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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 24, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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they are waking up to a ton of damage and we'll be bringing you images of that in this hour of the broadcast. >> the strong hitting as a category 5. meteorologist amy freeze joins us to give us a little perspective and tone things down a lot around here. good morning. >> absolutely. good morning to the both of you when it cops to hurricane patricia now downgraded to a tropical storm system this was a record breaking storm and a lot of features it had with it but a very dangerous storm so as they wake up as we're getting a handle on the type of damage we'll bring you those pictures and images and information but very serious situation and what happens with patricia from here going forward could affect parts of the u.s. so we begin our saturday with 44 degrees looking out over the long island check the numbers there, and then we've got hampton bay at 49 degrees and we look across-the-board and the
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keeping the island and parts of the jersey shore 5-10 degrees cooler than it was at the same time yesterday but inland, even colder up to 15 degrees colder than it was so it's a chilly start out there. you'll want to bundle up right now, temperatures in the low 40s in the suburbs and stretching out on to long island but we still got 30s for monticello, and andover, all those spots started sub freezing with temperatures just in the 20s last night. right now we're going from sub shine over the city to clouds increasing . it's happening as we speak so we'll continue to see cloudy conditions through the afternoon. we'll call them mostly cloudy finish to the day and then we're tracking this cold front that's bringing in showers as we get into the second half of the weekend. looks like we'll salvage sunday afternoon but here is the planning forecast a high of 57 with a light easterly wind. the accuweather seven day forecast is up next. rob? amy thank you very much. now. authorities are investigating
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it happened around 11:00 last night. the westbound lanes were closed for much of the morning in fact as crews investigated and cleaned up the accident, but the road has since been reopened. this morning reverend al sharpton is expected to hold a prayer vigil next to the site where an nypd officer was gunned down in east harlem as drivers continue to come the east river looking for the gun used to murder officer randolph holder. eye witness news joins us live from psa5 precinct house with the story. marcus? >> reporter: behind me the memorial for officer randolph holder has been growing throughout the week people stopping by paying their respects and in the meantime police continue their search for three additional suspects wanted in connection with the events that lead up to the events that lead to officer holder's death. now police releasing video of three men walking through the east river houses tuesday night.
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that is when a begun battle there in that public housing complex broke out leading to a police chase, massive response officer holder among those responding to the fdr drive. he was shot and killed. 30 year old tie reason howard charged with murder. now later this morning the reverend al sharpton will lead a prayer vigil at psa5 where people have been stopping by to pay their respects to the fallen officer. >> give yourselves up. come in, get it over with. you're wasting the taxpayers money by the cops looking for you. >> later, this hour, the reverend al sharpton holding a rally at his national action network headquarters and then that prayer vigil here at psa5. live in east harlem, channel 7 eye witness news. >> marcus thank you so much. meantime members of the nypd ceremonial and be
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plan the funeral of their fallen brother. department officials gathered with the family and pastor of officer holder in queens yesterday to help out with the viewing and funeral preparations. >> certainly a privilege and an honor to meet the needs for this particular family especially in a tragic loss of their son. and also the nypd losing such a hero. >> officer holder's wake and funeral had to be moved to a larger church because tens of thousands of people are expected to attend those services the public viewing for officer holder will be held next tuesday at the greater allen ame cathedral of new york in jamaica queens from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 at night. funeral services will be held at the amc church wednesday afternoon at 3:00. rob? some new information this morning on a fierce fire at a historic synagogue in new brunswick, new jersey. members of congregation watched
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mopped up hotspots after the raging inferno consumed all three floors of the temple. the first call came at around 4:30 yesterday afternoon when a caretaker heard a bang and then smelled smoke. the fire spread very quickly which officials say typically happens with this type of building. >> they have large structural members, a lot of open space, and usually nobody's really there when the fire starts. >> it doesn't look very good for the synagogue itself but definitely it's a tragic loss for new brunswick. >> no one was hurt but the fire did destroy all but one of the congregations sacred scrolls meanwhile officials in new jersey are confirming that no alarm system was activated during an eight alarm fire that tore through an apartment building on wednesday. city officials last inspected that buildings alarm system back in july over the summer. they say back then, it was working.
