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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  WABC  October 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a short timing a the kids got out of school, and some were clearly upset. parents and grandparents here picking up their little ones were also very concerned. on this first day back since dejah's death, the focus really was on keeping things as normal as possible given the circumstances, but during the day there was some very emotional moments as reality sets in. >> right now it's just raw emotion that we're dealing with. >> kids who are old enough to understand what death is but when it hits this close to home, it's a much different story. >> i've gotten some of the students who lived close to her or live near her, their fear is i live right down the street. that could have been me. >> they are both mourning and memorializing dejah joyner. she was a student here, but the 7th grader was shot in her home friday evening. a bullet meant for someone else outside pierced the front
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window and hit dejah in the head. she died saturday night in the hospital. now a crisis intervention team is in place at dejah's school where everyone is trying to process this tremendous loss. >> i have comforted a couple of student who is had just been with her. a student who says i was waiting for her at the soccer field to watch soccer practice. >> students are busy working on this mural writing messages to dejah, teachers are encouraging the kids to express themselves, reassuring them it's safe to grieve. on this first day back since the shooting and for the future, the focus is trying to keep the students routines as normal as possible under the circumstances. never ideal, something every adult hopes to shield a child from, the hurt, the loss and confusion of suddenly losing a friend. the principal is going out of his way to try and comfort his students.
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>> i also stress to them that, you know, the doctors came in and said that everything happened so quickly, she did not suffer, and i think that gave them a little peace of mind, and they said okay, that's good to know. thank you mr. rios. >> now a family member tells me they are still working on dejah's funeral arrangements. coming up later on eyewitness news, you'll hear from a 6th grader who was inside school today what it was like for her. also one of dejah's teachers, dejah's family. for now we're live in hempstead, kemberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. also on long island, a baby is safe this afternoon after being taken during a car theft. right now police are looking for three people and the child's aunt we understand has now been charged. police say the aunt left a car running with the child inside at a restaurant in bay shore. away. an intense hunt for the car and the 4-month-old baby girl
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started immediately. both were found a few minutes later just a block away from where the car was taken. fortunately the infant was not hurt. the aunt was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. businesses up in flames, a strip mall destroyed in a massive fire. it happened overnight in the westchester county town of mount vernon. tim fleischer there live with the details. tim. >> and david firefighters here in mount vernon have spent the entire day putting water on the hot spots, finally within the last half hour, let me show you they've brought in this heavy equipment and they have now started to demolish this row of businesses for the business owners and the residents in this neighborhood, this is a big loss. >> very bad. >> what denise jones sees now are five viable businesses lost, and above that the apartments for about a dozen people all gone in a fast moving fire. >> i didn't smell anything, i
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didn't see anything from now. >> overnight fire officials say this blaze quickly engulfed the small strip of stores here in mount vernon. >> we had a tremendous smoke pushing out, intense heat in the basement, and it ran right stores. >> and within an hour, the two stories of apartments collapsed to burn. the residents were able to safely escape but they lost everything. >> upon arrival, very quickly it went from a working fire to a 3-alarm fire. >> yonkers and fellow firefighters helped to battle the blaze. >> we just have a good idea that the fire started in the sal's deli. >> next door of the fire is nelson mandela high school power had been shut off due to the fire. >> we were called in to make sure everything is okay on that the building has been closed due to the fire. >> this woman told eyewitness
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news reporter kristin thorne she worked at top cuts salon. >> you're very sad. this was your job. >> she's okay. >> come and get me because my job, i lost my job. >> the owner of the building would not comment, so it's unclear if he is thinking of rebuilding. the loss of these businesses, though, affects the neighborhood. >> everybody in this whole area relied on sal's deli, sal's laundromat, the pizzeria and the cleaners. it was very important. >> reporter: this demolition will continue throughout the night. then they'll be able it get inside and try to find a cause. reporting live in mount vernon, tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we move on to another one in new jersey, ask a huge plume of smoke could be seen over sayreville this afternoon after several cars in an auto repair shop caught on fire. flames broke out at universal auto body on route 35 north
