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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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he joins us now from elmhurst with the very latest. >> reporter: david and liz, take a look across the street at where this all started: you can see that drill bit that ruptured this water main has been raised up, and it looks as if that tow truck is ready to pull that out of here. we've just learned this is not the first time this site has had problems. the department has issued a partial stop work order here after an august inspection found the lack of shoring during excavation. inspectors are determining if today's work violated that order. for more than four hours that ruptured water main sent thousands and thousands of gallons of water into the street. we are standing on the other side of queens boulevard where we may have been standing in water. hour. as you can see it left behind a now underway. take a look at this cell phone video showing that water spewing 20 feet into the air. a construction crew accidentally struck a 20-inch
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news copter 7 was also overhead capturing the mess, snarling traffic for several blocks and evacuating multiple buildings in the area. luckily no one was injured. fire officials say it took so many hours to get things under control because of all that water aboveground. >> unfortunately the flooding condition was such that dep had a difficult time finding the exact gate valves to shut down, to isolate the problem area. now buildings nearby had water restored by this afternoon. in the meantime subway and bus service was also disrupted for many hours today. coming up on eyewitness news at 5, we'll tell you who city officials say will have to pay for all of this mess. in elmhurst cefaan kim. 17 schools, elementary through high school in fairfield connecticut were locked down earlier today after
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receiving several threats. students were dismissed early after all school activities were also canceled tonight. >> so far the threats have been unfounded. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer in fairfield with what we know at this time. tim. >> and david, at this very hour, police were moving through each of those 17 schools in the fairfield district to make sure they are safe and secure. all of this pain staking work coming after several forced a lockdown. >> it sounded like it wasn't a lockdown drill. it was real. >> the first indication for dominique walter and other students here at fairfield high school after a threatening series of calls forced school officials to lockdown all 17 schools in the district. >> we had to stay in class like an hour later, and it got really scary. >> it is something that we practice. it is something our schools are used to doing, and the police provided additional resources. >> the threats phoned in to those schools and to police were most alarming. >> they received a threat
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that's going to show up with an m-16. we then got threats from one of the high schools saying that they were going to have -- that there's a bomb inside the school. >> police from several surrounding communities began responding to cover all the buildings while inside students were kept calm. suzanne's daughter julia was in tomlinson middle school. >> i felt really safe in our room with the windows closed and everything. >> you train for this. >> mm-hmm, we practice a lot. >> so, yeah, but it's -- you got to just pray and be hopeful. >> i think the schools did a really good job of keeping all the parents notified and making sure that all the kids felt safe. >> safety and security of our students and our staff has been their utmost priority for the entire event. >> as students had early dismissal, police had turned their attention to the investigation and what might be behind the threats. >> we are looking at this as possibly not credible, although we can't be absolutely certain
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until we start clearing all the schools. >> eyewitness news has also received some cell phone video of the situation this morning. there was a confrontation between a parent and a police officer at one of the schools. it is very tense at one point. coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5:30, we'll show you that video and what's behind it. reporting live in fairfield, tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you tim. right now we are tracking the strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere. hurricane patricia approaching landfall as we speak, and you can see how massive it is in this photo from nasa. it will reach southwestern mexico in the tourist hot spot of puerto vallarta. meteorologist lee goldberg has been tracking the storm. >> patricia really burst on the scene here. we haven't been talking about it all week because it just became a tropical storm within 24 hours. it was a category 5 hurricane. 200 miles per hour winds,
