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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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smoke and the flames, there are new concerns that the building may fall down. >> two people now confirmed dead in a crash on the northern state parkway. one driver going the wrong direction. >> and a mystery that made national headlines, finally we know what led to the death of a prominent doctor from long island. >> and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. it is tuesday, october 20th, and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> this morning we look down the beach, shall we? why not. it's going to be warmer, going to be a nice walk day, nice walk the dog morning, nice jog morning. temperatures this morning starting out right around 49 degrees. that is right at normal for this hour of the day, and so it is a hauppauge and north port and massapequa and great neck at 49. 54 at montauk and bridgeport 53. that's because the water temperature is about 63, 64 degrees, and the wind's coming out of the southwest. so we're going to be 15 degrees warmer today than yesterday at
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68, and we're looking at 70s on the way. we'll talk about that next. heather's got all kinds of issues this morning. that's why we do weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. >> we're going to head to dix hills and show you where there closure is. northern state parkway remains closed down. everything is closed down both directions between exits 41 and 42 with an ongoing accident investigation. deer park avenue onramps to the northern state parkway are also closed down. this was a double fatal accident. kristin thorne has been giving us information all morning long. this is where the closure scene is. you can head to jericho turnpike. that is a good alternate to the northern state parkway if you are heading up the north shore. chelsea fire closures, 7th avenue right near west 18th and 17th street between 7th and 8th avenues. you want to avoid the area of chelsea. our mass transit times are doing just fine. our street cleaning rules are in effect. ken over to you. heather thank you. it's 6:02. we have new details on a
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breaking story we just heard from heather about in manhattan. firefighters have called in even more help to battle that raging fire in a big building. officials also fearing this building could collapse at any moment. several streets are closed right now near the fire scene on west 17th street. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in chelsea. what do we know dray? >> good morning, ken. they're still calling for more backup, and within the last half hour, the fire now escalated to a 5th alarm. they've set up a collapse zone because they're concerned about the stability of the building and because of that they've now began evacuations on west 17th street. buildings 218 through 224 are now in the process of being evacuated. meanwhile, the main fire building is at 221 west 17th street, and you can still see there's a considerable amount of smoke coming from inside that building. this fire is not under control. it is not contained. firefighters still using a lot of water to put those flames
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meanwhile, take a look at this video here. just absolutely unbelievable the amount of flames that were shooting from inside the building at the height of the fire. pretty much flames shooting out of every window. this is a 6 story brick building that was under renovation at the time. the fire broke out just before 3:00 this morning, and because the building was empty, there was no evacuations and no rescues but because of the size of the fire, firefighters were very concerned about the fire jumping to adjacent buildings so they immediately employed their surround and drown technique and for the moment it seems as if they've been able to stop that from happening. they're now in the process of conducting those evacuations. meanwhile we spoke to a couple of people who were standing outside this morning and saw this thing play out, and they say it was absolutely unbelievable how fast this fire moved. >> we kept smelling a strong odor of smoke and then when we came outside, that whole
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black full of smoke and then all of a sudden the fire department took like 10 minutes and by then it was just flames shooting out the side. >> that was almost like 20 minutes that the flames were still going on, and there was no water hose at the time. maybe they was trying to find a johnny pump or a fire hydrant or something like that for them to like actually like put out this fire. it was a lot of flames. it was pretty heavy. >> reporter: and here's a look at some of the people who were asked to leave their apartment buildings this morning. again, buildings 218 through 224 here on west 17th in the heart of chelsea. a moment ago we saw jazz legend winston marcellus rushing away from the building carrying his trumpet. he was among those asked to leave his apartment because firefighters are now concerned about the stability of the building that's across the street. they've now set up that collapse zone. we're at a 5th alarm and more
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than 100 firefighters on the scene and we understand more on the way. we're hoping to hear from the battalion chief here in a moment to get more details. again, we've been here all more than long keeping a very close eye on firefighters trying to get a handle on this building here now consumed with smoke here on west 17th street here in chelsea. >> thank you. it's 605. and we just received an update on a breaking story on long island. tragically two people are now confirmed dead in a car crash that has also closed the northern state parkway, and we've also learned that one driver was going the wrong way. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is live now in dix hills with details for us. >> reporter: that is information we confirmed in just the last few minutes. again, yes, two people have died as a result of this head- on crash. it's believed that both the deceased are the drivers of those two vehicles. i want to give you a live look right now here in dix hills.
