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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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do have to hit hot spots. this played out quite dramatically first thing this morning. >> to be that close to that many flames and the intensity. at one point, you could see the smoke getting sucked back into the building. >> reporter: the front facade of 221 west 17th, in danger of crumbling six stories onto the street. >> the biggest problem with the fire was there was numerous, because there was underground renovations, the sprinkler system had been removed. there were numerous holes in the floor. they were putting in new elevators. usually have construction materials throughout. >> reporter: the building, under renovation to become 3 to $10 million luxury condos, went up in flames just before 3:00 a.m. tuesday. only a night watchman was inside at the time. >> for me, the scariest part was waking up to smoke filling up the entire street. so i opened the door and it was a white cloud of smoke. and then realizing that the building literally right directly across the street was
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on fire. the flames shooting out of the windows and then you just saw it escalate and go up each floor. >> reporter: rebecca lowe, among people who live in nearby buildings who had to be evacuated for precaution. >> they went door by door to make sure to wake up everybody, to let them know what was going on. many of my neighbors hadn't heard the fire. it was quiet in the building. they were quite surprised this morning. >> reporter: so the time line for this, still unclear. as you can see, firefighters in this ladder truck hitting hot spots at the building on west 17th street that went up in flames this morning. after they have put the hot spots out, the building will have to be demolished, taken down because, again, there is fear of a collapse at this time. those people who work not in the immediate zone have been able to go down the street to their employers. but those in those buildings right next to 221 west 17th
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still can't get back in yet. at this point, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live in chelsea, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. suffolk county police say a fleeing suspect killed herself and an innocent driver in another car after speeding the wrong way on the northern state parkway and crashing into a car heading in the opposite direction. police were chasing after the suspect who was driving westbound in the eastbound lanes when she hit another vehicle in dicks hills about 2:40 this morning. police believe the car was stolen and the driver was possibly drunk. the suspect crashed into the car killing the driver behind the wheel. we'll have reaction to the crash, coming up in our next half hour. new at noon, the search is on right now in brooklyn for a wanted felon who escaped during his arrest. an officer had handcuffed the 39-year-old man behind his back on sheffield avenue in east new york around 7:30 this morning.
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the suspect shoved the officer and ran off. the suspect, 6 feet tall with long dread locks, is wanted for several outstanding violations, including domestic violence. in new jersey, 12 people are homeless, following a fast- moving fire that tore through two homes. the fire broke out around 4:00 this morning on river street in lodi and jumped from one home to another. news copter 7 was overhead as firefighters battled the flames. no one was hurt, but river and myrtle streets are closed indefinitely while the fire department continues working at the scene. turning now to our big sports story, the mets back in action in chicago tonight, two wins away from advancing to the world series. >> excitement, as you know, is building, with many wondering if the mets' daniel murphy can continue his hot hitting streak and if the long-suffering cubs will find new excuse to blame for cursing their season. eyewitness news is live in corona. tim? >> reporter: well, they got wishing to do, no doubt about
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it. the mets will be very strong for them. anyway, mets fever, as many new yorkers can readily tell you, has always been very strong here in queens. nowhere is that more evident than right here. when you're here, it's all about the food. this signature deli, leo's, momma's of corona, has had a long-running the mets, supplying food to the team and now concessions at citi field. >> they have always been like family. at citi field. it's a very exciting time because the mets are doing so wonderful. >> reporter: one of its famous sandwiches is a momma's special, as only irene can make it. works together. >> reporter: turns out this famous sandwich is at the heart of a bet queens district attorney has made with a counterpart in chicago. >> we'll supply the best
