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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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let me show you where we are at. this is the scene. we are talking about the back window toward the courtyard of the sixth floor of this building here at 2200 teilback avenue. this happened before 2:00 this afternoon. they hear the neighbor, a 27- year-old mother screaming irrationalely and threatening to throw her six-month-old baby girl out the back window. they shout don't do it then the sickening sound of a thump. >> that's when the neighbor started screaming, no, no, no, but they were yelling at her don't do it. think about it. there were people who said stop but she wasn't -- >> reporter: did she scream i am going to throw the baby. >> i will throw the baby out the window. she was screaming we are all going to die. i figured it's time to call 911. >> you called 911? and we are back live now. again, while that woman was
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calling 911, she hears the sound of a thump. you can see this is an active scene behind the police tape. police and investigators are at the scene. we can tell you at least three other young children were removed from the home. we can tell you that the mother was taken from the home as well. obviously police are investigating what could have possibly lead up to this. neighbors tell us they heard her speaking about the devil yesterday, speaking irrationalely and feeling like there was nothing they could do to stop what happened this afternoon. we will be here and let you know what went on in future live reports at 5:00. we are live in the bronx in the fordham sex, social security, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, so tragic. two people are dead. an elderly woman and her adult son the victims of a late night stabbing at the hands of a family member. this happened in the bergen new jersey reporter -- teaneck. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is there.
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when police got a 911 call around 10:40 last night all they heard was screams in the background. they rushed to do seen. when they arrived the alleged suspect in the crime met them at the front door, his hands covered in blood. the suspect p keith knight has been charged with two counts of murder and weapons possession according to the bergen county prosecutor. what he is accused of doing is horrendous but many who knew the knight family say keith had serious mental issues from the time he had a serious motorcycle accident over a decade ago. neighbors say the accused killer was never the same after that accident. the house on this quiet residential block turned into a crime scene overnight as knight allegedly attacked his 84-year- old mother, victoria knight and his younger brother, ronald victor knight. letter both suffered multiple stab wounds.
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the grandson of victoria knight spoke to us by phone earlier today and said it's hard to determine a possible motive for this double murder. >> the one brother has mental issues. there was no real, you know, constant turmoil or anything like that, just one goes crazy. so, anything could actually start an argument. >> reporter: and keith knight is being held in the bergen county jail. his bail is $2 million. that is the latest live from teaneck, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony. former basketball star and queens native lamar odom is hospitalized after being found unconscious in a brothel. employees are claiming that odom seemed down after he received a phone call on monday and that he asked to spend the
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a publicist for odom's wife, choy kardashian -- khloe kardashian has asked the brothel to stop talking to the media. two hotels were raided accused of being fronts for brothels. the sunny 39 hotel was raided today. the operations are part of a brooklyn d.a. probe with the help from the feds. several arrests were made. now to afghanistan. word from president obama today that us troops will stay at next year. this will keep the force at nearly 10,000 americans. a major shift for a president bringing the troops home. karen travers is in washington with more on the announcement. karen? >> reporter: that was a key promise from president obama during his 2008 presidential run ending the wars in iraq and well, now, his top military commanders say they need to
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longer than the president planned and the recent surge in violence reinforced that. president obama today explained his shifting timeline in afghanistan. >> i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests. >> reporter: nearly all of the 9800 u.s. troops currently in afghanistan were supposed to be home by the end of 2016. president obama will now leave as many as 5500 on the ground. it's a remarkable turn for the president. today he said that while the u.s. presence in afghanistan will continue longer than he mission. counterterrorism operations and training and assisting afghan forces. >> i do not send you into harm's way lightly. that is the most solemn decision i make. >> reporter: why the shift in policy? top officials belief afghan