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ramp to the northern state parkway westbound from deer park avenue now shut down. in fact, the northern state parkway is shut down in both directions between exit 41 and 42. we're going to show you some pictures we got of a burned out suv. this is just east of exit 42 on the northern state parkway. we're hearing that the driver of one of these vehicles was fleeing police, crashed into another vehicle head on and at least one of those cars burst into flames. two people now confirmed dead. this happened around 2:30 this morning. why were police initially going after that car. we don't know that. we are still waiting for those details from investigators. givings you one last live look to the entrance ramp, you know, we were hoping that perhaps this would be cleaned up by the morning rush. it appears that is not going to happen, so if you take this parkway routinely, you should plan accordingly. we're live in dix hills this morning, i'm kristin thorne
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channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. it's 6:06, 6:07, and new this morning, police just released new pictures of a violent armed robber. this is surveillance video of the man attacking a woman inside a building on hudson street in manhattan early saturday morning. 15 minutes earlier and police say the same suspect robbed a man outside a greenwich village apartment building. now both victims are expected to be okay. also this morning, we now know what killed a dermatologist from long island whose body was found in an apartment building in chelsea. as we first alerted on facebook and twitter, 38-year-old kirsten cerveny died from an accidental mix of cocaine and alcohol according to the medical examiner. the mother of three was partying with friends on october 5th when one of them called 9-1-1 and left her in the building's doorway. at this point no one has been charged. 6:07 now, new this morning, one of canada's most famous political names is back in
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justin trudeau, son of the late canadian prime minister pierre trudeau has followed in his father's footsteps. the liberal picked up an overwhelming victory. justin trudeau is the second youngest prime minister in canadian history. 6:08, and happening today, manhattan's largest apartment complex is set to get a new owner and keep much of its middle class housing. reports say stivers and town will be sold to a wall street investment group for $5.3 billion. the deal with the blackstone group reportedly caused half of the 11,000 unit complex to be reserved for lower and middle income residents. meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> here we go, we take a look outside from our camera at astoria queens. where else would you find your princess but in queens. as we look southward toward the 59th street bridge, great
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visibility, got a nice morning. we are looking at temperatures around49 degrees, clear and partly cloudy skies. southwest wind that will hold this front to around lake ontario and lake erie. that will stay to the north to platsburg at least for a couple of days. temperatures will rebound nicely. 68 this afternoon. 15 degrees warmer than yesterday, and it's only going to get warmer into the 70s tomorrow. at the bus stop, kids, here are the huckleberries, they're all dressed appropriately. they are your role models for the day today sadly. it will be 45, breezy, and chilly this morning. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. >> we've got a lot of messes out there. let's take a look at a webcam and show you how things look. this is right near deer park avenue. you can see all traffic being diverted off of the northern state parkway, and then a look at the l.i.e. as you make your way into deer park avenue which looks like a good alternate. this accident investigation
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parkway between exits 41 and 42. it's a double fatal accident. we have all lanes closed both ways. deer park avenue onramps to the northern state parkway are also closed down, and then we have jericho turnpike, a very good alternate to the northern state parkway. so you can go up there if you can. and chelsea fire closures continue as well. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken and lori over to you. >> still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a woman sexually assaulted at union square park. this morning police are revealing more about the suspect they're trying to find. >> new this morning, a driver shot and killed by a police officer in florida. his family now demanding answers. >> and the force awakens. we're going to check out the
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6:13. breaking news in new jersey, two buildings went up in flames in a 3 alarm early this morning. john del giorno over lodi. >> the good news is it looks like the fire here has been knocked down, if not completely extinguished. this fire began around 3:00 this morning. we're on river street in lodi. the fire affected two buildings here. you see that private home there on the left and an apartment building on the right. the fire on the upper floors of