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eventually burning around six cars in a shed. there were no reports of any injuries. israeli authorities say an arab citizen was responsible for a deadly gun attack at a bus station over the weekend. the 19-year-old man killed an israeli soldier and wounded nine people when he opened fire yesterday in we are she baa. betowins have rarely been involved in armed attacks in israel. to politics now and the big question in the race for president. biden says he is close to a decision. there is no timetable. the decision he says will come soon. biden is taking part in a white house summit about international climate efforts this afternoon. he's scheduled to remain in washington tonight and tomorrow. meanwhile president obama's approval rating is rebounding. he's now above 50% for the first time in more than a year. according to a new abc news washington post poll, 51% of americans approve of the
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office. that is his highest rating since may of 2013 and up 11 october. it's a different story in congress where democrats have a 35% approval rating. republicans fared worse with only 24% approving of their job. a mixed dade for stocks on wall -- day for stocks on wall street. as we take a live look at the big board, the dow added 14 points today closing at 17230. the closing bell rang just a few minutes ago, and helping to ring that bell is con ed hero, he was working in the bronx when he saw a child on the window ledge. he rescued the 2-year-old girl just moments before she nearly fell. . just love that music, to say that 2nd baseman daniel murphy is on fire is an
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understatement of potentially epic proportionings. he is the hottest player in the post season and after last night's game he got a whole lot of love from his teammates as the mets moved two wins away from a world series appearance. sports anchor rob powers is here with more. >> potentially halfway through the national league championship series it's conceivable the next mets home game could be a world series game, up 2-0. if the mets win the next two, they sweep. of course the chicago cubs figure to have something to say about that. another win last night, another daniel murphy home last night and enough spectacular play in the field to make the cubs scrape for every base hit. it added up to a 4-1 game 2 victory up two games to none. a travel day today, workout at wrigley field in a few minutes and game 3 tomorrow night. >> you never think, you know, that you're going to be fortunate enough to be in a ball club like this.
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you know, you dream of it. >> the confidence continues to remain high. at the same time we've got to realize that we are going to chicago now. they're going to get their home fans, their stadium. they're going to get back to their comfort level. >> again, the mets workout starts at 4:30 our time at wrigley field. we will hear some of that on eyewitness news at 5. the mets playoff run has been first rate. they continue to try to do it in the second city. >> oh, and they will. we have no doubt about it. thanks rob, and speaking of second city, sports anchor laura behnke and anthony johnson is traveling to chicago. we're going to have more from them as we head into tomorrow's game. >> and we want to see how you were celebrating the met's playoff run. send us your fan photos to our twitter or facebook pages using the hashtag abc7ny. and you can read much more about the mets at a special selection on our website, >> that soon to be free agent daniel murphy picked a great time to get hot. i'm telling you.
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>> timing is everything. >> it was an infamous crime immortalized in the movie goodfellas, now another accused gangsta going on trial over the lufthansa heist, nearly four decades after the crime. >> plus wild new video police want everyone to see. somewhere in that crowd is a gunman who opened fire at a zombie festival. we're going to show you much more. plus this. >> open the window, open the window >> what happened? >> we don't know >> you hear that, children going into panic on a school bus. we're going to tell you what they saw that had them jumping. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. it's time to think about your teeth. come on in: we're outside the nyu college of dentistry, and we're back in the dental van, and these are our patients. everybody correct dental procedure now. all right. we have that. we'll tell you about the free screenings downtown. it's that time of year again,
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and of course your signal. here's what the accuweather forecast is looking like. no root canals. home runs ahead as it warms up in new york city this week back to 70, and it's not as binding as it was over the weekend. get it? for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop & shop. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home.
