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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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nypd officer randolph holder making funeral plans for the sun after he was killed in the line of duty. an outpouring of support for the family including one very meaningful note from the family of detective lou, also killed in line line of duty. encouraging the holder family to quote, stand strong. >> meanwhile the case against a suspect, tyrone howard, a career criminal is expected to be presented to a grand jury later this week. today officer holder's family is asking the question, why was howard free? and why was a violent criminal allowed to join a drug diversion program instead of prison? reporter darla miles is with us this afternoon with much more on that. darla? >> reporter: this, the family has spent much of the day preparing the order of service for wednesday's funeral. this as they still try to wrap their minds around the fact that randolph holder is no longer here.
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>> it was a very poor choice, to see the type of individual. sometimes you visualize what you think. >> reporter: no one may ever truly know what tyrone howard was thinking as he allegedly engaged in a cops and robbers style shootout on the fdr tuesday evening. having the chance to look him dead in the of officer randolph holder's family went to see him in court. >> we wanted to see really did this to my son, their nephews, friend, -- >> reporter: randolph holder, senior is taking all of this in with strength and grace. the 30-year-old suspect, nearly the same age as his son, had been arrested 28 times since he was 13 and has four felony drug convictions. >> reporter: what are your thoughts when you hear he was allowed to participate in the diversion program?
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>> there's no justice where certain crimes are concerned. >> it's a broken system. he should never have been out in the first place. he had an extensive record. the answer to that is, even if he's out, somebody should be on his tail every single day. >> reporter: holder, a 33-year- old on the force for five years, is described by the of integrity. >> it's sad that somebody of that nature who was just good, a good man, was basically taken away from us. in such a manner. >> reporter: now, howard did not enter a plea during his arraignment. his case is expected to be presented to the grand jury on friday and monday of next week. coming up on eyewitness news at 6, i ask and i'll holder senior why on tuesday night when he went to the hospital when most of nypd police department went to console and five out was
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going on with their brother and blue, why he chose to console them. i asked him that question, coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 6. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. a public viewing for officer holder will be held next tuesday at the community church of the nazarene from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. his funeral will follow on wednesday afternoon. holder will be buried in his native guyana. to see more of how east harlem is paying to be it, you can head to our website, abc7ny. there are new details about a deadly wrong way crash in suffolk county. we have learned the identity of the driver killed by a woman fleeing police. the victim has been identified as 60-year-old enen sarwan. he was a yellow cab driver and
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sarwan was in his personal car on his way home from work when a woman fleeing police smashed head-on into his honda. we spoke exclusively to one of his friends. >> really bad. i don't blame anybody. i don't know how. he was so nice, so kind. he was always helpful. >> the woman fleeing police has been identified as 25-year-old brittney fella of middle island. police said she fled after they tried to hold her over for suspected drunk driving and possibly being in a vehicle. turn into the big sports story, the national league champs, the mets finally heading back to the world series. this -- the long-suffering fans, the mets haven't been to the world series since 2000, and they haven't won since the '80s. we have two reports. powers.
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the world series starts tuesday. the mets will be there. for right now, that's enough. at the after they swept their way through the nlcs, they came home this afternoon. the mets arrived at citi field just over an hour ago. can you imagine the night they have had? just after 11:30 p.m. you saw some of the celebration on eyewitness news. it was really something. the world series. five full days off. game one is next tuesday in either kansas city or toronto. but that's for another day. this day is about celebrating a return to baseball's biggest stage in 15 years. the mets are home, they are tired, they are moving on. >> amazing. i can't be more proud of these guys behind me. more excited for this fan base, this organization. we've all waited a long time for this.
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through these last nine years. >> the mets now get ready for the world series. so do their fans. why not get all gussied up and get in the spirit? a lot of people did have that same idea. live for is right now in midtown, stephan? >> reporter: by penn station, these are some of the hottest items right now with the world series logo on the side. with all that talk about the mets playing in cold weather, don't worry. check out these ugly christmas sweaters. not exactly flying off the rack, but who needs these sweaters when you've got mets fever to keep you want? show up in a mets hat. did you buy another one? >> i've got to have two. one to rock, one to keep. >> reporter: stocking up on the world series gear. i just said the mets and the world series in the same sentence. that's why maurice says he loading up now. you never know when it will happen again. >> at 6:00 in the morning.