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both of those structures. again, the fire's been knocked down. the good news is that there are no injuries to report here. no word on what started this blaze. it's a very residential section of lodi. you will see a lot of fire department activity, especially if you're on 1st street, some even spilling across the river on to passaic avenue. if you have to travel through morning, expect many street closures. eyewitness news. new this morning, a family demanding answers after a florida musician broken down on the side of the road was shot and killed by a plain clothed police officer. corey jones was killed sunday morning by a palm beach gardens police officer along an exit ramp from interstate 95. worshipers gathered in church yesterday after services to pray for jones. >> i don't understand how anyone could ever perceive corey as a threat whatsoever. he's the most level headed
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calm, kind person. >> a police statement released yesterday evening says the officer who shot jones was "suddenly confronted by an armed subject." there's no further explanation for what sort of weapon or how a confrontation developed. happening in boston a mother and her boyfriend will face a judge in connection with the death of the 2-year-old girl who became known as baby doe. rachel bond and michael mccarthy were charged last month after the remains of bond's daughter bella washed up inside a trash bag on a boston harbor beach in june. police got a three months later after bond told a friend that mccarthy killed bella. mccarthy's lawyer has said he knew nothing about bella's death. 6:15. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's step outside with meteorologist bill evans. >> good morning, it's cool, it's crisp. it's suit weather as i call it. everybody's getting underway today and grab a jacket or sweater.
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it's certainly not harsh. but it is chilly to start the day. 15 degrees warmer today than yesterday. here's a look outside. we've got a pretty morning outside. we're looking at a nice clear sky. you can see the big dipper right over 1 world trade. we're looking at temperatures starting out right around 49. a southwest wind to a calm wind in central park, but with a southwest wind, that's a warmer wind, and so that's a dry wind as well. that will feel great today. this high pressure ridge to the south holds that front to the north. that won't sag south until at least thursday night. so after school kiddos today it's 68 degrees. need a jacket and a sweater this morning. it will be warmer with a southwest wind. yesterday's high was 53. we're looking at really nice warm weather today at 68 degrees. this front kind of sags south but the high in the atlantic holds that off tomorrow. we warm up even more with 73, and we're at 73 on thursday. now eventually that low and those systems in the great lakes sweep through thursday night virtually unnoticed except for the cooler air, and
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you'll feel that on friday. three really warm days starting today. sunny and warmer high 68. 55 in the five boroughs, 52 long island, coastal connecticut about 50 to our north and west. we're looking at sunshine, warm and pleasant tomorrow, the high is 73 which is 11 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast. pleasantly warm on thursday, and then thursday night there might be a scattered shower thursday night, and then it's going to be sharply cooler when that front moves through thursday night into friday. we're going to be looking at a temperature around 58 friday and 60 on saturday. mets are in chicago playing the cubs. game time temperature, i'd like to introduce you to the starting pitcher for the mets tonight, and that is of course the white knight, maximus. good morning buddy. show me some love. that's my boy. this kind of weather makes it really exciting. >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah yeah.
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>> bill, is it true he's a south paw? >> yep, that's right. he's a south paw. >> he proved it. big boy. >> big boy all right. >> he's into the snack wagon today. this kind of really exciting. >> yogis have a great day. >> we've got a busy day on long island. >> we have a very busy morning on long island and elsewhere. so let's take a look at a camera and show you what's happening on the van wyck expressway. you can see a ton of accident activity right over here. it's off on the shoulder, but it is causing a delay. we'll head to our maps. i'll tell you where this is. it's the van wyck, it's going north. it's right near queens boulevard. off to long island we go. as we check out the northern state parkway between exits 41 and 42. all lanes are closed down in both directions. deer park avenue the onramps to the northern state parkway is closed down. the l.i.e. is starting to pick up a little bit of volume. it's not doing too badly. your best bet is to head to jericho turnpike. that's a good alternate to the northern state parkway.