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and i'm sure they will enjoy it. >> we don't want that to happen. >> no, we do not want that to happen. >> reporter: so with the mets series win, the folks in chicago will be sending some of their food. >> what do you think their food is? >> i'm not sure. maybe pizza. i'm not sure what it might be. but we would rather have them send us the food. [ laughter ] >> reporter: deep dish pizza? i don't think so. excuse me. i got a momma's special waiting for me. reporting from corona, tim fliescher, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> better bring back something for the rest of us, tim. meanwhile, the rivalry between new york and chicago, setting up a friendly wager between two amusement parks. six flags great america outside chicago posted this sign, taunting the mets. six flags great adventure in new jersey, the wager is whoever loses the series must rename their park and signature roller coaster after the winner. if the mets win, chicago's great america will change the park name to great mets and
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rename the coaster from goliath to gomez. there you go. another reason to win. sports anchors are in chicago. you can see the live reports this afternoon on eyewitness news. remember, you can show your support for the mets by sharing your photos with us on social media. use the #abc7ny and you could end up seeing your photo right here on the air. a developing story right now. the american cancer society changing its recommendations on when and how often women should get mammograms. the society now suggests women with an average risk of developing breast cancer start getting annual mammograms at age 45 instead of 40, and starting at 55 when women should move screenings to every other year. another surprising move, the society also recommends dropping the routine physical breast exam by doctors. concern about false alarms contributed to the cancer society's new guidance. more than 200,000 women in the
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with breast cancer, and about 40,000 die from the disease. lamar odom has been hospitalized in vegas since being found unconscious at a brothel. a statement from his family says he is making progress and has even taken a few steps. however, his current location in the l.a. area, not revealed at this time. mayor de blasio will sign three bills this afternoon, in hopes of curbing the growing problem of synthetic marijuana, known as k2. the new laws will criminalize the manufacturing and sale of the drug. the punishment will be up to a year in prison and fine up to $10,000. any business selling k2 will be at risk of having a cigarette license suspended or revoked. repeat offenders could be shut down permanently. the u.n. is stepping in with an attempt to curb violence between israelis and palestinians. the secretary general is in the region for a surprise visit today. he is likely to meet with leaders from both sides. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is slated to meet with
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leaders this week. dozens of people from both sides have died from random attacks and military action. just today, a palestinian man drove his car into a group of israelis in the west bank. he was shot and killed. the attack injured two people. a new development in the race for president. democrat jim webb just announced he is dropping out of the democratic race. he'll be doing something different, this while the world waits to hear from vice president joe biden. abc's kenneth moton reports from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton is off the campaign today, but her surge in polls is seen across the country. the latest poll has clinton rebounding in the race with 54%, 12 points higher than a month ago. >> i spend between four to seven hours a day every single day with the president. >> reporter: undeclared vice president joe biden is far behind clinton in the new poll. he spent the morning sitting alongside former vice president
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talking about the importance of the vice presidency. >> i want to be the last person in the room on every major decision. >> reporter: a source for biden says the vice president has not made a decision on running, but he is calling supporters, possibly preparing to pull the trigger next week. donald trump is working to hang on to his lead over ben carson and the rest of the republican field. trump has a 5-point lead over carson. carly fiorina dropped 11 points since last month in the same poll. trump rallied supporters in south carolina last night. >> we don't win anymore. we're going to. we're going to. i say it. you're going to have victories coming out of your ears. [ cheers & applause ] >> you may. you will. believe me. >> reporter: abiden confidante acknowledged the odds are against him. no money, no campaign organization, and now hillary clinton's surge in the polls certainly doesn't help.
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kenneth moton, channel 7 eyewitness news. canada will be getting a new prime minister after a decisive election. justin trudeau, son of pierre trudeau will follow in his father's footsteps. his liberal party got nearly 40% of the overall vote, compared to 32% for the conservatives. incumbent prime minister stephen harper is out. trudeau becomes the second youngest prime minister in canadian history. the largest apartment complex in manhattan getting a new owner. what it means for the thousands of renters who depend on affordable housing. >> and out of control. a town hall meeting takes a scary turn for the mayor of los angeles. we'll show you what happens next. >> and i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. check out these temperatures at noon time. 61 in newark. we're looking at just a little bit of a southwest wind, 22, 24 miles per hour. what a great fall day.
