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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 20, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the wait for joe biden's decision for a possible presidential run. after setting and passing deadlines, new heights in the speculation. is he in or out? live in washington. oscar pistorius released from custody after spending one year behind bars for killing his girlfriend. could he go back to prison? developing now, a turnaround for lamar odom. breathing on his own and flown to another location overnight, the new details just in. and "star wars: the force awakens," chewy, the lightsabers and princess leia. websites crashing and the fans buying more than 100 tickets at a time. we begin with a rampant
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speculation about what joe biden is about to announce. >> the vice president is nearing a decision on a potential run but what he'll say and when he'll say it is anyone's guest. >> "the washington post" jumped the gun accidentally publishing a story headlined biden to launch a presidential campaign. the paper blamed it on a technical glitch and abc's stephanie ramos is in washington with more on biden's next move, oh, lots of tongues wagging. >> reporter: true. still no word as to whether or not vice president joe biden will run. but he is under some intense pressure as to whether or not he'll jump into this race for president. will he or won't he join the 2016 presidential race? that is still the biggest question looming over vice president joe biden. >> this is intensely a personal decision for anybody to make. he understands the time and pressure he's under but will make a decision when he's prepared to make it. >> reporter: everyone but biden
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is weighing in on the decision especially supporters. >> it's about respect. >> reporter: two videos out, lots of questions. >> have you made your decision yet? >> reporter: and still no decision. but how about this? subtle comebacks from biden potentially aimed at the two democratic front-runner, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> i don't consider republicans enemies. they're friends. >> reporter: a possible response to clinton's debate answer when asked which enemy she is most proud of. >> probably the republicans. >> reporter: clinton later calling her answer tongue in cheek and was this for the self-described democratic socialist bernie sanders. >> i'm one of these guys, let's go after the rich and powerful and they're the problem. they're not a problem. >> reporter: polling on the democratic side voters think hillary clinton is a stronger leader than biden but the vp is more likable. we've recently learned that biden sat down with potential
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supporters and democrats in early primary states so we should hear any day now whether he will jump into the race and patiently stand by if there is such a thing. back to you. >> we have been patiently awaiting. stephanie ramos live in washington. thanks stove. >> seems like we've been waiting a long time. on the republican side the two top gop presidential hopefuls are asking the government for secret service protection. the request from donald trump and ben carson being reviewed by the homeland security secretary and taxpayers would foot the bill for this. such requests are not unusual for front-runners at this point in the race, both candidates have made controversial comments about ethnic and religious groups and both are attracting large crowds. democratic presidential candidate jim webb may be ready to jump ship. webb is now considering running as an independent and he's holding a news conference today to discuss his candidacy. webb repeatedly complained about not getting enough talk time during last week's democratic debate. well, historic elections
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with a landslide victory. justin trudeau becomes candidate's second youngest ever prime minister. his liberal party agenda includes legalizing marijuana and taking in for refugees and beat out stephen harper who had been in office for nearly ten years. the sporty 33-year-old trudeau is following in his famous father's footsteps. pierre was prime minister for much of the '70s and '80s. oscar pistorius is out of prison in south africa paroled yesterday a day earlier than expected after spending nearly a year behind bars for the death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. pistorius is under house arrest and will remain that way for the next four years. prosecutors are appealing his manslaughter conviction hoping to have it changed to murder. if that happens, pistorius would return to prison for 15 years. back in this country lamar odom has been reportedly been discharged from a hospital in las vegas and moved to a facility in los angeles.
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and reality tv star was brought to l.a. last night by medical helicopter. odom's family says he is alert and that his condition is improving. odom was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada a week ago. well, japan confirmed the first case of cancer linked to work at the fukushima nuclear plant that suffered a meltdown in march of 2011 after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. a worker at the plant now being treated for leukemia. shares dropped 5% on the news as experts says it could open the door to lawsuits. the security braefrp involving the personal e-mail of cia director john brennan. a teenage hackers claims to have got into the account. he released names and associate security numbers of other key intelligence officials on the contact list. the fbi and the secret service now actively searching for that teenager.
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will fight a funding cut to its place. they dropped it from the medicare program following ang investigation into those undercover videos in which the sale of tissue was discussed. a similar battle is being fought in louisiana where a judge ordered state funding to continue for at least two more weeks. more heavy rains have made quite a mess in southern california. flash floods rushed through streets in at least one los angeles neighborhood. some drivers were stopped in their tracks as you can see. neighbors came out in the rain to try to clear the drains. the water receded quickly leaving a muddy mess in its wake. that rain clears out of southern california today. but the storms move on to nevada and the southwest. as well as the rockies. flash flooding possible. well, it appears george h.w. bush is recovering well from his fall over the summer. his spokesman tweeted this picture shows h.w. holding his new biography called "destiny
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and power" for the first time in months he is seen without his neck brace. that's really a great sight. >> just had it a week ago at the baseball game. good to see he's improving. still ahead, the "star wars" moving breaking the internet as tickets officially go on sale overnight. and a major malfunction. a school bus packed with students sprayed with antifreeze. how it all happened and why parents are outraged. stringing into action, a young boy in a river finds himself in trouble.
