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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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new york's number one news channel 7 eyewitness news. no haitians. a job ad tells a group of people no need to apply. tonight the community shares its outrage over the discrimination. first, the amazings try to put win number two in the books. daniel murphy on fire again, and curtis granderson, they helped to put the team out in front. i am joe torres. >> i am sandra bookman. another exciting game at citi field tonight. >> if the mets pull this one off, they are two wins away from the world series. >> we are going to starts with laura behnke in the newsroom with the latest on the game. >> the cubs were the only team to make it out of the division series round in just four games.
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so they are the only two remaining in baseball that had a couple of days off before round two. but rest, who needs rest? the mets are certainly proving that. tonight new york trying to go up two games to none over chicago in the nlcs. what a start it was for the mets. three runs in the first inning. all off ace jake arrieta, including a two-run home run by daniel murphy. the fourth straight game with a home run. he ties the mets' post-season. that with a syndergaard struck out five. the mets are leading 4-1 in the bottom of the eighth. the series shifts to chicago for games three, four, and five if necessary. if this score holds up, the pressure on the cubs. coming up in sports we will check in with rob powers who will have reaction from the clubhouse. last night's win, you know, mets fans are eager for another w tonight.
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and orange are packed inside near citi field. stefan kim is there. he has all the excitement. >> reporter: well, sandra, we are at mcfadden's bar at citi field where the fans have been glued to every pitch. the fans here, they know how big of a deal this game was. they are going to go up -- they are about to go up 2-0 in the series and send this to chicago. two wins stand in the way of the world series. die-hard mets fans. what was the pivotal game for you? >> when murphy -- >> sorry. >> when murphy hit the home run. >> reporter: what about you, sir? >> the runs. >> reporter: murphy? >> yes, he made it easy for the pitchers. murphy eased their pain. a little less pressure. >> reporter: murphy has been
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awesome. >> irish power all the way. let's go mets! >> reporter: daniel murphy playing some great of . this series now goes to chicago. the mets could lose every game there and still come back to citi field with a chance to close it out. mets fans prefer for that not to happen and win this sooner than the seven games. that is the latest from mcfadden's at citi field. reporting live from citi field. >> those fans are inside nice and warm. what about the fans outside braving the cold just to be near the action? outside citi field now with those folks and fans. lucy. >> reporter: well, joe, mets fans look like they were going camping tonight with all their blankets and layers. but really nothing got the heart pumping like tonight's exciting game. mets fans came ready for a hot
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their favorite jerseys, blankets in tow. >> a couple of blankets. i got three layers here. >> lot of hot chocolate. >> blankets, jackets, gloves. let's go mets! >> hand warmers. >> i would be here in shorts but my wife wouldn't let me. >> layers, layers. >> go syndergaard. i wish i was there to scream for you. >> reporter: the castlinos came down from stanford, connecticut, with the beautifully grittered sign to learn the cold harsh truth that the tickets they got on the internet were fakes. >> we drove an hour and a half to get there. now we can't got in. >> we are going to walk back to our car and hopefully try to get into game six. >> reporter: we hope they are to game six. meanwhile, this stadium was rocking tonight. mets fans clearly too happy
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about a little thing like the drop in temperature. live outside citi field, lucy yang. >> thank you. brooklyn native and lifelong mets fan jimmy kimmelle got the game started by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. he told rob powers about the experience. >> did i see you shaking off signs there? >> i like to, you know, have a selection of pitches. >> reporter: what did you think of the first pitch? >> you know what? i didn't want to bounce it. everybody said don't bounce it. i never thought i would bounce it until everyone said it. luckily, i didn't bounce it. >> he said he was thrilled to be at citi field and excited to bring his late night show back to brooklyn this week. you can watch jimmy kimmelle live from bam after eyewitness news at 11. that starts tomorrow might. and remember channel 7 is your station for following the mets' road to the world series. stay with us for complete coverage. we are going to turn from the game to the weather.
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you just saw the fans bundled up for tonight's mets game. you need that coat again tomorrow for at least the start of the work week. meteorologist jeff smith is here with details. jeff. >> sandra, temperatures plummeting right now to the coldest levels we have seen since april the 1st at citi field. temperatures around 41. feels more like the low-to-mid 30s with the wind in central park. we are sitting at 40. check out the suburbs. 33 right now in white plains. many of the northern-western areas in the 20s. 27 at monticello. 30s in the jersey shore. there is a freeze warning in effected for much of the area. the only exclusion the five burroughs of the city, the immediate jersey shore. much of the tri-state under the freeze warning until monday at 10:00 a.m. the growing season is effectively over. overnight tonight and tomorrow morning in these areas there. we did have a couple of snow showers in parts of the area earlier today. those have cleared up.
