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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> go on a mail stealing spree and make off with a woman's
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>> a teenager arrested and this synagogue destroyed on th sabbath, a scramble to save it from the flames. >> first breaking news. a category 5 hurricane one of the strongest ever in the western hemisphere bearing down now potentially catastrophic winds, rain and sea surge. good evening, at 11:00. patricia pounding mexico for hours. we are getting new video of the dangerous winds and whipping rains. the u.s. national hurricane center says patricia's eye made landfall south of puerto vallarta with of 165 miles an hour. the state department says that right now, thousands of americans tourists are trapped in the storm's path. >> i have never been through something like this. they didn't give us a lot of information about how to prepare and they told everyone to meet in the lobby at a
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certain time and they evacuated everybody out of the building. >> we are posting this video of the storm earlier tonight on instagram. the eye focuses on mexico's pacific coast. >> the storm was named on tuesday. it held on to tropical storm status into the day on wednesday. and then it was just 24 hours from late wednesday night to thursday night it went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane. peaked with 200-mile-per-hour winds strongest storm ever in the western hemisphere and then made landfall 165 per hour winds and now a cat. mexico. it loses some structure over the mountains. a cat. 4 hurricane 50 miles southeast of puerto vallarta 130-mile- per-hour winds moving north- northeast at 20. by the time we get to saturday afternoon it's back down to a
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tropical depression. and the flooding rains continue overnight into tomorrow into mexico but then, they will translate into east texas. there's going to be a half foot to a foot of rain in spots and eventually along the gulf coast. we have 30 watch it in the murder week next week. look at the rainfall expectations here over the texas coast. that's probably elevated to 20 inches but we could be talking over a foot of rain here flooding rains here very dangerous stuff. eventually in our extended forecast, some of this moisture could play a role in our seven-day forecast. more on that in accuweather later on. you can track patricia at or any of the free accuweather apps and we'll keep you updated on the storm's path on your facebook newsfeed. we have new information tonight about a fierce fire at a historic synagogue in new jersey. no rest tonight for firefighters. the fire consuming all three
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except one that was saved. the synagogue burned down. josh einiger is in new brunswick. josh. >> reporter: bill, still a fairly large scene around this old synagogue. firefighters right now working on a few should be born hot spots. the brick and stone walls may still be standing but everything inside is gone. from newscopter 7 you could watch the tower of flames gut a house of god. and tonight as firefighters mopped up hot spots they couldn't believe their eyes. >> never set foot in there again. >> reporter: he had a bar mitzvah here 10 years ago. tonight the century old building is a loss. >> a beautiful building. it's gone. i don't know. right now i don't know who to say. >> reporter: the first call was at 4:30 this afternoon. a caretaker heard a bang smelled smoke and called nine one. by the time first responders arrived there was nothing to do to stop the flames which
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say it's not uncommon in this type of building. >> they have large structural members a lot of open space and nobody is there when the fire starts. >> definitely a tragic loss for new brunswick, new jersey. >> reporter: no one was hurt. one torah was saved, the others burned up. on the eve of shabbat. >> it's a precious object. it's like god forbid there should be a fire in a synagogue. if it's possible to rescue anything from it, the torah scrolls are the first priority. >> reporter: and they did fortunately get at least one of those torahs out of the synagogue before the ceiling collapsed and it was unsafe for anyone to be inside. investigators are trying to determine what caused it.
