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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 22, 2015 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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we'll see you and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from brooklyn, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bradley cooper, from "the view", joy behar, legendary music man paul shaffer, and music from esperanza spalding. brought to you by google photos and cigna. with cleto and the cletones. and now, what's your problem, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> hi, everybody. i appreciate it. thank you very much. we are in brooklyn, new york. we are at the brooklyn academy of music. please sit, we're going to be here awhile, relax, relax. very nice. thank you for coming. i was hoping you would. it's great to be back. it is really great to be back in brooklyn. i have to say i'm reallyin joying my week here. it's a big adjustment from l.a. i tell you one thing, people cross the street here whenever they want to and it's weird. in l.a. we wait for the light. it's a little bit of a culture shock. last night my wife and i were waiting at the crosswalk and the light was red. but even though there was no traffic, we just stood there waiting for permission to move.
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then i decided, you know what? we're just going to cross. and we did. and i'll tell you something, i've never felt more in command of my life. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i'm really getting into the brooklyn lifestyle. i've been double parking in bike lanes. i started pickling vegetables in my hotel room. we're in for quite a night at the opera house. bradley cooper is here with us tonight. he has a new movie coming out next friday called "burnt." bradley is a great actor. he was nominated for a tony for playing "elephant man" on broadway last year. he's also an attractive man. "people" magazine named him sexiest elephant man alive. also from "the view," joy behar, who's from brooklyn, new york. [ cheers and applause ] sitting in with the cletones, i'm very hap to say we have a special guest, the one and only
11:38 pm
world's most dangerous man, the gray paul shaffer is here. >> oh, thank you, jimmy. thanks, everybody. thank you, cletones. what a gas. i'm having the time of my life up here. >> jimmy: we're so happy to have you here. >> thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: it's really a thrill. you got so bald, what happened? >> what? what, i did? oh my goodness. >> jimmy: are the guys being nice to you? >> they are. everybody's being super nice. cleto junior, cleto senior, i could go on and on and on. >> jimmy: pail sheaul shaffer. november 11th paul is headlining "new york city stands for the troops" to benefit our veterans on veterans day and you're all invited to join him here. thank you for being here, paul. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: paul will be here all night long. let's bring in the guillermo.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: come back here. guillermo, everybody! welcome, welcome. that's mr. met, everybody. all my brooklyn dreams are wow. this is exciting. as i'm sure you know the unthinkable has happened, the series. [ cheers and applause ] last night, a four-game sweep of the chicago cubs. mets haven't won a world series since 1986. 1986. we thought "crocodile dundee" was a good movie. here's how they celebrated the win.
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collins doused the fans in champagne. which must have been fun on the ride back home. and this is pitcher jacob degrom. you can see he really is getting a lot of it. it looks as if they're shampooing a dog. and of course mets fans who are among the most downtrodden fans in all of sports. [ cheers and applause ] last night were ecstatic. >> nobody can do it like new york! we do it like nobody else does it anywhere else because we're from new york! >> jimmy: exactly. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wait, what? never mind. we need to see that one more time. >> nobody has to do it like new york because we do it like nobody else does it any here where else because we're from new york. >> jimmy: i don't have any idea what he said but i couldn't agree more. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congratulations to the amazing mets, on to the world series. here's something trg for those who consider yourselves to be hipsters. do people call themselves
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or that is a derogatory term? hipstas? according to a database of academic journals which are the smartest adjourn journals hipsters are bringing back vintage language, word that have fallen out of use. mayhaps, perchance, and whilst are making a comeback which i think is poppycock. maybe even terms like thou, thee, hath are coming back thanks to hipsters. if a bartender asked me what thou would hath to drink, i would say f-thee, f-thou, i don't know which it is. between the hipster and the hasidic community in brooklyn, brooklyn is by far the most bearded spot in new york. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: there's more facial here than almost anywhere.
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it's time to play "hipster or hasidic?" here's how this will work. we'll show you a closeup shot of a mouth and together as a group we'll guess if that mouth belongs to a hipster or what said hasidic. let's play. what do you think? hipster? most of the crowd says hipster. let's find out. >> i'm hasidic. >> jimmy: all right. we're 0 for 1. next? hipster? i'm hearing mostly hipster. and the answer is? hasidic. all right. let's try another one. all right, a lot of hair there. what do you think? we're saying hipster? all right. which is it? it is -- >> hipster. >> jimmy: what up? who else do we have out there?
