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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the suspect shot and in cu
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a new york police officer is in critical condition tonight shot in the head in east harlem, the suspect in custody, the fdr is shut down now. investigators looking into how this all happened. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. we have been updating this break news throughout the evening. the suspect was also shot tin leg. that officer shot at east 120* street and fdr drive. cops also investigating a scene of some sort at east 102nd street and the fdr. >> newscopter 7 over the fdr now. it is shut down in both directions from 120th to 125th street. n.j. burkett tweeting out the scene from the ground. heavy police presence. >> we have three reports and newscopter 7 over the scene. we begin with new jersey at the scene of the shooting with the latest. new jersey. >> reporter: and that's right, bill, the officer is in critical condition at this hour. i'm told he is in surgery with the bullet wound in the head. the fdr drive as you can see
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behind me is now shut down in both directions north and south, bill. it has been shut down for more than two hours. the circumstances of the shooting are still not clear at this hour. witnesses describe hearing several shot. motorists describe the frantic scene as the officer was rushed to the hospital. the nypd officer i'm told was responding to a report of a shooting near 102nd street. he approached a group standing near an fdr footbridge. there was an extended chase of one of the members of the group on a bicycle and an exchange of gunfire. the officer was shot in the ahead. during an ensuing search is another shot person, believed to be a suspect, was found at east 125th street. that person was shot in the leg and taken to new york hospital cornell medical center. a weapon, i'm told, was recovered. the bicycle was also recovered. the officer shot in the forehead, i'm told, is assigned to psa5 which patrols
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housing. he is in critical condition as i said a moment ago at harlem hospital, a five-year veteran of the nypd. we spoke with a number of people here, neighbors and motorists, and here's what they told us night. was in my house eating and i heard some gunshots and i came downstairs bick want to know what's going on. i heard the helicopters over the building. >> reporter: how many you hear. >> like eight or six. they were loud. it sounded real loud, real loud. >> we were driving past and they caught a gay over there. he was on the floor. a lot of police cars just started happening there. there were a lot of ploys cars, a lot of ambulances. they all went to that side. they were running. >> reporter: and now you can see the live picture here of the scene, officers now processing the scene, attempting to gather evidence, shell casings, bullets, whatever they can find here.
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police helicopters have been circling overhead shining search lights on the highway, making sure that they don't miss anything here. but again, the focus of all of this, the prayers right now are focused on harlem hospital clearly where the officer is in critical condition. again, with a gunshot wound to the head. we'll have much more obviously from the scene as details become available. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> new jersey, thank you very much. we're going to josh einiger who saw the commissioner, bill brat top, arrive earlier. >> reporter: a very grave picture here at harlem hospital. these scenes are always horribly heart breaking the cover. i want to show you what's happening on lennox avenue. police cars, marked, unmarked, double parked and triple parked as far as the eye can see all around the perimeter of harlem hospital as officers
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here to stand in a vigil, a silent vigil for their brother in blue. let's show you video of police commissioner bill bratton's arrived just over an hour ago. the officer who we are told was shot in the head is now in surgery here at harlem hospital as officers and family members wait for word, wait so anxiously for word on his condition. we have heard that he is assigned to psa 5, police service area 5, which is a house police unit which focuses on new york city housing projects in east harlem here in manhattan. we know that he is a five-year veteran and that he is at this point critically wounded in surgery here at harlem hospital. you are looking at a live picture right inside the lobby about 30 or 40 feet away from where i'm standing now. the podium, we're expecting to
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from police commissioner bill bratton, and mayor bill de blasio is here. we're expecting to hear from medical personnel from the hospital and also from investigators from the nypd would can give us a little bit more information on what led to this heartbreaking scene here in harlem tonight. again we can tell you the officer, a five-year veteran assigned to psa 5 which is a housing unit that patrols housing projects in harlem, shot in the head and in surgery here at harlem hospital. we'll continue to stand here and wait for word, and when we get it, of course, we'll bring it to you, any word from the police commissioner or officials. you will seat live here. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> josh, thank you. as we mentioned we're also learning more about that second crime scene located at 102nd street. there is heavy police presence there now. jim dolan picks up our coverage there now with more. >> reporter: a massive police presence here at 102nd street.