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their own and a recent surge by the taliban and isis. one strike was catastrophic. letter a hospital was hit, 22 people dead including 12 staffers from doctors without borders. president obama insists this decision is not disappointing. it won't be the last time policy adjustments are made -- >> the cessation of our combat role has not changed. >> it will still be dangerous. already, 25 u.s. service members have lost their lives in afghanistan. reporting live from washington, karen travers, channel 7 eyewitness news. liz? >> karen, thank you. secretary of state john kerry is in talks with israel's prime minister hoping to put an end to the escalating violence. benjamin netanyahu is open to meeting with the palestinian president. over the past few days there
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were a series of deadly stabbings and shootings of commuters and tourists. forces are setting up checkpoints and restricting access to palestinian neighborhoods. amid the violence in the mid-east, michelle mayor de blasio is going to israel. back in our area, stock on wall street rebounding after the release of a string of positive earnings reports. financial stocks rose by strong third quarter reports by citigroup and key corp. here is a live look at the big board. the dow rose 217 points on the nose closing at 17,141. well, turning now to the mets. it all comes down to this. a must win game 5 in the
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national league division series. back on the mound, jacob degrom. the team and the fans hope they can overcome the dodgers home field advantage not to mention a good pitcher of their own on the mound. laura behnke has more. >> reporter: hey, david, just because the mets did not want to have to fly across the country here to l.a. does not mean they are not up for the task at hand. terry cool lines assuring us his players are upbeat and ready to play what for many will be the biggest game of their career. tuesday night they were set for a party in flushing then the dodgers crashed the fun. but the mets haven't lost faith in themselves or ability to move on. >> love that it's going to game 5 and everything is on the line. >> reporter: whether or not they have been here before, the mets know it doesn't get much better than high stakes play- off baseball. >> it will be fun to watch. tune in. it will be fun. elimination game.
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and dream about as a kid. >> reporter: all season long this group of mets have shown ability to bounce back from tough situations. game 5 will be the ultimate test. >> this advertise the gal l goal, make it to the world series. never give up and battle to the end. >> we have been through ups and downs but it's baseball. you have to continue to play hard and have some fun out there. >> now, the good news, it's about 20 degrees cooler than it was last week for games 1 and 2. i don't know how much that affects the players but those of us covering the game are relieved. the mets want to treat it like any other game. it will feel like a july game, regular july not sweltering like last week. live in los angeles, laura news. >> nothing regular about this. stay with eyewitness news throughout the mets road to the world series which we all hope continues past tonight.
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we want to see your mets pride. send your pictures or tweet or fab your photos to us using the bc7ny. a group of migrants in for a surprise of their lives. what had them running the other way. >> plus, a high level county official on long island arrested. mrs. say he lied. the shocking past they say he was trying to cover up. >> another invigorating day out here. sunshine, a bit of a cool breeze. you will need the jackets tonight.
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a check on traffic. route 80 and lodi, new jersey. be glad you aren't on that road. >> at the hudson river crossings, 20 minutes. outbound lincoln tunnel 10 minutes. inbound lower level of the george washington bridge is about 10 minutes. former house speaker dennis hastert is expected to bleed guilty to hush money charges as part of a plea agreement. his attorney told the judge that there was a plea deal. it will be presented at a court appearance next month. sources say the case stems back decades with hastert paying millions of dollars to cover up sexual misconduct likely from his time as a high school teacher. the terms of the deal are not known. a video of a scare for
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migrants in france that jumped into a truck and came face to face with a polar bear. fortunately the nearly 2-year- old bear was in a cage. the three migrants were inside the truck for about 10 minutes before police came and took them away. he finished his journey from moscow to england. firefighters are struggling to get the upper hand in central texas. the fire about 45 miles east of austin has grown more than ten times in size in one day burning six square miles. nine homes 400 have been evacuated. flames are 50% contained yesterday but today it dropped to 15%. in texas, the punishment as announced for two high school football players that tackled a referee last month.
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year. the head coach was put on probation. the assistant coach told officials he can change. >> my dad coached a long time. he knows how intents i am, my style of coaching and he knows -- he always told me i don't need to be that way. >> mack bread admitted to saying the ref need to play but was surprised what the players did. >> emotional there. >> ruined a lot of people. >> yeah, exactly. today was the first day that kind of felt like fall. >> you think so? >> it's brisk. i need a coat today. >> it's about the morning. when the sun goes down, gets cold. mornings are crisp. late afternoons feel great. tomorrow will be nice as well.