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lows tonight going to the low 20s well north and west. down to 36 in central park. a little bit of a recovery tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. less wind. 52 will feel better than the 50 we had out there during the day today. eventually, we have 70s in your accuweather seven-day forecast. we will detail that coming up a little bit later in the half hour. joe, sandra. >> thank you, jeff. still to come on eyewitness news at 11:00, tonight family and friends deal with of a 12-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet inside her long island home. plus, new york company comes under fire after posting a job
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one person is dead after a fiery crash on the garden state parkway. police say 26-year-old john muller lost control of his car this morning as he exited a toll plaza in paramus. the car struck a concrete median and flipped over and erupted in flames. muller was pro he nounsed dead at the -- pronounced dead at the scene. state police are investigating what caused him to lose control. loved ones gave a final farewell to a mother killed outside a manhattan nightclub. funeral services were held earlier this evening in queens. the 24-year-old was shot near the nightclub in the flatiron neighborhood monday. investigators say delone
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jamison opened fire after getting kicked out. he is charged in the death. in manhattan police are investigating an attempted sexual assault in a popular park. police say a man confronted a 63-year-old woman in the restroom in union square park about one had this afternoon. the woman told police he demanded she perform a sex act bucks she managed to bite his hand during a struggle and ran off. investigators say the suspect may be homeless and is described as being in his 30s with a long beard and he was wearing a green jacket. it looks like an ordinary help wanted ad in the typical penny saver. on closer examination the ad states there are some people who need not apply. eyewitness news report mallory hoffman. >> reporter: joe, it was published here in this penny safer. this is the october 15th edition.
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here is the ad right here. this community tells me they can't believe what they're reading, and now they're looking for answers. a help wanted ad for a nursing position posted in a penny safer clearly states no haitian. >> i see this. racism. >> reporter: carl henry joseph was born in haiti. he said the ad placed by interim health care, inc. should not be top rated. >> come on, this is not right. this is the 21st century. >> reporter: state senator david core lucci agrees. he took note of the ad published in the rockland county penny safer. an area with one of the largest haitian populations in the country. it's also part of the district he represents. numerous residents were sending message on facebook and twitter about this horrific ad that was in the penny saver. the ad placed by interim healthcare is a blatant form of discrimination which cannot be
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tolerated in our community or in our state. >> reporter: senator car lucci took to twitter and facebook to post frustrations. it sparked conversation on social media. >> as you can see, in a matter of hours it's reached over 97,000 people. >> reporter: now he says action needs to be taken. >> i am calling on the commissioner of labor, the attorney general and the equal employment opportunities commission to do a thorough investigation and make sure this injustice is corrected. >> reporter: joseph says members of the community deserve a response from interim healthcare, inc. >> the community needs an apology from the company. okay? and if there is any haitian that work for the company, they need to resign. >> reporter: and we have made multiple calls to interim healthcare. our calls have not been returned. we also reached out to penny
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we have not heard back. live in spring valley, mallory hoff. >> thank you very much. coming up on eyewitness news at 11, mayor de blasio wraps up his three day hip to the holy land with a message of peace. two men attacked off the coast of hawaii. one by a shark.
