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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the suspect c tonight we're getting our first look at the man police say shot and killed one of their own. at own -- tyrone howard taken to court as the new yorkers begin the painful goodbye to officer randolph holder. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa.
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-- developments tonight in the shooting. tyrone howard arraigned a short time ago in criminal court. >> new yorkers lighting candles and laying a wreath at the site of the shooting. >> we have several reports tonight on the new information. we begin with eyewitness news reporter josh einiger outside the courthouse in lower manhattan. >> i've never seen night court so jam packed with people, much less police officers. every square inch of that courtroom loaded with blue and with members of officer holder's family. let's show you video from inside arraignment court as the suspect had his first appearance in court. tyrone howard facing a charge of first degree murder in the death of officer holder late last night in harlem, in upper manhattan.
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his lawyer told the judge because of injuries he had sustained, the gunshot of the pain, he's feeling chest pains. that led to snickering from the crowd of police officers and did not stop the judge from remanding the suspect, holding him without bail in this case. here's what pba president pat lynch had to say moments ago. >> once again we're here in a courtroom to try to start the process for justice. but the reality is we should not be here again. violence against new york city police officers has to stop and it has to stop now. >> it's hard to overstate how emotional that court hearing was. you could see shoulder to shoulder front to back. it was lined with police officers from all over the city and some family members. one woman identified herself as officer holder's sister, angrily shouting at the suspect accusing him of killing her brother and
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of the room told the suspect to burn in hell. >> reporter: limping, thanks to a police officer's bullet that pierced his leg, tyrone howard said nothing and studiously avoided eye contact with a pack of reporters as detectives placed him in to the back of a police car for the beginning of a very long legal journey facing a charge of first degree murder for the execution of one of new york's finest, a department, an entire city now in mourning. after last night's mayhem, the chaos across east harlem start would a running gun battle between gang members at 102nd and 1st, witnessed by two cops on a public housing rooftop. >> hispanic male, black coat, white pants. he's firing. >> reporter: police say the 30-year-old howard was one of the shooters and ran north from 102nd up the fdr drive promenade, stopping to steal someone's bike and pedaling for freedom. that's when officer randolph holder and his partner
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were making their way south looking for howard and they all crossed paths. >> when he approaches them on down. he pulls out his weapon and he fires one time, striking the officer in the front of the head. >> his partner shot howard in the leg. cops took him down a this video obtained by eyewitness news response. today city leaders expressed outrage the alleged cop killer was on the street in the first place. a career criminal with 18 prior arrests and wanted for a different shooting this past september. turns out he had been released from prison last year, thanks to a court mandated drug diversion program. >> he would have been the last person in new york city i would have wanted to see in an aversion program. he's shown no propensity with the number of arrests over the period of time or changing his ways. >> tyrone howard, again, facing no chance to post bail right now in this first degree murder
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he also was arained -- arraigned tonight on two other outstanding warrants and police had been looking for him in connection with a shooting back on september 1st. live outside manhattan criminal court in lower manhattan, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> as you can see from josh's story, there's been an outpouring of emotion over the death of officer holder, the community coming together to show their support. tim fleischer posted this touching video of his fellow officers paying tribute tonight. tim is in east harlem with more. >> this officer's killing has deeply affected this east harlem community, everywhere from the houses here where officer holder used to patrol to others who gathered tonight for an emotional and very touching candlelight vigil. >> to see them killed violently is hurting. >> reporter: on this night,
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leaving an east harlem community stunned and now in mourning for police officer randolph holder. >> there's a lot of pain and a lot of healing that we need to engage in. >> reporter: from community leaders to residents of this community, they came to light candles and prais flowers near where this brave officer was gunned down. >> these men are the nypd come out here every day in this community and save lives. and we lost yet another member of this family. >> reporter: a group officers in stark silence each stepped forward, placing a candle at this memorial, took a few moments to remember their fallen friend. then in a slow and somber walk, the crowd moved to the office where officer holder was stationed. this was important to desiree graham. >> it shows unity. it shows support for family and friends of the fallen. it shows support for the nypd. >> reporter: the crowd, growing larger, also showed their support for all of the officers here in public service area
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number 5. they see each and every day. >> i just pray and hope that we will understand to lose one is to lose all. >> it certainly has been a very, very sad day here in east harlem. reporting live, tim news. >> what a stark juxtaposition, the lives of police officer holder and the man charged with such different human beings. tonight we're learning much more about officer holder, who he was and how he lived. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang in mill basin, brooklyn with that part of the coverage. >> neighbors say officer holder would just go ahead and shovel their sidewalks and driveways and never ask for thanks. that's the kind of guy he was. tonight the city salutes him in a collective gesture of
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gratitude and profound sadness. >> reporter: local firefighters delivered a tray of home made food to the slain officer's home tonight. moments later holder's girlfriend left to visit his parents in far rockaway. she told me officer holder was a great guy, the very definition of brave. his father today. >> he always wanted to be a policeman. and that he did. >> reporter: 33 -year-old randolph holder, jr. was a third generation police officer. his father and grandfather served in guyana, the grandson in his new homeland of new york. >> respectable guy. and for someone to just wipe him away like that. 33 years old. he's helping his grandmother in guyana. >> reporter: they were about to close on a house next month with plans to marry. she has a 13-year-old daughter who lived with them. muhammad did not want to speak on camera about
