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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this. for it finally to have come to fruition, well worth the wait. well worth everything we've been through. >> reporter: the mets touched down at jfk around 2:00 this afternoon. a short flight from chicago which followed a long night of celebration by the flares and the diehards, many who spent the entire day at citifield. fans with names like sign guy, cow bell guy. >> now it's grown as a family. i think they peaked at the right time and i see a lot of special things happening in this world series. >> it's a feeling hard to describe. it's like all the years that you put in to, it all comes to the top all at once and it's a great feeling. >> reporter: the mets and their fans, a few days to the enjoy the national league pennant in 15 years. >> i'm over the moon excited. i was at
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modell's at 12:30 in the morning. what can i do? nuts. >> when people were putting them down, we were up for them. you have to give them credit. >> you're getting emotional. >> i am. i love them. >> so happy that they're crying. for fans, they're going to have wait over a week for a taste of the world series since the fall classic opens up on the road, but already a lot of fans hoping the mets will win the world series in games 4 or 5 so they can win it all here at home. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> go mets. thank you. so we still don't know who the mets will play but we do know game 1 of the world series will be on tuesday, october 27th in kansas city or toronto. game 2 will be on wednesday. then the excitement moves to citifield on friday, saturday, and necessary. sports anchor rob powers with a look at the potential match-up. >> it's a waiting game for the
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they knethey -- they know they open the series that night but who will it be? they need one more win and they host the final two games against the blue jays. the royals aren't flashy but they're solid. the offense among the league leaders. defense, stellar. it backs a starting rotation not mere as good as the mets but the orioles bullpen is excellent. now the blue jays. they can go deep just about any time. their pitching is not as deep as the mets. who would the mets like to play? >> definitely a great position to be in. we still got to wait and see who we're playing against. they're going to be enjoying the moment as much as we are. >> the mets. >> as long as it's the mets. mets know their opponent by
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they also know their best hope for a world series championship rides not on their opponent but on the arms of their young pitchers. the fun for us, we get to talk about it for days. >> yes, we do. thanks, rob. for all the excitement leading up to the world series as rob just said, we can talk about it for days. we've got all the information on abc7ny for complete coverage. other news now, the suspected gunman charged with murdering an nypd officer is off the street now, but that's little comfort to residents who live in fear in the housing complex he called home. n.j. burkett in east harlem with more for us. >> that's right, outside psa 5 in east harlem where the pba president was the latest among so many to come here and to pay his respects and to reassure the officer's colleagues. yes, we learned today that the suspect
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was not a tenant in the east river houses but was apparently living there with his relatives. >> reporter: no answer at the suspect's last known address today where his neighbors howard. >> i've seen his face before but i don't really know the guy. >> reporter: others told us he was vaguely familiar but no one claimed to know him at all. >> i might have passed him by, didn't even know. >> reporter: except time behind bars. police officials say tyrone howard spent his life here in the east river houses, selling drugs and intimidating tenants and rival dealers. neighbors say gunfire is a fact of life here. >> all the time. i've been in
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and it's not easy. you have to be looking around all the time. >> reporter: he was at least sporadically living with his child's mother and grandmother, and took measures to remove him through the permanent exclusion policy based on his known criminal history, end quote. how effective that was is not clear and today the pba president visited psa 5 to holder's fellow officers. >> we've had four police officers killed. that's not an anomaly. that's happening because they feel embouldin on the street. normal routine disputes are turning violent because the perps are inbowlened -- inbouldined to fight. >> it was a brief appearance answering for an outstanding
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warrant for allegedly dropping out of a court ordered drug treatment program. he was a pujative, a wanted man at the time of this week's shooting. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> officer holder's pastor met with his grieving family today offering them comfort. >> it's sad that somebody of that nature who was just a good man basically taken away from us in such a manner. >> officer holder's father says he went to the suspect's arraignment to look the suspect in the eye to see what caind of of -- what kind of person he he said the fact tyrone howard was on the street shows the system is broken. changes in the funeral services for officer holder. the wake will be held next tuesday. it's now going to be at the greater allen a.m.e. cathedral in jamaica, queens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. funeral services will also be there on
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holder will still be buried in his native guyana. we know the name of a second man who died in a suspicious fire in brooklyn. he was 47-year-old stanley welke. he and another man, tyrone corly, were both residents. two people were hurt. police are saying some kind of accelerant fueled the flames earlier this week. a u.s. service member who was part of a hostage rescue mission is the first to die in the fight against isis. the pentagon said troops raided a compound in northern iraq. they managed to free 70 isis captives slated for execution. militants were also killed. officials say the valuable intelligence was recovered. no word on the identity of the u.s. service members who died during the operation. what started as a congressional hearing turned in to a political shouting match earlier today. hillary clinton appearing before a house committee investigating the deaths of four americans in the benghazi attack in libya. bottom line, did we learn anything new?