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quick update before we get to jeff. thin crust pizza rules. mets win 4-1. take a 2-0 lead in the national league championship series over
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the chicago cubs. good stuff there. >> yes. >> 4-1. the temperature at center field is 41 degrees right now. >> what a coincidence. >> you need to play the lottery. >> i do. two numbers. >> we had some snowfall in parts of the area today, especially north and west of the city. one of our viewers sent this video in from pike county, pennsylvania. >> oh! >> this is some -- it's pretty, right? >> kinda. >> that was like dead silence right there. >> it's relative. >> it's there, right? a little bit of snow out there. some of these snow showers mad it all the way in from the great lakes. if you are in the higher elevations of the poconos and catskills, this is in the poconos. you have that better chance of getting flurries today. no accumulation in the viewing area. there was substantial accumulation closer to the great lakes as i will show you in a few minutes. towards midtown from our camera in queens, earlier this evening
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because the wind was gusting up above 20 miles per hour. now it's 12 miles per hour. that will calm down overnight. pressure 30.41 and rising. the high got up to 50. way below normal. the record was 82 in 1928 and the sun rising tomorrow morning around 7:10. suburban temperatures tumbling into the 20s already. it's a hard killing freeze overnight tonight for any tender vegetation or any vegetation or plants outdoors. it's the end of the growing season in those areas. there will be some widespread frost in parts of the five burroughs of new york city and along the coast as temperatures dip into the lower and middle 30s in those locations. still cool tomorrow. i think the wind will have calmed down and there is going to be a lot of sunshine. it won't feel quite as harsh as the past
11:20 pm
with temperatures 70 degrees, into the lower-middle 70s the 39 at newark. flushing. you have temperatures well down that the 20s though north and west of new york city and you have that freeze warning in effect basically for the entire region expect around the city. here is the radar and satellite from earlier showing the showers around. check it out. it could be worse, right? mexico and new york, eight inches of snow here off of lake ontario. they got a bona fide lake effect situation that set up last night into this morning. still cool tomorrow, but sunny. 52. then check out the turnaround on tuesday. noticeably warmer during the afternoon. a high into the upper 60s courtesy of this high moving to the east. we get a southwest return flow behind it. here is the accuweather for tonight. clear and cold. widespread 20s north and west of the city. 36 in midtown. crystal clear tomorrow morning.
11:21 pm
36 degrees. still cool. plenty of sunshine during the day. 52. not as cold tomorrow night. down to 47 in the city. 30s in the suburbs. so about 10 degrees warmer than tonight. upper 60s. on wednesday. getting a sprinkle or a shower on moving on by. a mix 73 ahead of the front. then back down into the lower 60s for friday and saturday. closer to normal for this time of the year. but that's a topsy turvey seven-day forecast. >> yeah, it is. thank you. let's go mets. laura bethke up next with sports. >> you feeling good right now? we keep saying it. what a night for the mets. the amazings are making this an october to remember so far, and tonight it got even better for new york. the mets took on another top pitcher in the league and came
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>> i don't often have you say that to me. so let's enjoy this, shall we? the mets had to get mast two of the pitchers in -- two of the best pitchers in baseball to advance to the nlcs. last night they defeated jon lester. tonight they set their sights on jake arrieta in came two against the cubs. first inning david wright, he han slumping. not any more. the deep double scores granderson. 1-0 mets. next batter daniel murphy there is only one option for this guy. hit a home run. which he does. his fourth straight game with a homer. 3-0 now. noah syndergaard in his second post-season start allowing one run on three hits in five and two-thirds innings. colin grounds out to end it. 4-1 your final. the mets now two wins away from the world series. so that's what happens on the field.
11:25 pm
center field to find -- citi field. >> reporter: another powerful performance from syndergaard. another offensive onslaught for murphy. like you said, the mets two wins way from the world series. they go to chicago after this series two games a lot of people thought david wright might not be the answer. he contributed offensively tonight. terry collins keeps writing his name in that line-up. >> he is a baseball player. he has been in this environment a long time. and, you know, i just keep saying, hey look, keep putting the good at-bats on. it's going to happen. you're too good of a player. david will continue to play as long as he feels like he can, i tell you. >> reporter: all right. so the game is over and the mets are on their way to chicago with this two game stand lead. i am going to step out of the way. you see the crowd leaving citi field.
11:26 pm
their team is up 2-0 in the national league championship series. the next game in chicago tuesday night. and the mets can take that commanding 3-0 lead. we have got everything wrapped up for you all the way through no matter what happens, laura. you know that better than anybody. until then, i am rob powers at citi field. >> go warm up, all right? we have much more ahead in sports. when we return it's week six in the national football league and the jets return to the field after their bye week. the time off, it seemed to work pretty well as they look to take
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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the jets' biggest test of the season is next week in the form of the super bowl champion patriots. let's consider today's task a quiz with them needing major adjustments. this pickup right there 54 yards on the run. he finished the day with 146 yards as well as a touchdown. the jets kept beating them selves. picked off by breland. the jets trail by three at the brach. all of that changed in the second half. fitzpatrick keeping it for himself.
