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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i put my head on the pillow this morning at 9:30. got to be here now. so that's hard. but we've got a night off. this place is going to be filled with energy tomorrow night. hopefully we'll be able to use that as medicine to find some extra adrenaline. >> the mets have waited a long time for this but standing right alongside are the mets fans. a long time for them as well. the people who eat up every page of the season. anthony johnson with some of the fans who have a little extra pep in their step today. anthony? >> reporter: that's right. look, this is the hottest church in new york right now. the shirt that the team put on after winning the game in los angeles. mets new york, they wanted more. a lot of places, you cannot find this shirt. i happen to know some people who set this up for me.
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shirts. for the fans, this has been great for the mets fans. really great for mets business. mets fans are clocking -- flocking to times square, buying merchandise from the shelves faster than workers can stack them. this is what fans do when their team pulls out another miracle. >> i was here last night around dodgers. i was one of the first ones to buy it. >> attend -- i came here to get the postseason shirt. they are out of everything that is more than medium. >> reporter: there was a line outside modell store. sales are bringing in brisk business. >> as soon as the game was over, we had it on this table right behind me. and we sold about half of our units. and then this morning we sold the rest of the units at about 8:15. >> reporter: the mets store on 42nd street was buzzing.
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still on an emotional high. after last nights nailbiter in los angeles, the mets prevailed but the fans' frayed nerves are just now coming down. >> last night i was on pins and needles. one batter struck out, it was unbelievable. i hugged my dad. it has been so long. we've been through a lot. >> it was a great game. the outcome was better. >> reporter: we are witnessing a changing of the guard. the jumbotron is displaying the name of the national league championship series teams and the paint job being changed from the nlds to the nlcs. national league championship series taking place right here starting tomorrow night. please, where more than just this shirt if you are coming up to the game. the forecast for tomorrow night is going to be extremely chilly out here at citi field. let's hope the mets and their bats are hot. rob, back to you. >> that's hope you got more than one t-shirt. anthony, thank you.
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the team better be ready as well. game one of the nlcs is tomorrow night at citi field. against the cubs, more coming up at 6:00. we'll get deeper into the matchup and get ready to play tomorrow night. be sure to stay with eyewitness news at abc7ny for complete coverage. in a few minutes we will look at the rivalry between chicago and new york. we are following a developing story. off-duty nypd officer recovering tonight after being stabbed in queens. it happened in cunningham park, fresh meadows this afternoon. reporter kristin thorne is there with more on what happened. kristen? >> reporter: a piece of good news for everyone. we just got an update from investigators about the officer's condition. her injury is minor, she's going to be okay. a 50-year-old officer, been on the force for the last 14 years. manhattan south area, she's now
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i want to show you cunningham park, we're going to show you where that alleged assault apparently happened. as a result of an attempted robbery. >> the officer was here, off- duty walking her dog. and she was attempting to walk into that restroom here behind me. when she was approached from behind by a female who attempted to take her pocketbook from her. >> reporter: the suspect, a 55- year-old woman, pulled out some sort of sharp object and slashed the officer in her throat. a parks worker here at cunningham park ran over to help. the officer was able to point out the suspect and the worker began to pursue the suspect. at the same time the officer called 911 to report her injuries. police immediately flooded the area. >> the female suspect was picked up in the area. she's now being questions. -- being questioned. >> reporter: joe perez was
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around the area. >> she was saying a cop got stabbed but she was on the phone with 911. she was speaking of herself. so at this point we weren't sure what was going on. a few of us -- she was pointing in that direction. so we ended up running down towards the parking lot on the other side of the park over there thinking we might encounter the suspect. but she was gone at that point already. >> reporter: so bad light at the scene, we can show you a large number of officers here. continuing to search for evidence. they have recovered a pair of scissors but they are unsure if this was the weapon used in the attack. as for the officer, she will remain in the hospital overnight, but that's just for observation. live in fresh meadows, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. the murder of an infant, they arrested the mother. this is one of the most horrific family tragedies we have ever covered. a murder right in front of the
