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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the team returned to citi field this morning hours after dramatic victory against the dodgers. >> fans today spent the day buying up mets gear, anything that they could get their hands on including the t-shirt the mets wore last night that read new york wants it more. mets manager terry collins and tomorrow's starting pitcher matt harvey expected to speak shortly. you're looking at a live picture right now. we're going to let you know what they have to say. we have two reports for you. cefaan kim with a look at the trash talking between the two big cities. we begin first with anchor rob powers on the met's victory, and he is in the newsroom. >> reporter: i'm actually here and ready to talk. now as if we needed any more evidence that october baseball is something special, the mets gave their fans everything they could want and more last night in los angeles. that series with the dodgers did have a high schoolly wood ending but the only thing really ending is that division series. the mets returned home to citi field to get ready for what lies ahead, the national league championship series.
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it starts tomorrow night against the cubs. for the mets there's no looking back. hey, the fans can look back all they want. the series was tied 2-2. last night's game was tied 2-2. when daniel murphy smacked a home run to put the mets ahead. big games for murphy and degrom. the mets win 3-2. they advance to the next round and the celebration was on back here at home and way out west. mets will play for the national league pennant and the right to play in the world series. >> over 162, that's hard, to win that and then come into this, just have enjoy this and i'm trying to do the same. >> each guy on this team so sincerely cheers for the next guy and roots for him. >> it's special. like i said having gone through everything we've gone through the last nine years, this champagne tastes a lot sweeter. >> there you go, game 1, national league championship series tomorrow night at citi field, the mets against the cubs. this is a best of 7 series. both fan bases have been waiting for this next step. the mets and the cubs battle
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for the right to move on. the fans and the cities have a nice little rivalry going on. cefaan kim joining us now with more on that. >> reporter: this weekend at bars all around town, there will be big bucks as mets fans celebrate big wins. here at kelly's bar on houston street, the only cubs bar in town, it will be lots of beers to wipe away those tears. >> we're going to cream them, chicago's no match. they've got that jinx. >> when it comes to the two cities is it really a rivalry. they have the magnificent mile but we have 5th avenue. we have 1 world trade and the empire state building. sure they got michael jordan and walter payton but how many years ago. we got giants quarterback eli manning, how them bears doing this year, and then there's the
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deep dish pizza, so we're at emmitt's on mcdougald. >> the big difference is the way we layer the ingredients, crust on the bottom and then your cheese and then your toppings and then your sauce. >> deep dish pizza, let's give that's disgusting. this is so gross. >> and look who we found here enjoying the chicago style pizza, this cub's fan who may this airs. >> they beat the cardinals roadblock. i don't think the mets will be too much of a problem. yeah. >> back at kelly's the bartender, a true cubs fan prefers to focus on the common ground between the two sides. >> i've always said that in order to experience the sweet you have to experience the sour, and i share that sentiment. i think that that's going to make for a tremendous series. >> reporter: we all know this series starts tomorrow night and the bar will be packed with
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mets fans in here too like this guy because they tell us there's nothing better than watching the mets win from enemy territory. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> lonely people there tomorrow night. thanks. here we go, both teams in town. we'll have more throughout the day as citi field, the mets and mets fans get set for the nlcs. i think we're ahead on chicago simply because we have liz and shirleen downstairs. >> look at you buttering us up. rob, you're too much. thank you. so how are you showing your met pride. share your pictures with us using the hashtag abc7ny and count on eyewitness news on tv and online to keep you posted as the mets march on in their road to the world series. we're going to turn now to the news of the developing story in queens this afternoon where an off-duty police officer has been stabbed. >> it happened at 197th street and union turnpike in fresh meadows. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is on the scene
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with the details. >> reporter: shirleen and liz, we have confirmed that that off- duty female officer was slashed in the throat. i want to show you what's going on still here at cunningham park. you can see a lot of police presence. we're going to zoom into that bathroom down there. police believe this is where this entire thing happened. the officer has been taken to north shore university hospital and is expected to be okay. so a short time ago we got footage from news copter 7 over cunningham park where police took a 55-year-old woman into custody fitting the description of the assailant. they are now questioning her at the 107th precinct. police say it was around 2 this afternoon when this off-duty female officer, she's 50 years old was walking her dog in the park after union turnpike. she was right restrooms when police say this suspect allegedly tried to take the officer's purse and then proceeded to allegedly slash her in the throat with a knife. the officer began to scream. we're told by police that a
