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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 15, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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person now in jail had a long history of mental health issues. keith knight was taken into custody for the brutal murder of his mother and younger brother. neighbors knew the suspect as a local handyman helpful and friendly. >> i just know keith by the neighborhood because he always cut the grass. like i said, if i was out here doing my yard, if i had a problem, he would stop and help me. >> reporter: neighbors add the suspect had some mental health issues that may have resulted from a motorcycle accident he had more than a decade ago. the victim's grandson sterling harrison spoke to us by phone this morning. >> there was no real constant turmoil or anything like that. just [ indiscernible ] so anything could start an argument. >> reporter: family members say they do not know what happened. >> mental health issue. my uncle, he had issues every since he had, i believe, brain
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damage decades ago. and i have never heard in my family about anything like this. >> reporter: now, most of the family members living in new jersey. they are expected to come up to the house later on this afternoon. we anticipate they will talk to us about this truly family tragedy. that is the latest live from teaneck, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> anthony, thank you. turning to a developing story, president obama has just announced a major shift in his afghanistan policy. american troops will stay in afghanistan through the end of 2016. the president had planned to withdraw virtually all u.s. troops by the end of this year. karen travers is live in washington, d.c. with the details. karen. >> reporter: good afternoon, shirleen. the war in afghanistan is the longest in u.s. history. president obama ran for office in 2008 with the promise of ending it and the war in iraq.
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u.s. presence in afghanistan will last longer than he planned, it will be a narrow mission it's a significant reversal for president obama. >> this modest but meaningful extension of our presence while sticking to our current narrow difference. >> reporter: there are about 9800 u.s. troops in afghanistan. nearly all were supposed to be home by the end of 2016. but the president, on the recommendations of his top military commanders will leave as many as 5500 in place. it will be a two-fold mission similar to the current one. counterterrorism operations and training and assisting afghan forces. so, why the shift in policy? top pentagon officials believe afghan forces weren't ready to operate on their own. there is a recent surge in violence by the taliban and now isis. >> in key areas of the country,
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very fragile and in some places, there is risk of deterioration. >> reporter: last month taliban fighters took control of a key northern city. afghan forces battled back with support from u.s. air strikes but one strike was catastrophic. a hospital was hit leaving 22 people dead including 12 staffers from doctors without borders. >> a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never inten scholl that -- intentionally target a medical facility. >> reporter: president obama said the decision is not disapril pointing. his approach has been to make adjustments when necessary and the u.s. commitment to afghanistan will not waiver. karen travers, channel 7 eyewitness news. david. >> thank you, karen. new at noon the deputy commissioner a at office of emergency management is due in court to answer felony perjury charges. edward corona of hicksville was arrested this morning.
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he is accused of perjury, making false sworn statement, official misconduct, filing a false instrument for filing. he will be arraigned later today. also on long island, investigators say a police officer put his own life on the line to pull a man from this vehicle fire in stony brook. an emotionally disturbed man set himself on fire as he sat in an s.u.v. the officer quickly pulled the man to safety. the officer was not hurt. today friends will -- and family, will remember the teenager who died after falling down an elevator charlotte on staten island -- shaft on staten island. a funeral mass was held for him in the port richmond section. he died last friday after falling six stories in the abandoned tompkinsville hospital. we are learning more details about nba star and
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in a frantic call to 911, a worker at the brothel said odom was using cocaine and so-called herbal viagra. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in queens where odom grew up. darla? >> reporter: david, odom reportedly took could taken and according to the sheriff's office he took ten of those performance enhancers -- sexual performance enhancers that he bought at the brothel. >> pain is pain. you know, when you have one of your loved ones in serious health conditions, you are in pain. >> reporter: it's been painful to watch the two-year downward spiral of the 6-foot 10 kid from south ozone park queens who made it big in the nba. even more painful to hear that lamar odom is on life support with a 50/50 chance of survival. >> he is one of the young kids that made it. i'm praying for i am.