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eyewitness news political reporter dave evans with the latest. >> depending on your point of view, this is either nasty politics or an attempt to get to what happened in benghazi. so far no gafts or slip-ups by clinton. some believe this may actually end up hurting republicans, not clinton. >> reporter: the democratic frontrunner today on capitol hill began by making a point of shaking hands with all committee members. they're investigating the worst episode of her tenure as secretary of state. the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead, including ambassador chris stevens. >> i take responsibility for what happened in benghazi. >> reporter: in her opening statement, clinton began stone faced but grew somewhat emotional. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. i've been racking my brain about what more could have been done. >> reporter: republicans have been accused of using this hearing to hurt clinton politically.
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committee with no rules, no deadline, and an unlimited budget. and they set them loose, madam secretary, because you're running for president. >> reporter: but the republican chairman began today's hearing by addressing the political elephant in the room. >> madam secretary, i understand there are people frankly on both parties who have suggested this investigation is about you. let me assure you, it is not. >> reporter: a recent washington post abc poll shows most americans, 53%, believe republicans do want to damage clinton's reputation, but 54% say clinton has mishandled things. >> i'll be happy to but you need to make sure the entire record is correct. >> reporter: at times clinton seemed a bit peeved with today's hearing. at other times she laughed and guffawed at republican accusations. she seemed bewildered about how congress sometimes operates. >> no one ever came to me and
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said we should shut down our compound in benghazi. >> i'm not saying shut it down. i'm saying project -- i'm saying protect it. >> this is the eighth hearing on benghazi over the last couple of years but the chairman said there are still plenty of questions about this incident. the probe has cost about $4.5 million and lasted longer than the watergate investigation. a big shifted to among the gop candidates for president. a new poll out of iowa shows donald trump is no longer the frontrunner. the new quinnipiac poll shows dr. ben carson taking the lead among republican candidates in iowa with 28%. donald trump is down to 20%. marco rubio is at 13% trailed by senator ted cruz with 10%. was carrying out a halloween prank at a swedish school stabbed and killed two people. authorities say the attacker wearing a mask and carrying a sword knocked on classroom doors and stabbed whoever answered. one student and one teacher was killed. another teacher and
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student were injured. the attacker was later shot and killed by police. the motive is under investigation. benjamin netanyahu is asking world leaders to demand palestinian president stop inciting violence. meanwhile, an israeli soldier shot and killed a jewish man mistaken for a terrorist today and two palestinian men who reported a stabbing at a bus stop in israel were shot. one died. a fast moving fire destroys apartments and injures firefighters. >> why some people still aren't home tonight. >> the nurse placed in quarantine because of an ebola scare fighting back. what she wants from governor christie. >> why some new york schools may be getting rid of metal detectors. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. it's october's version of a heat wave. three days in the 70s. already see showers going through the
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hundreds of people are still out of their homes tonight in new jersey. flames tore through an apartment building in passaic last night and more than 12 hours later today crews were still on the scene. two firefighters were injured. new jersey reporter toni yates is in passaic. >> first of all, thank goodness for the neighbors in this gregory avenue building. some of them raced through the hallways, knocking on doors, trying to make sure everyone was alert today the fire. once they -- alerteted to the fire. this is all about assessing the damage,