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mother to not kill her baby. jim dolan in the tremont section of the bronx with new details in this horrific story. jim? >> reporter: janillah lawrence was just six months old. her unimaginable murder thrown from a sixth floor window by her own mother. has left a hole neighborhood reeling. family and friends wondering how it could happen, how is it nobody ever saw a sign of the madness that was coming? charged with second-degree murder for throwing her 6-month- old daughter from her sixth floor window, tenisha fearon was taken from the 46th prince -- precinct today. her godmother there to show love and support. i spoke to you, she said, but he didn't listen. you didn't listen, fearing repeated. she said she didn't know what her godmother meant. >> no. i don't. that i wish i did. >> reporter: ms. hatch said what everyone said. there were no warning signs
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but tenisha fearon would snap so violently toward her own children. >> well fed, clean, very nice. and she took care of those kids. with love. >> reporter: for a time, fearing ran a small licensed day care center in her apartment. >> you would have felt comfortable? >> yeah. i went upstairs, inspected the place. i have a granddaughter. she was if your daughter needs a place, let me know. i went upstairs a few time. >> reporter: you would trust her with my children? >> i would have trusted her. her. and her kids. >> reporter: a small vigil rows here today for janillah lawrence, the 6-month-old girl whose life ended so young and so violently. police say at the hands of her own mother. the damage here in this neighborhood is so vast, so
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many family members and friends here, but also all of the people who saw this unfold, slowly and painfully. and unable to do anything about it. remember, ms. fearon's own three children were in the apartment. they saw all this happen as well. live from the tremont section of the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. a man suspected of murdering his girlfriend and her 4-year-old son is in the hospital after being shot by police. police coroner jose santos alvarez -- two women who answered the door at the hackensack duplex tried to mislead officers. they say once inside he lunged at them with a knife and one officer shot him. his injuries are not expected to be life-threatening. another day of violence in israel. troops going head-to-head with palestinian protesters. one soldier stabbed by a palestinian man disguising himself as a member of the press. nearby an attack on a holy site
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of judaism, the tomb of joseph firebombed by palestinians. the u.s. trying to step in to help. secretary of state kerry will meet with palestinian abbas and netanyahu. the specifics of where and when not yet officially announced. mayor de blasio in israel right now. they are taking the redeye over there. tweeting this photo from the blair. de blasio will deliver an address on anti-semitism at a conference of mayors. un security council is going to hold an emergency session about the ongoing violence. this is at the request of jordan. to curb the debts that are going on right now, 40 people from both sides of the conflict have died so far. israel saying it does not want international presence in the temple mount at jerusalem out of fear all this will worsen tensions. a longtime hillary clinton staffer today facing hours of
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questionings about the benghazi attacks. she spent hours being questions by house panel about the 2012 attacks that killed four including the u.s. ambassador. the meeting behind closed doors. no word about what abidin said during the questioning. she was also questioned about other topics. hillary clinton is expected to attend a public hearing next week. promising news about former nba player known -- lamar odom now showing signs of progress after a medical emergency at a brothel that landed him in the hospital. a spokesperson for the kardashian family says odom opened his eyes and spoke. he remains hospitalized after he was found unconscious tuesday at a brothel in nevada. today his children released a statement thanking the public for their support. a rape at a local park coming up on eyewitness news at 5. who police are looking for in the attack of a woman as she was out for a run. also changes made at the
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were killed during a limo ride. injures downpours. mudslides. huge traffic backups. all happening tonight. i'm lee goldberg. what a beautiful day again. more cloud cover, you can feel the start of a cool breeze coming in. nice evening ahead.