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that met-dodger temperature in the low to middle 70s. there is a 20% chance of a shower. i think it will be east of l.a. and they should be fine. a pretty afternoon over central park. a hint of color on the tree tops in central park. still a few weeks away from any peak collar. i think it's warm you have that i heard the misty softy bell around. there is still ice cream in the city. pressure right now is holding steady. we have temperatures that are going to be around the middle 60s for your highs today. just shy of 70 in a couple of spots. 59 ronkonkoma. 60 hampton bay. ment interior new jersey in the middle 60s. 63 poughkeepsie. here is the planner through the evening hours. mainly clear early. clouds that roll in late especially north and west of new york city. there is a small chance for a passing shower, northwest suburbs early tomorrow.
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then partly to mostly sunny, breezy, just like today. the saturday is mainly clear. easy to find a front over lake erie and lake ontario. that is coming this way tomorrow. see the lighter blues that are weakening over parts of northern ohio. we are getting pushed by this. the winds turn from west to northwest over the weekend. we are on the mild side of the front today and into tomorrow relatively speaking. then brisk and chilly on saturday. see the second front to the north, that is what unlocation the cold air which comes over the upcoming weekend. 60s and 70s in the northeast and ohio valley. in the teens west of hudson bay. just sniffing some of that air will make us cold. tomorrow is mainly dry. mix of sun and clouds. nice breeze. a lot like today.
4:18 pm
here is where the changes come in saturday. brisk and cooler. might be a shower north of the city. wind 12 to 25 miles per hour will make it feel like 50, 52 degrees. colder by sunday. the true polar air comes in saturday night and sunday. i haven't said that in a while. shower late north and west. spot shower early. sunshine with a few clouds. more clouds early than more sun midday and afternoon. breezy at times. a second cold front comes through tomorrow evening, weak but it could spark a brief shower north and west then a chilly breeze behind that. we drop to 48 degrees. we told you about accuweather's winter outlook. now noaa officially released their winter outlook. we will address that. accuweather called for not as brutal. what are the signals from noaa's forecast. we will address that and the
4:19 pm
forecast for the weekend in you are trying to see color, even though the wind will blow the leaves by sunday. >> lee, what are you doing? you used snowflakes and used the word polar in the forecast. >> what is up with you. >> what is going on. >> i'm not going to smooth talk it. i have to get you -- you need to get ready. >> speaking of getting ready -- >> thank you. >> -- for the cold -- . >> see you in a bit. this next script starts it may not feel like the holidays but according to lee it should. the rockettes offered up a sneak peek of the christmas spectacular with a rehearsal on the west side. they performed the new york at pizzazz. live performances begin 3rd. >> can't wait. coming up, this could be
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what a sell, right? >> take a look. how a famous gorilla signed -- like sign language, its desires for baby. what it got is viral greatness. >> an assistant principal on i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. a building in lower manhattan honors the legacy of former mayor dinkins.
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mayor de blasio unveiled the plaque today. the municipal building at one center street will be called the david m. dinkins building. de blasio spoke about how he inspired the staff. >> we felt called to virus because we had an example. a leader that truly believed. and he walked the walk. >> my heart is full today and the memories of a lifetime happily race through my mind. >> he talked about the accomplishments of the dinkins administration, among them the safe street safe city, fashion week and u.s. open. tom hanks is back on the big screen teaming up with steven speilberg in a movie generating oscar buzz. sandy kenyon talked to the star about what it was like to team up with spielberg again. >> events depicted in bridge of spies took place during the cold war.