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trying to figure out the cause of the fire, trying to make sure everyone has a place to stay and trying to help them salvage whatever belongings survive this fire. >> the top level will not be accessible. >> reporter: this afternoon families brought plastic bags in to the building. tenants escorted by firefighters to collect some personal belongings. >> i've only got two coats, a pair of boots, two pair of pants, and that's it. you should see my closet. >> reporter: not all the apartments are safe enough to enter, none on the 5th floor where the fire began in one apartment and quickly spread. >> i lost everything. my mother lost everything. >> my apartment is gone. the roof caved in to my house. >> reporter: it was just before 8:00 last night as panic set in. tenants say smoke alarms never sounded. >> none of the alarms went off in the building. nothing. if it wasn't for the neighbors screaming, i would have been
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it was right above my head. >> reporter: they say with no alarms there was no time to grab anything last night. >> i live on the 5th floor where it happened at. >> reporter: the mayor says fire officials are trying to figure out whether those smoke alarms worked. >> we'll look at the codes, what's mandated and it the fact the fire alarms are not working then we'll follow the guidelines. >> reporter: the blaze went to eight alarms, three firefighters were injured. this was after they managed to evacuate several hundred people first. the city and the red cross are helping many people find temporary shelter as they try to see their way out of this disaster. >> the fire chief tells me this building was built before sprinkler systems were required in the buildings. he says if the owner wants to ren evaluate this -- renovate this building it is highly likely they'll have
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police in the bronx are investigating an accident that sent a van crashing in to a building. officers say the driver of the van lost control and jumped the curb. this happening in the williamsburg section. the van grazed the side of the building knocking several bricks loose. the facility just happened to be closed. nobody was hurt. stocks on wall street moving starkly higher today following two days of declines. investors were encouraged by positive quarterly earnings reports from mcdonald's and ebay. the dow rose 320 points closing . s&p collides -- s&p climbed. we've got a bunch of happy folks outside enjoying this great day. >> it's back to an autumn cool fall feel. this evening actually is really nice. we'll drop through the 60s, very
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pleasant right now. look to the south here, we're looking toward one world trade. got some blue in that picture, mix of sun and clouds. going to take this look up to the north. you see all the cloud cover and it looks a little more threatening. cold front is coming in from the north. this evening we're at at cool. brief shower. the window is through about midnight. barometer on the fall. southwest wind going north later tonight. high today in the mid 70s. 62 is the average high. we get close to that tomorrow. there are your sunrise and sunset times. last year it was a soaker at 58 degrees. meanwhile southwest winds crossed most of the area. catskills starting to feel the influence of that cold front starting to get in. still mild in the poconos. we'll have a
5:18 pm
out late have the heavier coat because winds start to pick up out of the north. 65 in montauk. southwest wind coming off the cool atlantic here. near 80-degree temperatures paraded by 30s and 40s by 500 miles. cold front just getting in to the delaware water gap and midhudson valley. i'd assume at 6:00 to see cooler numbers in beacon, poughkeepsie and up toward saugertys. a lot of sunshine but gusting wind over 20 miles per hour will make 60 feel like 50s much of the day. there's the broken line of showers right now. it's a little bit more organized over duchess. hopewell junction, fishkill over to dover, you may see a brief shower. over the south those showers really seem to be weakening so not a big deal there. cool air is
5:19 pm
certainly behind this cold front. canadian high pressure building in tomorrow. we get back to normal. we turn our attention to west and this will bring moisture our way for late saturday night in to sunday morning. doesn't look like a huge rain. maybe some parts of the area can get .1 to a quarter of an inch of rainfall. have the fall coat. a lot of sunshine. definitely a brisk feel. on saturday, high clouds but lower temperatures. 58 degrees. low cloudiness on the coast. a spot evening shower turning cooler tonight. 52. we'll go back in to the 40s in new york city and even near freezing off to the north and west. coming up at 5:30, some areas could stay dry. will 60s return on sunday? we'll need sunshine for that. a significant rain a week away and