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the cause of the fire and the faulty alarm system are still not known. hundreds of residents were displaced by the blaze. new details this morning on a murder that took place in broad daylight in the bronx. police have arrested and charged two men in the shooting death of 20 year old kimberly value as quiz. suspects are 18-year-old justin matteo and both from the bronx. witnesses say he may have been simply an innocent bystander when she was shot thursday on wearing avenue near ps89 and columbus high school. well the stage is now set for the world series. the mets will meet the royals in kansas city tuesday night after the royals wrapped up their second league. at the outlasted the toronto blue jays 4-3 in game 6 of the alcs. the royals head to the world series for the second straight year but before the best-of- seven series some of the mets
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kimmel as he finished up his joes week long in brooklyn after david wright willmer flores and matt harvey talked with him just hanging out old friends. we caught up with them back stage. >> incredible. dozens of fans waiting for us in the parking lot when we got back yesterday. it was just amazing and nice to be able to make the city proud. >> we're all excited. we can't wait to start and we're happy to be new york. >> after a talking with us the mets left the theatre, signed some autographs and left to get ready for today's work out. >> uh-huh. this is one of my favorite stories of the morning here i love this. the mets victory over the dodgers on the road to the world series lead to a rather awkward performance on the floor of the u.s. house.
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mets, step right up and greet the mets. >> oh, wow sounds just like old school doesn't it? congressman that's actually adam shift from california, we belted out a rendition of the mets fight song while wearing a mets tie, uh-huh. it was the price the poor congressman had to pay for losing a bet to congressman steve israel who of course is from new york. >> and won the bet. go and won that bet. >> sorry. >> sorry chicago. well game one of the world series is tuesday night and it will be an away game out in kansas city. we will be with the mets every step of the way as they head to the world series to get this party started. i was out in queens at studio square, on thursday when they clenched the sweep after the cubs the fans were pumped up. was it wednesday? thank you, wednesday. its been a long week folks.
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anyway, but it was great and then monday flying out to kansas city to be there for the first two games so i'll be on the morning show doing that so check it out. world series fever here we go. >> kansas city isn't ready for you. >> good barbecue and two wins let's go boys. coming up on eye witness news saturday moring, hurricane patricia this is a monster storm and in fact the strongest hurricane on record ever in the western hemisphere has now been downgraded after making landfall in mexico about 8:00 last night but now other areas including some here in the u.s. are still facing a pretty storm. we'll have the very latest on that. meteorologist amy freeze
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en el i've been talking about this the last two days or so. hurricane patricia has weakened to a tropical storm after making landfall in mexico last night. now of course seriously
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downgraded winds at about 50 miles an hour down from almost 200 at one point. moving forward though the main threat with the storm will be heavy rain and some flash flooding across mexico. to texas. the state already dealing with devastating floods. abc's matt gutman is on the ground in mexico. >> reporter: this morning we're getting our first look at the damage hurricane patricia left behind. a tropical nightmare for vacation goers, this lounge area batter against the windows. people forced to take shelter, looking on from the cover of their hotel rooms. the storm ripping through coastal areas like a buzz saw whipping through towns with 165- mile per hour winds. the roaring currents in the impossible. ambulance rescue efforts hindered by flooding and fierce winds, barely able to plow through the brunt of the storm
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and again watch that truck traveling along, hydroplaining across the unforgiving highways spinning out of control from dangerous high winds, smashing into the median before tipping over completely. from the international space center, hurricane patricia seemed to smother a good size of the globe. the storm descending so quickly it triggered a mass exodus. tens of thousands of locals and tourists evacuated crammed on to the puss from the resort town of puerto vallarta where we found tourists daniel frankin, camping out tonight at the airport. >> because we figured this was the safest place. we're talking to the lady that always comes into clean our room and she hugged us and she was crying and we were crying. >> traffic at a stand still, puerto vallarta boarded up and sand bagged, by friday afternoon the airports along the coastal closed. civil authorities moving inward, tourists had been before. police not advising residents
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many of the estimated 10,000 americans forced to ride it out in puerto vallarta like stacey z aparhad from san diego. >> we are a little concerned but trying to keep our game face on for the kids. >> the intensity of this incredible storm rattling the cockpit of this hurricane hunter sitting in the eye of patricia when it was just a category 4. >> matt gutman, abc news. >> i'm sure we'll learn more about the damage left behind throughout the day. those poor tourists down there relaxed and being on vacation and then-- >> that's the end of that. >> not just any storm but really you don't see something like that often. >> no. >> in your world. >> but there are two pieces of science that can maybe help us understand it a little better. how did it get so strong so quickly? el nino is happening so the current along that actual stretch of water before landfall in mexico about two to three degrees above the normal and warm water does intensify hurricanes. also one reason why it's