4:24 pm
in the air between russia and the u.s. so the movie has new relevance. the story has a special connection to our city. the character tom hanks plays was born in the bronx and raised his family in brooklyn heights, even served on the board of education in the city but james donovan was a man forgotten by history until his role in the cold war was brought to life by steven spielberg. >> my generation lived under the threat of the atomic mushroom cloud. we were terrified that we would be incinerated. >> reporter: the director has often turned to history for his best films and the chance to make a movie about a slice of new york history proved irresistible. acting on a tip in 1957, the
4:25 pm
fbi picked up a russian spy and an american lawyer, james donovan was hired to represent him. later the same attorney was called upon to negotiate a swap, an exchange for an american pilot shot down over the soviet union. >> where do they want the negotiation. >> east berlin. >> reporter: bridge of spies marks the fourth time spielberg directed tom hanks who had a message for his fellow cast members before shooting. >> let's make sure that we have ideas here because otherwise the boss will give us a stern talking to. >> another decent character. >> i hope so. >> reporter: spielberg says hanks brings out the best in him. >> i think i bring out a good character when i work with him. >> reporter: now one more portrait gets added to the gallery they are creating together. >> so confident was hanks as donovan his director and pal was a bit intimidated. that's what spielberg told me explaining 9 star was so strong in the role. bridge of spies is from disney
4:26 pm
owned by the same company as abc 7. >> i can't wait to see that. >> my review is tomorrow at noon. >> looking forward to it. a famous gorilla's maternal instincts kick in when she a litter of kittens. she can communicate with sign language and celebrates her 44th birthday by meeting her new family. cocoa let a note through sign language she wanted babies of her own. so, okay, they weren't gorilla babies but they were kittens. it was love at first sight. she directed them, put them on my head and they did and she loved it. isn't this great video. >> amazing. >> mom is a mom is a mom. >> mom is a mom is a mom. i love that. still to come, we will shift gears. a frightening situation after an s.u.v. erupts into a fireball with a man inside. how police, an officer on long
4:27 pm
island, braved the flames and pulled off a risky rescue. >> and fallout from a campus food fight.
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it's 4:30. all new this half hour, a top emergency management official charged with perjury after failing to admit his criminal past. >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady taking on an unlikely opponent, junk food. >> that is poison for kids but they keep doing it. >> and meet the 100-year-old senior who has never stopped believing in her be loved mets. she is cheering them on tonight. >> we will have much more in a bit. the top story this half hour, the deputy commissioner of the nassau office of emergency management under arrest and facing criminal charges. >> edward corona is charged with perjury.
4:30 pm
failed to disclose his criminal past. >> reporter: you probably have seen on a job application the question where it says have you ever been convicted of a felony? prosecutors say that edward corona lied to the answer saying he had not been convicted of a felony when, in fact, he had in 1982 when he was a teenager. so,ing today, corona went before a judge in hempstead facing charges of perjury. prosecutors say he lied on not just one application but four civil service applications. he has been employed since 1986. prosecutors say he made the false statements for various jobs between 2007 and 2013. he was named deputy commissioner of oem last winter. his attorney said corona's name will be cleared. >> we deny the charges. i think that as this case proceeds in the courts, it will
4:31 pm
show that these charges have no merit. >> reporter: corona was released today without bail. on "eyewitness news at 6:00," what does this mean for his job. live in hempstead, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. on long island, a high school assistant principal that appeared in a racy hip-hop video has been reassigned. esther o'keefe has been reassigned to other duties in the district. in a music video, she leaves her home to a young man for the weekend and comes back to find drugs and scantily clad women. new at 4:00 a rapist that got out of prison has been arrested for another rape and several robberies targeting women in westchester county. he is charged with robbing three women in yonkers last month. authorities say he sexually assaulted one of the victims. blunt was released from prison last year after serving more than seven years for raping an 8-year-old girl in new
4:32 pm
