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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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just saw the mother with her infant baby days ago. >> she was normal looking like you and me. normal looking. >> i am -- right now -- >> reporter: the mother is still mumbling about satin and the end of days was taken for a psychiatric evaluation. she has three other children. some witnesses say she intended to throw the other three out the window as well but couldn't get the window open far enough. father. no charges against anyone yet. reporting live from the tremont section of the bronx, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness >> heart-breaking to hear. jim, thank you. new at 6:00 a brothel bust in new york city. police. investigators say they were fronts for prostitution. the raids at the new farrington hotel in flushing queens and the sunny 39 hotel in sunset
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park, brooklyn. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson posted the video of the raid. she is at the scene in brooklyn. >> reporter: this raid is in the third hour. it appears it will continue into the night. federal agents have so far arrested three people on 39th street and at the second hotel in queens several others. authorities say with the take down they shut down one outlet for human trafficking. >> everyone knows why these people are here today. >> reporter: in a matter of seconds, sunny hotel went from buzzing with business to busted. we watched several dozen federal agents storm the building at 3:00 in the afternoon. authorities say the low level low rate operation, these are pictures from the web site, was really a brothel. a place where employees regularly connected customers with prostitutes. one woman that worked at the hotel was lead away in cuffs. all of this no secret to those who live and work in the
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neighborhood where day and night they see illegal activity. >> it has got to the point where it's disgusting. they are openly soliciting people on the street. >> were you in the hotel? >> reporter: about an hour before the raid i man and his partner check in. they left about five minutes later. when they returned fbi agents,nd and officers from homeland security had already swarmeded building. >> we had nothing to do with that. we are leaving to go to ohio and wrong timing, i guess. wrong place, wrong time. >> reporter: a copy cat take down went down in flushing queens at the new farrington hotel. authorities arrested at least three employees. officials say both spots facilitate the ugly and dangerous world of human trafficking. >> i am so happy to see it cleaned up. it's a big problem. it makes the quality of life better here.
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federal agents, nypd inside this hotel on 39th street. it's a very active operation. prosecutors from the brooklyn d.a.'s office will head the case. live in sunset park, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kimberly, thank you. no improvement in the condition of lamar odom found in a brothel in nevada. he reportedly used cocaine and herbal viagra. an employee at the love ranch said odom seemed down after he received a phone call. he then asked to spend the night alone. a publicist for khloe kardashian asked the owner to stop talking to the media. he is trying to protect his business telling the truth about what happened. more u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan. >> modest but meaningful extension tf our presence while
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sticking to our current narrow missions can make a real difference. >> the president on the recommendations of his top commanders will leave as many as 5500 troops on the ground. he says there is still a big need for counterterrorism operations and assisting afghan forces. factors leading to the move include the pentagon deciding afghan forces are not able to operate on their own and a surge in violence by the taliban and isis. time to talk baseball. nine years since the mets made it to the second round of the national league play-offs. >> they are one win away from doing it again. they are also one loss away from going home until spring. >> standing in their way the los angeles dodgers. the team if they didn't leave brooklyn, the mets wouldn't exist. >> the mets road to the world series lead them back to dodgers stadium. kids pretend they are in the
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situation like the ones the mets are in, like the ones the mets fans can't wait to see. >> i have been a fan since i was 9 years old. everybody gets happy. it will be a big win. >> you can't be 100% confident but i think they will do it. ready at home. how about the team in los angeles? our team is there, too. laura behnke is live at dodger stadium for more with the mets. >> reporter: hey, rob. over half the players on the mets roster made the postseason debut last week on this field. that was the game one win over the dodgers. tonight another first with much higher stakes. a decisive winner takes all game 5. if the players haven't been in a situation like this they say they are ready to play the biggest game of their lives. mets are trying to end their
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nine year drought. no one knows what will happen once it starts. everyone is confident it will experience. >> you can't teach this kind of atmosphere, this kind noise, this kind of pressure. you can't do it. you have to live it and experience it to be able to deal with it. >> today is a day you won't know what will happen. hopefully execute, big hits and the ball bounces our way a bit. >> reporter: the key players in this game will be the starting pitchers. jacob degrom has a win in the series. in sports, we will have much more on the pitchers' duel. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we will head back to dodgers stadium and talk one more time in sports. game time approaches. mets, dodgers, one team advances. exciting. >> tension. >> all right, rob, laura, thank you very much.
