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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 16, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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around, they're getting prepared for tomorrow night's big game 1. you're exactly right. this is the first time in ten years that the mets have made it this far, and the fans won a trip to the world series just as bad as the >> the mets arrived at citi field this morning after a late and long flight from l. a. there was very little fanfare but they do know the fans are behind them and excited about their trip. >> the blue and orange has been coming out in groves here in citi field and on the road. >> the mets beat the dodgers thursday night 3-2 to advance to the nlcs sparking mets mania across the city. david murphy's home run in the 6th inning pushed the mets ahead, and the dodgers never recovered. >> murphy just stole the game. he generated so much excitement with just everything he did. >> the baseball gods are with us. >> frankie and thomas and thomas junior were hoping to
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catch a glimpse of the players, but they were too late. the one guy little thomas wanted to see, 3rd baseman david wright left right away in his mercedes benz, but center fielder curtis granderson gave us a sense of what it felt like to be on the field and inside the locker room celebrating and surviving elimination in a do or die game 5. >> it's exciting to get a chance to see all the hard work. >> the mets are facing a ball club they lost to seven times in the regular season. >> they pitching well, play good defense. >> it should be a fun series. >> faith hairson was hoping she would score tickets for game 1 but she was told they're all sold out. she's watch from home like she did last night on the edge of her seat. >> they've got to stay calm, cool, get it together, and go out there and do their best. >> and game time for game 1 tomorrow night here at citi
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mound first. we're live from citi field, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and after keeping an illegal slide from being the defining moment of the series, the mets are sliding in to the nlcs. the celebration in the visitor's clubhouse at dodgers slide. pitcher john niece took a celebratory dive as he was doused by his teammates. >> i can't say that enough. a lot of the celebrating occurring on social media. we asked our twitter followers to describe the mets in five words. we started it off with love you orange and blue. carla k. said amazein amazein amazein. >> and michelle gladstone said please pinch me i'm dreaming. mets fans also showing their support posting lots o'fun photos on social media.
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us using the hashtag abc7ny, and you might see them right here on channel 7. be sure to stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of the met's road to the world series. other news now, new details we've just learned, a mother charged with throwing her 6- month-old daughter out of a window in the bronx was once licensed to run a family day care in her apartment. our cameras were there as tenisha fearon was escorted out of the 46th precinct in the tremont section late this morning. kala rama shared this video on twitter. she's live on the scene. kala. >> reporter: lori, we've learned some startling new details. police say the same woman who killed her baby by dangling it, then dropping it out of a 6th story window was also licensed for two years to run a day care. parents knew about the day care. she ran it for two years. her license expired six months ago, and that's when she gave birth to that baby girl.
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tenisha fearon levers the 46th precinct in cuffs shaking her head with detectives on either side. she's heard saying to her god mother standing by the door, i spoke to you but you didn't listen. >> when i went to her house on wednesday, she was cleaning, and she was by the door, and she was saying something but what i did, i was on my way to the school. i just backed up and walked away, but i'm tearing up. >> louella says she watched the 27-year-old mom of 4 grow upping living in the same building most of her life. now she lives on the same floor and sees them on a daily basis. >> i never saw nothing. i was just talking to her, and i told my daughter i saw nothing different. >> tenisha fearon is facing a second degree murder charge for dangling and dropping her 6- month-old baby from a 6th story window.
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her three other children ages 4, 8 and, 10 were found by officers naked laying in a circle. police say the children were physically unharmed but heard their mother yelling about the devil and the world coming to an end. they're now in protective custody. hatch says this mom needs more than jail time. >> you can charge her with whatever you want, if you all don't get her the medication and the treatment she need, it's not going to work. >> reporter: people who live in this area are so disturbed by this death, a small memorial is growing outside the door of this apartment building. now we did some digging and learned that the baby's father is in the picture. he is actually currently the boyfriend of fearon. he was not at home at the time. no word if any additional charges are pending. we're live in the tremont section of the bronx, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we're following breaking news, a jogger was sexually assaulted in a connecticut park and the attacker still on the loose. investigators say the woman was running at cove island park in stanford.
