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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 20, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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an action-packed trip to the dark said. it's 30 years after "return of the jedi" and brings back carrie fisher and harrison ford as han solo. >> strong. >> reporter: appearing in scenes with new characters portrayed by actress daisy ridley. ex-wing fighter pilot getting plenty of face time. and adam driver speaking out here as this movie's bad guy. >> finish what you started. >> reporter: still no glimpse of luke skywalker, hero of the original trilogy. absent from the movie's poster released sunday, leading some fans to worry. j.j. abrams directed "the force awakens," the seventh installment in the "star wars" series, and there's been a steady buildup for anticipation about any details of the movie. preorder tickets are available for sale with sites of some
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online vendors already crashing under the demand. some theaters will be hosting marathon screenings of every film in the series. leading up to the movie's debut december 18th. start popping the popcorn. thanks for watching abc news. good into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we are online 24/7 on our online facebook page and good night, america, see you
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charges tonight in the death of a 5-year-old girl. a little girl killed when a cab jumped the curb all because cops say the driver didn't take his medicine. >> it makes me sad because i
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don't have anymore happy days with her. >> tonight the child's heartbroken family talking exclusively to eyewitness news. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. that crash in the bronx last march tearing a family apart. seven months later they say justice is being served. >> lucy yang in the concourse village section with the exclusive interview. >> 5-year-old tierre clark was the youngest in her family. she loved being called a princess. tonight her parents spoke exclusively to me about their angel, their loss, and now these criminal charges. >> reporter: 5-year-old tierre clark loved singing and dancing, hugs and kisses, and a good party. that's where she spent
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>> it was her last day. >> reporter: for the first time ever, tierre's parents are talking publically about the tragedy which crushed their family. it was a cold and snowy night, march 20th. mother and daughter were on east 1 49th street in the bronx. that's when a cab jumped the curb. a 25-year-old man and little tierre were killed. >> we were waiting for the bus, she gave me a kiss. she was dancing around. and she never even probably saw it coming. >> just before she passed, she was like daddy, you always going to love me? i'm like of course, why would you ask that? give me a hug. >> reporter: half a year later the driver has now been charged. drivers say emilio garcia is epileptic but failed to take his medicine that day and suffered a
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he's now facing two counts of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. >> it's unfair. there's no way to repay the debt that was taken. >> smile more daddy, give me a hug, daddy. have a good day. she used to run my life. >> [ singing ] >> bail for garcia has been set at $100,000 which he did not post. the next court date is scheduled for january 21st. if convicted he could face up to 15 years behind bars. live outside the bronx criminal courthouse, lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. new details in the death of a dermatologist from long island whose body was found in an apartment building in chelsea. the medical examiner revealing
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alcohol are what killed 38-year-old kiersten cerveny. the mother of three was partying with friends on october 5th when one of them called 911, then left her in the building's doorway. he's not been charged. an arrest tonight in a brutal attack on a homeless woman in new jersey that was caught on camera then posted on facebook by the alleged attacker. 25-year-old ivan hunter was arrested today, charged with aggravated assault. police say he posted video of himself punching the woman saturday in a park in atlantic city. the actual punch, too graphic to show. the woman was knocked unconscious and critically hurt. hunter is being held on $100,000 bail. an angry mother in queens tonight looking for the pit bull mix that mauled her 8-year-old daughter. the dog attacking the girl, ripping off half her mouth, and tearing in to her head. it happened on long island city. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan at the scene
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talking with the girl and her family. >> in those moments after her 8-year-old daughter was mauled by a dog, she thought her daughter's ear was gone. there was blood everywhere and it was impossible to see how much damage had been done. the daughter is doing a lot better now, but there are still so many important unanswered questions. >> reporter: 8-year-old catherine still has scars from the 60 stitches doctors used to close her wounds back in august. she can run and play with her brother now. >> they ask permission to pet the dog. >> reporter: pictures from that day are too graphic to show without blurring out the most badly injured parts of catherine's face. 40 stitches around her mouth alone. her mother thought catherine might lose her right ear as well after a pit bull lab mix snapped.