11:43 pm
there's just no way to know on this one. that's what makes the game worth it, really. let's see. hipster? or hasidic? >> danny but my friends call me young god. >> jimmy: oh. well, i'll stick with calling you danny, then. next? everyone says hasidic. he is? >> i'm kind of both. >> jimmy: oh! he just made a new thing. we have next -- a cigarette in there. all right, we're split on this one too. he is -- >> hasidic. >> jimmy: he smokes salmon and cigarettes. next up -- hipster, hasidic?
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>> i make orders, make the organanite, crystals. get your chalkkras aligned, baby. >> jimmy: one more. hipster or hasidic? hasidic the audience says. the final answer is? >> hispanic. >> jimmy: hispanic, thank you. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: fun game, right? play that on your own free time. speaking of hipsters there is a new trend that's becoming increasingly popular around these parts. something called a juice crawl. do you know about this? it's like a pub crawl but instead of getting a different beer at each stop you get a different jules at each stop. they say it's a great way to meet people you'd never want to meet. according to the organizers of this event, juice crawls are aimed at a community of people who want to have fun in a healthy atmosphere. in other words, psychopaths. and it's not cheap. tickets are like $50 for these.
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as far as i'm concerned, no one over the age of 2 should be crawling for juice. but the reason i mention this, because there is a juice crawl happening right now outside our theater. they're gathering. about $you see it? i want to check this out. excuse me for a second. i really feel like i have to see this for yourself. pardon me, i'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you doing, how are you? hi, how you doing? >> one of my favorite spots. >> jimmy: excuse me. hey, excuse me. are you the organizer -- hi, are you organizing the juice crawl? >> yeah that's me. >> jimmy: oh. we'll be right back with bradley cooper.
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>> i'm glad to be on "jimmy kimmel live" in brooklyn in new york city. and i got a little message a friend of mine told me a few months back. i'm talking about brother sullivan. you all remember him, don't you? these are the words he told me, children.
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>> jimmy: your eyes do not
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deceive you. that is paul shaffer sitting in with cleto and the cletones. it's the shaf-tones. from "the view" joy behar is here. a great musician, you're going to like her, this is her new single you'll hear from the first time tonight, it's called "one." esperanza spaulding from the smirnoff stage. i guess we didn't have the single. sometimes our art department mocks them up so i can hold something up. on the back of this one they neglected, look at that it's kenny g. paul shaffer has a syndicated radio show. >> thank you. >> jimmy: it's called "paul shaffer's day in rock." >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: you interviewed jimmy page last month? >> that was incredible. he was the first guy to bring a fuzz tone into the studio in england, how about that. >> jimmy: wow. >> jimmy page. >> jimmy: we have a lot. >> we have interviews, interesting facts that happen
11:51 pm
this day in rock. like, this day in 1975, bruce springsteen was riding high on "born to run" but he complains he didn't like the way he was being promoted as the future of rock 'n' roll, because everybody knows that the future of rock 'n' roll was foghat. so that's the kind of items that we send out to everybody around the country and canada. >> jimmy: do you think maybe next year the fact that i held up esperanza spalding's cd and kenny g. was on the back will make "this day in rock"? >> one of the biggest mistakes ever made on a talk show! don't tell esperanza spalding that you have that. >> jimmy: believe me, this is going to be our little secret. >> oh my god, thank you. >> jimmy: tomorrow night we close out the week in brooklyn in a big way with howard stern and public enemy and something very special that i think everyone will like, or maybe not. our first guest is one of the most talented and popular actors in the world. as if that wasn't enough he can cook too.
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his new movie "burnt" opens in theaters a week from friday. please welcome bradley cooper! [ cheers and applause ] ? . >> jimmy: look awe yore. >> it's amazing. >> jimmy: it's great, right? it's really the best. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's going to be terrible leaving here. you're a guy who is not -- >> i've got to take this in. >> jimmy: yeah, take it in. [ cheers and applause ] >> paul shaffer, amazing. >> jimmy: it's unbelievable. >> bradley, nice to see you. >> jimmy: i like this. it's good to see you -- >> let me take a second. i was on a tv show called "alias." >> jimmy: right. >> that was the same year he started his show.
