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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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officer holder was part of the nypd's housing unit and a five- year veteran of the force. he was chasing a suspect wanted for stealing a bicycle when he was shot in the head. >> and that suspect under arrest is 30-year-old tyrone howard, a man with more than 20 arrests, two prison sentences to his name, and who had recently dropped out of a court ordered drug treatment program and had been on the run from police. we have a team of reporters covering this story. we're going to begin with n. j. burkett who's in east harlem with new >> that's right. on the fdr drive here at the shooting scene, and you know, tonight police officials are furious over this, not only was their suspect a fugitive in a gang-related shooting here back in september, he was also able to avoid prison after an earlier drug sweep when a judge put him into a diversion program for drugged oners. >> his whole life has been about an escalation of crime , criminal activity indicating what we allege occurred on
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we were seeking him for, was the september 1st shooting. >> the city's police commissioner was visibly angry. he described tyrone howard as a violent 30-year-old career criminal who had no business on the streets of east harlem. >> he would have been the last person in new york city i would have wanted to see in the diversion program. he has shown no propensity with the number of arrests over a period of time of changing his ways. >> detectives say howard was running from a shootout with bicycle. when he came face-to-face with plain clothes officers along the fdr drive last night. when housing officer randolph holder and his partner tried to stop him, investigators say howard opened fire. >> when tyrone approaches them on the bicycle, when he approaches them on the bicycle, he puts the bike down. he pulls out his weapon, and he
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officer in the front of the head. >> the nypd's response was immediate and massive. they sealed off the fdr and cornered tyrone howard, who had a gun shot wound in his leg. , and the scene at harlem hospital hours later was grim. officers stood and saluted as officer holder's body was driven from the emergency room where trauma surgeons were unable to save him. but police officials say tyrone howard was a fugitive at the time of the shooting, wanted for a gang related shooting in september. what's more, howard had been arrested a year earlier in a drug sweep, only to be released into a diversion program for drug offenders, which he apparently stopped attending. >> we can't say clearly enough whether he should have been in a secure mental health facility or whether he should have been in a prison but he sure as hell shouldn't have been on the streets. >> reporter: back now live, you can see officers still keeping watch over the scene of the shooting. tonight activists and elected
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officials say it's not only the criminal justice system that failed them here. they say people in the community failed by not turning tyrone howard in. much more on that part of the story coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00 tonight. for now we're live in east harlem. >> you can see from n. j.'s live shot that lanes are back open on the fdr after they were shut down above 96th street for the investigation. this of course is a live picture there. lanes reopened just before 1:00 this afternoon. >> officer holder is now the fourth nypd officer killed in the line of duty this year. officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos were killed in their patrol car in december. brian moore was killed back in may. for officer holder's family, his grieving family, they say enough is enough, and they are now calling on mayor de blasio to do something about this.
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she is in the far rockaway section of brooklyn with more. >> reporter: the family just welcomed mayor de blasio and commissioner bratton with open arms. they spent about 10 or 15 minutes speaking with his father, aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins. there are still a number of people at the home paying respects. when we spoke to holder's father earlier today, he said the family is just in a whole lot of grief. >> he always wanted to be a policeman and that he did. >> strength is the feeling you get while in the presence of randolph holder senior, a former police officer mourning his son of the same name killed in the line of duty. >> he delivers duties diligently with pride, principle and discipline. he's very prompt, punctual, easy going young man. >> holder grew up in guyana, he
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years ago to live with his father and stepmother. it is in this neighborhood where he loved big family gatherings and where mayor de blasio and commissioner bratton paid their respects to the family wednesday afternoon. >> he was the light of the family, you know. he loved to deejay, he loved soca but also lovered his job. >> the third generation police officer was unmarried and doesn't have any children. his mother deceased, but he leaves behind three brothers, a sister, a long-time girlfriend and so many friends and family members who love him, respect him, and miss him dearly already. >> respectable guy, and for someone to just wipe him away like that, he's 33 years old. he helping his grandmother and his brother in guyana. >> reporter: now, the funeral arrangements have not been announced at this point. we do know that the family was inside working with the nypd
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finalizing them during the day today, but when they are finalized and announced we will make that information available on our facebook, twitter, and instagram pages as well as on reporting live in far rockaway, darla myles channel 7 eyewitness news. suspect as well as reaction from the neighborhood with eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson on eyewitness news at 5. now a live look at officer holden's precinct psa5. you can see the bunting hung in his honor. we'll have more coming up at 4:30. following breaking news right now. the fdny is on the scene in chelsey, again, after a fire reignited at a vacant apartment building. firefighters quickly knocked down small pockets of fire after spooning to a -- responding to a smoke condition before 3 this afternoon. area buildings have not been evacuated as they were yesterday. the building is undergoing renovations. thankfully no injuries have been reported so far.