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renewed calls to extend the drawback -- zadroga act, calling for reauthorization of the james zadroga health and compensation act. benefits expired last month. 70,000 people, including victims and first responders affected. first responders have rescued six workers from the rubble of a scaffold. the accident happened at a seven story building under construction across from minute maid park which is home to the houston astros. the six workers were taken to the hospital's. their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. firefighters don't believe anyone else is trapped but they are using special equipment to make sure. new information about the scandal that has rocked fifa and the world cup. the german football federation says reports that it paid about
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6 million u.s. dollars to secure the 2006 world cup is completely baseless. the report claims the money was used to secure four votes from fifa's executive committee. former fifa president sepp blatter resigned earlier this year. amidst a corruption scandal. forecasters in southern california warning new storms are developing right now. storms that could cause more flash flooding and mudslides in the same area hit yesterday. mudslides trapping hundreds of people in their cards -- in their cars. highway patrol says it's going today -- going to take days to clear the mud. >> next thing you know, boulders are coming down the mountain, it was really crazy. >> happened quick. so it was scary. >> huge traffic jams today as you can see there. at least a dozen homes were damaged by the mudflows. no injuries have been reported. this is an area that has had a bad, bad drought.
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>> these people can't get a break. >> now it's coming all at once. beginning early and this is at least going to happen through the early part of the wind. hopefully that doesn't repeat itself over and over. that is the winter forecast based on el nino. lower manhattan, blue sky and fair weather clouds out there. a pretty comfortable afternoon. getting set for our first real chill. you've got to go, as we dig into the closet, get the heavy coat you've been avoiding, scarf and gloves by sunday. 62 right now, the air is dry. northwest winds at 9. high today 63. average high is 64. we'll be lucky to hit the average low by the time we get to sunday. sunrise and sunset times. last year, it poured overnight, then became sunny. over a two-day period, close to 2 inches of rainfall. sunny and 71. 58 middletown right now, 52 in monticello.
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63 in yonkers, 62 in norwalk. long island 63, west orange 63 right now. wins have been testing to 15 or 20. these are sustained winds, 9- 12, even 14 at newburgh. through the evening, skies will clear for a while. mostly sunny tomorrow morning, a little chill. then the winds start picking up. as the day wears on, the sun was yield to clouds, starting to build during the afternoon. a stray shower north and west. most of us remain dry. the big feature will be the chilly wind. even tonight, the first of a couple cold fronts sparking a few showers, heavier shower headed toward liberty in sullivan county. be aware of that. a couple thundershowers with this, over central new york state. some pretty dynamic things going on in the atmosphere with cold coming down from canada. a pair of cold fronts, one coming through later tonight and
5:17 pm
tomorrow. mid-50s tomorrow, second one drops into the upper 40s and low 50s on your sunday. notice the snow showers across ontario, back south of hudson bay. numbers to the north, 20s and 30s here. instead of bypassing us, this one is plunging right into the northeast. brisk and cold tomorrow, 56, cold wind. tomorrow night dropping into the 30s for the first time since april. probably scattered frost tomorrow night. the wind stays up. that may hold back some of the hard freezes across the area. after we get to sunday, 50. northwest new jersey, catskills, gissie a couple flakes, then at night, when the winds die down. sunday night into monday when hard freeze sets in. if you have plants outside, maybe you want to keep another week or two, cover them, take them in for a night or two and next week we warm up again. brisk and
5:18 pm
north and west, 48 in the city. tomorrow, high of 56. sunshine mixed with clouds, a spot shower and tomorrow night, winter coat, 38. 49 for the first page at citi field. frosty in the suburbs. 8:00, 49, feeling like 30s. sunday can forecast, foliage forecast and your seven-day in your next half hour. back to you for now. graduation day for dozens of u.s. soldiers who have earned the right to be called army rangers. 88 hard-working and tough- minded soldiers from ranger class 1015 graduated today at fort benning in georgia. among them, major lisa jaster, army reservist who is only the third woman to successfully pass the ranger assessment course. stocks posting gains on this final day. investors scour through the latest quarterly earnings reports by corporations. disappointing profits.