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. former olympian oscar pistorious walked out of a prison in south africa late last night to begin the next phase of his sentence, house arrest. the double amputee will fine his five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend in 2013 at his uncle's mansion. pistorious is barred from handling a gun and must continue psychotherapy. he is also required to meet with the family of reeva steenkamp if they want to see him. a deadly typhoon blew through the philippines over the weekend. at least 20 people were killed, mostly from drowning, landslides, fallen trees, and collapsed walls. it forced 70,000 people into
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emergency shelters and destroyed rice fields ready for harvest. tropical storm koppu is the 12th storm this year to batter the philippines. a court appearance today for the mother and her boyfriend charged in connection with the death of a 2-year-old girl who became known as baby doe. rachel bond and michael mccarthy were charged last month after police got a tip that bond told a friend mccarthy killed her daughter. the remains of bond's daughter bella washed up inside a trash bag on the boston harbor beach in june. los angeles mayor eric garcetti forced to cut short a town hall meeting after it was interrupted by protesters. >> i'm going to try to speak, but it's very difficult. >> about an hour into a community meeting at a church, protesters began to shout and rush the mayor. the crowd followed him as he left the church. at one point, a man jumped on mayor garcetti's car. he said later in a statement he was disappointed his conversation with the community was cut short. a college student vanishes for days.
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. you know the curse of the chicago cubs, right? >> yes. there's a lot of curse. the goat.
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name is murphy. >> right, daniel murphy! he's reincarnated! >> the slugger. >> there you go. the cubs have this curse that's about a guy took a goat to the game, throw the guy out and he says you can't have a goat and the goat's name was murphy in 1910, 1918, whatever. we have daniel murphy! your nemesis! >> secret weapon. >> he's going to hit a homerun tonight and your murphy curse will continue. let's take a look outside. here we go. we've got a beautiful day. saw the circle line boat going south, all the ferries and water taxis going back and forth. it's a beautiful day. just a little wind out of the southwest out there. the current temperature now here at noon time, looking good. 60 degrees. humidity is dry and the winds are southwest 7 to 14 and the pressure has been falling. still, high pressure remaining over the area. yesterday's high was 53. today, 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. normal high is 62. sun sets at 6:09. it's going to be absolutely gorgeous.
12:18 pm
so we got a nice turnaround with the upper 60s this afternoon. warmer thursday and friday. then gets cooler. cool air pours in friday, making for a cool, crisp fall weekend. jeff smith and i were talking about it upstairs in the weather office. it's 56 in river dale. whitestone, 60. ridgewood around 63. 61 in newark. 63 up at hudson river valley. here's the southwest wind we're talking about at 7. we have this high pressure ridge holding this front in the central part of the state and it's going to hold it there tomorrow or the next day with warm air surging up. eventually the front will win up, but that's not until thursday. you see that on the future cast. that comes through thursday night and brings in cool air out of canada across that will continue into the weekend. but late october and early november pattern, because of the el nino here, drives the jetstream up north to canada.
12:19 pm
when the mets beat the cubs and go on to the world series october 30 is when the world series will start. looks like we'll have mild air just in time for that. 73 this afternoon. tomorrow, we're going to be around 73. it's pleasantly warm. then this front works through the area as we go into thursday night. there's the mets and cubs. this is the temperature tonight. game time at wrigley field, southwest wind so murphy can hit a few homeruns to right field with that southwest wind. and this weekend, we're looking great for fall colors. now moderate across much of long island and central new jersey, peaking out up to the north. clouds and sun, breezy, 70. tonight, we're at 55. tomorrow, we got sunshine, a pleasant day, 73. and, hey, this weekend it will be cool, crisp, great weather for taking your goat for a walk. [ laughter ] >> temperatures in the 60s. >> you really gave them the extra curse that time. >> no chance now! >> i love it.