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parks employee ran over to help hearing those screams, and the officer was able to point out the suspect. the park employee we're told by police actually began to pursue that suspect, but eventually lost track of her. officers flooded the area. they arrested the suspect less than an hour later in the park. i just spoke with a guy who says he was in the park when this all happened, and he saw the officer around the bathroom right after she was attacked. >> she was on the phone. she was saying a cop got stabbed, but she was on the phone with 9-1-1, and she was speaking of herself. so at this point we weren't sure what was going on. a few of us we start -- she was pointing in that direction, so we ended up running down towards the parking lot on the other side of the park over there thinking we might encounter the suspect, but she was gone at that point already. >> so here you're taking a live look at cunningham park. still a lot of police presence here. again, the off-duty officer is
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expected to survive. she is recovering at north shore unit university hospital. we are expecting to get another update from police in just a little bit. we will bring that to you in the next hour. we're live in fresh meadows, i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. we're learning new details this afternoon about the mother charged with throwing her 6- month-old baby out a 6th floor window. tenisha fearon was licensed to run a day care out of her apartment in the tremont section. she had the license for two years, but fearon let that expire around six months ago. today as fearon was walked out of the police station, she mumbled that she tried to warn her god mother that she was in trouble. >> never saw it coming. i was just talking to her, and i told my daughter i saw nothing different. heartbreaking story. fearon's other three children
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were found by officers laying naked in a circle. harmed. in protective custody. overseas it was another violent day in israel. today's chaos resulting in a stabbing and the torching of a holy site. this as mayor bill de blasio visit. abc's molly hunter is in violence. >> a brief court appearance, we apologize for that. we're going to try to find out what happened to molly hunter's piece. we're going to move on. in a brief court appearance in orange county for the woman accused of killing her fiancee during a kayaking trip in may. angelika graswald said nothing as she was led into a courthouse in goshen this morning. she was there for a pretrial hearing about a wrongful death
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filed by relatives of her fiancee vincent viafore. graswald is accused of deliberately removing the plug from his kayak causing his death. in houston first responders have rescued six workers from the rubble of a scaffolding collapse, and they are now searching for other people who may have been trapped. the accident happened at a 7 story building that's under construction across from minute maid park, which is home to the houston astros. the six workers were taken to hospitals. their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. firefighters don't believe anyone else is trapped but they are using special equipment to make sure. stocks on wall street today posting modest gains on the final day of the trieding week. investors continue to scour earnings reports. general electric was one of the companies reporting disappointing third quarter profits. we have a live look at the big board, the dow up a little more than 74 points to end the week
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above the 17,000 mark at 17215. new information about lamar odom's condition. we'll tell you what the former nba player's family is now revealing. >> and imagine getting stuck. here's video of lamar odom, and imagine getting stuck in that. drivers trapped in cars as flash floods and massive mud slides hit california. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg on the upper west side. it's a great friday night. i'm just anxious to get to can't we get to -- wait, first pitch and the mets, mr. met's here with us today. yes, congratulations, let's go
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the accuweather fo
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it is time for a check on traffic this friday afternoon. you are looking live at the bqe in queens. it's pretty busy right now near 61st street in wood side, lots of traffic there at the outbound holland tunnel, it's about 20 minutes at the inbound lincoln tunnel it's 20 minutes as well. at the inbound george washington bridge it's 15 minutes on the lower level. we want to return now to the violence in israel just as mayor de blasio is visiting. here's abc's molly hunter reporting from jerusalem. >> the day started when palestinians torched joseph's tomb, a treasured biblical site visited by jewish pilgrims. the palestinian president quickly condemned that act of violence. then later a stabbing in the west bank, a palestinian attacker was shot dead after wounding an israeli soldier. now both sides say they want to deescalate and secretary of
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state kerry says he's on hand to help. he's slated to meet with both israeli and palestinian leadership next week. now here in jerusalem new york city mayor de blasio has just landed. he has a packed schedule for the next three days, but he arrives to a city on edge and to a wave of violence that shows no sign of ending. liz, shirleen. >> that's molly hunter reporting from jerusalem. there are signs of progress for former nba player and reality tv star lamar odom. a spokesperson for the kardashian family says odom today. odom remains hospitalized after he was found unconscious tuesday at a brothel in nevada. his children released a statement thanking the public for their support. hours of questions about the benghazi attack for a long- time hillary clinton staffer, huma abedin spent hours.