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police believe this is where this whole thing started. you can hear the police dogs behind me. you see a lot of police officers still on the scene. the original scene here was just a little more than a block down there on 102nd street on an overpass, a footbridge over the fdr drive. that is where this started. and just a few minutes ago there were a lot of police officers searching up and down this street because this is obviously still a crime scene. they were looking for evidence on the street. a lot of trying to piece together exactly what happened today, and that will go on through the night. of course, the east westbound streets are closed as far as 96th. the avenues are still open but because so many police officers are on the scene, there is a lot of backed up traffic still. but that's what's going on and will be going on through much of the night here in east harlem. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that footbridge goes over
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to ran dallas island. three reporters on the -- randall's island. shannon, what does it look like? >> reporter: it essential is a mess. some things have changed. they had all lanes getting into manhattan closed. obviously you can't get to the south bound side. if you are trying to get south on that harlem river drive they're schultzing you off at second avenue. on the northbound side you see that closure in place. this is where we're seeing the bulk of the traffic, that southbound side not too terrible, but this north bound delay just keeps going and going. so we're going to bring you back just so you can get an idea. some of the volume has eased out but just a little bit. that's the 59th street bridge.
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headlines ending just beyond that. so that is what you are looking at northbound. you can take it over to first and second avenue to get around. this but the best thing you can do for yourself is to get away from the east side of town entirely, take it over to the west side and stay away from all of this at this time. reporting live over the fdr drive, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> shannon, thank you. a quick question for you. if you swing the camera back the other way, in your reporting, did you see -- i got a call from a source saying there was at least one nypd scuba diver in the water. did you see any evidence of that around the east river there? >> reporter: yeah, we absolutely d. we'll bring you back up to the crime scene here at 120* street. one of the things we noticed were the amount of harbor units on scene along with aviation. but you can see those boats in the water. wear essential guess that that's exactly what they're doing. >> all right, shannon.
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we are going to stay on this story on-air and on-line, for continuing updates. we'll have the latest on our facebook and twitter page throughout the night. obviously a huge story. we're going switch gears and go to the mets because the mets have just won game three of their playoff against the cubs, trying to get to the world series for them for the first time since bill clinton was president. rob powers with the latest. >> they took two games at home, then they took this act on the road. in chicago, up two games to none, trying to expand at wrigley field. wrigley field was ready to roll. daniel murphy sowmed booed in introductions because he just nails cubs pitching. how about a home run that ties beltran's record? murphy is is in real. the game is tied again but the
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mets get a run in the 6th, two more in the 7th, cespedes too hot to handle. they get the job done tonight. they win game three 5-2. they're up in the series now 3- 0. one more win and it's on to the world series. more highlights in a few minutes. we'll also join laura behnke live at the ballpark. the happy mets fateful in chicago. >> reporter: you can see it's raining. it's been raining since the 7th. the mets took that 5-2 lead. i don't know if there's much you can see but the final is posted up there. the mets take a commanding three games to nothing lead. we were inside the stadium. it was electric inside of wrigley field all game long.
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we did run across a few mets fans inside. we caught up to them during the game and listen to what they had to say. >> we got our ace on the mound, i got my daughter who lives in chicago from new york. >> grew up 10 minutes from shea stadium. live and die with the mets. they're in the nlcs so you've got to be here. leave. they'll be talking about the possibility of a sweep, winning the national league in chicago. the mets now after commanding three games to nothing lead. one more game, one more game and the mets could be headed to the world series. that's the latest live from chicago, back to you, rob, in new york.
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eyewitness news is your source for everything mets. check out abc 7 on line for all of the hype around the series and make sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for updates around the clock. as we continue with the breaking news, we are following the latest about the police officer, new york police officer shot tonight in the ahead. he is now in critical condition as we look at the scene , the crime scene, and the backup on the fdr, all over the east part of manhattan from newscopter 7. we're also waiting on a press conference by police commissioner bratton at harlem hospital where the police officer again is in critical condition. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. the heaviest rain held up just long enough in chicago for the
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and we continue to follow breaking news in east harlem where an officer is shot. this is a podium where we are hoping for the police commissioner to give us an update on the officer's condition. >> the mayor is also there, the officer in surgery. sources telling josh einiger and new jersey burkett, and we are hoping for the best and will bring the details as soon as we learn them. we're going switch gears here. lee goldberg with the latest on the forecast. >> quite the night, quite the next couple of days. right now we have mainly clear skies. we'll go right outside the george washington bridge. things are moving okay. our temperature right now is at 63 degrees, 41% humidity,
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high today managed to reach 70. two more 70-degree days along the way. so a very nice wednesday. just some high clouds north of the city. more like mid-september the next couple of days. the cool fall wind will make a comeback on friday. some rain sunday morning. not a wash-up. 63 tribeca. we have almost a late summer evening feel. 55 in monticello. so patchy clouds tomorrow morning. otherwise partly to mostly sunny. we should be in the lower mid- 70s tomorrow afternoon. a couple of high clouds to the north. there's a front sitting right here. a couple of showers that are weakening on it. we remain on the mild side of the front. pretty amazing. light rain started as anthony said is in the 7th inning. the heaviest rain waited until the 9th as the mets closed out. now it's raining there. over the next 24 hours less of rain threat.