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a man apparently grabbed her from behind, pulled her off the track and said he had a knife. then police say he dragged the assaulted her again. if you have any information to call stanford police. new at noon, the woman accused of killing her fiancee during a kayaking trip on the hudson river was back in court this morning. angelica grass walled attended a hearing about a wrongful death suit that may be filed. grass within wald is accused of deliberately removing the plug causing the death. police shot and wounded a man suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend and son by strangling them. police cornered jose santos alvarez last night in a hackensack duplex. two women who answered the door tried to mislead officers but police went in breaking down a bedroom door.
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shot him. we're also told his injuries were not life-threatening. a small fire set off sprinklers at newark liberty airport. that fire broke out in a restaurant in terminal c near gate 91. firefighters quickly put the flames out. no one was hurt. flight operations were not affected. we're following a developing story, escalating violence in israel with attacks on people and a holy site. israeli forces firing tear gas and live rounds in gaza at protestors who were throwing rocks. the palestinians say at least one person is dead. earlier in the day, a palestinian who disguised himself as a member of the press stabbed an israeli soldier in the west bank according to israeli officials. nearby an attack on a holy site. the tomb of joseph fire bombed by palestinians, and here is a live look at the united nations where an emergency security council meeting underway to discuss the escalating violence.
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mayor bill de blasio from traveling to israel. his plane just touched down this morning. he tweeted out this photo from the airport after running into former british prime minister tony blair. he will deliver an address on anti-semitism at a conference of mayors. new at noon, a long-time hillary clinton staffer giving a closed door interview about hour. uma ebedin is speaking before a house select committee. her meeting takes place less than a week before clinton is scheduled to testify in a public hearing. the 2012 benghazi attack killed ambassador. lamar odom's children have released a statement asking everyone to continue to pray for their father. odom's 17-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son were at the former nba star's bedside at a las vegas hospital yesterday. radar online has obtained surveillance video that it says
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the love ranch hours before he was found unconscious. >> we're covering a lot of other stories right now, some popular children's apple sauce being pulled from stores. we'll tell you about this new concern. >> plus actor randy quaid breaks his silence speaking exclusively with abc news. hear what he has to say about account accusations against him. >> and massive mud slides and flash floods sweep california in some cases stranding people in cars. we're going to show you the dramatic rescues. >> the fall classic comes here on saturday evening. we've got classic fall weather to match that. we're going to talk about that weather for the weekend coming up. we've got temperatures right now in the low 60s. feels great outside. we're going to see mid-60s with a northwest wind here, possibly the low humidities make it feel
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. police in arson units are investigating a body that was found burning in a wooded area. detectives say a driver noticed the fire from the road yesterday afternoon. responding officers and fire crews discovered it was a body. authorities are now working to identify the victim and determine the exact cause of death. we have new information about a teen beaten to death inside an upstate new york church. today a court appearance for the teen's parents, bruce and debra leonard. attorneys say debra leonard felt helpless to stop a church intervention that targeted her son. four additional people are also facing charges. published reports say the world of live christian church in new hartford was known for humiliating people for their sins and handing down severe punishments. the mother of tamir rice is expected to ask for the
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right now samaria rice is holding a news conference to demand the current prosecutors step down. she's upset about the release of two reports that claim the officers who shot her son acted reasonably. at the time tamir had an airsoft pellet gun in his waistband. the man hailed as a hero for stopping a terror attack in paris is home from the hospital after an unrelated stabbing in the states. spencer stone releasing a statement thanking doctors for his care. no arrests have been made. actor randy quaid and his wife speaking out exclusively with abc news after they were cleared of felony charges. quaid said he feels like he's been "snapped from the jaws of defeat." a judge in vermont dismissing charges against the couple that claim that they fled the country to avoid prosecution. they spent the last five years in canada as they've been
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sought by authorities in california on vandalism charges. >> what were those words like for you? >> profound and real and finally, finally here. >> it was like finally somebody understands our situation. >> authorities in california say they still have a warrant out on the quaids. the couple who calls the charges just a property dispute. new at noon, a mold scare has triggered the voluntary recall of an apple sauce product. the product is called go go squeeze on the go apple sauce pouches. the product have a best before date of june 20th and july 26th of 2016. go go squeeze says tests at an independent lab found common mold in a small number of pouches. the mold poses no health risk but it does not want its customers exposed to it. wild video, police used pepper spray on a student and
12:15 pm
how did things get so out of control. >> also a fighting flight, a passenger captures the moment an f honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get
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and joy becomes a tradition. a moment that can only happen... the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit and start your tradition today. tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. we made it to friday. >> oh, brother. it's awesome. >> isn't it great?