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biden announced he is not running for president. the window of opportunity had closed and he cited his family's need to grieve his son beau's death of cancer in may. >> beau is our inspiration. unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination, but while i will not be a candidate, i not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party, and where we need to go as a nation. >> president obama and biden's wife jill stood beside him in the white house rose garden for the statement. biden is 72 years old and has told friends he does not plan to retire in a traditional sense after his term ends. we're going to return to chicago where tonight we all mets they could clinch the pennant, and they have been on
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sweep the cubs and they're right now 3 and 0 or as one chicago paper put it, 3 and ouch. laura tells us that for the players there is no world series until they get past game 4 tonight. laura joins us now from wrigley field with much more. laura. >> reporter: hey, liz, yes, the mets are on the verge of the world series but they're not there yet. the cubs still have a chance and they know it. after last night's game, manager joe maddon said it's up to them to go out tonight and execute. that's what the mets plan to do too. this should be a pretty good game. >> believe it or not mets fans, the amazens are one win away from the world series and they could get there in sweeping fashion tonight. >> being up 3 and 0 we're very fortunate because the cubs, you know, they played great, they're playing great. >> it's pretty definitely excited, you know, and very fortunate to be in this position. >> but the mets have put
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hitting, clutch home runs from daniel murphy, and dominant pitching. >> we have a different ball club right now than we did when we came here earlier. i thought the organization did a great job adding not only great baseball players but great character guys. >> all season long the mets have kept a level perspective, never too high or too low. that won't change now. >> we understand just like we won the first three games, these guys can win the next three games very easily. this is an excellent team. >> it's a must win game. we have to come out here and play with the same intensity and the same focus, and same aggression that we had the last three games. >> reporter: to put it a little bit in perspective, the cubs have not been swept in a seven- game series since 1938, while the mets have never swept a seven-game series. that of course is all in history. the great thing about post- season baseball, anything could happen tonight. we are live inside wrigley field. >> that's true laura, but a lot of us still want to get the going.
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fans in our area showing their pride in lots of different ways from clothing to decorated snacks. everyone with a stake counting down in chicago. eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth has more on that. >> the 7 has been around for five years and because the mets have been on fire their online hat, sweatshirt company has been doing a great business. here's their best seller a $55 orange sweatshirt. >> we've been around since 2010 and every season they've had a losing year. this is obviously a home run for us. >> mets fans do have more fun, especially right now. we are at the 7 line army behind the scenes in the warehouse talking about how, you know what, business has never been better. business has been so good, they haven't even had a chance to check on the numbers. >> and this is where you print the t-shirts, print everything. >> everything is in house, so it's very easy, very easy but very hard at the same time. >> and she's the send it out person. she's the person who's putting it in the mail right?