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the meeting behind closed doors, no word about abedin what she said during the questioning. it happened less than a week before clinton's public hearing about the attack. the mother of tamir rice who was killed in a controversial police shooting is asking for the current prosecutor to be replaced with an independent prosecutor. she says prosecutor tim mcginty should step down because he's not committed to getting an indictment in the case. she says she has serious questions about had his choice of experts. an investigation of two cleveland police officers involved in the deadly shooting of her 12-year-old son tamir last november. at the time tamir was holding a toy gun. a renewed call today to extend the zadroga act. carolyn maloney and jerry nadler calling for reauthorization of the health compensation act. the health benefits expired last month. they affected around 70,000
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victims and first responders. the california highway patrol says it will take days to reopen a state highway north of los angeles that was clogged with mud up to 6 feet deep. yesterday's mud slides were trapping hundreds of people in rescued. no injuries have been reported because of it. hundreds of semis are backed up for miles along the highway 10 miles, at least a dozen homes in the area were damaged by all of those mud flows. such dramatic pictures in l. a. but also outside of our studio today, that's what we're hearing around here. i love you mr. met. >> yep. >> no love from me out here. it's all for mr. met. check out this, mr. met -- yes, okay, mr. met is -- he may not be good with cubs but he's good with puppies. you see that. a brand new mets fan right there.
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julie bean can go back to lisa. mr. met congratulations on a well done. night. i know you worked with him at season: fantastic. cub? you have? i mean, i don't think there's really any competition. it's all you, right? mr. met's been around since 1964, right, so you know what the feeling is like in 69 and 86. do you have that feeling again? >> yes. all right. maybe world series bound mets. mr. met joining us for accuweather today. perfect weather tonight mr. met. you're going to have to bundle up tomorrow night. maybe a little layer under the met's jersey. let's look at a beautiful picture of lower manhattan. we've got sunshine and clouds out there right now, and we've got temperatures tomorrow night, which will be around 49 for first pitch. on sunday 46, both nights feel like it will be in the 30s at citi field, so the mets jackets and lots of layers and hats and gloves, the whole deal. sunshine and clouds over lower manhattan. tomorrow up to 25.
4:18 pm
temperatures generally in the low and middle 60s. so long to 60s after today, we won't see it again until tuesday. here are your wind speeds, some gusts about 14 miles an hour to 20 miles an hour. the wind will be picking up throughout the weekend. see how it's flowing out of the streamline. 7:00 tonight, not a bad friday evening. we'll dip into the 40s by morning, upper 30s well north and west. mid-50s for your highs tomorrow with a gusty wind and sunshine mixed in with clouds. a couple sprinkles over the catskills, not a big deal. they will weaken but there's a series of cold fronts coming from canada, and they're going to chill us out for the upcoming weekend. it will be the coldest air we've seen since april. look at the snowflakes and snow showers and the temperatures in the 20s and 30s. a piece of that air mass coming in here for the weekend. by 7 a.m. sunday we're in the upper 30s. brisk and cooler tonight, 30s north and west. for tomorrow it's a high of 56. a chilly wind, sunshine mixes with clouds, just a spot shower.
