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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> and the boys are back in town, how you can help cheer on the mets in person before they depart for the world series. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> good morning, and good morning to you. i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us, it is friday. that's the good news, october 23rd. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the weekend accuweather forecast. >> looking more like fall. it's going to feel more like fall. it's going to feel chilly after yesterday's high of 75. that down the jersey shore it's 54. over towards sayreville, and somerset county down to her ser county, 52, 53 degrees. we've got these wind profiles out of the northwest today, it's sill learn going to be a windy day. kiddos at the bus stop, about to head out this morning, grab a coat. it's going to be chilly and windy. heather's looking at your commute. >> we still have those delays as you head through queens.
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let's go right over to a webcam. i'll show you the accident activity as you head southbound side on the van wyck expressway trying to get into jfk expressway. we still have that entire area closed down. all traffic's being diverted off the area, and you have a very heavy amount of traffic coming back all the way back to at least liberty avenue down into the area of jfk airport. if you have to go to the airport and catch a flight or pick somebody up, you want to think about that one. we'll head over to our maps, and i'll also tell you we have this problem on route 9 both ways between nepperhan avenue and wells avenue with ongoing fire department activity. our street cleaning rules are in effect. 6:01. we are going to start with breaking news in westchester county. a massive 4-alarm fire tearing through businesses in the heart of yonkers. that fire began overnight on broadway near main street, and right now fire investigators are trying to determine whether this fire was an accident. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is live now for us in
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lori, it has been a wet and messy and smoky morning here in downtown yonkers. let me step out of the way and give you a live look at the scene. firefighters now in the 7th hour of trying to bring this blaze under control. and all this started before 11:00 last nigh. the fire quickly shot up to 4 alarms, almost 5 here in the getty square area. at this hour, we understand that several businesses in this area have suffered heavy smoke and water damage. on top of that, one very large building in this area which housed several businesses including a dollar store and mcdonald's has been completely gutted. this fire still not under control seven hours later, and the windy conditions this morning not helping matters as smoke continues to billow throughout the area. though we have seen some progress in the last half hour, so not quite as smoky. so clearly firefighters making progress now. one silver lining in all of this, fire officials say that st. john's church was in
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serious jeopardy of catching on fire as well, but firefighters here worked very hard to protect that historic structure. it is a church more than 200 years old and a very special part of this community that was almost lost this morning. >> one major building with several businesses and the church took on significant smoke damage, as well as there's a row of stores on main street that took on significant smoke damage as well. >> reporter: you can see the steeple of that church, st. john's church. again, that church did suffer some smoke damage but basically was saved by firefighters. we understand it really was in serious risk of burning down. yonkers would have lost one of its most historic landmarks, so damage not too bad. firefighters still fighting some hot spots through the air on those ladders, but, again, no residential injuries in all of this. a few firefighters were injured for those of you who live out
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here in yonkers, be forewarned that several streets are closed as they continue to fight this fire. we're seven hours into this. progress has been made. it's a little less smoky than when we got ear at 3:30 this morning. the good news no residential injuries but certainly a hit for several businesses here, at least five to eight businesses at the best case scenario have been damaged in all of this. so those folks of course waking up to some horrible news this morning in terms of their businesses. we'll have another report coming up later in this hour. reporting live in yonkers, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:04, a bus and truck collision near the french city of bordeaux that killed at least 42 people, most of them elderly. police found just a handful of survivors. some survivors severely burned by a fire that erupted right after the crash. we have new video this morning as police search for a killer of a brooklyn live cab driver.