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>> reporter: eyewitness news learned this was odom's first visit to the love ranch in nevada. he spent four days in this v.i.p. suite. >> he did not indicate what he was getting away from but he was very adamant about no phone calls, don't acknowledge that he was here. he just wanted some rest and relation. >> reporter: -- relax aches. >> reporter: monday night he got a phone call that completion changed his mood. >> he did get a phone call. that phone call seemed to bum him out. the night before he was hospitalized, you know, he told the girls that he wanted to spend that night alone. >> reporter: the former nba star is far from alone. his friends, family and side. >> i really hope that he really pulls through. that is important because he has search a big heart. helped so many people. now it's our turn to help him. >> reporter: and odom's
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children, two children from a previous girlfriend have traveled to las vegas to go to the hospital to be by his side. reporting live in south ozone park, queens, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. dennis hastert is expected to plead guilty in his hush money case. hastert's attorney appeared before a federal judge today. sources say the case stems back decades with hastert paying millions of dollars to cover up sexual misconduct likely from his time as a high school teacher. the terms of a plea deal are not yet known but will likely be revealed during a scheduled month. >> the chaos at kennedy airport is over as a computer outage is repaired. the system that checked passengers names against a terror watch list went down last night. it caused major backups. custom and border protection is figuring out how it happened but says there is no indication
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that the outage was malicious. well, this is it for the mets. physical our men from queens don't win in l.a. tonight, the season is over. game 5 of the national league division pits two hot guns on the mound for both teams. when the dust settles, the winner is one step closer to the world series and the other goes home with thoughts of what might have been. >> we are positive still. our guys are upbeat. >> reporter: terry cool lines speaking before the biggest game of the season for the mets. in fact, it's the biggest game of his career. at this point most of his players. >> this is probably the biggest game i have pitched. i think that will be in my mind and we will go out there and put up zeros. >> that is exactly what jacob degrom did in game one of the series throwing 7 scoreless innings. he may have to be perfect tonight as the mets are facing
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>> keep your eye on the baseball. >> reporter: this is degrom's first ever elimination game, he won game 5 of the nlcs last year. >> you got to love the fact that it's going down to game 5 and everything is on the line. you leave it all out there. we are feeling good. >> reporter: the players feel good. but what about met fans. >> you can't be 100% confident as a met fan but i think they will do it. >> i think degrom will come out and shut it down. >> do or die we have to win it. we will win it. >> the drama is set. laura behnke is in los angeles for us. you can see her reports later this afternoon on eyewitness news. take a look at some mets fans showing their support. i love the little kids. share your photos with us using the #abc7ny. you can see them on eyewitness news. >> send us more pictures. adorable. mayor de blasio making a high profile journey. he heads to israel amid rising
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we are live at the united nations where protestors are gathering. new developments in the oscar pistorius case. why he is about to get out of prison after being convicted in his girlfriend's death. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans in the weather center. it's a beautiful fall day. letter this is perfect october weather where it's 60 degrees now in the park. 61 newark. 62 to jamaica queens and saint albans with a southwest wind to a northwest wind this afternoon. humidities are really dry. honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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newscopter 7 is live over a possible haz-mat situation in morris township. you are looking at 65 columbia road. we are told that three patients, three people were overcome by carbon monoxide apparently from power equipment. we do not know the extent of their condition at this time but we will keep you updated on this breaking story. three people overcome by a haz- mat situation here in morris township. protest over policing lead 16 people including juveniles to be arrested in baltimore after staging a sit in at city hall. the baltimore uprising coalition was protesting the subcommittee's plan to make the interim police commissioner permanent. kevin davis was given the job after a spike in crime following the death of freddie gray. actor randy quaid is expected to be back in court on charges that he fled the country to avoid prosecution.
