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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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striking the officer in the front of the head. >> reporter: howard was cornered five blocks north with a gunshot wound in his leg. described tonight as a 30-year-old career criminal who avoided jail after a drug sweep last year when a judge put him in to a diversion program for drug offenders and was also wanted for a shooting here back in september. >> his whole life has been about an escalation of crime, criminal activity, including what occurred on september 1st and that's what we're seeking him for, was the september 1st shooting. >> we can't say clearly enough whether he should have been in a secure mental health facility or whether he should have been in a prison but he sure as hell shouldn't have been on the streets. >> reporter: activists and elected officials say it's not only the system that failed. it's the community. residents of area public housing complexes who failed to turn tyrone howard in. >> people, if they see a family member, a friend, a neighbor who
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about somebody having a gun, they need to tell the police department and not be afraid to do so. >> ms. brewer and others tonight are urging residents of public housing complexes to conquer their fears for their own good. there's going to be a moment of silence at about 6:30 tonight followed by a solemn march to psa 5 to honor officer holder. live tonight, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're learning more tonight about officer holder. the third generation police officer who always wanted to be a cop had recent hopes of becoming a detective. he was supposed to close on a new home just next month. so much ahead of him, dreams unrealized. the man who laid his life on the line being remembered tonight as the light of his family. darla miles in far rockaway. >> holder grew up in guyana with his late mother but it was
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went to backyard barbecues, listen today soca and served as dj. it's a difficult time because this is the first time in a decade they're gathering without him. >> if i would have known that was the last time, i would have told him not to go out for duty. if i'd known. >> reporter: but randolph holder, jr. was all in, chasing down the bad guys with gun in east harlem tuesday night. it's what he did. it's who he was. >> a good father, citizen. very proud to be a member of the police force. >> reporter: his father last spoke to him tuesday afternoon around 2:30, right before his tour. >> we were speaking about music. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio and commissioner bratton delivered support to the family home. holder's father and grandfather were both police
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officers back in guyana. the 33-year-old, the only one slain in the line of duty. >> this gentleman, this police officer served this city well. he served this nation. he came here from guyana with a mission to follow in his father's footsteps and grandfather's footsteps to serve in the police department. >> reporter: off the job holder loved to read, socializing with his friends and family, and soca. >> his record was so impeccable. he was on the force for about five years but his record reflected more than some people on the force for 15 years. this was a man who loved what he did. he took it serious. he lost his life because of it unfortunately. >> council speaker also came this afternoon to pay her respects. the funeral arrangements at this time have not been announced. reporting live in far rockaway, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. this shooting happened
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near the east river houses. police have yet to charge tyrone howard, a wanted man with a long criminal record. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is outside the 25th precinct with more for us. >> tyrone howard has been playing a cat and mouse game with police for nearly two decades. mayor de blasio calling the ex-con's crimes, quote, consistently violent. things like assault, robbery, sometime tonight here at the 25 precinct detectives will walk howard out in cuffs, a situation he knows all too well. >> at the end of the day somebody is always getting shot over here. >> reporter: here at the east river houses where detectives remain on high alert. it's where career criminal tyrone howard lives, where police say the 30-year-old and surveillance others got in to a gun fight here on east 102nd street last night outside nester's window. >> we got kind of scared. she told me
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and we were trying to go down on the floor. >> reporter: sources tell eyewitness news the feud was part of an ongoing battle between rival gangs here and at the nearby jefferson and wagner houses. guns and violence, howard was one of 19 arrested last october for allegedly selling mostly crack in and around these buildings. things got so bad, eugena packed up and moved. >> it was so overwhelmed, it was either going to kill me emotionally or my kids. >> reporter: the police commissioner mayor questioning why the suspect was even on the streets. currently there are three outstanding warrants for him. he's been arrested 18 times, been to jail 12 times beginning september 2006. he just got out in april of last year. detectives are now questioning howard inside the 2-5 precinct, the damage here in the neighborhood is already
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>> i fear my safety for more my kids. i have a daughter and nephew. they're always outside. they want to be outside late. i don't tolerate that at all. >> detectives at the 2-3 are also questioning three others involved in this case. one other note. howard today was set to face a judge in queens on a separate incident. police figured he was going to be a no-show but were there in case he showed up. we'll have much more on the story coming up later on eyewitness news. live in east harlem, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> don't forget to stay with eyewitness news and abc 7 ny for the latest on the murder of officer holder. as soon as we learn of any charges in this case or funeral arrangements, we'll certainly bring you that information. we'll also have any breaking details on our facebook and twitter pages. turning to other news of the day, frightening moments on long island when a driver of a van carrying 11 people loses
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control. the van crashed in to a telephone poll then flipped over. it happened on hewlett avenue around 11:15. the van struck this telephone poll, nearly knocking it over. scary moments for those onboard. several people had to be removed from the van, one of them suffering serious injury. crews in ordale, new jersey had a mess on their hands this afternoon. a crane overturned on a couple cars in a parking lot. newscopter7 was over the scene. you can see there was a lot of spill fuel that resulted from the incident. hurt. has -- hazmat crews are working to clean up the spill. the mets are trying to prove one famous movie prediction wrong. back to the future 2 set on today's date had the chicago cubs sweeping to win the world series. this is a really big topic on twitter. tonight it could be the mets sweeping the cubs in the national league championship series.