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we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. thank you heather. 6:19. we're officially less than two months from the debut of the new star wars film. the trailer alone has already broken the internet. >> abc's kendis gibson and reena ninan report. >> hey there in today's tech bytes, demand for tickets to the upcoming star wars movie breaking the internet. >> those tickets were supposed to go on sale after the new trailer aired last night. fandango started selling them early. as word spread the website crash. amc theater site and movie down for a time. google is looking for the next budding picasso. >> the winning google graces the home page for a day and comes with a $33,000 scholarship. it is open for those in kindergarten through 12th grade. there's a new scoter in town, a 2 wheeled hands free device.
6:19 am
china next month with a retail price of $314. >> hello santa i'd take one of those. >> and those are your tech bytes. >> have a good tuesday. >> by the way, if you want to watch it again, we have posted the entire trailer for the new star wars the force awakens on our facebook page. it's already been viewed nearly 6 million times. another big product launch from apple. find out when the next version of apple tv will go on sale. >> and jimmy kimmel trades a suit far tutu in brooklyn. take his word for it, ballly is
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on the money this morning, u.s. stock futures are pointing to a lower open. the dow jones edged slightly higher to open at 17230. nasdaq composite and s&p 500 began higher as well. overseas japan's nikkei
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>> apple fanatics the countdown is on. the new fourth generation apple tv will go on sale next week. ceo tim cook calls it the future of tv. he says old school tv like cable will be replaced by screaming platforms capable of delivering premium programming and content directly to viewers. pricing starts at 149 bucks. it is 6:24. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> let's take a look at temperatures; 46 at newark, 49 laguardia. a southwest wind here at 7. that's going to make it warm. the humidities are low, and we're looking at a nice ride on the ferries. a southwest wind that's going to be coming across today, and that southwest wind will make it feel much warmer. by the time we get to the afternoon, we're looking at 6. 69 degrees, going to be beautiful weather. kiddos at the bus stop, dress warmly this morning. after school it's going to feel great, bright and beautiful, 68. heather's looking at your commute.
6:24 am
she's got a whole bag full of troubles. >> this is true. i'll explain what's happening as you travel through dix hills on long island. you have the northern state parkway between exits 41 and 42. accident investigation. all lanes are closed down. this was a wrong-way crash. there was a double fatality. deer park avenue onramp to the northern state parkway closed down as a result. deer park avenue closed down near the northern state parkway. jericho turnpike a good alternate to the northern state at this point. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. mass transit is on or close. over to you. thank you heather. it's 6:25. abc's jimmy kimmel in brooklyn for the first night of his week long stint on the east coast. the host of jimmy kimmel live even put on a tutu while practicing his pirouettes with misty copeland.
6:25 am
be sure to watch tonight at 11:35 right after eyewitness news. we're closing in on 6:30. and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, fast moving fire destroys the top floors of a building in chelsea. these are live pictures now from news copter 7. we'll have the very latest including incredible video of the firefight. >> today new york city takes a big step toward cracking down on a dangerous new type of drug. >> and beaches evacuated along the southern california coastline when an 8-foot shark appears offshore. the warning for swimmers and surfers. >> and meteorologist bill evans
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he now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. we're following two breaking stories right now. we have live pictures near the scene of a deadly wrong-way crash both directions of a busy long island highway remain shut down. >> breaking in manhattan, fierce flames destroy a big building downtown forcing
6:28 am
officials fear that building could come crashing down and we're expecting an update from firefighters at any moment now. >> and the mets getting ready for a battle in the windy city looking to take a decisive three-game lead over the chicago cubs. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. it's tuesday, october 20th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> good morning everyone. grab a coat. grab a jacket, a sweater, a scarf and all good stuff. we're at 49 degrees, which is normal for central park. we go up the hudson river valley, 42 kingston, poughkeepsie, newburgh, monticello 34, and 53 at norwalk. montauk, 54. temperatures around somerset around 42. we're looking at 45 at 8:00, 60 by noontime, and 68 this afternoon. and it only gets warmer into the 70s. we'll talk about that and your weekend coming up. heather's looking at your commute. it's been a very busy morning.
