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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a 12-year-old shot in her own living room. a child greatly injured.
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4. good luck. i don't know anything right now. i'm very confused. >> a grandfather nearly at a lost for words. his 12-year-old granddaughter standing in her living room when a bullet comes flying in and hits her in the head. at 11:00, i'm sade baderinwa. the little girl in great condition. the single bullet fired on long island. >> the girl fighting for her life. tim fleischer at the scene with breaking news. tim? >> reporter: police have locked down a major portion of dartmouth street with that investigation. tonight i can tell you the house where the little girl lived is about five doors down. it is a house that was supposed to be safe. until police say a bullet shattered the quiet of this evening injured. >> beautiful girl. very beautiful personality.
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>> reporter: david joyner fighting back tears visibly upset says he is only thinking of his beautiful granddaughter who is fighting for her life. >> i don't know anything right now. >> reporter: detectives rust here and filled dartmouth street looking for answers, looking for the person who might have fired a shot. >> a single shot we determined, that came from the front from the street. in front of that location. >> reporter: police say there was no commotion out in front of the house. suddenly shot is fired. >> it enters through a front plate glass window. through that window. and then strikes the girl. while she was standing in the living room. >> reporter: she was shot in the head and rushed to the hospital where she is said to be in great condition. residents who described this as a normally quiet hempstead neighborhood are understandably upset by this unexplained shooting. >> devastated. it's a young child, 12 years old.
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concerned about. so much on the streets. >> reporter: it's too early to tell if it was a drive-by shooting or if the family was targeted. but they are asking for the public health. many leads are coming in as you can imagine. local detectives, hempstead police detectives, working feverishly to develop what we can to move on this case. >> reporter: tonight police are asking for help in providing any clues, any valuable tips. live in hempstead, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. track -- charges filed against a woman in queens accused of slashing an off-duty cop. the officer attacked this afternoon as she walked her dog in cunningham park in fresh meadows section. cops say she was approached from behind who tried to grab her purse and slashed the right
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side of her neck. temperatures are about to take a dramatic plunge. when you wake up in the morning it's going to feel a lot more like fall. how cold will it get? we colbert with some answers. >> coldest since april. only one out of last 12 days. that's all going to change this weekend. partly cloudy skies right now, down to 50, the wind is like now but gusty during the day tomorrow. highs in the 60s, so long, 60s. they won't return until tuesday. 39 in monticello, 20s in the catskills, 48 in bill maher. cool air rushing in from the west, subfreezing in canada, that's flying into the northeast over the weekend. wake-up temperatures 36 in monticello, low 40s hudson valley, down the shore, barely getting mid-50s tomorrow, doesn't feel that warm, and look at the lows on sunday morning. 28 monticello, subfreezing off
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suburbs and hard freeze coming sunday night into monday morning. freeze watches are up. for tomorrow night, northwest new jersey, ocean county, eastern long island. lookout on the freeze watch closing on new york city. much of the area under freeze watch for sunday night into monday. that's the coldest night and recovery will begin. hopefully the cold -- 49 degrees at first pitch tomorrow night. feels like 30s. sunday night, playing at 46 down to about 42 by the end of the game. we'll have the warm-up and all the details in just a few minutes. back to you for now. the national league pennant race, the two teams that have been down so long it looks like up. the mets 15 years since their last pennant. 70 years for the cubs. game one tomorrow, the first championship playoff game ever at citi field. we take you there in a moment. first, rob powers with the matchup. >> it looked pretty there. this year a team used to saying
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seeing more than it's fair share of disappointments, the mets and the cubs are the only teams still standing for now. mets came back from california early this morning. some of the pictures needed to get working, they did come back and afternoon. the cubs had a workout today as well. game one of the national league championship series set for tomorrow. for the right to go to the world series. >> this place is going to be filled with energy tomorrow night. so i think you'll be able to use that as a little medicine to find some extra adrenaline for sure. >> some of the best baseball fans in the game. have been able to help us out continuing to be successful. >> if the mets are successful in this series, it's onto the world series. first things first, the first game of the nlcs tomorrow. we'll talk about what happened during the regular season and hear from the game one pictures. it is all about to start over yet again, shot a. if you're interested in going to tomorrow's game, get
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ready to pay up. average cost of a ticket will run nearly $900. whether you get to the game or not, mets fever is full blast. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross at citi field. aj? >> reporter: here we are standing on hallowed ground. in what could be a field of dreams, kicking off in less than 24 hours. but every seat is going to be packed with screaming mets fans who have long awaited a team like this, a team with talent and heart and that special something. >> let's go mets. to the world series. yes. >> reporter: from the top of the empire state building to nearly every crevice in the five boroughs, a blue and orange fever is contagious lee spreading as the mets win streak continues to roll. >> i love the mets. it's this year. got to be this year. >> the mets fever is everywhere. throughout queens. >> everybody's rooting for them
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hard. getting behind the team. >> reporter: just hours away from facing off with the chicago cubs in the nlds, ticket prices are soaring along with retail sales of jerseys and paraphernalia with everyone wanting a tangible piece of what they hope will be history. >> everybody is wearing blue and orange. it's exciting. >> we've been hitting, doing good. i think we have a good chance. this is our year. >> reporter: in anticipation of the series opener, the mta is rolling out a group of vintage trains. to carry the mets fans along the seven line to citi field of the end. longtime dreams of a world series are now just within reach. >> i think it's a -- we've got a couple in the bronx. it's about time we get one here. >> new york is nationally town. they are hungry for the mets to finally do something good and be victorious. >> reporter: it goes without saying a lot is being waged in the series both on and off the field.