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the place was going nuts. >> reporter: and you're back again? >> i was in times square, looking for these hats. >> reporter: the amazing mets are so amazing that they are even converting things like this guy, who says he used to route for the other team in the bronx. >> i'm originally yankees fan. but in 2007-08, i turned -- >> reporter: what converted you? >> one of my favorite players was david wright. and jose reyes. and the cubs too. >> reporter: switching allegiances because of team colors, i'm not so sure that's cool, but at least you made the switch, so you are not a bandwagon fan. whether you are converted, casual or die hard, the mets fever is catching on. it's been a long wait for fans, 15 years since their team last won the pennant. fans say this year's team is made of champions. >> going to win the world
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modell's, not as superstitious. he says to stay ahead of the curve, they started printing mets geared days ago so open stores right after the last out to throw out -- to roll out the amazing gear. >> at 3-0, we started printing merchandise. we knew it would be an issue. >> reporter: by the way, that mets fan who bought a two hats, he says he has tickets to game five of the world series. he realized the problem he's in. so cool if the mets sweep, but he wouldn't get to go to a world series in -- a world series game. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> some problems are worth having. thank you very much. game one, tuesday on the road. eyewitness news at 5, we get deeper into the possibilities there. we have one on -- tom mattingly and the doctors have agreed to part ways. one-time integrate, never got the doctors to the next level. bounced in the playoffs this
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year by the mets. there he is. he got them to three west championships. >> he did not have a terrible career there. >> just couldn't get to the next level. back to the mets, the celebration was fun to watch at wrigley field. these guys now -- have five days off. to worry about rest versus rust, comeback strong on. >> we've got daniel murphy. he can't do wrong. daniel, this is your time. >> it is so awesome walking around the city and seeing so many people wearing mets gear. because we don't see that. >> it's been a fun stretch no matter what happens from this point on. this fan base. the mets begin their best- of-seven series on tuesday on the road. their opponent still to be determined. either kansas city royals or toronto blue jays. their first home game will be friday, october 30 at citi field. you can read more about the merchandise, key players and
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upcoming games on a special section of our website, turning now to politics, and some loud moments this afternoon in washington. the much-anticipated congressional hearing into the benghazi attacks. former secretary of state hillary clinton wasn't the one who was doing the shouting today. this is clinton, the front runner, defended her record before and after the attacks in libya that killed four americans. she endured a long day of sharp questions. kenneth moulton joins us now from washington with the very latest. >> reporter: as you pointed out, tense moments on capitol hill. hillary clinton has held her ground. facing her critics who are questioning whether she did enough to protect there's americans inbenghazi. hillary clinton playing defense on capitol hill. >> i clearly said it was an attack. it's like saying the sky is blue. of course it was an attack. >> reporter: there were testy
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exchanges between the former secretary of state and this committee on benghazi. even the members on the panel went at it. >> you need to make sure the entire record is correct. >> that's exactly what i want to do do. >> then go ahead. >> reporter: about her actions, 2012 post in benghazi. four americans including u.s. killed. hours after the attack was our failure to be able to find where the ambassador was. >> at issue throughout the day, e-mails stevens sent to the state department asking for additional security and why clinton's friends said blumenthal had her private e-mail address while stevens did not. >> madam secretary, he had unfettered access to you. >> i don't know what this line of questioning does to help us get to the bottom of the deaths of four americans.