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night, about 71 degrees with a southwest wind. they will play tomorrow night, no problem. just some high clouds. a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day, very mild and september. remember september, feels just like that tomorrow. then we watch a couple of cold fronts. comes through thursday night. a cool fall wind kicks in and we're blustery but it feels like 50. your accuweather forecast, as we go through the morning house, partly cloudy skies, mild for october, a pair of 5's. tomorrow sunshine, patchy high clouds but very pleasant, comfortable. 58, partly cloudy and mild. if there's a short's widely scattered, late day. cooler come back on friday, sit, butt feels like 50. rain probably in the morning on sunday. i don't think it's a whole day rain.
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probably middle 60. sun comes out, then around sick. bill evans will have an update in the morning. we want to get back to the breaking news to show you the podium at harlem hospital about a mile from the crime scene where the officer was shot. we are awaiting a news conference with mayor de blasio and police commissioner bill bratton on the condition of the officer who was shot in the head 120th and fdr.
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we continue to follow that breaking news where a police officer has been shot in east harlem. right now you are looking at a live picture of the fdr drive. it is closed in both directions between 120th and 125th street. we are waiting for a press conference at east harlem hospital. we expect the police commissioner to speak as well as mayor de blasio. we'll get back to you with the latest information. bill. we move on. in health alert, a dramatic shift in breast cancer screening. the american cancer is society now recommending that women get annual screening at 45. the advice is considered to be
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for women at average risk. a tearful reunion tonight north and south korean families torn apart by war, reunited after decades. less than 100 south koreans, all of them in their 80s and 90s, were allowed to make the trip north to see their relatives. for many it could be the last time they see is each other. we're waiting for that press conference from commissioner bratton. in the meantime rob powers is up next with sports. >> they just keep going and going. straight ahead, murphy and the
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if michael can you los is correct and it always is, the
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cubs cannot lose another game if they want to go to the world series. >> 100% you are correct. one win away from a trip to the world series it's been a classic run. now they are just one win away from sweeping the nlcs and moving on. three down, one to go. the mets in hostile territory tonight after winning two games at home but they came on strong early in game three. 1st inning, cespedes rips one to the gas. david wright scores from first base. the mets have the lead. the cubs would tie things up but in the 3rd inning up steps daniel murphy. how about a home run in a fifth straight postseason game. that ties the record. cubs do get one back. degrom gave up four hits, two runs. never fear, cespedes and wright both looked good. another hit, another run, the mets lead. here's the final out. strikeout.
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they're up in the series 3-0. they go for the sweep tomorrow. more on this big game. we go to laura behnke just to us ivy covered walls of wrigley field. hi, laura. >> reporter: hey rob, what more can we say about this mets teams that we have not been saying all season long. it's a combination of. it's his fifth game. jacob degrom was the pitcher who controlled this game. tomorrow night they'll try to send this team to the world series. >> i have never played here before never even seen a game. i heard these fans were great. it's a great ballpark, a lot of history here so it's going to be fun.
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start here. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> laura thank you. more from chicago tomorrow but now we get to the american league championship series. these royals are something. on the road against r.a. dickey and the blue jays. fourth pitch of the game, gone. ben zobrist. more than enough runs to go around. chris young, another former met, he pitched well. royals win it 14-2. they can back a return trip to the world series with another win tomorrow. one of the best stories of this day, giants tight end daniel fells battling that mrsa infection for weeks released from the hospital. on ice the islanders look for
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first goal. this is cal the is is les win another one. the devils against the coyotes. up 2-1, they were so close. the game goes to overnight tied at two but add toach.
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we now want to take you back to our lead story where an nypd cop has been shot in the head. he's in critical condition at harlem hospital. >> n.j. burkett at the scene with new information. new jersey. >> reporter: that's right, bill, back here at the scene where the investigation continuestown fold in the middle of the fdr dry. you can see it's still shut down to.
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assigned to psa 5, a five-year veteran of the force, shot in the forehead after he confronted a group of young men after reports that at least one of them had a gun. there was a shoot-out. according to jim dolan down at 102nd street, a total of 10 shots were fired. six there and four here at 120th street. the alleged gunman was cornered at 125th street. he had a bullet wound in the leg. he's been taken to cornell. but the focus is harlem hospital now where the latest word we have is that the officer zip very critical condition. the mayor and the police commissioner expected to hold a briefing at harlem hospital within the hour. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> new jersey, thank younj,
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