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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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joining us now to help us sort through what all of this information means is abc's chief health and medical editor richard besser. try to explain, what is changing here. >> you're right. >> and why. >> yeah, i mean there's a lot of people worked up about this. whenever guidelines change people get very concerned. the last guidelines from the american cancer society came out in 2003, so it's been 12 years, lots of studies lots of data. here's what they recommend now. they used to recommend annual mammograms starting at age 40. now it's 40 to 44 is personal choice. age 45 to 54 an annual mammogram, and you continue that every other year until your life expectancy is less than ten years so for most of your life. >> besides mammograms what else has changed. >> this other change is going to be very controversial. they're recommending that doctors and nurses no perform an annual breast exam when a woman comes in for her annual physical. the reason is it takes a lot of time, and it doesn't add to the
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value of the mammogram. what they're picking up tends to be things like fibrous changes. they're only examining the breast once a year so they're not picking up things that lead to detection that makes a difference. >> it makes me as a patient feel better. >> it makes a lot of women feel better. no one is saying women shouldn't pay attention to their bodies. if you detect any change in your own body bring that to the attention of your doctor. >> why is it all of a sudden we're seeing these changes? >> there's a number of reasons. we're recognizing more and more that screening has benefits but it also has harms. they're trying to cut down and make sure we're getting the best benefit we can get out of screenings than harms. the harms are more than just fears. there's biopsies and surgeries that have side effects and complications. if you're in a higher risk group you're going to need more frequent and earlier mammograms. the groups that fall into that are people with a family history of breast cancer, if
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you have genetic mutation like brca. they're also leaving it open so women who are concerned and still really want to get those mammograms at age 40, they're saying you can still do that. i think it's a move in the right direction. the big problem is there are like four different guidelines out there. >> it's confusing. >> it's so confusing. >> thanks for shedding some light on this. >> you're very welcome. >> and don't forget dr. besser is here every wednesday answering your questions. if you have something you would like to know you can tweet it or put it on our facebook pages. a search underway at this hour in brooklyn for a wanted felon who escaped from police during his arrest. this happened around 5:30 this morning on sheffield avenue in east new york. the suspect gerald brooks was handcuffed behind his back and being escorted to the transport van when he shoved an officer and took off. brooks who is 6 feet tall with long dreadlocks is the fifth suspect to escape nypd custody
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this is the fifth person to escape police custody since june. >> as far as the officers involved, they're an embarrassment to themes in terms of their professional skills or lack of them in once again letting a prisoner escape in the city, and they will be dealt with very appropriately for that incompetence. >> brooks has 54 prior arrests and is wanted for outstanding violations including domestic violence. bratton says the officers involved face severe discipline for the escape. >> well, a police pursuit in suffolk county led to a wrong- way crash overnight killing the suspect and an innocent driver. the female suspect was driving westbound in the eastbound lanes of the northern state parkway of dix hills around 2:40 this morning. officers have tried pulling her over, driving drunk and in a stolen vehicle, but she refused to stop. the northern state parkway was closed in both directions for several hours. and a 6 alarm fire that heavily damaged a building under construction in chelsea
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triggered the evacuation of at least five other buildings. the fire broke out around 3:00 this morning on west 17th street. firefighters say it quickly spread because the sprinklers in the building had been removed. there were also a lot of open floors and construction materials around. >> the scariest part was waking up to smoke filling up the entire street. so like i opened the door, and it was a white cloud of smoke, and then realizing that the building literally directly across the street was on fire. the flames shooting out of the windows and then you just saw it escalate and go up each floor. >> city officials expect most of those evacuation orders will be lifted by the end of the day. turning now to the big sports news, mets fans hoping by the end of tonight the amazins will be up 3-0 in the series. the team's road to the world series takes them to chicago's wrigley field for game 3 against the cubs. starting on the mound one of