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overnight police released the surveillance image of the suspect in the murder of rafael veras. he stabbed to death as he sat in his cab last month. police don't have a motive for the killing. they say nothing was stolen from veras. police are searching for the person who intentionally set fire to a brownstone killing two people. that building on hancock street in bed-stuy is boarded up after flames tore through tuesday night. investigators are calling the fire suspicious. they say it was intentionally set. 56-year-old tyrone corely was on the top floor at the time. he jumped out of a window as he tried to escape the flames. >> the people who were in the building, they were screaming in the back because the front building was blocked, the fire was in the front of the building and they could not get out. so nobody could come out. they were trapped in there. >> corely who works as a deejay was killed. another man died in the fire. three of the building's
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now that hillary clinton has completed eight hours of testimony, senior democrats may boycott the republican led committee investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks. yesterday's session ran late into the night with clinton in the hot seat for most of it. the panel's work is likely to stretch into the election year. its hottest moments came with republican after republican trying to score a gotcha moment with the former secretary of state. >> you had two ambassadors that made several requests, and here's basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> well, that's just not true congressman. >> in spite of the many hours in the spotlight, clinton was cool and deliberate, not rising to any political bait from republicans. he was the tall candidate on the far right of the democratic debate stage, but how much longer will lincoln chafee stay in the race. he says he will address the future of his campaign this morning in a forum set up by the democratic national
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committee. former senator jim webb quit the race earlier this week. on to baseball and mets fans may be going into a little bit of withdrawal with a spot in the world series secured after a sweep of the cubs, they won't see their team on the field until tuesday. of course that leaves a lot of time for shopping and mets merchandise has been flying off the store shelves in the tri- state area. for some fans it's been an all day job. >> i was here at 6:00 in the morning, and the place was going nuts. >> and you're back again. >> i was in time square at the mets clubhouse shop looking for these hats and these hats are like the nottest thing in the world. >> -- hottest thing in the world. >> in the world. >> fans are invited to cheer on their favorite team at the hometown rally for the mets monday afternoon. the event is free, open to the public. it is at queensboro hall in kew gardens. blue and orange wear is strongly encouraged. >> very, very cool. lets go mets. it is 6:07. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic.
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meteorologist bill evans and the weekend accuweather forecast. >> we look from our camera on the fort lee new jersey side of the george washington bridge at the very top there is where heather lives, and we'll be going to her house this weekend. clean the place up, will you? >> it's always cleaned up for you guys. >> last time there were pizza boxes everywhere. >> that's cleaned up isn't it? 54 degrees is our temperature right now. clear skies, a northwest wind flow back to the great lakes. the wind dies down tomorrow and a front will come through out of winnipeg. that slides through the area sunday morning. it will be kind of dry, not a whole lot of showers with that. 56 by noontime, 60 trees this afternoon. normal high is 61. we're right at that. today we have a big old wind out of the north at 10 to 20 miles an hour. so kiddos at the bus stop, you need jackets and the sweaters, it's going to be a little chilly this morning and windy. heather i give it a c for bright and brisk. >> it should be chilly but
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that's all right. we have news copter 7 up above. shannon sohn has found that earlier truck fire that was reported a while ago. it's still out there. good morning shannon. >> reporter: good morning, it's here on the eastbound side of 78 as advertised in in those local lanes. it is all off to the shoulder and the fire for the most part out. we saw a little smoke when we pulled up. the tractor-trailer, they separated the cab from the trailer so it wouldn't catch fire. this all off to the right shoulder, not causing too much traffic. if this stays out here you can imagine we will see rubbernecking delays. also we should tell you that on the other side of the roadway, westbound side about a half mile before this an accident in the express lanes. only the right lane gets through. not too bad yet. >> so this is the lincoln tunnel. you can see in the middle of your screen right to left traffic is moving slowly. that's the traffic going into the lincoln tunnel. let's go to our maps.