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her loss. but this we do know about officer holder. he allowed us to speak easier. on his last night alive he went after gang warfare and raced in to an open shooting. he chased down criminals so the city he loved would be a safer place. >> he was the life of the family. he loved to dj. he loved soca. but he also loved his job. >> he was on the force only five short years. plans are for funeral services to be held on far rockaway next thursday then to fly his body back to guyana for burial. lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> more now on those funeral arrangements now in place for officer holder. the wake will be held next tuesday at the community church of the nazarene in far rockaway, queens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. funeral services,
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wednesday afternoon at 3:00 at that church. holder will be buried as lucy mentioned in his native guyana. stay with eyewitness news for more on officer holder and how he's being remembered. we have a tribute page to the murdered officer on our website, abc7ny and for any new developments look for our posts on your facebook news feeds. we have breaking news in new jersey. firefighters battling a 7-alarm fire at an apartment building. two of those firefighters have been hurt. the fire started around 9:00 tonight, 6-story building in passaic. the building has been evacuated. two injured firefighters getting treated at a nearby hospital. shannon sohn in newscopter7 over the scene with more. >> they've been fighting this blaze since about 9:00 this evening. it's gone to seven alarms. they've got mutual aid from surrounding towns. we've seen east rutherford on the scene. this apartment building at 290 gregory avenue is going to be a complete loss. a huge, huge fire that started on the
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upper floors of the 6-story building. you can see sections of the roof have collapsed at this point. they're trying to put water on it but really not able to get the upper hand. as you travel through this area, you need to know that broadway is completely shut down with all this emergency activity between passaic avenue and grows street. lots of people have been evacuated. tons of residents on the street as they try to get this fire under control. reporting live over passaic, eyewitness news. >> keep us posted. looks like they've got a ways to go. it's been seven years since the chicago cubs have been to the world series. the mets trying to change that number to 71. mets one win away from heading to the series, something they haven't done for 15 years, and so far they're getting close to making it happen. rob powers keeping tabs on the game tonight. >> we'll know by the end of the night. we don't know for certain just yet. national
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league championship series. if the mets win this one like you said, they play for the grand prize in the world series. right now 8-3 mets, bottom of the 8th. lucas duda, 13 strikeouts. he has a home run tonight and five rbi. 24-year-old pitcher rookie steven matz goes in to the 5th inning. four hits, one run. travis d'arnaud has a home run. murphy has four hits and he just hit a home run. that's six straight playoff games, a major league record. if the mets hold on they advance to the world series and we're in place to bring you the latest as soon as this game goes final. let's go live to wrigley field to see what's happening now. joe torres made his way to chicago. he's there for us live tonight. >> when we left this afternoon out of laguardia at about 1:15, about 1/3rd of our planes was filled with mets fans, and you have to think that was the crase for the flights before us and the flights after us. no shortage of new yorkers here in the windy city. we were inside for much of the game.
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we left wrigley field around 6th inning but not before we caught up with a handful of mets fans who at the time were enjoying a 6-1 mets lead. fans not only feeling good. fans feel ing pumped. >> we took a one flight round here. we're going to the world series. >> these guys have been playing their hearts out. love it. love it. >> it has been a beautiful october night here in chicago weather-wise but a night, a series that did not go the cubs' way. it's been all mets all the time. they led every game all the way. we hope to catch up with a couple more fans once the game ends. mets fans, they're going to stay until the very end to congratulate their team. cubs fans, this summarizes it. just about 10 minutes ago a cubs fan was here, pulled out a trumpet, and played taps. wait
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till next year. once again. taps. >> 8-3, one out, bottom of the 8th. we'll have more from the mets in just a minute here but they are leading right now and they seem to be five outs away from the win. >> and when that happens, rob powers, i assume we're going to see you right back here and you'll have the latest out there in tv land. vice president biden now says he's not running for president. you'll hear why he says the time just wasn't right. >> the divorce apparently off for khloe kardashian and lamar odom, this after his medical emergency. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. nice in chicago, just as nice in new york. 75 degrees. a reality check on the way timing the chill and a couple rain chances. >> first let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who's on his show tonight. >> hello, new york. tonight we're at the brooklyn academy of
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music with bernie sanders, music from big gramz and we're
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vice president joe biden ending months of speculation about a presidential bid, announcing he's not running, with president obama and his wife gelat his side. -- his wife jill at his side. >> making the announcement on the eve of hillary clinton's
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>> did you see how many people were out today? so unbelievable. and then there was the back to the future premier at the local theater. >> busy night. >> it was like summer. >> it was back to september. outside tonight we go. clear to partly cloudy skies out there right now. there's the manhattan skyline. once again we show you, you can see in the distance the empire state building and one world trade in blue for fallen officer randolph holder. temperature at 11:00, 65 degrees. south wind at 5. barometer steady and we managed to hit 76 degrees today. you're looking at 14 degrees above average. sunrise and sunset times, one more mild day on thursday as we get in to the 70s, even upper 70s for some. cool fall wind makes a comeback friday. still a nice day, just back to normal. the weekend is not bad, 60s will be returning by the end of the weekend. that's after morning rain on sunday but not a washout there. 49 degrees, stanhope.