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>> oh, brother. >> oh, brother. >> i think we're a little punchy. >> that's to be expected. it's friday. it's sunny. it's nice. it's gorgeous. hope you get outside and enjoy some of this. you know, we are talking about some really sunny breezy chilly weather coming up for the weekend. you think about it, it's really nice fall weather that's coming our way. here's a look outside here at noontime. look at those fair weather cumulus clouds. >> it's pretty. >> yeah, it is. circle line just went up underneath the brooklyn bridge. it's a really pretty day. it's just absolutely gorgeous. see the ferries working back and forth there, and you've got nice pleasure boats and crafts. it's really a pretty nice day to be out on the water. there's a breeze out of the northwest. it's a dry breeze and it's not that heavy. really nice fall afternoon, temperature's 61 degrees. normal average afternoon high is 64. we'll probably get to that and a little extra credit. the winds are northwest at 7, the pressure's at 30. which that's our mark of fair weather. we've got a fair weather afternoon out there. the afternoon high normally is
12:19 pm
64. sunsets at 6:14. we'll have a beautiful sunset. we've got sunshine and 60s this afternoon, a perfect fall afternoon with some nice northwest breeze. tomorrow it's going to be brisk. it will be really chilly as a matter of fact there's going to be a freeze watch posted and the temperature's on sunday. but still some nice fall weather. now we'll have a freeze in the suburbs, the real first freeze of the fall season, but that's in the suburbs, not the city or long island or coastal connecticut, but the temperatures next week bounce 60s. right now it's 61 in murray hill, 59 towards whitestone queens. 61 here out across suffolk county and long island where there were some big old heavy rainstorms this morning. now you see the flow of the wind is out of the northwest, 10, 7, 14 miles per hour, just a good old fall breeze. now for friday, i should say saturday night into sunday morning, this is the first of a freeze watch posted here. up above 287 in westchester county just above 95 fairfield
12:20 pm
areas, the temperature should drop below freezing. so to bring the pets and plants indoors as i always like to say, the growing season is over myself. so you'll notice that the flow is out of the northwest, so that keeps this cool air just kind of pouring in behind yet another front here in the great for tomorrow. so on our futurecast it's showing a sprinkle popping up but it's really the cold air squeezing out the moisture this evening coming in out of the northwest, so you'll need all those jackets and sweaters. it's very mild for this afternoon. 67. here comes that next front for tomorrow, and that drops the high tomorrow to 56 and even colder for sunday. i would imagine there will be another freeze watch posted for sunday night into monday. that's when it could get quite cold. let's just throw that baseball forecast out there for saturday night. about 49 is going to be the temperature at first pitch saturday night citi field. nice sunshine, breezy, mild, 67. tonight it's brisk and cooler.