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pitch going down to 45 by the late innings. the windchills are in the 30s. 38 degrees. and of course coming up at 4:30 is the growing season done for good as we head into monday with these freezing temperatures, and will the temperatures rebound as the mets continue to try to advance into the playoffs. got a huge crowd tomorrow night. you must be so excited. congratulations on your win. you going to come and do a trend with us inside, liz and shirleen are anxious to meet you. >> let's go mets from everybody 1, 2, 3,. >> let's go mets >> nice. all right, liz and shirleen. you got any questions for mr. met? >> he must be so excited but my question is did he have any sleep last night considering everything that happened? >> did you? did you get any sleep on the plane back from l. a. last night? >> a little bit. >> so much so lost his voice. >> mrs. met insisted. i understand, i understand. >> okay. >> we'll see you inside guys. >> we are super excited for him to join us. >> thanks guys. >> you bet.
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news first at 4, a shock for some shoppers. we will tell you what exercise heard over the loud speaker at a target store that some left feeling kind of violated. >> plugs a teenager battling cancer manages to get a special date for home coming. we'll she you who's coming to the big dance. >> and best seller springs to life on the big screen with that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh?
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>> the great white shark named mary lee is swimming along the jersey shore once again. the shark was pinging just off long beach island this morning. her movements have been tracked online since she was tagged with an electronic tracker off cape cod. since then, the 16-foot 1 1/2 ton great white shark has traveled more than 24,000 miles. it was a best selling novel about the little boy and his mom whose lives were confined to a single room. well now room has been turned into a story for the big screen. >> does it translate to something movie goers will love as well. sandy kenyon is here with his review. sandy. >> shirleen, liz, the late great jazz sax phonist stan getz told me he never played a note he didn't mean. i was reminded of his words while watching a new movie called simply room, the two
4:24 pm
their roles with such total conviction. went down. >> a mother and her young son held captive in a single room. from that simple if horrifying premise comes a film that stops short of greatness but still must be seen for its acting miraculous. >> all right, well, i wasn't always in room. >> but her son was born in captivity. his biological father is their captor. hear us. >> the story is told from his point of view, and we realize how his mother has managed to make their drab prison a tolerable place by investing the simplest objects with a sort of magic. >> good morning lamp. >> good morning plant. good morning sink. >> because jacob tremble is a newcomer and brie larson not yet a big star, it is perhaps easier to believe they are real people.
4:25 pm
credit for that to their talent and the skill of the director. >> you are so old now. >> however these brilliant performances were achieved, i must tell you there is not one false note between them in the entire film, not one. >> i'm scared. >> i know. >> scared because their on means of escape involves jack playing dead, and just when life in their room is becoming intolerable for them and for us in the audience, these two are thrust into the world the youngster has never known. >> you're going to love it. >> what? >> the world. >> there's a lot of story still to be told once they get out of their room, and this is where the movie loses its bid for greatness. joan allen and bill macy don't have enough to do as the young woman's parents and too much is frankly left unexplained, but the unforgettable acting of the
4:26 pm
two stars, well, that makes room well worth seeing. the other big movie opening is bridge of spies starring hanks, catch my review on our website abc7ny. shirleen, liz. >> i got to say it's really nice to have like so many movies out there to see now. good ones too. >> so true. i want to check out room for sure. thank you sandy. >> bullied on facebook, a mom speaking out after strangers posted photos of her young daughter with nasty descriptions. we'll tell you what she did to put a stop to it. >> and a teenager baten to death in church. we've got new details on the parents accused of killing their own son. what happened when they went before a judge. >> and the chilling attack in a
4:27 pm
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and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantees a watertight fit. plus, they do it all in just one day. i know because i did it. now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 4:30 and all new this half hour, a mother mocked online. >> it was like they were making fun of her for being bald. >> her facebook picture stolen, the big mistake she made. >> a teenager with a dream.
