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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 21, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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his family now remembering a fallen hero. thank you for be with us on this wednesday morning. >> all across this city officers will be weak black bands over their badges in honor of 33-year-old randolph holder. the housing cop died late last night less than an hour after being shot. >> the scene and the pursuit stretches over a mile in east harlem from 1st avenue across the fdr drive and even into the east river where police officers are searching for evidence. at least four suspects are in custody this morning, but at this time no one has been charged. >> and just a couple of hours ago, black and purple bunting was placed outside psa5 in east harlem where officer holder was stationed. we have two reports this morning, mallory hoff is live outside the precinct in east harlem and dray clark. >> just on the block blind me
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holder and his partner had that deadly encounter with the suspect. it's one of several scenes detectives are investigating, a scene that stretches from east 102nd street up to east 124th. overnight detectives recovered several shell casings and a loaded magazine semiautomatic hand gun. that was found inside the harlem river. all of this happening as the department mourns the loss of a well regarded and well respected police officer. >> the nypd is a department in mourning. one of their own ushered away from harlem hospital in a slow procession as officers stand and salute the latest nypd officer killed in the line of duty. 33-year-old police officer randolph holder, a five-year veteran tuesday night in east harlem, pronounced dead at 10:22 p.m., making him the sixth officer dying in the line of duty in the last year.
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that's about as bad as it gets, and we lost six in the duty but four murdered in the line of duty. >> tuesday night holder was one of the officers responding to a report of gunfire near 1st avenue and east 102nd street. a victim at the scene told officers his bicycle had been stolen at gunpoint. holder and other officers located a man riding a bicycle on a pedestrian overpass. there is an exchange of gunfire and officer holder was struck in the head. the suspect was found at 124th street with gunshot wounds to his leg. >> and tonight he did what every other officer in the nypd does, when the call comes he ran toward danger. it was the last time he will respond to that call. >> we're mourning a man who gave his life as a guardian for all of us, and we're humbled by
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officer randolph holder's example. >> as officer holder's body arrived at the medical examiner's office, another salute, not just from the nypd but also from the fdny. when heroes fall, everyone hurts, especially when they're killed living up to their oath to protect and serve. >> reporter: and back here live with another look at the scene. you can see just down the block a circle of detectives there huddled still going over every inch of this scene collecting as much evidence as possible. police believe the initial gunshots that officer holder and his partner heard at east 102nd street may have been the result of a gang related shooting because shell casings from three separate guns were recovered there at the scene. also we know this morning that three other men have also been taken into custody, and they are also being questioned in connection with the investigation. live in east harlem, dray clark
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channel 7 eyewitness news. dray thank you. officer randolph holder was a five-year veteran of the nypd, and while new york was not his native home, he protected the city and its residents day in and day out. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff has more now from east harlem. mallory. >> reporter: lori, officer holder was just 33 years old. he came to work at this precinct every day. you can see bunting hung over the entryway now. he was housing officer assigned to psa5, his brothers in blue now in mourning. this is a photo of officer randolph holder. he was appointed in july 2010. he was third generation law enforcement in his family. his father and grandfather were officers in their native guyana. in this video from last night, you can see officers flooding harlem hospital. that's where the five-year veteran killed in the line of duty was pronounced dead at 10:22. pat lynch is urging the community to show support.
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>> new york city police officers every day go out and carry themselves like superheroes on the streets, but the reality is when we're attacked we bleed. when we bleed, we die, and when we die we cry. >> reporter: we now know officer holder was living in brooklyn. his mother and father living in queens. we've also heard that when his father learned that his son did in fact die in the line of duty, he was seen comforting other officers, officers that worked along side his son. this is clearly an incredible family that will never be the same. live in east harlem, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and streets all around where the investigation is taking place all around that part of east harlem being impacted, especially the fdr drive. >> let's go now to heather o'rourke for the latest. >> what i want to do is show you a couple of webcams. the first thing i'm going to show you is the fdr drive near 96th street.