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we want to know how you are showing mets pride. using is #abc7ny. something of a poll scandal on long island. how the past caught up today with a local commissioner. why he has been arrested and accused of perjury. >> a 7-year-old boy on a mission to thank every officer
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funeral for a pro baseball prospect killed in a drive-by shooting. the funeral for michael nolan in yonkers. he died on friday three weeks after he was shot in the parking lot of a burger king. cops are still looking for his killer. he was drafted by the oakland he was 23 years old. another funeral to tell you about on staten island. friends and classmates of 16- year-old marcus castillo gathering at a church in port richmond. he feel six stories down an elevator shaft in tompkinsville. the building is now scheduled for demolition. a high-ranking emergency management official in nassau
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county arrested for lying about his past. >> edward corona is charged with perjury for not disclosing on his job applications with the county that he was convicted of a felony and in prison. >> long island reporter kristin thorne. >> reporter: as an established high ranking official in nassau county, he had card corona probably never thought he would go before a judge charged with perjury. >> he filled out applications not once but four times and each occasion he directly stated he was never convicted of a crime when, in fact he had been convicted of a crime. >> reporter: he was convicted of felony burglary in 1982. time. he served 16 months in prison facility upstate. >> it concerns me when people in high ranking positions were not properly vetted. >> reporter: corona has been employed with the office of
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he was promoted to deputy commissioner last winter. prosecutors say he lied on applications to the agency between 2007 and 2013. >> very help meantly denies -- very help meantly denies the charges. >> reporter: as for corona's job, the county discuss specifics only implying that the legitimacy of his employment is being looked at. the county attorneys released this statement to eyewitness news. he was hired as a civil servant in 1986, has retained his permanent civil service title and this matter is under review. why these charges now? prosecutors say they are doing an investigation into the county's contract approval process. someone told them about corona's background. he is phrasing up to four years in prison if convicted. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 6:00 a new york cop
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convicted of lying about an arrest of a journalist. 32-year-old michael ackerman arrested a "new york times" photographer in 2012. the vet claimed the flash hindered him as he made an arrest. in a bench trial the judge found the photographer was not using a flash. ackerman faces up to four years in prison. charles summer is pushing legislation to establish a discounted transit fare program for college students. the discount of 25% would ease the burden for college students. schumer says some new york students pay more than a thousand dollars a year on trains, subways and buses. taking a quick look at wall street, stocks gaining ground after the release of several positive earnings reports. the dow royce 217 points. the nasdaq added 87 points and
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s&p 500 climbed nearly 30. coming up on "eyewitness news at 6:00," a dream come brooklyn. the big reward for this young man on a mission. now. chillier temperatures are
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ly a little boy from brooklyn whose dream it was to meet the nypd police commissioner had his dream come true today. officers dropped him off and his mom in a vintage police car at police headquarters to meet commissioner bratton t. he hopes to have commissioner bratton's job one day and he is already practicing. >> i want to thank for the hard work. >> thank you. any questions for anybody, zachary. >> any questions. >> i love it. so great.
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that is not a vintage car. that is a hot rod. >> he sent hero cards to officers in 52 precincts throughout the city. >> awesome. >> that is awesome. >> we do good news stories. >> exactly. breaking out the winter coats this weekend. >> not tomorrow, though. later saturday, saturday night you feel it. >> two big walks on sunday. >> making strides alzheimer's walk, bundle up. it's dry. you got a gusty wind. you need the fleece under the heavy coat. outside we go, we have a nice night and there is your mets- dodgers forecast. about 10, 15 degrees warmer in l.a. there is a 20% shot of a shower at dodger stadium. should be fine. there is a gorgeous new york city sunset. fantastic. the only thing bad, the sun is blowing the horizon. 61 degrees.
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probably a degree or two above that. there are the records. 32 the record low in 1876. a spot sunrise shower tomorrow. then sunshine and 60s returning. maybe even an evening shower as well. more on that in a moment. brisk saturday then bur at night. fight to 50 on sunday. some places may get stuck in the 40s. freeze for the suburbs sunday night but temperatures bounce back into early next week. 58 in stan hope and same thing in clinton. east rutherford 63. brentwood. breeze. 5 to 12 miles per hour, it feels chilly out there. clouds gather after midnight, especially north and west of new york city. we can see a shower through 7:00, 8:00 in the morning then the sunshine comes back out from northwest to southeast and we will have a great afternoon in the mid-60s. clear right now. there are several fronts to the west. they are easy to find.