4:30 pm
literally keeping me alive right now. >> the big request he made to ms. new jersey. does she deliver. >> shoppers shocked. what was on the loud speaker during a shopping trip at target. >> and our top story this half hour, a frightening attack on a woman jogging in the park. it happened early this morning on the track at cove island park in stanford. right now police are searching for that suspect. eyewitness news reporter jim hoffer is in stanford with the latest. >> reporter: this park is really the crown jewel of the city. they adore this park and believe it to be incredibly safe. that is why the woman who was attacked jogging along these trails here earlier this morning found it safe enough to do so nearly every morning between 5 and 5:30. stanford police spent hours this morning collecting evidence in the rape of a 30- year-old jogger. it was still dark outside when the woman went on her daily run on the seaside park's popular
4:31 pm
police say she was on her second lap around the trail when a man dressed in running clothes grabbed her from behind telling her he had a knife. >> and at that point he dragged her down to the ground right outside the track. he sexually assaulted her at that point, and let her up at that point he also dragged her down by the water line behind some weeds and some bushes and sexually assaulted her again. >> police say the woman thought he was going to drown her. he ran off, and she ran a mile and a half back to her home in the dark to call police. >> we're looking at a 10, 15 minute attack. you've got to understand, cove island park is a pretty well traveled area, even at 5:30 in the morning, a lot of people use it for exercising and running. >> the victim describes her attacker as an hispanic man, 35 to 40 years old, 5 feet 7 stocky build with a pot belly.
4:32 pm
with a hispanic accident. regular visitors found news of the early morning rape hard to grasp. >> this has been like an oasis for us in this town, the last 50 years i know of. it's just sad. >> very upsetting that such a beautiful place has to have this mark now. >> reporter: so police have increased patrols here in cove island park. we should note that there is no surveillance video nor any witnesses to the attack. however, police say they do have some solid leads. coming up at 5:30, we're going to take a look at the possibility that the woman who was attacked here was being stalked by her attacker. more details on that coming up at 5:pro. for now live in stanford, jim hoffer channel 7 eyewitness news. a college in new jersey has suspended its entire men's cross country team because of a hazing scandal. last month police at ryder university in lawrence found members of the team as they were preparing to run naked around the school's track. a university spokesperson says
4:33 pm
intent to coerce anyone on the team to take part but the behavior itself was still considered hazing. there was no school for students today in an elementary school in paterson new jersey. napier academy also known as school number 4 had to be evacuated after flames broke out early yesterday afternoon in an unoccupied classroom. even though the fire was limited to that room, the smell of smoke permeated surrounding areas. there's no word yet on what sparked that fire. we are learning new details about a 19-year-old who was beaten inside a church in upstate new york. the teen's parents faced a judge today entering a not guilty plea. abc's marci gonzalez has today's developments. >> parents accused of beating their teenage son to death in church facing a judge again today. >> judge, i acknowledge receipt. >> bruce and debra leonard charged with manslaughter, prosecutors say they brutally beat 19-year-old lucas leonard
4:34 pm
and counseling session here at word of life christian. >> it was a shock to everybody in the town so far that i talked to. >> both parents pleaded not guilty earlier this week. >> i think it spun out of her control and i think at some point there were other people striking her son, and i think that she felt powerless to do anything about it. >> four other church members also arrested charged with attacking lucas' 17-year-old brother christopher. their hearings today rescheduled because christopher is still in the hospital recovering from what investigators say was blunt force trauma to his >> and his testimony is integral to the people being able to move forward on this felony exam. >> the judge refusing to allow cameras to record most of the details of the leonard's hearing today as police continue working to piece together this bizarre and disturbing case. >> we want to understand why this happened, how this session
4:35 pm
cost the life of a young man and seriously injured a second. >> and police say they now believe the beatings may have been prompted by the teen's decision to leave the church. two of the accused church members are out on bail, the others including the victims' parents and sister are still blind bars. marci gonzalez, abc news new york. happening response drill at newark airport. passengers may see smoke and emergency vehicles around the airport. you're looking at live pictures right now at newark airport. the drill will test how first responders from multiple agencies will work together if there ever is a real crisis. a long island town is offering discounts on unpaid parking tickets. officials in islip made the announcement today. anyone who has not paid a parking ticket fine from january 1st 2008 to october 30th of this year is eligible. the town will allow anyone that