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face and the temple. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: witnesses say this is the dog that attacked her daughter and police did interview the woman who was walking the dog, but catherine's mom says they refused to give her the name of the woman because they say there was no crime committed. >> i want to check if this dog has a history of bites. >> reporter: the family doesn't want money from the owner, they just want to know if there are other medical issues to worry about. >> i just want to see some papers and i want to see some papers about the dog's vaccination. >> we want to be clear that no charges have been pressed against anybody in this case. in fact the police have been clear, they tell maria no crime has been committed but maria thinks at the very least, the police or health department, somebody should be tracking down that dog to find out where it's been.
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for now reporting live from long island city, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have breaking news to tell you about. a school bus strike that affected thousands of students on long island tonight averted. bowman and sons buses and the teamsters union say they've reached a tentative agreement on the new contract. the union had rejected the offer today strike. it transports 15,000 students to 35 schools in nassau and suffolk counties. a tangled web of blame on long island where a woman is charged but the search is on tonight for the man who stole her car with a baby inside. gayle solomon charged with child endangerment. police say she left her car running today in bay shore with her 4-month-old niece in the back seat. eyewitnesss say a man jumped in and drove off. the car was found not far away. the child was not harmed. 70 years. that's the last time the chicago cubs baseball team has played in the world series. new york mets tomorrow will try to get the cubs closer to making that 71 years.
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are up two games to none as they head to wrigley field, the second oldest stadium in baseball. so old, they've never won a world series there. rob powers. >> logic would tell you it might be a different story tomorrow night for the mets, but the way they've been playing and the way things are falling just right, why can't the mets keep right on winning? at wrigley field late this afternoon to get ready for tomorrow's game 3 against the cubs. big hits, good defense. impressive pitching. that's what's carried this team so far. they lead the series two games to zero, halfway to a series win. cubs of course stand in the way. the wins have not come easy in chicago for the mets so they are preparing for a tough game three. >> the cubs play very well here. we haven't won a game here in two years. we understand that it's going to be certainly a different atmosphere but i don't think they get caught up in anything except trying to do what they do best and that's go out and play the game right. >> jacob degrom who won two
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games in the series against l.a. pitches tomorrow night for the mets. up two games to zero. they are count ing down to what could be a trip to the fall classic. we've got more coming up in sports. we'll talk about harvey and his sore arm. a couple former mets tonight dishing out their takes on the team's chances ahead of game 3. former 1st baseman keith hernandez on hand tonight. he's in times square for a special screening of the american league championship series. he says he sees this team in the world series. >> i'm just happy to be apart of it and be in the broadcast booth. i've watched the turnaround. it's been really, really fun. >> former met infielder jose reyes also on hand. he took part in a competition with a chef to see who could concoct the best ballpark hotdog. laura behnke and anthony johnson will be there. we're your station for everything mets.
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in a few minutes, we'll show you what students at one local school are doing. new developments in lamar odom's condition. e news reporting the former nba player has been discharged from a las vegas hotel. he's now being apparently transported by helicopter to a hospital in los angeles for further treatment. earlier today a spokeswoman for odom's aunt said he's overcome, quote, insurmountable obstacles. oscar pistorius home after serving less than a year in prison. he was released from a south african prison today and is now under house arrest for four years. pistorius originally hoped to be released in august but a judge ruled it was too early. last month he was arrested as a potential terrorist. tonight he's a guest at the white house, invited by the president. ahmed mohamed, a teenager from texas, among the guests tonight, whose presence
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was requested at the white house for astronomy night. last month he got handcuffed and made headlines for making a home made clock for a science project. his teacher mistakenly thought it was a bomb. video going viral of a car slamming in to a motorcycle and you may have seen the scary collision. a man and woman thrown in to the road. tonight new details on the man behind the wheel. >> plus, the moment star wars fans have been waiting for. a new trailer and tickets on sale, but could ticket sites handle the huge sales? >> i've only watched it 12 times so far. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. the camera has been bouncing all evening. we're at 49 degrees right now. a gusty southwest wind is helping us with a nice warmup. we made it to around 50 today. we'll do a lot better tomorrow and down the road in the 7-day forecast. >> let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel who happens to be on this side of the country this week.