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>> reporter: this 12 member committee is expected to write a final report on the benghazi attacks. sometime over the next year and before the presidential election. those republicans may be doing it without the five democrats on the panel. they threatened to walk away, fed up with what they've called partisan politics. live here in washington, kenneth moulton, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. moving sharply, stocks on wall street, investors were encouraged by positive quarterly earnings reports from several big companies including mcdonald's and ebay. a live look at the big board, the dow rose more than 320 points to end the day above the 17,000 mark, 17,489. five fraternity members charged with murder after a hazing death. we'll tell you what happened when the men went before a judge today. plus, how did a 1-year-old girl end up locked in a day care
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4:15, check on traffic. we got a live picture of the staten island expressway. look at that traffic, westbound
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there. george washington bridge inbound, 30 minutes. the inbound lincoln tunnel is 20 minutes. the outbound holland is about 20 minutes. frightening situation overseas. a masked man with a sword attacked a school in sweden. 's happened in the city of trollhatten. the unidentified 21-year-old knocked on classroom doors and stepped whoever answered. one teacher and one student were killed. police later shot the attacker and killed him. because he was wearing a mask, students first thought he was some kind of halloween prank. >> he came up words, walking like a soldier with a sword in his hand. >> no word on the investigation. investigators searched the killer's house and found items they say are quote, interesting. a father is relieved. his 1-year-old daughter's safe
4:17 pm
back in his arms after he found her locked inside a chicago day center based day care all cornelius jones went to pick up his daughter and found the doors locked and the light off. but he could hear his daughter crying. jones called for help. the camera was rolling when firefighters broke down the door. >> it was pitch black. the police had flashlight down. only thing i could see was my baby crawling on the floor. >> they should shut it down. they can't keep an eye on her at the end. on other kids. >> the department of children and family services is investigating. no word yet on how the 1-year- old was left inside. frightening and disturbing. >> i can't even imagine. to hear your child's voice through the door. it's deceivingly warm out there. you look at it outside, considering the time of year, you think it's going to be chilly. >> want to know how i know it's
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sometimes you find a bonus couple dollars in your pocket. today, something poked me in my chest. it was a couple of golf tees. >> [laughter] >> in his jacket, no less. you play golf in a suit? >> i dropped them when i was changing for work. i like these. >> that's awesome. >> that's going to do it. beautiful this morning, not so much tomorrow morning. let's look downtown, over a beautiful skyline where you see a little blue and cloudiness. still some breaks in the afternoon. temperatures are not nosediving just yet. the area still dry, southwest wind at 12 is gusty. 75, high today. in the middle 70s, most areas with a southwest wind. if you look at the monticello area, a cold front is approaching the catskills. it will be through the entire area until 11:00. 76 at point pleasant, great on
4:19 pm
the boardwalk today. long island, temperatures in the upper 60s, nassau county, poughkeepsie 66 and monticello. cold air, 80s in roanoke, separating from 40s in canada by about 500 miles. in the poconos, the numbers will drop into the 50s later on. here is the planner so you can dress appropriately later on tonight. the light jacket early, the umbrella is overkill. it will be brief, partly cloudy this evening, skies will clear, wind will start gusting into the north. only 52 by morning, 40s in the suburbs, a cold wind tomorrow. we never feel that one. right now a couple spreckels showing up on radar, specifically over brooklyn, queens, nassau county. they are brief spreckels. if you more showers, organized over the catskills, orange county, pike county, they will be spotty. with the streamlines, how they
4:20 pm
and northwest. cold pressure building into tomorrow, it will be dry and quiet for a couple of days. but then we look at the storm over the rockies combined with another front, they are going to team up to bring us some rainfall late saturday night into sunday. brisk and cooler tomorrow, gusty wind to 25. 60 feels like 50s. it we'll -- it will feel rather blustery. there will be some high clouds around and on the coast, low cloudiness as well, low temperatures, 58. west. dry during the daylight hours. spotty evening showers turning cooler tonight, 52, high tomorrow is only 60. 15-70 degrees cooler despite a cool breeze. clear and chilly tomorrow night. coming up at 4:30, we will warm up through the weekend but we also have the threat of rain,
4:21 pm
more on the timing so you can plan your saturday night and sunday and you don't get wet. meanwhile, golf tee is put away, umbrella, ready to go. >> you should keep them in their so when it's february and frigid, you can pull them out. >> me a little smile. >> exactly. still to come, first at 4:00, another church goes up in flames in st. louis. but is it the work of a serial arsonist? dramatic 911 calls from a
4:22 pm
4:23 pm
new details about airbag deaths tied to to cut out. now eight people have died, 98 others have been hurt from airbag inflator's. more than 19 million vehicles have the company inflator's. the nhtsa may take over management of the recall process to speed it up. police are trying to determine what caused a driver to lose control. the van jumped the curb and hit a building in williamsburg -- bridge section about nine this morning. the building used to house a daycare center but the facilities closed in july. no one was injured in the accident. keeping kids off the
4:24 pm
the lords of the bsv. >> that you stand to help keep young people out of can -- out of gangs. sandy kenyon has their stories. >> reporter: the unique form of dance is perpetuated by a group known as bsv. >> the bedside veterans. veterans of their community. >> reporter: filmmaker maria spent four years getting to known them for her documentary. >> i fall in love with the people, the dance, the characters. >> reporter: these performers are dedicated to making their community a better place by sharing what they know with the youngsters. >> i really look at them as heroes. because they have so little but the quebec so much. >> our purpose is basically to uplift each other, to make sure that all of our brothers and sisters in school. >> reporter: they take their inspiration from this man. >> george adam's, the original.
