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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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queens boulevard at elmhurst looking like a flowing river friday morning after officials say a construction crew at the corner of broadway struck a 20- inch water main around 8:00 a.m. sending thousands of gallons of water gushing into the street. this cell phone video showing the ruptured lines spewing water almost 20 feet into the air. newscopter 7 overhead capturing the mess snarling traffic for several blocks and evacuating multiple buildings in the area for much of the day. >> it's a mess. it is putting other people's lives in danger. >> reporter: officials say store owners on the ground level across the street were told to leave due to concerns the power lines were flooded. residents upstairs were allowed to wake it out. once crews shut off the valve
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it took crews more than four hours to get things under control. >> the flooding condition was such that dep had a difficult time finding the exact valves to shut down to isolate the problem area. >> reporter: as for who will pay for the cost, city officials say the contractor responsible for rupturing the main line will have to pay, be billed for this mess. in elmhurst, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a school bus goes up in flames outside of a middle school in westchester county. newscopter 7 was over pelham middle school as firefighters put out the fire. no students were on the bus. the school was evacuated as a precaution. the bus was supposed to take the soccer team to an away game. no word on the cause of the fire. mayor de blasio calling for bail reform in the wake of the death of nypd officer randolph holder. the man charged with the murder, tyrone howard is what
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was known as a drug diversion program not meant for violate repeat offenders. dave evans with more. >> reporter: many agree with the mayor that tyrone howard should have been locked up but court records did not fully reflect his background. a judge offered a drug diversion program. insiders say that is the way the system is supposed to work, that you can't lock up someone indefinitely with little information but the mayor said the system has to change. we know the suspect in this case, tyrone howard, has a long criminal record. the mayor and many others said he should have been locked up long ago so that tuesday night's tragedy never happened. >> i am a believer when someone gave his life for us as officer holder did, they cannot have died in vein and some greater good has to come out of it. >> reporter: his arrest includes 18 arrests for things like assault and robbery, nine narcotics arrests and police
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were looking for an east harlem shooting. instead of prison time, howard was put in a drug diversion program. the judge that made the decision did not see any violent crimes, no convictions on howard's record. >> that did endanger other folks, dave. drug dealing endangers people's lives. let's not suggest that endangering a person's life is holding a weapon in your hand. >> reporter: he wants the law to change to consider public safety and a background considered when offering diversion programs. in addition, the mayor and many others say it's unfair to lock up people at rikers for small petty crimes because they can't afford a low bail. >> they would interpret that as many soft on crime. hell no. it's the right direction to go. >> reporter: the mayor was asked if it's fair due process to lock up a suspect even if they have not been convicted of a violent crime. >> and that information was visible to the judge.
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i absolutely believe in rights and common sense. to change the law on how bail is set for both suspects with a violent past and suspects on minor petty crimes, that is up to albany, not the mayor. there is new information that no drug diversion beds were even available when howard was sentenced. tonight at 6:00, jim hoffer will have more on that. diana. >> thank you, dave. as you just said, as part of that drug diversion program we put eyewitness news investigators jim hoffer in on the case. he will have more at 6:00. and meanwhile, the contribute to officer holder continues to grow. people have been dropping off flowers and candles at psa 5 in east harlem where officer holder was stationed. members of the nypd are helping plan the funeral of their fallen brother. nypd officials gathered with family and friends of the officer in queens to help out with the viewing and funeral preparations. the public viewing for officer
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holder will be held next tuesday at the greater allen ame cathedral in from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. funeral services will be there wednesday afternoon at 3:00. native guyana. patricia is the biggest and most dangerous hurricane ever. mexico is bracing for the cat 5 megastorm in the pacific. you can see the size in the photo from nasa. it is making landfall. it is going for the tourist hot spot of important take via harrah. residents in texas could be in the path as well. let's get the latest with lee goldberg at the weather wall. >> roughly 50 miles off the coast of mexico. this storm peaked at 200 miles per hour sustained winds, not gusts. that makes it the most powerful