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weakening so quickly is because once it goes over the mountain ranges a storm is shredded apart the winds can't maintain their momentum so it falls apart, so doesn't explain why hurricanes happen to someplaces and but at least the intensity better. >> even the remnants were reducing damage after shredding over texas and louisiana. >> exactly that's what we are talking about this morning. we get going with bright skies and temperatures are in the 40s but we'll be tracking what's left over this tropical system into texas and how it could potentially affect the east coast going into the middle of next week so once we get these storms and they landfall very often they can be caught up in very intense situations in the upper atmosphere sending moisture and world. 57 degrees is the high looking for this afternoon let's get you going with headlines. the tropical storm now formerly the hurricanes heading for texas at least the left overs. clouds are collecting today for
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will be damp at daybreak by tomorrow so there's a front coming in that will bring us rain overnight to early next morning and the rain next week could have a tropical connection back to patricia so we're watching that with the long term patterns. temperatures out on the island almost 50 for hampton bays, mid 40s for everybody else and we look at the temperature change from yesterday to this morning is about 10-15 degrees colder for the inland locations, be aware of that. be ready, layer up. it's cloudy, cool not really going to see a huge improvement in temperatures. we go from the chilly morning lows to temperatures just in the 50s so we'll go for 57 in the city as the official high. clouds are racing in. this is the front that will affect us late tonight into early tomorrow morning so a few showers expected sunday when you wake up but the entire day is not a wash. instead those showers come in early and should give way to sunshine by sunday afternoon. so here is what's happening down in mexico. a lot of moisture coming in and we turn on the radar for texas and we could start to see
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what's happening. a lot of the winds are breaking up so those are not well defined lines anymore. instead we'll see those rain bands move into parts of south texas, so the storm itself moving at quite a clip. now at 45-mile an hour winds moving at 21 miles per hour won't take long for that to get across-the-boarder and then you'll see this long train of moisture extends all the way up through the midwest and into parts of canada. that pattern how its affected during the week will be something that we will be watching very carefully so on the futurecast yes, rain for texas from what's left of patricia but what happens with that moisture as it continues east ward and even northeastward will be the big question for us heading into the middle of the week so we're watching that very carefully. here is the accuweather forecast. 57 for the high, tonight we go down to 53 doesn't cool off as much as its been the last couple of days. instead we start with cloudy conditions, low 50s and spotty showers and getting into the mid 60s by sunday afternoon. closing out the weekend very
9:18 am
beautiful forecast to finish it all up monday looks good too at 58. tuesday 60 degrees and then we track what we think mid week will be at least a little bit of tropical rain for us. mid 60s and friday 57, long term forecast for marathon i will try to whip something up for the extended trend here for the long term forecast for 9:40ish that's when the long weather happens again so around 9:40ish. >> i like it. >> for marathon day. >> whip it up amy, thank you. >> whip it. straight ahead on eye witness news saturday morning, five months after his tragic death, princeton university is now honoring the memory of
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welcome back everybody. today princeton university will
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of john nash, the nobel prize winning mathematician. nash and his wife were both killed in a crash in new jersey about five months ago. princeton will hold a day of academic panels and other events in honor of nash who struggle with schizophrenia. and back in manhattan, gracie mansion is ready to reopen to the public with an artistic makeover that pays history. mayor deblasio and his wife have installed paintings and sculptures and even documents at the residents designed to reflect life through the centuries here in new york. the exhibit includes pieces on loan from the new york historical society including a portrait of fredrick douglas that you see there. the public can actually sign up for a tour of the mansion by just going online. gnc is defending itself against a major lawsuit. the oregon attorney general says the company knowingly sells supplements labeled as all natural even though they actually have some synthetic
9:22 am
ingredients. the suit claims 22 work out and fat burner supplements contain chemicals that aren't approved for sale in the united states. new york's attorney general made a similar complaint in march and gnc agreed to stricter testing of its herbal supplements. >> companies that manufacture or sell herbal supplements have a responsibility to make sure their products contain every ingredient that's on the label and do not include ingredients that are not on the label. >> gnc says the accusations are "without merit." it says that it no longer sells products containing those ingredients.