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lincoln tunnel center tube is temporarily closed down as they're out there trying to clear away that construction. as a result it's 20 minutes inbound, minor delays george washington bridge and the holland. then we have this problem on the van wyck expressway, south, the ramp to jfk expressway, remains closed with an accident. mass transit doing very well. ken and lori over to you. >> thank you. breaking news this morning on long island. a group of men storm a home in suffolk county of one man severely injured, what police are telling us about the violent attack. >> a nurse quarantined by doctors over fear of ebola. >> and we are keeping an eye on a monster hurricane feared to
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breaking news this morning on long island, police are trying to find the suspect in a possible machete attack during a home invasion in suffolk county. this happened just after 2 a.m. in central islip. two people were hurt. one suffered a severe hand injury, and police do not have a motive. democrats in new jersey have managed something they haven't done in five years voting to override a veto from republican governor chris christie. the legislation would require the prospective gun buyers
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notify law enforcement if they try to seal their mental health records. the measure passed both houses unanimously. governor chris tie vetoed it. some republicans in the state senate joined in last night's vote. the assembly votes next. new details on the nurse who governor christie ordered quarantined during last year's ebola scare. she's suing the governor for damages of at least a quarter of a million dollars. kaci hickox says she was held against her will illegally. she also claims governor christie's move was driven by fear and politics. state of emergency is in effect in several parts of mexico's west coast as hurricane patricia becomes a powerful category 5 storm. patricia is being called the most powerful system recorded in the western hemisphere with maximum sustained winds of 200 miles per hour.
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land tonight near the tourist resort overpert villar that. check out this video of flood waters sweeping away a home in rankin about 50 miles from the mexican border. parts of the lone star state are dealing with strong storms. no one was in the homes at the time. police managed to evacuate the park before the flood waters came rushing through. it is 6:15. time to check that accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill evans. hey bill. >> happy friday everybody, it feels great. it's a nice fall day. it is a little windy. grab a jacket or sweater. headed to the bus stop, headed of the subway, getting the kids to school, it's a little chilly. yesterday 75, today a little closer to normal for this time of the year. we'll be right at 60 degrees. here's a look outside, a beautiful sunrise headed your way in about 30 minutes it's 54 degrees, dry humidity, northwest wind at 7. pressure's steady. temperatures around 50, 51
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these numbers are a little warm for the overnight hours. should be around 42 around the five boroughs. it's getting there. we have a north to a northwest wind from about 7 to a 13 to a 24 miles an hour wind, and we're looking off to the west as that northwest wind is coming our way. cold front comes our way. that's not until sunday. tomorrow we're at 58. there comes that front. we're going to get a brief shower sunday morning, and then the sun comes out sunday afternoon. great viewing for the fall colors this weekend. we're going to be seeing them peeking out above i-287, i-84 with a temperature today of 60 degrees, which is normal. 61's our normal high. tomorrow sunshine, 58 degrees, a beautiful day on saturday. now we are looking at a couple of showers sunday morning, and then as the front goes by, the sun comes out in the afternoon. then we have normal, beautiful weather to start the week. from patricia we might have some rain on wednesday, thursday.
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time for friday when the world series begins here in new york at citi field. mets will take on i believe the kansas city royals myself. there are no dogs here this morning. how about that, can you believe that? >> how can that happen? >> there are no dogs here this morning. >> it's three dog day. >> oh, my gosh. >> good morning, we have maximus and this is joy and this is siri, and then i lost two. hey, i got snacks for everybody, gang, come on in here. >> they're hungry. >> you know, these are from fresh pad, i don't know what it is about them. it's the cool air, it's the snacks, and it's -- >> better watch your hands there. >> you're going to get injured. >> all right sir. >> scared for you. >> let's go over to heather. >> we have some major lincoln tunnel issues and we have shannon sohn. she just zipped from 78 right over the lincoln tunnel to show us this mess that we have.
