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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 17, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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performance and the way the quarterbacks worked today sort of effect the way you might use them in the future? >> keep evaluating. we just want to win one and try -- the best thing about 7-0 is a chance to get to 8-0. >> heather: coach, thank you. >> chris: good job dodging a question that many others will ask. want to know very soon what the quarterback plan is for next week. let's go back to heather. >> heather: chris, thank you. joined by j.t. barrett. and you have been incredibly patient. how did it feel to come in and lead this team, not just in the second half? >> it was good. my mindset was just trying to do team win. that's all i tried to do tonight and last week it was the red zone and this week, i got a chance to play in the second that. >> heather: how does your mindset and philosophy change once it goes from the red zone to what it turned into the second half? >> it woubt differentld be different if i just ran the ball, but it was jus going into our regular offense and doing, i mean, normal things. it's not anything different from going red zone to the open
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field. >> heather: what is the key in your mind to making this multiple quarterback situation. coach said it wouldn't work would your personality. what is the key to you? >> for us, it's just knowing that at the end of the day, doing what's best for the team. set. and really doesn't matter who gets the glory, who gets the stats, anything like that. well worry about winning and i think that's the team philosophy. that's what we try to do in the >> heather: certainly worked well tonight. performance. thank you. >> chris: that's what you hope your quarterback would say in that situation. no doubt he wants to get back and be the starter. the at&t strong performance looks at the two 100-yard rushers. barrett averaged more than nine yards per carry. two touchdown passes. elliott, again, with 153, has hit the 100-yard mark, 12 games in a row. >> kirk: just a really nice job by ohio state, having a balanced jolt. you could feel the plan was,
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when ohio state got into the red zone, maybe they would see more and more j.t. barrett like last week. you saw more of him in the open field and it just does. the quarterback threat opens up so many different aspects of this offense where you can run j.t. barrett. you can run zeke elliott and you can use play action off of it, makes it very, very tough to stop. that's who they were last year with barrett until the injury and when cardale jones stepped in. >> chris: they go to rutgers next week. bye, minnesota, here, at illinois. massive fave riflts in those three games. setting up the end of the season. michigan state and then at michigan. going to be interesting down the stretch. >> kirk: it's going to take all they have to stay focused week to week and not get excited about the last two games. >> chris: an ohio statement here in columbus. 38-10 is the final here. tonight's game pro. for kirk herbstreit, heather cox, our entire team here in frosty columbus, chris fowler saying good night. time for the ford wrapup show
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and cassidy hubbarth. thanks, chris. so many wild plays on this showdown saturday. but none crazier than the blunder at the big house. michigan state had a .2% probability to beat michigan before the final play of the game. further proof you always play to the final whistle. ten seconds to go. michigan punting up two points. blake o'neill muffs the punt. recovered by jalen watts jackson for the game-winning touchdown. sparty with their first lead of the day, coming as the clock hits zero. unfortunately, the hero, jalen watts jackson hurt his hip during the celebration and had after the game. stay tuned to for the latest on his status. but michigan state with the improbable win. little brother once again taking home the paul bunyan trophy. they've won seven of their last eight over the wolverines. twild wild, wild win. >> we just came in here,
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had to prove. and, i don't know, you know, i guess we won on a crazy play, but we played hard and with conviction. >> what's this win mean for your program? >> we're 7-0, we advance. that's what it means. that's -- in the big picture, our dreams are still alive. >> thanks, coach. congratulations. >> thank you. another crazy play, florida/lsu. tigers lined up to kick a field goal. trick play. 16 yards. the mad hatter magic at it again. tigers hand the gators their first loss of the season. leonard fournette, 31 carries and two touchdowns. alabama and texas a&m. fourth quarter. fitzpatrick was huge in this game. a 55-yard interception return. his second pick six of the day. alabama wins. derek henry, 236 yards rushing and two tds in the 41-23 win. hugh freeze and number 13 ole miss visiting undefeated memphis. third quarter. paxton lynch.
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throws deep and finds frazier for the 31-yard touchdown. memphis, 6-0 gr the first time since 1961. ole miss, 2-2 since beating bama. usc in their first game after firing steve sarkisian. close game. go ahead td. notre dame scored the final 17 points of the game. they win it 41-31. arizona state and utah over on espn right now. utah leading arizona state, 7-0, midway through the first, kicking off to the sun devils after scoring a touchdown and tim white, gone. 100 yards for the touchdown. arizona state would tie it up at seven. right now, utah up 14-10 in the second, again, this game on espn. number 20 northwestern taking on number 17 iowa. second quarter. wadley. this kid had a game. 35-yard touchdown run here. part of a 204-yard rushing day. four tds.
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iowa wins 40-10. they are 7-0 for the first time since 2009. elsewhere, baylor tying the fbs record for consecutive 60-point games with its fifth in a row. trevone boykin, he's having quite a season. 436 yards passing, four touchdowns and adding a rushing score for his sixth straight four-touchdown game. boykin, man, oh, man. dalvin cook paced florida state with 163 yards on the ground also they beat louisville by 20. desean watson, he had his second career 400-yard passing game in college. that's the ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. have a great week. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm.