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showers are closing in on elmira, new york and back to williamsport, pennsylvania. a couple of fronts. we are on the melted side of the front. there is the brisk and chilly area saturday. when the second and third reinforcing shot of cold air comes in, that is chilly. late november chill coming in sunday. 60s here for tomorrow. that's the first time i saw teens on the weather map and a piece of that air coming down the pipe. 66 degrees. a mild mix of sun and clouds. may need the umbrella north of city early in the morning then during the evening hours as another front comes through and cools us off. 50s saturday. a mix of sun and clouds. a breeze of 10 to 25 miles per hour. wind gust sunday could be in this area. could be a couple sprinkles around as well. clear in the evening. late shower north and west, 54. tomorrow a pair of 6s.
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tomorrow night an early evening shower, spotty. chilly breeze to 48. 58 saturday. 50 sunday barely, both nights saturday and sunday in the 30s. hard freeze sunday because the winds get lighter. cool monday. lighter wind then the big bounce back. 64 tuesday d. upper 60s and low 70s by wednesday and thursday of next week. no extended cool spell. weather service came out with the winter forecast, same as accuweather, forecasting above normal temperatures but that doesn't mean less than normal snow. dvr the mets game and watch abc prime time. >> i don't like 30 degrees for potential game this weekend. the playoff roll on.
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i love the idea of dcring the game. >> i like that idea as well. mets fans, out and about. >> they would love me to do that. >> get the game going. elimination games are played in every sport, every season. something special when two teams can stretch it as far as they can go hoping to save the best for last. mets, dodgers tonight. jacob degrom and zack greinke for the dodgers. we expect big performances and big games. laura behnke continues with our
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>> reporter: everybody likes to talk about clayton kershaw being one of the best pitchers but his teammate was better. dodgers have to deal with degrom. it's only fitting game 5 comes down to a pitching battle. >> another tough match-up. not too much going across. >> that guy would be jacob year. >> the good ones rise to the occasion. they know they are on the stage. they know they have to carry keep them in games. he has the ability to do that. >> confident. degrom is electric. incredible picture. >> degrom like his teammates is loose. >> guys are having fun, joking, had music going. i think we have a good attitude
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going into the game. >> reporter: but the dodgers have the ability to dominate. >> he has great stuff. those two guys have unbelievable stuff. try to get a pitch that you can handle. >> reporter: these the biggest far. it seems somebody forgot to tell los angeles. as of a couple of hours ago, you could get a ticket to the game for as low as $60. perhaps that home field advantage won't mean so much for the dodgers. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we are on our way. the four of us are coming. thank you, laura. a big game for both teams. joe tore rebest known as a yankee manager but he started with the mets and ended it with the dodgers. here is his take. >> both clubs, one game, anything can lap. i'm not saying it's a coin flip but you will go out there and leave your hearts on the field.
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eye on the game. injury news for the giants. princeton out for the next two to four weeks with a chest injury. partially torn pec muscle. hurt it sunday night in the game against the niners. now prince is out. >> it's very tough. the wham -- i have been a team first guy and you never know. a physical game. it could can be a fluke. >> mets fans hope they are on the doorstep of something night. wild inning of a wild game. jose batista. royals advance. cubs tuesday. now we wait for the dodgers or the mets to join in that.
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>> show us your mets pride tonight. >> you want us to fly to los angeles tonight then watch the mets game and sit in the outfield. you can't get better seats than that. >> we will will be fine and dandy. >> i will meet you at the airport. >> there you go. on "eyewitness news at 11:00", how do you take your coffee? how you take your coffee could say a lot about your mental state. me i like my coffee black. president guy loves to dance. that landed him in hot water with the law. we will tell you why. those stories and more on "eyewitness news at 11:00". dvr the mets game. scandal. >> the city is listening to that. promise. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news with david muir is up next. we leave you with pictures of dodger stadium. beautiful night out there. beautiful night forgave 5.
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