12:20 pm
>> cubs all cursed up good now! [ laughter ] >> good job, bill. >> thank you, bill. >> thank you. jimmy kimmel has a presidential candidate lined up for night 2 of jimmy kimmel live in brooklyn. last night, he brought plenty of laughs for the first night of his week-long stent on the east coast. he even put on a, look at that, a tutu while practicing his peer wets with the american ballet theater misty copeland. i like it. tonight, jimmy welcomes jay-z and musical performance from title x. watch tonight at 11:35 right after eyewitness news. well, i don't know about your office or home, but we all have star wars fever. many of you saw the trailer during the giants game last night. what did fans think about it? >> they will weigh in. and we've seen a lot of unusual themes for parties, right? but what about a cvs birthday
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caring about the things that make each of our clients unique... ...that's what makes riverspring health unique. . a missing student saved by his iphone, britney spears wardrobe malfunction and a dramatic river rescue, some of the stories that caught our attention. we begin with cell phone video. it captured the moment rescuers find a college student alive after he was missing for three days.
12:24 pm
from a sorority party late friday, setting off a massive search this weekend. some friends used the find my iphone app to track him to a set of railroad tracks 7 miles away. they tell us now he is recovering at the hospital and he told police he had been beaten and robbed after he was left there after the party. a wardrobe malfunction on stage, this time it was britney spears at her las vegas show. her zipper broke, never broke out of the concert, just kept going. the dancers started to fix the problem and it happened again. oh, what are you going to do? the performer, being a professional, decided just to work it through and finish the song. and this is not a drill. actually, it is, but turned very real for one emergency rescuer. he was conducting swift water awareness training when he noticed that a teen kept falling off his inner tube into the river. the go pro part of the rescue
12:25 pm
showed the medic seeing signs of arrest. he performed contact rescue. the teen was reunited on the banks with his parents and was not hurt. great to see. >> incredible video. thank you, david. the texas high school student arrested as a potential threat was a guest at the white house last night. ahmed mohammed attended astronomy night on the south lawn after being personally invited by president obama. he was arrested at school last month when a teacher mistook his home made clock for a bomb. he was not charged. like other students there, mohammed is interested in a career in science, technology and mathematics. more news ahead in our next half hour.
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. top stories this afternoon, there are fears a building that was under renovation in chelsea could collapse. overnight, a six-alarm fire whipped through the 10-story luxury condo on west 17th. no one was inside at the time and the cause is under investigation. residents in nearby apartments can't return until the building is demolished. another change to recommendations for mammograms, adding to some confusion for women. the american cancer society now suggests women who have an average risk of developing breast cancer should start getting annual mammograms at the age of 45 instead of 40.
12:28 pm
routine physical breast exam by doctors. the mets and cubs face-off tonight in game 3 of their playoff series. the mets won the first two games and only need to win two more to make it to the world series. hello again. i'm shirleen allicot. >> and i'm david navarro. we begin with a deadly crash in long island. police say a woman sped away from a crash, drove the wrong way on the northern state parkway and slammed into a car. both the suspect and the driver in the other car died. eyewitness news reporter stacy sager is live in dicks hills with that story. stacy? >> reporter: well, shirleen, we're talking about two people now dead. one of them is the suspect. the other is an innocent driver. the dead have yet to be identified by police. but the obvious question here is was this police pursuit the wrong way here on the northern state parkway justified?
12:29 pm
will have to answer that question as this investigation continues. it was at 2:40 this morning here on the northern state parkway between exits 41 and 42, the wrong-way collision turned deadly for two one of them heading eastbound, the other heading westbound in the eastbound lanes. in annex tremely brief news conference, suffolk county police took no questions today, but they did say this all began when police stopped a female driver someplace in central islip for suspicion of dwi and having a stolen vehicle. >> the suspect refused to comply. she got into, into the driver's seat of that vehicle and fled from the scene. when fleeing from are the scene, she almost struck the police officer at the scene. the police officer then engaged in a pursuit with that suspect. >> reporter: they did not state the exact path of the chase, that is for how long it
12:30 pm
involved the wrong direction on the parkway. however, cars were rerouted throughout the morning as that section of the northern state investigation continues we asked suffolk county police about their pursuit guidelines which say, quote, officers shall not pursue suspects the wrong way on interstate or other controlled access highways or divided roadways unless specifically authorized by the field supervisor, end and indeed, we asked suffolk supervisor. they say there was, but they are still trying to sort out whether or not that field supervisor was notified about this pursuit. according to those guidelines, the supervisor is supposed to terminate a pursuit if the danger to the public outweighs the apprehension of the suspect. this investigation goes on. we are live in dicks hills,
12:31 pm
stacy sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stacy, thank you. new at noon, for the fourth time in the last year, students in one orange county school district were placed on lockdown following a bomb threat. the scare happened at maple hill elementary school in middletown. police came in and did a sweep of the building. nothing was found. all the students are safe, but again, this is the fourth threat at that school. >> my grandson goes here. last time they had a bomb threat, he was nervous. he sat in my car, shaking his hands and everything. if something's not done, it's going to go on and on and on, and parents are just grieving to get an answer of what's, you know, who is doing this. >> the school has resumed its normal schedule, but some parents came and picked up their children today. new at noon, a sale of stuyvesant town was announced. the world's largest apartment complex will be sold to a wall street investment group for $5.3 billion.