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now that traffic coming towards us, that is the northbound side of the fdr drive. you can see traffic is bumper- to-bumper. this is coming up through the 70s, up through the 90s, and then this is where you are diverted off the fdr drive. you can see that police car in the middle of the fdr drive as traffic is coming northbound. so let's go over here to our maps, and we'll talk to you about the closures. the fdr drive is closed both ways between 96th street and the rfk triborough bridge. the ramps to the northbound fdr drive are closed from 49th street, from 63rd street. you also have the rfk triborough bridge ramps to and from manhattan closed down. safe to say the manhattan leg of the rfk triborough bridge is closed. now the willis avenue bridge going from manhattan to the bronx is also shut down. what you can do is you can access the bronx from the triborough bridge coming from queens so that's one way to try
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the subways, the 4, 5, and 6
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a front back to our west with a couple of showers. that's cooler air that starts to pour in tomorrow night. before that gets here we've got a gorgeous day today. noontime temperature at 69. 75 this afternoon, a beautiful day today with temperatures really warm for this time of the year. kiddos at the bus stop you need a jacket or a sweater. later on today it's going to be gorgeous, i give it an a plus. we'll talk about tomorrow which is in the 70s as well and the weekend coming up which will be much cooler. now we'll take it back to ken and lori. thank you bill. also the mets have waited a long time to say this, just one more win to secure their spot in the world >> another outstanding performance behind the plate and on the mound led new york to a 3-0 series lead over chicago. rob powers has the highlights. >> one win away from a trip to the world series. it's been a classic run at the fall classic for the mets and
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win away from sweeping the nlcs and moving on. three down, one to go. the mets were in hostile territory last night but they came on strong. yoenis cespedes, in the 3rd inning, that's daniel murphy, how about a home run. the guy's unreal. only hit 14 homers in the regular season. the cubs get one back, degrom goes 7 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs. cespedes and wright looked good last night. another hit, another run. there's the final out, strikeout, and the work for last night was done. mets win it 5-2. up in the series 3-0 they go for the series sweep. one more win and it's on to the world series and being up 3-0 we're very fortunate. the cubs play great. they're playing great and we
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can't worry about it. we've got to come out tomorrow and steven max has got to give us a game. >> you can't look past tomorrow. you have to continue to put your foot on the gas. >> laura behnke is in chicago. we'll have reports from the site later on today. the mets one win away from the world series. >> mm-hmm. >> it really sounds good to hear that. game 4 of the nlcs is tonight at 8:00. we have a live picture from right outside. that's wrigley field. look how cool that looks. 8:00 is game time, and if you are heading to the game or you're watching here at home, be sure to hashtag the photos, abc7ny is the hashtag. it is 6:10, and we're staying on top of breaking news. lanes on the fdr drive still closed hours after a officer was shot and killed in the line of duty in east harlem. we'll get an update from news copter 7 coming up. >> a little disbursal shot and killed on an inter-- a little girl shot and killed on an interstate. why authorities think this is a
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shooting of officer randolph holder. >> and john del giorno is over the scene now in news copter 7. john. >> lori, we are looking at the largest one of these closures that's going to affect the morning commute. this is the fdr drive. you see the northbound closure here at 96th street. those of you who travel the fdr drive, the shooting took place at the pedestrian bridge a little north of here. it's a familiar landmark as the drive comes up and passes randall's island. there is an evident search ongoing which is why the fdr drive remains shut down. the closure is both directions between 96th street and the rfk triborough bridge. you're going to see headlights coming down the drive. that's the harlem river drive leading spot closure. this delay is going to spill over on to some other roads. with the fdr drive out of commission there you see the harlem river drive delay. over to the mayor deegan this is live picture right at yankees stadium.
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you see that bumper-to-bumper as well. if you travel the upper east side, even around the triborough bridge you absolutely want to allow extra time this morning and avoid the fdr drive. we're live over the east side, john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. it's 6:15, and right now the search is on for the gunman in a road rage incident that killed a 4-year-old girl. the shooting happened in albuquerque new mexico as the girl rode in the backseat of a car with her parents. her father told police that another driver opened fire hitting the child in the head. investigators have not released any information about a possible suspect. >> we're getting very conflicting information from witnesses, and that conflicting information includes the color of the vehicle that was involved whether it had two doors or four doors. >> police do not believe the family knew the shooter. 6:15. the upcoming presidential election isn't the only political race making headlines today.