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we'll still see cool spots northern suburbs. randolph at 46. hudson valley still a fall jacket needed in the morning hours. new york city could barely fall below 60 degrees. island will drop to about 50. same thing on the jersey shore. partial sunshine tomorrow. mid to upper 70s. nice southwest breeze. late day shower north and west. you see a couple fair weather clouds there. still the southerly flow. cold air cruising to our north but it eventually will come at us. there's the converging winds here and the cold front passed through chicago. thankfully the showers were early in tonight then they went east. that cold front will be here tomorrow evening. you see the type of air. it's bringing 30s and 40s here in the upper great lakes. we'll replace our warm 60s and 70s. partly cloudy skies tomorrow morning. late in the day, partial sunshine and mid and upper 70s. it's just a stray shower through the evening hours. a lot of us going to get through this front very dry. very weak front.
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chill coming back in by friday morning. it's one warm day. 77 degrees and on friday a brisk wind and 60 is feeling like 50s. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. partly cloudy skies. 60 to start the day. so mild for october. up to 77 tomorrow. lucky 7, spot shower north and west late in the day. stray evening shower new york city and coast tomorrow evening. cool windy friday. 58. morning rain on sunday gives way to sun in the afternoon. bill evans will have an update in the morning. next, the vatican responding to reports the pope has a brain tumor. >> plus, khloe kardashian and lamar odom calling off the
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nc the vatican tonight disputing a shocking report that pope francis has a brain tumor. the spokesman for the vatican says the story in the national daily completely unfounded, seriously irresponsible, and they're quoting now, not worth any attention. they added the 78-year-old's head is absolutely perfect. lamar odom and khloe kardashian have called off their divorce as he continues to recover from his near-death binge at a nevada brothel. kardashian's lawyer filed a petition dismissing the 2013 divorce filing.
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kardashian has been at odom's side since he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel eight days ago where he spent $75,000. he emerged from a coma after a few days but is expected to have a long recovery ahead. rob powers, any news of baseball? >> getting closer and closer. it's been one fun night. the mets in chicago with a chance to close out the cubs, potential trip to the world series. straight ahead, what happened right there. live look at
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they're looking at maybe eight victories in the postseason, maybe four more to go and that will do it. >> it's been a fun team to watch. they keep on playing with a chance to advance to the world series, mets are going all out trying to sweep the cubs.
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they're still battling in chicago. 8-3 mets, bottom of the 9th inning. lucas duda, 3-24 in the playoffs, 13 strikeouts, a home run and 5 rbi. daniel murphy four hits, just hit a home run. six straight playoff games, a major league record. mets three outs away from the world series. let's not waste any time. let's get you right to the site. eyewitness reporter joe torres live for us at wrigley field. three outs away, sir. >> as they have done in every game in the series, the mets completely took the wind out of the windy city, jumping out to that 1st inning lead and that deflated the crowd here at wrigley field, a crowd who showed up knowing their team faced a 3-0 deficit and right now all indications are that the curse lives on in chicago. another year of wait till next year. 1908, the last time the cubs won the world series and the faces on the cubs' fans as they emerged tell the story. we haven't seen too many mets fans coming out. why? because they're mill --
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it's worth, hanging out to the very end. but rob, they're going home happy. >> there you go. for now a potential closeout game in toronto. the royals could win the american league championship series with one more win over the blue jays. the blue jays had other ideas. 2nd inning, solo home run. toronto was in front. toronto was staying there. estrada threw one-hit ball in to the 8th. royals couldn't catch up. troy tulowitzki's three-run double puts this out of reach. jays win 7-1. royals lead the series 3-2. we have game 6 friday. we have football this weekend. big battle for the jets. darrelle revis called new england home last season, won a super bowl, then came back to where his career started with the jets, one more wrinkle to this rivalry. >> this is where i feel most comfortable at. going back up
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there to play new england, it will be fun. >> i've got my notes. [ laughter ] >> giants have their own divisional game sunday. their own rivalry game with the cowboys at the meadowlands, coming off the disappointment of monday night in philadelphia. big blue looks to bounce back against dallas. >> all you can do is go right back to it. we really have been a group that has as a team when adversity has struck we've battled our way through it. i love this. one more giant note. this is video from the instagram account of tight end daniel fells released from the hospital yesterday after battling a very serious mrsa infection. fells is back where he belongs, back home. the kids couldn't be happier. isn't that wonderful? welcome home. 8 -3, bottom 9. >> we're going to hear from you. >> we'll bring everything for
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w join the conversation, tell us how you think the mets are going to do. appears to be the world series. facebook, twitter, instagram, #abc7ny. we're going to stay here. for
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