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hurricane ever in the western hemisphere. it became a tropical storm 36 hours ago and ramped to a cat 5 in 24 hours. andrew in 92, 175 miles per hour winds. there is the storm. the core of the storm is close to landfall. you can see the wingspan is 1600 miles. the core is a few hundred miles wide. there is the well-defined eye. since 4:00, it has taken the northeast wobble that was expected by the hurricane center. rather than paralleling the coast it's heading to the coast. that puts it on land the next few hours then it will weaken because of the terrain and eventually by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon it will be a tropical depression. by then a huge storm surge, mudslides, a couple feet of rain. it's to the east here. the worst of the storm in these areas, these places. you see how futurecast has it making landfall this evening and torrential rainfalls across
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mexico then the rainfall goes into east texas and louisiana. down the road next week maybe we get some of that moisture. look at the futurecast totals, half a foot in houston, galveston and on the edge would be dallas, texas. much more in the seven-day forecast in a bit. back to you for now. >> thank you. the man accused of killing a new jersey mother then jumped in front of a new york city sway train remains in the hospital. police say arthur lamondo is expected to survive after having both legs amputated above the knee. he is accused of using a machete to kill his former girlfriend in a car outside of her home in midland park, yesterday. the 48-year-old was a mother of two teenage boys. we turn to the white house. hillary clinton was back on the campaign trail a day after her 11 hours of testimony on the benghazi attacks. she showed no signs of weariness following the
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she took on the nra at a women's leadership forum saying she wouldn't back down or be silent on gun control. >> i have been told to stop shouting about guns. actually i haven't been shouting but sometimes when a woman talks some people think it is shouting. >> clinton has one less rival for the white house. lincoln chafee ended his campaign this morning. ben carson met with supporters in the midwest. during his book tour, carson commented on the campaign. carson said his own campaign is not facing financial challenges. bush announced pay cuts for staff members earlier in the day. the mets spent the day working out and getting ready for game one of the world series next week. the excitement is building. we could soon find out who they will be playing.
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who because we will take them out. marcus solis is at citi field with more. >> reporter: yesterday there was a lot of fans, so much excitement, fanfare outside of citi field. today the focus was inside. the mets were back in the field and back to work. stay loose, stay hot, that's the dark at hand now that the mets are in the midst of a six day layoff before the first pitch of the world series. they will find out tonight or tomorrow whether they are heading to toronto or kansas city. >> it's setting in that we are going to the world series and kind of now you get your mind right for, you know, the job that we have to do. >> reporter: the national league champs worked out at citi field, some in brand-new world series sweatshirts. the players will tell you reaching baseball's grandest stage asbestos much of a thrill for them as the fans. >> you want to get to the big
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once you are here, you want to make it to the world series. it's amazing to be here. a good feeling. we are going to have fun. >> reporter: speaking of fans, a handful outside of the player's entrance hoping to get autographs from their heros. who would have think it. late okay and there is more -- late october and games to be played in flushing. >> getting ready for the world series. can't beat that. >> i don't want to jinx anything. hopefully murphy gets runs in, mets. >> let's go mets. at 6:00 you see the fans, we will introduce you to one very determined young man and a rally, a big party planned for the mets as series fever marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marcus.
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will be on the jimmy kimmel show. kimmel is a lifelong mets fan so this is great for jimmy and the players. also howard stern and music from public enemy tonight at 11:35 after "eyewitness news at 11:00". stay with eyewitness news for all the excitement leading up to the first game. we will have every angle covered on tv and online. thousands of students and more than a dozen schools are under a lock down. we have new video that shows a tense moment between police and parents. >> a disturbing trend this time of the year with people looking
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and newscopter 7 remains over the scene of a synagogue fire in new brunswick, new jersey. this is nelson street. this is a fire we are covering. firefighters are dealing with a lot of smoke and flames. it looks like the flames have died down a bit. we will keep monitoring the story and bring you more as we get it. diana? tears and tributes today for the 12-year-old girl hit and killed by a bullet while she stood in her living room. she was shot one week ago and the gunman. >> reporter: they carried her today. 12 years old now, 12 years old forever. her friends stunned by the sudden interruption of all their lives wept with each other and held each other and tried to find a way to believe it.