12:32 pm
keep affordable housing. nearly half of the 11,000 unit complexes to be reserved for middle and low income residents. new york set to get $550 million with a new agreement from big tobacco companies. a windfall from a 1998 deal that requires tobacco companies to make annual payments to states for public health costs caused by smoking. however, portions of those payments have been withheld and caught up in arbitration for a decade. now, in a new deal, 90% of that money will be released. new york city is expected to get a quarter of the funds. new at noon, an honor for one of the city's bravest who died in the line of duty. a stretch of morgan avenue in east williamsburg, brooklyn now nappy. the 17-year veteran died after collapsing while fighting a fire in bushwick in 2012. he also was among the money who responded while off duty to the september 11. now to an abc news
12:33 pm
exclusive. a major milestone for the people who were ripped off and lost all their money in the bernie madoff scandal. abc's brian ross has the story. >> what do you have to say to the public? to your investors? >> reporter: when bernie madoff's massive ponzi scheme was uncovered seven years ago, there was little hope his investors would get back any of their money. but officials and bankruptcy lawyers tell abc news they have now recovered more than $11 billion of the $17 billion that was lost. >> the calculations are that anyone who put in $1,161,000 is going to be made completely whole in this distribution. >> 100% back? >> yeah. that's most of the people who had valid claims. >> reporter: a huge relief for hundreds of victims who lost their life savings to madoff, including many who were outside the courthouse when madoff was sentenced to life in prison. >> you jerk! how could you, how could you possibly live with yourself?
12:34 pm
of missing money was recovered from one palm beach lawyer, found dead in his swimming pool less than a year after madoff was arrested. officials now say they have determined jeffrey pickhour was in on the scheme with madoff and his widow agreed to turn over $7.2 billion to the victims, virtually every dollar her late husband made in the madoff scheme, more than madoff himself. >> i think it was mr. pickhour probably as an individual by far made the most money. >> reporter: the bankruptcy trustee is still in court with a number of others, including madoff's wife ruth, to get even more money for the victims. >> that was brian ross reporting. the madoff case has also made the team of bankruptcy lawyers very rich. they have collected almost $1 billion in fees over the last seven years. well, trouble for an nfl quarterback and former heisman trophy winner. police releasing new dash cam video of the dispute between johnny manziel and his girlfriend. >> plus this.
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because the time to think about today.
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my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits . a newly released 911 call and dash cam video is shedding new light on a traffic stop involving cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel and his girlfriend. police say manziel was driving 90 miles an hour with colleen crowley in the passenger seat.
12:38 pm
they say crowley tried to get out of the moving car, admitted he had a couple of drinks and that's when they claim manziel pushed her head against a window. a passer-by called 911 to report the domestic disturbance. dash cam video captures police questioning the pair. >> while you were in the car? >> yeah, i don't want, i don't want -- please-- >> threw her phone out the window. i grabbed her arm like this, get in the car, get in the car, go home. i'll go find this later. >> well, the coach for manziel's team, the browns, admitted monday that the dispute is concerning. manziel downplayed the incident, calling it a dumb, public argument on twitter. last friday, his girlfriend posted a twitter message saying j and i are good. police did not charge the couple. eyewitness news has teamed up with nyu to give you free dental screenings. we'll get to that in just a moment. >> yeah, but first it can be a hassle to make sure your kids' teeth stay clean.