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republican paul ryan says that he is willing to serve as speaker of the house. the congressman from wisconsin ran for vice president three years ago. late last night he told republicans he will run for speaker if he can get the endorsement of the major caucuses. among his conditions stopping the constant leadership challenges and crises plaguing the party. >> what i told members is if you can agree to these requests and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> ryan had been adamant about not seeking this post following john boehner's resignation preferring to stay on as chairman of the house ways and means committee. good morning america will have the latest on the race for speaker coming up at 7 right after eyewitness news this morning. it is 6:16. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is live outside our studios on the upper west side. >> this morning it is have been comfortable. we have a very light wind. we've got very cool temperatures, but yet at the same time these temperatures
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are pretty close to the normal average afternoon high temperature for this time of the year. here's a look outside from our cameras in high definition. we're looking from brooklyn over to the lower east side. 16 degrees, the humidity 47%. the pressure has been rising. so all this points to what's going to be a great day today. look at that barometer, 30.29. normally about 30.00 is our mark of fair weather. yesterday's high was 70. normal is 62. so we're starting out at 59, so we're almost to our average afternoon high temperature. we're looking at a beautiful sunrise at 7:13. it's more like mid-september or mid-june. you take your pick. it's a cool wind that will come back with fall weather thursday night into friday, a passing shower might come with that, and then we'll have cool weather for saturday, maybe a passing shower on sunday. so we're looking at beautiful weather, 60 up towards the bronx along riverdale, 57 eastern end of long island, and 46 up to the north. these numbers are quite mild.
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kid toes at the bus is to be, a low southwest wind holds off this front to the north and the one to the west for at least today and tomorrow. then that front starts to sag our way. you see that thursday afternoon there's that front at noon up toward the catskills. it kind of slides on through with a sprinkle, mostly to the north. that's 10:00 thursday night. there goes the front and we clear out. beautiful weather for friday, back to more normal temperatures. after school today we're looking at? st ask about 73 to 75 degrees. patchy clouds, pleasantly warm, a september to remember as we get to tomorrow we still have sun and clouds, 74, and then a shower doesn't come in until tomorrow evening. your accuweather forecast at the bus stop, oh, in chicago tonight 8:00 it's 74 degrees at game time. their afternoon high is going to be 77 to 78 degrees in chicago. we're looking at 75 here, sun and clouds, a nice little wind out of the southwest. tonight we've got skies that
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are clear, the lows about 55. tomorrow it's pleasantly warmer back to 74. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. 60 on friday. 58 on saturday, and then a couple of showers on sunday. and you see we're cool next week. we're in the 50s and 40s for lows at night, but no harsh cold. we've got an el nino going on out west in the pacific, so that pushes the jet stream to the north and allows pacific air across the area. so as we get to halloween next week, you know, superman doesn't wear an overcoat. you won't have to wear a coat over the costume. good weather when we start the world series. mild weather into the first couple weeks of november. over to heather, massive problems in our commute. >> let's talk about the closures along the east side of manhattan. we just heard john del giorno who is up above. the fdr drive is closed both ways between 96th street and the rfk triborough bridge. the ramps to the northbound fdr drive are closed.
6:20 am
you cannot access the fdr drive from 49th street or 63rd street as you try to go northbound. now we heard john del giorno and we also saw the pictures that john was showing us, harlem river drive southbound side starting to get jam packed. as john was saying and pointed out to us, the traffic is now starting to spill down on to the deegan southbound. it's picking up a lot of alternate volume. i would not be surprised if we start seeing volume coming inbound at the george washington bridge. that's going to start shortly as well. if you are commuting and normally go to the george washington bridge or along the east side you want to utilize mass transit today which is on or close to schedule. thank you. it's tough 20, and coming up, the future is now. how you can take a ride like marty mcfly today on this very special anniversary.
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wall street bounced back today. at the opening bell the dow jones started 13 points down at 17217. nasdaq and s&p 500 began lower as well. futures are higher right now. overseas stocks were volatile, japan's nikkei average gained 2%, china's hang seng lost -- remember the day when marty mcfly asked when are we, new yorkers are getting to celebrate the answer with a ride in a delorean, lift the car service has a special setting in its app called mcfly mode. that's where you can summon your time machine. you need to hit 88 miles an hour to time jump. the mayor's speed limit is a little below that with 25. it is 6:24. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> here we go, we take a look at some temperatures. these are really warm for this hour of the day.