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the game, game 4. anthony johnson is in chicago but first up rob powers in the news room. >> it's the fans that have the brooms out but the mets themselves have been so business-like on this business trip. the next game about three hours away which could possibly put the mets about six hours away from a trip to the world series. here are the nuts and the bolts. up 3-0 in a best of 7 series. one more win. what a run the mets have been on. led of course by daniel murphy who's displaying power and roy hobbes on the silver screen. home runs in five straight postseason games. another home run last night. another win last night. some things you just can't explain. those are the things most. >> i wish i could explain it. i can't. but i think this is just a lot of fun right now. >> the guys in the dugout,
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question is who is this guy? he's been unbelievable. hopefully he keeps it up for certainly a few more games. back to work in game 4. so many stories here but the biggest is this. win and the next met game is a world series game. met fans are having so much fun with this right now. they don't have to be local mets fans either. they might be transplanted mets fans, even windy city mets fans. anthony they just got out of the car. they just arrived here from new york area ready to watch tonight's game. but tonight we're talking about a woman who is a mets fan who has made it her mission to talk about everything new york mets although she lives right next to wrigley field. >> reporter: julie has had an exciting time supporting her favorite team, the new york mets.
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to the windy city began her own blog some eight years ago detailing her mets experiences while living in chicago. >> when i moved here in june of 2007, the mets were playing the cubs in august that summer. i wanted to start my blog, and chronicle my adventures. >> reporter: last night mets fans gathered in a pregame pep rally before watching the mets take a commanding three games to one lead in the national league championship series. julie and her husband were the only ones celebrating in the section of wrigley where she was sitting but it was all good. although julie lives and works in chicago, she still follows the mets wherever they play here in the midwest. she says pulling for her mets when they're on the road is the best.
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>> living in chicago we're a lot more closer to different midwest cities, even the west coast. we went to minnesota a couple years ago. we went other cincinnati for a game. they're easier trips than living in new york. >> so the mets fans are excited. chicago pans seem to be a little bit blue this afternoon. certainly not as much energy as we saw out here yesterday afternoon. mets fans hoping the mets can win all here tonight. hats the latest live from chicago, outside wrigley field, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> eyewitness news is your source for everything mets coming up at 5:30. we catch up with pitcher steven matz' high school coach who will be watching his product on the mound tonight. the biggest mystery in the race for president solved tonight. vice president joe biden making the announcement everyone has been waiting for. we'll tell you what he said and why.