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faster than andrew back in 1992. in terms of pressure not the strongest hurricane ever but in the western hemisphere in terms of wind this is in the top spot. the core a few hundred miles wide but the wingspan over 1600 miles if you trace all the cloudiness back into the pacific. it's only about 50 miles offshore, incredible looking eye and more parallel to the shore than headed inland, so puerto vallarta right here. 200 miles per hour winds moving north at 12. you can see on the current track it's forecast to take a little bit of a northeasterly jog. that would put it on land after 5 or 6:00. i think that may be delayed in the next update where it's going a little bit more north and unfortunately that track may be a little bit more to the left, closer to puerto vallarta. see the futurecast coming on shore this evening. the mountains weaken if t quite a bit, 10 to 20 inches of rain, mud slides and then this storm will send a lot of its moisture
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the next couple of days with a half foot of rain. eventually that moisture could get close to us. in the meantime look at the flooding rains that will happen over eastern texas, louisiana over the next 24 hours. we'll look more at that and then how the moisture from the remnants of patricia will affect the seven day forecast. back to you for now. we'll see you then. thanks a lot. mayor de blasio is calling for bail reform in the wake of the murder of nypd officer randolph holder. the mayor said today that sealed documents of tyrone howard's past prevented judges from knowing about his prior violent crimes. that gave the false impression that he was a non-violent criminal. >> something as fundamentally broken both in terms of the way we treat hardened criminals and the way we treat low level first time offenders. >> the mayor wants the judges to be able to consider whether defendants pose a threat to the public when setting bail or
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sending them into drug diversion programs. this is a live picture from east harlem outside psa5 where there is a growing memorial. you can see how big it is getting remembering officer holder and his wake will be next tuesday at the greater allen a. m. e. cathedral in new york in jamaica queens effort his funeral is set for wednesday at the same church. officer holder's body will be flown to his native country of guyana where he will be buried. funeral services held today for the 12-year-old girl shot and killed by a stray bullet. dejah joyner was shot and killed while standing in the living room of her own home. community members came together to try and comfort the family. >> they're not alone, that they are cared for, that they are loved, that people who feel their pain and hopefully out of that they will gain some degree of comfort. >> police believe someone else in the house may have been the target.
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could be gang related. a former new york city police officer today facing murder charges. he's accused of killing his girlfriend in new jersey before jumping in the path of an oncoming subway. investigators say 44-year-old arthur lomando is expected to survive after he had both of his legs amputated. the fired nypd cop is accused of using a machete to kill his former girlfriend suzanne bardzell in her car outside her home yesterday. the 48-year-old was a mother of two teenage boys. she also had an order of protection against lomando. new at 4, school bus goes up in flames right outside a middle school in westchester county. news copter 7 was over pella middle school as firefighters put out the fire. no students were on the bus when the flames broke out, and no one was injured: the fire was contained to the bus, but students were evacuated from the school just as a precaution. the bus was supposed to take a soccer team to an away game. the cause of that fire still
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now time for the mets, and today the team took part in its first practice since clinching a berth in the world series. the amazins are still waiting to learn who they will face in the fall classic. >> not going to matter either way. anyway, several rallies are being planned for the mets on monday. a rally at borough hall from 3 to 5 p.m. at 5 there is another rally on long island on the front step of the theater roosevelt executive and legislative building in minneola. the dome will be lit in mets orange and blue. rob powers in the newsroom with how the players are getting ready for the upcoming series and the debate over if too much rest is a bad thing. >> reporter: it's rest versus rust, the blue jays and the royals play game 6 of their american league championship series. kansas city stands one win away from meeting the mets, so as the mets wait they held an optional workout this afternoon at citi field.