6:29 am
the chelsea fires first. we have this chelsea fire ongoing. dray clark has been giving us updates all morning long. 7th and 8th avenues closed between 19th and 16th streets. 17th and 18th streets closed down between 7th and 8th avenues as a result. ongoing closure on long island, northern state parkway, accident investigation. this was a wrong-way crash, two people have died in this accident. you have all lanes closed both ways. deer park avenue onramps to the northern state parkway are also closed. kristin thorne is giving us updates on that. jericho turnpike is a good alternate to the northern state parkway at this point. street cleaning rules are in effect. mass transit is on or close. ken, over to you. thank you. it's 6:31. now back to that breaking story heather was just talking about. we have learned in the last half hour once again two people were killed in that crash on the northern state parkway. >> this happened just a few hours ago near dix hills, and we've also just learned that
6:30 am
kristin thorne is live now with an update. kristin. >> good morning lori and ken. we just spoke with a witness who says he was driving on the northern state parkway heading westbound early this morning when he looked to his left, and apparently saw an suv and a police car go speeding by him also heading westbound, but they would go in the eastbound lanes. i want to show you right here, this is the entrance to the northern state parkway westbound here off deer park avenue. it is shut down. in fact, the entire northern state parkway between exits 41 and 42, that is both directions now shut down as a result of this. we're going to show you pictures of this burnt out car. it's believed that the driver of one of these vehicles was fleeing police, crashed into another vehicle head on. again, two people now confirmed dead. it's believed that the two deceased are the drivers of those vehicles. this happened around 2:30 this morning. so why were police chasing after that initial driver?
6:31 am
we just don't know that at this point. we're still waiting for an update from investigators, but if you are heading out this morning, you take the northern state parkway. again, both ways now shut down between exits 41 and 42 as the result of this investigation, so you should plan accordingly. we're live in dix hills, i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you very much kristin: we're going to go right to john del giorno now in news copter 7. what do you have for us john? >> we've got an update for you ken from the air on this 5 alarm overnight fire in chelsea, and you can zoom down, and you can see right there all the smoke from this fire there bringing it under control right now. but you can see the smoky blaze. this was on 17th street between 7th and 8th avenue, and from the air what we see are a lot of potential traffic problems. we radioed down to heather. 7th and 8th avenues both closed right now for your morning commute. 7th and 8th avenues both closed
6:32 am
between 16th and 19th streets. you can see all the equipment. that's where it was parked. this was a 5 alarm assignment, a lot of equipment down there. also 17th street where the fire took place and 18th street. both of those cross streets are closed through the fire area as well. that's the summary from the air, the traffic closures and the visible smoke. we've got a lot more information to cover. with that dray clark can give us the latest from the scene. >> reporter: quite a busy scene down here on the ground. the fire now standing at a 5th alarm with more than 100 firefighters on the scene. that main fire building just behind me down the block at 221 west 17th street. the concern right now is the building could collapse. they set up a collapse zone and began evacuations of buildings 218 through 224 in the event that this building could actually fall at any given moment. also firefighters have been pushed back because of that concern. meanwhile take a look at the scene from earlier this morning, just a tremendous amount of flames shooting from inside of that building.