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just a couple hours ago, chicago mayor rahm emanuel waged a bet with bill de blasio via twitter saying, congrats, we won in four, by the way. up for a that? the terms included beer, pizza, and donations. mayor de blasio is in israel but he accepted the best and will release his terms tomorrow. live at citi field, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. channel 7 is your station for the mets road to the world series. stay with us at abc7ny for complete coverage leading up to tomorrow's game. lamar odom, found unconscious after a drug late in stay at a brothel in nevada, apparently now out of his, at least long enough to give a thumbs-up. a wreck for his family says he said -- he sets hello to his estranged wife khloe kardashian. the cops are investigating whether he overdosed on cocaine. a mysterious attack on an
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orthodox jewish man that may have been a hate crime. 35-year-old victim hit on the back of the head this afternoon in williamsburg. police say no money was taken and the suspect hit him and took off. hillary clinton aide huma abedin revealing little tonight . she spent hours being questioned by a house panel about the 2012 attacks that killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador. abidin was reportedly questioned about other topics including clinton's e-mails. afterward she had little to say. >> it was an honor to work for secretary clinton. and alongside distinguished diplomats. i appreciated the time, both members and the committee staff today -- i answered all of their questions to the best of my ability. and without i'll be making no further comments. >> abidin's interview was reportedly not a formal deposition. new tonight, register all drones.
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announce a plan that will require that. source confirming the news to abc after several close calls between drones and airplanes. under this plan anyone buying a drone have to register with the u.s. department of transportation. the aim? to have the plan in place by christmas. two alleged dog members under arrest and a precious puppy back home. so who took in the beloved family pet? and why? how one robber's clean getaway got messy.
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breaking news new jersey. looking for a missing construction worker in the water. divers searching right now after a 55-year-old man fell off a barge near the international tank terminals. going to continue to bring you the latest on facebook and twitter. a stolen pumping -- a stolen puppy and the people who had him under arrest. 3-month-old beloved puppies safe and sound feeding back at home in the bronx with its owners after a tip. here is eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson. >> we're happy. >> this is the baby, 3-month- old luna. back where she belongs under the dining table. the husky pup has been through quite an ordeal. >> it's sad. it's like being scared of people. doesn't play like he used to
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play before. >> reporter: someone broke into the home tuesday, ransacked the items. not only did the intruders snatch up luna but also terrorized three other pets, shot these dogs with a paintball gun, and pepper spray. >> how can people do something like that to animals? >> reporter: the family was offering a $500 reward and this morning they got a hit. that person wanted $1000. he called police at the 4-3 precinct and detectives met up with people who allegedly found luna tied up outside. >> was the dog here? >> no. >> reporter: collins small lives here. this is his mom. police have charged the 21-year- old and this 15-year-old with criminal possession of stolen property. colin's mom had no idea what i was talking about. >> they said he stole this property from someone's house near the bronx.