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elected to take this day off. the workouts become mandatory tomorrow. yoenis cespedes working a sore shoulder, and the pitching rotation is not ready to be announced yet either. we're going to get deeper at 6:00. all the questions are to be answered soon enough. today, a day to stay sharp, get the work in and rest up. >> there are some guys who were tired and i want them to have rest and then i told them saturday and sunday we're getting after it. tomorrow everybody will be out here and we'll get ourselves -- our guys are pretty excited. i'll tell you that. >> again, we could know the mets world series opponent by the end of the night. the mets say they will start ramping up preparations tomorrow, mandatory workouts. the fall classic starts on the road tuesday. liz, i know you for one cannot wait. >> cannot wait at all. let's get it going. thank you very much. game 1 of the world series will be on tuesday in either kansas city or toronto, the mets first
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home game will be a week from today at citi field, and you can find a complete schedule including game times on a special section at our website >> and we've got one more note about the national league champs. four mets players will be on jimmy kimmel tonight, jacob degrom, matt harvey, willmar flores and david wright expected to appear. this is kimmel's last night in brooklyn. he wanted to do it right. howard stern will appear along with music from public enemy and catch all the fun right after eyewitness news at 11. >> he's a huge mets fan. >> he's very happy right now. >> very happy. >> and still to come on eyewitness news first at 4, a bus driver trapped after colliding with a tractor- trailer. we'll tell you what firefighters had to do to free her. >> and new details about what may have caused lamar odom's medical emergency. >> and you may want to double
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talles sobre lo it is 4:13. time for a check on traffic this friday evening. slow going, route 287 in new jersey in both directions. you can see it right there. this is near washington avenue middlesex county. as for the hudson river crossings, 20 minute delay outbound at the holland tunnel, 15 minute delays outbound at the lincoln and george washington bridge at this time. to politics now, and the field of presidential candidates is thinning again. lincoln chafee is dropping out of the race. the former governor of rhode island announced he is ending his campaign in washington this morning. chafee had struggled in the polls and in fund-raising and failed to gain momentum after his performance in the democratic debate. his departure comes days after former virginia senator jim webb ended his candidacy as well. stocks on wall street ending the trading week with a strong gain. stocks rose thanks in part to the results of quarterly earnings reports, microsoft,
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amazon, google's parent company alphabet all posting positive earnings, and in the end the dow rose 157 points to close at 17646. authorities believe an overdose drugs rendered former nba player lamar odom unconscious inside a brothel in nevada. according to court orders women at the love ranch told police they think odom snorted cocaine in a bathroom on october 13th. other brothel employees claim they only saw him take herbal viagra. odom is in a hospital in los angeles and said to be improving. a video shows two suspects police in new jersey want to talk to about a rash of egging incidents this month. two males believed to be in their teens were caught on camera tossing eggs at a house on howard terrace last friday night. there's camera everywhere kids. one is throwing left-handed and the other appears to be right- handed.
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other houses egged as well, one of them hit a house three times. they were taking this seriously there. police hope someone recognizes the suspects and will give them a call. opening gracie mansion to share an art exhibition designed to reflect the city's rich history and diversity. mayor de blasio and his wife have installed paintings and sculptures at the residence meant to capture life in the city through the centuries. it includes pieces on loan from the new york historical society including a portrait of frederick douglas. tours of the mansion are open to the >> very cool. >> mm-hmm. >> got a halloween party there too. >> that's a great place for it. how's it looking out there right now? 59 degrees i'm looking at. >> not too bad, right? sun's out. >> want to do the weather dave? >> is that all you're going to say? if that is, you know,. >> it's fantastic. sure, it's not 70 degrees, but it feels great out here. a nice deep blue sky, a breeze
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sunny side of the street is definitely the preference. it really feels beautiful out here. you'll need the coat. a look at lower manhattan with the deep blue sky and lots of sunshine. we're at 58. 35% humidity and the pressure is holding steady. a high today managed to get into the mid-60s after midnight, but during the daylight hours we were in the upper 50s to around 60. winds streamlined showing that we have a good gusty wind out of the north and northwest, although the peak winds which were near 30 miles an hour have certainly backed off and the winds will continue to die down in the evening hours. it's 59 bay side still low 50s in monticello, 54 in poughkeepsie. what happens when you get clear sky and the winds drop off, those temperatures nose dive. lots of 30s in our suburbs. 24 hour temperature change, no surprise here, anywhere from 14 to even 23 degrees behind yesterday's pace. so mainly clear skies through the overnight. 48 at midnight. a pair of 4s in new york city.