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>> very mad and sad. didn't know why. you are questioning god. know how to digest it. >> i'm okay. it's kind of hard. >> reporter: why? >> because i will miss her. >> reporter: the 12-year-old was killed when a bullet shattered a window in her home and struck her in the head while she was eating dinner. today friends and family and clerics from around the area gathered to try and offer some comfort to the family. there was so little to be found. >> i don't have any words. what do you say to somebody that lost their 12-year-old child. i suppose you. i'm speechless. i'm heartbroken. this is not good. i don't have any words to say. just i'm sorry. >> not alone. that they are loved. people who feel their pain and hopefully out of that they will gain some degree of comfort. >> maybe they did.
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who didn't know her came to say good-bye each one stunned and >> why? why this happened. her life was cut short for no reason. no reason to explain this. you are at home and your life is just taken in a quick second. >> reporter: she was a girl scout. she was a good student and played sports. she had a ton of friends. she had a future as bright as any child on earth. the police have made no arrests in her murder. in hempstead, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. overseas 43 people are dead after a bus and truck collided in france. the collision happened in the southwestern part of the country. the bus was carrying a group of retirees. eight people escaped after the driver opened the bus door but others were trapped inside. the truck driver and his 3-year- killed. accident in france in three decades. more debris has been found
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that is believed to be from a u.s. cargo ship that went missing during hurricane joaquin. part of of a refrigeration unit, tennis shoes and toilet tries washed up on the beaches. a navy diving time will look for the hull of the ship. when it went missing. >> reporter: lee goldberg is forecast. >> fun with hair friday. >> i love it. >> trying things out. >> looks nice. >> thank you, thank you. >> beautiful. weather. >> turning up the weather? i will take 80 while we are at it. >> i would love that. we will warm it up by the end of the weekend but it's on the chilly side. traffic is not that bad on the 57. 36% humidity. north wind at 12. barometer is on the rise. 65 degrees. midnight. daytime temperatures struggling to get to 60.
5:17 pm
the fall jacket on. sunrise and sunset times. rain last year in the state and it was chilly. gusty winds starting to back off. generally a 5 to 13 miles per hour wind. they will diminish past sunset. 57 soho. woodhaven 59. already down to 48 in monticello. upper 20s later on tonight. widespread 30s in the suburbs. 60 in wrightstown. 24-hour temperature training 15 to 23 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. clear the first part of the night with lighter winds. 44 to start the day tomorrow. you want the sunshine, get out nice and early. clouds will thicken. low clouds will come in during the afternoon. that will keep us in the 50s tomorrow. wind will be light, not as pretty in terms of deep blue sky. clouds offshore. we are watching the cool dry air from canada. there is the next weather system. those are the high clouds that will stream in during the morning hours. heaviest rain to the north and west.
5:18 pm
some of this will swing in tomorrow night and give us showers. you can trace the moisture down to hurricane patricia and eventually after that storms flood parts of earn texas and parts of louisiana. some of that moisture will come up the eastern seaboard but that is not until midweek next week. it's starting to approach the shoreline in the next few hours. 190 miles per hour winds down from the 200 but a strong cat 5. 58 tomorrow. cool, clouds gather and fade out the sunshine. dry during the daylight hours. drizzle during the evening hours along the coast. a period of rain sunday morning then things dry out in the afternoon hours. nice friday evening. sun fades behind the increasing clouds tomorrow. turns gray. 58. a few showers later on tomorrow night, 53. at 5:30, will drizzle develop by dark tomorrow on the coast? we will look at that possibility.