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it's 4:13 right now. time for a check of traffic on this monday evening. a little bit of a slowdown on the l.i.e. in queens. this is a look at the westbound lanes at greenpoint avenue near the bqe interchange. it's usually busy around that time. at the hudson river crossings, a 10 minute delay. outbound at the holland tunnel, 5 minutes outbound at the
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lincoln and if no problems at the george washington bridge. police in florida have released video they hope will identify the gunman who opened fire at a zombie themed festival. >> a participant in the zombicon charity event was recording video as shots were erupted. old man was killed. . new video of a panic on a school bus when an antifreeze hose started to leak in buss. >> open the window, open the window. >> what happened? >> we don't know >> this is the scene when the hose ruptured in washington state. parents say their children were not checked at the scene, even though the fire department responded. they also say the kids waited more than an hour before being put on another bus to be taken to school where a nurse evaluated them. >> they both said they had stomachaches and their eyes were burning, and they had headaches.
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you know, of the fluids? because obviously it was vaporized. >> a school district says the hose was encased and did not spray any children. it says the 7-year-old bus was inspected this past summer. this week thousands of people in our area will get free dental screenings thanks to the nyu college of dentistry and nursing. >> yeah, it's our annual event with meteorologist lee goldberg who's live in kips bay with a little bit of a preview. i see some help. >> some new friends. >> yeah. >> reporter: yeah, 31 years of this incredible program. can you believe that, guys? >> wow. >> that's just remarkable. >> that's a lot of teeth cleaning. >> reporter: absolutely. big smiles girls. we have sienna to my right, and to my left, linelle. it's so simple you'll think nothing of it, and you got that cool pink toothbrush. are you okay? >> yeah, i'm okay. >> no cavities with sienna. nice big smile. right it our right here is where some of the exams are going on. the dental van will be in brooklyn later in the week.
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the free screenings go for the next couple of days, and it's free dental and oral screenings, free toothbrush and toothpaste and free custom made mouth guards and free diabetes amazing program. lets get to your weather forecast and then we'll talk to one of the doctors here at the school of dentistry. we'll go outside and check out what is a beautiful, beautiful in the 50s. look at central park with some of the foliage coming in. really pretty out there. what wasn't pretty was our temperatures this morning, look at these. i mean it was in the teens in monticello, widespread hard freeze, coldest morning in new york city since april 1st at 35 degrees i'm sure some of you were scraping this morning. while temperatures now have recovered nicely, we're in the upper 40s and lower 50s in the hudson valley and across much of the area, we're above the 50- degree mark. it's crisp but at least it's more comfortable and it nowhere near as cold tonight.
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we have a wind out of the southwest. a few high clouds that are coming in. you look at that planner and we're going to be clearing out with a few patchy clouds. you've got a 6 handle by the time we get to noon. check out this satellite. this is super cool now with our new wind streamlines. with that high pressure that's off to the south, and we have clear sky here. that high pressure that's sitting over eastern virginia, we've got that cold northerly flow, but the core of the cold is now out to sea. all that return flow near chicago, which is why the cubs mets game is going to be so much milder there, we've got a southwest flow, and temperatures there are doing much better. we're in the 60s and 70s there, and that's our future temperatures as we go through the middle of the week as we get back to those 70-degree readings. here's that surface map. our forecast map showing 68 degrees. much milder tomorrow. still coolness in the morning, you're not looking at freezing temperatures anywhere. mid-30s in the coldest spots north and west. then we have to watch that front to our north very closely. it's going to be sitting over i- 90 or just to the north on wednesday.