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back to a burned out building 36 hours after it was destroyed? >> a new face on sesame street. what's so special about this muppet? >> speaking of sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. 70s today. record high. watching the radar
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for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop & shop. they may have saved him a chair, some even reported it. but in the end vice president joe biden is staying out of the race for president. he apparently made the decision
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simply isn't enough time. >> reporter: still grieving the loss of his son, vice president joe biden says it's time to jump in to the 2016 race has passed. >> it may very well be that that process by the time we get through it closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. i've concluded it has closed. >> he stood with president obama and his wife at the white house. but only biden spoke about his decision just a few months after his son beau died. >> beau is our inspiration. unfortunately i believe we're out of time. >> reporter: getting in to the race now would have been a major challenge for biden. a new abc news washington post poll shows the vp with 16% support for the nomination versus hillary clinton's 54%. >> a few weeks ago it seemed
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there was a fervor, interest in his candidacy, people had second thoughts about hillary clinton, they weren't sure about bernie sanders. then the debate happened. >> reporter: clinton tweeted after the announcement, the vp is a good friend and great man. today always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. >> i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. >> the reaction of biden's announcement poured in. the draft biden super pack said it was thankful for supporters and bernie sanders thanked him for his life of public service. we've got new details on finding house speaker john boehner's replacement. republicans say they're scheduled to vote for a new speaker one week from day. paul
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ryan said he'll run for the condition if several conditions are met and a unified party behind him. boehner thinks ryan is the right choice. >> he's very bright. he has a good relationship with all the party. >> ryan has given his colleagues till friday to express their support. without that support, ryan says he'll remain in his current post as chairman of the ways and mean committee. hillary clinton will be questioned at a public hearing about the attacks at benghazi. clinton was secretary of state when those attacks happened. republicans investigating the attack say they want definitive answers about what happened in 2012. democrats say this is a partisan attempt to destroy clinton's presidential campaign. the attacks killed four americans including the ambassador. the vatican is blasting a report in an italian newspaper that claims pope francis has a small but curable brain tumor.
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vatican spokesman lombardi says the story is completely unfounded, seriously irresponsible and not worth any attention. he says the pontiff is in good health and added the 78-year-old's head is absolutely perfect. >> that's good to know. we've got lee goldberg back here with us. wearing the blue. >> it's worked so far. go back in to the summer combos. >> my daughter was at the game last night. >> oh, that's right. >> she's their good luck charm too. >> going to be at tonight's game? >> no, she said it was too much excitement last night and it hurt her liver. we know what that means, right? moms and dads out there. >> i was waiting for you to say voice. [ laughter ] >> so how is the weather looking? >> can't be nicer. >> i want to point out she's legal. >> of course she is. amy, have fun. we look at new york harbor on a gorgeous afternoon that feels more like early to mid september. some high thin
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clouds filtering the sunshine right now and probably see a sun dog before sunset. remember those little mini rainbows you see right about here, the 22-degree halo because the sunlight is going through the ice crystals of the high thin clouds. take your pictures ask share them with us @abc7ny. pressure holding steady and high in the mid 70s. 14 degrees above average. forget about the lows in the 40s. they won't be back till friday night. there are your sunrise and sunset times. it rained harder at night, 67 degrees. 74, milford. 74 in stan hope. 75 in clifton, new jersey. it's amazing to look at this poughkeepsie temperature. 71 when we started the week. over 50 degrees warmer now. 70 in belmar now. clear to partly cloudy overnight. won't drop down past 60 degrees or after 60 degrees
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morning we start at 58. sun, few more patchy clouds but still mid and upper 70s and a nice breeze. you see a couple clouds over monmouth and ocean. more clouds over sullivan, ulster, and duchess county. there's a front sitting here and drops down toward the east end of long island. we're on the warm side of the front and the front is as far south as it's going to. it's going to lift to the north overnight. that's snow over northern ontario. the cold front is about to slice through chicago. that timing is much better than last night because the showers will be long gone by first pitch. clouds to deal with. mild. 70s dropping in to the 60s. no heavy like we saw in the 9th inning. one more warm day for us tomorrow. 76. more clouds to the north and west. i can see a stray shower in the northwest suburbs. it would be early evening if it were to reach new
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hours for the connecticut coast, long island, and down the shore. front comes through. here comes the fall canadian wind coming through. it's a bright sunny day. beautiful day. these showers should hold off till the weekend. here's your accuweather forecast. mild for october tonight. clear to partly cloudy skies. 58. 76 tomorrow. warm with a mix of sunshine and clouds. spot shower northwest then tomorrow night a stray shower in the early evening hours then partly cloudy and down to 52. coming up at 5:30, here's what we're working on. there's going to be a lot of high clouds saturday. could be a quarter inch of rain on sunday. that's a lot for this weather pattern. will a significant rain be about a week away? that wouldn't be too bad because we can get it out of the way for halloween and the new york city marathon. more on that in the next half hour. right now we're looking at live pictures from newscopter7 where the body of slain nypd officer randolph holder is now being taken to this location in