12:21 pm
38 in the suburbs, 48 in the city. sun and clouds, 56 tomorrow. now it's going to be chilly and windy and brisk this weekend. >> there's that word again, brisk. >> brisk. sunday night will be kind of chilly for baseball, about 47 at game time. but don't worry. >> okay. i saw most of the mets down at the whole foods store in the dairy case lying there. >> they're getting used to this. >> training. >> that's the best part of training. >> i took a look at some of the temperatures in chicago. they better get ready. they were cold. >> it's even colder there next week. and as you know the wind there. >> windy. >> thank you. prince william's emotional moment on stage, his touching words about his late mother for the cause that's so close to his heart. >> and an incredible play
12:22 pm
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and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . a high school student is pepper sprayed during a a terrifying takeoff, and jaw dropping catch, some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. first students protesting how police treated teens. they wound up clashing with officers themselves. officers used a harsh take down move.
12:25 pm
school officials in rhode island tried to keep the peace. the students had other plans. police fought back and even wound up pepper spraying the crowd. two adults and eighteen agers were arrested in all of this. frightening video of an engine part falling off a plane during takeoff in south america. a passenger air bus recorded the engine, it's the casing peeling off as the plane sped down the runway in santiago chile. what was that tv show. >> twilight. >> yeah, right. okay. fortunately the pilot was able to turn around and safely land. what happened. a jaw dropping catch in a college football game that's got everybody talking. stanford was up 35-17 over ucla when they run the reverse to the quarterback, he watches the ball down the field who pins defender. this is something a giant would do by the way. this is how the new york giants win their games. the two fall to the ground in
12:26 pm
you're going to see for a long time. again, except for the giants winning the super bowl. >> that's sweet. >> the defensive back is i even pass interfered and the guy caught that. >> thank you dave. >> and coming up on eyewitness news, we're following a developing story, an aspiring rapper in new jersey shot and killed right outside the store where he worked. >> also new information about a young boy found wandering the streets of newark alone. >> also trapped with no way out. an entire wedding party gets stuck in an elevator.
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
olo. you're watching new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen allicot, and meteorologist bill evans, now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, fresh off their amazing clutch win in a decisive game 5, the mets are back in queens. news copter 7 above citi field this morning as the buses with the team on board pulled in. after beating the dodgers, the mets will face the chicago cubs night. and. bronx woman after her 6-month- old daughter was tossed to her death from a 6th floor window.
12:29 pm
eyewitness news has also learned tenisha fearon was once licensed to run a family cake in her apartment. >> the woman accused of killing her fiancee during a kayaking trip on the hudson river was back in court, angelika graswald attended a hearing. she is accused of deliberately removing the plug from his kayak causing his death. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm lori stokes in for shirleen allicot. >> in newark we're going to begin this half hour with the story about a police finding a 4-year-old boy wandering the streets. officers found him walking alone at central avenue and south 12th street. the child was checked out at university hospital and seems to be good. the child's mother woke up and realized he had slipped out of the home while she and the rest of her children were asleep. however, this is not the first time the child has wandered away. no charges have been filed. new at noon, a new jersey college suspended its entire
12:30 pm
men's cross country team after saying the team's plan to run naked was hazing. last month, police at rider university in lawrence found members of the team preparing school's track. a university spokeswoman says an investigation found no intent to coerce anyone on the team to take part, but the behavior itself is still considered hazing. a suspect under arrest accused of tossing a flammable liquid and a burning rag at a a group of yeshiva university students. police say it was not a hate crime and miles was not targeting the students. instead authorities say he allegedly was throwing a fire bomb at a store owner who had insulted him and dumped a cup of coffee on him. hundreds of cars and trucks are still stuck in mud from flash flooding in the mojave desert.
12:31 pm
that mud flow just one of several that were unleashed by powerful thunderstorms in southern california yesterday afternoon. the mud is 5 feet deep in some places and more thunderstorms are possible there today. abc's marci gonzalez joining us now with the latest. >> incredibly no serious injuries in all of this as people there dig out and brace slides. >> today a muddy mess in southern california after this. severe thunderstorms yesterday setting off massive mud slides. >> everybody up here is completely landlocked. >> that flow miles long suddenly swallowing cars stranding more than 100 people. >> the car can't move. >> are we stuck yet? >> we're stuck. >> shutting down a 30-mile stretch of interstate 5. >> one of california's busiest freeways. >> next thing you know boulders are just coming down the mountain. it was just really crazy.