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of the post season, jacob degrom. sports anchor laura behnke right now live at wrigley field with more. hey laura. >> reporter: hey david. jacob degrom already has two wins this post season, so the mets are feeling very confident as they send their ace to the mound tonight in game 3 here at wrigley field in chicago. but not too confident. this team knows there's still plenty of work to be done. >> the mets arrived in chicago sitting pretty in this national league championship series with a 2-0 lead on the cubs. they're feeling good but not too good. >> because we've treated, you know, every game this post season with that sort of emphasis, so, you know, i'm sure guys will be relaxed. guys will be normal, you know, but i don't think there's going to be a letdown. >> the minute you think they're naive enough to think this is over, you're making a big mistake. they know exactly what they're facing. we've come in here a lot of games and had big, very well- played games here in wrigley field and got beat. >> what they're facing is a cub's team desperate for a win
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to make this a series again. >> we will be ready to play. our guys are always ready to play. their prep is great, the camaraderie among the group cannot be better. >> the mets are focused on tonight's game. the players understand the overall picture and how big this moment is between these two teams. >> pretty cool being in the post season. i don't care where we're at. obviously with the history here in chicago with this stadium, with this franchise, you know, it makes it that much more fun. >> that's what we play for. you know, we play to get this chance, and you never know how many times you're going to get it, so when you get this chance you want to make the best of it. >> now in terms of odds, the mets have to like theirs. historically speaking in a seven-game series, the team that wins the first two games goes on to win that series 83% of the time, but you know what, this is the post season. there are no guarantees. that's why the mets say tonight they have to remain focused. we'll have more coming up at 5. for now we are live at wrigley field in chicago, laura behnke
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channel 7 eyewitness news. love the odds, though. remember, we have everything you need to know to get ready for tonight's game at our special section at keep that mets pride coming. share your photos with us on twitter. tag them abc7ny so we can share them with you on the air. a jury in brooklyn getting an inside account of one of the biggest mofia heists in history. at the trial of an alleged mobster, 80-year-old vincent asaro is on trial from charges stemming from the 1978 lufthansa robbery at kennedy airport which was shown in the movie the good fellas. a turncoat mobster testified that it was believed there were $2 million in the terminal, so when the robbery crew was elated. he says he and asaro each got a $750,000 cut. three high school students in suffolk county are facing criminal charges for an alleged
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their school's computers. grades and schedules were changed on the commack high school system. sandra bookman is in commack with the details. sandra. >> reporter: yeah, liz, all three charged here are 17 years old. all three are seniors here at commack high school. all three spent this morning not in a classroom but in a courtroom. now, two of the young men, alex muscara and eric vaseman covered their faces as they left court on charges that they illegally accessed the school's computer system. however, the alleged ring leader daniel suarez walked out stoically next to his attorney. police say it was suarez who was the ring leader. he was the one they say actually hacked into the
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school officials first noticed that breach in july. >> internally they became aware of a large number of student schedules being changed without authorization. internally they were able to determine that those changes were made by an outside computer accessing the network and using a particular staff member's sign on credentials. it was at that point they notified the police department to commence the investigation. >> reporter: now, suarez is facing at least ten felony charges. the other two young men face one felony charge and a misdemeanor charge each. coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5:30, we will tell you how police say they believe those young men were able to hack into the school's computer system. for now we're live in commack long island, i'm sandra bookman channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you sandra. checking the marks, stocks on wall street wavered throughout the day. the closing bell rang just a few minutes ago. health stocks were among the biggest decliners as we take a
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live look at the big board. the dow fell 13 points closing at 17217 to end a three-day winning streak. and still to come on eyewitness news first at 4, breaking her silence. khloe kardashian releasing her very first statement after the health scare for lamar odom. >> plus this. >> it's frightening. they could walk into your house. >> a break-in goes from brazen to bizarre when a man gets caught. the shocking way they caught up with him. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg, it's bright, sunny, breezy, and most importantly it's mild out this afternoon. feels really good, and we've got some warm weather in the seven-day accuweather forecast. it will come to an end. here's the signal if you're traveling out and about with the mets tonight, we'll go into baseball, no curve balls, fall classic tonight to get outside and an above average evening in terms of temperature. we're not going to get that frosty evening. we'll tell you when it cools down and maybe some problems in we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities