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i'm the send it out person. >> we've only grown since 2010 because of the fans and social media and word of mouth. we don't pay to advertise. >> he works with one other person full-time. that's lazy, lizzie. they started the company with $5 to buy his website in 2010 and he was in business. another big seller is this vintage number. on to laguardia. today in mets heaven, sal the sign guy sent me this picture, safe travels and finally, remember the third grade class of letter writers out of forest hills queens, the 8-year-olds were cheering on the mets, mr. curtis granderson says thank you. >> hey, third grade class, this is curtis granderson of the new york mets. appreciate your hard work. you guys are motivating us and keeping it going. keep supporting the blue and orange. we look forward to seeing you guys soon. >> wasn't that great, isn't it
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>> grade day to be a mets fan. michelle charlesworth. >> hats off to curtis granderson for doing that. >> we're going to be checking in with laura as well as anthony johnson and joe torres throughout the afternoon. you can read much more about the game at abc7ny. >> good luck to the mettings. all new at 4, a car goes crashing through a door into a medical center. what was happening behind the wheel. >> and back to the future fans today is the day that doc brown traveled from 1985, so we are celebrating by looking back at what that cult classic got right about 2015. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg, well, gone are the coats and back are the shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops out here. it's unbelievable. mid and upper 70s: how about your signal, speaking of doc brown we are going back in time. it feels like it's early to mid-
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september, even a little warm for a run if you're training again, dress september.
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it's 4:15 right now. time for a check on traffic on this wednesday evening. here is a look at the bqe in brooklyn. this is near kent avenue in williamsburg. now no accident to report, but as you can see, plenty of traffic out there slowing down in both directions. meanwhile, news copter 7 over the fdr in east harlem. it's reopened this afternoon following the deadly nypd shooting last night, and that seems to be moving fine, typical for this time of night. the hudson river crossings, 20 minute delays, 5 minute delays at the holland. no issues to report at the george washington bridge. a car rammed into a medical office building in park ridge, new jersey today. the car crashed through the
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medical group on park avenue just after 1 this afternoon. police say the woman driving was getting out of her car when they arrived. she was taken to the hospital for observation. no one inside the building was hurt. outgoing speaking john boehner says he felt confident that republicans will stand behind paul ryan to replace him. ryan a representative from wisconsin says he does not want the position unless all facets of the party back him. he says he will only take the job if more time is carved out to spend with his family. a vote for boehner's replacements is set for one week from today. the following day the full house will vote. >> can i just say it feels like spring out there? >> you can say anything you want. >> it is really nice. >> nice. >> it is fantastic. everybody's happy, wearing the t-shirts and shorts today. it's so beautiful out. it's been in the mid and upper 70s all afternoon long. we're going back to early september here. we've got one more day like this to enjoy.
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let's go ahead and look outside at central park, the foliage is coming in super slow. it usually peaks in early november. right now the temperature at 73. the air is nice and dry, 33%. the wind is out of the south, the high today in the upper 70s. 76 so far. we'll wait until the official reading comes in from the weather service. maybe we caught a 77. 73 manhasset, a south wednesday a little cooler around hampton bays but still very comfortable. hudson valley, look at poughkeepsie at 78 degrees. now consider poughkeepsie earlier in the week when we started with that chill coming off the weekend was in the low 20s. so we're running about 57 degrees warmer this afternoon. 75 in newark, and 70 in belmar. planner for the evening hours, clear to partly cloudy skies. nice slow drop through the 60s. tomorrow morning barely below 60 with that launching pad, we could be in the low 70s by lunchtime, once again headed into the mid and upper 70s. i see no reason why it can't be just as warm if not even a degree or two warmer tomorrow.