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i don't think it gets here. as long as we stay on the southern side of that front, you're looking at temperatures that can be in the 70s. there might be a few patchy high clouds from time to time. accuweather forecast. clear to partly cloudy skies tonight, not as chilly. in the city. as we go through the day tomorrow, a high of 68. we're doing much better sunshine, some patchy high much warmer. partly cloudy and how about the lows tomorrow night are warmer than anything we saw over the upcoming weekend. coming up at 4:30, how long will this flow on the warm side of the high last. can we squeak out a few 70- degree days before the weekend chill might try to return. we'll have that in the seven- day accuweather forecast. back at the nyu college of dentistry where i will tell you that the future of your mouth is safe and in great hands with all these dental students here, dr. evelyn nelson has been with us before. 31 years of this wonderful program. tell people how they can get down here and what they need to do. >> certainly. over the next two days we will
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have a wonderful time and opportunity for the community to come out for free dental examinations as well as oral cancer screening, and we have vouchers for that, so they don't have to pay for anything. appointment. all they have to do is come down between the hours of 4:30 >> okay. we also have the opportunity for the young people for our children to have free dental sealants placed. that time is a little bit different from 8:30 until 4:00 week. >> okay. so right at the school of dentistry here, we're at 24th and right around 1st avenue. >> that's correct. >> perfect. next two days 31 years, so successful, and so important for some people, this is their examination that they have during the year. here. dave, liz, we'll be upstairs in the lab. it's time for me to get my screening. >> it's such a great community outreach and really important for folks to look after. they look like they're ready to >> they're ready to go.
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>> thank you lee. >> thanks lee. >> still to come, we've got new details on lamar odom, what friends are now saying about his condition as the former nba star remains in the hospital. >> also for years it sounded like the experts were backing off the no alcohol for pregnant women rule. well now a bit of a reversal and we'll explain. plus this. >> hey, i'm jimmy kimmel, i'm at the brooklyn academy of
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children. have you seen alexandria? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. first lady michelle obama is calling on big names in television and digital media to promote higher education. she announced a new program called better make room that targets teenagers. >> we want to make room for their stories, for their dreams, their achievements because the truth is that right now that space really doesn't exist in our popular culture. >> the program encouraging people to continue their education beyond high school. popular websites and tv networks will promote it with public service announcements and special content as part of the first lady's reach higher program that is designed to expand educational opportunities for young people. and then there's presidential birthday wishes for a very famous singer in this new video [ music ] >> yeah, that's president
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obama singing happy birthday to usher when the singer was taping a pbs show at the white house last wednesday. the the day happened to be his birthday. they took advantage of it. the white house shared the video online and usher post it congratulations. he may film his show in new yorker. he was born in brooklyn, and this week the late night host heads back to his home borough. sandy kenyon caught up with kimmel this weekend and he's here with more. >> liz, don't tell boss but jimmy kimmel is one of few stars that's so much fun to be doesn't feel like work. i was reminded of this when i took a stroll around his set at the brooklyn academy of music shows. >> this looks pretty realistic doesn't it? >> it's pretty good. >> the milbasen deli.
4:25 pm
separate jimmy kimmel's home from the brooklyn academy of music and the man who left as a boy of nine is making the most of his return to his native city. what for others must remain a fantasy kimmel has made happen for himself and for his show. >> we have bill murray the first night, jay-z the next night. >> his visit to the city is not limited to one borough. >> i went to the bronx zoo with tracy morgan, it was pretty funny. >> this is not the first time he has come home. >> tonight i returned to save my people from the storm. >> he helped us heal from superstorm sandy in 2012. >> did that have a special resonances for you because of where you come from? >> it did because you're always more affected by something that affects your friends and family. >> jimmy told me he has hundreds of friends and family members like his uncle tony and aunt joann coming to watch him work this week.
4:26 pm
>> one thing i'm particularly excited about is my class from ps236 in mill basen. a lot of them are coming to the show and we're going to recreate our class photo. >> makes sense for a guy sentimental enough to keep a photo of his childhood home in brooklyn at his l. a. beach house. >> i just like looking at it because it makes me remember living in brooklyn, which is i think the greatest place to grow up. >> jimmy told me he'd tape in brooklyn half the year if he could get away with it, but it's expensive and he brings more than 100 people with him from l. a. thanks to stage manager aleck potter who was especially helpful to on us location. props as well to the brooklyn based stage hands. you can see jimmy kimmel tonight at 11:35. tonight's guests are bill murray and misty copeland who tries to teach jimmy to dance along with music from ryan adams. all right here on channel 7. dave and liz.