4:36 pm
only 60% of the fines and penalties. there are currently 14,000 unpaid tickets for which the town is owed over $4 million. the program begins november 15th. the two tribal casinos in connecticut reporting positive numbers for last month reversing a summertime slide. fox casino and mow hogan sun posted an increase in bets and slot revenue last month. both suffered declines in august. the casino business has suffered because of competition. the city university of new york is looking to improve its graduation rates. a system is putting $42 million toward that cause. among the programs accelerated study that allows students to earn their degrees faster and college prep, q and e's goal is increasing its graduation rate to 34% over the next decade. and still to come, a mom outraged, why would strangers suddenly start posting mean messages under her child's photos on facebook. we're going to tell you what
4:37 pm
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how many meetings are you having?! at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop & shop. prince william made a touching tribute to his late
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mother princess diana. the prince who is usually very private opened up about princess diana while speaking at a charity dinner. its after charity his -- it was a charity called bereavement u. k. and it hits close to home. >> it was determined to help those in need, and she would have been immensely proud as i am. my mother recognized back then and which i understand now is that grief is the most painful experience any child or parent can endure. >> prince william said that now he's a father of two. it makes him appreciate his mother's compassion even more. just in time for the holiday shipping season, ups is raising its rates. the company announced an increase of about 5% for its ground, air and freight rates. the company said it needs to cover rising labor and equipment costs. ups is also hoping to boost its revenue which is relatively flat this year. the new rates will go into effect on october 26th.
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a mold scare has triggered the voluntary recall of go go squeeze on the go apple sauce pouches. the affected pouches have a best before date between june 20th and july 26th of 2016. go go squeeze says the tests from an independent lab found common mold, a small number of pouches. the company says the mold poses no health risk, but it does not want customers exposed to it. a mother from alabama outraged and baffled by hateful photos posted about her toddler on facebook by total strangers. ashton hemner posted pictures of her young daughter lennox on facebook recently. soon strangers were posting the pictures with rude and horrible inscriptions making fun of the little girl's bald head and claiming she was dying of cancer. >> she had cancer and should just kill her and saying she was retarded and really hateful i cried. that's all i could do.
4:42 pm
i couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> when hamner reported the pictures to facebook, the social media site took them down. she has now changed all her settings to private. social media has helped put a man who escaped from jail back behind bars. this surveillance video shows justin tobley fleeing from a friday. police say they had no idea where he was until a video of him was posted on facebook. a state trooper knew the man who had put it up so he contacted him and got tobley's location. a few hours later officers showed up and arrested him. he's now facing an escape charge along with the original ones as well. a trip to a department store takes an unexpected turn. find out what played out over the loud speaker that horrified some parents. >> yeah. and listen, we all know the mets are trending today, uh- huh, right mr. met? yeah. well, he's joining us today for a very special edition of the trend. it's coming up. >> we can't wait. and a live look outside shall we.
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well, customers were shocked when they heard a lot more than attention shoppers over the loud speaker at their neighborhood target store in california. they say they heard the audio from an adult video, which was especially upsetting for all of the parents of all the small children in the store. >> oh my.
4:46 pm
>> after the audio stopped, a manager apologized but then moments later it started again. the man who captured the incident on cell phone video said he was down right disgusted. >> this was rated x material, which made me feel very uncomfortable, and i was taken aback, appalled and frustrated. >> the manager personally apologized again. the shopper said that was not enough. he wants more safeguards for the store's public address system. >> an early lesson on the birds and the bees for those kids. oh boy. rain on your wedding day is seen as a bad sign, but what does it say about your impending nuptialing when your entire wedding party gets stuck in an elevator on the way to the ceremony. liz copeland and harry stein were just one elevator ride away from their dream wedding. they thought nothing of it when they piled into the elevator with 22 of their closest friends and family until. >> it goes about 3 feet down and then it just stops.