4:25 pm
>> reporter: his style came from an old injury that left him broke up or as folks in his native jamaica called it, "bruck up." >> from his leg, where he had this injury -- >> reporter: missile made its way to brooklyn in the 1990's. now the veterans have revived it to keep kids away from gangs and heal their own pain. >> i don't want to impress you. this is really, for me, this is my therapy. >> he's saying that he can take all of this anger and he can put it into dance. he can take all of his frustrations and put into dance and translate that into something positive and beautiful. >> reporter: channel 7 >> creating art. that's what they're doing. a hate crime investigation. st. louis? seven have been burned.
4:26 pm
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it's 4:30. all new this half-hour, a terrifying home invasion. a knife wielding intruder creeping into the home of two sisters in the middle of the night. >> i was screaming at the top of my lungs. >> how they managed to survive and tell their story. a grandmother goes missing. how her sister's phone helped police track her down. it's a popular costume this year. but parents are calling it a hazard. our top story this half- hour, new development in the hazing death of a college student. five fraternity bros were arraigned on murder charges after a hazing ritual. >> they are the last of the more than 30 brothers accused
4:30 pm
the poconos and then trying to cover it up. joining us from pocono pines, kimberly? >> reporter: dave, authorities maintain these five suspects played the largest role in what happened. either watched and did nothing as michael slowly died, or were the ones who delivered what ended up being fatal blows to the already dazed and confused 19-year-old. as you mentioned, this is the final group of 37 defendants, all members of pi delta psi, all have been suspended from the fraternity. the suspects were charged with murder, assault, lying to police and hazing. this afternoon the judge set bail at $500,000 for four of the defendants, 150,000 for the fifth. the man allegedly carried out a severe hazing ritual at a home here in the poconos. the group of blindfolded and wearing
4:31 pm
backpacks filled with 30 pounds, were allegedly tackled and repeatedly hit. deng was a pledge and passed out during the attack. no one called 911. authorities say the frat brothers instead carried deng inside. after some time finally drove him to the hospital where he died. but several attorneys for the defendant in court today argued this should not be a murder case. >> these are college kids, kids from queens mostly. no criminal record, no history of violence. great schools. great families. so the fact the judge feels they clean themselves up for today is wrong. they were always cleaned up. these were young men as todd said. and the last thing that they expected to happen or wanted to happen was to cause a death of a friend. and a brother in there fraternity. >> reporter: coming up later on eyewitness news, along with
4:32 pm
these five defendants in court today, there was also an attorney for pi delta psi. the fraternity's name to this case. we'll have that for you later. live in the poconos, kemberly richardson, eyewitness news. breaking news, port authority pushing ahead with plans to replace its bus terminal. board members just approved a plan that will include an international design competition for a new terminal. the current portlets are many -- port authority bus terminal is outdated and not suited for the expected flow of traffic in the future. it handles more than 200,000 people each day. a nurse was quarantined at a hospital in new jersey because of concerns over ebola has filed a federal lawsuit against governor christie. kc hickox is seeking $250,000 in damages. she was forced into isolation at a hospital after screeners at an airport determined that she had a
4:33 pm
she was returning from sierra leone where she had been working at a health clinic during the ball outbreak. she says she never had ebola and that forced isolation violated her civil rights. a police -- police are still searching for a gunman as a family prepares for her funeral. she was hit by a stray bullet in hempstead last week. the casting -- acting police commissioner says they are lead. this as they have been getting lots of tips. >> we have dedicated a significant amount of resources at this time. it will remain until we apprehend the suspect. the nassau county police department that will turn over every rock to we find where this graph -- this is nothing more than a coward. >> the funeral will take place tomorrow morning at union baptist church. there was a $2500 reward for information leading to the capture of a suspect who escaped from police in brooklyn.