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queens. the body left the medical examiner's office and as you can see there's a large police presence out there. a sea of blue honoring the man who gave his life. >> you saw them offer up a salute. we do believe that is the funeral home that the ambulance is parked in front of right now. we don't have a name as of yet. we're still awaiting funeral arrangements for officer holder but again as you can see, that long line of blue, officers in blue saluting their fellow comrade and just quite a moment there watching that. >> difficult day for the nypd. meanwhile, a car crashes in to a medical building. we have dramatic pictures. but it could have been a whole lot worse. >> it's one of the biggest jobs in entertainment so who's been picked to host this year's academy awards? >> even though the owners of this mom and pop shop told the
5:23 pm
campaign worker to stop, she still put these political posters on their property and
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oscar pistorius began serving house arrest, joan steenkamp today deliver adspeech her daughter reeva wrote and had planned to give at her old high school in south africa the day she was killed. steenkamp said she has no feelings of revenge toward pistorius. >> i don't want to hurt him. he's already a disabled person. i didn't want him to be thrown in jail and be suffering because i don't wish suffering on anyone. and that's not going to bring reeva back. >> pistorius was acquitted of murder but found guilty of culpable homicide in reeva's killing. he claims he mistook her for an intruder. a series of church fires in missouri, six buildings within three miles were targeted. official s say each fire was started at different doors in the middle of the night. authorities believe the same person is responsible for each fire.
5:27 pm
>> these are being intentionally set. they're at doors. it isn't spontaneous combustion. >> all the churches are close to ferguson where protests turned violent when a black teenager was killed by a white police officer. we have an officer down. >> tonight hear the audio helping to piece together the moments surrounding officer randolph holder's murder. >> flames reignite at the scene of the massive fire in chelsea that destroyed an apartment building. >> sesame street introduces a
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
escena del fuego the man accused of killing an nypd officer still has to go before a judge.
5:30 pm
>> when that happens he's expected to be charged with the shooting death of randolph holder. holder's body arrived at a funeral home in inwood in nassau county. we showed you moments ago. you saw there officers saluting outside. >> before that a motorcade withholder's body traveled with firefighters and others saluting it along the way. a formal ruling of homicide as the cause of death. the suspect tyrone howard was shot in the leg by holder's partner. he was treated at the hospital and taken to the police precinct in east harlem where he is now. >> radio transmissions are giving us really a look at how the event of last night unfolded. shirleen allicot is here with more. >> 12 minutes. that is how long it took from the initial radio transmission, the original incident that called police to that area to the moment officer randolph holder lost his life. 12 minutes.
5:31 pm
the transmissions in their entirety, there are some parts too disturbing to air. but here's a look at how it all played out. >> hispanic male, black coat, white pants. he's firing. >> reporter: at 8:30, two housing police officers at 420 east 102nd street witnessed what police are calling a gang confrontation. they spotted tyrone howard running northbound toward the fdr. >> i'm getting numerous cars in regard to 50 shots fired. >> they asked for assistance and there were numerous police officers who responded. >> you have another unit with you? responding to shots fired. >> reporter: when howard gets to the fdr promenade, he spots a man with a bike. >> he sitting there enjoying a nice night and he produces a firearm and takes his bicycle. >> reporter: he uses that bike to continue along the fdr drive
5:32 pm
and that's when additional officers spot him. they immediately call in. >> it's possible the male with the gun traveling north on a bike. >> reporter: officers holder and wallace were in the area at the time. they went to investigate and that's when they were confronted by howard. >> when he approaches them on the bicycle, he puts the bike down. he pulls out his weapon and he fires one time, striking the officer in the front of the head. >> was there an officer down over there? >> and as we know, officer holder did not make it. the 33-year-old five-year veteran of the force was pronounced dead at harlem hospital. >> by the way, the family of officer holder will receive $25,000 from the new york police and fire widows and children's benefit fund. coincidently that group is marking its 30th anniversary tomorrow holding its annual gala to raise money for
5:33 pm
the families of new york's fallen heroes. >> randolph holder is the fourth nypd officer to be killed in the line of duty in the last 10 months. officer rafael ramos and officer wenjian liu were shot and killed while sitting in their patrol car outside a housing project in bed-stuy. the gunman shot and killed himself. both officers were posthumously promoted to detective. on may 2nd officer brian moore was shot while trying to make an arrest in queens. he died two days later. a career criminal now charged with the officers' murder. at 25, officer moore was a decorated veteran, credited with making scores of arrests during his brief career. new information, that fire in a vacant apartment building in chelsea is finally under control. officers responded before 3:00 this afternoon to the building. the fire somehow reignited, burning through the roof. the building is undergoing renovations. no injuries have been reported.
