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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ward being offered to find the killer of dejah joyner. >> it bullet came through the house hitting her in the head. today her heart broken classmates mourned her death. >> kemberly richardson in hempstead with the story. >> bill and liz, these little ones are having a tough time sorting through this. on friday dejah, all of her friends left here for what they believed would be a normal weekend. it wasn't. we now know dejah was standing in her living room, handing her older brother a plate of food she had just cooked. a bullet pierced the window and she collapsed. >> a lot of people were crying and it's like really sad. she didn't live to see like 20. >> reporter: a sobering point that's even more disturbing when you hear 11-year-old kiara say it as the 6th grader and others left hempstead middle school today. it was clear things were different. >> i just really feel for them.
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i just really feel for the family. >> reporter: she was a typical 12-year-old, a girl scout who loved to dance and sing. but without warning friday a bullet met for someone else hit the 7th grader in the head. dejah was standing in her living room. the single shot pierced the front window. family members tell eyewitness news seconds before dejah had just cooked dinner, walked in to the room, and was handing her older brother his plate. she was shot and collapsed. today on this first day back to school, a crisis intervention team is in place here at the middle school, also at the high school where dejah's brother plays football. karen is raising money for dejah's family. >> my friends and i, we wanted to make sure that the family was taken care of. it's really all we can do. we can't bring her back but we can make it a little bit easier. >> reporter: the kids are writing touching messages to dejah who recently wore this tiara to school for her birthday.
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>> the next day she brought that crown to me. i still have it and i'll be keeping it. >> reporter: heading home they realized their reality looks a little different. a tough pill to swallow. >> my granddaughter sits in my window and does her homework, eats dinner there. same window just like that. i just started crying. it could have been my granddaughter. >> something we're hearing here over and over. no word yet on funeral arrangements. those grief counselors will be here for as long as they're needed. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. also on long island, thieves on the run and an aunt arrested after a car with a child inside was stolen. police say the woman left the vehicle running when she ran in to a sandwich shop. this happened in bay shore this morning. a thief then jumped in, took off. a quick and intense search leading officers to the abandoned car and unharmed baby one block away.
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arrested for child endangerment. heavy equipment is tearing down what is left tonight of an apartment building and five businesses in westchester county that were destroyed by a fast moving fire. the fire broke out in mount vernon and quickly spread. within an hour it caused two stories of an apartment building to collapse. thankfully no one was hurt. about two dozen people are now homeless tonight. power was shut off in the area causing nelson mandela high school to be closed today. an aging memory of the mafia on trial tonight for his alleged role in one of the most in history. we're talking about the luponza heist. 6 million dollars of gold stolen. it was the plot of the movie "goodfellas." one of the sandra bookman with the story for us. >> it was an eye opening first day here in federal court in
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look at the inner workings of an organized crime family, we also got a glimpse at how the government is hoping to get a conviction in this nearly 40-year-old case. >> reporter: the prosecution wasted no time in court pointing the finger at now 80-year-old vincent desaro has one of the mobsters behind the robbery. lindsey told the jury, quote, the defendant is a gangster through and through. he lived and breathed the mafia. girtis claimed his cut was half a million dollars. it's still the largest armed robbery in new york history. dramatized in the 1990 film "goodfellas" the gunman got away with a million dollars in jewels and $5 million in cash. most were murdered on orders of the heist mastermind, portrayed in the film by robert
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can nero. -- robert de niro. they linked the murder to asaro who was arrested and charged last year. the first witness on the stand today was former mob underboss turned government salvatori vitali. the defense attorney tried to paint vitali as disloyal and out to profit from his testimony. she also underscored the 11 murders he previously confessed to committing. saying, quote, too many murders to keep straight, right? >> prosecutors say asaro spent most of his money in a loan sharking business as well as gambling. they also say he gave $100,000 as a tribute to the crime family.
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according to prosecutors is to give a share to a cousin that was also part of the heist crew. that cousin is expected to testify against asaro in this trial. we're live tonight at federal court in downtown brooklyn, sandra bookman, eyewitness news. >> that should be interesting. we're going to move on now, you hear that music. to the mets. they're just two wins from the world series. the team is now in chicago for game 3 tomorrow. the mets lead the series 2-0, winning the first two games of the best of seven series. we have two reports tonight. sports anchor rob powers is here on preparations for the big game and aj ross talking to mets fans in the bronx, the home turf of the yankees. >> games 1 and 2 couldn't have gone better for the mets. now they're on the road and there's an old saying that a seven-game series doesn't really the road team wins a game. the mets are now the road team in this series. workout at wrigley
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chance to see a place where they haven't played all that well lately. mets haven't won a game at wrigley since may of 2013. so they know what they're getting in to here. they're young and up in the series but that doesn't mean they're going to let up on the gas pedal bit. >> we've come in here a lot of games and had very well played games here in wrigley field and got beat so we are certainly aware that we've got to continue to push forward. >> game 3 in chicago tomorrow night. the mets look to go up 3-0. the mets leave most of their fans here at home but you can find mets fans even in the shadow of yankee stadium. let's join aj ross in the bronx. aj. >> i've got to tell you, kind of like an alternate university out here. tumbleweeds blowing. yankee stadium shops are closed as the traditional bronx postseason excitement. it's been transplanted across town to queens.