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news for halloween and the marathons? lots to talk about in weather at 5:30. we've got some breaking news for you right now. we have aj ross who's in the bronx. there's been a deadly shooting there. a woman in her 20s was shot and killed. >> the shooting happened near two schools. aj ross is scene with details. >> if you take a look behind me you can see this is a very active scene with police tape draping off this section of the pelham parkway houses. a young woman in her 20s was gunned down a couple hours ago. neighbors tell me they heard five to six shots. what's perhaps more alarming, a couple paces to my right as well as to my left, there are schools within a very small radius of this active crime scene. police first started receiving 911 calls to the area around 3:00 this afternoon. when they arrived they discovered a young woman shot in her torso. a neighbor
5:21 pm
tells me that she heard the gunshots and ran outside feerg her son who was getting out of after school was in danger and she saw the young woman laying on the ground. police say it's not clear if the young woman was the intended target but they believe her to be an innocent bystander. the victim was transported to jacobi hospital where she was later pronounced dead. police are searching for three suspects, two males and a female. we're still trying to gather information. detectives here gather ing evidence and canvassing witnesses at this time. as soon as we get those details you'll be the first to know. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. high school students facing tough questions. what they're accused of sharing that has them in trouble tonight. >> another church fire in st. louis. is this connected to a serial arsonist? >> corn soup, dehydrated cucumber item.
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new details on a series of fires targeting churches in st. louis. authorities say the latest arson does not fit the pattern of the other attacks.
5:25 pm
someone set the doors of a catholic church earlier this morning. it's the seventh fire in a house of worship in st. louis in the last two weeks. authorities say this incident is different than the previous fires because it's a predominantly white church. the congregation of the other churches have been predominantly african americans. lumber liquidators has agreed to pay more than $13 million to end a federal investigation of its importation of illegally sourced wood. prosecutors say much of the flooring was made from timber that was illegally logged in eastern russia. key food has announced plans to buy 23 stores from the bankrupt amp grocery chain. the company says purchasing the stores in new york and new jersey will save nearly 2,000 jobs. the sale will be complete next month and grand opening celebrations are open for the spring. new information about the
5:26 pm
wrong-way chase and crash on long island. tonight hear from the family of the innocent taxi driver killed, working to put his son through medical school. >> why a nurse placed in quarantine during an ebola scare in new jersey is suing governor christie. >> following the death of an nypd officer, we go along with
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get out of the past. get fios. we have new information about the man killed in a wrong way chase and crash on long island. the victim, a taxi driver who was working hard to put his son through medical school. police say the driver who struck him was fleeing officers when she crashed. she too was killed. >> long island reporter kristin thorne spoke exclusively with
5:29 pm
she's live in smithtown. >> this is where 60-year-old sarwan lived. i just spoke exclusively with his son. he says he can't believe his son is gone. >> reporter: he was a pious man, a man who worked seven days a week driving a cab to put his son through medical school. >> he was a very religious man. he worked very hard all his life. he was a cab driver for the last 30 years, yellow cab driver. he worked hard in medical school. it was a dream for his son not to do what he did all these years. >> reporter: he dropped off his cab you see here at a home he rents out in floral park. he then got in his personal car and continued on his way home to smithtown. he
5:30 pm
42 on the northern state parkway when he was hit head on by a car. that driver police say was 25-year-old brittany villa. villa was fleeing from police after they tried to stop her on suspicion that she was under the influence. investigators say she fled from police in central islip and led them on a high speed chase on to the northern state but going the wrong way. she allegedly crashed in to sarwan head on, killing him and herself. his friends are in shock. >> he's a very nice man. very, very nice man. we don't believe it. >> his son tells me he also feels bad for brittany's family, that his thoughts are also with her family. police say they were trying to pull over villa on suspicion that she was driving a stolen vehicle. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got breaking news now.