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time for a check on traffic, and we have video of the staten island expressway. this is near south avenue. the traffic on the left side headed westbound. checking the delays at the hudson river, the outbound holland tunnel is 20 minutes. the outbound lincoln 5 to 10 minutes, and things are looking good at the george washington bridge. former nba star lamar odom is back in los angeles this afternoon, and as he continues to recover, his estranged wife khloe kardashian she is thanking supporters. she released a statement saying "you can never be prepared for an experience like this, but without the outpouring of love
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has received, it would have been difficult to endure." another relative of odom's released a similar statement saying he is starting to walk. he has been hospitalized for a week after he was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada. odom was brought back to california yesterday. new at 4, the u.s. and russia working together to reduce risks from air strikes in syria. the two nations signed an agreement that lowers risk of collisions and other dangers. it lays out safety protocols and sets guidelines for communication. however, the countries will not share target information. meanwhile, u. n. secretary general bun i can moon is paying a surprise visit to jerusalem. he's urging for calm between israelis and palestinians and exploring whether the two sides should head back to the negotiation table. dozens of people from both sides have died this month from random attacks and military action. former virginia senator jim webb could be going independent
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>> i'm withdrawing from any consideration of being a democratic party's nominee for the presidency. >> today's news conference, he did not rule out running for president as an independent. in polls few respondents said that they knew webb. he may most be known for complaining at last week's democratic debate that he wasn't getting enough time to speak. and more appearances in washington today for vice president biden, who still no word however about whether or not he's going to make a run for the oval office. in a tribute to former vice president walter mo ndale biden spoke about his relationship with the president saying he and president obama have never disagreement. we want to know about our weather, no doubt about it, but a lot of people including sportings anchor laura behnke wondering what conditions will be like in chicago tonight. >> of course. meteorologist lee goldberg is outside. so lee, what do we think?
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it was here a few nights ago right. >> did you notice laura's voice,. >> she sounded a little hoarse. >> yes, so she reached out to me earlier in the day. there is some rain in the area now, light rain, and i'm a little concerned about a batch of rain that's probably about four hours away. that would time out for first pitch. we'll get you that on radar in a moment. meanwhile it could not be nicer here in the big apple. let's go ahead and look at new york harbor the we'll have a great sunset just before 6:10. it's spectacular bright sunshine. we're flirting with 70 degrees with the help of that southwest wind that's gusty. it's about 12 miles an hour, but it feels like a great breeze. lows this morning not as cold as monday morning. still some 30s well north and west, but you're not seeing freezing temperatures widespread in the morning, and caldwell's at 70, morristown 70: maplewood same thing, 72 in newark and 71 in teterboro.
4:17 pm
long island in the upper 60s, belmar 70. hudson valley, how about poughkeepsie at 74 degrees and monticello in the upper 60s after being in the teens over the weekend. so you know, we're running along average, close to 20 degrees ahead of yesterday's pace. we've made it all the way back and got more 70-degree weather to enjoy. southwest wind backs off a little bit. still a noticeable breeze tomorrow, and we'll be in the upper 60s to low and middle 70s during the afternoon hours. you can see the high clouds that filtered the sunshine early in the morning north of the city. now they're in sullivan and dutchess county. the bulk of the area has turned mostly sunny. there's the fronts, there's the streamlines and we have the winds coming out of the southwest, and that chilly air is locked to our north and doesn't come anytime soon. there's the radar over chicago. now wrigley is just on the north side of town where a couple of light showers are headed right now. that's not such a big deal, but look at that area of twisting rainfall coming out of eastern iowa right now, and it's moving east, northeast at about 40, meaning it would get there after 8:00 tonight, and there are some heavier downpours in there.
4:18 pm
i put a couple of futurecasts together and show you where wrigley is on that map. this particular futurecast would say we're okay in the late innings. by first pitch it has it going for a while. i think the chance of rain is there starting earlier in the game. temperatures are not the problem. we might be dodging some rain. a delay is not out of the question, but we'll watch it closely for you. for us back to our forecast. pleasantly warm tomorrow. that front sitting to the north, sunshine, patchy high clouds and on thursday middle 70s should do it. i can see a late day shower north and west of the evening hours. not a big deal there, still warm. partly cloudy tonight, 40s in some suburbs, how about 55 in new york city. i mean we were hitting way below that for our daytime highs over the weekend. sunshine and patchy clouds tomorrow, pleasantly warm, beautiful day in the low and middle 70s. tomorrow night partly cloudy and mild, about 58. coming up at 4:30 there is a cold front coming. you know it has to this time of year. the roller coaster of temperatures continues.