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what's happening is what was happening at the lincoln tunnel is they had that center tube temporarily closed down, and that's because they're in the process of clearing that overnight construction we had, so it looks as though if we could go over to a camera shot, i want to show you that traffic is -- here's the helix as you come southbound. it's actually starting to move again. that may mean that they have finally finished what they were doing, but we'll head over tour maps and i can tell you that the inbound side of the lincoln tunnel was already up to a 30 minute delay, and the george washington bridge and the holland do have minor delays. this might start easing out at the lincoln tunnel now that it looks like traffic is moving again. van wyck, that's an accident. that very heavy delays from at least liberty avenue into the area with that accident being cleared away. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect, and our mass transit is looking good. ken and lori, over to you. thank you. if you're still wracking your brain for a trendy halloween
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>> facebook makes a big change to its search function. reena ninan and phillip men that report. >> in today's tech bytes, a big change comes to facebook. >> the social network now allows universal searches which will give users access to all 2 trillion public posts. if you don't want your posts inbounded select friends instead of public in your privacy settings. and if you're a fan of gifs you'll love instagram's app. >> boomerang takes a burst of photos, stitches them together in a 1 second video loop and allows you to post those. google's fright guys, it's a nationwide monitor that uses googling's daily search data to create lists of the most popular costumes in any location. the top costume nationally,.
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than showing up to a party and there's two chubakas. >> customers are saying i'm loving it after mcdonald's makes a big change to its breakfast. >> and the most interesting halloween parade in the world and the grand marshal of the village parade really fi you're acting so funny, what's wrong, billy? my doctor says i have skittles pox. are they contagious? i don't think so.
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. on the money this morning, wall street is looking it end the week on solid gains. the dow jones starts the day at 17489 after gaining more than 300 points yesterday. nasdaq and s&p 500 added 1.5%. futures are also higher right now. >> overseas japan's nikkei jumped 2%. hong kong's hang seng added 1%. >> the hunger pains and mcdonalds are gone. the fast food giant scored its first sales gain in two years, that's thanks to new items including the all day breakfast. and mcdomed's hit an all time high of $111 a share. you're never more than 7
6:22 am
minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> i'm coming. i was just setting up the big board here. i'm looking at some temperatures this morning running around crazy. as a matter of fact, look at the north wind. if you're taking the ferry over from staten island this morning, you've got a little bit of wind in here out of the north gusting up to about 16 miles per hour, and if you're going to be taking the ferry over from bridgeport, a northwest wind, and the water temperature about 60 degrees here. we are going to be looking at temperatures that are cool today. we're looking at after school today kiddos, 60 degrees, it will feel like 50 with that wind out there. heather loves this kind of weather. she's been dancing around the traffic may pole all morning long. >> i was at the beach, it was nice and warm, i said what is this about. come on. we have news copter 7 up above. shannon sohn is showing us this accident on the west side highway southbound near 96th street. she didn't quite get there yet. let's go right over to our maps. we'll talk to you about the
6:23 am
lincoln tunnel. the center tube has been reopened. however, you now have a 40 minute delay inbound lincoln. the george washington bridge is 5. the holland is a 10 minute delay, and then as you go on to the van wyck expressway heading on to the southbound side near the belt parkway, still have that accident being cleared away and very heavy delays southbound on the van wyck as a result. our mass transit is doing great. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. thank you heather. we're learning new details this morning about the moment before lamar odom was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. according to search warrants, investigators believe odom overdosed on cocaine and other drugs at the love ranch. two prostitutes told police that the queens native went into a bathroom to do cocaine. odom is recovering in los angeles. 6:25. just over a week to go before the annual halloween parade in the village. we think you might find this year's grand marshal interesting. it's a character featured in
6:24 am
the most interesting man in the world. yes, the director of the parade says he embodies the mystery and intrigue of the parade. the 42nd edition of the celebration will showcase hundreds of puppets, dozens of bands and plenty of colorful costumes. it happens next saturday evening, halloween. >> we're closing in on 6:30. a live picture once again from yonkers and a large number of fire crews still trying to get a handle on a 4 alarm blaze that ripped through the center of town, and we are looking into the big question of how that fire began. >> dive crews heading back into the water searching for one piece of evidence in the murder
6:25 am
6:26 am
more than 40 people killed in a fiery bus crash in france. the nation's deadliest road accident in years. >> also breaking this morning, one man is dead after a shooting at a college campus in tennessee, and we're just learning what sparked the gunfire.