6:24 am
52 newark, elizabeth to staten island. these numbers way warm with a southwest wind and a dry humidity. we're looking at what's going to be a beautiful day today. we are going to be looking, too, around at what's going to be this wind out of the southwest, a nice ferry ride, water temperature about 61 degrees. calm wind wards bridgeport to a southwest wind. a pretty nice day. >> mcfly, hello. >> heather's looking at your commute. >> let's talk about what's happening because of these closures i've been telling you about all morning long. here you go, here is the harlem river drive, delays getting enter the closure scene. we knew this was going to cause major traffic issues for commuters who travel from the northern tip of manhattan coming down, and then the deegan as well is starting to really pick up some volume as john del giorno is showing us from news copter 7 getting down into yankee stadium.
6:25 am
the willis avenue bridge is the willis avenue bridge is closed from manhattan getting over into the bronx. the other thing that i'm suspecting is that the george washington bridge is going to start picking up volume because of these delays getting down the harlem river dry and the deegan. they're spilling across the george washington bridge as well. as you can see the upper and lower jam packed. you want to avoid taking anything on the northern section of manhattan. >> lori over to you. >> thank you. comedian chris rock may be ready to roll at another chance o'host the biggest night in hollywood. rock is in talks to host the 88th academy awards. you may recall rock hosted the oscars in 2005. he got a mixed review from that gig. the oscars are in hollywood february 28th. >> still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, remembering a new york city police officer murdered on the job. a 33-year-old housing cop shot in the head.
6:26 am
we are following latest in this investigation. >> as well as how he's being remembered. this is a live picture from east harlem where black bunting is now hanging outside the
6:27 am
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this is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. >> did what every other officer in the nypd does, when the call comes he ran toward danger. it was the last time he will respond to that call. >> a third generation police officer killed in the line of duty in manhattan, the fourth member of the nypd murdered in the last year alone. an overwhelming tragedy for his family here in new york and his brothers in blue. we're learning much more this morning about randolph holder, the 33-year-old officer assigned to patrol public harlem. >> here's the latest at 6:30. as many as four suspects are in custody including one man who was wounded in the shootout that killed officer holder. so far there have been no charges filed. >> officer holder's father and
6:29 am
enforcement in their nightive country of guyana. holder was not married and did not have any children. overnight his body was moved from harlem hospital to the city's medical examiner's office. memorial plans have not been announced. >> and we have team coverage of this somber day for the nypd. mallory hoff is live outside the station house. we're going to go first to eyewitness news reporter dray clark at the scene of the shooting in east harlem. dray. >> reporter: good morning, investigators are still working multiple crime scenes that stretch from east 102nd street to east 124th. here behind me just down the block on 120th this really is the main focal point for detectives. this is where officer holder had that exchange of gunfire with the suspect who's now accused of taking his life. officer holder was shot in the head and pronounced dead at harlem hospital at 10:22 last night. officers saluted the slain officer as a small nypd
6:30 am
away from the hospital earlier this morning. officer holder was 33 years old and a five-year veteran with the nypd assigned to psa5, a housing patrol unit. holder and his partner responded to gunfire last night near 1st avenue and east 102nd street. one man told the officers he had just been robbed at gunpoint. the officers then located a suspect at 120th street. that 32-year-old suspect opened fire hitting officer holder in the forehead. holder's partner returned fire striking the suspect in the leg and that suspect was later found and arrested at 124th street. meanwhile, officer holder was rushed to the hospital, but his injuries were too severe to survive. >> all of us will tell you that this is the hardest thing that we do when we mourn one of our own. i've been doing it for 45
6:31 am
years. it doesn't get easier. >> reporter: and this was another sad scene this morning as officer holder's body arrived at the medical examiner's office. another salute for members of the nypd as well as the fdny. officer holder is the sixth nypd officer killed in the line of duty in the last year, but also commissioner bratton making the clear distinction last night that officer holder have been murdered, shot and the last year. now the 32-year-old suspect accused of shooting officer holder, we expect will be charged later this morning. also, three other men have also been taken into custody and they are also being questioned in connection to last night's deadly shooting. dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right. dray thank you, a large portion of the fdr drive is still closed as police continue their investigation. >> john del giorno live over east harlem in news copter 7. john.