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you want the sunshine get up early and enjoy it. the first high clouds will fade the sun, and then they'll thicken during the afternoon hours. winds will be light out of the northeast and top out in the upper 50s, maybe mid-50s in a couple of spots. satellite's clear right now. you can see that wind pouring out of canada. high pressure over hudson bay, and you also notice that rain that's going into the great lakes. it's going more north than east. eventually that front's going to swing through the area. the part of the front that's coming through our area is a broken area of showers. it looks like it's light. when you trace that front down into mexico, there already is some connection to hurricane patricia, which is nearing the coast. it's only about 50 miles offshore but moving to the north. our wind streamlines, you see how it's red on the right side of the storm. that's the strongest winds, and on the left side is the big rain. the coast is exposed to those big time winds coming onshore in the next several hours. for us tomorrow it's cool clouds. you see the clouds increasing. we're at 58 degrees. we're dry during the daylight
4:18 pm
you're out late tomorrow night, that's when the first showers can start i think we'll start out with showers on sunday. it's not a lot of rain, maybe it's a tenth of an inch, a couple of spots maybe get a quarter of an inch. it looks like i'm aiming towards the lighter sky. 64 degrees, skies will brighten. it's not going to turn perfectly sunny, but at least we'll have brightening and drying during the afternoon hours. here's your forecast. clear and chilly and accuweather. less wind, 30s in the suburbs, 44 in the city, tomorrow's a high of 58. sun fades behind the increasing cloudiness, and we'll have a couple of showers that roll in. we'll wake up to a little rain on sunday morning, but it's fine by the time we see the afternoon festivities. coming up at 4:30, on monday we're going to be watching the gulf of mexico. there's going to be remnants of patricia. and all of a sudden that's moisture's going to want to head northward up the coast. how will that impact our midweek forecast. we'll get into that as we go into the seven-day accuweather forecast.
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>> wow, lee, that was so much better than my weather check. so much more complete. you're going to keep that job. >> yeah, but you know, you're at this. all the time. you. >> yeah, i make you look so good. >> that's right. >> that's what's important. >> thank you lee. >> you go it. >> coming up next, caught on camera, teachers rush in to save the life of a teenage student who collapsed during gym class. >> and also a fun story, it's news you've been waiting for. a sequel to harry potter. we're not done, this story has more to go. we'll tell you all about it.
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alexandra? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. a louisville men's basketball coach rick patino says he will not resign in the wake of the scandal rocking the school. the coach made the announcement in a letter posted on his website. this following the launch of an investigation by the ncaa and the university into allegations that a former louisville basketball staffer paid escorts to party and have sex with players and recruits. patino denies knowing anything about the alleged parties. well, harry potter fans probably pretty excited this afternoon. author j. k. rowling announced a new harry potter play which comes out next summer, harry potter and the cursed child. it's not a prequel. it's a sequel and apparently
4:23 pm
harry's story. it's the first ever play based on the boy wizard from the popular series books and films. bill murray returns to the big screen in a star-studded movie that includes bruce willis, kate hudson and others but will rock the kasbah make you laugh. sandy kenyon here with his review. >> dave, some setup required. i had to watch several dark and depressing movies this week, so by the time i headed to rock the kasbah, i was ready for a good laugh, and i got more than a few. i have to say i enjoyed this one. i tell you, i'm apparently the only critic who >> rock the kasbah may have been certified rotten by the nation's movie critics but bill murray is a hoot and a half as a has been rock tour manager who truth be told never really amounted to very much.
4:24 pm
>> i'm famous for these right here. >> richie's taking a break from auditioning hopeless singers to take his assistant, an aspiring performer on tour. >> to afghanistan? >> the very talented dewey day shoe melodies appears from the movie which is completely illogical. >> the girl is gone. >> bruce willis as a mercenary, danny mcbride has too little to do. another who's making a fortune off of this is the prostitute played by kate hudson. >> can you sing? >> sweets, i can do things to you that are illegal in every civilized nation. >> with so many talented people in such an unlikely place, rock the kasbah should be even funnier, and the movie never quite decides what the presidents to be, a satire and
4:25 pm
story of a woman richie discovers in the desert. his durables it's god's will she gets to sing on an afghan tv show. >> she has the gift. she has the magic. she is the best i ever heard. >> now incredibly this part of the story is inspired by a real muslim woman who defied her elders to sing on the afghan equivalent of american idol, and several reviewers noted that woman deserves better than this movie. i see their point, but when i saw rock the kasbah i was ready to laugh, and you know, i did. >> so your recommendation is that we should all go see a depressing movie first, then go see this and we'll like it. >> if you believed go to this video. i had a great time. >> you see kate hudson, you see zoe -- medical, you want a fix from that. thanks sandy.