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>> no. i don't condone that. >> reporter: police will sort out the details. for now this family is once again whole. >> we're happy. happy ending. >> reporter: kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. a rabies warning tonight on long island. investigators have just completed a raccoon rabies painting program. pet owners should keep their dogs on leashes and keep the cats indoors for the next week. pets. it was sprint -- spread in inwood, points, long beach, valley stream, would bear and whispered. talk about a traffic nightmare, backed up by about 10 miles, a real mess after mudslides trapped nearly 200 vehicles. some of them have been there since last night stuck in mud up to 6 feet deep. remain closed for at least a few days while crews remove
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in there and remove -- the pattern moving more north and east l.a. over the weekend. this is something that may repeat itself. the breast cancer walk, all important. >> yes. the alzheimer's walk and lots going on around the area. think winter and you'll be fine. layer up under the fleece, the wind is going to be out there, in the 40s for the walk. as we look outside, one of the time periods we're going to see a light wind. rest of the weekend will be a noticeable weather factor. 54 now westwind at 5, high is 64 which is right on target. that's where we should be. we don't return there until tuesday. sunrise and sunset times, notice we have no rainfall today, very little this weekend, might even have a stray snowflake. so long, 60s. see you again mid-50s tomorrow, coolest night since april, mid-30s since then. first flakes north and west
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catskills. temperatures bottom out sunday night into monday morning. than the recovery. 40 degrees in andover, 40 in caldwell, 52 into work. long island around 50, 48 in belmar, 39 in monticello. a few clouds will start the day tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. just like today the clouds will tend to build during the afternoon and wind gusts around 25-30. that will make mid-50s feel like upper 40s. couple sprinkles that keep trying to reach the catskills, drying out. you can see the wind flow out of the northwest, a pair of cold fronts coming in, knocked down to the mid-50s tomorrow and barely get to 50 on sunday. now the lake snow machines are back to life, look at the snow's coming down. a couple flakes could reach the catskills over the next couple days. tomorrow morning, low 40s in the suburbs, 48 in town during the afternoon, sun and clouds, a stray shower to the north, middle 50s and look at saturday
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night, upper 20s to mid-30s in the suburbs, 39 in the park. during the afternoon, they struggle to 50. most suburbs will come up just short. higher elevation flurries. look at the wind chills into sunday evening. that will be game two where it feels like it's going to be in the upper 30s and lower 40s. 20s for readings in the summer. brisk and cool tomorrow, sunday is your coldest day, struggling to 50. monday, we get more sunshine back in the recovery. the winds get lighter as well. foliage over the weekend, great color in northwest suburbs. the winds are going to strip these trees of leaves as we go through the weekend. get a good look now. clear to partly cloudy skies, chilly breeze at 7:00. gusty winds through the afternoon, sun and clouds and just a spot shower, basically a dried in most spots. brisk and told, 49 at pitch, 45 late innings, trust
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sunday night into monday morning. doesn't feel as harsh and then back in the 60s midweek if not 70 by wednesday or thursday. jeff smith will pick it up over the weekend. >> called. thank you. our fast-paced lives blamed for a lack of shut eye. turns out people have been sleep deprived since the dawn of time.
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armed robbery didn't go as planned. after firing a shot, the suspect ends up tossing all the money he stole on the floor. police in florida still looking for him. pick it up quick. health alert, sleep deprivation may not be a product only of the modern age. new research focusing on three remote hunter gatherer societies suggesting prehistoric ancestors slept about the same number of hours as people do today. they didn't nap more than we do today i do. contrary to thinking modernization causes people to sleep less. breast cancer survivor says she has her talk to thank for saving her life because she may have sniffed out her tumor. tara lynn was in bed at home in minnesota when her daughter willow put her nose to leonard's left side and begin acting strangely. >> she got down on the floor,
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she could, being weird. jumped back up on that, pushed slimy and gross. i want to wipe it off and >> incredible. she was diagnosed with breast cancer. before it could spread. experts believe it is possible for dogs to detect tumors. more research is being done to confirm that. >> dog lovers will say no surprise to them but research needs to be done. rob powers is up next with sports. nothing better than october baseball. we checked in on game one of the alcs. the mets and the cubs put their
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red line. on the redeye -- they are going to play tomorrow night? how about that. terry collins said, i'm tired. the whole team is tired. a heck of a 24 hours for the mets. this time last night they advanced in the playoffs. champagne showers, using the visiting clubhouse as their own personal slip and slide. than a playground -- a plane ride back home, some of the fellas did come back in the afternoon. game one of the national league division series tomorrow night at citi field which doesn't leave a lot of time to get ready for a team that beat them seven times during the regular season. >> different line up too. so we're looking forward to it. again i think postseason is a whole different game than it is in the regular-season. >> we're up for the challenge, definitely excited. we have a lot to bring to the table. >> how about the cubs? they worked out at citi field as well. resting up since they finished their series tuesday.
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rizzo, bryant, schwarber can hit. how does that translate and how? >> some really close games that we played against them. we won close games. things happened to work in our favor. their offense wasn't merely what is right now. >> can't come in here and say we are 7-0. we just going to walk through this thing. you just heard from harvey and leicester. that's the pitching matchup. coverage all day long right here on eyewitness news. the american league championship series opens tonight. bluejays and royals october baseball. pretty darn special. kansas city was pumped tonight. edinson volquez, no runs, two hits. salvador perez, he clobbered a long home run, 3-0 lead. royals win 5-0. another nfl weekend, giants off until monday night. prime time against philadelphia. jets against the redskins.
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gametime decisions with injury. harris should play. the jets rg3-1. they haven't been 4-1 in years. washington lost to the giants just last month. inside two weeks to the mps -- until the nba regular season. at the garden for the final time before the real games start. carmelo anthony, bad shooting night, 4-14. eight points. isaiah thomas scored 13 for boston. jerry and grant to derek williams. williams, another good night, 19 points. the next win it, they stay perfect in the preseason. -- the knicks when it. sharks still looking for their first win of the season. later period, the shot, adam henrich ties the game, because
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nice-looking goal, devils lose 2-1, still winless this season. we'll have everything tomorrow for the game one of the nlcs. >> it was more special with you. >> yeah. we asked you -- >> yes. >> it was leave that had the
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a prediction about the serious? join the conversation on facebook. let us know what you think about it.
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that's it for us.
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