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he and his wife were trying to reenter the u.s. from canada. they are wanted in california on felony charges that claim the pair was found squatting in a guest house of a home that they previously owned. they fled the u.s. saying they were victims of the prosecution. oscar pistorius is expected to be on house arrest next week. he will be four house arrest for four years. he was sentenced to five years reeva steenkamp. he claimed he shot and killed steenkamp after he mistook her for an intruder. no cost of living adjustment for social security recipients this year due to the slowing, growing economy. today's announcement of a affects disabled veterans and federal retirees. the usual annual adjustment is based on inflation but prices haven't been rising much.
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in health premiums keep rising however. a dance mom star accused of fraud. >> fists flying at a rally for donald trump. how did it get out of control? >> how a man in a wheelchair said he was shamed for using a disabled parking spot. >> let's take a look outside. bill evans called this the perfect october day.
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iv so, we just heard perfection today. >> i heard the word perfection from bill for the day. >> >> today the normal temperature should be about 64. we are looking at sunshine. it's right around that for the afternoon. a light wind, a lot of sunshine, blue skies and to prove my point, william howard evans esquire here. we look across the park and i close that case right there. a little color in the park. today is october 15th. a little early. that might be because of a little stress from the lack of rainfall. the park is 6 1/2, 7 inches short of normal rainfall. that causes the leaves to stress out and they change color early or dry out. this looks good.
12:18 pm
-- i call it when you get to new york marathon time, the colors are all over the park. folks in the sheep meadow and the temperature at 60. humanity where we expected it north west wind at 12. the meters at the park are missing. someone must have taken the wind gauge to lunch and we have a pressure at 30.04 falling. it's above 30. weather. high pressure is right over us. the sun will set at 6:16. afternoon. friday forecast of taking out showers, adding more sun and a nice start to the weekend. a front moves through friday, maybe virtually shower free but will bring chilly weather this weekend. 59 staten island. 56 whited plains.
12:19 pm
here is the wind that we are talking about coming out of the here. back to the west you will see the wind profile rehoboth at that timing around one -- rotating around one front. air. the first front comes in tomorrow afternoon. you will see on the futurecast, we have sunshine this afternoon then tomorrow we start to see morning. here is the second front in the afternoon at 6:00. that might present a sprinkle. that's not a lot of moisture working with that. ment what is working with that, chilly sayre for tomorrow night. today is classic, nice perfect fall day. shower off to the north on friday then we are looking at chilly weather for the weekend. breezy and cool this afternoon. 40s tonight in the suburbs and tomorrow we have sunshine and clouds and a passing shower off
12:20 pm
to the north. that's it. 67. then the cold air comes in friday night. i call it cold it will feel like the 40s. we warm back to the 60s next week. a chilly weekend coming up. get ready for that. break out the nice fall clothes you want to wear. >> there is a silver lining. >> i go shopping. >> show off your fashions. >> shopping cures everything to me. >> it is therapeutic. thank you, bill. chaos at the capitol. why would a lawmaker throw out tear gas during a parliament session. >> a health alert.
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chaos in parliament. a fight at a political rally -- rally and a gorilla playing with kittens. some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention. we start in kosovo. a lawmaker found a unique way to express displeasure. she released tear gas inside the chamber of parliament. this sent lawmakers scrambling outside. the lawmaker was upset over a deal brokered by the european union.
12:23 pm
it will give some ethnic ser beians autonomy. earlier this week the same thing was done in parliament. politics can get heated as you can tell but a rally for donald trump turned violent. two people started shoving and taking swings. police break them up. one woman goes after the other as she is being hauled away by an officer. both wound up tossed from the event. the exact cause of the fight isn't clear, the trump event in virginia had protestors and supporters in attendance. finally a female gorilla's maternal instincts kick in when she is sprue dusted to a litter of kittens. cocoa, a silver gorilla was born in a zoo and has been in the care of humans her entire life. researchers at the gorilla foundation say she has always desired to have babies of their own. when they introduced her to the kittens, she took to them. >> the kittens enjoy it, too.
12:24 pm
>> like you are the gorilla of >> exactly. >> thanks a lot. we have much more news ahead in the next half hour. mayor de blasio getting ready to head to israel after violent attacks in the country.