4:26 pm
>> earlier we told you about hurricane patricia. next we're going to show you how mexico is getting ready. >> ravaged by flames, a massive fire tears through businesses in downtown i don't knows. >> and campus, assault a group
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 4:30, and all new this half hour, tracking a monster storm. mexico braces for a potentially catastrophic hurricane. one of the strongest storms in history. >> plus a terrifying collision, a school bus crashes into a truck in new jersey trapping the bus driver. >> and a cheerleader crowned home coming queen wins the football game minutes later. >> i had to walk out there in my pads and everything which made it special. >> but our top story this half hour, hurricane patricia. residents and tourists along mexico's southwest coast bracing for the arrival of
4:29 pm
hemisphere has ever seen. >> yeah. this is a look at the latest radar. the storm is marching closer with 200 miles per hour winds. meteorologist amy freeze is here with much more on this massive hurricane. >> liz and david, impressive. this storm went from category 1 to category 5 in less than 24 hours, and now mexico is really scrambling to get ready for what they're considering record rainfall, the potential for damaging and devastating floods, and monster winds. >> seen from space as it approaches the southwestern coast of mexico, hurricane patricia is a monster storm. it has the strongest winds ever recorded in the western hemisphere. >> [ speaking in foreign language ] >> emergency evacuations happening today along mexico's pacific coast with towns like puerto vallarta bracing for the worst. resorts and fishing villages
4:30 pm
boarding up ahead of patricia's landfall expected tonight. patricia has maximum sustained winds of 200 miles an hour, and that wind field has a width of nearly 10 miles, equal the damage tent of an ef5 tornado. that means at landfall the storm could pick up cars, destroy homes and carry people away if caught outside when the storm strikes. another serious risk at the coast is deadly flooding up to 20 inches of rain and a storm surge up to 25 feet is possible. >> now once patricia makes landfall the path is headed to the central western mountain ranges. eventually that tropical moisture will make it into the u.s. we're expecting major flooding for parts of east texas and louisiana. maybe some of that gets caught up in our weather system. lee goldberg will be back in the full forecast. this is going to go down as a record breaking storm. perhaps most dangerous is the label most of us are paying attention to. liz. >> thank you very much. we invite you it stay with eyewitness news and abc news as we track hurricane patricia,
4:31 pm
and updates around the clock at a school bus driver in new jersey was injured when her bus collided with a tractor- trailer. fortunately no students were on the bus. the bus hit a rig parked on the side of new monmouth road in middletown this morning. the bus driver was trapped in that crumpled bus. firefighters had to pull her out before she could be rushed to the jersey shore medical center. police say her injuries are nonlife-threatening. >> just know that it looks like the back of that truck was hit by the bus, so it's very scary. >> police say the tractor- trailer driver was not inside his rig at the time of the crash. he left the scene on foot before police arrived. they're working with the trucking company to locate him. a 4-alarm fire in westchester county ripped through a row of stores at the heart of downtown yonkers. firefighters finally extinguished the flames in a building in getty square around 6:00 this morning. that's about 8 hours after that fire broke out. when the smoke cleared, several businesses including a
4:32 pm
mcdonald's and a dollar store were gutted. one landmark was saved. that's st. john's church which is what you're looking at which is more than 200 years old. >> it's really a landmark, so we took a little extra care in trying to protect it. >> i'm glad that was saved, you all. i didn't want nothing else to burn down but especially the church. >> several firefighters suffered minor injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. two men on long island attacked and robbed outside a home in central islip, police say the two pulled off to the home on oakland avenue around 2 a.m. they were approached by 1 or more suspects. one man was slashed with a knife and was airlifted to a hospital. his condition is unknown. the other victim attacked and is expected to be okay. officers are looking for one or possibly more suspects. also on long island, a gulf center manager in south hampton under arrest accused of taking inappropriate photos of an underaged girl. steven lee turned himself in to police this week. employees at the golf center
4:33 pm
