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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 17, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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go mets! let's go! >> mets mania. the mets get set for their first national league championship series unnine years. stray bullet shooting. a young girl gravely wounded when a bullet hits her inside her home. tonight an all-out search for the gunman. good evening. i'm joe torres. sandra bookman is o. we begin with the mets preparing to play ball in the
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the mets take on the cubs at citi field beginning at 8:07 tonight. and right now diehard fans are swarming citi field. everywhere you look, it's blue and orange. we have team coverage. tim fleischer is outside citi field, but we begin with sports anchor laura behnke with the latest on the players and coaches before they take the field tonight. laura. >> reporter: hey, the postseason has been a whirlwind so far for all four teams remaining in the hunt. but for the mets and the cubs, the cubs are a wild card team. they had to play an extra game just to get here. while only 48 hours ago the mets were in los angeles still in the divisional series. tonight both teams are here in flushing right back at it. the stakes are even higher in the national league championship series. as we mentioned only four teams remain in all of baseball, so it's a pretty impressive accomplishment just to get here.
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the goal is a world series title. they need eight more wins to achieve that. while everyone may be feeling the fatigue this is the pest season. tonight they'll be ready to go. >> just talked to a bunch of the guys today. they're extremely excited to get this thing going tonight. we like the match-ups we have, and we'll be ready to play. >> we're not doing anything differently. from the first day of the season to what we're doing right now, it's all the same. this is stuff i believe in. >> reporter: now, a popular theme has been power versus power, as in the mets' solid pitching versus the cubs' potent lineup. in sports we'll have more. we'll also get you updated on the alcs. for now, live outside citi field, laura behnke. >> the mets are trying to get
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year drought that dates back to the year 2000. the fans, they too have their eyes on the title. tim fleischer has that story. >> reporter: it might very well be down right cold out here, and these mets fans are dressed more like they're going to a football game, but they're ready, like their team is. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: and you can't start this series without that famous chant. >> we've got the four aces. nobody in baseball's got four aces. we've got the four aces. >> we have to contain the chicago bats. we have to keep the ball down in the zone, locate our pitches precisely, where we set up, and we have to make sure our defense is extra spectacular. >> reporter: i think i got all that but did anybody check with
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accuweather? what's with this wind and dropping temperatures? >> it's cold out but it's worth it. >> i even got blue and orange thermals on. this is serious stuff. i have winter gloves. >> i just hope it's in the as windy inside. the cold, they'll deal with, but the wind, that's something else. >> reporter: the really party started early. some burgers here. can't after mets game without the hot dogs. this is just a warm-up for what fans believe is going to be a very good series. >> everybody is excited. it's dynamite! >> reporter: it's just about that time. they've got this party started. now let's get that game started. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: we'll certainly have their reaction after the first win tonight. reporting live at citi field, tim fleischer.
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mania does not always lead to family unity. for one couple in brooklyn team loyalty means a divided household. he wants the team from queens to win. the lady of the house sees the cubs breaking their curse. here's eyewitness news reporter. >> i don't sit during the games. >> i sat in a sports bar, by myself, just like watching it, and it was very exciting. >> reporter: meet brad and jeanette from brooklyn. when it comes to their allegiance, this is a house divided. 's diehard mets fan, she roots for that other team from chicago. >> there's always next year. >> reporter: and these two are true fans. he was at game seven of the 1986 world series won by the mets. she high fives random cubs fans on the street and forced him to wear a cubs shirt at wrigley
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field last year. but their relationship now about to be tested in a way they never saw coming. after all, mets fans and cubs fans do share some common ground. both have suffered through long droughts. so the odds of them facing off at the championship series they thought was slim. >> who has the worst losing record? that's what you take away from it. >> reporter: in fact, when they first met she worried what her dad would think. >> i was really concerned at first, but my father wasn't going to like him at all, because once i found out he was mets fan, i was like, oh god this is bad. >> reporter: she says if the cubs win he might end up doing dishes for a very long time. she says if the mets win, her dad will never live it down. either way, we're in brooklyn, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> for sure. remember, channel 7 is your station for the mets' road to the world series.