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our top stories this afternoon, an elderly mother and her 52-year-old son are dead after they were stabbed overnight in a new jersey home. police say the woman's 60-year- old son is in custody. the suspect has a history of mental issues after a brain injury. >> president obama says more than 5,000 troops will stay in afghanistan through 2016. nearly all of the 9800 troops were supposed to be home by the end of next year. but the president changed his mind on the recommendations of his top commanders.
12:28 pm
former nba star lamar odom is on life support at a nevada hospital. he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. he spent four days there where workers say he was drinking, taking cocaine and doing herbal viagra. tonight's mets games against the dodgers determines if they move to the next round of playoffs. hello, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. we begin with mayor de blasio's trip top israel. >> he will fly out later tonight. there are safety concerns because of the violent attacks in the country. the latest was yesterday. protestors are starting to gather outside the united nations. that is where eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is live this afternoon. stacey? >> reporter: well, shirleen, we are outside israel's mission to the united nations on the east side where a rally is set to get going. it's a rally demanding an end to the uptick in violence, the
12:29 pm
stabbings and car rammings that they say are random, especially this week. it has been the worst surge of months. within the past month, eight israelis killed in palestinian attacks, most stabbings. 31 palestinians have been killed by israeli fire. attackers. the others killed in clashes israeli troops. beyond the troubling numbers, there are questions about whether rhetoric and social media are insiting the violence. israel is cracking down with security measures. here at home, new york city's mayor is getting set to make a trip to israel tomorrow where he will visit a jerusalem school with palestinian and israeli children.
12:30 pm
political atmosphere is tricky at best to navigate. back live now. organizers of this rally told me they are generally supportive of the mayor's trip to israel. they say this is the time to go to israel, not to run from israel. those on the other side of this conflict were a bit more critical because the trip is being financed by an israeli money. we will be at the rally and bring you the latest later today. live on the east side, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stacey, thank you. new information into an assistant principal at a high school on long island featured in a racy hip-hop video. esther o'keefe has been reassigned. she was working at southampton high school. she has been reassigned to other duties within the district. in a music video by tray song and rapper j.r. she leaves her home to a young man for the weekend then comes
12:31 pm
clad women. new at noon, fears over unusually high black ber activity has lead to the jersey. four adult bears were euthanized. hikers say they recently encountered aggressive bears as well. last weekend claim eight -- last weekend eight people claim they were chased by a bear. happening today, the funeral of a pro baseball prospect killed in a drive-by shooting in westchester county. today. friend and relatives gathered in yonkers to remember 23-year- he died friday, three weeks after he was shot in the king. he was a star pitcher and was drafted by the oakland a's. a family in the bronx is doing everything they can to
12:32 pm
find their stolen pet. burglars took three-month-old luna and ransacked the family's home in soundview on tuesday. the thieves stole a thousand dollars and attacked the family's other three dogs with gun. family members hope someone can help them find luna. >> i want her back. i don't care, they can keep everything else. i just want the baby back. we are posting it all over the back. >> police are investigating the break in. new at noon, a building in lower manhattan is being renamed after former new york mayor david dinkins. mayor de blasio was at the renaming today of the municipal building at one center street. he said renaming it pays contribute to a man who made major contributions to the city. now to an abc news exclusive. the family of a high school football player suing a school
12:33 pm
district after they say there son was left severely debilitated from taking hits on the field. they claim the coach put him back in a game even though he told the coach he wasn't feeling well. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this advertise the moment his life changed. number 60, the kicker crashing helmet to helmet with that player. >> when he got home that day his life changed. >> reporter: during this junior varsity game last year, the 18- year-old stumbling off the field asking his coach to bench him. his parents telling abc news exclusively. >> he was trying to tell his teammate something about a play and his words were slurred. >> reporter: he was unable to follow simple instructions according to a suit that his family filed against the san diego school district. but the coach allegedly sent him wobbling back in saying i
12:34 pm
now. he ended up playing most of the game suffering additional hits him -- >> motioned like you need to get down here now. >> reporter: his family says tre is severely debilitated. >> severe migraines. he is just not the same kid. >> breathing right now is painful for him. he literally winces in pain. >> reporter: the coach says it was never communicated to me once that tre was injured. the family attorney says they have a strong case. >> you have a coach that violated every policy and students. >> reporter: researchers at purdue recently concluded that brain injury among high school football players like tre could be shockingly pervasive. almost 50% showed changes to the neurology and biochemistry
12:35 pm
>> once you had a concussion, the risk of additional injury is way up. >> reporter: even a surprisingly mild hit to the head can cause a concussion, one of the reasons the school district is changing the way it handled head injuries. a player suspected of having a concussion can't get back on the field for at least a week. matt gutman. >> a lot of parents are rethinking letting their kids play football these days. we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans with the after cool forecast. >> looking across the park it's gorgeous. by afternoon 65 dropping into the 50s tonight. beautiful weather. after school great for practice, great for a game after school today 65 degrees. absolutely gorgeous. we are looking at some more weather for the weekend that will be a tad chillier. we will talk about that in the accuweather forecast weekend forecast.