4:34 pm
general brooks was handcuffed when he shoved a detective in east new york on tuesday morning and then ran away. brooks has five warrants and at least 54 arrest. police commissioner bill bratton blasted the warrant embarrassment for the department. brooks is the fifth suspect to escape nypd custody since june. there was a hate crime investigation this afternoon in st. louis where overnight, another church this makes seven churches in that area that have been targeted by arsonists. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: it happened again. another church in the st. louis, missouri area damaged from a fire that is believed to be arson. >> whoever is responsible for this it's research, scouted the area out and knew they could get in and out without being seen. >> reporter: the st. louis fire department, this is the seventh
4:35 pm
suspicious fire in two weeks, set in the middle of the night and started at the front doors. officials have already linked the previous six fires noting while different denominations, they were all predominantly black congregations located within 3 miles of each other. >> we want that person to get help. i want people to find out why. >> reporter: while the latest church targeted is outside the radius and its competition is mostly white, all seven churches are just miles from ferguson, missouri. still recovering from the riots following last year's shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown by a white police officer. for fire investigators, they say they've yet to determine a motive. >> it can be everything. it can be somebody who's got a beef against the church, or somebody might have mental issues. >> bottom line, officials say this time they just don't know if the latest fire is the work of a copycat, or if they're still dealing with one serial arsonist. so they remain on high alert.
4:36 pm
elizabeth hur, abc news new york. thousands of commuters depend on the long island railroad, they need to find ways to get around this weekend. there will be no train service between hicksville and mineola on saturday and sunday. as crews finish part of a bridge project in west barry. customers on the port jefferson and ronkonkoma branches are being asked to avoid taking the train altogether. but the mets win yesterday should actually make things go a little smoother. >> there was a competition where very much -- a lot of people wanting to go to citi field this weekend. i do want to thank the new york mets for removing that complication from this weekend's work. and we no longer have to worry about game six or game seven. >> [laughter] 's back -- another reason to love the mets. >> you should know buses will replace trains between hicksville and mineola. service west of huntington will
4:37 pm
operate every hour instead of every 30 minutes. >> the mets can do no wrong. star shining on them. >> still to come, costume concerns. could a popular halloween costume be dangerous for your kids?
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
the heartbroken family of a 4-year-old girl killed in a road rage incident in new mexico say they are determined to get justice for her. lily garcia's father had just picked her up from school when he and the suspect tony torres began cutting each other off on i-40 in albuquerque. that's when police say torres pulled up beside garcia's car and then opened fire. lily, who was sitting in the backseat with her seven your brother, was shot and killed. her parents now want torres to pay for his crime. >> make sure that whoever did this is going to pay. i'm not going away. my family is not going away. her face isn't going away. mark my words.
4:40 pm
>> police say torres has confessed. police say torres is a repeat offender. he's being held on 650,000 those bond. a dog came home to a hero's welcome after the dog was injured chasing away a suspected thief on monday. neighbors called police to report a prowler at the house next door. when officers arrived, they found the front window smashed. they also found the family's lab mix with cuts on her path. the dog was cut chasing away the burglar. now the owners are thankful for their protective dog and police who helped her. >> egypt was doing her job, which was to protect our house, which she has always brought up as her job. i'm very glad she did that. but i'm more glad the police took the initiative to come inside and look for her because she was really hurt. >> the good news, egypt will make a full recovery. police are still searching for the people who broke into the house.