11:53 pm
i remember we were at the up fronts together. we shook hands like, i don't know if this is going to last. >> jimmy: and it did. >> that was crazy. >> jimmy: i'm glad you brought that up. i found this picture. our mutual friend dax shepherd sent this to me. this is from -- >> who started his first day directing "chips" today. >> jimmy: that's right, he's directing the "chips" move were there which i think is going to be great. >> i do too, michael pena. >> jimmy: throwback thursday." this is a party at his house. >> oh my god! >> jimmy: if you want to talk about fun guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> that just does it. just playing scrabble. what are we looking at? >> jimmy: i don't know. >> i'm looking at you. >> jimmy: we seem very depressed. this is like a party that jamie foxx or prince might throw at one of their homes. >> that is genius. >> jimmy: yeah well. >> oh my god. >> jimmy: things have gone very well for you. i'm glad you're here. do you live in new york now?
11:54 pm
>> i don't, i'm from philly. [ cheers and applause ] game. >> i was, yeah. >> jimmy: sitting in the owner's >> yeah. >> jimmy: is there a lot of box? >> no, what do you mean? >> jimmy: are people tense? because the boss is from, everybody -- >> no, he's a great guy. i'm glad the eagles won because it's tense when they -- last year, dallas killed us, that wasn't great. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm surprised they invited you back. >> my dad was there. donovan mcnabb was there. which was incredible. my dad wasn't there. >> jimmy: you got to hang with donovan mcnabb? >> i tried to hang with him. but yeah, remember when he threw the fourth and 25, he's like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. no, he was very nice. it was thrilling, it was crazy to sit next to -- >> jimmy: are you a phillies fan as well? >> the mets doctoring to the world series. >> jimmy: the phillies aren't going to the world series. >> yeah. >> jimmy: the mets are going to
11:55 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> where'd you grow up? >> jimmy: brooklyn, mill basin, way at the bottom of brooklyn. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how old were you when you first came to new york city? >> new york was like mars for us. it was like a big thing. we were take these trips. my dad had a cadillac. and we would go to manhattan for like the day and have lunch at like the plaza or something. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. but manhattan's a grid for the most part. my father was very confident. my mother said, you're going to get lost. you go to the village, student story, anyway. i remember new york, i would align with my father being so cancerous traited because we'd never get out of bleeker street. it goes like this. he's like, no, it's a grid! i'm like, dad, we passed the same thing four times. >> jimmy: when you were a young buck, really starting to go out to clubs -- >> no, i'm going to be 41. >> jimmy: i'm much older than you. >> are you? >> jimmy: i'm going to be 48 next month.
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: i know it's hard to believe. >> it is hard to believe. i don't know, for me, like big clubs back then, when i was like 18, so me and my cousin, i remember him taking me to webster hall which was a club -- [ cheers and applause ] >> do you remember webster hall? >> jimmy: this is your infamous cousin colin? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it is, okay, all right. so he's a character, right? >> he is a character. it's true, i did roll with him a lot when i first came to hollywood. >> jimmy: he came with you? >> yeah, we've been everywhere. we've been to afghanistan twice, iraq, uso tours. you go to general meetings when you go to hollywood, i went for the show "alias." i went on this one thing where it was for a superhero movie. and i was -- my cousin was visiting for the week. colin, come on it's going to be cool, a superhero movie. i'm not going to say what it is. i said, i'm going to go to the bathroom. he said, yeah, whatever you need to do, bro.
11:57 pm
big italian guy. he's going to kill me. he sweats a lot. he was nervous, a big deal, we're on a studio lot, know what i mean? he's got his hat on, t-shirt is eight sizes too small. i go to the bathroom, i come back and he's gone. you're a family. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i was worried about him. angeles. man? her face just went completely white. i said, yeah. oh, god. he was in the room -- she's like, he's inside the room. i walk in, he's taking the meeting! and i walk in, i just see this huge back like this. sitting across from the desk with a hat on. the guy's like, yeah, so it's like this crazy world and you're going to be -- this is the gun. i'm like, colin? he's like, bro, i don't know what's going on. then the guy, the studio head,
11:58 pm
he did not miss a beat. he's like, oh, bradley, hey, hey. then he brought the director. it was so crazy. and the director -- i think they still couldn't figure it out. the director had both of us and pitched the idea to both of us. >> jimmy: superheroes have a sidekick. >> maybe they didn't quite figure it out. we were talking about that forever. >> jimmy: the question is who brings their cousin to a meeting with them? [ laughter ] >> i think that's an east coast thing. >> jimmy: it must be an east coast thing. bring your family wherever you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wrood >> jimmy: bradley cooper, the movie "burnt," we'll talking about that and more after this, be right back from brooklyn! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" in brooklyn are brought to you by google photos. easy to find, easy to share,
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push, push, push, push! >> chef, chef! >> show me, show me. >> all this at the same time. all at the same time! . >> every one. >> right? double up everything, two of everything. >> yes, sir! >> no, no no. pick it up, this is the dish. youing looking at that all the time? eyes all the time -- look at me. >> yes, chef. >> we're good?