6:32 am
>> hey, ken and lori you can see the police cars still out here on the fdr drive. evidence search that's ongoing at this hour on the fdr drive. the shooting took place adjacent to the drive near the pedestrian bridge. people who travel the drive very familiar with that bridge right next to randall's island. what i'm thinking is happening here is they may be waiting until daylight to do one last evidence search on the promenade next to the drive and even on the drive itself. and that's why we're still shut down both ways. what we've got, though, is a big traffic delay. we're closed both directions between 96th street and the triborough bridge. the northbound delay when we first got here, it was only down into the 80s. it's now begun to grow as the rush hour progresses. that delay now begins all the way down in the 60s. same story on the southbound harlem river drive, delays there as well, even the triborough itself, you really can't get anywhere once you get into manhattan, you're forced into the traffic on the local street. you want to avoid this area
6:33 am
altogether. you're going to see extra volume down at the 59th street bridge which we're already seeing extra volume in the queens midtown tunnel and for those to come down from the north and in from new jersey look for extra volume at the george washington bridge and the west side highway as well. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. it's 6:35, and from the first dispatch call to the tragic passing of officer holder, the events last night happened very quickly. at 8:30, holder and his partners were assigned to psa5 responded it a cull of shot -- call of shots fired. officer arrived at the scene and they gave chase. there was an exchange of gunfire. officer helder was shot in the head. a short time later just before 9:00 fellow officers took the suspects into custody and at 10:22 p.m., officer holder was pronounced dead at cornell medical center. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff has more on officer holder's past from east harlem. mallory. >> reporter: ken, we're now
6:34 am
learning that officer holder was a man who always had a desire to serve. he worked here at this precinct. you can see bunting now hung over the entryway this morning. officer holder was a housing officer assigned to psa5. mourning. in this video from last night, harlem hospital. that's where the five-year veteran killed in the line of duty was pronounced dead at 10:22. holder was appointed in july of 2010. he was third generation law enforcement in his family. his father and grandfather were officers in their native guyana. pba president pat lynch is urging the community to show support. >> we need your support. these police officers need your support as we bury our brother police officer, but it can't end there. we need your support every day on every corner in every neighborhood so we can continue to carry ourselves like superheroes so we can save you
6:35 am
officer holder was living in brooklyn. his mother and father, we're told live in queens. now they will bury their 33- year-old son. live in east harlem, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> mallory thank you. we will send out any updates as we get them at abc7ny and our news app. stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage throughout the day. now we shift gears to baseball. the mets road to the world series is as short as it can be. they have four chances to get one win to send them to the fall classic. what a game last night. >> game 3 of the nlcs in chicago included something that we've seen a lot of lately, a daniel murphy home run. he tied a post season record by hitting a homer in the 5th straight game and the mets won 5-2. they lead the series 3- zip.
6:36 am
>> mets fans in chicago had fun rubbing it in as cubs fans at wrigley field, chicago supporters, look at them in the rain. sorry, can only sit there and take it. many mets fans in the windy city think the series will end tonight but some are showing at least a little compassion. >> i want to console them a bit, but you know, at heart i'm a new yorker so go mets. >> we don't need a sweep but we'll take it, we'll take it and we're going to home and we're going to the world series baby. >> that man could be my dad. i think my dad said the same thing last night. if the cubs do not pull off a miracle comeback it will make an even 70 years since the team had appeared in the world series. we're going to be there every step of the way. watch for live reports later today from chicago from eyewitness news reporters laura behnke and anthony johnson. 6:38, now on to the weather. it's going to feel more like spring today. >> yeah, meteorologist bill evans here with the accuweather forecast. >> yeah, here's our camera at 4
6:37 am
you can see such a great view here. you can see the verrazano bridge, staten island, all the way past 1 world trade. a really pretty morning. here's our camera in brooklyn. we're looking at really beautiful weather here. a temperature of 60 degrees. it's going to be quite comfortable today. we're looking at what's going to be the wind profiles out of the southwest still holding this front off to the north and off to the west. temperatures this morning around 50 at paramus, 52 at newark. it's going to be quite comfortable today and a great ride on the ferry. if you're coming over from staten island a light wind out of the west, a beautiful sunrise is coming up just after 7:00. it's weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. heather's looking at it right now. >> a lot of traffic up the east side of manhattan because of the ongoing closure with the police activity. this is the fdr drive northbound traffic barely moving as you make your way up through the 70s. look at, that looks like everybody is just parked, and then as you follow north going up into the 90s, you can see
6:38 am
that's where the closure is. the police vehicle right there on the fdr drive going northbound kicking everybody off at 96th street. let's go over to our maps. the fdr drive is closed down both ways between 96th street. the ramps northbound for the fdr drive closed down from 49th street, from 63rd street. ramps to and from manhattan remanaclessed down. the willis avenue bridge is closed from manhattan going into the bronx. as you saw from news copter 7, the harlem river drive southbound is jammed. the deegan is picking up alternate volume, even the george washington bridge is starting to slow down. mass transit is the way to go. everything is running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and ken over to you. >> it's 6:40. still ahead on this busy wednesday morning, a deadly fire overnight in brooklyn. annuity last few minutes we learned this may not have been an accident.