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if you notice the clouds that are streaming across extreme northern sullivan, ulster and dutchess county, that's where the showers are, that's where the cooler air is. we're on the warm side of the front. that front has come as far south as it's going to go. it's actually retreating to the north overnight, so we stay on the warm side of the front. if you trace that front back, it goes all the way to a low that's over the great lakes, actually snowing across parts of northern ontario. then there's that cold front and it's actually going into chicago right now. for the second day in a row there's a cluster of rain showers west of chicago. this time it's weaker and it's moving right along and when you look at a futurecast here and we look at first pitch, the showers are long gone. 71 partly cloudy skies. it started raining in the 7th inning last night and pouring in the 9th. we shouldn't have shower activity, just some passing clouds as we go through the game. 71 at first pitch with a southwest wind about 8 to 16. so one more warm day, a mix of sun and clouds, mid and upper 70s. i can see how an isolated shower sweeps in late in the
4:19 pm
hours we just have an isolated shower. a lot of places are going to remain dry with this front. front's going to come through. it's still a pretty day but there's a gusty breeze out of the north. it probably gusts over 20 miles an hour. it's mild for october tonight, 58 clear to partly cloudy, and comfortable, tomorrow warm with a mix of sunshine and clouds, just a spotty afternoon shower north and west, mid and upper 70s. then tomorrow night definitely a cooler feel. we'll drop back in the 40s in the suburbs. a stray evening shower and partly cloudy skies. coming up at 4:30, we'll look ahead to the weekend. it looks like it's going to start dry. you see the rain off to the west. we'll tell you when you may have to be on guard or have your umbrella for at least part of the weekend. i promise no washouts. meanwhile just spectacular. i'm actually overdressed on on. >> got to love that i have the two ladies behind me with the sunglasses. >> look beautiful, are you
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>> i love today's weather. >> the sixth borough. thank you for bringing the weather back to us. >> that's a very pretty hat. good talking. >> i'm a good talker. >> back to you,. >> he's the mayor of the upper west side. >> we know he's a good talker. >> we love him for that. >> thanks lee. >> thank you ladies. still to come, it has been months since we have talked about it, but ebola, it is back on the international radar. infected. dr. richard besser joins us to help us understand just how long the virus can live. >> and we are less than 10 minutes away from going back to the future. the exact time when marty mcfly
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and your tri-state ford protect our children. what do you mean we're in the future? >> october 21st, 2015. >> yes, october 21st, 2015. that's today folks. also when marty mcfly and doc brown travel from 1985 to the future in the second movie in the series. now it happened at 4:29 to be exact. >> we're just a few minutes away. it is 4:23 and 41 seconds right now. back to the future fans are reliving all the fun today. michael j. fox and the famed delorean made an appearance live on kelly and michael. the group chatted about what
4:24 pm
the movie got right back then. >> how does it feel for you to see so many things that were set in the future that are real now? you have skype. you have hover board. >> i have my receding hairline [ laughter ] >> well, the movie predicted a lot more than that. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon with how much the movie makers got correct about the future. sandy. >> dave liz, i hadn't seen back to the future 2 since it came out so i was surprised to see just how accurate it was when i screened it recently, and some of its bigger ideas might still come true, a few may be soon, others perhaps a little later. >> where are we? >> when are we. >> when they flew into the future in 1989, they landed today. >> wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> not all of the science fiction has become science fact. >> cubs win world series. >> after last night's third straight win by the mets that prediction remains.
4:25 pm
>> i think it's a long shot. >> no baseball in miami back then. now that's a reality, but cars don't fly yet, at least not in the cool way doc's delorean did in the movie. >> as they said in the film back to the future, where we're going we don't need roads. >> roads are still required, but nike is said to be close to making this real, and this. >> it's a hover board. >> may be closer than you think. a company is developing one that requires a special surface and one day soon the wheels could come off this idea. in the meantime, check out devices that look like an iphone and occulus rift or google glass. in his home marty mcfly had a choice of channels and got fired via video conferencing which does see awfully familiar. some of the companies who went back to the future back then have shown they haven't forgotten about being part of something special.
4:26 pm
pepsi put out a replica of this futuristic bottle and someone with a sense of humor made a fake trailer for jaws 19. >> shark still looks fake. >> now some of the briefest bits in this movie end up being the most accurate. on marty's street it's possible to glimpse garbage separated for recycling in a way that 1989. and at one point behind doc and mcfly there's a poster that suggests traveling to vietnam to surf which is definitely possible now, happens all the time, but would not have been allowed in that country at the time the film was shot. dave and liz. >> such forward thinking that occurred there. you got to plug everyone who was involved in that. >> thanks sandy. >> comedian chris rock will host the academy awards next year. the film academy confirmed that rock is their choice and that he has agreed to host the show for a second time.
4:27 pm
he got mixed reviews when he hosted the oscars back in 2005. the red carpet rolls out in the dolby theatre in hollywood and will air here on channel 7. >> covering a lot of other stories including our coverage of the killing of nypd officer randolph holder continues. you'll hear from his neighbors. >> new details in the hazing death of a new york city college student. more suspects are now facing charges.