4:19 pm
we'll tell you when it starts to cool off and what it means for the upcoming weekend. in the meantime we're in good shape. we'll watch that chicago radar, a little concerned about that tonight. you hate to see rain coming and degrom's pitching well. nothing like that. we don't want to see that. >> at all. >> i'm sorry. i don't know what i'm doing. >> take it back. >> you have to verbalize that. >> thank you. >> okay. >> we should tell you that we're following some breaking news, it has to do with your commute home. you can see a box truck blocking a lane on the southbound side of the bqe. this is near the kosciuszko bridge. shannon sohn is over the scene in copter 7. >> this box truck was in an accident with a car. all of this happening taking out your right lane before you get to the brooklyn bridge. with one lane down and out on the bqe it is a nightmare. these delays are a bumper-to-
4:20 pm
bumper ride, reporting live shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you shannon. >> allegations of parties stripping, sex for money, and college recruits, a self- proclaimed madame says she has paid to woo recruits and now she's speaking out and a popular basketball program under scrutiny. >> and he has roots in new york and in los angeles, so what does jimmy kimmel have to say about the pizza in both towns? sandy kenyon has the answer, how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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seen joanna?
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. last night was a built of a home coming for a late night comedian jimmy kimmel who kicked off his show with a massive audience. >> tonight one of brooklyn's biggest names is joining jimmy mr. jay-z. he's feeling the pressure in front of his hometown crowd. >> from brooklyn, it's jimmy kimmel live. >> there's nothing quite like a hometown boy coming back a winner. and if the laughs sound a little louder, that's because jimmy works to just 140 people in hollywood, and here it's more like 15 times that amount. >> a lot of seats. >> do you work differently because of that? >> i do. it is a different thing because just the applause breaks are longer, so you have to pace yourself differently for a big show like this. >> big means expensive, which
4:23 pm
is why it's taken him three years to bring his show back here. >> we don't want to leave people out. i think we brought at least 100 people with us. >> jimmy told me whenever he returns here, food is on his mind. where to eat the big question, the local institutions carefully chosen. >> we have a few good pizza places in l. a., but there are more great pizza places in like a 3-block radius in brooklyn than there are in the whole city in l. a. >> jimmy jokes it took him four days to settle on the legendary joint in midwood as the one to be reproduced here and at the brooklyn academy of music, touch stones from his old neighborhood are everywhere on a set specially built for this week. >> i think people here in brooklyn will see it and go i know that place. i go to that place. that looks just like my house. >> and standing in front, a host who looks like he belongs there because he does. >> i like to drop by every now and then to remind you i'm not just in the back of your cab.
4:24 pm
i'm a real person, too. >> like the old saying goes, you can take the boy out of brooklyn, but you can't take the brooklyn out of the boy. he may have left at the age of 9 for las vegas, but the soul of mill basen is in him still. dave and liz. >> they did a beautiful job with that set. >> didn't they? >> beautiful. little places. all right, thanks sandy. >> and tonight's guests include wave. you can see jimmy kimmel live at 11:35 here on channel 7 right after eyewitness news at 11. a squatter gets caught in the middle of a brazen art heist in a ritzy san francisco neighborhood. police say they got a call from neighbors about suspicious activity at a historic mansion. there they found jeremiah kahler who boxed up the art, and sold it to pawnshops and on social media. all of it valued at more than $300,000. police say he also had a fake
4:25 pm
document claiming he was in the process of buying the home. >> it is a little bit more sophisticated than the average squatter. >> it's frightening. i mean they could walk into your house. >> police were able to track down nine pieces of the stolen art, but they're still looking for two more. neighbors say the home is vacant, and police have no say on who owns it. a new exhibit opened today that explores the history and experience of running new york's greatest race. the museum of the city of new york presenting photos and artifacts that bring the new york city marathon to life. the exhibit tells the fascinating history of the race from its really humble beginnings 45 years ago when 127 people ran laps around central park to today's 5 borough event with more than 50,000 runners from around the world. the exhibit runs through march 8th. and you can see the tcs new york city marathon right here on channel 7 sunday november 1st.
