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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 23, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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of spokes people like progretsive insurance agent flo, the most interesting man in the world. making a career out of being the face of one company. how does this guy from texas end up as the trivago front man? he moved to germany. >> my agents here in new york are like, are you crazy? you don't speak german! i said, i do, i will, i don't speak but i'll learn it because i've not to work. eventually i ended up on a television show. translates to "good times, bad times." i played an american rock star. and that's why i couldn't shave. i had to shoot on monday. on thursday and friday i had to shoot trivago. after doing fittings we realized that, okay, none of the belts seem to be fitting the loops. so we went out without the belt. >> trivago instantly compares prices -- >> reporter: a happenstance wardrobe malfunction put him in the world of advertising elite. >> meryl streep said, you don't have to be famous, you just have to make your mother and father
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prod of you. thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online 24/7 on
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which new yorkers mourning the nypd, a meticulous and slow search underwater on the east river. new clues uncovered in the shooting death of a new york police officer.
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we're following breaking news. a retired cop running from the law, wanted for murdering his ex-girlfriend with a machete jumps in front of a train. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa . >> and i'm bill ritter. police tried to keep the former officer away from her, but all that for naught. >> eyewitness news reporter aj ross there with the breaking details. >> blindsided and viciously attacked inside her own driveway tonight, this quiet midland park community is shocked and mourning the sudden loss of susan barzell, a loving mother and teacher. her life was taken by her boyfriend who hours ago tried to take his own life by jumping in front of a subway train. >> reporter: this peaceful bergen county suburb was turned on end thursday afternoon when a 911 call brought police here to susan barzell's midland park home. a loving mother and teacher, police say she was
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violently attacked by her estranged boyfriend, arthur lomando, an officer who she filed a restraining order again. >> he attacked her with a very large machete type of knife, striking her several times. >> reporter: prosecutors say the couple met online and had been dating for three years, until barzell recently fired a restraining order against lomondo october 5th. lomando served with the nypd for four years and was terminated in 2004 after several documented misconduct issues and mental health concerns. >> while there's evidence of a history of domestic violence between ms. barzell and the assailant, it appears she did not notify police and did not file complaints with the police department up until just recently. >> reporter: early thursday evening prosecutors confirmed lomando attempted to kill himself by jumping in front of a subway train in harlem. he suffered severe leg and head
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injury and was rushed to harlem hospital. many are grieving the sudden loss of barzell who leaves behind two boys, 16 and 18. >> it certainly has to be devastating for them. >> and lomando is now being charged with murder, possession of a weapon and violating his restraining order. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. a new and intense search for clues in the murder of nypd officer randolph holder. divers in the east river looking for the gun used to shoot holder. they've found a spent bullet round that could be critical evidence. a night of emotion and mourning, a moment of silence before the new york rangers game. josh einiger at the east river where investigators have been there for more than six hours tonight. >> a busy night about to get even busier. you see those blue lights behind me. that's the harlem river. that whole stretch of the water still a
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gun used to murder this police officer. in the meantime for the first time we're getting a clearer picture tonight of officer randolph holder's last steps. >> reporter: after dark tonight divers took a break from the exhaustive search in the murky waters of the east river but not before officers recovered a folding knife which they believe may have been tossed by accused cop killer tyrone howard. the gun he also tossed, the gun used to kill officer randolph holder still missing. >> they have to check by hand each inch of that bay and they can't miss a spot. missing a 6-inch square spot could be missing the gun. >> reporter: two nights ago police say howard took part in a gang-related gun battle at the east houses on 102nd street then stole a bike and raced for freedom. officers racing to get ahead of him. >> holder and his partner ditched their car right there where 120th street dead ends on fdr drive and then they ran up
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this ramp and across this bridge. they'd been told the suspect was pedaling his way up to bike path down there. they wanted to head him off so their guns already out. they ran right in to danger. it turns out he was closer than they thought. as they rounded the corner, he was right down there where the white tape is. that's when cops say he fired the fatal shot. the gunman dropped the bike and ran north. holder's partner unleashed 10 bullets. eyewitness news was there when cops found one this afternoon. tonight as the search for evidence continues, the period of mourning has only just begun. randolph holder's fellow officers made a pilgrimage to the scene tonight, lit candles, and prayed. >> it's a very tough time for the city. people in the city are in mourning. everyone is feeling the death of officer holder. >> mayor de blasio speak tonight at a previously scheduled gala for the windows and children's fund which has