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starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $350 back. last chance, offer ends november 7th. get out of the past. get fios. team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline your dreams. welcome back. it's 9:24. >> time for sports with rob powers. >> well now all the questions are answered. we know who the mets are going to start off and play the
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series game one on tuesday, and as for those mets it's the old west versus west argument and it started for the mets it's five days off in between games clenching the national league game one of the world series. remember the mets are the hottest thing going so is it bet tore have played right away or to take a few days off or visit jimmy kimmel in brooklyn night. was right here on channel 7 and it was really funny too. earlier in the day an optional work out a little more than half the team was out there. everybody will be at the practice later on today and mets go from there. as far as the lay off goes we do know this. there's not one darn thing anybody can do about it. >> it better off having to come out and do their normal routines and have them face a lot of pitching if you can which they are going to tomorrow and sunday. >> well before we get to the world series we get too football. good old rivalry game. at new england the jets take on the patriots a huge game battling for the top spoon
9:26 am
brandon marshall figures to be a big part of the jet game plan. 100 or more receding yards in four straight games, first jet receiver to do that since don maynard in 1968. >> think about individual accolades and they love it but for me, the only thing that matters this year is winning. >> well now to the giants they hot the cowboys at the meadow lands and try to get them back for that loss in week one. it was a tough game. giants lost by one. this week giants try to get one back and it might start by pressuring the new cowboy qb matt castle. >> i think it's a point of emphasis for our own pride. we didn't get enough pressure on the quarterback last time we played and we want to change that this time around. >> let's get to hockey from last night. back to brooklyn the islander win four in a row, they were at home to face the bruins and look, murphy, matt was there too, and game time 1-1 first
9:27 am
right time taking the lead and couldn't hold it. the big goal here for boston and they do lose at home last night 5-3 the final. finally from us the mets of course ready to take their swing in the world series but of course they need something to swing. that's why workers are hard at work this weekend at the louisville slugger factory making all new bats for the series. they make them, brand them, deliver them and they will bring these bats to the mets tuesday for game one of the world series and that right there is the finished product. isn't that cool? that's the real bat. that's the real sportscast. whatever happens this weekend, laura has you covered i'm rob powers i'll see you right back here on monday. >> just looks so nice there. world series. world series. >> yes. con on tuesday night. >> so good. much more ahead on eye witness news on this saturday morning including a live look at todays top stories. a prayer vigil planned for a fallen officer as police
9:28 am
continue to look for additional suspects. this story is coming up in a live report. all right marcus, thank you. also ahead new video of secretary of state john kerry's meeting with king abdulah of jordan part of his effort to ease ongoing tension between is rel and palestinians. and will tropical storm patricia impact us? meteorologist amy freeze as the
9:29 am
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welcome back to eye witness news. welcome to our neighborhood. this is peter jennings way, 66th street and columbus avenue on the upper west side, you've got people in their coats and smiles and daddies with babies and oh, apple pie turnovers right across the street. it is saturday morning we are glad you're getting up with us october 24.