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the dow up 74. nasdaq rising 16. s&p 500 climbing nine and change. why an entire cross country team is suspended for hazing. wait until you hear what they were planning to do. also ahead, why things didn't go exactly as planned for the final fright of -- for the final flight of u.s. airways. a family says they are getting threatened and harassed for medical bills they don't owe. even after hospital tells insurance not to building, why are they going to collections? coming up. okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network,
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happening tomorrow, an environmental activist will try to swim the canal in brooklyn for a second time. rain forced kristofer swain to abandon his attempt in april. tomorrow he will be wearing protective gear. swain says he hopes the canal be cleaned up so it can become an after cool -- afterschool swimming hole. >> we can hope. opening that medical bill
5:22 pm
and discovering your insurance isn't covering it all and you are on the hook. local couple. a would still be on the hook if they hadn't called nina pineda to get 7 on your side. a lot. hepatitis c flareup for dad, this big bill they couldn't resolve was not only eating away at their soul, it was damaging to couples credit. the stress of the data they are fighting has gone on for a year. >> it was frustrating. it was hurtful. >> the last time the were changing, donna and martin were fighting for his life. >> my liver had gone through cirrhosis. >> he contracted hepatitis c 20 years ago from a transfusion while suffering from an ulcer. the new treatment offered by new york medical college was a chance to finally stop silent disease's progression. >> hoping there was something new with minimal side effects. >> the regimen was a huge success but then came the bill.
5:23 pm
putting the patient on the hook for more than 2500. >> insurance coverage said i wasn't liable. the hospital said i am. >> their insurance had preapproved the therapy. but despite their calls, and angry e-mails from the doctor's office, to the hospital, the bills kept coming. >> another example of how they are ignoring patients and billing them when the pacers should not be billed. >> westchester sent them to collections and 60 an attorney on them threatening to sue. >> you know you have the coverage, you know it's available, you don't anybody -- you don't owe anybody any money. neither party wanted to take a closer look at. >> we asked all parties to take another look. empire told us they mistakenly coded part of the coverage. >> they said they made a mistake. >> their outstanding bill was finally reconciled. >> i'm ecstatic.
5:24 pm
>> it was like, oh, my god. thank you. >> [laughter] >> it's wonderful. >> thank you so much. >> what a relief. westchester medical center said they properly billed, blaming the insurance company 49 payment. empire blue cross blue shield thanked us for bringing this to their attention. that have resulted. the big take away, if you are getting tonight, you can appeal. you can appeal three times in writing by law. >> make yourself -- >> you have to do it yourself. >> they don't make it easy. >> if you hadn't gotten hook. thank you. still ahead, a woman out for her morning run raped in a new york park. we'll tell you who police are looking for and why the woman isn't initially suspicious. a new jersey professor discovers the oldest king james bible in history.
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a brutal sexual assault. a woman out for a run when she was attacked by a man who said he had a knife. >> just before sunrise. >> jim hoffer at the scene with the disturbing story. jim? >> reporter: stamford police say they can't remember the last time someone was attacked in this park. it is incredibly safe. everyone we speak too often refer to it as a family park. probably by the woman who attacked
5:28 pm
safe enough to do every morning around sunrise. but now police are investigating the possibility that her attacker was stalking her. stamford police say they have some solid evidence of the early morning rape of a 30-year- old jogger in cleveland park. what it is they are not saying although there were no video. the victim was on her daily morning run not far from her house on her second lap around the park when she noticed a man dressed in jogging clothing running nearby. >> she said he had a billed not of a runner and thought it was unusual he had that outfit on and did not look like a runner. unfortunately he came up behind her and she didn't have a chance. >> reporter: he told her he had a knife and dragged her to the ground. raped her, before dragging her to the water's edge and raping her again. police say he may have been stalking the woman. >> she lived a mile and a half away but she didn't take the same route every day.
5:29 pm
he did make comments he possibly knew her. >> reporter: the woman described him as a hispanic man, 35-40, 5'7". stocky build with a pot belly and he was unshaven. he spoke english but with a spanish accent. this couple has been coming to the park every day for 17 years. >> unheard-of. down here, unheard-of. so safe. i never heard nothing like that happen around here. >> this is unheard-of. i'm sure that this little creep is going to be found. >> reporter: it is still unclear whether there actually was a knife. we know a knife was not found. the woman who was attacked told police she never saw a knife. so that is yet to be determined. however, what we can tell you is that they did find some evidence here, not getting into specifics but they did find some evidence. we should note that police are saying the woman who was attacked was not physically battered or bruised. no cuts.