an underaged girl through a one- way window at the course. he then showed the photo to his staff they say. the police in new jersey are looking into a mail mistake. a package meant for someone else was actually illegal drugs. investigators say 50-pound of marijuana was delivered to a home in haslett. the package was addressed to someone who doesn't liver there. they found the pot when they opened the package, tried to figure out where it should go. they're trying to determine if the shipper was the intended recipient. new information on the investigation into the alleged hazing death at albany university. police have arrested two more people in connection with the death of 19-year-old last year, jonathan moldonado and steven villa are charged with hazing. trevor duffy was forced to consume toxic levels of alcohol. five ole miss students are
4:34 pm
charged with the connection of a beating inside a fraternity house. the group attacked jeremy boyle at around 4:00 in the morning. the daily mississippian reports boyle suffered a concussion, broken teeth, ruptured eardrum and a lung contusion. the fraternity says it has kicked out all the students. j. crew is the latest major retailer to end on call scheduling in stores nationwide. earlier this year, new york attorney general eric snyderman wrote a letter to 13 retailers asking them to stop keeping workers on call for shifts on short notice. bath and body works, abercrombie and fitch and gap are some of the other retailers that have cut on call shifts. urban outfitters has agreed to end on call shifts in its new york stores. the nutrition super store accused of selling supplements spiked with synthetic drugs. >> also ahead a student collapses in the middle of a gym class. how others jumped in to save his life. we'll show you. >> and a texas roundup after a
4:35 pm
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sucov. inmates in connecticut could soon be able to take college courses in prison. the state's largest public
4:38 pm
system is asking the federal government to use taxpayer money to help convicts get college credit. inmates would be able to enroll in job training courses and complete coursework on degree programs. while the program may give inmates a new opportunity, some current college students have mixed opinions on the idea. >> they have a problem funding people who want to go to college who have hard means, and yet we're going to fund people who got themselves in their own jams. >> education is power and everybody has the right to education. >> well, if approved, prisoners will get pell grants and start classes next fall. gnc defending itself against a major lawsuit. the oregon attorney general says the company knowingly sells supplements labeled as all natural even though they actually have some synthetic ingredients. the suit claims 22 fat burning substitutes contain chemicals not approved for sale in the
4:39 pm
made a similar complaint in march. >> companies that manufacture or sell herbal supplements have a responsibility to make sure their products contain every ingredient that's on the label and do not include ingredients that are not on the label. >> gnc says the accusations are "without merit. it says it no longer sells products containing the ingredients. several teachers sprang into action to save the life of a teenage student who collapsed during gym class. students were running laps in a middle school in utah when 14- year-old skylar nelson in the upper right corner of your screen collapses from heart failure. the teacher quickly started cpr, they're credited with saving skylar's life. >> i feel like i need a second chance. >> he's going to have a full recovery, and i'm so grateful. >> i'd like to say thank you very much and i'm grateful and god bless you.
4:40 pm
>> that's just amazing. turns out that skylar was born with a genetic heart defect. he underwent heart surgery and is now expected to make a full recovery. ye ha, we have ourselves an old fashioned emu roundup in texas. birds evadeds authorities for the entire day after getting out enclosure. the four emus were recorded on dashboard camera. people were warned to keep clear. you don't know what an emu's going to do. a few hours ago livestock deputies corralled the big birds and returned them to their owner. there is more, officers in downtown oklahoma city spent their overnight hours scrambling to capture, look at that, that's a small shetland pony on the loose. the small horse first spotted running around after midnight. after several attempts officers used their cars to corral the animal into the field. this is what the rest of the country is doing while we're busy stuck in traffic here. >> emus and pony, ohmy.
4:41 pm
>> and still to come she swapped her crown for a football helmet. coming up on eyewitness news, a cheerleader who kicked a winning field goal after getting crowned home coming queen. we're going to tell you why her heroics are for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having?