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criminal nothing that would indicate this is at all suspicious. live in new brunswick, new jersey, josh einiger, chance 7 eyewitness news. a fire in passaic confirming there was no alarm system that was activated during an eight-alarm fire in an apartment building on city officials last inspected the building's system in july. then. the cause of the fire and the faulty alarm still not known. hundreds of residents were displaced by the blaze. new video tonight of three men that police want to track down and question in the gang shootout right before the murder of a new york cop. this second piece of video now offering another angle of the men and an east harlem housing complex. this as divers comb the east river for a third night looking for the gun that killed officer randolph holder. mallory hoff reports. >> reporter: in just in the
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the precinct where this officer worked. this bus pulled up and out of the bus came 50 or so nypd officers presumably from all over the area making their way here to pay their respects to this fallen officer, family and brothers in blue. outside here you can see a growing memorial, flowers, candles, so many people making their way here today who have not had time to do so this week. after nypd released video of three men want for a questioning regarding a shootout that happened before the death of randolph holder new surveillance video shows the three men walking with what appear to be flashing lights in the background. >> give yourselves up. come in. get it over with. you're wasting the taxpayers' money by the cops looking for you. >> reporter: investigators say two housing police officers were on the roof in the area of 455 east 102nd street when they saw people firing weapons
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at each other. the suspects fled. police believe one of the men involved in the shootout was tyrone howard, who was accused of robbing a bike nearby before encountering officer holder and shooting him in the head killing him. investigators say the men in the video appear to be leaving the area walking on a sidewalk in east harlem near the east river housing development at 8:30 tuesday night. as investigators search for the men nypd is still searching the east river for the .40-caliber handgun believed to be used by howard, where they found a 30 clip gun magazine with 13 live rounds. >> children shouldn't die before their parents. you know? things. need to stop by and pay my respects and pay the respects to the family, you know, with my prayers. >> reporter: tonight, bunting continues to hang over the continues to grow.
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flowers, cards, gifts, at least from over new york but also from all over the country all of them saying them to pay their respects and they hope this of course never happens again. all of this tonight as so many officers now gather inside speaking with other officers who once worked alongside this now fallen officer. live in east harlem, mallory news. the public viewing for officer holder will be held next tuesday at the greater allen ame cathedral of new york and jamaica, queens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. funeral services will also be held at the church wednesday afternoon at 3:00. the mess created by the massive water main break in queens tonight is slowing drying out and what a mess it was. a construction crew accidentally ruptured a 20"
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water spewing for four hours. evacuated. >> flooding condition was such that dep had a difficult time to find the gate valves to shut down to isolate the area. >> officials say the contractor responsible for the water main break will be billed for all this clean-up. a partial "stop work" order was issued to the site in august but it's not clear if today's work was in violation of that order. and now we have mets fever in let's go to rob powers with more. rob. >> to the victors go the spoils and apparently they get a trip to brooklyn thrown in, as well. the mets on stage with a certain late night talk show host before the world series begins on stage at the brooklyn academy of music with jimmy kimmel. kimmel threw out the ceremonial first pitch at citi field last weekend so turnabout is fair play here. david wright, jacob degrom, flores and harvey came up to
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you can see the show in a few minutes. after the fellas talk with kimmel, they talk with us back stage about this ride. >> dozens of fans waiting for us in the parking lot when we got back, was it yesterday? it's just amazing. nice to be able to make the city proud. >> we are all excited. we can't wait to start and we are happy to be supporting new york. >> after speaking with us the mets left the theater and signed some autographs and went to get ready for tomorrow's workout. we are waiting to see who the mets will play in the series. they are tied and in a rain delay. if the royals win the game, they win the series and move on to play the mets but we are still waiting. we'll take you to this afternoon's workout here from the skipper. we get one day closer to getting this thing all started up. >> very exciting. all right, rob, thank you. a man walking on the street with his family when