12:39 pm
one doctor's interesting advice. >> reporter: dr. morsi at nyc dentistry sees kids and cavities all day long and has advice. get them sugar-free gum. brush their teeth for them. and don't rinse after brushing. >> that washes off the flouride you spent time putting on. >> reporter: so many things i did not know. my kids have always rinsed. i always rinse after i brush. did you know sugarless gum is a good thing? >> chewing some sugarless gum for a few minutes and then spitting it out actually really helps prevent cavities. it stimulates the saliva, which is our own natural anticavity factor. >> reporter: in addition to gum, the doctor says do get kids to rinse with water during the day. >> kids in my practice get a lot of cavities, they are the snackers. you are bathing the mouth in natural sugars all day long. you can brush 10 times a day and you won't compete with that. >> reporter: sabrina and chip sloane were as surprised as i was about some of these tips
12:40 pm
and are always careful with their kids' health. newborn quinn and 4-year-old jackson. the sugar-free gum was a surprise. >> i'll pick up a pack because he does like to chew it if it's around. we don't usually have it around. might be a good in-between option during the day since he snacks a lot. >> reporter: the doctor cautions parents should continue to help brush kids' teeth until children can tie their shoes. he also advises make sure kids drink tap water here and there, not just bottled. >> the flouride in the drinking water will be incorporated into those adult teeth and make them stronger and help prevent cavities in those grown-up adult teeth. >> reporter: it means a big difference in producing healthy smiles for life. on the east side, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> too cute. who knew about the flouride issue? thank you, michelle. again, we've teamed up with nyu college of dentistry and screenings.
12:41 pm
you can also drop by tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. well, star wars fever hitting a new high. the trailer for the new film lighting up social media. coming up, we got reaction as it's been pouring in as we get closer to the december release date. >> and a birthday party for a
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12:43 pm
see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas.
12:44 pm
visit today. . we're back now with star wars mania reaching new heights, let's say. >> i just discovered what a geek i am! i was among the millions of people who watched the movie's new trailer during the giants game last night. meanwhile, 13 million more and counting viewed it on youtube and facebook overnight. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon has all the buzz. >> reporter: you'll never be a geek to me, dave. let's talk about twitter. there were 17,000 tweets a minute while the trailer aired.
12:45 pm
then when tickets went on sale right afterwards, the online demand was so overwhelming, well, many ticket sites ended up crashing. >> reporter: it's about two minutes long, but this was the longest and the final glimpse of the much anticipated star wars the force awakens. >> it's true. >> all of it. >> reporter: the movie, set some 30 years after "return of the jedi" reunites fan favorites han and leia. >> i am finished. >> reporter: in the trailer, we even get a preview of a light saber fight between new characters kyla rim and finn. >> i was raised to do one thing. i've got nothing to fight for. >> reporter: speaking of finn, watch the actor who plays finn in the movie reacting to his first look at the trailer last night.