5:19 pm
doing that sunday and we are still in line for the soaking rain midweek next week. that's in the forecast the next half hour. >> thank you, lee. homes targeted with eggs. one of the egg throwing things caught on camera. we will tell you who police are looking for. >> a police officer allegedly ran a stop sign and wrecked into her car leaving a single
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stocks on wall street ended the trading week with strong gains. stocks rows significantly thanks to quarterly earnings reports. microsoft, amazon and google's parent company posted positive earnings. the dow rose 157 points closing at 17,646. the nasdaq climbed 111 points and s&p 500 added 22 points. 7 on your side with a single mother's plea for help. >> her car was damaged by a town vehicle. but the town didn't want to pay up. the woman was getting nowhere until she got nina pineda and 7
5:23 pm
on her side. >> the young mom was grateful her daughter wasn't in and she was lucky she wasn't hurt worse. a plainfield police officer blew a stop sign sending both drivers to the hospital. when it came time to get compensated for her total vehicles, she was left stranded. >> you are coming north. >> yes and the police car came this way. did they stop. >> no, skipped the stop sign and hit me. she is still traumatized. she had the right away at this intersection. >> all i saw was the car on top of me. i didn't see it coming. >> reporter: the police car had no lights flashing, no, sir run, no warning. she wound up getting knocked into the passenger seat. >> i don't know when i jumped up if i hit the sterling wheel or dashboard. >> reporter: the 13-year-old car was totaled. >> my mechanic said the repairs were like 5500.
5:24 pm
>> reporter: money this young mom raising a daughter on her own didn't have. the claim she filed against the city of plainfield went unanswered by their insurance company. >> i left messages. nobody would call me back. when i called back, no answer. another message. >> reporter: she said her claim was stuck in neutral. finally her landlord ordered her to tow it away. >> you had to have it scraped. >> you gave up your car. >> yeah. >> reporter: with no money for another car, anna was stuck walking, taking cabs and paying a friend 60 bucks a week to drive her daughter to and from school. >> i don't know how you have dealt with no car since february. >> reporter: we called plainfield's attorney. he said he knew nothing about the claim. days later -- >> i have my claim. 7 on your side, thank you so much. i hope everybody knows that they can count on you. >> reporter: plainfield paid the price of the repairs plus
5:25 pm
reimbursed all the rides carla's mom had to pay for. >> reporter: what is the first thing you will do with this. >> get a car. >> reporter: the insurance company apologized for the problem. anna's claims rep left the business and it slipped through the cracks. before filing any claim, first detail then document any cost you incurred, hang on to all your receipts to prove it. anna kept calling the town's insurance company. she should have bugging the town. they didn't have to but they paid her for the taxi rides and what she had to potato the rides. >> good for them. by the way, we just got video from the nypd. this is video that shows three suspects that police are trying to -- persons of interest at this point that police would like to talk to. before the shooting that night of randolph holder, the nypd officer, there was an incident that happened at the east river housing development. these are three young men that police would like to talk to in
5:26 pm
all of this within the confines of the 23rd precinct. >> if you have any information, call nypd's crime stopper hotline. tips. if you recognize any of these individuals or you know anything about this case again, you are urged to call police immediately. >> absolutely. still ahead, threats send schools into a lock down in connecticut. >> coming up, we are getting a new look at how serious things came between police and parents. >> flames destroyed businesses in a town scare in westchester. how a nearby historic church was spared.
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we have protocol and we won't jeopardize everybody for you. >> new video of just how tense things became between parents and police when more than a dozen schools were locked down in connecticut today. numerous threats came in leaving parents frantic and police trying to keep them calm. 17 schools were locked down affecting 17,000 students. >> all this happening in fairfield, connecticut. tim fleischer is there. tim? >> reporter: police spent the last several hours combing through each of those 17 schools. they have to make sure that they are safe and secure. as we point out in the video, earlier during the lock down, there were tense moments. >> at one point as all 17 of the schools in the fairfield district were locked down due to several threatening phone calls, one parent seen in this cell phone video obtained by eyewitness news appears at his child's school and has an concerned exchange.