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suddenly he is attacked. two teenagers arrested and tonight, the shocking and disturbing reason why they picked their target. the family tonight telling us all about it. >> plus, crooks hitting a mailroom and making off with a woman's ashes. >> and taking live look
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new at 11 a family strolling in their neighborhood and suddenly it turns violent. tonight police in brooklyn investigating the stabbing of a father as a hate crime. two teenaged brothers accused of attacking the man because he spoke arabic. eyewitness news reporter aj ross with the story is in the
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sunset park section. >> coming back to school to pick up my son and wife. i was talking to my wife in arabic. >> reporter: they followed the routine for years in the sunset park community until they were recently ambushed by two brothers looking for trouble. they had just picked up their 8-year-old son and were walking home when two teens confronted them. >> the guy came in front of us and he was telling us, what are you looking at? >> i tell you why you talk to me like that? i don't want no trouble. >> reporter: he says the first teen started cursing and when he approached and asked him to stop, the teen pulled out a knife. >> he took out a pocketknife and a screwdriver. and he was hitting three times down his stomach. >> reporter: then the teen took off but his brother remained and stabbed him again in the arm. [ inaudible ] >> in my shoulder. >> you arabic? you deserve it. i'm going to hit you. i'm going to stab you. you deserve it. >> reporter: police arrived
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eventually able to arrest both brothers later identified as 18-year-old [ non-english language ] and 19-year-old [ non-english language ] meanwhile, the man had surgery and cannot work as his body heals. now fearful in a neighborhood they once believed to be a safe haven, the family walk to school in groups while their son who witnessed the attack is haunted by questions. >> the only thing he was telling me, ma, why only us? because we arabic? >> reporter: the brothers are facing charges including assault as a hate crime. in sunset park, brooklyn, i'm aj ross channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new video of a thief stealing several packages from an apartment building in brooklyn including one that contained the ashes of a woman's mother. the robbery in bed-stuy happened on wednesday and it was as you can see caught on surveillance camera. you see a woman walk in on a thief apparently questioning, what are you doing? as he brazenly continues bag. police right now are looking for this guy.
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over the dodgers on their road to the world series leading to a rather awkward performance on the house floor today. >> meet the mets, meet the mets, step right up and greet the mets >> needs to pep that up a little bit. congressman adam schiff of california belting out a not very heartfelt rendition of the mets fight song while wearing a mets tie. don't you love it? it was the price he paid to losing a bet to congressman steve israel of new york. >> that's what happens when your team loses. >> sounds defeated. >> we need to have him do that again. >> put it on our website. watch it there. [ laughter ] so we have patricia brewing. >> at this point the pictures that we have been getting posting from manzanillo seems like the brunt is hitting that area. puerto vallarta on the left side of the storm not the strongest winds but some of the worst rains so just a monster storm still a major category 4 storm. closer to home our winds are
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dying down a bit. it's a chilly night outside. heavy coats are back. northeast wind at 7. the high is 65 during the daylight hours we were in the upper 50s. 61 the average, below that tomorrow, above it sunday. a lot more sun early and less so as we go into the second half of the day. so category 4 hurricane patricia pounding mexico now. clouds for us tomorrow. damp by daybreak on sunday. tomorrow night drizzle at this time. rain next week may have a tropical connection to patricia. more on that in a moment. you can see how they moving faster over long island and connecticut less so over new jersey, the winds are quiet from west to east overnight and with the clear skies we are dropping in temperature. 38 brookhaven, 39 danbury. easily we'll fall to freezing across the hudson valley, monticello into the upper 20s, 46 in belmar now. we are running the 20 to 25
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so early there will be some sunshine then filtered clouds. then cloudy in the afternoon. we should be dry during the daylight, drizzle in the evening. you can see almost see clouds converging on us right now. low clouds from the ocean coming in. first high clouds come n heaters the front. there's how the heaviest rain is bypassing us to the north but we'll get a broken line of light rain tonight into sunday. we'll have a tropical depression or tropical low on patricia tomorrow morning. clouds converge tomorrow. by tomorrow evening we could see some drizzle on the coast even late afternoon. but the steadier showers coming in around this time tomorrow into the catskills i would say probably between maybe 4 and 7 a.m. from new york city north and west and then parts of the island, connecticut and jersey shore after that.