5:30 pm
but she was extremely traumatized. live in stamford, jim hoffer, channel 7 eyewitness news. on long island, a traffic light has been placed at the intersection in suffolk county where four women were killed in a limo crash. the women were leaving a local winery in july, when their limo collided with a pickup truck on middle country road. an attorney for stephen romeo, the pickup truck driver caused with -- charged with causing the crash made a brief court appearance today. and a brief appearance in orange county for the woman accused of killing her fiance during a kayaking trip on the hudson river, angelica creswell said nothing as she was led into the courthouse is morning. she was there for a pretrial hearing about a wrongful death lawsuit that may be filed by relatives of her fiance. she is accused of deliberately removing the plug from from his
5:31 pm
a 12-year-old boy shot and killed in cleveland while holding a tolkien -- a toy gun asking for an independent prosecutor. they want the current prosecutor, to mcginty, to step down. she doesn't believe he's committed to getting an indictment. she just wants to make sure she gets justice for her son. >> defenseless shooting of my son. i have had many sleepless nights and days. >> grand jury will decide whether the officers involved will face criminal charges. a new jersey college suspended its entire men's cross country team after saying the team's plan to run naked was hazing. last month police at rider university found members of the team preparing to run naked around the school's track. university spokeswoman says an investigation found no intent to coerce anyone. but the behavior itself still was considered hazing. returning to baseball and
5:32 pm
the new york mets. while new yorkers will be rooting for the home team, the country may have something of a sentimental favorite in the series. >> the chicago cubs haven't won a world series since 1908. and haven't been in a world series since 1945. >> let's look at some of the numbers. we have won world trade, they have willis tower, 1500 feet. >> how about this one? nothing like fifth avenue in new york. chicago, the magnificent mile. >> we have new york pizza. there, you get deep dish and have to use a knife and fork. john garcia from our sister station has more on this longtime rivalry. >> reporter: it's an unusual site. souvenir vendors selling cubs gear when the cubs are not even in town. and it's the middle of october. a time when the cubs are normally a couple weeks into their vacations. baseball fever is alive in
5:33 pm
>> this year, we bent but the cubs have never broken. they are amazing. >> longtime cubs fans are even more excited to be playing the mets in the nlcs given the history between the two teams. >> reporter: the great cubs collapse of 1969 is often linked to superstition. and the black cat that walked in front of the dugout at shea stadium during a game. this time around the cubs will be looking across the field at a hometown chicago hero. curtis granderson who plays right field grew up in lynnwood and attended uic. >> he comes here in the off- season and he spends a lot of time working with the university of illinois chicago. his alma mater. he has built a stadium there, which -- he spent a lot of time there doing his workout routine at the university. and he does camps for local
5:34 pm
>> granderson donated $5 million to help build the stadium on campus that bears his name. his parents are in new york for this weekends games and plan to be at wrigley next week. they are mets fans of course now, but most of all they are curtis granderson fans. >> we never set out to try and raise a baseball player. we just wanted to raise a good person. so fortunately, we were blessed to get both. >> reporter: a lot of folks at the university of illinois chicago are conflicted right now. his former manager says he is a cubs fan, he wants the cubs to win. he also wants granderson to have a great series. in wrigleyville, john garcia, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> just wanted to raise a good person. >> i love it. we will tell you what to me
5:35 pm
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the parents accused in the beating death of their own child in a church tonight face a judge. the teenager died during some kind of intervention session at the church. four additional people facing charges. world of life christian church was known for humiliating people for their sins and that they handed down severe punishments. a small fire set of sprinklers today. newark airport, news copter 7 over the scene, a fire breaking out in a restaurant in terminal c.