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the entire show, 100 people. that is no easy task. >> a lot of brooklyn pride out there. thanks a lot. >> excited to watch. thanks andy. >> it is a trial more than three decades in the making. coming up a mob heist depicted in the movie goodfellas finally heads to a courtroom. >> and a family tragedy, a 6- year-old accused of killing his younger brother. we have the heartbreaking details. >> plus lamar odom showing
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now new york's number 1 news channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 4:30, and all new this half hour, a family's heartbreak. >> a good kid. >> a 4-year-old child is killed, the suspect his 6-year- old brother. >> and a stern warning for pregnant women, doctors now say even the smallest amount of alcohol can be dangerous to your fetus. >> and just if time for the holidays, an online retailer reviews. >> and our top stories this
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heist that was immortalized in a hollywood blockbuster. opening statements got underway trial. >> it involves a $6 million hold of up of kennedy airport that was depicted in the movie. the real life defendant is now 80 years old. eyewitness news reporter sandy kenyon is outside the federal courthouse in downtown brooklyn sandra. >> reporter: yeah, liz and david, this first day in court the mob. new york city, mofia 101, everything from the hierarchy to the social crimes committed. all of this as the government laid out its case against vincent asaro. >> 80-year-old alleged mobster vincent asaro could only listen as the assistant attorney told the jury in opening arguments that he helped plan the infamous 1978 robbery at jfk airport, the heist immortalized in the mob movie goodfellas. asaro was arrested and charged last year.
4:31 pm
the prosecutor today claimed his cut of the 6 million stolen, more than $500,000. on the witness stand for most of the day, former crime family underboss turned government informant sal salvatari and he described head. in cross examination of vitale, the defense attorney sought to portray the witnesses against asaro as murders, liars and turncoats period of timing from their testimony. >> reporter: also expected to testify here over the next few days a former mob boss who is supposed to tell the court that he did get his piece of that lufthansa robbery as well as a cousin of the defendant of asaro's who reportedly was
4:32 pm
supposed to get some of the money, didn't get it and is angry about it, i'm sandra bookman channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you sandra. community in pain tonight after a tragic accident. a 3-year-old boy dead after police say his 6-year-old brother picked up a gun and shot him. 3-year-old ian santiago died after being shot while playing a game of cops and robbers with his older brother at their home in chicago. the 6-year-old found his gay's loaded gun on top of the refrigerator. the two boys were home with their grandfather when the shot rang out. >> i heard a pop, and i came through the door and the 6-year- old, he told me ian's been shot. so i ran down and i grabbed him. he was laying flat. >> the boy's father, 25-year- old michael santiago is facing felony child endangerment charges. prosecutors say santiago had bought the gun on the street and showed it to his sons when he brought it home.
4:33 pm
a reenactment of a wild west gunfight turns frighteningly real when an actor is shot by a real bullet. >> during that gunfight skits in the historic old west city of trombone arizona, actors are supposed to use blanks, and they're supposed to fire them at each other. live rounds were loaded in a gun used in a show yesterday. good condition. the actor who shot him says he showed up late so his gun wasn't inspected like it's supposed to be. all gunfight skits are now on hold as the town draws up new rules to better regulate them. a 15-year-old boy in brooklyn has been charged with criminal mischief for allegedly vandalizing a 9/11 memorial. police say the teen defaced the wall of remembrance at the mcu park in coney island with orange spray paint yesterday
4:34 pm
afternoon. officers arrested the teenager shortly after the vandalism took place. the parks department is now working to clean and restore the monument. >> out of a coma and making progress, former nba player lamar odom set to be recovering after spending days in a coma. odom was discovered unconscious in a nevada brothel last week. >> it was six days ago lamar odom was found unconscious. >> they can't get him to wake up. >> rushed to a las vegas hospital in a coma breathing off a ventilator, and now a dramatic turnaround. sources close to the situation tell abc news the former nba star is able to text, smile, and communicate with loved ones, even reportedly giving a thumbs up and saying hi to estranged wife khloe kardashian who hasn't left his bedside since he arrived. his aunt releasing a statement today saying each day lamar is getting stronger.