6:33 am
the fire again now at a 5th alarm. firefighters say this building was under renovation. it was empty. there was no evacuations or no rescues necessary. it was actually in the process of being converted from a manufacturing building to a multifamily building as well. right now firefighters, the concern was trying to prevent those flames from jumping to adjacent buildings, so they employed their surround and drown technique, and they were successful at stopping the fire from spreading. the main concern right now is whether or not this building is going to collapse. meanwhile, we talked to one man who actually says he was working across the street and could not believe how quickly the fire moved. >> all of a sudden we see it's pitch black, and within 5 minutes, the flames start coming out, and then within 10 the flames were really 2 story high and the fire department
6:34 am
going into action, it seemed a little late because by the time the water come out the flames were all over. >> reporter: because of the concern about the building possibly collapsing, the fire department started evacuationing buildings here on west 17th street, buildings 218 through 224. this is what you're seeing right now. many of those people who live in those apartment buildings leaving in a rush. among those jazz legend winston marcellus who was coming off tour. the police department banged on his door and said get out. he grabbed his trumpet and hit the ground running. he didn't want to go on camera but he says certainly it was a big scare getting that knock on the door because there was a fire just across the street. more than 100 firefighters now on the scene. we're expecting to hear from the chief of department here at any given moment to give us an update. no injuries reported by the way, and because this building, begins was under renovation, there was no one inside the building. certainly quite a scene in the heart of chelsea as
6:35 am
process of trying to get a handle on this fire here in the heart of chelsea, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow, all right, thank you. 6:37, and police have released a new sketch, and new pictures overnight of the man wanted for a sexual attack in a popular manhattan park. take a look at these sketches and pictures we have of a suspect who attacked a woman in union square park over the weekend. the woman escaped by biting her attacker. he even drew blood. in addition to the videos they've collected blood evidence from the scene. they searched for a dna match. late last night in south africa, oscar pistorius, the double amputee olympic runner was released from prison and placed under house arrest. he continues serving his five- ier sentence for killing his girlfriend in 2013. officials decided to release pistorius a day early and at night to avoid a media tsunami with journalists gathered from around the world. happening today an honor
6:36 am
who died in the line of duty. a street in brooklyn is being renamed this morning in honor of lieutenant richard nappy. he died in 2012 after collapsing while battling a fire in bushwick. he was a 17 year veteran, and he also was among many who responded while off duty to the world trade center on september 11th. the mets looked to take a big step down the road to the world series tonight. in chicago the nlcs shifts to the windy city for game 3 with new york holding a 2 games to none lead. the man with the hair, jacob degrom takes the mound tonight with a chance to put the cub's season on the brink of extinction. he says the bright lights and baseball's big stage have not been a problem. >> a lot of fun. that's what we play for. we play to get this chance, and you never know how many times you're going to get it, so when you get this chance, you want to make the best of it. >> game time tonight just after 8:00. sports anchor laura behnke, reporter anthony johnson, they
6:37 am
tonight's big game. watch for their reports later today on eyewitness news. we want to see how you're sell britting the mets playoff run. share your pictures and your video with hashtag abc7ny. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> here we go, we take a look outside, and we're looking at clear to partly cloudy skies. this our camera on the roof looking toward midtown manhattan. the lights are on, kids are skating. that's right. we're going to be looking at a morning where we start out with temperatures right around 46 degrees. you see here around paramus, 49 around the park. we're going to be looking at 46 newark, 50 around jamaica queens. we're going to be looking at a wind coming out of the southwest at about 12, 14 miles an hour. we're going to be looking at low humidities, a nice start to the day, grab a jacket or a sweater. even if you're taking the ferry about a 14 miles an hour wind out of the southwest. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. it's weather then heather. >> we're going to show you what's happening here on the
6:38 am
we'll take a look at a webcam and show you where all traffic is being diverted off the northern state parkway. this is right near wolf hill road. it's also being diverted off deer park avenue. as an alternate you can always take the l.i.e., which is really doing pretty well through that spot. however, lets go over to our maps. we'll talk about where the closure is. it's closed between exits 41 and 42. kristin thorne has been telling us about this all morning long. it was a wrong-way crash, two people were killed in the accident. deer park avenue closed down through the area of the northern state. jericho turnpike a very good alternate to the northern state parkway at this point. we have our mass transit running on or close to schedule and street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and ken over to you. >> thank you very much. 6:40. new information on a stabbing aboard a city bus on staten island. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the charges one man is now facing after a dispute over a seat. >> and video that's pretty hard to watch.
6:39 am
woman in the face seemingly for no reason.
