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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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say they had to open f breaking news. a murder suspect wanted for killing a mother and child shot when he down. i'm shirleen allicot in for sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. the man's run from cops coming to a bloody ending tonight. police
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also there for us, eyewitness news reporter josh einiger. >> detectives arrived here with an arrest warrant and tons of backup but in the left hand apartment of that unassuming duplex behind me their suspect was not about to go quietly. prosecutors say he lunged at officers with a knife and wound up with a bullet in the gut. >> reporter: tonight police swarmed over the modest duplex home in hackensack after the violent and deadly confrontation with the accused killer of a 4-year-old boy and his mother. this woman's mother lives right across the street. >> she just heard a gunshot then she saw somebody getting rushed out. >> reporter: authorities say it was hose santos-alvarez. 4-year-old christopher potoczniak and his mother monika were found strangled. hudson county prosecutors identified santos-alvarez, an estranged boyfriend, as the suspect. the manhunt led more than 20 officers to this house where they cornered santos-alvarez in
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a back room. prosecutors say he lunged at the officers with a knife. >> there were a lot of police officers in a very small kitchen area. one shot was fired to the abdomen area. i'm told at this time it's a nonlife-threatening injury. there are approximately eight or nine officers within close proximity to the shooting. a weapon has been recovered. approximately 8 or 9-inch long knife. we believe it was in the possession and was used by the suspect at or about the time of the shooting. >> bergen county prosecutor john malinelli said only one officer used his weapon and fired only one shot. that officer taken to the hospital for observation. no officers said to be injured. the suspect at last report was undergoing surgery at hackensack university medical center but he is expected to survive to face a double murder charge in the case
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we're live in hackensack, new jersey tonight eyewitness news. we have new information tonight about a horrible senseless murder in the bronx. for the second time in three weeks a baby has been thrown out this time a 6-month-old girl, dangling from the window by her mother who witnesses tell us was screaming, screaming things like the end of the world is here. jim dolan at the scene in the story. >> that screaming went on for hours, neighbors say, but it was just screaming. nothing ominous according to the neighbors, just crazy, but then it changed. neighbors say that she started screaming about satan and damnation and the end people started to look up from the ground and out their apartment windows and what they saw left scars that will never go away.
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escape the memory of the horror he saw today. he may never be able to. so many people saw it and it seemed to unfold painfully, excruciatingly slow motion. a woman screaming about god and satan and the end of days, throwing things out her sixth floor window until finally she held her own 6-month-old daughter in her hands. >> i was just looking up and when i was looking up, then she grabbed the baby and had the baby hanging out the window. i started screaming please, please, please, no, no, no, and she just dropped the baby. and after that she started screaming freedom, freedom, freedom. neighbors had seen the mother and her days ago. >> she never behaved nowhere different from the ordinary. >> she was normal, looking like you and me. normal looking. right now, jesus . >> reporter: in recent days
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been signs that something was terribly wrong. >> a lot of those people who spoke to her yesterday feel guilty today because they feel like they could have done something. >> when you see it on the news and it's in another area and everything, but when you see it for yourself you feel so helpless because there was nothing i could do. by the time i would was just too late. it was just too late and it's just horrifying. >> no charges yet against the mother in this case. she was taken away for psychiatric evaluation. she has three other children who saw all of this happen. they were also taken away to hospitals. reporting live from the tremont section of the bronx, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. no school for kids tomorrow at an elementary school in paterson, new jersey. cleanup crews still working tonight and mopping up and repairing the damage from a fire today in a classroom. the napier academy
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also known as school number 4 evacuated just after 12:00 noon today. flames breaking out about that time. fortunately no one was in the classroom. that's the good news. the smell of smoke permeating surrounding areas. no word yet on the cause of the fire. five people are under arrest tonight after raids on two hotels in new york city allegedly being used as fronts for brothels. officers carrying out raids in flushing, queens and at the sunny 39 hotel in sunset park, brooklyn. neighbors say the sex trafficking had gotten so bold, prostitutes were openly soliciting potential jobs on the street. >> i'm so happy to see it cleaned up. it's a real big problem. it makes the quality of life better here. >> the raids were part of a probe by the brooklyn da with help from the fbi and homeland security. tonight with former basketball star lamar odom in a coma fighting for his life, another pro player who grew up here in new york saying he's praying for odom's recovery.