11:30 pm
the jets take the lead. hooked one brandon marshall. 35 yards for the score. 34-20. the jets eventually roll to 4- 1. >> you know, it's not going to be easy in the league. we shook off what we got going. they made some plays in the second half. we came out with a win. >> we were able to hold them to field goals a couple of times instead of giving up seven. >> and monday night all about football as well. especially since the mets are off and the giants visit the rival eagles in philadelphia. watch it on pix11. kickoff 8:30. at the garden one losing streak against another as the rangers tried to halt a two game skid while the devils were searching for their first win. clashing at msg. first period blue shirts on the board first. lindbergh centering pass to stephon. 1-0 rangers. we go to the second and get the equalizer courtesy of daniel murphy henry.
11:31 pm
beast henrik lundqvist. it's a 1-1 game. overtime. with the three-on-three format, it's fast. 2-1 the devils. they get their first win of the season. one week from wednesday it gets real in brooklyn as the mets bus. meantime, two more not so real games to get ready. today nets meeting the 76ers. jack to lopez for the toned down alley-oop. the new guard adding flash. 92-91. the nets win the game. it was an important night at red bull arena as the red bulls played the regular season home finale and had a chance do lock up the first place in the east. all they had do was beat philly. seven seconds in, that is the fastest goal in mls history. the red bulls pile on the scoring from there, adding three more in the first half. 4-1. they do, indeed, win the
11:32 pm
east. the big game though. mets up 2-0. they are in chicago on tuesday. we'll be there. >> i will be there. >> thank you, laura. next on eyewitness news at 11, tragedy on long island. a 12-year-old girl dies just days after she was hit by a stray bullet in the safety of her own home. plus, police put the brakes on a group of moistists gathered for a -- motorcyclists gathered for a party. the reason behind mom this is hugely important.
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the mets now two wins away from going to the world series. game two just wrapped up. the amazings beat the cubs 4-1. >> daniel murphy and curtis granderson led the way. fans are freaking out. >> [cheers and applause]. >> go mets! go mets! >> now the mets head chicago tomorrow. i was caught up in it all. they play at wrigley field on tuesday night. topping our news this half hour, a 12-year-old girl shot by a stray ballot inside her own home has died. >> the community rallied around her family. >> kimberly richardson has the story from hempstead. >> [ singing ] . >> reporter: clutching their little girl's stuff animal, they
11:35 pm
try to find strength during what is no doubt their darkest hour. their 12-year-old daughter dejah passed away after being hit with a stray bullet on friday. >> it wasn't a shot because they had said the diagnosis was zero. i was sad that it happened. >> reporter: more tragic, where it happened. dejah was standing in her living room when someone outside fired a shot. the seventh grader was hit in the head. >> things happened the same. something needs to be done about this stuff, you know? >> reporter: in a tremendous show of support, everyone from anitoch baptist church where dejah was a member rallied around the joyners. the reverend said they gathered to raise the level of hope to counteract the fears that exist here. gun violence that snatched away this couple's child. >> they are in deep pain. crying without ceasing. they are broken. >> reporter: sources tell eyewitness news detectives are
11:36 pm
looking at surveillance video that shows someone getting out of a car walking towards home. a second car pulls up. misses the intended target. >> somebody should do something before it happens. >> reporter: just last week here. much sadness. >> she was just a sweetheart. i couldn't be more proud of her if she were my own granddaughter. >> reporter: everybody tells me dejah was the kind of little girl who, if you heard her laugh, it would you smile. tomorrow grief counselors will be at her middle school as her teachers and friends head back to class minus one student. in hempstead, kimberly richardson. we stay on long island where police arrested han in connection with the burning body found in the otis pike preserve in manorville on thursday.