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. and all new this half hour, the deadly shooting of nypd officer randolph holder, new information this half hour about the career criminal accused of killing him. 30-year-old tyrone howard is expected to be charged with fatally shooting officer holder during a gunfight last night near the fdr drive. holder is the second nypd officer killed this year and the fourth murdered in the past eleven months.
4:31 pm
despite the long rap sheet of the suspect, he was allowed to enter a drug diversion program earlier this year and then voluntarily left that program. >> an outraged mayor de blasio blasted the decision to give howard another chance. >> the perpetrator involved here was obviously a hardened, violent criminal and should not have been on the streets. there's more we have to do and more our criminal justice system has to do because that's one of the ways we will protect our communities and our officers alike is to ensure the individuals like this are just not on our streets. >> and just moments ago, authorities shut down the midtown tunnel as a motorcade transported officer holder's body. shannon sohn live over the scene in news copter 7. >> we continue watch those live pictures, look there. and just minutes ago the medical examiner released
4:32 pm
death, a gunshot wound to the head, the manner of death has now been ruled a homicide. >> officer randolph holder immigrated here from guyana. he was a third generation police officer following in his father and grandfather's footsteps in the line of duty. >> this tragedy coming as a huge shock to officer holder's neighborhood in brooklyn. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is in the mill basin section with more. >> reporter: liz, this is the home where officer holder lived these past couple of years with his girlfriend. you know, not everyone on this block even knew he was a police officer, but they certainly knew what kind of man he was and today he is sorely missed. >> i think it's horrible. he's such a gentleman, such a nice person. >> friends and relatives of officer randolph holder coming and going today at the home he lived here in in mill basin for the past couple of years. a police car parked out front
4:33 pm
for much of the day and neighbors recalling what kind of guy he was, the kind of person who would clean up the whole block, just wouldn't tell anyone. >> imagine if you come out and the snow was shoveled and you don't know who was doing it. that happened for almost the whole winter, never knew who shoveled the snow. and he'd put the garbage pails away. >> some of them knew holder was a cop and those who didn't were not surprised to find out. his desire to do good not lost on anyone here but neither is the anger at the violent criminal who shot him. >> i just heard on the news that he's a 30-year-old career criminal. why is he on the street? so he's dead. >> reporter: and it is this kind of senseless violence that has people on this block so frustrated right now. as you can see the community affairs officers remain here as friends and family continue to pay their respects.
4:34 pm
stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you stacy. right now as we said, authority shut down the middletown tunnel. let's go to shannon sohn in news copter 7 over the scene. >> reporter: yeah, and you can see the ambulances now moving east along the l.i.e., and they're pretty much taking over that left lane. i think we have pictures that we can show you from a few minutes ago that when it left the medical examiner's office on the east side and went through the queens midtown tunnel, there was a line of blue, officers saluting the ambulance as it passed through. you need to know as you come through this area, they are traveling east on the l.i.e. we are being told that they are going to go to the eastbound grand central and then down the van wyck. at any point if you are trying to get on any of those roadways as this motorcade comes through, they are likely to shut it down. they completely shut down the queens midtown tunnel in both directions and we've been watching them shut down entrance ramps to the l.i.e. so they can get a clear shot to where they are going. but, again, officer holder's
4:35 pm
body inside that ambulance. it has now been removed from the medical examiner's office. and everyone saluting as he went through that queens midtown tunnel now heading east on the l.i.e. and going towards the grand central parkway. reporting live over the l.i.e., shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you shannon. very emotional scene. stay with eyewitness news and abc7 new york for the very latest on the killing of officer holder. and coming up at 5, we'll have new information on the suspect. we're going to turn to the other news of the day, the last of five fraternity members are now charged with murder for the hazing death of a fellow student. police in pennsylvania say fraternity brothers physically abused michael dang during a hazing ritual in december of 2013 in the poconos mountains and then tried to cover it up. five students from queens are set to be arraigned tomorrow on third degree murder charges. in all 37 people have been charged. we're learning new details about the murder of a man whose body was found burning in manorville last week.