6:39 am
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6:43. here's another live picture from copter 7 as investigators comb the streets surrounding last night's deadly shooting of an nypd officer. 96th street to 120th street is completely shut down on the fdr drive. officer randolph holder was shot in the head and killed last night after a 20-block pursuit through east harlem. the murder suspect is in custody. holder is the fourth police officer now shot to death since last december. also breaking this morning, we just learned in the last few minutes that a deadly fire occurred in brooklyn and is concerned suspicious. new video showing you the scene from hancock street in this bed- stuy neighborhood. firefighters pulled two men and two women from the burning home. one of the men 56-year-old tyrone corley died at the hospital. a man hunt is underway this morning for yet another suspect who escaped from a nypd custody.
6:43 am
gerald brooks was handcuffed behind his back when he shoved a detective and then ran away in east new york. brooks has five warrants against him and has been arrested 54 times for everything from domestic violence to marijuana possession. he is the fifth suspect to escape nypd custody since june. police commissioner bratton says that the officers involved will face disciplinary action. time is 6:45. new this morning, a special reunion in manhattan for a former ebola patient and the doctors and nurses who had cared for him. take a look at this photo of dr. craig spencer with the staff at bellevue hospital. dr. spencer was the only confirmed ebola patient in the city during the last year scare. he underwent 19 days of treatment for that virus. 6:45. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans outside our studios where it is a balmy 59 degrees in this october. not june right? >> normally we would be around
6:44 am
49 to 42, you know, we're looking at some real warm numbers to start the day. 10 degrees warmer and it's going to be around 75 this afternoon, which would make it about # 13 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. so enjoy, if you like that warm stuff. really you just need a jacket or sweater this morning, even in the suburbs. here's the current temperature and here's how things are looking. a beautiful sunrise over lower manhattan. it's going to be absolutely gorgeous. 47% the humidity, 60 degrees the temperature. a west wind at 5, a rising barometer all points to a great day. what's a normal high? 62 and yesterday we were at we're even warmer today. sunsets at 6:07. it's more like mid september or mid-june. cool wind comes in thursday night and friday. we've got a passing shower tomorrow night. really it's a shower possibility on sunday. monticello's at 46. everybody that is 10 degrees warm -- even that is 10 degrees warmer.
6:45 am
we're way warmer this hour of the day. 49 long island, 47, 45 degrees coastal connecticut. got a southwest wind to a calm wind makes it very nice. to the north there's a front. to the west there's a front. you see the wind profiles ahead of that around the southwest. that holds that off today and tomorrow, and that front you'll see on our futurecast really doesn't get here until we get into the afternoon on thursday. so that will stay away. we'll have some beautiful weather and the southwest wind today and tomorrow driving these temperatures into the 70s. you see thursday night we clear out. friday's going to be more of a normal fall day. it will feel chilly because, well, it's 75 today and it's back to 60 by friday. so we're at 75 today. that front stays off to the north. the other stays to the west and we're at 74 tomorrow. then that front sweeps in. the cooler air comes in out of oh canada and that will be coming in as we go into thursday night. for tonight in chicago at
6:46 am
wrigley field, temperatures 74 with a southwest wind. perfect for daniel murphy. here we go, 75 today, it's a warm day. tonight down 56, tomorrow sun and clouds, 74. a really nice pleasantly warm day. sun moves through thursday night, except for the cooler air on friday. sunshine and clouds saturday, really nice day, and a few showers are possible on sunday. but no harsh cold is on tap anytime soon. we're back into the 60s next week as we head toward halloween and the world series coming to town. ooh. there you go. >> exciting stuff. >> ken, lori, heather have a great day. >> thank you sir. >> you too sir. >> we go over to heather with an accident on the van wyck. >> in addition to these closures we have on the east side we also have other issues this morning. we have the van wyck expressway near jamaica avenue, that accident is being cleared away. 20 minutes inbound george washington bridge, really starting to build across the deck getting on to the deegan, on to the harlem river drive and the west side highway. a lot of people heading down to
6:47 am
the lincoln. st 40 minutes, the holland is a 20 minute delay. fdr drive remains closed both ways between 96th street and the rfk triborough bridge. from 49th street from 63rd street, the rfk triborough bridge, the ramps to and from are closed down. willis avenue bridge trying to get into the that is also shut. 4, 5, and 6 trains those subways are running through east harlem. john del giorno showing us this parking lot. this is the fdr drive as you go on to the southbound side coming into the closure scene right by the rfk triborough bridge, and check this out over here. the deegan getting right down into yankee stadium. mass transit, that's the way to go this morning if you're going anywhere through that area. ken and lori over to you. >> up next, new details on a savage killing in long island.