5:31 pm
authorities say they've busted a gun smuggling ring. three defendants were just arraigned. a warrant has been issued for a fourth man. authorities say the ring leader was donovan bryant. he's a para -- he's a parapullegeic who uses a wheelchair. brought the man on bus to the authority authority. once there prosecutors say he called an uber driver to take him to brooklyn where the weapons were sold to an undercover cop. five men in court today to face murder charges in the hazing death of a college student. they're accused of taking part or failing to stop the hazing ritual that killed michael deng in the poconos in 2013. kemberly richardson has more from court. >> this type of level of crime needs an evilness, malice, depraved indifference. none of these young men acted that night with that type of intent.
5:32 pm
were the ring leaders during a brutal hazing ritual that left michael deng unconscious in this yard of the home in the poconos. he was hit and tackled while blindfolded wearing a backpack with 30 pounds of sand. they wrapped deng's body in a blanket near the fireplace and eventually drove him to the hospital where he died december of 2013. all of the suspects in this case, 37, were members of pi delta psi. the fraternity is named in the case. >> unsanctioned i think is probably the keyword. i think obviously the disappointment is vast that something like this would go on. >> investigators say they all play different roles. charles allegedly helped carry deng in to the house, told detectives. by then his friend's body was, quote, straight like a board. and several students who witnessed the ritual say kenny
5:33 pm
quan was the one who delivered the final blow. >> they're college kids. they're doing what they've always done. something bad happened. they kid not know how to react. that's not the same as a crime. that is a tragedy. >> today the judge set bail at $500,000 for the men, $150 for the fifth. all but one posted. they're due back in court november 5th. in the poconos, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> another story involving hazing. two former students at the university of albany have been charged in connection to a hazing death. police say two organized a party where a 19-year-old trevor duffy was vodka. police say it was part of a hazing ritual to join an underground fraternity. duffy died from alcohol poisoning. the search for a gunman who shot and killed a 12-year-old girl on long island. dejah joyner was hit by a stray bullet
5:34 pm
last week. police say they're investigating every lead and they they're getting a tips. joyner's funeral will be held tomorrow in hempstead. the nurse quarantined because of concerns over ebola has filed a federal lawsuit over governor christie. kaci hickox announced she's seeking damages. one year ago she was forced in to isolation in a hospital in newark. hickox was returning from sierra leone when she had worked at a health clinic during the ebola outbreak. >> even if for a slight period of time one could argue that she should have been detained, she should not have been quarantined for at least almost 80 hours. >> hickox says she never had ebola and that the forced isolation violated her civil rights. the grand marshal of this year's halloween parade in the village is revealed.
5:35 pm
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a sexting scandal has caused an entire team to be suspended. had group chat involved naked pictures of female students and some of them were as young as 14 years old. the school district is still looking in to the incident but police say there's no criminal investigation underway. all new at 5:00, the city's plan to remove metal detecters from some of the 80 city schools is being met with some fierce opposition. union representatives have warned city officials to expect a spike in violence if the detectors are pulled. according to the post,
5:39 pm
a report in july by mayor de blasio recommended the d.o.e. begin the process of removing the detectors. city officials are denying the report. >> there's no way i'm going to immediately make any wholesale changes until we evaluate the schools, look at the incident reports, we speak to principals, to parents. >> the nypd confiscated more than 1200 weapons during the last school year. it could be the worst idea for a kid's halloween costume ever. tonight concern is growing among parents. it's called the invisible suit. it's a black full body suit that makes a child appear nearly invisible at suit. parents say it's a potential hazard because drivers would find it difficult to spot trick or treaters wearing the costume. the village halloween parade has picked its grand marshal and he's the most interesting man in the world. no, really. he's the actor featured in the popular ad campaign for dos equis. the director of the parade said he embodies the mystery and
5:40 pm
intrigue of the event. the parade will showcase hundreds of outfits. >> i like the choice. lee 's got your accuweather forecast coming up next. >> after the death of an nypd housing officer, go along with another housing agency to see the dangers these officers face on the job. >> i'm lauren glassberg along with members of ghetto gastro, a culinary collective that features crazy food events around the world. >> always great to see you. members of congress and their fight right in front of hillary clinton. u.s. special forces