4:36 pm
telling us they've arrested a second suspect in the case, an 18-year-old or lynn sew cerise galvis. the victim, german guzman. a soldier from new jersey killed during a routine training exercise was honored today. flags at government buildings are flying at half-staff in memory of army specialist kevin rodriguez. governor christie ordered the honor for the 22-year-old from paterson. he died earlier this month after he was potentially shot during training at fort cam -- accidentally shot during training at fort campbell. after a three-year battle new jersey appeals court rejected a zoning that would allow lg to build a headquarters atop the palisades cliff. officials had okayed the plan in 2012 but an appeals court
4:37 pm
into account the effect on the area. in june lg bowed to public pressure and agreed to scale back on the height of the building to just five stories, just shy of 70 feet. an elementary school in maplewood new jersey has decided no the to hold halloween parties saying many students in the past say they have felt left out in the celebration. set boyden elementary sent a letter to parents explaining the decision it says many cultures are represented at the school and many children didn't take part in last year's celebrations. an attempt to cancel the parties last year sparked an outcry by some parents that led to the reinstatement then. still to come, a nurse declared free of ebola suffers a rare relapse. we've got an update on that nurse's condition, and dr. richard besser joins us with new information about what her case now means.
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doctors in the uk now say a nurse who battled ebola for months did not suffer a reinfection of the potentially deadly disease. >> earlier this month, paul lee calf i can was rehospitalized. doctors say the reason was
4:40 pm
virus. it apparently was lingering inside her. however, doctors say she has improved significantly and as for the ebola in her brain, doctors are using an experimental drug for treatment. >> we've gone through in great detail with her what we do know about the drug and what we don't know about the drug and also to be very, very clear, this is highly experimental treatment, and we don't yet know whether it's of benefited. >> calferty was originally treated in december and released in january. scientists say in rare cases virus can remain in the body for months. >> joining us now is abc's dr. richard besser. you have spent a lot of time in ebola plagued places. a lot of people hear the story and are shocked to hear how long ebola can linger in your body. >> i think public health experts and scientists are also a little shocked by this. this is the first time there's been an experience with thousands of people who have had ebola infection, and the recent news is a little worrisome.
4:41 pm
who had a relapse of ebola in his eye. there's this woman in great britain now who has meningitis from a virus that was hanging out in her body, and in a recent study that showed that one in four men who were infected with the ebola virus can still have this isolated -- the particles from their semen nine months out. the question is when is a cure truly a cure and is it possible that there are many people out there who have this virus that's lurking that could later on lead to more cases. >> that's concerning. >> so far there hasn't been any spread. everyone when they've had symptoms they've been treated but it is very worrisome and shows us how little we know. >> we've got time for a question from a viewer. if i didn't know better i would think this is lee goldberg who sent this in but it wasn't. the question is i have been completely healthy for 32 years without the flu shot, should i continue this. >> it seems like we deal with this a lot. >> we do. and here's the thing.
4:42 pm
for everyone six months and older. some years it's quite effective at reducing your chances of getting severe flu. about 50% effective. i wish it was more effective, something like a measles vaccine is 95% effective. it's the best we've got. i recommend it. i give it to my family. i got the vaccine a few weeks ago. you have to look at the information and decide for yourself. is the risk of somebody who does weather reporting not giving it to the other anchors,. >> you know what lee heard in all of that, la la la la. >> you also brought up a point is that people should get it because there are other people out there who are sick, and you don't want to put them at risk. >> that's right. there are people who have severe egg allergies who are under 18 who cannot get a vaccine. there are people who have forms of cancer who can't get vaccinated. we vaccinate for ourselves and those around us. >> you're preaching to the
4:43 pm
choir, most of us. >> you hear that lee? >> lee. >> don't forget dr. besser is here to answer your questions every week. tweet him using the hashtag tell me the truth. >> and still to come, lee returns with much more on your accuweather forecast whether we come right back. new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting
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a traumatic rescue by the coast guard captured on camera. a frenchman had his cat tucked
4:45 pm
leap to a waiting rescue ship. his sailboat was getting battered by waves 20 feet high in gail force winds. it happened hundreds of miles south of cold bay in alaska. thankfully the sailor and his cat are doing just fine. >> getting nauseous looking at it. that's unbelievable. >> tip your hats to those coast guard rescue folks. >> i just wanted to say, i don't want to be -- i'm a good talker. that's number one. >> good talker. >> getting some tweets, i don't want to seem disrespectful to dr. besser and his flu recommendations because i just -- i don't like voluntarily -- you know. >> that's the only thing. >> even though you're wrong. >> like i said to him on the way out, let's see what the strain does this year. last year he'll admit it was not that effective. >> it's always good to have a nay sayer in the group. >> i will assume that role. let's talk weather. we have what is a really nice afternoon on the west side. no one's rushing, no one has