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at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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following breaking news right now, you're looking at live pictures from news copter
4:44 pm
down there is fully engulfed in flames. we're told that it is a 2-alarm fire. this is in new brunswick new jersey, and we have been told that building that is on fire right now is a synagogue. we're still getting more information about the situation there, but you can see the firefighters are on scene right now trying to get control of this fire that is still burning throughout the entire building. we have not sure yet if the other buildings that are right in that area if they have been evacuated or what the cause of concern is for this fire to spread. we are conning to monitor the situation at 145 nielsen street in new brunswick. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. >> it's right near robert wood johnson hospital and along memorial parkway on the rare don river. anyone who knows the area has an idea of where this is exactly. of course we'll find out more. the reports in as soon as we can get them in.
4:45 pm
we're going to shift gears right now. it was quite the home coming weekend for one high school student and her dad. jody farnaretti is the head cheerleader and her dad is the head football coach at her high school in alabama. this past weekend she was crowned homecoming queen, but it was what she did at the end of the game that melted her dad's heart. she fulfilled a promise she made to him when she was 10 years old by suiting up for the game and kicking the game winning field goal. >> every dad i'm sure dreams of having a son that will be able to play football. now he can say that my daughter kicked in a game that we won in. it's just very, very special. >> she's got the support of her team and the other cheerleaders. this is a one-time deal for jody. she's heading to college next year while her dad is retiring as head coach at the end of the season. >> i love the reaction. the team's like, yeah, we did it. >> that's just awesome. >> emily did field hockey for a year, and she was a goalie. there's nothing like that feeling watching your daughter.
4:46 pm
>> it's amazing. >> so let me ask you this. it sounds like patricia sprang up out of nowhere. we usually have days watching these hurricanes. >> we have an el nino year, we have the equtorial pacific, it was just prime to accelerate in a hurry. it's kind of like when our hurricanes hit the gulf stream, but this one happened like you've never seen. it was really something else. tropical storm goes straight to a cat 5, and now it's about to make landfall over the next few hours. we go outside now and have what is just perfect weather here, yes colder than recent days but still so beautiful. visibility is great all the way up to the george washington bridge, 58, a northeast wind at 6. planner for the evening hours, we're going to remain clear. it's going to remain chilly. 44 in new york city by morning, and let's go riverhead long island and look at a planner for you. into the 30s and be in the low and mid-30s by morning.
4:47 pm
there's a frost advisory for the east end of long island until 9:00. we didn't have a hard freeze in some locations in eastern long island. so for tomorrow, we start out with mainly clear skies, sunniest part of the day early on. high clouds will start to increase. low clouds will start to come in. it's dry and temperatures will be in the mid and upper 50s and drizzle could come in during the evening hours. here's a storm coming up from the west. the showers still a ways away. that's why we can squeeze in all of tomorrow with dry weather. you can trace this moisture all the way down to patricia just offshore. a very powerful storm with no signs weakening. quickly diminish over the mountainous areas of mexico and then some of that moisture can come up to us. they're just going to get some devastating impact with all the rain and mud slides, incredible storm surge that will come ashore. this is really cool. we start out with chilly temperatures tomorrow morning. i know dave especially will like this.
4:48 pm
clouds coming in from the west. some clouds from the ocean. we get two cloud layers. we get mostly cloudy by late day. the next threat of showers or drizzle later at night and a more organized area of light rain comes in during day break. so let's say there's a tenth of an inch to a quarter inch of rain. that would last through late morning. it's enough to get fields wet for games in the morning hours, so as long as everything drains well we're fine. foliage peaking just 30 miles northwest of new york city. your seven day accuweather forecast looking like this, 58 degrees, clouds overtake the sun during the afternoon. some rain sunday morning brightening during the afternoon. 64. we're dry by the giant's game and then on monday about average, which is great for october. low 60s tuesday as well. clouds will increase on wednesday. then we look for a steadier rain wednesday night, at least into the first part of thursday. that may have some relationship to the remnants of hurricane patricia.