5:41 pm
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it's finger lickin' good. i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. we now want to take you to breaking news. we're looking at shots from newscopter7 on the east river. these are divers searching the waters for the gun
5:44 pm
believed to be used in the shooting of officer randolph holder. the suspect in the case was tyrone howard. he was arrested but again these divers are looking for that gun that they believe was used to kill officer randolph holder. we're going to keep an eye on this and bring you any new developments. not too cold out there probably, right? at this point. >> a lot of temperatures have cooled back down in to the low 60s. the wind is about 14, 15 miles per hour. nice mild evening right now. temperatures are in the 70s, got a great picture for the new york skyline, manhattan skyline right there. beautiful sunshine. that's actually like a great halloween sunset. isn't that beautiful? that's our camera in the story. we're still at 72. we're still going to have a nice mild evening, if you're out late tonight, have the heavier coat. northerly wind will start gusting later. could this be the last 70-degree day? last year it happened on the 29th of october. year before that it
5:45 pm
was just before christmas. the average over the last 15 years, november 5th. still time. overall the pat tern is still milder than average. tonight we get one of those cool shots. clouds will be breaking up throughout the overnight. a spotty shower through midnight. 52 is your low tonight. you go to brewster, new york, putnam county, we'll wake up to 40s. chilly morning tomorrow with the gusty breeze out of the north. tomorrow a lot of sunshine. a couple clouds around. winds peaked during the middle of the day with gusts over 20. with clear skies and light winds the numbers will really drop off tomorrow night. in places like beakman, well in to the 30s tomorrow night. right now you have a couple rain showers and sprinkles in to northern fairfield and moving away. the rest of the front seems to be weakening in terms of showers. can't rule out a passing light shower and then clouds will break up later on. numbers this evening are beautiful but after midnight we'll start dropping to
5:46 pm
definitely a chill in the air. threat for a shower lasted through about 11:00 on the futurecast. tomorrow afternoon we'll get close to the 60-degree mark on the thermometer. as we head in to the upcoming weekend, saturday is cool. try to warm it up on sunday. it will be via showers and clouds saturday night in to sunday morning. i don't think it's a heavier rain. new information would suggest even less than a 10th of an inch of rain. the coast may escape some of the rainfall. we'll be watching that trend closely for you. if you look and see the fall colors this weekend, we trees. you don't have to go too far. maybe 30, 35 northwest of new york city. nice colors over central new jersey, long island, connecticut coast and new york city peaking in a couple weeks. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. brisk, bright tomorrow. chill in the air. 50s to near 60 degrees but never feels that warm. on saturday, sun, high clouds, a dry day but 58.
5:47 pm
sunday night in to sunday morning. confident it will lever the scene sunday morning. we get right back in to the 60s. significant rainstorm in a week's time. that could be a good soaker. if the timing is right on that, we move things out for halloween in the new york city marathon. group of friends from the bronx starting up the culinary scene, not just in new york but around the world. >> they actually throw underground and secret dinner parties that are often inspired by their bronx background. >> you won't be able to find out about it because you have to be that cool. [ laughter ] >> not me then. [ laughter ] >> so we actually caught up with some of the members while they were prepping for a dinner in soho, the theme lightly
5:48 pm
movie "juice" that featured tupac shakur. this is anything but traditional. >> reporter: this is how it begins. menu planning and prep for a popup dinner thrown by ghetto gastro. >> my mission is bringing the bronx to the world and the world back to the bronx. >> reporter: ghetto and gastro are two words you might not put together but you should according to one of the three founders. >> i think the best comes from the ghetto. i think poor man's food is the best food. >> reporter: he grew up in the bronx with a passion for food. >> i became the restaurant king of the family young because i picked the best stuff and i was like 6. i became responsible for ordering everybody's food. >> reporter: it's no surprise that while he isn't a chef, he has a hand in planning the menus. >> i could be a little whimsical with my thought process. >> reporter: which isn't so easy according to pierre suro, a classically trained chef.