4:46 pm
the heavy coat. if anything they're carrying it's beautiful out. look at some of the trees on the west side. new york city the foliage is delayed because of the warmth. it doesn't look like a late fall, late october afternoon. it's beautiful out here. 73 degrees, sunshine, south wind at 6. it's going to be a beautiful evening. do yourself a favor and get walk. 60s through the evening, just some patchy clouds, only going down to about 58 degrees tonight. as we go through the evening hours in chicago, we have a rain threat over the next hour or two, and then after that we're in good shape so it's dry for the ball game, 71 degrees dropping through the 60s, weather is not an issue. wind blowing out a little bit at wrigley, so maybe a few more home runs tonight. 58 degrees, clear to partly cloudy skies overnight. look at the mid-70s tomorrow, great looking day, more clouds will be mixing in at times. i think the rain threat doesn't come in until late afternoon well north and west. if it's going to shower briefly in the nearby northwest suburbs and new york city down to the coast it wouldn't be until close to sunset and into the
4:47 pm
early evening hours. not a big deal. we do go back to reality. this front is coming through tomorrow evening and then the numbers drop closer to average, closer to 60 degrees by the time we get to friday. you can see all the 70s here along the east coast. it's beautiful, but yet you see the 40s and 50s here sitting across the great lakes. the front is just getting to chicago or approaching right now, and you can see a couple of showers. snow in parts of ontario near hudson bay. that cold air is staying to the north. the only thing that could keep us from being as warm or a little warmer than today just some periods of cloud cover if they come at the wrong time during the middle of the day. 50s in suburbs, showers staying to the north, patchy clouds at times tomorrow, a late day shower in the catskills, poconos. it would be early evening if it reached new york city, long island, coastal connecticut and jersey shore, after that it will move away. here is jr. seven-day forecast, not too bad. tomorrow stands out. 76 and nice warm breeze. the cool air makes a comeback on friday, a little windy as well. on saturday sun filtered sun
4:48 pm
you notice the high at 58. mild around sunday but it will get off to a wet start. i think we can have a quarter inch of rainfall in the early morning hours maybe until let's say 11 or so in the morning. after that the sun tries to breakthrough. cool blue skies on monday and 60 and quiet. we'd like to see whatever big ticket item there is late week get here and get out by halloween and the marathon. >> yes. >> which right now, yes. that's what i'm trying to put out into the universe. >> see what happens. >> we like that. putting it out there. >> david,. >> whenever she points at you lee, she means it. when she does that. here's what's trending. back to the future day, the day marty mcfly, doc brown end up in the distant future of 2015. to mark the occasion several companies tried to cash in. we told you about pepsi earlier. the ride sharing service lyft offering free rides in a delorean, the back to the future car. riders who selected mcfly mode
4:49 pm
on the lift mobile app between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. have a chance to get picked up by the delorean. we've got about 9 minutes going, time's not up to have this chance. >> do you remember how many gigawatts you need? >> you've been watching the movie again. outside of back to the future 2, channing tatum is trending. he got dressed up his his daughter's halloween carnival, how cute. in case you can't figure it out, he's pooh the bear. >> winnie the pooh. >> he does not look like anything from the movie. >> the marriage of science and art is trending. a scientist recreated vincent van gogh's famous painting the starry night in a petri dish. the project part of the american society of microbiology's first contest. not bad. during her wedding by surprising her husband at the
4:50 pm
reception with a special cake. take a look. right on the top of the cake, new england patriot quarterback tom brady in a dress and heels, at least he has the patriot's hat on. i like the wife's sense of humor, personally and i bet the wedding cake tasted extra good with a side of smack talk there. >> you know what, he wears anything well. >> he does. >> november 15th at the meadowlands baby, giants pats. >> let the talk begin. >> finally one family's answer to how to handle a cranky baby, the rumba comes to the rescue [ music ] >> oh, my goodness that is the best. >> the poor thing had a fever, and you can see he's not really ready to like break out in laughter. it stopped the crying. it was like okay, i can work with this. and the floor is cleaner. two good things. >> look at his little feet. >> as always check out the
4:51 pm
trend online at abc7ny, and send us your trend ideas usinged hashtag the trend. >> so funny. >> watching that just makes you smile. i love that. >> and coming up on eyewitness news first at 4, a plea for help, police searching for clues after a 4-year-old girl was killed in a road rage incident. we'll have the latest. >> and we're going to take a quick look at the delays at the hudson river crossings right now, 15 minutes outbound the lincoln tunnel, 20 minutes
4:52 pm
delays still at the get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad.