5:34 pm
officer in new jersey today when a car came crashing through the lobby. the accident as you can imagine scared everyone inside but could have been a lot worse. toni yates is at the building in park ridge. >> i'm telling you, it must be awfully dramatic to be sitting in the lobby, waiting to see the doctor and instead a car comes crashing through the wall. the good thing is no one was hurt. we have video of the after math. take a look. >> reporter: this video was shot by a witness, jenna mally, moments after the driver was helped out of the car and taken all of the sudden a normal afternoon at the valley medical group offices turned not so normal. >> i heard a loud noise. they were scream ing. we came out. there was a car in the waiting room foyer. >> reporter: the driver, witnesses say, didn't appear to be too hurt. this is the back entrance for patients, the
5:35 pm
crash happening near the reception desk. >> the car obviously had come through. when she screamed, everybody came running and they were able to evacuate. >> reporter: these pictures show how far in to the building the camry went, lucky no one was walking out at the time. crews boarding up the damaged area until repairs can be made. >> apparently was overzealous with the gas and ran through the front door. >> certainly you guys had to make sure everyone was okay. >> no one got hurt. it was a very close call but no one got hurt. >> the fire department came out. they said the entire building is still structurally sound. of course this medical office will have to stay closed. the other medical offices are still open. the driver was taken to the hospital. her condition, we do not know but she's expected to be okay. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're learning new details
5:36 pm
body was found burning on a roadside week. police have arrested a second suspect, 18-year-old orlen solis galvez of amityville faces a murder charge. 21-year-old brian rosales mejia was arrested over the victim. investigators have identified the victim as guzman. lily garcia was shot while riding with her parents as they drove on interstate 4 in albuquerque yesterday afternoon. police say another car pulled up alongside their vehicle and the person inside opened fire. the bullet pierced the back window, hitting lily in the head. still ahead, losing dropped cell calls can be annoying but it also can lead to better service. coming up, how you can help track where those dead zones are. >> we now know who's hosting the next oscars and it's someone
5:37 pm
who's done it before. >> good choice. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. beautiful sunset brug -- brewing in the big apple. still got a little warm weather to enjoy but we're tracking showers near the windy city. we'll let you know if it will impact the game. i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at
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a local lawmaker is on a mission to find out if cell phone companies are lying about their claims of good coverage. charles schumer is asking residents to help identify cell phone dead zones around new york state. he says carriers claim to provide good coverage in many areas upstate when in reality the service is spotty or nonexistent. his office has created a website to collect information on dead zone locations passed on to the fcc. a ceremony at grand central terminal for more than a dozen k-9s who are now mta officers.
5:41 pm
19 four-legged officers graduated from the mta's explosives, detection and antiterrorism program. most of the graduates will join human partners for duty. they'll inspect suspicious packages and patrol trains, stations, and tracks on the lirr, metro north and staten island railway. an elementary school in maplewood, new jersey has decided not to hold halloween party this year saying a lot of students have been left out in the past. the elementary sent a letter to parents saying many cultures are represented at the school and many children did not take part in last year's celebration. an attempt to cancel the party last year sparked an outcry by some parents that led to the reinstatement. sesame street has a new muppet. the children's show is introducing its first character with autism. her name is julia and she was introduced this morning as part of sesame street's workshop autism initiative. a free downloadable
5:42 pm
ages 2 to 5 and designed to make daily tasks easier for families with children with autism. comedian chris rock will host the academy awards. the academy confirmedk is their choice and he's agreed to host the red carpet rolls out february 28t. the 88th academy awards will air here on channel 7. the mets one game away from clinching the pennant. pitching for them, long island native steven matz. hear from matz's friends and former high school coach about what they expect to see tonight. >> political posters posted
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
uo entrenador de we're now in the future. today, october 21st , 2015 is the date marty mcfly traveled to in the 1980s classic "back to the future two."