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odom on life support in the hospital in las vegas after he was found unconscious after reportedly doing cocaine during a several-day stint at a brothel. today l.a. laker who calls himself metta world peace says he's sending prayers to his childhood friend. they knew each other from youth basketball in queens. >> we grew up together. he was 13 years old. got drafted together the same year. all these guys, we just want him to do well. we just want him to get better. >> odom's daughter tweeting this picture with the caption please don't leave us. happening now, mayor de blasio on his way to israel. he'll deliver an address on anti-semitism at a conference of mayors. the mayor also wants to make sure palestinians are included in his message of peace and unity. he'll visit a bilingual school in jerusalem
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where arab and israeli children attend classes together. >> the way for it has to be through [ inaudible ] this is true in all societies. i'll be in solidarity with israel but i also think it's important to injury all sides to work together. >> the visit comes at a time of high tension in the region. shootings and stabbings have killed eight people in the last month but the mayor says he's not worried for his safety. mets and dodgers going right down to the wire. game 5 in their playoffs, each fighting to advance to the national league playoffs. each fighting to avoid going home for the winter. east coast versus west coast. sports anchor rob powers is here with the latest. >> it's the game both teams need to win but nobody's won it yet. mets and dodgers, series tied. this game still going on. it's 3-2 mets. 9th inning. daniel murphy has a home run, rbi double and run scored. jacob degrom pitched in and out of trouble for six innings. it's been a tight series. been a tight game.
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our eye on it for you. we'll get you out to los angeles in a few minutes, join laura behnke at dodger stadium. see if they advance to play the cubs in the national league championship series. a chill in the air tonight and it's about to get colder. meteorologist lee goldberg in the weather center. >> that chill spurring on the fall colors in st. james, long island and south brunswick and new jersey, really pretty there. 60s today. a trio of cold fronts puts an end to that this weekend. >> plus, new video. dozens of cars stuck in the mud. what made these floods so much worse.
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ciones tomorrow the final u.s. airways flight will depart from philadelphia and return to the city on saturday under the american airlines banner. flight 1939 was named for the founding year of u.s. airways after its departure u.s. airways planes will officially become part of the american airlines fleet. new at 11:00, the man hailed as a hero for stopping a terror attack on a paris-bound train has been released from the hospital after an unrelated stabbing. 23-year-old spencer stone releasing a statement tonight thanking emergency responders and doctors for their care. he was stabbed three times in the torso last week in a fight in sacramento, california. no arrests have been made. he was once a while ago two heart beats away from the presidency. now he's a day away from former speaker of the house dennis
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tomorrow in a federal hush money case, accused of paying a man millions of dollars to cover up decades-old sexual abuse allegations. the plea deal could keep details of the case secret. the state of nevada tonight ordering the sites to shut down immediately, saying they can't operate in the state without a gambling license. the order comes after last week's revelation that a draft kings employee won $350,000 on fan duel. draft kings and fan duel both deny any wrongdoing. the fbi is investigating whether some sites defrauded players. legally troubled actor randy quaid is out of jail tonight. the couple was arrested last week while trying to re-enter the u.s. from canada. they're wanted on 5-year-old felony charges in california for allegedly damaging a house they were found squatting in.
