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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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funeral set for wednesday with a black and purple bunting hanging at psa 5, where officer holder was assigned to protect public house residents in east harlem. a memorial now set up for the murdered officer. the fourth nypd cop to be killed by a gun in the line of duty in the last 10 months. >> the fdr drive, it is it was closed last night and during this morning's rush hour commute while police investigated the shooting. stacey sager has reaction from family and friends. david novarro with the suspect's criminal background. we'll begin with josh einiger at the precinct in harlem. >> this is the psa station house where officer holder reported every day for work for the last five years. it's this station house that's become a shrine in his memory. an
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in front of the psa station house. in just a few minutes, starting at the scene where he died, a march will begin. that's a few blocks away from here. a march that will end up right here at psa 5. as they memorialize an officer gone far too soon. >> reporter: barely a day later and the blurry haze of last night's chaos is coming in to chilling focus. as new york's finest started to mourn for their fourth brother cop murdered in the line of duty in less than a year -- >> i do know someone like this shouldn't have been on the streets. >> reporter: the mayor expressed anger at the alleged cop killer investigators say caused such pain. last night just after dark the mayhem started in moments. >> hispanic male, black coat, firing. >> reporter: two police officers found themselves on a roof in the east river houses at 102nd and 1st, watching a
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it involved at least three gunmen in what police called an ongoing gun war. >> 50 shots fired. >> reporter: by now an armada of police were responding and the gunmen had scattered. >> one of the individuals, tyrone howard, ends up fleeing toward the fdr drive. he goes toward the fdr promenade and he flees northbound. >> reporter: 30-year-old tyrone howard stole a bicycle at gunpoint and proceeded north toward the east river. officer randolph holder and his partner were heading south as howard pedaled toward them on that stolen bike. >> tyrone approaches them on the bicycle. when he approaches them on the bicycle he puts the bike down. he pulls out his weapon and he fires one time, striking the officer in the front of the head. >> reporter: and like that, the mayhem became mourning. hundreds of officers forming the
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first of countless salutes to a man who did what they're trained to do, as the city starts the process of honoring another brother in blue. >> i want to thank the public at this time for the significant outpouring of sympathy and condolences we have been receiving. >> and back live at this beginning of a vigil commemorating officer holder, too short a life. behind this interfaith group of clergy you can see the plourz, the memorial that has steadily been -- the flowers, the memorial that has steadily been growing over the course of the heartbreaking day for the nypd. tyrone howard is being held for questions in the detective squad of the nearby 25th precinct station house. he's expected to be formally charged in the next few hours. live outside the psa 5 station house in harlem, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> just a few moments ago we received the information on the
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services for officer holder. the funeral is wednesday at 3:00 in the afternoon at the community church of the nazarene. there will be a public viewing the day before from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. officer holder will be buried in guyana. he was a third generation police officer. both his father and grandfather were officered in guyana. family and friends are remembering the officer whom they hope will in death be promoted to detective. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is in brooklyn and continues our coverage. >> this is where officer holder lived with his long time girlfriend and his neighbors say he was the kind of man who would shovel everyone's driveway. he just wouldn't tell people about it. tonight they're shedding light on who randolph holder was, the officer whose dreams were cut way too short. >> he always wanted to be a policeman. and that, he did. >> reporter: the
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father of officer randolph holder outside the home he moved to in far rockaway 11 years ago where both the mayor and police commissioner came to pay their respects today and friend and relatives grieve. >> respectable guy. and for someone to just wipe him away like that. 33 years old. he was help ing his grandmother in guyana. >> reporter: holder's father and grandfather were police officers as well in guyana and holder, sr. says his son had had big dreams. >> he should have been closing on a house in the next month. but all those dreams went down the drain. >> reporter: here in mill basin, brooklyn, outside the home where officer holder lived these last couple of years with his girlfriend, neighbors are also grieving. >> i didn't know till 8:00 this morning. i'm still shaking. i'm still
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shaking. >> reporter: not all of them knew he was a cop but they certainly knew what kind of guy he is. >> in the winter, i'd come out and the snow was shoveled. after like three or four storms, i couldn't figure out who was shoveling the snow. >> reporter: what they'll never understand is why a gunman who allegedly took holder's life for streets. >> i just turned on the news, a 30-year-old career criminal. why is he on the street? he's dead for nothing. bicycle. >> we're back here live whereas you can see community affairs police remain outside the home long-time girlfriend. his father tells eyewitness news his son had hoped to become a detective one day, another dream cut way too short. he leaves behind three brothers, a sister and his girlfriend here. stacey news. >> all this means for the