5:30 pm
>> what if we don't understand the capacity of the threat and we are here and could have taken our children out and something bad happens and we haven't done that. >> i will assure you that we will do everything we can to make sure nothing bad happens. i understand. >> we cannot let you in. i apologize for that, okay. we cannot let you in. they are in lock down. if you go in there, you will get shot, okay. that's how it works. we have protocol and we are not going to jeopardize everybody for you. >> parents began receiving word that police and several schools had received threatening calls that were alarming. >> they received a threat saying that they have a male that will show up with an m-16. we got threats from one of the high schools, ludville saying that they will have -- a bomb >> reporter: following safety protocols, school officials felt it was important to lock district. >> something that we practice.
5:31 pm
something that our schools are used to doing and police provided additional resources. >> teacher tried to calm us down as best as she could. later he sent another announcement that it's not a drill. >> after it was deemed safe, parents rushed to school when students were given early dismissal. a helpless feeling of i was at work and not being able to come and help my daughter when i know she is scared. >> reporter: police will search and secure each school and turn their attention to trying to find out who and what is behind the disturbing threats. >> we are looking at this as not credible but we can't be certain until we clear all the schools. >> reporter: police say it will take several more hours to make sure the schools are safe and secure. reporting live in fairfield, tim fleischer, channel 7 >> thank you. in westchester county, several stores are assessing damage from a five-alarm fire
5:32 pm
in yonkers. the fire came close to a historic church. rob nelson has more on the efforts to protect it. >> reporter: more than eight hours after the fire initially began, firefighters were still working this morning to put out the lingering hot spots as damage even clearer. >> an old building, a deep building with small it was hard to get at it. >> the four-alarm fire broke out shortly before 11:00 p.m. engulfing a large building that houses several businesses in the heart of downtown yonkers in get at the's square. three months. >> reporter: the fire is an economic hit to the area but firefighters were able to save historic saint john's church next door. at more than 200 years old, it's a treasured local landmark
5:33 pm
smoke damage as the fire raged feet away. >> it's really a landmark. it. >> i'm glad that was saved. i didn't want anything else to burn. >> reporter: several firefighters suffered minor injuries. the fire was put out shortly after 6:00 this morning but the cause remains under investigation. reporting from yonkers, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. more about the american soldier killed in a raid on an isis compound in iraq. pentagon officials say master sergeant joshua wheeler died in the operation. he would have been 40 years old next month. he was from oklahoma. he was a highly decorated member of the elite special operations unit delta force. master sergeant wheeler is survived by his wife and four sons. princeton university will celebrate the life and legacy of john nash. nash and his wife were killed in a crash in new jersey five
5:34 pm
months ago. princeton will hold a day of academic panels in honor of nash who struggled with schizophrenia and it was chronicled in the film a beautiful mind. a golf center manager on long island is accused of taking an inappropriate photo tf an underage girl. stephen lee turned himself in to police. employees says lee took a photo of an underage girl in an area through a one way window at the course. staff. the golf center will remain open through november. in manhattan, gracie an artistic makeover. have installed paintings, sculptures at the residence designed to reflect life through the centuries. it includes pieces online from the new york historical society including a portrayed of frederick douglas.
5:35 pm
you can sign up for a tour online. a chicago theme park is making good on a bet. 6 flags in illinois renamed the signature ride. it will be known as go mets for the next week after the cubs 4- 0 loss to the mets in the play- offs. the entire theme park has a new name. it will be known as six flags great mets until november 1st. growing concerns about cats this halloween of people who adopt them for the wrong reasons. also ahead, caught on camera, homes pelted with eggs in new jersey. who police are looking for. >> and what j crews agreed to no longer do to its employees. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. 70s this time yesterday. we are tracking rain to the west. we will get you the timing and the latest on patricia.