12:36 pm
>> thanks. >> church members in new york at the center of a murder one teenager has died. another fighting for his life. what the church members are accused of trying to do to the teens. >> trips to the emergenc attention medicare beneficiaries living in these... new york city and new jersey area counties. now is the time to review your current medicare coverage. whatever your health coverage needs, call now and let unitedhealthcare help find a plan that could give you
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12:39 pm
responding to a fire. as you can see them, they are in the midst of dealing with the situation. we are not getting reports of any injuries at this point. of course we have calls in to learn more about the impact on the school, how many kids were in the school. you can see they are on the scene. we have anthony johnson on the ground as well. as soon as we have more information on this fire at new jersey. street. fire department on the scene took. we -- fire. we will get you more info when we get it. the window is closing on homeowners thinking they were shortchanged on the superstorm sandy flood claims. today is fema's deadline to review the claims. with national flood insurance policies suffered a loss in the october 2012 storm.
12:40 pm
16,000 policyholders had asked for a review. the secretive members of a central church are the focus of an intense negotiation after the beating of two brothers. lucas leonard died monday. his 17-year-old brother is hospitalized in serious condition. police found him after they spent hours searching the world of life church in newhart ford. the brothers parents and sister are locked up along with three other church members that conducted the so-called counseling sessions. the tough talking coach from tv's dance moms is facing serious charges. abbey lee miller is accused of fraud, concealing assets and lying in bankruptcy filings. she filed for bankruptcy in 2010 months before she started shooting dance moms. an indictment says instead of declaring her income she concealed more than $750,000 in earnings. if convicted, she could head to prison for as long as five
12:41 pm
years. daily fantasy sports web sites facing more scrutiny. the fbi is investigating whether some of the sites have defrauded players and fostered illegal gambling. the inquiry comes after last week's revelation that a draft kings employee won $350,000 on fan duel and may have posted insider information online. both companies denied wrongdoing and have blocked employees daily fantasy games. now to a health alert. a disturbing study shows adverse reaction to vitamins in dietary supplements send about 23,000 people to emergency rooms each year. the cdc and fda looked at about 10 years' worth of data and found the majority of those sickened are children. it says about 2100 people require a hospital stay because they have serious symptoms. a vulgar note left on a car parked in a handicap spot. and the driver is disabled.
12:42 pm
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treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us.