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there was no probable cause to hold them. >> the judge was fair and she took the time to get her decision correct. >> the quaids say they'll stay in vermont to care for her ailing father while working to resolve the charges in california. a warning tonight from a volunteer fire company in new jersey. if you get a call asking for a donation to them, it's a scam. the fire company relies on donations for more than half its annual budget, so many volunteer departments do. someone who has been calling people asking for money say is trying to pull a scam. fire company never asks for donations over the phone and is worry the scam will compromise genuine efforts to raise money for life saving equipment. >> what you're doing is wrong. do you not understand what the impact that you're having on people that could end up protecting him? >> there's no evidence that
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anyone has given them money. the fire company solicits online. from a damaging drought to a devastating downpour, we have new video tonight of flash flooding in southern california. watch the water and mud flow in to canyons and across roads in northern los angeles county tonight leaving countless vehicles stranded. a summer of drought and fires destroyed vegetation that would have otherwise slowed the flow of water. so far no reports of any injuries. so hard to see that. >> this is the concern going in to an el nino winter. >> exactly. we forecast 30% of a shower at dodger stadium tonight. it's dry there. but check out these pictures. on the west coast there are thunderstorms that are just north and east of l.a. this is lake hughes. funnel cloud nearby. intense thunderstorms. big hail and flooding there. roads are being washed away. pretty serious stuff .
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>> you could see some of the thunder clouds over the screen. >> it's right there just north of town. back home now, the empire state building in purple for go purple day, combat domestic violence. bill has his purple tie on. shirleen gets a pass because she's got for mets, and of course i forgot. the barometer on the fall. degrees. that's the average. there are your sunrise and sunset times on your friday, not as much sun early. fair amount during the midday and afternoon. a spot sunrise shower especially north and west. sun and 60s during the afternoon. brisk on saturday. burr at night. we fight to 50 degrees. temperatures bounce back nicely midweek. we've got 40s north and west already. clouds will shortly. 52 in belmar. so clouds and a shower around north and west early. sun comes out nicely, late
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early afternoon feels great. then an isolated shower evening hours. most of us will stay dry. already you see the clear skies starting to give way to clouds in the catskills. there's front number 1. going more east and northeast than coming right at us. the tail end could brush the morning especially from the city on north. that's just the first of several cold fronts coming in. more northwest here . that comes that unlocks true arctic air sitting west of hudson bay. that air mass is coming in to the northeast. not just yet though. tomorrow morning we have clouds and a stray shower. sunshine breaks out during the middle of the day. mid 60s in the afternoon. another cold front with a stray shower during the evening hours. mild mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. 66. saturday after the first front we're down in the mid 50s. i actually dropped that by a couple. sun giving way to more clouds during the afternoon and a wind about 12 to 30 miles per hour.
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foliage peaking in the poconos and catskills. nice patchy color near the coast. weather winter outlook came out from noaa. above normal but a little wetter than normal. cold enough for frequent storms around the east coast. will it be snow or rain though? could still have big snowy winters even though the cold isn't sustained. 54 degrees at 7 a.m. we're up to 66. sun gives way to clouds. breezy at times. tomorrow night a brief spot shower early. 7-day shows a november weekend. 56 on saturday. feeling like 30s. cool blue skies on monday, warm it right back up. 70 by midweek next week. bill evans will have an update in the morning. coming up next, surprising why you might want to be weary of your friend who takes their coffee black.
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and winter become christmas. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. visit today. in tonight's health alert, a curious study about folks who drink their coffee black and their malevolent tendencies. researchers in austria said people with a taste for bitter taste often have darker personality traits including psychopathy, narcissism and sadism. prior studies have shown bitter tastings drinks can prompt harsher moral judgments and hostility.