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already donated $25,000 to the family of the officer. all throughout the neighborhood these signs are up. this whole thing start would a gun battle between rival gang members at 102nd and 1st. there are no arrests from that gun battle with the exception of tyrone howard and police are looking for help in getting to the bottom of who was involved in that shootout, more than 20 bullets fired that began the chaos this tuesday night. we're live in east harlem tonight, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. officer holder's wake will be held next tuesday at the greater allen a.m.e. cathedral in new york in jamaica, queens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. the funeral will also be there wednesday at 3:00. officer holder's body will be flown to guyana where he will be buried. victory for gun control advocates in new jersey and a
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legislation would require that prospective gun buyers notify law enforcement if they try to expunge their mental health record. the assembly has to vote on it to override it. new at 11:00, an fdny fire inspector are under investigation. fire inspector and the owner of an extinguisher company areing felony charges. he alledgedly faked [ inaudible ] of systems and failed to inspect fire extinguishers and frauded a dozen businesses. it started this morning and didn't end until 9:00 tonight a. grueling marathon grilling of hillary clinton by a congressional committee investigating the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. clinton remaining calm during eight and a half hours of direct testimony and blistering accusations and questions from republicans who refuse to
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about the attack that killed four americans including an ambassador. >> deeply unfortunate that something as serious at what happened in benghazi could ever be used for partisan political purposes. and i'm hoping that we can move forward together. >> meanwhile, democrats on the panel defending clinton and backing her claim that it was a partisan attempt to derail her run for president. a waiting game tonight for the new york mets waiting to see who they will face in the first world series in 15 years. it will either be the toronto blue jays are the kansas city royals. tomorrow. sports anchor rob powers here with more. >> taking the mets from los series. they have a few days to catch their breath and figure out how to get four more wins. afternoon. they beat the cubs
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in game 4 of the nlcs. you saw some of the celebration here on eyewitness news. they get five full days off before facing the blue jays or royals. they still battle for the alcs crown. for the mets though, a celebration 15 years in the making, back on baseball's biggest stage. >> it's going to be a lot of fun, a lot of excitement, a lot of energy. obviously the first time here at citifield is definitely going to be a lot of fun. >> she's guys deserve so much credit for -- these guys deserve so much credit, this fan base. glad we're able to deliver for them. >> the best of seven series, first game next tuesday at kansas city or toronto. game 2 next wednesday, same location. then game 3 at citifield one week from tomorrow. game 4 on halloween at citifield. if they need to, they'll play marathon at citifield. game 6 and 7 if necessary back on the road. we'll fill in the blanks as soon as we can but for now the headline remains the mets are in. more in sports including a little more on-field celebration
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from last night. >> world series and marathon same weekend. as for fans of the mets, their years long lament of wait till next year morphing in to a mantra of you've got to believe. merchants trying to cash in. their mantra, go mets. the sound of chaching. here's cefaan kim. >> i'm 47 years old. this has happened five times in my lifetime. last night when it was over, i wept like a little girl. >> reporter: for mets fans this doesn't happen too often. their team world series bound turning grown men in to little children. >> you're crying over last night, what happens if they win the whole thing? >> i don't know, i might pee myself. >> reporter: 15 years since the mets last won the nl pennant. that means beth's grand kids, they weren't even alive when it last happened. >> they lived their entire life watching the mets lose and this is beyond exciting. >> reporter: for robbie there's no doubt his team has the
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swagger and talent to take this thing all the way. he's rocking his throwback dykstra jersey, won it all in 1986, and this year's team with degrom, syndergaard, and matz on the mound, he said it's time to start planning a parade. meanwhile, the owner of modell's not as superstitious. he said they started printing mets gear days ago when the mets were up 2-0 in the nlcs and the store was open until the last out last night to roll out that amazing gear. >> this is what we call christmas in october. >> one of the hottest items are the mets caps with the world series logos on them. one mets fan said he bought two, one to wear and one to save, because you never know when this will happen again. >> with the mets going to the world series, eyewitness news is going as well.