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lifeguards in newport beach
6:42 am
believe two women spotted a hammerhead shark. they said they needed physical proof so the women went back to new port pier and shot video of the shark swimming 15 yards from shore. that was physical proof enough. the beach got closed for a mile in each direction for about five hours. one mom on the beach said her children didn't have to be told twice to get out of the water. and now to the top story on our abc7ny app. police have made an arrest on a brutal attack on a homeless woman in new jersey that was caught on camera. 25-year-old eban hunter is charged with aggravated assault. police say he posted video of himself punching the woman on saturday in a park in atlantic city. the woman was knocked unconscious and critically hurt. hunter is being held on $100,000 bail. 6:44. former nba star lamar odom is reportedly back home in los angeles this morning. enews reports odom was discharged from the las vegas hospital last night and
6:43 am
transported by helicopter to a hospital in los angeles. a spokeswoman for odom's aunt says he's overcoming "insurmountable obstacles" after being found unconscious at a legal brothel. good morning america is coming up next. robin roberts is joining us live from time square. >> coming up on gma speculation continues about whether joe biden will run for president. it's heating up now. will the vice president throw his hat in the ring. george will have the latest. >> also ahead an abc news exclusive, major milestone for all those people who were taken advantage of in the bernie madoff investment scandal. story. could be getting some money back. >> all right. thank you. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> and let's head outside again with bill and take a look at the accuweather forecast. >> it's a really nice morning. it's cool, it's crisp. it's a good morning. thank you sir. here we go.
6:44 am
subway, getting off the bus. grab your jackets, sweaters, scarfs. got a beautiful sunrise in progress. sun's officially up after 7:00. normal high is 62. we're at 49 to start the day which is normal. and today not as chilly of a day. we're looking at a nice turn around with temperatures in the upper 60s. 70s believe it or not tomorrow and thursday. we'll cool down by friday. here's what's happening today. the uv index is low. that's because the sun -- good morning. the pollen count is still up there for ragweed, so be alert for ragweed today you ragweed sufferers. if you don't know what's going on check with your allergist. we're at 50, 51 degrees across long island. 54 toward the eastern end and down the jersey shore we're looking at 45 to 40 degrees. inland mid-40s. that's pretty much normal for this hour of the day, not that harsh sub freezing temperatures we had. we have a southwest wind, which makes it nice and warm, and
6:45 am
we're going to be looking at clear to partly cloudy skies this morning. the front you see off to the north is going to stay to the north at least for three days. this high pressure ridge will hold it away. i want to show you our futurecast. there's the front hanging there and then you see finally on thursday evening it starts to approach, and then blasts through with maybe a sprinkle thursday night. kids at the bus stop, grab a jacket, grab a sweater. we're going to be looking at a temperature of 45 at the bus is to be. we'll be looking at sunshine today, 68 degrees. tomorrow it's warmer. right around 73. sunny and warmer today, we're at 68. tonight it's a cool and crisp night. the overnight low drops down to about 50 in the suburbs, 55 in the city, and then look at tomorrow. sunshine, 73 degrees. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast. we've got sunshine and clouds thursday. then maybe just a sprinkle as we go through the day on friday evening. actually, it will be much cooler coming up this weekend.
6:46 am
we have a gift for you this morning, thanks for stopping by, grab an umbrella. >> lucky lady. >> lucky day to walk by right? >> see that. >> >> one moment of charity. >> hope you always have sunshine. >> there you go. >> we've got a busy day on the roads, especially on long island. >> we've going to talk about mass transit. before we get to thatten pro on long island, we are going to tell you that mass transit is running on or close to schedule, metro north just have that track work going on in new haven. subways are doing fine. this is what's going on on long island. northern state parkway between exits 41 and 42, ongoing accident investigation. you have all lanes closed down in both directions. traffic is diverted westbound on to deer park avenue, eastbound on to wolf hill road. what you can do is use jericho turnpike as an alternate. that's a good alternate to the northern state parkway if you travel along the north shore. chelsea fire closures, dray clark on the scene of this, 7th and 8th avenues closed
6:47 am
between 19th and 16th. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. thank you. new this morning, there's been an arrest in a stabbing on bus in staten island. the attack happened last tuesday on the s74 in stapleton. 18-year-old franklin bethea faces attempted murder and other charges. the victim was stabbed in the stomach. he suffered a lacerated liver but is expected to recover. the incident started when the victim was arguing with a female passenger. 6:49. new this morning, mayor de blasio will sign three bills to snuff out the growing problem on synthetic marijuana, also known as k2. the new laws will criminalize the manufacturing and sale of the drug. the punishment will be up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $15,000. any business selling k2 will be at risk of having their cigarette license suspended or revoked. defenders could be shut down permanently. it is 6:49 and attention dog lovers, a ground breaking discovery shedding new light
6:48 am
into our four legged friends history.