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>> just a norman rockwell painting out there. very nice. >> a little chilly. >> i see the waffle cart too which is good but good morning everybody. thanks for being with us i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. meteorologist amy freeze answering for the 44 in the bottom corner of our screen right there. hello, missy. >> good morning to you guys. it's chilly. we've had sunshine as the sun came up beautiful skies, glistening sun on the buildings but now everything is starting to get a little dulled down by the clouds moving in and that's how the day will wrap up. as mostly cloudy with temperatures below average for this time of the year. slightly on the cool side we're also tracking a cold front that will be coming in late tonight and early tomorrow morning that will bring the chance for a few showers around here so 44 degrees currently in central park looking at the numbers live across the area mid 30s for kingston, p cup say, they started below there, out on the island temperatures in the upper 40s down the shore 49 for
9:32 am
belmar and 44 in trenton. planning this day, expect the clouds to stay. we'll get an easterly wind coming a little breezy at times and 57 degrees is is the high temperature for us. late tonight is when we could see showers move in and those will linger for the early part of sunday but then we clear things out in the weekend. i'll have details on that and the rest of the accuweather seven day forecast in just a few minutes. rob? amy, thank you. the memorials will continue for nypd officer randolph holder. the officer of course was killed earlier this week while on duty. meanwhile, police have some questions for three people who were spotted on surveillance video. the men now being linked to a shooting that happened right before holder's death. eye witness news is joining us live from east harlem with more on the still developing story. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: good morning rob. outside psa5 where officer holder was stationed, a growing memorial we've seen it grow all week as people have been paying
9:33 am
their respects. in the meantime as you mentioned police are asking for the public's help as they search for additional suspects. yesterday the nypd releasing this video tape of three men wanted in connection to a shooting that kicked off the sequence of events that ended in officer holder's death lwas a shootout that drew that massive police response. there was a chase over to the f did are drive where the suspect, 30 year old tyronne howard allegedly opened fire. officer holder was hit and killed and now taylor has been charged, rather howard has been charged in officer holder's murder. as we said here at psa5, people have been coming by with flowers and candles and heavy hearts. >> children shouldn't die before their parents. it's not the natural order of things. just stop by and pay my respects and pay their respects to the family with my prayers. >> now at this hour, the
9:34 am
reverend article sharpton holding a rally at his national action network headquarters and then at 11:30 the prayer vigil outside of the station house. live in east harlem, channel 7 eye witness news. >> marcus thank you. the public viewing for officer holder will be held tussin queens funeral services will be on wednesday. you can stay with eye witness news and abc 7 ny for the latest on the investigation. michelle? >> thank you, rob. a family stroll in a brooklyn neighborhood turned into an alleged hate crime when police say two teenage brothers attacked a father because he was speaking arabic. he and his wife just picked up their eight year old son from school and were walking home when the brothers confronted them. according to police, one of the teens started cursing at his family and when he asked him to stop the man pulled out a knife, stabbing him in the stomach. that brother took off but the
9:35 am
>> he said oh, you're arabic, you deserve it. i'm going to hit you and i'm going to stab you, you deserve it. >> look at that extensive wound. police arrived on scene eventually a receipted those two brothers. he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he had to undergo surgery. secretary of state john kerry will visit jordan today trying to renew his push to ease violence and tension between israel and kerry is is meeting with palestine's president and jordan's king to explore ideas on how to diffuse the situational stemming from talk with israeli prime minister yesterday in berlin. over the past five weeks ten israeli have been killed in palestinian attacks and 48 palestinians killed by israeli today hillary clinton captures what's being called the best week yesterday of her
9:36 am
2016 campaign for president. the democratic front runner returns to the campaign trail after commanding debate performance escaping a joe biden challenge and emerging from a benghazi hearing. in iowa a new poll shows clinton at 51% which is up 11 points from one month ago. meanwhile, has the donald been trumped from the past few months donald trump lead the presidential candidates but a new poll suggests one of his competitors gained ground in the ever important hawkeye state. a des moines register bloomberg politics poll shows dr. ben carson with 28% support, nine points ahead of trump. however polls nationwide show the donald is still in first place. >> he's starting to take jabs on the trail though, so things are getting very interesting. >> he doesn't miss any of this. he gets right on twitter.