4:41 pm
a popular halloween costume from children is causing a whole bunch of safety concerns among parents. it's called the invisible suit. it goes against every safety recommendation ever. it's black, full body suit, it appears nearly invisible at night. parents say obviously it is a problem because it could be difficult for drivers to spot trick or treat was wearing the costume when they are out in the dark on halloween. meanwhile, village halloween parade has picked its grand marshall. and he is the most interesting man in the world. no, really. he's the actor featured in the popular ad campaign for -- becky's beer. -- for dos equis beer. he embodies the mystery and intrigue of the parade. as always, any new yorker who wants to don their own costume can take part. >> it's a fun parade.
4:42 pm
>> for the most part, it's fun. can i go back to the invisible costume? that's a saturday night live skit. they are really doing it. they are serious. other stories we're following. saved by phone.
4:43 pm
in a way she never expected. we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town.
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a grandmother went missing but he's found thanks to a little help from her sister's cell phone. rodney campbell got the call that his 76-year-old mother emily had been missing. she was driving behind her sister on interstate 295. emily didn't have her cell phone but her sister accident left hers in her car. police were able to paint its location which led them to the missing woman. >> they went almost directly to where the car was? >> she was smiling from ear to your. just because she knew it was a miracle. >> she prayed and said she turned the lights on, hit the horn on the car. >> mrs. apple is in the hospital but she's expected to make a full recovery. >> that's fantastic. i want you to know i have a trend involving the power of the cell phone. remember that story when we get to it in the trend. >> look at the two of you.
4:45 pm
>> [laughter] go ahead. we will let you know if it's any good. [laughter] >> your horrible. i'm going to set the tone with the forecast. encouraged by a couple things in it. i think you will like it. this afternoon, we have beautiful day, it's our third straight day in the 70s, really nice out there. now the clouds are starting to break. this front is not very strong. it's carrying weights of clouds. couple sprinkles, but overall the evening is still going to be very, very nice. we're at 72 degrees. partly -- a pretty looking sky. are southwest southwest wind is rather busy. 14 miles an hour, patchy clouds and a through midnight, and then as the wind shifted north, our numbers will start to drop into the 50s. a low of 52. a fall jacket back for the bus stop, the train platform and on her way to work tomorrow, you have the autumn chill back.
4:46 pm
a pair of fives at noontime, there's a lot of sunshine but also a gusty breeze, which i think peaks around lunch time, early afternoon and it may ease as we don't really mean hours. mostly sunny, rather breezy day. you can see a line of showers, looked like showers weren't even reaching the ground. it's a broken line of very brief showers over sullivan and northern dutchess county. you can see a couple showers getting into sussex there. through the evening hours, we'll stay in the 70s, into the 60s. brief shower through maybe 11:00 or midnight. then the novels start to tumble. a lot cooler, low 50s in new york city, the coldest spots north and west, i wouldn't be shocked to see upper 30s. during the day, not because we don't have a lot of sunshine. we have more sunshine than today but only upper 50s. even if we touch 60 on the thermometer, it will feel like 60s. the winds are fairly light later today in the early morning hours.
4:47 pm
around midday, then drop off during the evening hours. the peak gusts around 20 or so. we will have a warm-up over the weekend, not saturday. sunday, back into the 60s. the problem is it will also come with moisture. i think the rain is late saturday night, but confined to sunday morning. leaving us with a pretty nice sunday afternoon. so if you are looking to see some of the great color across the area, going north and west of i-287, catskills, poconos, berkshires, the color. say. northern new jersey, north of i- 80, north of i-95, even some great color into central new jersey and parts of long island. accuweather forecast. a lot different tomorrow. 76 today, 60 tomorrow, with the cool breeze. sometimes missed with that some breeze. 66 on sunday, early rain, then we'll give way to sunshine. better.