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it holds the title as the tallest dormitory in the world, and it's right here in manhattan. we're going to take you inside for an incredible view. >> frustration as one school district has been hit with four bomb scares this year. we're going to tell you why city officials cannot do anything about it. >> and band members suspended with charges of okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!"
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 4:30, and all new this half hour, members of a high school marching band suspended after being accused of racism. >> we didn't do anything wrong. >> how a fruit basket landed them in hot water. a wild crash on a highway, the driver blames an unlikely culprit. >> all of a sudden i felt this tremendous stinging in my left leg, and i thought it was a wasp or something. >> the bizarre story caught on camera. >> the world's tallest dorm
4:29 pm
>> and our top story this half hour, for the fourth time this school year, a bomb threat has been called in to a local district. >> and this time there was a lockdown at maple hill elementary school in middle town. parents and school officials are frustrated that nothing can be done about these cases often called swatting because they draw s.w.a.t. teams to the scene. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis live outside the campus with the story. marcus. >> reporter: dave and liz, recently the middle town school district upgraded its telephone system. it's designed not to let in calls from phone numbers that can't be traced, and even that has not solved the problem. >> it looked like the end of the school day, but this was the sight of parents pulling their kids out of maple hill elementary school before noon. an unscheduled early dismissal after the fourth bomb threat this year, the third this month, a recurring hoax that drew scores of nervous parents to the school. >> it's very concerning, i've
4:30 pm
got to leave work. my wife leaves work. we lose money. it's frustrating. >> every time it happens, it just raises a lot of questions, like why is it happening. why people are doing that. >> school officials say a male caller phoned in a bomb threat this morning putting the school into lockdown. heavily armed local and state police responded sweeping the building and giving the all clear. administrators say there was never any danger, but that's little consolation to concerned students and parents. >> if something's not done, it's going to go on and on and on. and parents are just grieving to get an answer of what -- you know, who's doing this. >> reporter: now while this was going on today, at the same time a middle town high school was under a bomb threat as well. a middle town high school in ohio leading officials to believe that somehow these calls are computer generated. coming up after 6, we'll hear from more parents as well as from school officials. for now we're live in middle town, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news.
4:31 pm
the sale of synthetic marijuana is now banned in new york city. mayor de blasio signed three bills this afternoon aimed at cracking down on the drug known as k2. the mayor signed the bills into law at the 25th precinct in east harlem, an area he says has been hit hard by the plague of k2. mayor de blasio says the goal is not to punish the users in the grip of addiction but the makers and the sellers who are putting it in people's hands. >> let's be clear, k2 is a poison. it is a poison that threatens public safety and public health. and it's taken a toll on too many new yorkers in too many communities already. it's something we haven't seen the likes of in the past, and it was crucial before this trend got any worse to act decisively. >> violators could face a year in prison and a fine of up to $15,000. a business caught selling k2 could have a its cigarette license suspended or revoked. a law goes into effect in days. >> a tougher gun control law is
4:32 pm
passed in new york and connecticut in the wake of sandy hook massacre survived an appeal but the fight to repeal them is far from over. new york's largest firearms organization says it plans to appeal a circuit court's decision to uphold the laws. the group's president says he's hoping the u.s. supreme court will look at the ruling. tomorrow new jersey will honor a soldier killed in a training accident. governor christie ordered flags at government buildings to be flown at half-staff in memory of army specialist kevin rodriguez. the 22-year-old from paterson died earlier this month after he was accidentally shot during training at fort campbell on the kentucky/tennessee border. in brooklyn an honor for one of the city's bravest who died in the line of duty. a stretch of morgan avenue in east williamsburg has been renamed affluent richard a. nappy. the road is in front of engine company 237 where he is based in 2007. the 17 year veteran died after
4:33 pm
collapsing while battling a fire in bushwick in 2012. >> it's amazing. i'm not sure how he would feel about it but you know it's a nice sentiment for our family, and you know, it lets us know that so many people are thinking about him. >> the lieutenant was also remembered for being those who responded while off duty to the world trade center attacks on september 11th. some members of a high school marching band in texas may be suspended over a fruit basket that some called racist. seven students from a high school in houston presented their competition with a gift basket as part of a tradition to encourage good sportsmanship. the basket included a small watermelon, coconut, pineapple and watermelon gum. some of the rival students found it offensive, and the school district called it inappropriate. however, the band members say they didn't mean any harm. >> i'm mixed. i don't under -- i don't take offense to that. how can someone else take offense to that. >> the student says they have been told that they will be punished.