6:27 am
>> plus fierce flames engulf a building full of stores in yonkers damaging a church nearby. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. it is friday october 23rd. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> we're going to be looking at temperatures starting out around 7, 8:00 at 53 degrees. by the time we get to noontime we're looking at 56. later on this afternoon, we're going to be looking at 60 degrees. really cool temperatures today considering yesterday was 75 degrees and we're going to be looking at what's going to be a cool morning out here this morning. at the bus stop kiddos, can't tell you enough how cool it is dress warmly. it's weather then heather who is in charge of the bus stop >> that's right. you took my lunch way too many times. i took over the job. >> you have good lunch. >> let's go right over here to news copter 7, shannon sohn is up above this accident i was telling you about on the west
6:28 am
side highway as you head to the southbound side near 96th street. you can see the right lane is closed down. if any lane is closed on the west side highway you know it's a nightmare. you have traffic bumper-to- bumper all the way back to the george washington bridge. shannon tells me that the delays go back across the upper level of the george washington bridge on to the west side highway. may want to hop on over to riverside drive or the east sided in to try to avoid this mess that we have. let's go over to our maps. i can tell you that the george washington bridge is 10 into the tolls. lincoln is still 40. the holland tunnel is a 10 minute delay, and then we have that lincoln tunnel center tube reopened, that earlier overnight construction has been cleared away, and the van wyck going south right at the bell parkway, that accident, our street cleaning rules are in effect. our mass transit is running on or close to schedule. thank you. get this, we are following three breaking stories right now. first we go to france where at least 42 people have been
6:29 am
killed in the deadliest road accident in years. they died in a fiery collision of a tour bus and track. and that happened in the southwestern city of bordeaux. we received this picture of the destroyed bus a few hours ago. most o. victims were elderly. police say they only found a handful of survivors. those people fought their way out of the bus through broken windows. at least four passengers were severely burned. now on to more breaking news back at home in tennessee, one person dead after a shooting on a college campus. investigators say gunfire broke out at tennessee state university in nashville over a dice game. three female students who happened to be walking past were wounded in the shooting. a man who was not a student at the school was killed. in yonkers now, and firefighters are still on the scene of a massive fire. several businesses were destroyed when a large commercial structure went up in flames overnight. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson just received new information for us. good morning rob. >> reporter: good morning, lori.
6:30 am
we just learned in the last few minutes actually that officially this fire is under control almost eight hours after it began. let's give you a live look now at the ongoing work here to put out those final hot spots here in downtown yonkers. and of course as the sun comes up in a few minutes, we will get a better idea of just how much damage this fire has left behind right here in the commercial heart of yonkers. now this is video from overnight showing just how intense the flames got as the fire quickly rimpled up to 4 -- ramped up to 4 alarms, all of this began before 11:00 last night, so firefighters now eight hours into what was a stubborn fire. minutes ago this was brought under control. we understand several businesses have suffered significant water and smoke damage, and as you said, one large building that housed several businesses including a dollar store and a mcdonald's has been totally destroyed. luckily no residential injuries to report. a few firefighters were hurt in all of this. they are now being treated. the best news is that
6:31 am
firefighters did manage to save st. john's church. that's an historic building more than 200 years old. it was in serious danger of burning. that church only suffered some smoke damage and the deputy fire chief talked about how important it was for his men to save that building. >> it's a real icon in the city of yonkers, st. john's church. concerns. it did sustain heavy smoke damage. we kept the fire out of there. the crews worked hard to keep the fire out of there. >> so, again, just got word a few minutes ago, this fire is officially under control. as you can see they're still fighting the fire from the air. those ladders still high up there. dousing the building with water. things beginning to wind down here in yonkers. again, this is a big hit to really what is the commercial heart of this community. so the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but, again, under control and no residential injuries to report, but a big question is exactly
6:32 am
hopefully some answers will come later this morning. reporting live in downtown yonkers, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. at 6:35, and tops on our news app right now, a former nypd officer accused of killing his estranged girlfriend with a machete outside her home in new jersey. investigators released this picture of suzanne bardzell overnight. she was stabbed to death in midland park by her estranged arthur lomando. we have learned this morning both of his legs had to be amputated. bardzell had filed a restraining order against lomando earlier this month. >> wile there is evidence of a history of domestic violence between ms. bardzell and the assailant, it appears that she did not notify police and did not come in and file complaints with the police department up until just recently. >> bardzell is the mother of two teenage sons.