rochelle. a teacher from connecticut is charged with sexually assaulting a student she taught toward. she is free on $100,000 bond after her first appearance in court in strafford yesterday. she was a teacher's aide at a boy's elementary school. the 15-year-old victim told police the two had sex 15 to 20 times over two years at his house where she tutored him. police are looking to speak to three women after a man was island. investigators released these pictures of the women they say were on the bus with the stabbing suspect. police say the suspect argued with the 24-year-old victim attacked. the victim is in critical condition. a man is under arrest accused of groping a woman in midtown. the port authority says jerry so her no admitted that he
4:33 pm
year-old woman near 8th and 43rd street around noon. a port authority officer heard the victim scream. he tried to take so her no into custody. he resisted and other officers helped subdue him. a man could have died in this inferno. moments before this vehicle burst into flames, the officer pulled a centereach man out of the passenger door. he parked in a movie theater lot then poured a flammable match. the officer suffered minor injuries. evacuation wag gown is recalling 8 -- volkswagen is withdrawing vehicles that let it cheat on emissions test. they have recall half a million vehicles in the u.s. and facing possible
4:34 pm
fines over the scandal. a software patch could fix the problem in some passat models. no cost of living adjustment for social security growing economy. today's announcement affects disabled veterans and federal retirees. >> the usual annual adjustment is based on inflation but prices haven't been rising much. senior advocates say medical expenses and health insurance premiums keep rising. do you remember the university of connecticut student caught on camera during a foul mouth tirade about mac and cheese? a food service worker says he forgives the student. the chef reportedly says he accepts luke gaddy's apology but still thinks he should be expelled. he tackles him after the freshman bee rated and shoved the manager inside the student union. us due in court on november 3rd. the quarterback who wants to sack certain snacks coming up on eyewitness news. tom brady takes on some of the
4:35 pm
eat. >> a new campaign to tell you about to derail commuters from behaving badly.
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tom brady is on an offensive. he is condemning food and beverage companies for lying to customers even calling coca- cola poison for kids. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: america's most famous quarterback is taking on an unlikely opponent. tom brady is getting heated in an interview on boston sports radio station weei not about the latest game but coca-cola. >> the fact that they can sell that to kids, that's -- that's poison for kids. but they keep doing it. >> he is not stopping at soft drinks. taking a shot at breakfast cereal going after tony the tiger. >> we believe that frosted flakes are actually -- is a food. >> reporter: the 38-year-old four-time super bowl champ crediting a healthy diet as part of his on field success accusing large food and beverage companies of false advertising. >> they make lots of money selling those things and lots
4:39 pm
when you go to the super bowl, you know, who are the sponsors. that's the education that we get. that's what we get brainwashed to believe that these are normal food groups. this is what you should eat. >> coca-cola firing back saying all of its beverages are safe and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced life-style. kellogg defending it for nutrients. lately bradley is less inclined to hold his tongue after speculation about his marriage to gisele bundchen being on the rocks he spoke candidly. >> she is my best friend. we get to do everything together and when you are fortunate to be in a relationship with someone that you love to death and love doing anything with. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. some things it seems like common courtesy to some are not
4:40 pm
that's the motivation for new jersey transit campaign. the rude zone posters went up on trains and social media. they remind commuters not to put their feet up on a seat, shout on a cell phone. don't groom on the train. do we have to tell you this. anyway this follows the mta courtesy campaign. >> this is not your house. this is a public place. >> meanwhile, 17 breast cancer survivors struted their stuff on a catwalk to raise a wateriness about breast cancer. it was part of the second annual pink chair luncheon and fashion show. the local breast cancer warriors shared inspirational messages. professional models joined to help raise money to fight the disease. >> we are not just pink aid long island and strong island. pink aid strong island was able to grant funding to six organizations meeting compassion until there is a cure. >> they raised money through
4:41 pm
one included 15 pink chairs created by local interior designers. >> great cause. we want to tell you about a new way to experience history. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00, how can you to your off limit sections of ellis island? how cool is this -- without leaving your living room. >> a flight attendant smells like spaghetti with johnsonville italian sausage. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible.