4:49 pm
like we've been talking about all week i think that gets out of the way and leaves news good shape for halloween and the marathon. >> that's what we need. >> let's ask david. >> david? >> i agree. >> that was profound. >> okay. can't mess with perfection. here's what's trending on this friday. one of the kings of social media getting lots of attention for his latest music video. justin bieber came out with a new video for his song sorry and some wonder if it's an apology to selena gomez. >> people who closely followed his on again off again relationship say there are a lot of clues in the relationship pointing to the song having to do with them. adele trending for her first song in three years. take a listen. >> it's so typical of me to talk about myself, i'm sorry. >> what a voice, huh? >> wow. >> the name of that song is
4:50 pm
for someone to have some fun with that. >> hello, is it me you're looking for >> she's like, no, it's my time. thank you lionel. he doesn't give up. >> all right. in tech news time to check your privacy settings on facebook. facebook rolling out a new universal search tool to help you find posts from around the world if your privacy settings are not set to private. the move is an effort to compete with twitter. when a 3-year-old knocks off her blanket during a nap, the family dog comes to the rescue to make sure she's all tucked in. okay. you see? he's like come on, i got you. look, you're going to get cold. you're supposed to have that on you. this is how it works. >> that's sweet. >> and that's what you call the family dog on the lookout. lee can your dog do this?
4:51 pm
>> well, he does that but it's because he has dry eye, so i don't know that that's what he's doing. he can't blink right now so we have to do eye drops. >> tmi. >> i wanted to end that on a really happy note but now dry eye. >> you asked me. >> i'll stick to weather. >> check out the trend abc7ny. dry eye. >> he can't blink. >> poor thing. >> still to come, growing outrage over a musician killed by an undercover police officer. coming up, family and friends answers this afternoon. >> and we continue to follow breaking news in new jersey, a fire at a synagogue. you can see the flames inside in new brunswick. the building completely consumed by those flames. the fire began about 25 minutes ago, and it is still burning out of control. we're going to have much more
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus.
4:54 pm
there are new details in the case of a church drummer in florida killed by a plain clothes police officer after his car broke down. >> the family of cory jones is demanding answers after the family goes through new information. >> i need to know why? why my son is gone today. why? >> reporter: desperate for answers. family and friends of cory jones say they know one thing for certain. >> we know that he would not ever, ever, ever, ever pull a gun on police, never. >> authorities in palm beach county say the 31-year-old musician was shot and killed by an officer waiting for help after his car broke down on the
4:55 pm
side of i-95 in south florida. at the time, officer raja was working under cover driving an unmarked van. according to the family's attorney, prosecutors told them the officer never showed his badge. >> why didn't he identify himself. why didn't he show the badge. >> police say officer raja told them this. >> he stopped to investigate what he believed to be an abandoned vehicle. he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject. >> reporter: jones recently purchased a gun but his family's attorney said he had a concealed weapons license. he never fired his gun. meanwhile, prosecutors allegedly told the family the officer fired six bullets hitting jones three times. >> one of the most important questions, how clearly did he identify himself as a police officer. we will never know. we will get his account and the police account. he is the only witness. >> reporter: the officer is on paid leave while the case is under review.
4:56 pm
cam videos, experts say this will be a tough investigation. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> there is more news ahead including another update on the fire burning at a sign no gag in new jersey. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. new video as parents demand answers from police as thousands of students and more than a dozen schools are placed on a lock down. mayor de blasio calls for change to prevent another tragedy like the shooting of nypd officer randolph holder. tonight a new plan to keep violent criminals behind bars. >> good evening. at 5:00, i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. >> we will have those stories in a moment. first the latest on breaking news. >> newscopter 7 is over the scene of a fire at a sign no going in -- synagogue in new brunswick. it is still really going.
4:57 pm
we will show you video we took a short while ago. there are the flames are engulfing the building. the synagogue is on nielson street and we will stay on top of this and bring you new information as it comes to us. now new information on the massive water main break in queens. >> the water main break on busy queens boulevard leaving a huge mess. >> who will pay for cleaning it up? stefan kim is in queens. >> we are on queens believed by grand of a -- queens boulevard by grand today i would be standing in water. we learned that the buildings department issued a partial stop work order after an august inspection found a lack of shoring during excavation. inspectors are determining if the work violated the order. there is a huge mess here and now the cleanup is underway.
4:58 pm
queens boulevard at elmhurst
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