12:03 am
>> let's go! >> to the task right now! >> jimmy: yes, chef. "burnt" comes out a week from tomorrow on friday. this is my dream. if i was an actor, this is the movie i would want to be in. >> i know what you're talking about. >> jimmy: you trained with top chefs. >> yeah, i got to sit there with -- you're a big good guy? yeah, i like to cook. >> i got to hang out with marco pierre white. the youngest ever to get three michelin stars. michelin stars are like going to the world series if you get three michelin stars. >> jimmy: it's a tire company. >> it started as a travel guide. then they would sort of rate restaurants on your tour. and it became this huge thing. >> jimmy: it's the most important thing. >> it is for a chef, restaurants live or die. >> jimmy: bigger than yelp? >> almost. >> jimmy: almost as big as yelp? >> gordon ramsay was another guy, marcus waring, clair smythe -- >> jimmy: did you learn anything from gordon ramsay?
12:04 am
>> he's amazing. >> jimmy: could you imagine working for him? >> this guy is really one of the greatest cooks in the world. >> jimmy: he does know what he's doing, that's for absolute sure. >> what little thing i learned, spoon. i always thought spoon is the most useless utensil unless you're drinking soup. but you always want to have a spoon on you. >> jimmy: that's what you learned? >> one of the many things. i'm not kidding. everybody, every chef, has a spoon. because you're using it constantly. >> jimmy: tasting food? >>er that tasting everything. >> jimmy: people at home don't taste the food, put saliva in everyone's mouth. are you a cook yourself? >> i love to cook. i used to work in restaurants when i was growing up. >> jimmy: what kind of restaurant? >> i was a bus boy at a greek restaurant called alexander's. >> jimmy: excellent. like the sound of that. was it good? >> it was all right. it's still there. >> jimmy: is it really? >> it's still there. >> jimmy: where else? >> i was a -- in between high school and college i was a prep cook in an italian seafood
12:05 am
restaurant in summer's point, new jersey. >> jimmy: is that where you learned to chop? >> that's where i learned everything. >> jimmy: deveining shrimp? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i used to work in a seafood place. >> shucking oysters in the beginning of the movie the character is shucking oysters. that was the first day of shooting. if you're ever going to slice your hand it's shucking oysters. >> it's very unsafe. >> yeah. >> jimmy: people that do it, people do it all day long. >> yes, amazing. >> jimmy: they'll use a spoon every once in a while. use a thing. so your family was in the garlic business? >> yeah, my grandfather was a cop in philly for 35 years. and then towards the end of his run he started a garlic business. he would package garlic. he would sell to local vendors out of his basement. he would call it campano garlic, his name was angelo campano. my mother and father would go on date in the base many, packing garlic. >> jimmy: that sounds -- what a great date. >> yeah. she must have loved him. >> jimmy: really. did you have somebody in your
12:06 am
who was the cook of the family? >> my grandmother was incredible, yeah. >> jimmy: what was her best thing? >> her best thing, it's debatable with the fall hi -- >> jimmy: for you? >> for me, for most people, cheese cake. her cheesecake was unparalleled. her pizza dough was incredible. >> jimmy: did she make it in -- >> in the rectangle and cut it with scissors. >> jimmy: yeah, that's the grandma pizza. >> you know that? >> jimmy: of course, absolutely. >> scissors that like a carpenter uses. >> my grandmother, i didn't told me. >> oh, by the way, i'm supposed to say aunt betty, my mother's brother's wife, wanted to say, make sure you mention me, because she loves aunt chippy. there. [ cheers and applause ] aunt chippy. i told you there was somebody that liked you. he recently told me my in high school, and i didn't
12:07 am
have a concept of her size, because 5'4" and 270 pounds. >> yeah. my grandmother, she looked like -- god. she was a very big small woman schwarzenegger. she was like an ewok who had schwarzenegger arms. she had an elbow -- she'd crush you if you got hit by it. in her wedding, her engagement ring had tons of dried dough in it from cooking. eating all day long. >> jimmy: my grandmother, you know the hipsters in brooklyn have moustaches? she had the first hipster moustache in brooklyn. >> my grandmother had the unibrow. >> jimmy: this is turning into a jeff ross comedy act. very good to see you. bradley cooper, his movie "burnt" opens a week from friday. we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: portions of "jimmy
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is paul shaffer. welcome back. joy behar and music from esperanza spalding on the way. it's great to be in brooklyn.