4:34 pm
was suspended from all band activities for the remainder of the school year. the world's tallest college dorm opened this morning at pace university's manhattan campus. the 34-story building at 33 beakman street will be home to 770 students it has state of the art amenities like an in house fitness facility as well as a multifunctional recreational space. >> wow. look at that view. >> that's where your college dollars are going. the 172,000 square foot building boasts stunning views of the new world trade from and the east river. it's just one block from the very nice. beautiful. >> still to come, a wild crash and confrontation that has been caught on camera. a driver slams into a motorcycle and he says a spider is to blame. bizarre encounter. >> and stunning accusations at
4:35 pm
4:36 pm new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to $25,000 in cash. there are new details this afternoon and a wild scene highway. a driver is now charged for
4:37 pm
swerving into a motorcycle. two people were injured in this accident, but the driver claims it was an accident, and he has an unusual excuse. a spider, abc's ryan owen has the story. >> millions have watched this disturbing video online, a car swerving right into a motorcycle as it tries to pass on a texas highway. the motorcyclist is thrown from the bike. his girlfriend riding on the back seriously injured. just as jarring, the reaction of the driver who hit them. >> what were you doing? you hit them. >> i don't care. >> i got it on video, too. >> i don't care. >> that's 68-year-old william crumb being confronted by the motorcyclist's friend who recorded it all. crumb has a most unusual excuse for hitting the bike. >> all of a sudden i felt this tremendous stinging in my left leg, and i thought it was a wasp or something, and i didn't know.
4:38 pm
it was a spider bite. >> causing him he says to jerk the wheel and swerve into the left lane. >> i didn't try to hurt anybody. i just -- it was a reflex from the pain. >> eric sanders is the biker who's still covered in road rash and not buying crumb's story of the mystery insect. >> the car jerked over towards me violently. he had 100% control of that car the entire time he was driving it. >> the district attorney isn't buying it either. late monday charging william crumb with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, his car. before he was charged with the two felonies, crumb was asked if he wants to apologize to the couple. >> to her, but to him, no, because he was doing something illegal. >> it's true police cited sanders for illegally passing the car, but crumb may now have to use his bug bite defense in
4:39 pm
ryan owens, a be, c news gran burberry texas. >> and listen to this, another driver is using the excuse. a teenager looked down while driving and spotted a spider. she says she panicked and swatted at it. the move caused her to lose control of the car and ended up slamming into a vehicle which caused a domino effect. in all in this case 11 people were hurt. >> wow. >> following another breaking news story that also has to do with the commute home. there's a traffic tie-up on the gowanus expressway. this is in industry city in that section of brooklyn. shannon sohn is over the scene. >> reporter: you can't win tonight on the bqe. this one is on the gowanus after it joins the bqe. a three-car crash, several people injured in this crash by 39th street and only the right lane gets through. unfortunately bad timing on this one. if you are inbound on the
4:40 pm
gowanus you're doing okay, but the outbound side n this is a bumper to bumper delay which takes you back to the brooklyn bridge. that's where that other accident is we showed you. once you get through this you're stuck in the traffic from that. it is a mess. reporting live over industry city, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks a lot. well, he is a singing super star. we're going to show you the dance video that has drake getting some online flak. >> and hundreds of apps banned by apple. we'll tell you why the company had to remove them. >> and let's take a live look outside, and what beautiful
4:41 pm
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apple has pulled hundreds of apps from its app store that were secretly collecting personal information. apple says most of the 256 apps were made by a chinese ad company. the information included e-mail addresses, which were sent to the ad company's servers. the apps were downloaded 1 million times. apple says it's working with developers to fix the apps to make sure they are safe. doesn't make you feel too safe. >> i was going to say, that's comforting. >> you've just got to assume, you know. >> you have to assume. >> you feel you can trust some of these apps. they asks to much information and you think it's a cooking app, the next thing you know, chinese ads are appearing. >> that's exactly right. >> giving away your social security number. >> i try not to do that. >> it's so nice that you had in your forecast before just like pleasantly warm because the
4:43 pm