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and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. a car plowing through the front of a grocery store with deadly results. the car was going in reverse when it rammed through the front of the store. a mother was hit and killed. she was at the checkout with her two children. a 74-year-old woman was behind the wheel. she's being questioned by police. an arrest tonight over a shocking motorcycle crash that was caught on camera. a motorcycle was passing two cars in texas when one of the cars appears to deliberately swerve in to the motorcycle causing it to crash. tonight the 60-year-old driver of the car is under arrest for aggravated assault. new at 11:00, a guilty verdict for the contractor in that deadly building collapse in philadelphia. a jury convicting griffin campbell of six counts of involuntary manslaughter. in his testimony, campbell
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described himself as a scapegoat for the architect overseeing the demolition. prosecutors say he cold the work site and lied about how the demolition was being done. if you're a star wars fanatic, you already know about the debut of the short clip of the trailer you're about to see for the latest star wars movie coming out in december. >> the force. >> this trailer sounding the bell for the beginning of ticket sales for the new star wars: the force awakens. getting them online tonight, anything but easy. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger with the latest. >> we were pretty surprised when we arrived at this movie theater off union square, one of the few that was said to open up the box office to tickets two months before the premier. we had one of these fanatic fans, eyewitness news photographer mike humphries riding along with me all night, blue as can be
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because he was afraid he wasn't going to get movie tickets. he got eight tickets. he's one of the lucky ones because online it's a whole different story tonight. >> reporter: they may have little interest in football, but millions of star wars fans sat through the first half of the giants game tonight to see this. after all, they've been waiting for quite a while. >> that's my whole life, you know? >> reporter: sean snyder is manager of ace bar where yesterday's tweet from disney offered so little notice, he didn't have time to organize a party to watch the trailer. the seventh installment of the star wars series and the first of a trilogy set to unfold over the next several years. the premier is two months from today. immediately websites like fandango and crashed under the demand. sean's friends sat online for more than an hour to come up
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with tickets and in the end, victory. >> it's a good time to be alive. [ laughter ] >> that's what mike thinks after getting all these tickets. we're still two month away from the first day that the movie will actually be shown in theaters. experts are thinking that they could see $2 billion in ticket sales from this movie. tickets that have already sold for hundreds of dollars on ebay, but this movie theater off union square is still selling them for just $15, $25 a pop for opening night. live in the village, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> ebay is costing hundreds per ticket. we have the entire trailer on abc7ny facebook page. lee has seen it a dozen times. watch it over and over again like lee did. full disclosure, walt disney is the parent company of abc. but that makes not a twitter of difference to lee.