6:49 am
6:50 am
ve you seen alexandra? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. >> 6:52. updating a breaking story in manhattan. fire officials have just told eyewitness news that the building destroyed in a fire in chelsea is now in major danger of collapse. our dray clark is live on the scene. he'll have an update shortly. first responders don't
6:51 am
working when they save a life, but in texas an emt training class turned into a water ride to catch up with a young boy who was drowning after he fell off his inner tube. the commander of the class kept the boy above water while another instructor threw out a rescue rope and pulled that boy the rest of the way in to safety. 6:53. ever wonder where on earth the first dog was born. it appears a new study has tracked down the location. >> yeah. researchers at cornell university say man's best friend was first found in central asia somewhere near nepal and mongolia. the new study is based on dog dna from 38 countries. >> that's where max came from. he came from dogs that wandered freely in villages or fields, not house dogs of course. the results were reported i by the journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences. >> we're also following breaking news on long island. >> that's right. lanes closed on the northern state parkway because of a
6:52 am
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more firefighters are headed for chelsea as a 5 alarm fire threatens to collapse an entire building. >> dray clark is live in chelsea right by that building with the very latest. dray. >> reporter: good morning ken and lori, we just spoke to the fire department chief a moment ago, and he said the building
6:54 am
west 17th street behind me is in major danger of collapsing. they're in the process of evacuating several buildings. here's more on what the fire chief shared with us moments ago. >> at this time the building is in major danger of collapse. we are keeping everybody away from the building. we have a few other buildings that are evacuated because of the potential collapse, and this is going to be an extended operation. the fire, we have our fire marshals on the scene, and the fire is under investigation at this time. >> yeah, that fire broke out at around 3:00 this morning here on west 17th street. quickly reaching a 5th alarm. you can see just a tremendous amount of smoke and flames coming from inside the building. the building was in the process of being renovated so there was really no one inside with the exception of a watchman. he was able to make it out of the building safely, but the official cause of the remains under investigation. as for those people who were asked to leave their
6:55 am
apartments, the fire department tells me they may actually be away are it their apartments for several days, at least until they can determine what they're going to do with this building if it's going to collapse or if they're going to have to go ahead and knock it down because the threat is so serious. we'll keep you updated. we're live in chelsea, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a mess. all right, thank you, sir. 6:58. we're getting a view from above at that devastating accident we've been reporting on all morning that killed two drivers on the northern state parkway. >> we get the latest del giorno over dix hills. >> lori and ken, this is a horrendous scene on the northern state parkway in suffolk county. this accident happened around 3:00 this morning in dix hills. two suvs collided head on in the eastbound lanes. one of those vehicles traveling the wrong way. you can see what's left of both of these vehicles. this was a high impact collision. we've spoken to a witness that says one of the suvs was traveling the wrong direction
6:56 am
northern state -- lanes of the northern state parkway at a high rate of speed. that vehicle was being followed by a police car. we've got two people fatally injured this this accident. the northern state parkway remains shut down for the morning commute. it's closed in both directions. john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. john. >> heather. >> we're actually going to talk to bill, sorry. >> sorry, my bad. >> let's take a look outside, we start out with sun and clouds, high clouds. we're looking south here, temperature 49. we've been hanging on to that 49 all morning long. 59 cambria heights. ridgewood, oakwood towards staten island, 45, 46 newark. 41 up the hudson river valley. 60 by noon, 68 this afternoon. and we're looking at 73, a pair of 73s tomorrow and thursday. >> take it. >> mm-hmm. >> thank you, bill. >> that is the news for now, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your
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