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stay with us for complete coverage. and at you can find pictures of mets fans showing off their blue and orange pride. use the hashtag abc7ny. detectives offer a reward for information on the gunman who gravely wounded a 12-year- old girl with a stray bullet. she was standing in the living room of her home in hempstead yesterday when the bullet hit her. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is in mineola with more. >> reporter: joe, as you mentioned, with a single bullet, the life of a 12-year- old now hangs in the balance as her loved ones now try to make of violence. police continue to track down her gunman. girl.
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feisty little girl with a huge heart is how loved ones describe 12-year-old deja joyner, what was inside her home when a stray bullet struck her in the head. >> she's a happy kid. we won't see that no more. >> reporter: burdened by grief and barely able to stand, her grandfather and relatives recall how deja loved to sing and distance. they say she was always involved in something and touch other lives. >> maybe she wanted to be a schoolteacher, because she always played school with her nieces and nephews. she always played school with little dolls and stuff. >> we are going to aggressively investigate this case. >> reporter: the tragic shooting now has police aggressively devoting resources to the investigation. and adds 75,000 reward is offered for any information leading to an arrest.
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>> we will turn over every rock and find the person responsible >> very senseless. >> reporter: now as many thoughts and prayers remain with her family, her loved ones are hoping someone who may have heard or seen something may step forward so no one else will have to experience a pain like this. >> she didn't deserve this. no one deserves any of that, any violence no, one. >> she will be well remembered. she will be well remembered. >> reporter: again that reward is now up to $75,000. anonymously. live in mineola, a.j. ross, channel 7, eyewitness news. in queens tonight police are searching for the boyfriend of a woman found dead in an apartment. police detectives are looking to question carlos leon who is also known as carlos alvarado. authorities are not describing
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him as a. detectives say he has not been seen since his girlfriend's body was discovered in the bathtub of their apartment in jamaica. she had burns on her body. scene. mayor bill de blasio is in israel this morning for a visit that's seemingly become a rite city mayors. he visited a school near jerusalem attended by both israelis and palestinians, a rare example of coexistence between the two sides. he also plans to meet with the mayors of tel aviv and jerusalem and visit with victims of recent palestinian stabbing attacks. the mayor's visit comes during a spike in violence, violence that shows no signs of ceasing. israeli authorities say assailants carried out five attacks today. the attacks left four palestinians dead and three israelis wounded.
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for a hit-and-run driver. coming up on eyewitness news, the victim, a man traveling down a long island road in a wheelchair. the clues police have as they try to track down a suspect. also, strike threat. workers at a bus company that transports thousands of children each school day are now poised to walk off the job.
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searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a man in a wheelchair. he was struck last night on great east neck road in west babylon. police say the man was in the right lane when he was hit by a dark-colored vehicle that fled the scene. they say that car, possibly a nissan has front end damage. new information on contract negotiations that may leave thousands of children on long island without a ride to school. today school bus drivers voted to go on strike. union members rejected the final contract offer by bowman & sons buses. the company transports 15,000 students to school. the drivers did not set a date for the strike to begin. new tonight, staten island perhaps looking more like the australian outback. why? well, people there were caught
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bouncing by. the marsupial was caught on camera hopping through the streets. pet kangaroos are banned in new york city, but they are allowed where the owner lives in upstate new york. he was not charged. taking a plunge into pollution. coming up on eyewitness news, why a man decided to take a dive right into the disgusting canal. and it's going to be chilly for the start of game one
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brace yourself. in brooklyn today an environmental activist swam nearly two miles in a canal to make a statement about water quality. it was his second attempt to swim the canal. back in april rain and tide warnings forced him to abandon the effort. he wore a suit and going to protect him from the chemicals and sewage. >> i love the water and i want it to be clean. i'm willing to go in there to make that point to say, it's different. it's okay to put yourself on the line and say, this means so much to me that i'm willing to process moving.