6:48 am
a man's burning body found in a wooded area. details on the new break in the case next. >> new video showing a packed bus catching fire. see new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting.
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(announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting
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tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. new details now on the murder of a man whose body was found burning in manorville last week. police on long island just
6:51 am
arrested a second suspect in the case, 18-year-old orlean soliz along with brian meija. investigators have side the victim as 36-year-old german guzman. 6:53, an engine fire turned the morning commute and a hurdle for drivers forced to sit and wait and wait on a california highway while the smoke drifted by. the driver says he heard a pop so thought he blew a tire. when he pulled over, the flames started to build in intensity, so he made sure he got everybody off the bus. surveillance video showing passengers calmly evacuating despite smoke quickly filling that bus. 6:53. we're following a tragedy for the nypd this morning. >> another officer just starting out his career murdered in the line of duty. this morning his fellow
6:52 am
6:53 am
we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town.
6:54 am
the nypd is mourning one of its own killed last night during a gun battle. >> eyewitness news reporter dray clark live in east harlem. >> detectives have been investigating pulling million crime scenes. this has been their main focal point on east 120th street. this is where officer holder had that deadly encounter with the suspect now accused of taking has life. officer holder was shot in the head and pronounced dead at harlem hospital. officers saluted the slain officer as a procession ushered his body away from the hospital earlier this morning.
6:55 am
officer holder was 33 years old and a five-year veteran with the nypd. holder and his partner responded to gunfire last night near 1st avenue and east 102nd vote. a man told them he had been robbed at gunpoint. the officers then located a suspect who's 32 years old. that suspect opened fire head. officer holder's partner returned fire striking the suspect and hitting him in the leg, and that suspect was arrested near 124th street. meanwhile officer holder was rushed to the hospital, but his injury was too severe to survive. as for that 32-year-old gunman, he has not been charged but we expect that to happen sometime later on this morning. we're live in east harlem, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray thank you. and a big stretch of the fdr drive is shut down due to the police investigation. let's check in with john del giorno. >> and lori, that stretch of the fdr drive that's closed is from 96th street to the
6:56 am
triborough bridge. you have to think about the three main roads, the northbound fdr, the southbound harlem river drive and the triborough bridge itself. if you've got the triborough in your plans, the east side of manhattan you wanted to not only plan alternate routes but even those are becoming very crowded. you need to allow plenty of extra time this morning and keep it in mind if you're headed from the city towards laguardia. this is a very popular route. we're live over the east side, john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. thank you. it's 6:58. in baseball the mets look to sweep their way past the chicago cubs and into the world series. daniel murphy homered again last night as the mets took game 3 of the national league championship series. they now have a three games to none lead. one more win sends the mets to the word series for the first time since 2000. all right heather. >> we saw those delays from news copter 7 southbound on the harlem river drive, the deegan.
6:57 am
this is the northbound side of the fdr drive. traffic coming towards us your delay northbound on the fdr drive into the 90s where that closure starts. that delay goes all the way back to at least the 50s. big mess there. all right. thank you. >> grab a sweater or a jacket but you won't need it for long. we're at 58 degrees. that's going to be your 7:00 temperature. should be about 36 for the temperature this time of the year. we're going to be looking at very nice nurse today, 75 this afternoon. 13 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. we'll do it again tomorrow, and then cooler air pours in thursday night. for friday and saturday we've got a shot at a it's going to feel cool but those are the normal temperatures. >> thank you bill. >> that is the news for now, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning america is up next. we'll be back in 25 minutes
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