5:45 pm
michael j fox made an entrance live stepping out of a delorian. now 30 years after the film predicted what 2015 would look like, some of the predictions have come true. and others, well, they haven't. >> you have skype, you have hover boards. >> and my receding hairline. >> the chicago cubs were picked to win the world series but now they're down 3-0 to the mets. do you care to make a prediction? >> i'll say the mets go ahead and win it. >> it's great to see him. fox says he's actually not a baseball fan so he's not rooting for the cubs or the mets. looks good. >> he's still a rock star. those movies were so cool. house your flux capacitor? >> it's feeling just fine. [ laughter ] that's the key to time travel. always important to have that. if you don't have that you always have a little lightning
5:46 pm
and we don't have that thankfully. look. upper west side, rez reservoir -- reservoir on the right, hudson on the left. a few high thin street. sunshine, a south wind around 5 miles per hour. going to be feels night with temperatures in the 60s for several hours after upper 50s. really not dropping too far below 60 degrees. that launching pad will be in the 70s. dry for the game, mild, 71. fair amount of cloud cover. nice breeze at 8 to 16. they're getting chill ier tomorrow. we get colder on friday. 58, 7:00 in the morning. partly sunny skies through the day. we should be the same through day. only thing that will hold us back a little bit will be a little extra cloud cover. the shower threat would be in the evening hours in new york city.
5:47 pm
4:00, catskills and poconos, closer to the evening hours and closer to 9:00 or 10:00, long island, jersey shore, connecticut, coast. back to reality as that front comes through on thursday night. and then on friday we're struggling to get to 60 degrees. you can see the 70s to the west. one more day and that beautiful almost late summer warmth and you can see the chill dropped in to the 60s and the 40s in international falls. there's the cold front right there. sprinkles are moving through chicago right now. they'll move away. look at the snow north of the border. cold air bypassing us. eventually as we go through friday and the first part of the weekend that chill comes back. just a few patchy clouds time to time. you see the futurecast here. low and middle 70s. there's the first showers over sullivan, ulster, duchess. after that, long island and jersey shore. a lot of places going to be dry. it doesn't have a lot of moisture but will
5:48 pm
we're past peak color in the catskills and poconos. peak colors going to start approaching 287 and northern new jersey. still a couple weeks away here in new york city. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. warm breeze tomorrow. 76 really stands out as the warmest day of the 7-day. maybe a late day or evening shower. that's just isolated. cooler wind on friday. fall coats are back. on saturday, sunshine, high clouds, 58. a period of rain in the morning on sunday. maybe a quarter of an inch but we should get dry during the afternoon. outdoors should be fine and mild on sunday afternoon. normal and dry in to early next week. could be a significant rain maker sometime along wednesday night or thursday. that would be good. we get it out of the way for halloween and the new york city marathon. hopefully that timing works out. when the mets try to sweep the cubs tonight they'll send a native new yorker to the mound. rookie steven matz hails from long island. >> marcus solis spent the day where they are bursting with
5:49 pm
pride over their hometown hero. >> reporter: you can't blame the staff at seaport deli if their minds are elsewhere but at lunchtime there are sandwiches to be named, heroes, as in the steven matz, named for the left-hander who happens to be a regular customer. >> very nice, polite, down to earth. >> reporter: a chicken cutlet, bacon cheese, and more. delicious, and no calories, just the type of fuel needed for a star rookie to clinch a pennant. >> to see a local kid make it all the way and to be pitching game 4 is unbelievable. >> reporter: the legend of steven matz started in little league in the three-village area of suffolk county. matz became a high school phenom signed by the mets in 2010. lou was his coach. >> this is a great opportunity for all the baseball world to see what a talented young man steven is. >> reporter: in june matz made analyst magical major league debut in front of friends and family. now he's on the verge of pitching his team in to the world series. >> he's going to pitch a great game.