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sun on sunday afternoon. i would say rain threat through late morning. 58 clouds tomorrow. sunday early rain, dry by the giants game, sun in the afternoon low to middle 60s. here's your accuweather forecast. patchy high clouds 7 a.m. 44 degrees. 30s in the suburbs. tomorrow 58. sun fades behind the increasing cloudiness. maybe some late day drizzle along the coast. clouds and showers and rain that will go into sunday morning. that should leave the scene by 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. breaks of sun in the afternoon. great october weather monday and tuesday. here comes the tropical showers through later wednesday into early thursday. that's where we could get a good soaking. hopefully we'll dry out after that in time for halloween and the new york city marathon. thank you. coming up next, the sport most knee injuries. and a teenager tossing a carrot and then gets arrested for assault. we'll tell you the bizarre story next. but first, let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel. his last night in brooklyn and it's all go mets. >> thanks, bill. hello, new york.
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brooklyn with howard stern, music from public enemy, the new movie do the right thing
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we are in studio nex 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward.
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u teenager tonight facing assault and battery charges for throwing a weapon at her teacher. that weapon, a baby carrot. the 14-year-old suspended for a month for a middle school in virginia. she says she threw the carrot at a teacher in the hallway as
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a joke. officials didn't find it funny. but her mother is having a hard time digesting the charges. >> i don't understand the whole thing. yes, it happened. they would have called and said, oh, she is in trouble. she got a couple of days out of school maybe even a day or two out of school but that's we have court. she is charged. >> and now it is up to a judge to decide what kind of punishment that girl will get. >> assault and battery. with a carrot. in tonight's health alert, riskiest sports for knee injuries in children. tears in the acl in the knee are on the rise in young athletes. the highest risk sports for boys is football then lacrosse and soccer. for girl, soccer. followed by basketball and lacrosse. good thing rob powers has never felt any pain in his
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>> sometimes it's getting up in the morning does it rights? >> like this morning. >> slow. >> it's been a busy day for the mets. a workout at citi field to stay loose and the mets a few days away from the fall classic.
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see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. visit today. you don't want these mets getting too relaxed eating pizza and stuff. >> i'm sure they're watching right now. >> david is lifting weights right now. the old rest versus rust argument, it will be five days off between clinching the national league pennant and game one of the series. the mets are hot so is it better to have played right away or to take a few days off? or visit jimmy kimmel in brooklyn?
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which some of the fellas did tonight. you can see their full appearance in a few minutes. earlier today an optional workout a little more than half the team was there. everybody will be at tomorrow's practice. and the mets will go from there. as far as the layoff goes, we know this. there's not one darn thing anybody can do about it. >> it's better off having to come out and do the normal routines and try to have them take some live pitching which they can tomorrow and sunday and that's about it. >> so who will they play? game 6alcs and kansas city royals up three games to two. all they need is one more win but blue jays aren't going quietly and apparently neither is the weather. it's 3-3, 8th inning, jose bautista two home runs. and the tarp is on the field in the bottom of the 8th. before we get to the world series we get plenty of football. rivalry games. it's going to be fun. it starts sunday at new england. the jets and patriots. huge game in the afc east.
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brandon marshall plans to be part of the jets game. >> thinking about individual accolades and they love it. but for me, only thing that matters this year is winning. >> as for the giants, they host the cowboys at the meadowlands trying to get back at them for that loss in week one. it's a tough game. giants lost by one. this week they try to get one back and it might start by pressuring the new cowboy quarterback matt cassel. >> that's a points of emphasis for our own pride. we didn't get enough pressure on the quarterback the last time we played them and we want to change that this time around. on ice back to brooklyn the islanders won 4 in a row at home to face off against the bruins. they look more mets. murphy and mets joined by the fellas who popped over from kimmel.
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tied at one first period isles take the lead. they couldn't hold it. pasternak with the goal for boston. the isles lost at home the final 5-3. and finally from us, the mets are ready to take their swings in the world series but first they need something to swing. that's why workers are hard at work this weekend at the louisville slugger factory making new bats for the series. they make them, brand them, deliver them. they will bring them right to the mets wherever they are tuesday for game one of the world series.
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[ music ] join the conversation on twitter and instagram. >> your new hairdo perhaps we'll talk about? [ laughter ] >> everyone is trending. >> people have been tweeting me all night. have a great weekend.


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