4:35 pm
overnight lamar is doing very well. by the grace of god he's doing much better. and members of the kardashians returning to las vegas to join chloe. kim kardashian posting this photo and message, i'm so happy kendall and i could make you smile today. as odom recovers new details are emerging from his three-day visit to this las vegas area brothel where he was found. a bill totaling nearly $80,000, and yet. >> the night before he was hospitalized, you know he had told the girls he wanted to spend that night alone. >> a source tells they plan on moving him to a los angeles hospital as soon as possible. that could happen in the next 48 hours. lauren lyster channel 7 eyewitness news. the muslim teen from texas who was air forced after a teacher mis-- who was arrested after his teacher mistook his clock for a bomb will visit the white house.
4:36 pm
he got the attention of president obama who extended the invitation. mohammad will take part in an astronomy night that brings together nasa officials with teenagers and teachers. police never pursued any charges against him. hard decisions are going to have to be made. tough words today from connecticut governor dan malloy over a massive budget shortfall. malloy said today the state is facing about a $220 million budget gap. he's calling for bipartisan talks that hopefully will lead to a special legislative session to revise the budget. the confederate flag is fueling debate once again, this time at a college of mississippi where students are set to vote on whether the state flag should continue to fly over campus. the confederate army's battle flag is incorporated in the design of the mississippi state flag. this week students at ole miss will vote on its removal. three other public universities in the state do not fly that flag. talk show queen, oprah win
4:37 pm
free has a new role. the big part she's playing for a weight loss company. >> plus, should a mom to be ever drink alcohol? we've got the new guidelines on alcohol for pregnant women. >> and talk about unforgettable home coming.
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
there's a new push for regulations to keep children safe as they celebrate halloween in new york. senator charles schumer is concerned about the dangerous chemicals found in some novelty makeup and face paint. according to the senator, face paint made in china often includes led, nicol and chromium. he's calling on federal authorities to mandate more routine testing for these products. there's a stern warning for pregnant women. doctors say do not drink any alcohol even a little bit. the american academy of pediatrics say drinking any alcohol during pregnancy can be dangerous for the fetus. the academy identifies fetal alcohol syndrome as a vastly underrecognized cause of developmental delay and intellectual disability. meanwhile oprah win free is joining weight watchers but not the program, the actual company. the former talk show host has
4:40 pm
of directors. today's announcement drew other new investors accepting the stock -- sending the stock weight watchers profits have been falling the last couple of years now with oprah winfrey on board, the ceo says they want the move to focus from solely on weight lost to helping people lead healthier lives. a story involves a cancer patient who got a dream dance for his home coming dance. marcus josie got to go to the dance with ms. new jersey. josey has been battling leukemia for six months. he says he didn't initially have a date to his home coming dance in manchester pennsylvania. limb. some of his friends were a yes. >> there's some jealousy. for me. >> everyone should be jealous of me. i have a great date.
4:41 pm
>> she said she was touched by his story and bravery. the home coming was a first for her because she missed her own four years ago. that's a sweet story. >> really sweet. they look so pretty together. >> well, you know this right? i mean, just allow the moment to happen. >> this is my jedi move. >> the force has been awakened. jedis get ready, star wars fever is about to hit a new height. we've got the trend coming up next. >> we're not working with light sabers here, but we do have other tools, accuweather is at the nyu school of dentistry. we are now in the clinic. this is where you would come for your free screenings, and it's time for my exam.