6:33 am
lomando is at harlem hospital this morning. 6:36. nypd dive crews will be back in the water searching for the weapon that took the life of a housing cop in upper manhattan. the man charged with murdering randolph holder remains in custody. eyewitness news reporter dray clark live in east harlem with that story. >> reporter: good morning, ken, we'll talk more about mayor de blasio's news conference in a moment. first a look outside psa5 where there is a large and still growing memorial for fallen police officer randolph holder. you can see a number of flowers and cards and candles and even at this early morning hour, people are still coming by leaving words of condolences. all this while elsewhere the nypd dive team continues their search overnight in the east river to find the gun that may have been used to kill officer randolph holder. it is a very meticulous search in the east river. dive team members are searching
6:34 am
to find the 40 caliber gun that was used to kill officer holder. officers did recover a knife that they believe may have been tossed in the river by accused cop killer tyrone howard. howard is accused of shooting and killing officer holder in east harlem during a foot pursuit tuesday night. there are many who questioned why howard was on the street. he's a violent offender with 18 prior arrests and he was even wanted for a shooting in september. also last year howard was one of 19 people arrested in a drug sweep in east harlem. instead of being sent to jail, diversion program. city leaders question how someone with howard's rap sheet could avoid jail time. among those expressing serious concerns, police commissioner william bratton. >> our understanding is he may have been held on a diversion program, that if ever there was a candidate not to have been diverted it would be this guy. he's a poster boy for not being
6:35 am
diverted. it's unfortunate that there are people in our city, in our society that despite our best efforts that are going -- they're criminals, and many of them are violent criminals and we need to separate them from the rest of us. >> back here live outside psa5, so many words of condolences, this one coming from the harlem prep elementary school. school students have been coming by here referring to officer randolph as one of the faller heroes. meanwhile, again, that news conference mayor de blasio was planning will happen later on this morning to call for reforms to state laws on those diversion programs. it was earlier this week when mayor de blasio held that news conference and he said if there was anyone that should not have been walking the streets of new york it was tyrone howard. he's in jail accused of killing a police officer. we're live in east harlem, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you.
6:36 am
held next tuesday at the greaten allen ame cathedral in new york in jamaica queens. his funeral will follow wednesday afternoon. officer holder's body will be flown to his native country of guyana where he will be buried. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> here we go, we take a look outside and we have clear skies. we have a cool morning, and it is crisp and it is going to be a great start to have the day. check out some of these temperatures, 55 around laguardia, a northwest wind making for a chilly day. we've got clear skies, a beautiful sunrise on the way. that is going to come up after we get to about 7:14 this morning. we have a day where you need the warm stuff at the bus stop, 53 degrees. it's weather then heather every 7 minutes as the bus rolls up. it's a little tricky.
6:37 am
let's go to a couple of webcams, as you travel on 78, we had that earlier fire, and an accident. very heavy delays as you travel on 78. this is the gowanus expressway on the bqe. we're jam packed. you have an accident on the bqe and the van wyck going southbound jam packed from the grand central parkway we'll explain what's going on. southbound van wyck near the bell parkway. that accident is still being cleared away. west side highway south at 96th street. you have an accident, delays go across the george washington bridge, upper level heading on to the inbound side on the west side highway. mass transit is doing great. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori over to you. you think thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a startling discovery beneath one of america's largest cities. we're going to take you inside an elaborate drug tunnel. >> one suspect wanted for two armed robberies near columbia university. >> and return to sender, how
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22 people are under arrest this morning busted when police caught them in one of the longest drug tunnels ever found between the u.s. and mexico.