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he would love this. >> a lot of star wars fans out there. >> my sons just asked me, are we going to dress up or not? >> you're going to dress up. >> i'll be a jedi. >> you would do that in public in the line to go in the movie theater? >> i've done it many times. very excited about it. can't wait. got to talk to mike. i did not get my tickets. maybe we can talk. out side we go, not a bad night. purple and red for gabrielle's angel foundation and cancer research. our temperature at 11:00 is at 49. southwest wind has been wind. with that type of wind and a few high clouds, our numbers will not really drop off the cliff tonight. there will still be a chill in the suburbs. the average high is 63. we'll surpass that tomorrow. there are your sunrise and sunset times for a really nice tuesday. not as cool overnight. still 30s in the suburbs then a big
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turn around tomorrow as we get in to the upper 60s by the afternoon. warmer on wednesday in the 70s. same thing thursday. cooler air makes a comeback to finish off the week friday. amazing morning. these numbers go back to early april levels, teens and 20s, widespread in the suburbs. hard freeze. at least the allergy sufferers are thankful. 46 in danbury. 50s are wild. smithtown, babylon, and brookhaven. 48 in wrightstown and 39 in monticello. look at the 24-hour temperature change. we're running 14 to 20 degrees ahead of last night's pace in the northern suburbs so we're doing much better. we'll start the day instead of the middle 30s, about 47. still upper 30s north and west but then as the southwest wind continues through the day, 60 by lunchtime. upper 60s during the afternoon. high clouds which i think are more prevalent in the morning and less so in the afternoon hours. radar and satellite show a couple high clouds now. there's
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a front sitting off to the north. a few clouds will break off to that front and dive down in to the tri-state area. there's our high. we get exposed to all this southwest flow, back of the warm front. you can see what happened in the warm front today. upper 60s and lower 70s. that's the type of air that's coming at us especially for wednesday and thursday. futurecast showing the patchy high clouds tomorrow morning. partly to mostly sunny day. nice recovery in the afternoon as we get to 68 degrees. here's your accuweather forecast. partly cloudy. not as cold. 37 to 45 in the suburbs. still need the jacket early then it's great during the afternoon. much warmer, 68. tomorrow night, partly cloudy. mild. by the way, first pitch in chicago, 65 degrees. 30% chance of a shower. 7-day accuweather forecast. 73 on wednesday. chance of a shower on thursday is not a big deal. 73. much of the day is dry, then much cooler but pleasant. upper 50s, lower 60s. that rain is not going to interrupt the game. just a passing shower.
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coming up next, 50% of service workers in the food industry say they do it, and it might have you rethinking your next meal out. >> a country star now suing a
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country singer blake shelton is suing a tabloid for defamation over a cover story alleging he's a heavy drinker heading to rehab. it said heavy drinking contributed to his divorce. he says it's false and he has no plans to go to rehab. the lawsuit is seeking more than a million dollars in damages. in touch is not commenting on the lawsuit. a new survey finding most food industry workers still go to work when they're sick. a poll by the center for research and public policy found 51% of food workers say they always or
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frequently go to work when they're ill. many say they can't afford to lose pay or can't let coworkers down. unsettling, when you consider infected food handlers are the source of most foodborne virus outbreaks. enjoy that hamburger. rob powers up next with sports. >> giants on monday night football. we'll check in on how big blue is making out in philadelphia. from philly we go to chicago. we check in on the national league championship series as it lands at wrigley field. game 3, less than 24 hours away. and the night on ice, a new backup goaltender for the rangers in his mom this is hugely important.
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anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. yes, mets fans, this could happen. it could happen. >> going to take it one game at a time, one pitch at a time. the mets' recent history at wrigley field not so great. they're going to try to reverse that tomorrow. game 3, the scene shifting to chicago. mets worked out this afternoon,
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zero. the mets have jacob degrom pitching game 3. >> it's a lot of fun. that's what we play for. we play to get this chance and you never know how many times you're going to get it so when you get this chance you want to make the best of it. >> matt harvey took a comebacker off his arm in game 1. still the scheduled starter in game 5 against the cubs. >> i think the big time will be tomorrow. that will be a day he want to throw anyway. we'll have to make our judgments how he feels after tomorrow. in the american league, kansas city took two games at home, but the series moved to toronto tonight. royals jumped ahead. top of the 1st inning. look at the play, kevin pillar makes it to center field. he's okay. jays rally and take the lead. goins is going to left field with runners on 2nd
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and 3rd. pillar goes flying through the air to score. troy tulowitzki hit a home run. so did josh donaldson. 11-8. the jays win . they're now down in the series two games to one. on to football now. a philly game is always a big game. the way this is shaping up, a division win is going to be important no matter who gets it but keep in mind the eagles want one as well. sloppy game on both sides. penalties, turnovers, it's ugly. giants scored on their first possession and not again. 27-7 eagles in the 4th quarter. big blue being outscored 27 unanswered points here trying for a fourth win. jets news today. they lose receiver quincy for four weeks, violations of the nfl personal conduct policy. on ice tonight, the rangers at home against san jose. second night of a back-to-back. henrik lundqvist takes a break. rangers on the power play, matt zuccarello for a lead.
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