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in new jersey police are hoping newly released video helps them identify who suspects wanted for egging more than half a dozen homes. police say two males believed to be teens were caught on night. investigators say at least six other houses having egged. times. no more last minute work schedules at j crew. they are joining other retailers including bed and body works in banning on call work shifts in new york. the state attorney general asked 13 retailers to stop keeping workers on call for shifts on short notice. j crew agreed to provide one week advance noticed about schedules. harry potter fans got the new play harry potter is a see impel. it explores the untold part of
5:40 pm
it's the first ever play based on the boy wizard. in other movie news. >> the tire wars trailer has been watched more than 100 million times. an estimated 16 million people watched it during the monday night football then went online and there it reached 100 million views in 24 hours. in a statement, the producer said they are grateful for the enthusiasm and support. >> i bet they are. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking hurricane patricia. the accuweather forecast is minutes away. >> plus, we have an increase in demand for black cats before halloween. what the humane society says
5:41 pm
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top stories we are following, a massive fire is burning at the synagogue in new
5:44 pm
here is a live look from newscopter 7. you can see the smoke is billowing. some surrounding streets have been evacuated. no word what started the fire. we can see that they have gotten an upper hand on the fire. there are no reports of injuries at this time. >> they are cleaning up in elmhurst queens. a massive water plain break flooded queens boulevard. we take a live look at psa 5 in east harlem. a memorial is growing for officer randolph holder killed tuesday night. his funeral will be next wednesday. storm. hurricane patricia is set to make landfall in southwestern mexico in the tourist hot spot remember take. >> we have -- puerto vallarta. >> outside we go, we don't have
5:45 pm
a cloud in the sky. have your coat. 57. gusty wind during the day is backing off. not much wind over the weekend. 40s in new york city overnight with mainly clear sky. let's look at a planner for westhampton. we will drop into the 30s. we haven't had a hard freeze in island. a frost advisory out until 9:00 in the morning on saturday. skies. that is early on. already high clouds will be morning. then the clouds thicken during the day. end overcast. worst case by evening, a couple of sprinkles or drizzle that starts to develop on the coastline. we will have an onshore wind. highs in the mid- to upper-50s because of the limiting sunshine. looking at patricia, category 5 hurricane. in the last update, winds went down by only 10 miles per hour. powerful cat 5 hurricane.
5:46 pm
it will make landfall in the next few hours. western side. big winding to guadalajara. the reason it weakened fast, it regions. it ramped up in a hurry and will ramp down in a hurry. >> locally chilly night. clear with light winds. freezing in poughkeepsie and 43 in islip. 45 belmar and 44 in central park. you notice on the futurecast, clouds in one direction then clouds from the west and clouds from the ocean. we are destined to see limited sunshine. highs in the upper 50s. have your umbrella tomorrow night, first drizzle developing on the coast. for a steady area of rainfall north and west. in the wee hours of the morning through much of the area, a period of light rain. a couple of spots could get a quarter inch. that is probably the exception rather than the rule. then the showers clear out. it will dry out by late morning
5:47 pm
the clearing, holes in the overcast, yes. brightening especially north and west. we should get to the low to mid- 60s. 60s if we see extra sunshine. we should finish on a partly sunny note. foliage is peaking. we are a week away from peak color in new york city. cool desperate increase in clouds. drizzle light rain later tomorrow night into sunday morning. it should dry out by the giants game sunday. clearing, it will be close. 64. some breaks in the overcast. monday and tuesday looks great. clouds thicken wednesday. we could have a good soaking wednesday late in the day and into the first half of thursday, some connection with tropical moisture from the remnants of patricia, maybe an inch or two of rainfall that we need quite a bit. we haven't had much. >> thanks, lee. everyone loves boardwalk food i think any time of the year.
5:48 pm
>> that's what we are featuring in neighborhood eats. >> funnel cakes and more. >> all the kinds of things that you don't want to eat while you are wearing a bikini. boardwalk food. summer has -- >> we digress. >> reporter: summer has come summer. they loved their time at the jersey shore that they opened a restaurant. it is located 2317 route 22 in union, new jersey. >> what we try to do is bring the jersey shore to you. >> reporter: you might not smell the sea air but chiaffe has the kind of fair from the shore. >> it brings you back to when you were a kid or that moment you spent with your grandparents at the shore. >> reporter: these are the
5:49 pm
cheese, pepperoni or cheese stake. how about deep fried oreos. >> i get the hot dog, fried hot dog. different than the regular boiled hot dog. like coming down the shore but not really. >> not with the big commute. >> not with the commute, right. >> reporter: some say they comfort cheese steaks made with hand cut rub eye. >> delicious. bird's eye meat, not the imitation. real steak. >> double the amount of meat and i only need one to fill up and they put the fresh italian hot peppers on here. >> not into the steak, how the chicken is tossed with salt, pepper and flower and into the deep fryer. >> hold it like a lollipop. >> reporter: your choice of sauce plus blue cheese offering, something to dip into since you can't quite dip into the sea.