11:37 pm
body was 36-year-old german guzman. they announced the arrest of bryan rosales mejia as well. prosecutors charged him with second-degree murder. escalating violence continued in israel. an arab gunman opened fire on a bus station in southern israel killing an israeli soldier and injuring ten others. israel further tightened security around the country amid this violence. new york city mayor bill de blasio wrapped up his visit to the country by meeting with the president benjamin netanyahu. cbs's molly hunter has the story. >> reporter: that rite of passage for new york city mayor is a pilgrimage it the holy land. mayor bill de blasio here this weekend. his fourth visit to jerusalem. first since taking office and he arrived to a different city in the face of sky high tensions. >> it's a tough moment right now, as we talked about. it's a tough month. it's a painful moment in
11:38 pm
israel. it's a moment when i am certainly here in solidarity with the people of israel. at the same time we have to think of every way to those who are trying to move things forward. >> reporter: the violence here dominated by palestinians stabbing israelis and daily clashes in the west bank and gaza border. since the beginning of the month at least eight israelis have been killed and 41 palestinians. >> this has to stop, obviously. look, these are attacks on civilians, innocent civilians. we aren't going to be able to, here or anywhere else in the world, to get to peace until civilian life is respected. so i am certainly here again in solidarity with the israeli people who are going through this very painful moment. >> reporter: de blasio set out to do this differently. he met with palestinian and israeli students last night. a rare move for the mayor of the world's most populous jewish city. and he considered a visit to the
11:39 pm
west bank before deciding against it due to security concerns. he visited the west wall twice the jewish people. he spoke out against what he anti-semitism in europe and back home in america. >> there is a deep, deep bond between our city and the land israel. it's palpable. people of all walks of life and backgrounds can feel it and feel solidarity with the jewish people and the people of israel. and that's a blessing. >> that was molly hunter. john kerry confirmed will meet with israeli and palestinian leaders this week to discuss the surge in violence in the region. he will meet with prime minister
11:40 pm
he will travel to jordan for talks with the leader there. hillary clinton is taking time off the campaign trail to answer questions on the deadly benghazi attacks. on tuesday clinton will testify before a house panel about the 2012 attacks that killed four, including the u.s. ambassador there. the panel is expected to focus on what it can considers a, quote, total disconnect between clinton's priorities as secretary of state and the security needs of u.s. personnel. happening tomorrow the government is set to announce new regulations for remote controlled drones. the new rules will require owners to register their devices with the department of transportation. the change follows increasing number of close calls between drones and airplanes, including at least seven encounters at jfk and newark airports this year. the policy is expected to be in place by the holiday season.
11:41 pm
gathered for a party in suffolk county. officers arrested 11 bikers at duffy's ale house in linden hurst. those arrested face drugs an weapons charges. the bikers reportedly gathered to relaunch long island's pagan motorcycle club. opening statements begin tomorrow in a case against a man accused in the mob heist immortalized in the movie good fellows. authorities arrested vincennes asaro after he was accused in taking part in the $6 million robbery at the airport. the prosecutors say he helped plan the heist in 1978. he is accused of spending most of the $750,000 he got in the robbery at the racetrack. eyewitness news was recognized today with a special honor during a sunday church service in brooklyn. the by ways and hedges church in
11:42 pm
east flat bush wanted to express its gratitude for abc's coverage when the church was destroyed by an arsonist last year. despite the loss of their church, members health services at alternate locations and continued to serve the community. by ways and hedges church is still sooking donations and help from the public. coming up, another tragedy under the friday night lights. a high school football player in texas dies after collapsing on the field. the latest on the investigation into his death next. plus, horrifying moments off separate counters. man versus beast. sunday night. meteorologist jeff smith returns
11:43 pm
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new information tonight about a possible bus driver strike on long island. union officials now say they will not strike tomorrow. local 1205 says the strike is on hold because they believe both sides can reach common ground. the union had rejected the final contract offer by baumann and sons bus and voted yesterday to strike. the bus company transports 15,000 students to 35 schools in nassau and suffolk counties.
11:46 pm
a high school football player in texas died after he collapsed during a game. 16-year-old cameron matthews suffered a seizure on the sideline, then was rushed to the hospital where he later died. this is the latest high school player to die following a game. abc's ron claiborne has the details. >> reporter: in tribute and in grief family and friends, classmates and teammates circled the football field where cameron matthews collapsed moments after telling the coach he didn't feel right. he was airlift today a nearby hospital. he died the next day. >> so many people gathering here. very fitting at the football stadium where he spent so much of his time. >> reporter: weeks into the fall football season matthews is now the sixth player to die. although it is not yet confirmed that his death is football related. since 2005, the deaths of 36 high school football players have been attributed to on- field injuries. two weeks ago 17-year-old kenny buoy died days after sustaining
11:47 pm
an autopsy concluded he died of blunt force trauma. catastrophic head injuries occur more frequently at the high school level. one theory why. few high schools have the sideline medical staff that college and pro teams do. >> they are not getting the same medical care that the average college player is getting. >> reporter: with two more months of high school football to play tonight the concern the likelihood there will be more injuries. ron claiborne, abc news new york. we now know what else is taking a bite out of swimmers at a beach in hawaii. a map was attacked at by a shark yesterday morning. another man was bitten in the left foot while surfing in waikiki. they were putting up signs alerting people about the sharks until they learned the second attack was by an eel. they both suffered serious injuries.