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well, this is what forced lifeguards to close a popular california beach. a hammerhead spotted offshort in
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sighting there in a month. el nino is drawing the sharks further north than usual. well, drone operators will soon have to register their devices. a new government task force will decide which drones must be registered and how. sightings by pilots have doubled since last year and there are reports that drones have interfered with firefighting. the new guidelines should be in place in mid-december, some 700,000 drones are expected to be purchased this holiday season. oprah winfrey is taking a big stake in weight watchers. the known for her own struggles with weight has bought 10% of the company for some $43 million. she'll also have a seat on the board. winfrey plans to help the company broaden its mission to focus on overall health and wellness. weight watchers stock rose 105% on monday alone following the announcement. more than 200 lawsuits have been filed against volkswagen in the last few weeks, all stemming from its emissions scandal.
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claim volkswagen marketed its diesel engine cars as clean alternatives. for years knowing the vehicles were cheating emission tests. vw will almost inevitably have to compensate owners and they could be forced to buy back the vehicles all together. the gas price has plunged and some areas have it below $2 a gallon. the average, 2.26, the lowest since february, it's 85 cents cheaper than this time last year. drivers in south carolina, new jersey are paying the lowest. we're talking just under 2 bucks a gallon. it's like '60s all over again. when we come back, air rage, a fight over a reclining seat forcing an emergency landing. and playoff baseball. the blue jays finally get the
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many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula... to work on fine lines and even deep wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena . the last of some 200 vehicles have been removed from the california highway where they were trapped by a violent mudslide last thursday. heavy equipment remains at that scene clearing the mud away as you can see. that stretch of highway, 58, a major east/west artery north of l.a. could re-open thursday. checking other roadways rain could cause trouble in the
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rockies along the great lakes also. if you're flying, airport delays possible once again in phoenix. well, this morning the fbi is investigating after a fight broke out between two passengers on board a southwest airlines plane. >> it was 30 minutes into the flight from san francisco. the pilot requested an emergency landing back in l.a. eyewitnesses say the trouble started when a woman reclined her seat. the man behind her was not happy. he's now accused of choking her. comedian mark curry was on board. >> the lady who got, you know, hit was talking about it. she was saying he hit me in my head and choked me and she was really emotional. >> police cars were waiting when the plane touched down. the alleged attacker walked out the plane was questioned but not arrested. the flight took off again for san francisco. well, new developments after the release of this dramatic video of a texas driver appearing to veer into a passing motorcycle motorcycle.
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of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. he's due to appear in court later today. even though he can be heard on the video saying i don't care, when confronted about the incident the driver now says he swerved after being bitten by a spider. police in cleveland have released another bit of dash cam of the scene of a domestic incident involving johnny manziel. his girlfriend was also in the vehicle and said both had been drinking before having a fight. a police report indicates crowley accused manziel of pushing her head against the window. >> he hit me a couple of times. >> while you were in the car. >> yeah, i don't want to -- >> a police also released a photo of a mark on colleen's arm which apparently is from manziel's attempts to keep her from jumping out of the vehicle. in charges filed in the case. a group of students on a
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school bus in washington state got quite a scare. >> open the window. open the window. >> what is it? >> we don't know. >> that was reaction when a heater hose ruptured and starting leaking antifreeze. after it happened some of the kids had stomachs and headaches as well as burning eyes. the parents claim their children weren't checked at the scene. the school district says none of the kids were sprayed and that the 7-year-old bus is inspected every summer before school starts. well, a dramatic rescue caught on cam in texas. ems cadets getting a lesson they didn't expect. their commander stopped teaching their swift water awareness class to save a drowning boy. commander craig smith bulled the boy to safety after seeing him fall off his inner tube and struggle to stay afloat. the entire rescue was caught on helmet cam. pretty remarkable. >> good to see he's all right after that. now some sports. a baseball doubleheader going on today. action in both league championship series. >> and last night it was
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baseball and football. highlights now from our guys at espn. >> good morning, welcome to our "sportscenter" set in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. playoff baseball trumps monday night football. >> it does because we say it does. this is toronto. these are toronto's fans. kansas city's fans were acting like that when they were in kansas city. toronto had not acted like this since the series began. this is their first home run since bautista went bat flip to get into this series. tulowitzki goes yard, the royals made it close at the end. 11-8 your final two, 2-1 royals series advantage. giants and eagles. chip kelly. >> hi, chip. >> chip kelly and at home at home for this. eli manning started out great, completed his first ten passes. threw it to the wrong guy, nolan carroll pick six, eagles up 14-7. manning with a pair of
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interceptions in this game. sam bradford had three interceptions but demarco murray looked like the dallas demarco murray in this, 22 carry, 109 yards and a touchdown. eagles win it 27-7 knotted 3-3 on top the nfc east. >> we taped this during a commercial break during our "sportscenter" show. how is that for efficient? >> back to you. >> we'll take it, folks. >> yep. up next in "the pulse," "the force awakens" and fans can't get enough, the new trailer, the ticket sales. even crashing websites. plus, going viral. a first lady photo bomb. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c.