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spectators at an air show in texas watched in horror as strong winds pushed a parachutist off course and sent him hurdling towards the ground. the man was part of a team scheduled to jump on sunday. the performance was canceled due to high winds: unfortunately this parachutist didn't get the message because he had already jumped. he ended up landing on top of a vendor's tent knocking over a lot of merchandise there. the man suffered a broken limb but he is set to be able to recover from all of this. >> the birthplace of a legendary rock album is now on the market. the house where bruce
4:45 pm
springsteen wrote born to run is up for sale. the two-bedroom cottage on west end court in long branch was bought by three fans of the boss back in 2009. springsteen wrote all of the songs for his classic born to run album when he lived there in '74 and '75. you can own the landmark for $299,000. >> they should make that a museum. come on. >> they really should. >> the stories it could tell. >> oh my goodness. >> we've got lee over there. he's about to get his free checkup thanks to nyu college of dentistry and nursing. i'm not going to pass up a chance for a free checkup. there he is. >> how are them choppers looking. >> i didn't actually know, when i saw the bib, i thought, oh lobster. >> they faked you out. >> that was not what was happening. no, i was told dental exam. so dr. morali has been doing an initial survey so far. what are your first impressions? >> solid recession there. >> recession, it's happening
4:46 pm
about with the gums i take it. >> okay. i have heard that before. let's see, wait until you see how many cavities i have. >> okay. so we're at the nyu college of dentistry, and we have our free screenings which they've been doing this for 31 years, and it's tomorrow and the next day. 8:30 to 7:00, free oral screenings. so much to talk about, tell you all about it. right down here at 24th and 1st. it's easy, easy, and it's free. let's give you the accuweather forecast and we'll get to how simple the exam is. we go outside where visibility is fantastic. we've got sunshine, a southwest wind at about 9 to 16. a planner through the evening hours shows it's mainly clear. there will be a few patchy clouds. 46, 47 degrees, so much milder than it was last night. great looking day tomorrowings not perfectly sunny as the warm air comes in it's kind of a transition for us. as we see some high clouds, and that's a sign of some of the
4:47 pm
milder air that's coming in. that will get us into the low 60s by lunchtime and upper 60s during the afternoon hours. it will really feel fantastic, a little bit of a breeze. when you look at the futurecast, the only thing you'll notice is right near the accuweather banner, there's some rain along i-90. that's with the front. get here. it's going to get about as far as maybe albany or down toward the berkshires. start the day in the cool 40s, just some high clouds. if there's a stray shower they can sneak into the catskills. scenario. this front isn't too far from chicago. for mets cubs, a lot milder. it will be so much more comfortable for both teams to play. but there was a 30% chance of a shower out there. there is a front nearby. it's light. it's not going to cancel the game or anything like that. let's look at the seven-day accuweather forecast. temperatures tomorrow will be in the upper 60s. feeling much more comfortable. still a cool start in some suburbs, but much more comfortable. then you have a couple of great days in the 70s. look at the overnight lows, warmer than we saw all weekend long.
4:48 pm
we'll probably peak, especially away from the coast on thursday in the low and mid-70s and then kind of back to reality, even below normal. sharply cooler on friday at 58 and the weekend's mostly sunny pleasant into the middle 60s. one thing you really notice about this seven of day accuweather forecast. there's not much rain. there might be that shower or sprinkle with the front on thursday. over the weekend it looks dry as well. nice weekend as we start nearing the end of october, which is unbelievable. we're not going to have that sharp chill over the weekend. some folks have certainly some anxieties about coming to a dental exam. it's at the clinic here at the school of dentistry. how long will it take and how simple is it? >> w. to look at if you have abnormal tissue and it's a very straightforward exam. >> how long should it take? >> 15, 20 minutes. >> so quick, so easy, and i also wanted to give credit to
4:49 pm
my other doctor. your name again? >> -- we have the free dental screenings. i forgot. free diabetes and blood pressure screenings thanks to the school of nursing and don't forget to come down here, get free toothbrushes and it is really easy. comfortable. the student doctors are fantastic and this is one of the best schools in the world. guys back to you for now. >> wow. >> i love it when doctor just fixed her bib, your lobster bib, which was askew. >> they have no idea what they're in for right now. >> that's exactly right. >> let us take away from the camera for a second so they have their privacy for a moment. we'll talk to you later. here's what's trending on this monday, and star wars is all the buzz, today especially when you combine jedi nights and storm troopers with monday night football. tonight during monday night game on pix11 a full trailer of the upcoming star wars force awakens will air.