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you on tv, online, facebook, twitter, instagram. we are everywhere for the mets and you. goldberg. three days in the we winds are already shifting and temperatures are dropping. we'll let you know how chilly it is by morning and new the mexico. we'll have the latest track coming up in accuweather. >> a popular dj dies in a fire. now cops say it's a case of arson. >> 50 pounds of pot shipped to
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a fierce and deadly fire in brooklyn no longer just a house fire tonight. this is a case of murder. >> we now know the fire was intentionally set, and one of the victims a well loved dj. two people killed when a four-story building was destroyed.
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>> it happened in the bed-stuy section. eyewitness reporter jim dolan with the latest and talking to those who knew the victims. >> the fire started in the vestibule so right away that was suspicious. then investigators realized an accelerant had been used. it got so hot that the branches on the tree outside were burned. investigators believe this fire was suspicious, that it was intentionally set. and that makes what happened here murder. >> reporter: it's just a shell now. the charred brick and boarded windows, the burned debris scattered on the front lawn. >> my brother tyrone was larger than life. >> tyrone is a special kind of guy. selfless. >> reporter: tyrone was 56 years old. friends and family say he was filled with the love of music that was both his career, he was a professional dj, and his passion. but he was killed on tuesday when a fire police believe was intentionally set left him trapped in his top
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his window as the flames were closing in around him. >> the people who were in the building, they were screaming in the back because the front building was blocked. the fire was in the front of the building and they could not get out. nobody could come out. they were trapped in there. >> saw the building on fire and then i just started screaming like my uncle lives in there. why are ya'll still standing here? just go get him. >> reporter: it's not clear who started the fire or why or who the target was. but it took so much more than a building. >> he just touched the lives of so many people. >> reporter: he was extremely successful as a dj. back in the day he even played at the apollo but he never moved away from bed-stuy and the family he had here. police are trying to figure out who started the fire that killed him. in bed-stuy, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. a retired new york city cop
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charged with public lewdness tonight, accused of exposing himself on the subway. police say 56-year-old steven esposito flashed a woman on the 5th avenue subway platform in midtown monday. a man who tried to cell phone video. he pulled a gun on the man with the cell phone and told him to mind his own business. new at 11:00, how to bust a drug suspect. police in new jersey taking a rather unusual approach tonight when a huge amount of marijuana was deliver today the wrong address. pounds of pot arriving at a home in the monmouth county town of haslet, addressed to someone who did not live there. the resident informed police. investigators took to facebook releasing a public message, saying, if you're expecting these packages and would like to claim them, please come to police headquarters. so far no one has taken them up on the offer. >> really? [ laughter ] so we've got lee here. we just saw your last hit, mexico. >> it's
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storm to a cat 5 hurricane in 24 hours and the hurricane center dubbing it as potentially catastrophic and may make land fall in 24 hours. that's patricia. outside we go this evening where we have a breeze out there. mild breeze. empire stait bild -- empire state building in yellow for it's lights on after school campaign. 68. wind is now over to the west from southwest. it will make a turnover to the north in a couple hours. high today, 75 beautiful degrees. way above our average. closer tomorrow. there are your sunrise and sunset times. a lot of sunshine tomorrow but a lot cooler as well. cooler. by tomorrow night, near freezing north and west at night. rain by sunday morning. this is really late saturday sun afternoon. we should get in to significant rain may be about a week away, sometime in the later wednesday, thursday time period. monticello. the cool air is
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getting north. island. 66 in belmar and still freezing temperatures are only about 400 miles to our north and west. pressure tonight. clear skies tomorrow morning. lots of sun during the day. winds gusting during 20 in the middle of the day. a little struggle to get to 60. couple showers leaving the east end. skies are trying winds really cool, showing a front. the wind shift line west here on the jersey shore but northwest in the hudson valley and all of long island. the front is pressing through the entire area and high pressure over canada is pouring in all that cold air. our next weather system out here in the rockies but it has a connection to some tropical moisture. there's patricia. incredible looking storm and a category 5 storm. 160-mile-per-hour winds. it's likely to make land fall as a cat 4 storm tomorrow.