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now to a sticky note that has a family heartbroken. someone left a vulgar message on the disabled man's car because he was parked in a handicap spot. now the family is hoping their story can prevent it from happening to someone else. dusty stribel was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a child. two years ago he had to succumb to a wheelchair. they recently walked out of an oklahoma restaurant and found a neat stuck to the car window. >> it took me a minute to realize what it was. then i was kind of shocked. >> the note scribbled on a
12:46 pm
no, just your big fat expletive. >> i was angry i guess because people don't know me. >> for someone to say something like that, yeah, it hurt. >> reporter: kiana posted it on facebook and said the toughest part was explaining this to their 8-year-old daughter jardin. >> she read it quick and she didn't understand. why would someone do that. they don't know us. >> some people are hateful. they don't know us and they make assumptions. >> reporter: in fact, jadin came home and drew about it in chalk on the driveway. a person with a sad face, her mom and a person laughing. the facebook post has been shared hundreds of times. she wants it to reach whoever wrote the note. >> i would kind of like to explain to them that we aren't just fat lazy people that park in the handicap because we are
12:47 pm
too lazy to park three spots away. >> they hope to turn something ugly and hateful into an educational tool to prevent this from happening to another family. one set of twins has something new in common as adults, their children's birthdays. >> the women in wisconsin were supposed to give birth about two weeks apart. one of them went into labor. the other wasn't feeling too well. >> she is about to be checked out by a doctor and went into labor herself. the first one had a boy. the other had a girl. she needs extra care for being born early but everyone is otherwise healthy. congratulations. >> they will be each other's best friends. >> great birthday party coming up. >> i have twin girls. when they were 16 -- they are 16 now but they were born six weeks early. the thank you nicu folks. they have big sassy molts on them. >> how did that happen so fast.
12:48 pm
>> i told you not to blink. >> it doesn't matter if they are a week or two apart. mine are three minutes apart. one will still say it's colder. the other will say it's the baby. we take a look across the park at noontime. some of the colors of the park coming out a bit. there is a lot of folks in the sheep meadow. there is a west to northwest wind. that is a dry wind. not all that of a cold front wind. a west-northwest wind is the coldest. that's when there is snow on the ground. we have a lot of green grass around. humidity is dry. wind northwest at 12 and pressure falling. the numbers are where they should be, close to it for this hour of the day. we will have a nice normal, perfect october day today. a little wind out of the west and northwest. a couple of fronts coming our way. one here in detroit in chicago. the other across lake superior
12:49 pm
to international falls and up to winnipeg. this is the second surge. the second front is the surge of colder air. that will cool things down tomorrow afternoon. today is gorgeous. here comes the first front. a shower or two ahead of that to the north tomorrow morning. the second front kind of comes in tomorrow evening and that could give us a shower, maybe a spritz. what will come in behind it is colder air for the weekend. nice sunshine. breezy and cool. 65 at normal. normal 64. 40s in the suburb. clouds and sun tomorrow. passing shower. temperature 67. warmer ahead of the front but it will get colder behind it. you see saturday it's brisk and chilly, 58. down to 37 for the low. these are five borough city numbers. you can knock about five, ten off that for the suburbs.
12:50 pm
freezing. a hard freeze coming up for >> frost? we are talking about frost.
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good afternoon, i'm liz cho in the newsroom. thousands of dollars of flowers stolen from gardens in our area. the one thing that thieves are doing that leads officials to think this is not kids messing around. the hidden side of new york. we have a tour of places normally closed to the public. those stories and more beginning on "first at 4:00." see you then. >> i will be there. now it's time for a check of the feed. these are the stories popping up on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember the family we told you
12:53 pm
back of their car, remember how viral it went? another family is doing the same thing. they are in desperate need of a kidney for the patriarch of the family. he has a rare blood type making it more difficult. his wife is driving around with a sign on the car. there are no matches yet. >> wish them good luck on that. here is a picture making the rounds on facebook. it's a baby about to go into brown surgery and touched the hearts of just about anybody that looks at it. >> florida dock force first told erica and steven jones the baby abigail born with down syndrome had little chance of surviving a tumor they found on scans of the brain. the parents didn't give up getting a second opinion from doctors in boston. the result?
12:54 pm
precious abigail a second lease on life. >> that was one of my favorite stories on my feed that i read. i was so moved and touched. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's a cute baby. >> before we go, goes what are weather. use the word perfect. >> yeah, nothing but perfect. don't mess with perfect. >> say no more. >> that will do it. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now?
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