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the new jersey bound goethals bridge is closed because of some police activity. we want to check in with shannon sohn in newscopter 7. shannon? >> reporter: what a mess this is. port authority police are on the scene. there is one civilian vehicle. you can see they are in the right lane heading into jersey. you have a cement truck that could pass but the lanes are sonar row he is afraid to do so. because of that you have all lanes shut down into new jersey. this has been going on the last 20 minutes or so. across the span you can see rubbernecking delays from new jersey but look at this volume on the staten island expressway. it is bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper. it goes back to the verrazano bridge. the service road is not better. reporting live over the goethals bridge, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new york city just launched a neighborhood web site so residents can find out what is happening around them. for example, you type in park
4:45 pm
park slope. there are 400 specific locations. at you can learn about construction, transit alerts to restaurant grades and public events. ellis island launched a virtual tour of areas that are not included on regular tours. the 40 interactive photographs allow visitors to explore the 22 building hospital complex where immigrants with illnesses were treated before being allowed to enter the country. the abandoned hospital and contagious disease wards have been stabilized but not restored. >> something. >> that's wild. >> a great place. now you have better access with the technology. >> i have to take my mom there. she has been begging me. the i have to get on it. >> before it gets really cold. >> and the snow gets here. >> how about a little polar sprinkle.
4:46 pm
>> the snowflakes whizzing around. >> maybe hunter mountain or wyndham. >> whatever. >> that's what you see. outside we go, a really nice view. visibility is so good, if we could move the buildings in lower manhattan out of the way, we could see ellis island. sunshine, wind around 8 miles per hour gusting to 14 to 15. the weather virus came out with their winter outlook. i like that it agrees with accuweather. it's based on the strong el nino signal. the warmer waters of the pacific. what it means is that relative to normal, we are likely to be on the milder side of normal. the real signal is up here. we are on the edge of it. it looks milder, not as brutal with a colder signal in the southern u.s. at the same time it's putting us on the -- above normal side here of normal when it comes to wet erwin tear. just because we may be milder
4:47 pm
we may not be spared from the big snowstorms. this particular orientation, the way it is, would suggest there is more storms riding up the east coast. that won't mean less snow but not prolonged extreme cold. the other thing, the signal is that the winter is likely to start out milder then later february and march that could be tougher. the planner through the evening hours, the more skilled part of the forecast, the 24-hour forecast, 54 the overnight low. letter 40s in the northwest suburbs. early clouds and a shower north and west. sun comes out. good deal of sunshine through the day. a degree or two higher than today. might be a shower during the evening hours because there is yet another cold front coming through. best threat of a shower during the early evening would be north and west. there is three fronts to the north and west that have to come through into the upcoming weekend. if you watch this futurecast, after a cool evening, there is the early shower threat. if you are in northern new jersey, hudson valley,
4:48 pm
connecticut, north shore of the island, check in with bill evans to see if you need the umbrella early then the sun comes out. the nice afternoon, mid- to upper-60s. another reinforcing cold front wants to come through in the evening that could mean another spotty shower. more likely in the catskills and central new york state then colder air comes in. wake up temperatures on saturday morning are upper 30s to upper 40s and highs in the mid- to upper-50s. you can see there is not just blue on the futurecast precipitation but snowflakes. that is closer to i-90. fall follow ladies and gentlemen, great color catskills and pocono. we are behind schedule because usually we would see peak color in the midhudson valley but it's coming and definitely north and west of the city and in november we get it in the park. tomorrow. mainly dry and mild. a spot brief shower. otherwise sun.