4:47 pm
involved with the ceremony was in the elevator. everyone went selfie [ laughter ] >> of course they do selfies. they were trapped for just over 30 minutes and freed by firefighters just in time to say i do. >> very cute. both of you. >> you know what at a certain point there's nothing you can do right? you've just got to hang out and without you. >> that's a good call. you know. >> so what's going on over there? >> yeah, it's a busy day today. >> we've got an accuweather assistant. we've got a wig helper with the accuweather forecast. >> he's very numbable by the way. moving around -- nimble, moving around the studio. >> outside we go, a shadow over central park right now. blue skies, partly sunny skies. we're at 63 degrees right now. it sounds like my mic is hidden. is that right? i'm going to try that better. mr. met maybe you'd be better at this. 63 degrees, a partly sunny sky,
4:48 pm
a northwest wind about 15, 14 miles an hour. we'll start to clear out tonight, drop down to 48 by morning, 38 in the coolest spots. mostly sunny to start the day tomorrow, and then clouds will tend to build during the midday and afternoon hours. a spot shower north and west, but notice the gusty wind at 25, maybe even 35 miles an hour, and only topping out at 56. a real early mid november feel. a couple of sprinkles, maybe higher elevation snow flake in northwest new jersey, cats skills. after an evening in the 50s tomorrow morning's chilly, wind starts to pick up and at least you have the sun early. the clouds are starting to mix in. sun's in the out all the time, and we're in the upper 40s to mid-50s during the afternoon. then the real cold shot sets in. we dip down into the 30s widespread. it will be the first 30s since april, maybe a 27 in monticello. sun will yield to clouds on sunday. it's a blustery day and we'll struggle to 50. most suburbs will stay in the upper 40s. even if it hits that 5 handle
4:49 pm
you're looking at feels like readings in the 30s. cubs mets forecast -- why am i doing this. mr. met this is really -- it's mr. met right there. there he goes. mr. met, you've got to get in your ready baseball position. perfect. 49 degrees at first pimp, and it looks like our winds are 30s. northwest wind about 20 miles an hour. you get to do the fall foliage forecast too. can you point to that color in the catskills, that's a great place to be but not tomorrow night, you want to get back down to citi field forecast. come with me back to the subway. >> tomorrow night after a 56- degree high, temperatures at citi field in the upper 40s feeling like 30s. sunday's even colder. these cubs aren't going to be able to handle that chill. monday a frosty start, a freeze for everyone and we'll warm it back into the 60s. better baseball temperatures through midweek. things turn to chicago at that point. you know, it might just end the
4:50 pm
series in chicago after four straight. liz, shirleen, kind of fun having an accuweather assistant like mr. met. >> i've never been in such close proximity to mr. met. hey, mr. met, i'm from queens. >> really, that's right, i forgot about that. >> he's totally joining us in the trend, and he's going to come on in. we're going to get the trend started and on this friday afternoon they may not be old enough to vote but there's a viral campaign for a democratic presidential candidate called bernie sanders. they're kind of cute. i mean like really come on. parents are dressing up their babies in glasses and wigs and like super thick eyebrows. campaign babies for bernie was launched by one mom and it's gained a whole lot of traction on facebook and instagram. >> i love it. i love the one on the left too. it's so cute. >> this next video is just too adorable. watch as a cameraman in sydney records a baby koala frolicking around.