6:41 am
system to carry drugs nearly a half mile between tijuana and san diego. dozens of similar tunnels have been found along the border in recent years. new this morning, police are searching for the man responsible for two armed robberies in upper manhattan. this surveillance video shows the suspect threatened a 28- year-old woman with a knife after following her into an apartment building in morning side heights. police say the same man robbed a 63-year-old woman one week earlier in the same area. in both cases he got away with cash. police in new jersey are taking an unusual approach in catching a drug dealer. 50 pounds of pot were delivered to a home addressed to somebody who didn't live there. the resident informed police right away and investigators released a public message on facebook. the message goes if you were expecting these packages and you'd like to come claim them, we're hanging on to them at police headquarters. so far nobody has taken them up
6:42 am
on their offer. an update into the newsroom. hurricane patricia just off the coast of mexico is now the strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere. good morning america is covering this story. george stephanopoulos is joining us from time square. >> good morning lori. ginger's going to have the latest on that, 200 miles an hour sustained winds, and already in texas 10 million people are under flash flood watches and gearing up for the aftermath. going to have the latest on hillary clinton's long day on capitol hill more than eight hours of testimony, getting pretty good reviews on that. john carl here to report on that this morning, and finally do you know what's in your medicine cabinet. the nutrition super store gnc is accused of selling supplements that could have been spiked with synthetic drugs.
6:43 am
details on that and joe joe jonas is going to sing for us. >> talking about that hurricane, we might be getting some rain from that wednesday, thursday next week. ginger's going to talk about this. it's coming right into the mountains, so it loses a lot of its punch. it will certainly bring 10, 15 inches of rain to mexico and it will bring us much needed rain next week. first off a look outside, sun's coming up. we're at dawn, and a lone little stratus cloud hangs across midtown manhattan this morning. we're looking at 54 degrees, a dry humidity, a northwest wind, a pressure that's steady. yesterday's high was 75, we're going to be looking at much cooler temperatures today, which are more normal, because it was so warm yesterday, these numbers feel cool with the wind out of the north. these numbers actually overnight are warmer than
6:44 am
normal. 42 in the five boroughs, to 32 north and west. a lot of wind out here this morning, out of the north, 10 to 20 miles an hour is going to be that range of wind with winds out of the northwest. today we're going to have high pressure building in. it will slide across tomorrow, give us two great fall weather days before this cold front in the great lakes comes into the area and slides north, south across the area. here's our futurecast. our computer model shows a couple of sprinkles early on sunday morning, and the sun comes out sunday afternoon. we've got sunshine this morning, and windy cool weather. kids put on a jacket or sweater. you'll need that. after school it's 60 degrees. we're going to be looking at a brisk and cooler day today than yesterday which is 75. 58 tomorrow but we'll be minus that wind. here's the accuweather forecast for your fall colors, looking
6:45 am
60 today, clear tonight, low 44 right around the city and 34 in the suburbs. tomorrow we're at 58 degrees with some sunshine across the area. here is your accuweather seven- day forecast. saturday 58, a shower sunday morning, we're right around 66 degrees, and then we're going to be looking at there's going to be nice weather to start off next week. normal temperatures and there's that rain from patricia next week on wednesday. thursday just in time for the world series to start on friday. >> what's going on? >> what is this? >> hey, knock it off >> thank you! your thing. >> timing is everything in >> these guys are great. they're working out here early weather. >> you guys have a great >> you too. >> a little bit of an issue with new jersey transit trains, about 15 minute delays north jersey coastline, keep that one in mind. metro north new haven line you
6:46 am
have that track work ongoing. the west side highway southbound at 96th street that accident is being cleared away. we have delays back to the george washington bridge. the inbound george washington bridge is very heavy across that upper level into the city. 45 minutes inbound lincoln, the holland is a 20 minute delay. then we have the bqe northeast, you have delays back to the gowanus. the gowanus is jam packed into the area of 79th street. the van wyck is jammed. grand central to the belt parkway. subways are doing okay. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. thank you. it's 6:49. weekend travel plans. the long island railroad installs a new bridge this weekend in west bury, and that it going to mean delays for buses will replace trains on the main line. that starts at midnight going until midnight sunday.