5:39 pm
no one was hurt. flight operations were not affected. a bit of a hits today for u.s. airways final flight. flight 1939 named for the founding your of the airline was about 30 minutes late for its departure from philadelphia this morning when the flight returns. it will be under the new american airlines banner tomorrow. it is the final step of u.s. airways' merger with american airlines. the city university of new york wants to improve its graduation rates. the system is putting $42 million towards that cause. among the programs, accelerated study that allows students to earn their degrees faster and college prep, cuny's goal is increasing graduation rate to 34% over the next decade. we know that birds and not humans were the original tweeters. sorry. but tweeting online was the exclusive domain of people until now. take a look at betty the tweeting chicken. she has taken control of the
5:40 pm
australian chicken chain chicken treat. she apparently is going to keep at it until she successfully tweets a five letter word in english which should earn her a place in the guinness book of world records and then maybe at the restaurant. the closest she's come is the word bum. that's what we're told. i don't know if she can really read that, no. >> apparently she can spell it. how a professor from new jersey discovered an important bible that is hundreds of years old. plus the great white shark mary lee returning to the waters in our area. for this week's
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
a beloved puppy stolen during a robbery is safe and back home. luna, a siberian husky, was taken from an apartment last week by burglars who ransacked the home. police got a tip, they found luna tied up in an apartment. five people are being questioned about that burglary. luna was not hurt. >> she is back. the great white shark named mary lee, swimming along the jersey shore. movements tracked online since she was tagged off cape cod. since then, the 1.5-ton great white shark has traveled more than 2400 miles. take a look, the shark was pinging just off long beach island. she is still in the area we are told, right now, she's got one of those find your iphone things on. look at that.
5:43 pm
>> we've seen a lot of tagged sharks off the coastline. >> too close for comfort. want to see something really cool, cooler than a shark, at least in my world, outside we go. we have what is an intense dust storm over chandler, arizona. just southeast of phoenix. technical term is called a haboo. there's a lot of air that russia's down and kicks up the dust in regions like this. >> we see this regularly every year. how dangerous is it? >> super dangerous for visibility and obviously for respiratory issues. it subsides and have to make sure that your children are sheltered and all that. pretty intense. >> it beats the shark. >> oh, yeah. check out the radar there, streamlines on their near the phoenix area, exactly what we're talking about. thunderstorms collapsing. so this is zoomed in, that's
5:44 pm
where chandler is south and east of phoenix. pretty incredible. hopefully no one is on i-10 anymore. we look at one of our roads, much clearer, george washington bridge, a lot of traffic headed inbound. partly sunny, northwest wind, 9 miles per hour. we'll clear out for the evening hours and get cold, 48. wind a little busy but it waits to gust until tomorrow, six to 12 miles per hour. then the sun mixing with clouds like today, self destructive sunshine the sunshine is working against the cold air in the upper atmosphere. it becomes unstable and you form cloudiness because of it. instability is also released in wind. or clouds, only mid-50s for your high temperatures. colbert off to the west, a couple cold fronts, thunderstorm earlier over pennsylvania. as the sun goes down, those showers tend to weaken and fall apart. other than a stray shower, things will quiet down and
5:45 pm
mainly clear, chilly tomorrow morning, gusty during the day, a mix of sun and clouds and the real shot of cold air comes in tomorrow night into sunday. look at the wake-up temperatures on sunday. 27, 39 in the city. making strides, alzheimer's walk, going to be drive. you have to bundle up. sons going in and out of the clouds. north and west, wouldn't be surprised at higher elevations to see our first snowflakes. cubs and mets tomorrow night, 491st pitch. heavy coat and lots of layers under it. sunday, even a little bit colder. foul balls are going to be stinging off the bat. feels like 30s sunday night. foliage peaking north and west especially as you go towards the poconos. those winds may blow the leaves off the trees. seven-day accuweather forecast, 56 tomorrow, only 50 on sunday, gusty, frosty start to monday, that will end the growing season.