11:48 pm
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sports fans aren't the only ones tuning into monday night football this week. a new trailer for "star wars" the "force awakens" will debut at halftime of the giants- eagles game. a poster teasing the film was recently released. it features new characters as well as familiar faces including hans solo, princess leia and chewbacca. it opens december 15. >> just in time for christmas. >> pretty big. >> yep, yep, yep. it's going to feel a little bit like christmas tomorrow around here. it's chilly for october? yeah, you know, we will have a lot of sunshine tomorrow. but the sun is going to be ineffective. temperatures in the low 50s. not much wind tomorrow compared to what we have had the past couple of days. it will feel better. baby steps here towards a big warm-up on tuesday and wednesday. by the middle part of the week we are talking temperatures in
11:51 pm
the middle 70s in parts of the area. live look right now towards midtown, 40 degrees, clear skies, that wind from the northwest. still kind of brisk out there. 12 miles an hour. that will calm down early tomorrow morning. and still this unseasonably cold trough of low pressure over the eastern third of the country. coldest air by far this fall. 10 to 15 degrees below normal. eventually this pattern shifts to the east and we will be in a southwesterly flow by tuesday into wednesday. that will really, really warm things up. highs today in the meantime got up to 50 in central park. it never felt like 50 degrees though because of the wind. it felt like the upper 30s and low 40s for much of the day. it only got in the upper 40s northwest where you had some snow showers at time. 39 the temperature has fallen down to. 40 for the fans celebrating outside of citi field in flushing. 36 right now at teterboro. you have temperatures well down
11:52 pm
into the 20s in places like morristown and sus u.s. consulate and -- sussex and monticello. and that goes in effect to 10:00 tomorrow morning. you see on the radar and satellite we did have some this afternoon. those have is since weakened. lows tonight down into the lower 20s. central park. the 1st. highs tomorrow getting up into lower a little bit milder than today and with west wind it will feel better. then a more significant warm-up with that high moving off the coast, you get a clockwise flow around high pressure and get that wind coming in from the southwest. warmer air will return by tuesday into wednesday. here is your accuweather forecast for tonight. clear and cold, widespread 20s outside of the city. we are down to 36 in midtown as we head into the day tomorrow. 52. still cool, but a lot of sunshine.
11:53 pm
highs getting into the upper 60s. that's basically room temperature. 73 on wednesday. a warm blend of sun and clouds. the only shot at a shower or sprinkle will be thursday with a front moving on through. 73 before that happens, though, and then a little bit cooler. near normal for friday and saturday. bill evans has the chilly details tomorrow morning. >> thank you. it was supposed to be a beautiful wedding. overlooking the city skyline in sacramento. >> but just days before the ceremony the groom got cold feet and the would be bride's family was left with the rented venue and nothing to celebrate. they found a way to turn their heartbreak into a night that they and a lot of other people will never forget. the tables are set. food hot out of the oven and one by one the guests arrive. they aren't the men, women, and children the duane family originally planned to host, but they are happy to do it nonetheless. >> when i found out non the wedding
11:54 pm
back. >> reporter: the would be groom got cold feet and called off the welding. rather than cancel the $35,000 reception, the bride's family invited the city's homeless for a once in a lifetime meal at one of sacramento's finest hotels. >> i think it's very generous. to lose something so important to yourself and give it to someone else is very giving. >> reporter: they came with families, giving the kids a rare night out. >> when you are going through a hard time and a struggle, for you to get out to do something different and with your family, you know, it was really a blessing. >> reporter: while full stomachs and smiles were everywhere, the night was still painful for the duanes. the would be bride, their 27-year-old daughter, stayed home. >> i feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her. had but i will take away something really good from this. i will. >> reporter: turning a night
11:55 pm
their family into one that takes care of others. >> now, part of the $35,000 wedding price tag includes a non-refundable honeymoon. so mother and daughter will take the trip to belize together. >> yes. that's the news for now. thanks for staying up with us. >> eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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