9:37 am
>> oh, yeah taking swings. coming up next on eye witness news saturday morning it's pay back time for subway restaurant customers who complained about the size of their sandwiches so why won't settlement? we'll tell you about that. also ahead after swiftly moving through mexico, tropical
9:38 am
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9:39 right now. tropical storm patricia is merging with another severe system creating drenching rain and major flash flooding in water logged texas. abc is in dallas with the very latest. >> reporter: overnight powerful floodwaters raging throughout dallas, texas. streets transformed into rivers. stop signs nearly swallowed by the high water. residents in corsicana just south of dallas trapped in
9:40 am
their homes. others taking on the knee deepwaters. more than 16 inches of rain coming down. the terential town pore hammering hundreds of miles of central texas, shutting down interstates and stranding drivers. >> it has been just a nightmare tonight. >> mother nature isn't done yet. >> we are expecting a significant rainfall event this weekend. >> more rain on the way for an area that has quickly gone from drout to flash floods. >> over a half a foot of rainfall in dallas. look at all this water trying to squeeze under that bridge. >> as moisture from patricia feeds in coastal cities could get over a foot of rain. houston's mayor warning residents to stay off the road. >> there's no reason to go anywhere. >> wow. >> not in that. >> no. >> where you going? >> and more to come. they've already got significant problems and there's much more ahead for them. >> and you were just down in charleston. >> just chilling for vacation. charleston was okay. >> parts of it. >> we missed the bulk of that,
9:41 am
but just a lot of wild weather the last-- >> all over the place. >> yes. >> but here looking pretty good compared to the madness elsewhere in the world we're sitting pretty here. we've got. outside this morning beautiful sunrise, gorgeous skies and then the clouds just raced in as we were expecting and it's mostly cloudy through the afternoon a bit of a north easterly breeze and it going to feel chilly at times so second half of the weekend has a different vibe to it so let's start here with the clouds and look how they swooped intaking over the shot looking down into lower manhattan. we can see of course the empire state building, good visibility and one world trade glistening with a little bit of that sun light getting on to it but it will be mostly cloudy through the afternoon. 44 currently in central park, humidity is at 65% in the north east wind at five miles an hour pressure is on the rise. head lines we're following tropical storm patricia heading for texas was a category 5 hurricane already downgraded to
9:42 am
across central mexico and clouds are collecting for us here by tomorrow morning we could be damp at daybreak, a few showers early and then those are out of here we close the weekend with pretty nice conditions. rain could come into the picture again next weekend having a tropical connection back to patricia so that pattern is one we're watching very carefully. lows this morning started some freezing north and west and it was very chilly overnight inland. we had more mild temperatures for long island and the jersey shore and right now same story, closer you are to the water the more the easterly influence you're getting from the atlantic ocean waters which are in the 60s so inland colder air and you've got the clouds on top of that so it will be limited temperatures today. not getting really hot by any means even for the next several days but at least our temperatures could improve much as 10 degrees by tomorrow afternoon once the front comes through so clouds here, we've got the front that is really from canada all the way down through the ohio river valley and that moisture is coming in our direction for tonight into tomorrow.
9:43 am
these will be spotty rain showers. it shouldn't be a real mess for us but damp early on sunday morning. then we see what's happening with patricia. still a lot of rain on the back side but the storm itself is basically falling apart and it brings all this tropical moisture into texas where they already had some incredible storms so here we are with the system, at 11:00 a.m. it will be trying to get a little closer by noon or 1:00 its crossed over into parts of texas because it's still moving at 21 miles an hour it's a pretty good clip this storm is moving. this is the stream of moisture that goes all the way up into north east. that's part of our cold front. how that interacts in the coming days will determine what kind of moisture we get wednesday and thursday, but it looks like it comes into the inland us and then we get that moisture sort of getting caught up along the east coast. maybe by wednesday night into thursday we've got the rain around here. if that happens there's another
9:44 am
weather feature that will come in late sweep it out of the way for next weekend so tomorrow we go with 66 early rain. compare that to a week from now and looking at what could happen on marathon day we could end up with a dry day and temperatures in the 50s during the race so futurecast shows us the next couple of days here there is the front coming in for tomorrow morning doesn't amount to much. by 9:00 or 10:00 we'll start to see the skies improve and afternoon the sun cops out and we start monday with sunshine. here is the forecast. 57 with increasing clouds. tonight low 50s and then the accuweather seven day forecast will show that we do bounce tomorrow afternoon so even though we have that early rain i think sunday afternoon turns out to be the best part of the weekend. monday partly sunny and 58 degrees and 60 on tuesday, and there is the rain middle of the week for wednesday and thursday, temperatures in the mid 60s friday and 57. long term forecast, making a call, an early call down the stretch in the 10 day trend is
9:45 am
what we call this for marathon sunday. right now, looking at the science available, temperatures during the race mid 50s and a mix of sun and clouds. extraordinary winds. still 10 days out so that can change. hedge your bet. >> but we look at the trends and what can happen and that's a trend for us. >> it it bitty? >> well it's the most that we have available. >> and amy, stop it. wishful thinking too. amy will be running. the new york city marathon with tens of thousands of her closest friends. >> and we'll be airing and broadcasting that race right here on wabc. >> so fun. i'm going to be on first avenue. i'm excited. >> new york needs more things going on next week. >> you'll be at first avenue when i'm coming through half time? >> yeah, when you're flying by blowing the doors off. >> you'll be a snack stop for me. >> that's more my speed. excellent. >> you've got it.