4:49 pm
at times it could be more overcast. 38 at night. only 50 on saturday. sunday i had to take that down a bit. 36 at night. hard freeze for most. then after 52, cool sunny monday. 64 to 70 next week. >> okay. all right. it will be cold on the fields this morning. david. >> wow. you got to calm down there. here is what is trending this thursday. social media is going purple for spirit day to fight bullying of the lgtb youth. here is caitlyn jenner's post. october 15th is stand up to bullying day, wear purple with pride. >> tonight's mets game, big buzz, mets fans are posting
4:50 pm
i love the ones with the puppies, the dogs and the kids. i love them all. keep them coming in. forbes is out with the list of the top earning you tube stars from 2014 and 2015. are you kidding me? at the top of the list, making $12 million is puh die pie. he is known for video game play throughs and commentators. he is followed by another gamers. two gamers at the top. comedy act smash pulled in $8.5 million on you tube, lee, what are we doing. >> we are putting eyewitness news on you tube? >> there is money to be made out there. let's turn to outer space. the kepler space telescope discovered something that is baffling scientists and have some wondering if this is evidence of alien life. since 2009 the kepler space
4:51 pm
telescope has been scanning the cosmos in search of hospitallable world. it came across an odd sight from a distant star, a flickering light that has some wondering if it's a megastructure coming from an alien made source. either way, scientists are excited. are you, lee? >> i'm speechless. letter alien flashlight in morse code. >> come to me. filmily please clear the aisle. the irish dancing has begun. >> are they in mid-flight? >> yes. i call that inflight entertainment. some of the passengers pull out musical instruments. when you hear the irish music, you got to get dancing with
4:52 pm
everybody. the passengers loved it. as always, check out the trend online and send us your trend ideas using the #trend. >> fun on a flight. thank you. a new image from nasa makes it appear that there are holes in the sun. lee, are you paying attention? the dark areas actually what is called a coronal hole. they are darker colder areas with less energy. the holes in the magnetic field allow solar winds to blow into space. it causes geo magnetic storms. they sometimes create auroras. >> i have a passion for that. >> look at the photo. >> they say they may interfere with the electronics of satellites as well. >> temporarily. >> this is the section of the news. >> super cool photos. >> lots of meteorologists will be watching. >> yes. grandmother. she might be the oldest mets fan alive.
4:53 pm
coming up on eyewitness news,ing a super senior getting ready to cheer on her favorite team in a pivotal game 5. >> here is a quick delays at the hudson river
4:54 pm
crossings. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus.
4:55 pm
we know in a few hours from now the mets take on the dodgers and the winner moves on to the play-offs. >> here is the thing. you can bet cheering on the amazins, when she was born babe
4:56 pm
>> since 1936 i have been watching baseball. >> at 100 years old she might be the oldest mets fan alive. she is one of the most diehard. she watches every pitch even if seasons when the amazins are dead last. she attended every home game of the 1986 mets world series. >> you got to be there to really enjoy it. >> reporter: russo was born in 1915, raised in brooklyn. she started out as a brooklyn dodger fan but when they moved to california in 1957. >> i had no use for them. they gave up brooklyn for california. >> reporter: when the mets formed in 1962, she became a season ticket holder. she remembers when a seat behind first base cost 50 cents. her son jerry says you can tell how the team is doing by the expression on her face. >> you can hear her three rooms away. >> reporter: jerry says if you
4:57 pm
you out of the house. you wouldn't be a true mets fan unless you have a healthy dislike for that other team across town. >> i never had any use for them. never, never. >> reporter: why? >> why? because [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: yesterday was russo's 100 birthday. she said if the mets win tonight, today will be the day she will always remember. >> i love her. >> happy be letted birthday. >> i love that she has a grudge against the dodgers leaving. that was a while ago. >> still more news ahead. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. a tragedy in the bronx in the second time in less than a month, a baby is thrown from a window and dies.
4:58 pm
police are talking to the child's mother. good evening at 5:00, i'm bill ritter in for diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. three other children in the apartment at the time are in the hospital being checked out. >> six-month-old thrown from a building in the tremont section of the bronx. stacey sager is there with the latest. >> reporter: bill, an awful, awful story. what we know is that neighbors saw this coming but they couldn't do anything about it. they heard the 27-year-old mother of this baby screaming, screaming about the devil, screaming about how the world would end and then the unthinkable threatening to toss her baby out of a window. it was a window of a sixth floor apartment in the building here behind me. it is sadly not the first time in recent weeks that police raced here to the bronx after a young woman tossed her baby out of a window.
4:59 pm
at 2200 teibot avenue, the


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