4:50 pm
[ music ] >> okay. okay. >> don't you just love that music? just brings you back. >> i know, i get the same feeling. >> and look at this, on top of that a final poster of the upcoming movie was just released but what is missing from it all is causing a lot of chatter. hashtag where is luke is all over the place. he's not in the poster. we know he's in the movie. december 18th. many theaters started selling preorder tickets for the premier today. the demand actually crashed some websites. not surprised disney is the parent company of lucas films. the force is with justin timberlake he was just inadulted into the memphis hall of fame. he fought back tears as he thanked his wife jessica beal for all her support and wrote thank you to the city and the memphis music hall of fame for last night. i'm truly honored to share this with all of you hashtag my town, hashtag all heart. speaking of great singers did
4:51 pm
adele just tease her next album during a commercial for britain's x factor? take a listen. >> it's me. i was wondering if after all these years >> the song just popped up without any more -- just nothing, it just popped up and it's now fueling a lot of speculation that it's adele's third album that's about to release. a nice teaser. >> from the latest in music to the future of getting around, check out the segue for the masses, a chinese company bought segue and come up with this mini version expected to sell for $316, no word on when this will hit stores in the u.s. we may have found the fanciest bird out there. harley the cockatoo doesn't just slurp water out of a cup. he uses a spoon to show his manners. >> as always check out the trend online, abc7ny.
4:52 pm
of course we cut out the video just before he uses the spoon. >> is lee supposed to be the cockatoo? >> do you see what happens there? >> yes. >> all right. come.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
a retail giant, amazon, declairg war on people who post fake reviews. >> a thousand unidentified people accused of posting bogus reviews. >> reporter: those online reviews. we rely on them to tell us where to stay, what books to read, which clothes to buy. but are real people really writing them?
4:55 pm
than a thousand allegedly fake reviewers, offering their services on the online marketplace for placing ads like this one, promising an awesome 5-star review for just $5. >> if people start noticing there's a lot of fake seeming reviews, they're not going to trust amazon. >> look how easy they are to find. i go on fiver, type in amazon reviews. and just like that dozens of people offering to write a review for $5. >> reporter: in the complaint filed last week, amazon calls the fake reviewers' actions unfair and deceptive, adding they knew amazon's policies prohibited fake reviews and paid we actively remove services that violate our terms of use and respond promptly to any reports of inappropriate
4:56 pm
i spoke to 17-year-old casey sailor two years ago who said she wrote hundreds of glowing reviews for $4 a pop. >> next day they were working on my bathroom. >> reporter: she's not advertising on fiver and not part of the lawsuit. >> i feel like these people are going to pay somebody to write a good review anyways so it might as well just be me. >> have you ever renovated a bathroom? >> no, i'm 17. >> amazon's efforts in this lawsuit will result in fewer fake reviews because it's clear they're getting serious about stopping the problem. >> that was rebecca jarvis reporting. she tells us fiver is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit. eyewitness news at 5:00 begins now. >> new at 5:00, concerns about what will be one of the most popular gifts for the holidays. tonight a new proposal to make
4:57 pm
thing before using it. first new details about a frightening car theft. a 4-month-old girl inside when thieves jump in and drive off. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter in for diana. police are still looking the car. it happened in bay n.j. burkett is in central islip with new details police revealed just this afternoon. >> that's right, the suffolk county courthouse central islip, long island where the little girl's aunt was charged with child endangerment this afternoon. yes, the little girl is fine. her mother is probably more relieved than any of us could possibly imagine, and the car thief is on the run tonight. >> reporter: the child's mother was reunited with her 4-month-old daughter after what must have been the worst 15 minutes of her life. it was an alert suffolk county police officer who spotted the car abandoned on a side street with
4:58 pm
the baby girl strapped in to her car seat.
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