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a woman killed hours before she was to board a plane and return home to her sick mother. tonight, friends remember her kindness as police search for answers in her murder. first, it's a w for the mets. they clench the win in dramatic fashion to take game one of the nlcs. good evening, i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joer toes. what a way to -- i'm joe torres.
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what a way to start off the day. >> they never let it go and did it with the home crowd loudly cheering them on and we have two reports. >> we begin with laura bank -- laura behnke with more. >> reporter: after taking care of business in sunny and hot los angeles, the mets earned the right to return home and play in weather that makes it feel like post season football. in a brisk night, they warmed up fans with an impressive start to the national league championship series. they got the party started against the cubs in game one and this turnd into the matt harvey show. they were dealing with all sorts of controversy on the innings limit in season and whether or not he would pitch into october. tonight, though, none of that mattered. harvey allowed two runs on four hits and struck out 9 in 7 2/3
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of an inning as the mets strike first with the 4-2 win. >> and i said how are you doing? and i am going back out. listen, you're getting stiff? he said i am fine. i feel great. >> and go back out. and there is -- i have his back. and you have to believe in him. live at city field, laura behnke, chan. >> and as far as fans are concerned, they braved a bitterly cold night, but they were not disappointed. their celebration. they were not to be denied. this is without question, a
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victory for them. take a look. many fans were waiting for this for many, many years and they were cheering and remembering the highlights. >> and an amazing game. hey, man. i was happy. >> and he started hitting the homer and harvey dominated. that was it. >> and he was pitching wild, didn't he? >> and what was the best part? >> and he got the homer. >> when murphy hit the home run. >> longtime fan. >> they have. especially you get some of them that have been waiting since '86 and saying, you know, i have to have more of the
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tomorrow night and seal a second victory. one tonight. >> interesting headgear. remember, chapel 7 is the station for the met's world for the world series and stay with us for complete coverage. you can find pictures of mets fans showing off their blue and orange pride. and more of those as well and send your pictures to us. and we're going to turn to the weather now and fans at city field felt it. they had to deal with the coldest temperatures in months and there are freeze charging -- freeze warnings across the area and we're sending it to jeff smith. >> reporter: folks dealt with temperatures in the mid-40s and in and around the city and into that northern western suburbs
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and the upper 20s, mooreestown. you're ending the growing season, why we have them in affect for agricultural interests. you will want to protect vegetation outdoors and some potd plants. through much of new jersey and the medhudson valley and up tireior southwestern kentucky. and a free watch in affect for parts of long island and some closer suburbs for new york city. tomorrow night into monday morning and here are the cold facts. most outlying areas can get into the 20s. a thick frost or chilling phrase and we get colder and the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up later in a half however. >> and we'll see you in a few minutes. bracking news out of new jersey. firefighters are on the scene of a large warehouse fire. the fire started around 8:30 on lloyd road in aberdeen township, in monmoth county. the firefighters have contained the flames there and are
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putting out hotspots. the fire departments from neighbors towns -- neighboring towns are on the scene. there are no reports of injuries right now and that building is owned by a company that sells hardwood flooring and lumber. and we're learning new information about a woman murdered in queens. the police found mir yamvilleez samayospoty burning in a bathtub this morning. friends say she was hours away from leaving the u.s. for good. she was heading home to her family in guatemala. now, police want help finding this man, carlos -- [ indiscernible ] he's more from jamaica, queens. >> reporter: a woman is dead and investigators want to speak with her boyfriend, but they can't find him. neighbors don't know if he's still in the country. tonight, investigators continue their work on the third floor of the apartment building. investigators said that the body of 28-year-old miri am
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was found burned in a bathtub in pan a -- an apartment in jamaica queens. friends and family lit candles outside of the building where she was discovered. >> she was a good person, calm and a good worker, a good woman. i am not sure what happened. >> reporter: police made the discover after 4 in the morning. they were responding to a call about a possible assault. now, detectives want to introduce her boyfriend. investigators said they need help from the public tracking down this man, carlos leone. always known as carlos alvarado. >> this is where she worked? >> she work here. >> reporter: her former boss at the bodega where she worked said she recently told him she would be jeffing. >> she came to you and that she was returning to guatemala? >> yes. she was going to guatemala. her mother was sick and that is why she was going. >> reporter: he said she planned to stay there permanently. her return flight was scheduled to leave hours after she died. [ through translator ] i got sad.
