill ritter. diana rr -- -diana and sade are off
4:55 pm
closely falling developments on the condition of the former nba player and tv reality show. lakers star kobe bryant visited odom, so did reverend jesse jackson who despite odom being in a coma and on life support said he's doing better today than yesterday. >> darla miles in queens where odom was born and raised. >> that's right, for the friends of lamar odom who watched him grow up playing basketball right here at this park, they know he's had more good years than bad ones, and that's what they're focusing on as they pray he pulls through. >> the best memory i have of lamar, when he was at rhode island he made a clutch jump shot that won the game. when he made that jump shot i knew that was a sign of his pro contract. >> reporter: the fellas get together most days to reminisce at lincoln park but today there's a different over tone.
4:56 pm
>> means a lot to us to
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