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find some mets fans, a few rare elusive mets fans and they say their loyalty and excitement, it knows no boundaries. >> reporter: despite living in the shadows of yankee stadium, bronx native francisco rodriguez has been a mets fan since the 1960s, loyal to his favorite team even in spite of his own family. >> most of my family are yankees fans. i'm the only mets fan in the family. and i got a big family. >> reporter: rodriguez admits it's surreal to now see 161st street so eerily quiet and barren. across town new life has been breathed in to citifield. >> not too many mets fans in the bronx. we are a few but we can handle. >> you're few but you're powerful. >> exactly. >> reporter: angela mercado lives two blocks away from yankee stadium and is one of only a handful of mets fans in her building. she said it
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hasn't been easy being surrounded by pinstripes. >> we always get together and talk about it, what's going to be our day. so finally came. >> reporter: now she and others are hopeful this blue and orange tide may turn more baseball fans in a different direction. >> i've been praying. i say god please let it happen this time. >> you think they're going to take the world series this year? >> oh, yeah. we're going to do it in less than five games. >> it was hard to find a few mets fans over here and even harder to find mets gear but nearby store owners i spoke with say if the mets take it all the way, they would be willing to make some exceptions. wouldn't that be something? >> they'd be willing to make some money i'm guessing. more with the mets coming up in sports. we've got news on matt harvey for you in a few minutes. but for right now a chance to catch your breath, bill, liz, and think of what might be in store for this team. >> all right, rob.
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you in a few minutes. laura behnke and anthony johnson will be there and you can watch their reports here on eyewitness news. we want to see how you're staying true to the orange and blue. mets fans can send us their pictures by using #abc7ny. historic house on the jersey shore, that's where bruce springsteen wrote born to run, now up for sale. wait till you hear how much this cottage will cost you. bruce could afford it with about a week's salary. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. frost met the flowers this morning. great early morning shots coming from the hudson valley. then sun came out and went to work. it's about to go to sleep right now but we're at 51 degrees. won't drop very much tonight. nice warmup in the 7-day forecast.
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new at 6:00, it was just a tinny bungalow on the jersey shore except for one very big thing. >> inside that tiny bungalow 30 years ago bruce springsteen wrote his "born to run" album which many critics say is one of the best albums in music history. >> the two-bedroom house is for sale on the monmouth county beachside city of long branch. here's toni yates. >> reporter: welcome to where
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some of the classics were born. >> he wrote his debut album of "born to run." >> reporter: 7 and a half west end court. tiny bungalow big on it's where the boss called home. three owners bought the cozy spot in 2008 in the meantime they've been renting it out right now to a couple of guys who didn't realize a previous renter was one of their idles. >> apparently my bedroom was where his piano was. >> my mom is very friendly. some people showed up and asked if they could come inside so of course my mom let them inside.
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>> i'd say this is probably where he did most of his writing. it's a nice wide open space. great backyard. >> reporter: but hey, it's got music history. the boss slept here and it's only one block from the beach. the bungalow has been on the market for a little less than two weeks. it's listed at $299,000 which is actually a steal for any bruce springsteen fan. in long branch, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> it's awesome. >> liz, it's your house. >> we should all pool our money together. just ahead on eyewitness news, snow comes early to parts of new york. snow. something you can do now to legally make your winter driving safer.
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. yes, there was a temperature drop here over the weekend, but it actually snowed in mexico.