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there's puerto vallarta, just to the south. we'll track that. we'll have to watch that connection as this system approaches us on saturday night. it looks like it will weaken and break apart but at least a little light rain saturday night in to sunday morning. brisk and cooler at 60 degrees. saturday is not bad. high clouds and a little bit of low coastal cloudiness. a little rain late at night in to sunday morning. tomorrow nothing but clear skies but a much different feel. heavier coat tomorrow for the commute. kids at the bus stop, 52. tomorrow is a high of 60. windy and cool er despite sun. 44. lows go down to freezing. a little rain sunday morning next week. threat of significant rainfall coming in wednesday and thursday. hopefully that will get out of the way for halloween and the new york city marathon. bill morning. up next, is your teenager not getting a crucial vaccine? tonight new health information.
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to be true. parachutes attached to beavers and thrown from a plane. why? and talk about throwback thursdays. jimmy kimmel in his hometown of brooklyn for another night. >> thanks, sade. hello, new york. bradley cooper, joy behar, paul schaeffer and we
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in tonight's health alert, new evidence suggesting a prescribed. researchers at harvard surveyed nearly 800 doctors. the three-shot virus prevents infection with the 1 in 3 teenage girls and 1 in 7 teenage boys actually get the shots.
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now resurfacing that shows, wait for it, parachuting beavers. >> ready for the drop. now in to the air and down they swing. the box opens and the most unusual and novel trip ends for mr. beaver. >> oh, my goodness. officials uncovering this footage of a quirky strategy to deal with idaho's over population of beavers. beavers are still relocated these days but mostly no longer by parachute. >> you enjoyed that one, rob. >> only on eyewitness news do you see this stuff. only here on a night that the mets are celebrating their national league pennant. >> it's been a long time since the mets from new york been to the world series. [ laughter ] they make the triumphant return to town tonight. they're ready for the fall classic. we'll get going with the other news of the day. straight ahead, good rivalry weekend in the nfl for the locals. we'll get in to that.
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the night on the basketball court. the games continue, so lots of celebrating but
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there's a big baseball series coming up. >> there comes a time when you got to slow down a little bit. time is not down. what a wild 24 hours. last night at this time we were sitting right here waiting for the mets to finish their knockout blow at wrigley field, which they did. mets came back home, flew in to jfk, bust over to citifield as national league champs. smiles posted all over their faces. a chance for the next couple of days to savor the memories. they were celebrating with each other, a loyal pack of mets fans after the game ended. pure joy here knowing they're about to live a childhood dream and play in the world series. >> the world series. as a kid that's what you dream about. you're in your backyard, game 1 of the world series. game 7 of the world series and we're going to the world series. >> isn't that awesome? we have football this weekend. jets on the road at new england. should be a heck of a game. a lot is going to be
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made on the fact that these are old rivals, and they are, but as far as the game and schedule, it's just the next game. >> nfl is only 16 games that you're guaranteed so that makes each one very important especially as you're going through a season so this being the next game makes it as important as the one after it and the one after it. giants at home sunday afternoon against their own division rival. cowboys beat the giants by one point in week 1. expect odell beckham, jr. to get major attention. expect coach to look to somebody else. >> we have other people that if the coverage is strictly dealing with 13, people have to be able to come through for us. final preseason game tonight for the knicks. they start playing for keeps next wednesday. carmelo anthony, 4-18 from the floor. 8 points in 31 minutes. porzingis, 4-9 to help out. arron afflalo left
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this game with a tight hamstring


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