5:50 pm
he always comes up money in the clutch. he's a competitor. and you just worry about the feet between him and the home plate. >> the current players at the high school are mets and matz fans. >> it's insane. it shows anyone can do it as long as you work hard. >> he's a hometown hero. everyone here knows him. he's like a legend around here. >> i'm a mets fan so i'm hoping he gets a win. >> let's go, mets. marcus solis, chan nel 7 eyewitness news. news. >> we're taking a live look. this is wrig ley field in chicago right now. batting practice is underway. game is going to be starting shortly. a lot of fans are sharing their mets pride with us. check out these amazing photos. we'd love to see your spirit when you upload photos to social media, include bc7ny. we have just learned funeral services officer randolph holder. there
5:51 pm
tuesday and then the funeral will be held wednesday in queens. officer holder will be buried in guyana. when a candidate's sign left damage in brooklyn, the
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . . so, some guy thought it might be a good idea to spray poison on some herbs, and then sell it to you. no, it's not marijuana. it goes by names like k2, spice, rocks. causes hallucinations, rapid heart-beat. vomiting, seizures. and it can kill you the first time you smoke it. we gotta have each other's backs. this is our future. and the future of new york is saying no to synthetics!
5:54 pm
a business in brooklyn found itself wrapped up in unwanted politics when a campaign volunteer place adsticky sign on the building, it left a mess. >> business and politics do not mix. this mom and pop shop didn't want to be seen as endorsing any candidate so when ads for brooklyn born presidential contender bernie sanders were glued to their store and the political supporter refused to remove them, the owners were really feeling the burn. >> she put it on with some
5:55 pm
>> reporter: steve rosenburg has been scraping and scratching, trying to get off what's left of these bernie sanders benefit posters. >> i said please don't put that on the wall. and she was actually with the paint brush painting it on. and she goes, why not? >> reporter: steve keeps the business begun by his dad, pop's popular clothing, pristine. running it with his daughter in brooklyn where decades old shops like theirs are catering to customers. >> i thought it was crazy she just walked away and didn't come back. >> she was down the block about halfway down the block. i screamed to her but she wouldn't respond. >> reporter: the shop owners say they complained to the sanders campaign six times. >> they said they marked it as urgent and never came back. >> reporter: we looked up the group behind the benefit and found this young millennial for bernie. >> i understand they want to do
5:56 pm
>> reporter: the bernie backer no-showed, claiming she was too busy. >> i'm going to be stuck with the cost also when i know who did it. >> reporter: we put in a call to senator bernie sanders' main campaign office in vermont. the campaign said millennials for bernie have no affiliation to it, but still the campaign stepped up and paid up, ponying up to pay new york city power wash. >> we were able to get it all off without taking the paint off. >> reporter: that made for one happy pop. >> thank you, 7 on your side. we really appreciate it. we were trying and we were getting nobody was responding to us. and we came to you guys we really, really appreciate what you've done for us. >> the campaign paid about $200 to get that taken off and said the group behind this bernie benefit is one of many independent grassroots organization drumming up support for the vermont senator's run for the white house.
5:57 pm
the campaign reached out to the woman heading this organization telling her the proper and lawful way to post. >> good move on sanders' part to get that done. >> don't you love a good power washer? [ laughter ] there's still much more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. he's a father who is angry and heartbroken, and tonight he's demanding the death penalty for the gunman who murdered his son. randolph holder fatally shot on fdr drive. the suspect no stranger to law enforcement or the criminal justice system.
5:58 pm
tyrone howard, 18 prior arrests and he had been on the run for weeks. this afternoon new york police officers saluting as the motorcade carrying the body went through the midtown tunnel. this is all so tragic. >> he represent the best of our society. represented our immigrant tradition. represented our tradition of trying to make this place better for everyone. >> good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. right now police are questioning the suspected gunman. 30-year-old tyrone howard was a fugitive at the time of last night's shooting. three outstanding warrants and police were looking to question him about another recent shooting. >> officer randolph holder shot while chasing the suspect. a third generation cop. his body brought to a funeral home in the nassau county inlet. his
5:59 pm
funeral set for wednesday with a


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