12:32 pm
>> it just happened quick. so it was scary. >> this woman forced to abandon her car and trudge through the waters. >> she's at least waist deep. >> emergency crews helping other drivers dig out of the thick mud. rescuers spending hours searching from the air. the los angeles fire department tweeting pictures of one of along with several others and their owners stuck on the roofs of their homes to safety. and there are reports that one of the mud slides hit a school trapping 11 teachers inside. we're being told it could take up to two days to get them out. david. thanks. there's no school for students today in an elementary school in paterson new jersey. napier academy also known as school number 4 had to be evacuated after flames broke out early yesterday afternoon in an unoccupied classroom. even though the fire was limited to that room, the smell of smoke spread throughout the
12:33 pm
sparked the fire. happening today, the final u.s. airways flight takes off. it will depart to philadelphia and return to the city tomorrow under a new american airlines banner. flight 1939 was named for the founding year of u.s. airways after its departure and u.s. airways planes will officially become part of the american airlines fleet. seaworld refusing to give up on one of its more popular exhibits t. is challenging california's new brand on breeding captive killer whales. seaworld is working on a $100 million expansion of the orca tanks at its san diego parks. animal rights called the ban a death blow to the use of killer whales at the park. seaworld says the state oversteps federal and california law. the great white shark mary lee is back swimming along the jersey shore. the 16-foot, 1 1/2 ton great white shark reached the tip of cape may on wednesday and was
12:34 pm
near ocean city yesterday. the shark is tagged with an electronic tracker and her movements are tracked online. a lot of us love to talk about it. mary lee became well-known to the public in the spring when she appeared off the coast. everybody was saying oh, there she is. >> mm-hmm. >> well, we want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans. >> as the after school accuweather forecast. >> i follow mary lee on twitter. >> yes. >> she has really good stuff. you should follow mary lee on twitter. you know what her favorite drink is? >> no. >> what? >> really? >> yeah. >> really? >> how long did you think of that? >> no, it's -- >> is it really? >> yes. >> not the alcoholic version but that's what she says. that's from mary lee from her shark teeth to my lips. >> okay. we have for after school some really nice weather, 67 and weather. after school absolutely great for sports and a lot of home coming activities around the area tonight and tomorrow.
12:35 pm
there's going to be chilly weather talking about next in your accuweather weekend forecast. back to you guys david, lori. thank you bill. a very private prince opens up in a moving speech. coming up on eyewitness news prince william's touching tribute to his mother, princess diana, what he's revealing about her influence on him. >> and we like to call this love on an elevator.
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
prince william makes very touching tribute to his late mother. the prince who is usually private opens up about princess diana while speaking at a charity dinner. it was a charity his mother helped open two decades ago called bereavement 2k. >> it was a time to help those in need and she would have been immensely proud as i am. my mother recognized back then and which i understand now is that grief is the most painful experience that any child or parent can endure. >> prince william said now that he is a father of two, it makes him appreciate his mother's compassion even more. now to the wedding that almost didn't happen thanks to a faulty elevator. an entire wedding party of 24 people getting trapped inside one just before the ceremony. here's abc's george stephanopoulos with their story.