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she's dead and she was supposed to leave today to see her family. >> reporter: as investigators continue their work, a man who lied on the same floor of her apartment building is realizing his neighbor didn't get to return to her family. >> when i woke up in the morning and i saw the tv, i was like what happened here. i never thought something like that could happen here. >> reporter: neighbors heard arguing even screams coming from this apartment in the past. tonight, investigators tell us that neigh -- that they have hours of work ahead of them! jamaica queens, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted and robbed a woman in brooklyn. this is a police sketch of the man investigators said followed a 22-year-old into her apartment building in bushwick about midnight on thursday. and he robbed the woman at knife point and sexually assaulted her. hospital. and detectives on long island are offering a $75,000
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gunman who gravely wounded a 12- year-old girl. joyn er was standing in the living room of her home yesterday when a stray bullet pierced a front window hitting her in the head. her devastated family tonight describes her as a radiant young girl with a huge heart who wants to become a school teacher. >> and you always play in those school with the nieces and nephews, especially. always play school with the dogs and stuff. she will be well-remembered. >> deja is listed in grave condition at winthrop university hospital. a man from queens is in federal custody accused of a violent outburst on a plane. police say that alea kuchek of middle village from jfk to palm beach when he ran up the aisle and shoved two flight attendants who allegedly punched another who tried to calm him down.
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yelling racial slurs and plane. he was arrested when the plane landed. and school drivers on long island voted to go on strike today. a decision that may leave thousands of children a ride to school. union members rejected the buses. the company transports 15,000 students to 35 schools in nassau and suffolk counties. the drivers will have a meeting strike. vice president joe biden in new york city tonight. the new clues that he may be closer to a decision about joining the race for president.
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non-profits ghi and hip, now called emblemhealth, have been connecting my family
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who's caring for you? emblemhealth: what care feels like... in the neighborhood. at . the mayor is in israel this weekend for a visit that is almost a right of passage. the mayor visited a school in jerusalem attended by israelis and palestinians, a rare example of co-existence between
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the two sides. >> and i don't want to pretend to understand the newances of the situation. i think it's important as an outsider to not claim to know more than i do. i think this is a larger human reality that peace is necessary. >> the mayor met with the mayors of tel aviv and jerusalem and visited with victims of recent palestinian stabbing attacks. the mayor's visit comes during a spike in violence in jerusalem and the west bank, violence that shows no sign of abating. the israeli authorities said that palestinian, sailants carried out five stabbing attacks. they left at least four palestinians dead and three israelis wounded. the violence initially erupted about a month ago. and vice president joe biden tonight accepted a human rights award here in manhattan. but he did not give any clues on whether he will run for president; how far, abc news has learned that he made a
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indicate he's moving closer toward a decision. the president of the international association of firefighters said that he told biden he, quote, very likely has the union's support if he runs. the powerful union declined to endorse hillary clinton's campaign. a senior citizens is called a hero after he was injured protecting a group of children. the 76-year-old james vernon who was teaching a chess class to about 20 elementary school students at a public library on monday. when police say a 19-year-old busted into the room holding two knives and shouting he wanted to kill someone. he explained how he tract ised the troubled young man. >> and settle down a little, relax a little bit and i will listen to you. all of these people, and dides get out of the room and hey came without warning. >> the teenager lunged at him
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and sliced his hand when he saw the kids were gone. the 76-year-old then managed to shelve the suspect and subdue him until police arrived. and they're working to determine what caused the death of a humpback whale. staff from the river second degree foundation for marine research with coast guard crews and police unions recovered the whale's remains. and the carcass was spotted floating in lloyd harbor this morning. tomorrow, biologists with the foundation will perform a necropsy to try and figure out what killed the whale. and a kangaroo on the loose on staten island. you heard that right. we'll explain how this marsupial from the outback ended up in the area. >> and the coldest temperatures since april. how low will it go and when
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the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's...
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. staten island looked like the australian outback today when people were caught off guard by a kangaroo bouncing by. the marsupial was caught on camera hopping through the parking lot of the auto repair shop this morning. the police found its owner at a nearby home and he said his pet named buster, what else, hopped away from a friend's backyard and people surprised to see him bouncing by were mostly concerned for the animal's safety. >> and very lucky this saturday morning that there are not a lot of cars here. usually -- and they're very busy on saturdays and some cars may run him over very easy lucky this morning, not a lot
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>> and he was moving, wasn't he? pet kangaroos are banned in the city but allowed where the owner lives in upstate new york. the police did not charge him. >> doing a brake job and the kangaroo. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> and question. -- and yeah. there was a tiger in the bronx once. >> and alligators on long >> and exactly. [ laughter ] >> for real. >> and a cold zoo. >> i think he was trying to keep warm out there. very chilly out there this weekend. a big event going on tomorrow morning, and you want to really bundle up and a lot of layers for that. the suburbs in the 20s for the various walks we have going on tomorrow. this is a leave shot now and into mid-town. 44 degrees. that wind coming from the northwest at 14. gusting up to 23 miles per hour and making temperatures feel like they're in the 30s and
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that high on the day to 56 and temperature of 44. normally on october 17th, you get to 63 and we're up to 90 on this date in 1938, the sun going down and about a quarter past 6. right now, freezing and you're below freezing in andover and moent cello, above freezing in caramel and nowhere and western suburbs. the growing season affectively ended with this freeze and west orange right now, 41. 37 down the shore at belmar and there are a couple of rain and snow showers. moving in off of the great lakes and that is not out of the realm of possibility that a shower or sprinkle could make it into the suburbs during the day tomorrow and in the highest of elevations, you might see a wet snowflake or two and we'll check it out for you and at 4:00 p.m., showing white and blue here and maybe a snowflake
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