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he loves to dance in the streets but one man's case of happy feet has landed him in trouble with the law. 68-year-old steve unger of utah was charged with disorderly conduct after a driver complained he was blocking traffic with his dance routine. unger has become a well known character around town for his smooth moves. a judge yesterday refused to dismiss the charges so now unger is asking for a trial by jury. >> i want a jury of my peers to say what i'm doing is wrong and obviously a jury of my peers, i'm going to feel that way. >> police say unger was uncooperative when officers approached him, which unger denies. >> he's due back in court next month. rob powers with the breaking news. somebody won the playoffs. >> you ready? you can tell it's breaking news. this just in. [ laughter ] when we come back, we'll talk about what we talked about at the top of the broadcast. it's the mets. it's the dodgers. but it's the mets moving on. we've got your
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as the sports anchor of eyewitness news would say, it was a heck of a game. >> that was fun to watch the whole series. bring on those cubs. big league baseball is down to its final four. the mets are in. they dodged a threat in los angeles and advanced to the national league championship series. the mets pull it out in five games. amazing. not a bad night for baseball in california. huh? daniel murphy agreed . 1st inning with curtis granderson at 1st base, murph knocks one off the wall. dodgers come back. andre ethier with an rbi. dodgers end up arguing with each
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other in the dugout. murphy ends up going from 1st to 3rd with a walk from duda. nobody covers the bag with the shift in place. murphy would come in to score on a sacrifice fly to tie the game. murphy would also untie the game. his big night continued in the 6th. mets have the lead and never gave it up. here's the final out. mets win the game 3-2. they win the game three games to two. the crowd doesn't go wild there because it's going wild here. and so are the mets. the mets are moving on. let's get you out to dodger stadium right now. laura behnke has been following the series coast to coast. she's live for us out west. >> hey rob, in game 1 jacob degrom pitched seven shutout innings. he tied a mets single game postseason record with 13 strikeouts. that's pretty solid for his postseason debut but you could say what we saw tonight was even more impressive. that is because degrom didn't have nearly his best stuff.
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out there, struggled through the 1st inning, allowed four straight hits, two runs, but he limited the damage. this was not easy for degrom. but he was able to dig deep and work his way through six innings. he only allowed those two runs and that's a huge reason why this team is still alive because degrom kept them within striking distance. that allowed daniel murphy to have his chance when he put new york on top with that clutch solo home run and the bullpen held things down from there. the mets now have exactly one night to celebrate this win because they are moving on. chicago awaits. all the action will begin back in citifield this weekend. games 1 and 2 are saturday and sunday and the postseason is a whole new season, which is very good because the cubs swept the mets in the regular season 7-0. but it's the postseason. anything can happen. for now we're live at los angeles at dodger stadium, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> good stuff.
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get those postgame interviews and we'll see you tomorrow morning on eyewitness news with everybody wrapped up. for now we stay right here in flushing, queens. tim fleischer with about 10,000 of his closest friends celebrating the big victory tonight. >> i can just barely hear you. you'd swear the mets won the world series. [ cheering ] absolutely pandemonium. they've got two more series to get through but you would never know it. it's been this way all night long. even when the score was down, they were a little worried, but they kept their faith. they kept it going all night long. and now they're partying and they're not going to stop until the next one. >> i've been a mets fan since i was four years old. the mets
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always figure out a way to pull it out. it's been a long road but i know we can do it. >> you've got to believe. got to believe. i'll never give up on this team. i've been here before. i'll be here again. >> we've been here from day 1. they didn't expect us to make the playoffs. we said we were going to be above .500. we proved them wrong. >> back here we're at mcfadden's at citifield. they've been partying here. they're rocking out. they can't get enough of this celebration. we've got a lot more games. we're live, citifield, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> home opener, game 1, national league championship series saturday at citifield. game 2 is sunday night. mets against the cubs.
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series to find out which team moves on to the world series. let's get to hockey. home opener for the montreal canadiens. 4-0. rangers, 3-1. lundquist let three get in tonight. rangers get the shutout. now we get to the barclays center. the islanders took on nashville, fell behind 2-0. rallied to tie. culeman put them on top. isles win in brooklyn 4-3 the final score there. but the big story tonight is out in los angeles. the mets are moving on to the national league saturday at home against the cubs.
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a busy night. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm shirleen allicot. jimmy kimmel is next. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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