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rage this morning. >> absolutely. and, of course, we're talking about the new trailer for the upcoming "star wars" movie which debuted overnight. >> it starts with the characters whose face is covered. we see him or her in action before several shots in a desert hand scape and evil from the evil kylo wren. >> i will finish what you started. >> those stories about what happened happened. >> it's true. all of it. >> ooh. mysterious and exciting. harrison ford in his role as han solo. aerial battles we've become familiar with and finishes with the voice that says "the force is calling to you, just let it in."
4:23 am
the trailer includes the first glimpse of carrie fsher looking sad there in her role as princess leia. we see her embrace hans solo but just like the new movie poster a certain luke skywalker is nowhere to be scene. we'll have to be seen the premiere to find out. >> look forward to watching it. fandango started selling tickets beforehand and so many people flooded the website it quickly crashed. amc theaters and going down for a time. >> i guess there were some minions involved. fans were on a buying frenzy in theaters. this fan bought 175 tickets at the imax in nevada. another guy in line purchasing 150 tickets. he's just going to have to find 149 friends. >> that's quite a lot of friends but it looks incredible and i can't wait to see it. >> yeah, but a lot of people talking about it. and a lot of chatter still. first lady michele baem
4:24 am
mixing work and play as she welcomes some of the top internet celebrities to the white house. >> better make room. >> she crashed a vine video and had a great time making funny faces and poses for silly selfies including vine clean lele pons. >> time to make room for to continue teens to continue their education after high school. and there's something to be said for sticking to your story no matter what. going viral a lesson in conviction. >> jack, did you eat a cupcake? >> no. >> you didn't eat a cupcake. >> no, i was at home. >> you sure you didn't eat a cupcake. >> forget the blue frosting. we believe him. >> jack's dad said they were handing out free blue cupcakes in honor of the giants. >> good for him. my li'l buddy?
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the world is still awaiting word from vice president joe biden said to be nearing a decision about a possible presidential run. abc news has learned biden has been holding talks with select democrats. >> oscar pistorius is at his uncle's home this morning starting what's supposed to be four years of house arrest. it's for the death of his girlfriend, pistorius spent nearly a year in prison after being convicted of manslaughter. espn reports lamar odom has been flown from a los angeles hospital to one in l.a. he's recovering after being found unconscious at a brothel in nevada a week ago today. looking at today's weather, a big warm-up in the east, midwest, showers along the great lakes, rain and storms from the southwest up through the rockies. flash flooding possible. and on this morning when there's so much talk about "star wars," some lucky kids were at the white house last night stargazing. >> the first family hosted the second ever astronomy night named at inspiring the next generation and abc's serena marshall was there. >> reporter: he may be
4:28 am
president -- >> they never let me tinker with the telescopes. they don't let me moon thing ares when you aren't around. >> reporter: hosting the second ever astronomy night president obama admitting even he knees a helping hand. >> young lady sophie, we need you to come up here and help me with this telescope. the interesting thing, the images is inverted. >> it is? >> yeah, it is. my right side is lit up but if you look through the telescope it's the left side that's left up. >> it has a myer. it is a reflective one. >> i was just trying to make a point. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: more than 300 kid, parents and teachers came out for the event aimed at kidding gets excited about science and space. >> as long as young people like so many of you that are here tonight keep seeking answers to the great questions, america can do anything. >> reporter: also in attendance
4:29 am
astronauts and ahmed mohamad, remember him, last month he was the texas teenager getting arrested for his homemade clock. this month he's at the white house taking president obama up on his invite but without the clock telling abc's robin roberts at the time. >> will you bring the clock with you? >> the clock is still in the custody with the police. >> do you want it back? >> i want it back with my humility. >> reporter: while he did come empty-handed he was able to get a photo standing beside the president hu milty and all. >> what a sweet story. >> yeah, fun night for all those kids there. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good


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