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mayor decan blauz and police commissioner bratton about to bury a new york police officer murdered with a gun. a powerful mixture of sorrow and anger. why was 30-year-old tyrone howard on the streets at all? he was a fugitive and a career criminal. dave evans at headquarters. >> according to paperwork from the district attorney's office in manhattan, the suspect in this case pleaded guilty last year to criminal sale of a controlled substance. prosecutors in that case recommended he get two years in prison because of his past but the judge in this case for some reason gave him a drug diversion program. the question being asked this afternoon here at police headquarters again and again, why? >> reporter: at police headquarters the mayor began by talking of a deep sense of loss. a city in mourning. things quickly shifted to why the
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>> the perpetrator involved here was obviously a hardened violent criminal. and should not have been on the streets. >> reporter: police records show the suspect's criminal record includes 18 prior arrests for things like assault and robbery. nine narcotic arrests. he was even wanted for a september 1st shooting in east harlem. >> the apprehension attempts, negative results. the last effort was on the 16th. >> reporter: police say the suspect was a gang member from harlem arrested last year but was offered a court mandated drug aversion program. that news infuriated him. >> he would have been the last person i'd want to see in a program. he's shown no propensity with the number of arrests, changing his ways. >> reporter: the mayor said this case reminds him of officer brian moore killed in may. the
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also should have been locked up long ago. >> we can't say clearly enough whether he should have been a secured mental health facility or in jail but he shouldn't have been on the streets. >> this drug diversion statute was specifically created for these more difficult cases. there's also questions as to whether the judge in this case had the full violent criminal background of the suspect before him when he made his decision. dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> this is all just so tragic. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news and abc7ny. we're going to turn to the other news of the night. we're going to begin with the mets. they're hoping to win their first pennant in 15 years.
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far it is 3-1 -- so far it is 3-0. we're going to begin with sports anchor rob powers. >> team is down 0-3. home teams win game 4 12.5% of the time. to chicago we go. game 4, mets and cubs. a win would vault the mets in to their first world series in 15 years. that win could come tonight at wrigley field. we've heard a lot about met pitching in this series. tonight it's long island native steven matz. he's 24. he's been off for about a week. he's made seven career big league starts. his eighth could who game that gets the mets in to the fall classic. >> i don't really have any history with them. they look
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like a tough lineup. they're a bunch of young fiery guys. it's a great ballpark, a lot of history here so it's going to be fun. from high above wrigley field in chicago, a big night no doubt. don't forget here at home and those lucky to be outside that building right now. anthony johnson is there as well. anthony joining us live from chicago with more on the met faithful ready to see history possibly in person. >> joe torres just arrived here a few moments ago at wrigley field telling me he got on a plane. everybody on the plane pretty much coming to chicago. they're all here, the mets fans are here. you can see them behind me right now. we have seen a good sign that the mets could win tonight. in chicago. he's brought along with him choice signs showing mets love that he plans to display for the first time here
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in wrigley field. >> i'm raveling -- i'm traveling light tonight. about five signs. but usually about 25 signs. >> reporter: he wants to show chicago what his team is all about. >> we want to show the cubs how mets fans play. we play fair just like the cub fans do and we're going to represent tonight. >> reporter: we've all seen sal in action in citifield, usually his signs are good indicator the mets are playing well. well, tonight, he hopes to display his signs as the mets go for the national league championship title. >> we have destiny, mets power, seventh heaven, and if we pull it off tonight, amen. >> amen. that's absolutely right. mets fans brought along a broom. that's how confident they are. they believe the mets will win again tonight, taking the series 4-0. who's going to win tonight? >> mets! >> that's
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the latest from chicago. >> oh, my goodness. put the our coverage continues in a few minutes. we'll join laura behnke, a game that could put the mets on the biggest series there is. >> we staying true to the orange and blue. mets fans show us your pictures using #abc7ny. vice president biden ending the speculation about whether he's going to run for president. and he makes the announcement at the white house with president obama right by his side. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. we're just channel today. temperatures in the mid 70s, even a record high in islip at 75. a couple clouds rolling through. just a brief shower
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after weeks of speculation of will he or won't he, vice president biden announced today he's decided he will not run for president. biden announced his decision today at the white house in the rose garden with president obama and his wife jill by his side. vice president spoke movingly about mourning the recent death of his son beau and his family's need to grieve. >> beau is our inspiration. unfortunately i believe we're
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out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> vice president pledged to talk about the issues important to democrats. 72-year-old has told friends he does not plan to retire in a traditional sense after his term ends. stocks finishing the day a little lower, dow down 48 points. nasdaq down 41. s&p losing near ly 12 points. when we return, lee joins
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we can all use a little springtime in october. >> it's not even a one-hit wonder. we get to do it tomorrow. >> outside we go, a really pretty look at new york harbor. beautiful sunset. high thin clouds out there. isn't that gorgeous? sunset was about 13 minutes ago and it is really pretty. it's going to be a wonderful evening.