12:38 pm
one in this wedding party was expecting. liz copeland and hairy stein were just one elevator ride away from their dream wedding. elevator. my girlfriend said maybe we should take the stairs. i was like no, everyone's taking the elevator. it goes about 3 feet down and then it just stops. >> with 24 people inside the bride, the groom, parents, grandparents, photographers, groomsmen, bridesmaids, the wedding planner and the rabbi trapped in an elevator with no way out. >> we couldn't miss it because every single person that was involved with the ceremony was in the elevators. >> i thought okay, god has other plans for this wedding. >> and instead of panicking,. >> everyone went selfie. >> the bride got big premarital props from her soon to be mother-in-law. she was smiling. she started laughing. >> trapped for just over 30 minutes, the copeland-stein wedding party finally freed by firefighters arriving on the scene just in time to say i do. >> everybody on the elevator
12:39 pm
cheered. >> the divine comes in many forms, and in this case it was in the form of a firefighter. >> wow. right? >> has to be. what a great story. that was george stephanopoulos coming up on eyewitness news why this could be the lucky day for anyone who loves those mar issue mellows in lucky charms. >> one scary stay, a once in a lifetime chance to sleep among the skulls and bones in the catacombs of paris. >> and are you ready for adventure, tom hanks and steven spielberg join forces again for the thriller bridge of spies.
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
abc7 and your tri-state ford protect our children. well, they brought us hits like saving private ryan and catch me if you can, and now oscar winners tom hanks and
12:42 pm
stephen spielberg are teaming up once again. >> what a dual, they take us on a thriller of a cold war mission in a new movie bridge of spies. is it worth your time. >> dave and lori, worth your time, worth your money, so many great moments from these two through the years. remember. judging by the comments of viewers online and on the street, a lot of you want to know about this one. >> the film is called bridge of spice because that's where a couple of prisoners were exchanged at the height of the cold war. one was an american pilot shot down by the soviet union. >> the soviet star they caught, we want you to defend him. >> insurance lawyer james donovan played by tom hanks is recruited for the tough task of fair trial. >> this will be a first for the both of us. >> smart words as it turns out.
12:43 pm
trying to free a trader. >> the guy labeled a trader could be just another stock bad guy, but mark makes him a fascinating if still mysterious human being. >> standing there like that you remind me of a man when i was young. >> this is the latest in a long line of decent men hanks has played, and it marks the fourth time he's been directed by stephen spielberg. when tom was going full donovan, yes i was intimidated. the master skill is obvious as the two strands of the story, the prisoner and the pilot get equal weight. the lawyer thought up the idea for the swap, and he's the natural choice to make it happen in east berlin. >> is there any outcome where i'm not either detained or shot. >> some of the tension dissipates because bridge of spice is about a quarter of an hour too long, but it seems a small complaint to make about a movie that is so exciting and entertaining.
12:44 pm
major in college, so i know how this story ends, and yet spielberg still managed to keep me in suspense. this is a good old fashioned good time at the movies and you should see it in a theater. bridge of spies is from disney's touch stone division owned by the same parent company as abc7. dave, lori and bill. >> you get the feeling that spielberg and hanks get the best out of each other. >> and each of them told me that at the premier of the movie at the new york film festival. they just have a way. they've been pals for years. they were friend for almost a decade before they made a movie. >> really? >> thank you sandy. >> can't wait to see it. >> that sounds good. >> very good. >> something to do this weekend. >> it's going to be blustery and chilly. so maybe the movie's something you want to take in. it will be feeling like the 40s tomorrow. it will feel like the 30s and 40s on sunday. so there's some freeze watches posted for saturday night into sunday.
12:45 pm
we've got sunshine and clouds and a really nice fall afternoon out there with temperature climbing on into the 60s. we're looking at, your honor, sun and clouds right now. it is just a very nice friday afternoon. 61 degrees, dry humidity, northwest wind at 7. pressure rising, all this points to a nice afternoon. here's the freeze watch we're talking about. fairfield, new haven county out to new london. you talk about westchester above i-287. rocklin county here, northern bergen county, and northern passaic county and toward putnam and sullivan county, orange county. we're looking at eastern long island, suffolk county. that means that the winds will calm down later tonight and allow the temperature to drop off, bring the pets and plants in. it will be the first frost of the season in the suburbs. 67 this afternoon, a mild mix of sun and clouds. here comes this cool air coming in tonight. another reinforcing blast tomorrow will make it chilly on sunday. cubs, mets saturday night, 8:00. first pitch temperature about 49 degrees.