6:47 am
customers should try to use the railroad's other branches. some teachers became instant heroes during gym class. a teenage student collapsing on the basketball course, the life saving lesson put to the test. >> and see what sent these
6:48 am
customers running for layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card.
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you seen moresha? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. 6:52. and several teachers and administrators at a utah middle school put their cpr training to good use and saved a
6:50 am
now the whole thing was caught on surveillance cameras in the school's gym. the 14-year-old collapsed while running laps. some of the students thought he was joking but once the gym teacher realized what was happening, he jumped into action along with several other administrators. >> he was gone. i mean, for the most part from what we saw, he was gone, and so, you know, we just did what we were trained to do. anybody in that situation i think would have done the same thing. >> ten days earlier the entire staff at the school went through cpr and first aid training, with the lessons fresh in their mind they resuscitated the student. he is now being treated for a previously undiagnosed heart condition. a nashville shop is cleaning up after a city bus went through the shop. the store's manager and owner noticed the bus rolling towards the store. yikes they got up and backed up just in time as the bus went through the window.
6:51 am
as it turns out there was nobody on the bus, not even a driver. the driver was outside taking a look at the bus at the time because of a mechan it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on
6:52 am
technology designed for you.
6:53 am
in the last few minutes, firefighters have just put a massive fire under control in westchester county. >> eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is live at the scene. you've seen the progress made rob. >> lots of progress ken as you just said, the fire just in the
6:54 am
last half hour officially brought under control. before it was brought under control it tore through a series of businesses right here in the heart of downtown. take a look at video from earlier. you see how intense the flames were. this fire began about 11:00 last night, went up to 4 alarm, several businesses suffering smoke and water damage. one very large building that housed several businesses was totally destroyed. no residential injuries but a few firefighters were hurt. they will be okay. the good news too is that the historic st. john's church which is more than 200 years old was in danger of burning down as well but was saved by the very quick work of firefighters. the cause of the blaze still under investigation, still no idea exactly what sparked all of this. certainly this is a big hit to the heart of this commercial area here in downtown yonkers. reporting live in yonkers, rob nelson channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you rob, and breaking news in new jersey, news copter 7 is over rock away near interstate 80. >> let's check in now with shannon sohn. >>
6:55 am
>> reporter: you guys can see that the ramp from the westbound side of the route 80 to exit 37 here for high bern yay avenue is shut down after a pedestrian on a bike was struck earlier this morning. this was a hit and run accident. it happened at 6:30 this morning. the condition of that bicyclist in unknown condition. there is an ongoing police investigation here that is going to shut down this ramp for some time. reporting live over rockaway, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, shannon. thank you. >> so shannon was over the west side highway. now she's over route 80. it's still with us. it's an accident on the west side as you go down into 90th street. we'll head to a camera and show you how that's looking. we'll look at what's happening on the gowanus expressway on to the bqe. we'll tell you that this accident on the west side highway was right near 96th it's still with us.
6:56 am
in fact, you're very heavy getting across the upper level going across the span, and it's 20 minutes inbound, 45 at the lincoln, the holland is 20. mass transit is doing okay. that includes our subways. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> hope you have a great weekend. going to have a great fall weekend coming at you. right now we have beautiful sunrise in progress, temperature in the 50s. should be about 42 to 46 degrees. we're looking at 53, warmer than normal. that temperature hangs rightly. 61 is our normal high for this time of the year. tomorrow we're at 58. a sprinkle with a cold front going by. we'll have sunshine sunday afternoon and sunshine into next week. all right. >> we've got it. >> have a great weekend. >> thank you bill. >> that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for being with us this morning. have a terrific weekend. we're back in about 25 minutes with another update.
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