5:50 pm
>> once they take a bite of the chess steak, they close their eyes and nod their head. rewarding. it's just great to see. >> it's like summertime year- round. we want to make these holy pops at home if you want to. the recipe is at the recipe for the honey barbecue as well. they sent along all their sauces. sade, you may not want to be vegan today. >> i am so tempted. i am looking at them and smelling. >> barbeque sauce. >> it's a trip to the shore. >> best sweet and sour sauce i have hated. >> you are making this decision so difficult. thank you, lauren. well, adopting cats is a good thing. >> adopting them for the wrong reason is not a good thing.
5:51 pm
breaking news, police releasing video of three men wanted for questioning about the gang shooting moments before a new york cop was shot and killed. the man accused of killing that officer was supposed to be in
5:52 pm
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and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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with halloween a week away, concern at animal shelters. >> workers are seeing an increase in people that want to adopt black cats. they are worried that they are doing it for the wrong reasons. >> eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot at the humane society on the upper east side. >> reporter: we all now the humane society wants to get the animals inside adopted you b if you ask for a black cat specifically, you will have to wait until november. nutmeg is cute?
5:55 pm
ollie looks fierce. they are good for the taking but this month, sasha, sampson and moby is off limits. >> a little odd but all shelters are caution in the month of october. when people come in for a black cat you have to ask why? why not this lovely white cat. no, i want a black cat. >> reporter: associate director ann marie says the closer to halloween they get the more these calls come in. people have called up asking for cats to take to halloween parties and they think, i'll just bring it back tomorrow and it's like that library book that went missing years ago. we can't do that. animals shouldn't be live props for anyone. >> reporter: too many times people take black cats to the halloween parade in the village where the cats get spoofed. >> they will scratch you, disappear in the crowd and you will never see it again. >> reporter: whoever said black
5:56 pm
>> the only is the one that is adopted for halloween. >> reporter: shelters like the hume society of ie -- humane society of new york will not give you a pet to match your costume. if you are serious, they encourage you to give them a call. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. still ahead two big developments in the murder of an nypd officer. "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. new at 6:00 two big developments in the murder of a new york cop. the eyewitness news investigators discovering that the accused killer was turned away from his court ordered
5:57 pm
there were not enough beds and then he went back on the streets. we have new video of the three men police are now looking for in connection with a gang shoot was killed. ritter. >> i'm liz cho. much more in a minute. news. a fire breaking out in new brunswick at a temple. the three-story synagogue fully engulfed. you can see firefighters have just gotten the flames under >> flames burning. engulfed. it is more than 100 years old. historic building for the past 20 years. some streets were evacuated. no word what started the fire and no reports of injuries. >> we have a crew just arriving on the ground. we will check in with them in a few minutes. we turn to the big new development in the murder of new york city police officer randolph holder.
5:58 pm
the nypd tonight showing three men wanted for questioning in officer holder was murdered. >> eyewitness news reporter darla miles with the latest in far rockaway. >> reporter: the nypd continues to track down all of the suspects involved in tuesday night's shooting. take a look at this newly released video by the nypd. it was taken at the east river houses. the nypd says tyrone howard was engaged in a shoot out with these men in the minutes leading up to the shooting of 8:30 tuesday night. the two housing officers -- two housing officers on the roof of one of the buildings in that development. when they looked down and they saw the men shooting and called for backup. that backup was officer holder and his partner.
5:59 pm


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