12:14 am
i get nostalgic when i come home. going through old photos from when i was a kid which used to involve digging through a shoe box under your mother's bed. google has now revolutionized that process with google photos. you can find old photos very easily instead of having to scroll through all the photos to find one, you just search for what you remember about it. for instance, if i searched "pizza" i would get a picture you see here of every pizza i've ever been involved with in my life. and if i were to search "school" i'd get my school photos. and you'll see here this is my third grade class from ps-236 in mill basin. [ cheers and applause ] that's me. i don't know where my mother got that sports jacket. i was planning to post this online for throwback thursday which google photos make easy to do but this month is the 40th anniversary of that photo being taken. i want to do something special. we got in touch with my third
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we invited them to recreate that photo live. so bring them out, here they are. [ cheers and applause ] these are my chas mates. hello, classmates. all right, you guys. get in position. i'm going to -- now, that's me. i'm up in the corner. [ cheers and applause ] i haven't changed at all. we tried to track our teacher down, mrs. mets. that was her name. we think she might have moved to heaven. instead of mrs. mets we're going to bring in a special substitute. bring in mr. met. there he is. [ cheers and applause ] let's go mets! all right, everybody.
12:16 am
you guys ready? let's pretend like we're young and still full of life. here we go. say cheese. [ cheers and applause ] there you have it. beautiful. we'll do it again in 40 years. we'll be right back with joy behar! >> dicky: easy to find, easy to share, easy throwback.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back. still to come, esperanza spalding will join us. last month, like a one-woman u.n. peacekeeping force, our next guest bravely stepped back onto the battlefield to restore order to the tumult known as "the view." please welcome brooklyn's own joy behar. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how you doing? >> i'll good. >> jimmy: thank you for coming,
12:21 am
great to have you. >> it's brooklyn night. >> jimmy: it is brooklyn night. we're in it. right it in. where in brooklyn are you from? >> williamsburg. [ cheers and applause ] >> the hippest mace in tune. >> jimmy: it is hip. >> not when i was there. >> jimmy: what was it like when you were this? >> now they have tapas bars, internet cafes. when i was there i used to hang out at a mozzarella store. >> jimmy: for real? >> yeah, an old lady would make mozzarellas in a room the size of her body. >> jimmy: that's nice. what about your family? you're italian. >> i read about your mother. you said when you were a kid your mother would throw herself on the ground and make believe she was dead. >> jimmy: yeah. until we cried. then she would -- she'd lay on the ground until my sister and i, until we'd cry. and then i guess she thought it was funny. she's a sick person. she's up there. >> is she up there? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> italian mother? >> jimmy: italian. >> i have an italian mother too. >> jimmy: did she do that? >> they didn't have medication
12:22 am
>> she would be like at thanksgiving, she'd say, i hope i'm dead by christmas. [ bleep ] like that. you know. >> jimmy: that sounds like -- that would make a great christmas song. >> i know. hah! >> jimmy: that's not healthy. >> no. >> jimmy: do you think that made you funny? >> it had to be funny. it'ser that or suicide. what are you going to do? >> jimmy: what about your dad? was he normal? >> my father was a degenerate gambler. >> jimmy: okay, all right. >> they're italian. >> jimmy: they really are italian. >> i am. my father in his older years, he had a little beach chair outside the otb parlor. just this case. you know. >> jimmy: my grandfather used to go. >> i used to say, otb doesn't mean "on the beach." they were a crazy family. >> jimmy: very funny. yeah, otb. i remember that place. my grandfather used too go to that off-track betting. i don't know why that was legal. doesn't seem like it should have been. >> it's organized crime. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: speaking of organized crime, how are things on "the
12:23 am
view"? i want to talk about this. i'm dying to know. you left the show two years ago? >> don't ask me to trash these bitches i'm working with. i'm not. >> jimmy: no. i would not ask you to deo that. >> wait till i'm done with this. >> jimmy: you didn't say anything bad about anyone after you left, no. >> jimmy: unlike a lot of your former costars. >> really? like who? >> jimmy: star jones. >> what about her? >> jimmy: she's a rat, that one, right? >> star was so interesting. she always loved her designer clothes and her wiglets. on it. that was a bad day for her. >> jimmy: when you left two years ago, they're like, okay, whatever. i don't know who decided whatever. >> whatever, whatever. >> jimmy: whatever. but then somebody had to pick up the phone and say, joy, will you place come back? >> yes, hillary esty, she's back
12:24 am