last few days it has not been. >> oh, yeah. and you'll see i have a graphic about the overall pattern heading into november, which is pretty encouraging. it's not that we aren't going to get cold at times, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen later this week. the overall patterns are these are islands of cold. outside we go, we have what is a pleasant afternoon. you can see on the upper west side, we've got some sunshine, some breezes out there. it's a mild breeze out of the southwest. it was good. pretty close to 70 degrees. we'll get the official high momentarily from the weather service, southwest wind about 112 miles an hour. planner during the evening hours should be mainly clear, a few high clouds, especially to the north. a few more tomorrow as well. we only go down to 55. a nice launching pad tomorrow, again, the futurecast over chicago we'll be looking at throughout the early evening hours is a batch of rain. this light rain now, a batch of rain headed in from iowa that may arrive close to first pitch. if that holds together there could be a delay at wrigley. 65 degrees at first pitch. for us it's dry and right through tomorrow you've got
4:44 pm
partly to mostly sunny skies. low and middle 70s going to feel so good. talking about that dominant overall pattern, which is pretty typical of el nino in that there's a lot of pacific air rather than polar air involved in our weather forecast. so it's coming right across the country rather than unlocking a lot of cold air from central and northern canada. that means temperatures likely to remain normal to above normal for the most part, but then you have these fronts which can open up the door to some chilly air. one of them's going to come on thursday night into friday and we back into the 50s. it's only a one or two day stay and then things recover. we've got our 70s to the west tomorrow, and then there's the cold air that will come in late. that front comes in about late thursday into friday. lows tonight not too bad. 40s in the suburbs, 55 in the park and low and middle 70s during the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. futurecast with that front to our north, sprinkle can continue to sneak into the catskills over the next 24 hours, not a big deal. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. the next threat of a shower and it's really not that high is later thursday into thursday evening, especially north and
4:45 pm
west in the afternoon, and then into the evening hours, maybe it's from the city south and east and that front will clear out. here is your seven-day accuweather forecast. warm and pleasant, just the way we like it. tomorrow 73. mid-70s temperatures peak on thursday. that threat of a late i did or evening shower much of the day is partly sunny. friday's definitely cooler. cool wind makes it feel like we're in the 50s. sunny to partly cloudy, nice on saturday, 58 and we're back in the 60s on sunday with a couple of late showers and hovering around that 60-degree mark into early next week. no extreme chill but tomorrow and the next day are really nice and toasty. >> just some islands of cold. >> it's poetic. >> very poetic. nice job there. >> yeah. >> david. >> hey, lee did you see the star wars trailer. >> you know, dave, i can't say i'm thrilled with it. >> you weren't overly impressed. >> it's okay. >> a lot of people were. that's what's trending on this tuesday. millions of people watched the new trailer for star wars during last night's giant's game.
4:46 pm
views and generated more than 17,000 tweets a minute. here's john boyega who played finn. here's daisy ridly who plays ray. [ laughter ] >> that's awesome. >> where is luke? >> i wonder where luke is. >> that's the big question. the hashtag where is luke. presale tickets went on sale breaking fandango's records selling eight times as many tickets as previous record holder hunger games. those tickets went quickly and now some are being sold on ebay. here's someone selling four tickets for $200. the movie opens december 18th. disney the parent company of wabc tv. singer song writer drake getting ribbed for his dance moves on his latest video for the song hot line bling. check it out. >> you used to call me on my cell phone, late night when you need my love
4:47 pm
>> my dad used to dance like that. >> that's funny you should say that liz because one poster described it like his uncle who had too much to drink at the party. and another said drake, what is he trying to do sell me an ipad? i don't know. he's taking a little ribbing on that. who knew democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley could play guitar. who would have guessed he would have revealed that talent by playing taylor swift on the view because baby now we got bad blood. so take a look at what you've done. maybe now we got bad blood. hey! >> okay. taylor swift may be cringing right now, but it turns out the former governor plays in a celtic band and sometimes breaks out in song on the campaign trail. >> huh. >> finally a funny chain reaction of back scratching. you see what's going on here. scratch the dog, the dog scratches the back of the other dog. this goes on. there's no end to it. it's just a happy scratching moment there.