5:46 pm
hopefully allergies as well. 52 on monday, bumping right back up near 70 midweek. this is just a quick cold chill and then it's over. >> okay. thank you, lee. oktoberfest might be winding down but you can enjoy german food year-round on the upper east side. >> an offshoot of a family should -- family-owned sausage store is the focus of this week's neighborhood eats. >> the owners just back from germany celebrating oktoberfest, you can continue the celebration at their new spot called "stube" sausage bar. that is of course in manhattan. >> my grandfather ferdinand came from germany, with $10 in his pocket and managed to open up this wonderful shop we have here today. >> the neighborhood in upper east side has been home to shower and weber for nearly 80 years. >> without our deli meats,
5:47 pm
quintessential items for coming germany. we have all the grocery items. >> a german food emporium that's keeping up with the times. >> when they opened, they were catering to the neighborhood. to the german immigrants, now we are catering to the neighborhood. >> they are opening "stube," which means small room which is what you will find. just enough space to indulge in the famous sausages. >> we always had people asking if the store, can we try something, they want to eat something. >> now you can. >> we've got a sandwich, we've got sausage. >> there's always a classic option and that's based on a brad. pork shoulder and then ground up, he adds assault, pepper, and other spices, mixes it by hand and it's into the hot casing, links made in minutes. >> nice process once you get the hang of it. it's super easy after that. >> pretzels and fried chicken but usually the sausages drive
5:48 pm
people in. how about wall? >> it's good. >> the bacon and cheddar stuffed brad, which is amazing. and then melted swiss cheese and the chicharones, which is even better. >> make it at home, you'll find that on our website, guys, dave. >> looks good. the chicken is amazing. >> the bronx, awesome. fried chicken, who knew? >> fantastic. >> pretty much tore it up. >> she is hiding it. i can't see. >> thank you, lauren. i thought you were wiping your mouth. i was going to help you out. a piece of history discovered by accident. >> you should need the room -- read the next one too.
5:49 pm
a draft of the king james bible. >> no talking with your mouth full. mets fever taking over new york city as they start their battle for the pennant. a driver charged for a hit and for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
5:50 pm
new at 5:00, a historic find by a professor from new jersey more than 400 years old. he discovered the earliest draft of the king james bible written in the early 16 hundreds. reporter mallory hoff spoke to him about how he found it and its significance. >> reporter: the king james bible published in 1611 is the most read book in the english language. when montclair state university assistant professor jeffrey miller came across the earliest draft of the bible, he did exactly what he tells his
5:51 pm
students to do. he checked his work. >> i wanted to make sure that i really was 100% certain. >> reporter: he has degrees from oxford and princeton. english professor made the discovery while researching a translator named samuel ward at the university of cambridge sussex college in england. >> there was that aha moment where the thing snaps into focus. and still an element of disbelief that goes along with that. >> reporter: samuel ward was one of 50 people commissioned by king james in 1604 to by king james in 1604 to translate the bible from greek and hebrew into english. >> the draft may be changes what you might expect a draft of that to look like. >> miller was looking for nsa when he come across the draft, a draft no one knew existed. >> professor miller was not only engaged in his work and happened to come across this, but he also had the knowledge base that was necessary to actually recognize.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: allin cottrell is the associate dean of college of humanities at montclair state. >> what professor miller's discovery does is actually help us understand a bit more about the process that led up to the outcome. >> reporter: miller hopes the findings will inspire his students. >> i would encourage anyone who comes across a catalog or something else is identified as an unknown biblical commentary, give it a second look. >> reporter: a reminder that pieces of literature are still waiting to be discovered. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what i find. there is still much more ahead. eyewitness news at 6 starts
5:53 pm
off-duty new york cop attacked and slashed in the throat as she was walking her dog. nypd makes an arrest. the new york mets winning the division series on the road. now home in their quest for a ticket to the world series for the first time in 15 years. at 6:00, i'm bill ritter. >> it is the mets versus the cubs starting tomorrow at citi field. game one in the first-ever meeting between the two clubs in the postseason. >> it's going to cost you if you want to go. $846 for an average ticket but a bargain compared to the 1358 average ticket for the series at wrigley field, that's nearly as much as the average one- bedroom apartment rents for in chicago. >> we begin with rob powers with a preview of this matchup. >> reporter: national league championship series shapes up to be something pretty darn special. the two cities have gone back and forth for years. now it is two teams, the mets
5:54 pm
and cubs both well-known for
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