stage, she begged me on her knees which is where i want these executives to be. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> no, i love her, she's a great girl. she's the one who came and got me back. >> jimmy: i think that was very smart. i thought that was a huge mistake when you left the show. i honestly do. >> thank you. >> jimmy: did whoopi notice that you were gone? >> no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she did not. >> she's like -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: whoopi's a lot of fun. >> whoopi and i are like this. >> jimmy: she's the greatest. >> i came back because of the politics. this is a political year. i wanted to be right in the middle of everything. >> jimmy: because you needed a platform to talk about this stuff? >> yeah, look who's running. >> that's true. >> trump, is he here yet? >> jimmy: no, he's still not showed. >> i worry about his wife. because she must be like, donald! don't send me back to slovenia, please! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:25 am
>> please, i beg you, donald! there's paul. hi, paul. >> hill hair yus woman. >> thank you. huckabee. what about huckabee? >> jimmy: he seems interesting. >> i read this where he says, it's very trashy for women to curse. what the [ bleep ] is his problem? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and, and wait, there's more. and this guy says that everybody in this country should be a christian. if that happens, jimmy, who's going to do my taxes? that's what i want to know. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: really good question. it really is. now bernie sanders was here on our show last night. >> bernie. >> jimmy: you said on the show, correct me if i'm wrong. you said you found him to be very attractive. >> i do. you know, a man -- don't you? i love bernie. a man who talks about income inequality gets me hot. >> jimmy: it does. >> i'm aroused by that. >> jimmy: he did have a sexual energy that was hard to deny.
12:26 am
>> jimmy: you have, besides "the view," which you have in the morning morning, you have a late-night show on tlc. >> now i have two shows. this is "late night joy." it's on tlc. it will be november 4th at 11:00 at night. on tlc. >> jimmy: it's every week? >> yeah, for a few weeks. [ applause ] >> jimmy: the idea of the show is that you -- >> it's in my apartment. >> jimmy: in your apartment rnlt the whole thing takes place in my apartment. why did i say yes? >> jimmy: that does seem like a bad idea. >> my god. first i never wanted to go to l.a. to work. >> jimmy: why? >> first of all, there's no water there. >> jimmy: yeah, that's true. >> you need to move back. doesn't he need to come back to brooklyn? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm just barely going to make it out of here alive. right now i've eaten so much pizza i feel like a pizza pinata yautcht pinata.
12:27 am
>> do you feel you get fat in new york and not l.a.? >> jimmy: yes. >> it's a felony to gain weight there, that's why. >> jimmy: the food is so good here. >> you stop for pedestrians in l.a.? that happened to me. i don't know that i'm posted at the airport, say "stop for pedestrians." i get in the car, i go past this pedestrian. this guy yells out "bitrh!" i was shocked. i said, i wonder if there's someone here who knows me. >> jimmy: you're supposed to -- in l.a. you are supposed to stop when human beings are in the street. it's a weird thing. >> they can keep it. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. i'm happy you're back on "the view." [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "late night joy" november 4th on tlc. joy behar, everybody. be right back with esperanza
12:28 am
12:29 am
>> dicky: music in brooklyn on "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by smirnoff.
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exclusively for everybody. please drink responsibly. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank bradley cooper, joy behar, paul shaffer, apologies to matt damon we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, playing her new song "one" esperanza spalding. with help from emily's d plus evolution! [ cheers and applause ] i'm not lacking in love nor haunted by its pain of romance life's given me enough i can't complain but now in this quiet midnight mind i faintly see the one so strong
12:31 am
in my heart spinning one to prove what i've always known but couldn't see when he crossed my sky from the star fall out shot across my mind in the fiery pull of bodies floating along when a primal urge just calls me down to the shore hot devolution burns inside me i would dive in all who invite me oh, then again there could be one so strong it stops the world in my heart spinning one to prove what i've always known but couldn't meet the one so strong it stops the world
12:32 am
in my heart spinning one to prove what i've always known but couldn't meet when he crossed my sky from the star fall out shot across my mind in the fiery pull of bodies floating along hot gravity does burn inside me i would orbit all who invite me oh, then again there could be one so strong it stops the world in my heart spinning one to prove what i've always known
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the one so strong it stops the world in my heart spinning one to prove what i've always known but couldn't see
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