12:46 pm
little less than this at 10 to 20. still it will be breezy with a wind blowing in from will have had over to 1st base. we want to look at some fall colors. this is a great weekend to do this, peeking out here in the catskills this weekend. weather service put out its winter outlook yesterday. lee goldberg had this yesterday evening. temperatures expected to be above normal here throw the great lakes and in the northeast. so with temperatures warmer than normal and the precipitation likely to be higher than normal in the northeast, we're going to be seeing, you know, an el nino type of year where you have warmer temperatures, more precipitation, but that precipitation generally falls in the form of rain. that will be a good thing. nice sunshine this afternoon, breezy, mild, 67. brisk and cooler tonight, 48, tomorrow we've got sun and clouds, 56 on saturday. it will feel like the 40s. make sure you've got your warm gear, especially saturday night at citi field, and then sunday we're looking at 40s for real feel. we're looking at temperatures
12:47 pm
that will be around 48 probably at game time sunday night, but we do warm back up next week. but the mets leave town next week. they head to chicago. >> yeah. >> another cold town but a nice town nonetheless. >> very nice town. >> all right. thank you bill. >> have a good weekend. in new jersey a volunteer fire company warning people about a donation scam. the lyncroft relies on donations but someone is calling -- the company is worried the scam will compromise genuine effort to raise money for life saving equipment. >> what you're doing is wrong and, you know, how do you -- do you not understand what the impact that you're having on people that could end up protecting him. >> good news is is so far there's no evidence that anyone money. the fire company actually solicits donations through the
12:48 pm
mail or online. more trouble for the daily fantasy sports sites. they are now the focus of an fbi investigation. the state of nevada ordered the sites to shut down immediately saying they cannot operate in the state without a gambling license. the order comes after last week's revelation that a draftkings employee won $350,000 on fan dual. they say the sites provide games of skill and not of chance and that's the difference. >> after a return from israel, one of the first things mayor bill de blasio will do will make up with former mayor mike bloomberg. and they'll plant the 1 millionth tree of the million trees program that bloomberg began back in 2007. it is meant to be camaraderie. there was very little of that in 2013 when de blasio ran a campaign fiercely critical of bloomberg.
12:49 pm
pastored the football field and early morning -- mastered the football field and early morning television not guilty he's tackling the best sell -- and now he's tackling the best sellers list. big crowds turned out for a chance to have michael sign their copy of his book. it's michael's take on transforming your life in a positive way. >> poor michael.
12:50 pm
career, you know, so all layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card.
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we're following breaking news in texas, live pictures now from houston where scaffolding has just collapsed. we have reports of people trapped. you want to stay with eyewitness news for the very latest on this breaking story. >> also coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5, a health insurance fight that took a year to get fixed. what happens when your insurance refuses to pay for something. 7 on your side will show you all of how to fight a bill that shouldn't -- that you shouldn't have to pay. that's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5. it is time for the feed, the stories that get your start on social media and then are shared and re-tweeted all over
12:52 pm
the net. many of you are familiar with the video of a woman trying to shoo away a bear that was attacking a kayak. take a look at this. >> no, get away from the kayak. get away from that kayak. come here. why are you breaking my kayak. see the bear doesn't understand english, that's one of the things we discovered there. what is happening here is the woman said she recorded the incident because she was hoping the company that made her kayak would see it online and offer instructions on how to repair the damage. you know what, it worked. in the end she did better than that. they're going to provide her with a free kayak. >> that's nice. >> the perfectly creepy halloween get away can be found on the home rental website airbnb. two lucky entrants will win the chance to stay overnight in the paris catacombs. yes, it is known as the world's
12:53 pm
remains of up to 6 million people. the winners get a private tour, a little dinner and a story teller. >> no thanks. >> all right. what do you have bill? >> this was my dream as a kid. the maker of lucky charms are making some boxes that are all just the marshmallows. only a lucky few will get their hands on them. the cereal brand is making ten boxes. they can be won on social media. >> that'll do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm lori stokes. make s it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out.
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