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some parts in oswego county saw up to 9 inches of lake effect snow. drivers all over new york state are not allowed to start installing snow tires for metal studs for winter, at least not yet. but they are allowed. >> all three of him looked at him like what? >> are allowed. why would we say not allowed? >> the same person decided to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers. >> getting some looks taking the baby to school. 1st grade parents are going -- >> knew that was the reason. [ laughter ] outside we go tonight where we have a beautiful time lapse of the sunset which occurred just 9 minutes ago. there it is over new york harbor. so a lot of traffic on the harbor and not much of a chop because we had less wind today and it's a we've had many of them. in october we'll have another couple as we go live look
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downtown. the empire state building is in purple and red tonight. and it's because of gabrielle's angel foundation for cancer research and the angel ball. our temperature at 6:00 is at 61. southwest wind, 5 to 16 and the barometer on the fall. high today, 53. nice recovery but still 10 degrees above average. weather headlines look like this. not as cool tonight. 30s in our suburbs. cool tomorrow morning but not below freezing and a nice turnaround tomorrow. upper 60s. add another 15 degrees to today's highs. warmer. only in the 70s as we get in to wednesday and thursday. then we'll cool it down friday in to the weekend. 19 in monticello. 35 in the park. coolest since april 1st. 29 islip. 28 in bel -- 28 in belmar. these numbers, pretty nice recovery. with high clouds moving in, these numbers are not going to tank tonight. we'll get mid 30s north and west. as
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we go through tonight, 48 degrees. few patchy high clouds. same idea overnight. by noon time tomorrow after that morning chill, just a light fall jacket. satellite is clear right now. this is the coolest map in the northeast. see the clockwise flow around the high. then that surge of southerly winds. there's a front that stays to our north. look what's going on to the numbers. they're popping in to the 60s and 70s. much milder at 68 degrees. the key is this front, even though it's sagging down to the northeast, it doesn't get all the way to us. just patchy clouds, 73. more of the same on thursday. chicago is already in the mild air so you go 65 for first pitch tomorrow night. 30% chance of a light shower in the area. foliage, poconos, catskills. we're peaking close to the hudson valley. 47 tonight. partly cloudy. upper 30s north and west. tomorrow is a beautiful day after a cool morning. 68. partly cloudy and
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and thursday. and then dress a little bit more warmly on friday. 58 degrees and cooler as we go in to the weekend. sunshine across the board. >> shorts and flip-flop weather, no question. rob is up next with sports. >> definitely baseball weather. the mets continue to ride this postseason wave. today they rode it right to chicago. straight ahead, we've got the latest on the nlcs. plus, big blue on monday night football. fans may not like the prognosis tonight. "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have
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it was the best case got. they keep looking for the better, bester case scenario. matt harvey's triceps according
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swollen, hit by a batted ball in game 1 of the series. he's set to start game 5 but mets are watching him. game 3 of the nlcs with the cubs tomorrow night. mets are two wednesday away from advancing here. jacob degrom gets the ball tomorrow. he could bring the mets one step closer to the world series. >> that's what we play for. we play to get this chance and you never know how many times you're going to get it so when you make this chance you want to make the best of it. >> he's a very, very good pitcher. >> the mets certainly have the cubs on the ropes. they've beaten the top two pitchers. daniel murphy is turning in a poe season for the ages, homers in four straight playoff games. the young met pitchers have quitted that attack. looks like there's always somebody there in blue and orange to make a play.
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mets have the advantage but cubs are not out. >> anything is possible, man. you've got to throw that jab. you've got to stagger the other guy a little bit and get momentum going back in your favor. let's get to football. jets are 4 -1 after a big second half yesterday. runningback chris ivory racked up 196 total yards, running around and through the skins' defense. wanted no part of that physical style. jets defense quickly turning in to one of the best in the nfl. biggest reason, darrelle revis snatched his third interception of the season. ryan fitzpatrick, not flashy but he continues to be solid at quarterback. 18-yard touchdown scramble gave the jets the lead for good. brandon marshall had a 35-yard score. jets pulled away for a 34-20 win heading in to new england next week. >> it's not going to be easy in this league. we shook off and we got going. they made plays in the second half and came out with the win. >> we've got to continue to get better.
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i think we took a step in the right direction this week. the giants hit the national stage later tonight at philadelphia, monday night football. three straight wins will move the giants to the top of the division. no brotherly love tonight. >> we got to do our job. we've got to go out there and play smart, handle the crowd noise, hopefully get off to a fast start and try to calm them down. >> tonight 8:30 on wpix, channel 11. finally from us, it's that time once again when alliteration runs wild and we glance in to the future. monday night football on the pigskins prognosis. 3-2, giants at 2-3 philly. monday night football. eli manning coming off one of his best games against the 9ers but beckham and randall nursing
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philly seems to be playing better and history on the eagles' side. the giants are banged up. they've been able to push through but tonight eagles push back. prognosis has the giants losing 33-23 on the road. the saving grace, your results may vary. >> that's the saving grace? >> we usually say. >> you hit the big screen on your way over. let's take a look at what's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. a new poster lighting social media on fire. tonight we'll show you the brand new star wars trailer that has everyone including lee going gaga. plus more than half of foodservice workers admit to doing this. when you find out what it is, you'll rethink your next meal. tell you at 11:00. that's it for us for now. thanks for watch ing. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho.
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