5:49 pm
as easily executed as you'd like to think but it's good because it forces us to try something we haven't tried. >> one works in copenhagen, the other in dc, and continue to chime in on the food. ghetto gastro's popup dinners often involve as many as 25 people behind the scenes and they've staged dinners around the world. the group is so successful, it's able to give back by throwing incidenters for -- dinners for incidenters for -- dinners for friends and friends of friends, learning about the opportunities in the food world. >> a lot of people in our demographic might not have had access to these types of food experiences. we bring the low fi and the high fi together. >> ghetto gastro has been doing these dinners for three years. they mentor college students and recent graduates. they hope to set up an urban farm in the
5:50 pm
they cook with and provide agricultural jobs as well. they're on a mission. we've got to get to one of those dinner parties. new york city residents have a chance to enjoy a family friendly celebration. this is a chance to trick or treat at gracie mansion. a ticket giveaway to the party will be held on monday. call 311 in the city or head to tonight bruce willis makes his broadway debut. the diehard actor stars in a play adaptation of steven king's suspense killer "misery." 16-week run will star willis as the nauvilous who finds himself in the scene. second child with her
5:51 pm
husband john. oz has a little girl named philomina. you can watch the show here on channel 7. police facing a lot of dangers on the job. >> what housing officers are up
5:52 pm
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
5:53 pm
tonight we have a look at housing cops and the dangers they face. >> we sent eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer to passaic to learn more about the challenges faced by housing officers in a large complex there. he joins us now with more. >> passaic police officers are acutely aware of the tragic killing of the nypd officer. they're always on the lookout for dangers in large complexes like this that they patrol but they're also working very, very hard to make sure those
5:54 pm
complexes are safe for everyone. >> we have to be concerned about their safety and what they see and do every day. >> it falls on the shoulders of jeffrey gory, director of public safety, who shares concerns over the recent killer of police officer randolph holder. >> it's devastating to every police department, should be to every citizen. >> reporter: dangerous situations can happen any time, like this man who threatened officers with a large knife. >> we invested a lot of money in to technology and to man hours and curtailing the criminal activity that we have. >> reporter: there are cameras everywhere that are constantly monitored for illegal activity like this one in a stairwell capturing what police say was a gun buy. the suspect was
5:55 pm
arrested. this 17-year-old tenant waving around a large handful of cash was arrested and charged with selling drugs. police say they found $110,000 in his apartment. >> when you have drugs, you have guns. with that you have gangs. >> reporter: leading to this massive drug bust three years ago in the spear village complex. officers in operation brick oven arrested and charged 70 people. >> the vast majority of our residents are law-abiding citizens and they deserve to live in peace and not to have folks from the outside come in and do their criminal trade. >> i'm afraid if i go to the window, god knows i might catch a bullet. i don't know. >> there are still drugs going on which could be more improved. >> reporter: jeffrey gorley and his officers are still working for greater safety. >> the officers are very
5:56 pm
that's helped a great deal in reducing criminal activity. >> they also the lines of communication open are also a deterrent. reporting live in passaic, tim fleischer. we continue to follow news involving the murder of officer randolph holder. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. we're following breaking news tonight. new york police right now with divers in the east river looking for the gun that killed officer randolph holder. this as new questions are raised about why his accused killer was on the street and not in prison on the night of the murder. good evening to you at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. right now nypd
5:57 pm
divers in the water in the east river looking for the gun that murdered 33-year-old new york cop randolph holder. >> three guns already recovered in the wild shooting last tuesday night but as of now none of them is the murder weapon. >> new information tonight about the case itself and about the emotional effect this latest murder of a police officer is having on the nypd. but first n.j. burkett near the river in east harlem with the breaking news tonight. >> that's right, 120th street here at east river, exclusive access to the shooting scene, and in just the past few minutes, officers have recovered what may be a crucial piece of evidence in the shooting of officer holder. i want to show you the scene right now here on the east river. that is where divers have been working the river, diving in to the water, conducting a painstaking search for evidence.
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