12:46 pm
he seems to like what he sees. >> what! what! [ laughter ] >> reporter: as did these cheering fans, who say the wait was worth it. >> i thought it was awesome! >> i'm, like, blown away! >> reporter: this is the seventh installment in the star wars series. some theaters plan on hosting marathon screenings of every film in the series leading up to opening night on december 18. while some lucky fans have already scored tickets, with online vendors crashing under the demand, tickets are available for resale on ebay for hundreds of dollars. >> hundreds of dollars for a ticket! well, it's just shy of two months before the force awakens hits theaters. we're now being told a lot of the first showings are already sold out. we have posted the entire star wars trailer on abc 7 ny, our facebook page, so you can watch it over and over and over and over again. walt disney, which owns the
12:47 pm
now, the man to ask on all of this, the man who calls himself a geek, apologies to shirleen and bill, dave navarro, your thoughts. >> it was like visiting an old friend. i saw han solo up there. it's going to be good. [ laughter ] >> moments after the trailer, i got online, and there were all of these sites studying frame by frame. i didn't realize it was finn that was in the fight in the forest. who is that guy? ah, it's that kind of excitement. >> kind of fun to know where luke skywalker was. >> where was luke! >> of course you remember harrison ford, accident on the set, and the plane crash during the making of the movie. >> yeah, lot of stories behind the scenes. great, sandy. thanks a lot. >> good stuff. thank you. >> he proved it, folks. he's a geek. [ laughter ] >> star wars geek. it's official. >> for sure. >> kind of like we grew up with it, you know? >> my childhood. here's what's going on. great trailer that was. and we'll be looking at great
12:48 pm
weather for this afternoon. we've got sunshine looking up the hudson, and it is absolutely gorgeous. what a pretty day. we'll have three really pretty days where we have temperatures above normal. still not oppressively hot or warm or humid or anything. nice fall weather with temperatures just a few degrees above normal. 60 right now. normal high would be 62. humidity is dry. wind is southwest 7 to 14. a great fall day with the pressure well above 30, at 30.25. yesterday was a chilly day at 53. it was 43 out here to the west. now it's 58. 61 in long island. the southwest wind helps warm things up, particularly out on and coast alcon con. it's holding this front off to the north. but i want to take you to chicago where there will be a little baseball game tonight. in the chicago area, there's a couple of little showers that are going by. there might be at some point a shower during the game.
12:49 pm
you that most of the radar is showing those showers going by about 10:00 to midnight. then the front gets here friday, thursday night into friday and goes on by. so that's going to be a quick- moving front. should not delay the game, but it might have an impact on the game. we're looking at after-school temperatures of 68 degrees. great for after-school kids, sun and clouds, beautifully warm. 73 tomorrow. 73 on thursday. some really pleasantly warm, beautiful weather. for baseball, there is a 50/50 chance of a sprinkle during the game, 65 degrees first pitch temperature in chicago tonight at wrigley field. partly cloudy tonight, 55. tomorrow, sunny and it's warm at 73. and then we're looking at 73 on thursday. the front moves through here with just a spritz thursday night. not a big deal. but it is cooler on friday. saturday, it's nice and 60. 66 on sunday. go mets! >> go mets! >> annihilate! [ laughter ] >> you heard him. >> no prisoners. >> thank you, bill.
12:50 pm
we'll be right back. but first, here's a look at what's coming up next on "the chew." >> today we're cooking up good food fast. michael's making a dish in under mario's cooking with actress
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
. hi, everybody. i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news. we'll be looking deeper into the new recommendations for women and breast cancer screenings. we'll find out why it's changing and why there is a shift. women are always wanting to know. we seem to be giving them lots and lots of information about mammograms. those stories and more beginning at 4:00. we'll also be talking about the mets tonight! >> yes. >> my daughter's going to the game. >> really? >> standing room-only ticket, $125. i said go for it! >> why not? >> she's paying for it. >> thank you, mom! [ laughter ]
12:53 pm
>> thank you, diana. i love it. time now for the feed, the stories that got their start on social media and are now getting shared and retweeted over and over again on the internet. now, crissey teagan is taking on instagram attacks again. believe it or not, this time it's about her baby bump. the model and cohost of the fab life posted this picture of her budding belly, saying somebody's early to the party. most of the comments were congratulatory, but there were several that were a bit mean. one commenter saying you got big so fast. my friend is due in february and half your size. are they twins? triplets? but despite the negativity, teagan tweeted good thing i am unoffendable or this would be a rough few months. >> lot of knuckle heads online. when you think of the perfect theme for a 4-year-old girl's birthday party, you might think "frozen." but iris gill loves a local cvs store in arkansas. her mother realized it's a
12:54 pm
little odd, but this is what her precious angel, but was not going to deny her. the manager of the local cvs joined in the fun, put a happy birthday message right there on the sign in front of the store. happy birthday, iris! you like cvs! >> like her disney or something. >> hey. >> duane reade, you're next. [ laughter ] thank you for joining us for eyewitness news. >> make sure you're back this attention medicare beneficiaries living in these...
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