4:48 pm
>> i love the upper paws there on the other dog's head. >> they're really sharing the scratching love in this video. >> as always, check out the trend online abc7ny. send us your trend ideas using the hashtag the trend. so you weren't feeling it huh lee? >> i just -- that's good. everything's, expectations are so high, take it down a little bit and i'll be excited. >> i like your mental strategy there. >> lee's wound so tight on this. [ laughter ] >> come on j. j. >> he will not let us down. i'm sorry. >> oh, goodness, breathe lee. just breathe. okay. so if you love hershey's kisses now there's more to love. the chocolate maker is announcing that hershey's kisses deluxe are going to go on sale next month. kisses deluxe, he can see a little different on the inside. they double in the size as the original ones and they come with rice krispies. >> nice. >> rice crisp byes inside with hazelnut.
4:49 pm
>> why do you care about the calories? that's delicious. >> i agree. >> just indulge have a little fun. >> it's hard not to. >> enjoy. >> it's a storied college basketball team but were recruits wooed by female escorts, the stunning allegations. >> and here's a quick check on the delay at the hudson river crossings. it's 30 minute outbound at the holland 10 minutes outbound at the lincoln, and this is
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. . well, one of the top basketball programs in the country is rocked by a sex scandal. >> the louisville cardinals are
4:52 pm
accused of hiring female escorts to get recruits. now the woman at the center of the scandal is speaking out. >> if they want to make extra money, that's what the side deal was, sex. >> reporter: shocking claims from katina powell who allegations andre magee, former director of operations for louisville cardinals hired female dancers to win over recruits and paid for the arrangements. >> andre was the one who always had the money, passed out the money, paid it rain, made the deals, paid for the deals. >> reporter: in an interview on outside the lines, the self- proclaimed madam and breaking cardinal rules book said she attended about 22 parties between 2010 and 2014 some in on campus dorms adding she and several other women including three of her daughters took part in sex acts with recruits,
4:53 pm
team members and some of their fathers. stomach. >> reporter: the two-time national coach rick pitino says he does not believe in cheating and he did not break any ncaa rules. >> four years, a boat load of recruits, a boat load of dancers, loud music, alcohol, security cameras, basketball players that came in at will, how could rick not know. >> reporter: powell said she never met with or talked to pitino. pitino told espn mcgee needs to do the right thing and tell the truth. so far he has declined to comet. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> still more news ahead including a new get your skin to look younger. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. it's happened again.
4:54 pm
gives cops the slip and is on the run. tonight the nypd's top cop frustrated and angry. those officers could be in big trouble. first just two victories stand between the mets and the world series. the team is hours away from taking the field, this time in chicago. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. the mets are looking good going into game three against the cubs. the first pitch in about three hours from now. >> take a look at this video of the mets arriving at wrigley field. they took the first two games at citi field, now they hope to defeat the cubs on their home field. we have several reports on the road to the world series. two reporters in chicago. we begin with rob powers in the newsroom. rob? >> back to business for the mets. lately their business has been winning three hours from game three of the national league championship series, the mets are in chicago ready to roll. they won the first two games before they took the winning
4:55 pm
act on the road. the mets combined hitting, pitching and defense in this series and won two straight over a team they couldn't beat during the regular season. now they play at a ballpark they haven't won in for a couple of years. no worries. the mets have been turning things upside down for a while. why not again. they go for a 3-0 lead tonight. game time 8:00. we do get to let this one simmer just a bit longer but we are not done. let's get you to the site. laura behnke is at the field for game 3. she joins us live with more on the match-up. laura. >> reporter: hey, rob, the mets may have a 2-0 lead in the series but if you need any more proof that they shouldn't be confident yet, look back at a championship series 11 years ago. that is when the red sox trailed the yankees 3 to none and we all know what happened in the alcs that year. the man running the show in boston at that time, theo epstein.
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