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68 degrees right now. the wind is light out of the south and the high was in the mid and upper 70s across the area today. we're running 14 degrees above average. we'll be closer to that normal on friday. of course no rainfall. there are your sunrise and sunset times. weather headlines look like this. one more warm day. even upper 70s for some. a cool fall wind makes a comeback on friday. still a pretty day but definitely feels more like mid october. morning rain on sunday. 62 is the popular temperature from east hampton to brookhaven to smithtown. in connecticut, away from the south wind of the sound, you have a 68 in danbury. it was in the upper 70s in poughkeepsie earlier in the day. earlier in the week started out the morning at 21 degrees. 66 in monticello. 63 in bel mar right now. clear to partly cloudy skies overnight. light southwest wind. we barely drop below 60. we're in the low 70s by lunchtime. mid 70s during the afternoon hours. there's a few patchy clouds off to the north.
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there's a front sitting right here putting on the brakes and now it's headed to the north. we stay exposed to the warm air for one more day. here's the cold front that will bring the chilly air. snowing over parts of ontario. leaving the scene over lake michigan, no more rain threat. nothing like the downpours we saw in the 9th inning last night. temperature around 71. clouds to deal with the rest of the night. there's that forecast. one more warm day for us tomorrow at 76. here comes the front through tomorrow late in the day. 8:00 or 9:00 through long island, jersey shore, connecticut. not a big deal. a lot of us are going to stay dry but the cool air for all of us. brisk and cooler on friday. here's your accuweather forecast. awfully mild for an october night. 58. comfortable, partly cloudy . mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. spot shower later in the day. 52 tomorrow night. stray evening shower then partly cloudy and here's the cool-down. 60 with a gusty day. sun and high clouds saturday.
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period of rain on sunday morning. could drop a quarter inch. then we're mild and breaking up in the noon hours. breaking up not so hard to do that day. 60 next week. next rain, wednesday night or thursday. >> thanks, lee. am -- when we come back, rob powers. should the mets have the brooms out or put them away for good luck? new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting
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i like your caution. don't bring out the brooms yet, just be cool about it. >> take this one pitch at a time. on the verge of history, the mets, whether they get it tonight, tomorrow, or the weekend, are one win away from representing the national league in the world series leading the cubs 3-0 in the nlcs. there's wrigley field.
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this is so close now fans can taste it. those fans can also remember like it was yesterday the day the mets last qualified for the fall classic. 15 years ago, mike hampton pitching wearing number 32, same number steven matz will win tonight for the mets. now the fourth pitching match-up in chicago, matz making his eighth career big league start. facing jason hammel who will try to extend the cubs' season at the mets' expense. one win away. ready for whatever happens in chicago tonight is laura behnke who's at wrigley field, very happy it won't be raining in the 9th inning tonight, game 4. >> hey, rob. it was the cubs who swept the mets in the regular season. the mets though tonight in the postseason but as curtis granderson reminded us last night in baseball, any team can lose on any given night. the mets aren't taking anything for granted. >> reporter: the mets are so close to their first world
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series berth since 2000, and yet so far. the fourth win is the hardest to get. >> that team has a lot of confidence. i'm sure their confidence is still very high, just like ours is over here. we've definitely got to come out, be ready to play. >> reporter: the mets have daniel murphy who tonight could set a new mlb postseason record with a homer in his sixth straight game. >> difficult to do what he's doing, to continue this hot spreek for 10 days or whatever it's been, it's impressive doing it off these pitchers. it's fun to watch. >> reporter: he'll be needed again tonight as long island native steven matz takes the ball in just his eighth big league start. >> he's not a guy who's going to get overly amped up or too excited. you feel comfortable and confident having a guy with that type of demeanor and mentality taking the mound. >> after last night's win, no excitement in the mets' clubhouse. they're all business. this is a team that's truly living the cliche one game at a time. we're live inside wrigley field, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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>> we'll see you again tonight. until then we have a potential clinching game in the american league. royals up 3-1 over the blue jays. let's get to football. the jets get themselves up to new england on sunday, the potential to be a heck of a ball game. the 4-1 jets against the 5-0 pats. todd bowles jumps in to the rivalry with both feet. don't expect him to point to this game as the game just because it's against the all the rest. >> trying to win them all, so never get too high or too low. we know it's a long season, long process with injuries and everything else. i think we're starting to realize that. the giants get the cowboys on sunday. the mets get the cubs tonight. we'll have everything wrapped up for you. >> predictions? >> uhh. >> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter . >> i'm liz cho. world news tonight is coming up next.
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