4:53 pm
but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. we have new information in a road rage incident that ended with a death. >> authorities are asking for the public's help in finding him. a massive manhunt is underway. >> reporter: seeking justice for lily garcia. her family and police are pleading with the
4:54 pm
public to help find her killer. authorities now describing the man who fled this crime scene in mexico in his 20s or 30s with a thin goatee and average build, driving a maroon or dark red toyota four-door sedan with tinted windows. >> we're begging for the community's help. we need to rise up as a community and say enough is enough. >> reporter: police say 4-year-old lily was sitting in the back of her parent's pickup truck along with her 7-year-old brother yesterday when their car and another vehicle engaged in a road rage incident in albuquerque ending with the suspect shooting and killing her. >> the cars were both moving. one car pulled up in the other car. >> reporter: for hours police shut down the busy i-40 highway, sweeping the area for the suspected gunman to no avail. today a gofundme page has been set up to help pay for lily's funeral, as police continue to ask anyone with knowledge of the
4:55 pm
shooting to do the right thing. >> this is something that should not be happening in albuquerque, new mexico, let alone anywhere else in the united states. >> meanwhile, strangers from across the country are responding with an outpouring of love for lily and the family, raising more than $30,000 and counting to help pay for her funeral. channel 7 eyewitness news. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. the father of slain nypd officer randolph holder calling for justice. tonight questions about the man accused of murdering the dedicated cop. why was a wanted career criminal out on the street? >> investigators working around the clock to piece together the minutes leading to officer holder's murder.
4:56 pm
>> good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams . >> i'm sade baderinwa. intense police work happening in spite of crippling grief. the murdered officer's body being transported by ambulance to the medical examiner's office. it shut down as the motorcade passed through. >> today the department and the city is mourning officer randolph holder who was just 33 years old. he lived in brooklyn. he's the fourth officer to be killed on the job in the past 10 months. >> the suspect tyrone howard is no stranger to police. he has 18 prior arrests. he's served five stints behind bars and had three outstanding warrants when he was arrested last night. >> take a look. this was the scene of the crime, the fdr drive. it reopened this evening after it was shut down all night through the morning commute and in to the early afternoon. >> we begin with n.j. burkett in east harlem where officer holder worked.
4:57 pm
>> 18 arrests and tyrone howard was still on the streets of east harlem. the question tonight from the city's police commissioner is why. but some say it is not only the criminal justice system that failed officer holder. >> reporter: officers stood and saluted as housing officer randolph holder's body was driven from the emergency room, where trauma surgeons were unable to save him. a five-year veteran of the force and a third generation police officer. >> numerous calls in regards to 50 shots fired. >> reporter: gunned down late last night along the fdr drive after detectives say he and his partner came face to face with tyrone howard, allegedly on the run on a stolen bicycle, after a shootout with rival gang members. >> tyrone approaches them on the bicycle. when he approaches them on the bicycle, he puts the bike down, he pulls out his
4:58 pm
striking the officer in the
4:59 pm


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