4:48 pm
near-normal on monday, pleasant tuesday, clouds increasing on wednesday, and message -- day after day of signals that we have a significant rainstorm coming next week. maybe in the thursday time period but leaving the scene in time for halloween in time for the new york city marathon and not a big, cold blast after that. no repeat of last year where 40- mile-per-hour winds, we might get soaked late last week but not for halloween. okay? >> hopefully so. should we see if that cell phone story lives up to its hype? >> if you want. have i mentioned the mets are headed to the world series? you know that's getting lots of love in new york city. we have showed you lots of reaction, we have to take a moment to appreciate jerry seinfeld's reaction. ladies and gentlemen. >> oh! oh! oh! >> i want to thank this diehard mets fan with letting us join in on his celebration. jerry seinfeld.
4:49 pm
i just can't get enough of his love. yesterday, the world celebrated "back to the future ii" day. many people watching jimmy kimmel's take on their cell phones. michael j. fox step back into character as law -- along with christopher lloyd. >> what is this? >> i'm taking a selfie with you guys. this is how we document important life events now. >> [laughter] >> doc brown, very impressed with the tiny supercomputers and the great potential of such a device. but jimmy kimmel explains unlike the occasional grandmother found with a cell phone, we use it to send smiley faces to each other. a lot of funny bits on that show. we told you how drake is getting lots of living for his dancing on his new video. there's been nation tons of find tied to it. doug the puck -- pug is getting in on the action. >> [music]
4:50 pm
>> it grows on you. doug the pug. >> almost. a lawyer in texas training for his tongue-in-cheek commercial. >> lloyd wilson! the texas law hockey! due process? do wheelies! >> he is a real lawyer, the texas law hawk. almost 360,000 views in two days. we're going to end with bilbao the corgi puppy. empty plastic bottle, that's it. the dog is like, this is incredible. look at this. it was a little bit. very entertaining. to some people. >> it is oddly entertaining.
4:51 pm
>> thank you for not recognizing. the potential cuteness in that as always, check out the trend online, abc7ny. >> you've got another day in the week, tim. all right. thanks, guys. we're going to shift gears, two sisters in a desperate struggle for their lives.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
now to a terrifying home invasion. two sisters attacked by a man with a knife. >> he said he was going to kill them but they fought back.
4:54 pm
shirleen allicot has more. >> help us please! >> reporter: they're the terrifying pleas for help. two sisters fighting for their lives, calling 911 while begging their attacker to leave. a knife wielding intruder creeping in to their home in the dead of the night, climbing in through 28-year-old breanne lasly's window, instincts kicking in. >> we were each throwing punches. he put his left hand over my mouth and said cooperate with me. i said you're not going to get what you want. >> reporter: for the next 15 minutes a desperate struggle, trying to fight off the suspect. 48-year-old robert burger who minutes before tried to break in to another heme on the same street. burger pulling out a knife. >> i was screaming at the top
4:55 pm
of my lungs. >> reporter: a nearby officer hearing her screams runs inside. >> moved the knife up to right here so the blade was outside of my neck. then he whispered that he was going to kill me. i saw two black boots coming down the stairs and that was our angel officer. >> reporter: the officer shooting and killing the intruder in the nick of time. >> five seconds longer and i killed. we don't have words for how much we love him. >> shirleen allicot, eyewitness news. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> public housing tenants living in fear in the neighborhood where an nypd officer was killed as the suspect heads back to court today. the mets are back home after their big sweeping win in chicago. now they're getting ready for their first game in the world series. good evening,
4:56 pm
i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. mets mania has officially hit new york. the mets clobbered the cubs. and for the first time in 15 years the team is headed to the world series. who they will play, we don't know, know that mets fans are giving the team a hero's welcome home today. >> we have team coverage. rob powers is in the news room but we're going to begin with marcus solis at citifield. >> a happy group here at citifield. they were folks who missed work, kids who missed school. they all came out, spent the day here for a glimpse of >> let's go mets! >> reporter: amid the chants, the cheers, and screams, the conquering heroes made their return, buses pulling in to citifield crowning the champions. next stop, the world series. >> excited for the city, this fan base, this organization. we've all waited a long time for
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