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approved a plan to clean up the canal. the 10-year process is expected to make the water clean enough for boating, but not for swimming or fishing. interesting approach. i think a news conference might have worked just as well. jeff smith here. not baseball weather but we'll take it. >> this guy is happy. go mets. >> a lot of orange and blue layers to be worn at citi field tonight because it's going to be chilly. we will get temperatures dipping through the 40s and it will feel like the 30s because of the wind. gusting up to 25 miles per hour. so we have a full-on windchill overnight tonight. that pressure, 30.18 and rising. it only got up to 55 today after a morning low of 48. temperatures way below normal for this time of year. should be getting up near 63 on october 17th. the sun is setting these days at 6:13. the forecast you've been waiting for, first pitch, 8:07,
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feeling like the 30s, northwest wind coming in 12 to 25. that's the beginning. by game's end, probably lower to middle 40s. the temperatures eventually tumble to the 30s. most jut laying areas will fall to the 20s. we're talking a thick frost or a killing freeze, and what you should do, if you have any plants outside, they want to make it through this cold spell, you have to bring them in overnight or they're not going to make it. it's effectively the end of the growing season out there. mid-40s down the should, upper 40s on the island. check out the freeze warnings that we have in effect. much of new jersey, the mid hudson valley, southwestern parts of connecticut, right through 10:00 a.m. sunday. and this here a little closer into new york city. a freeze watch for tomorrow night into early monday morning. and that's actually expected to be even colder than tonight. we've had a mix of sun and clouds during the day today. now skies are generally
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clearing, but we zoom off to the north and west, and your eyes are not fooling you. you are seeing some white here on the radar. that indicates some snowflakes are flying in parts of western new york, western pennsylvania. in a couple of these showers, they could make to the our northern and western suburbs during the day tomorrow. and yes, in the higher elevations they may be mixed with a wet snow flake or two, especially well north and west of the city. lows tonight down to 38 in the park. a lot of 20s north and west. and tomorrow if we are lucky we get up to the 51-degree mark. it will stay in 40s all day off to the your accuweather forecast, brisk and colder, variable clouds, 38 midtown. a hard freeze in the cold spots. a brisk and chilly day tomorrow. intervals of clouds and sun. more clouds in the afternoon. 51 heading into tomorrow night. cold out there. patchy clouds, even the city getting down into the mid-30s.
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still cool on monday, 52, but tuesday is our turnaround, 66 degrees. how about 70 by thursday. >> that will work. >> how often do you see 70s and 30s on the same seven-day forecast. well, that's october for you in new york. >> so we don't have to put the golf clubs away just yet. >> no, you don't. laura behnke joins us live from citi field. >> reporter: i can attest it is very cold out here. the real work is just beginning. coming up on eyewitness news, it's time for the national league championship series. the cubs and mets getting ready for round one.
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it's the big sports story of the day. let's go to laura behnke live at citi field. >> reporter: the mets had no time to catch their breath after thursday night's exciting win out in los angeles. not only did they then to have fly back across the country, but less than two days later they're right back on the field ready to face another tough challenge on the mound. just after they got through a pair of aces for the dodgers,
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tonight it gets no easier. first it's jon lester of the cubs followed by jake arrest i arrieta tomorrow night. as they say, to be the best, you really do have to beat the best. >> you have to go out there, understand how they're going to try to get you out, use your strengths, hopefully take advantage of mistakes and get a couple runs across. >> i don't get into stats or numbers because the only stat that matters at the end of the season is if you scored more runs than them. >> reporter: it's harvey here as matt harvey makes his second postseason start. from the national league to the american league, in the alcs it
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was the royals who blue jays' lineup. in the 7th, a five-run inning for the royals. right now it's 6-3 in the 9th. kansas city looking to take a two games to none lead on the blue jays. back here in flushing, it's still all about game one. we've got matt harvey versus jon lester, all getting underway in just over half an hour. we'll wrap up everything for you tonight after football. there's much going on in the world of sports. we're going to sent back to anthony johnson. for now, laura behnke live outside citi field. >> great job laura. let's go mets. we're gearing up for the jets to tackle the redskins tomorrow
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getting some defensive help. sheldon is back. the giants are gearing up for a big monday night showdown. this game could go a long way to determining who will win the east. see that on pix 11. >> ohio state-penn state. that is the news. thanks for joining us.
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