4:51 pm
leg and clings to his chest. more than 140,000 views on youtube and growing. >> i don't think i've seen a koala move. from that cute koala to that is actually a tweeting chicken. that's betty. she's an australian fast food chicken created by the company. she has her own twitter account and betty the chicken actually controls it. >> what? >> she does her own tweeting, literally. mostly are just total nonsensical words and characters but she pecks at the keyboard and she tweets. >> makes no sense but there you go. >> good lottery number one of these days. >> you never know. >> he's back. >> what's up mr. met, how you doing. don't leave me hanging here. >> go ahead. >> you know, air kiss, air kiss. >> all right, so this next video, we want to bring in mr. met. we know there's some big mets fans out there. mr. met, did you see jim
4:52 pm
did you see his reaction? check it out. >> familia, which stands for let's go mets! we took you down l. a.! chase utley, guess what you're chasing nothing! , nothing! shame on you gary cohen >> wow. >> mr. met what's your reaction? you like seeing that stuff? >> yes, he does. >> shaking his hand, oh y, totally. >> absolutely went berserk. that's how excited new york and the whole tri-state area is. >> absolutely. >> got a lot of yankee's fans now wanting to shake your hand? >> of course, of course. >> you own the town this october. >> you totally do. we are so psyched you are here, and we are so psyched for this team and just cannot wait for tomorrow night. all right, finally getting a lot of social buzz, prediction
4:53 pm
future, the cubs were predicted to win the 2015 world series. >> are you serious? >> cubs win world series. against miami? >> first of all, the can't beat miami, but kind of an eerie prediction on the list, what do you think mr. met right? >> but listen, right? he's like i don't know. >> it's mets all the way. >> he's channeling 86. >> fall short. >> we know. >> all right mr. met. got any pregame like good luck rituals you want to show us? >> no, he can show us them. >> show us, come on. all right. >> see, we're all going to do that tomorrow night. >> he just called a shot to left field is what he did there. we speak met. >> nice. all right mr. met thank you very much. >> and still to come, a dream date, a teenager battling cancer issued a special invitation to home coming and she said yes. we're going to show you who's coming to the dance.
4:54 pm
>> and we are following some breaking news involving the commute home. news copter 7 is over union square. right now there is no 6 train
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
ms. new jersey said yes to tomorrow. maurice stokes has the story. >> a two sport athlete for northeastern high school. senior excelled in football and april.
4:57 pm
leukemia. >> reporter: instead of gridiron, he is now taking on the battle of his life going through chemo treatments at hershey medical. >> the doctors are keeping me alive right now. they played a huge part. >> reporter: with homecoming approaching, the senior wanted to make a splash. so he went out on a limb inviting ms. new jersey, lindsay giannini, to the dance. hearing his story, she couldn't turn him down. >> being a two sport athlete and battling cancer, i wanted to make his homecoming special. >> reporter: the two will bust a move on saturday night but their work the next day, visiting patients at hershey medical may make it bigger impression. >> i see the toll pediatric cancer takes on the families. if i can put a smile on their face, i want to do that. >> reporter: channel 7 eyewitness news.
4:58 pm
>> that's great. ms. new jersey had to get permission from the school to attend the dance. she is 21. the invite was a great idea because she missed her own homecoming for years ago. and there's so much more news ahead. eyewitness news at five begins right now. we are close -- closely following a developing story. off-duty officer stabbed in a city park. first, blue and orange now the hottest colors of fall at new york city. after the mets do something the team hasn't done in a decade. advance to the league championship series. good evening. at 5:00, i'm shirleen allicot. >> there's a shakespearean plot to this. the mets wouldn't exist if the dodgers hadn't moved out. this playoff series loaded with back story and plenty of emotion. >> also loaded with celebration.
4:59 pm
for the pennant and stay on the road to the world series. they are back home coming back this morning. >> two reports tonight. rob powers with what's ahead and anthony johnson with a reaction from jubilant mets fans. robbie? >> reporter: mets fans haven't been able to cheer their team in the nlcs since 2006. nothing has been easy this season but here they are, one of only four teams still standing, still with a chop of the world series. the mets came back to town this morning after a cross-country flight. they celebrated before they left los angeles but this is a quick turnaround, get some rest, and get ready for the national league championship series tomorrow night. the mets got past the dodgers in the division round, won 3-2 to advance and directly to the clubhouse for some celebration. let's move back to the scene at citi field. the mets met with the media late this afternoon.


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