9:46 am
we have a special dedication for this addition of the community, just a little to help the mets get amped up. the first lyric of the song actually is about baseball. little known fact if you don't know the words, so this is actually a remix. >> it doesn't play. >> soon to be a remix of grows days by bruce springsteen. >> here is what's happening bargain hunter keep coming back year after year, a giant tag sale in westchester is not your typical neighborhood tag sale. bring your friends and family to socratese annual halloween harvest festival in queens. make your own costume, listen to live music and try harvest foods. in new jersey carney second annual dog paw raid and festival the day filled with activities for kids and dogs. the 36th annual halloween haunted thousands to prospect park for an afternoon of fun. the harvest festival is a great
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time to come out and enjoy randall's island, farm tours, apple cider and more. leave your fear at home. urban park rangers lead you through the haunted fort water battery on the haunted lantern tour. for more information about
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return now to one of the top stories on abc 7 ny. if you made the choice to eat fresh, you might be entitled to a cutoff a class action settlement. >> here we go. the legal action against subway grew from a 2012 social media post about a foot long sub that actually came up a little short, but here is the catch. only the nine plaintiffs in the preliminary resolution who actually see any cold hard cash up to a thousand bucks each; however the receipt of us will win subway's assurance that it will pay more attention to size. listen to this. soon there may be a low cost
9:50 am
competitor on the market to the aids drug that has price spiked more than 5,000 percent in premise pharmaceuticals plans to offer an alternative at $1 per pill. this comes after the ceo of touring pharmaceuticals hiked his company's price from $13 to $750 per dose. that was a 5,000 percent increase. touring pledged to lower the price but that hasn't happened yet, but these pills are about $1 to manufacture. >> see the system correcting itself a little bit. nicely done. with halloween now just about a week ago, animal shelters are feeling a little superstitious and extra protective over one particular type of feline. >> workers say they are seeing an increase in people wanting to adopt black cats but for the wrong reasons. eye witness news visited the humane society on the upper east side. >> reporter: nutmeg is is cute, ali looks fierce, any one of
9:51 am
for the taking but this month, sasha sampson and mobyhad are off limits. >> it's a little odd but all shelters are cautious in the month of october because when people come in specifically for a black cat you just have to ask well why? why not this lovely white cat? no, i want a black cat. >> whether it's for some strange ritual or a prop for a halloween party associate director ann marie says the closer to halloween they get the more these calls come in. >> people have called up asking for cats to take the halloween parties and they think i'll just bring you back tomorrow and it's like that library book that went missing years ago. we can't do that. animals should not be live props for anyone. >> too many times she's seen people take black cats to the halloween parade in the village but the cats get spooked. >> the cat will end up scratching you, getting off of it and disappearing in the cat again. >> whoever said black cats are bad luck? >> the only unlucky black cat
9:52 am
is the one that's adopted for halloween. >> channel 7 eye that. >> right? good for looking out. meantime it's super cat saw it day. >> but amy we should also note that tomorrow is big dog sunday and we will have a very special addition. >> the little precious. >> that michelle feels very special about. >> debut. >> i'm just teasing tomorrow debut of a dog within the eye witness family that will be on tv tomorrow. >> we've got a puppy. >> we ready for it. >> speaking of cats black cats they've got sampson already well at home here. snuggled up to the pumpkin and a little bit of sun that could warm you up. oscar you look great in your costume. frank sent this one in this morning, we've got a bunch going on at the pet nanny place watching channel 7 thanks for hanging out waiting for your picture and the paws up sent in
9:53 am
by kimberly via twitter we have mercedes what a cute little nose there. hash tag them super cat saturday. my twitter handle is amy freeze 7. you can also up load pet picks at abc 7 ny and share them with i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions... don't get me started on that. i didn't have to.
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th 9:55 right now and our top stories a rally and vigil are set for this morning in honor of fallen nypd officer randolph holder. >> eye witness news is live in east harlem with more. hi, marcus. >> reporter: rob and michelle that rally in memory of officer randolph holder going on right now at national action headquarters and then the reverend al sharpton will have a prayer vigil here later this morning. in the meantime police continue to search for additional suspects releasing this video tape yesterday of three individuals they would like to question in connection with the shooting that lead to the sequence of events that ended in the murder of officer holder. now there was a gun battle at the east river houses lead to a
9:56 am
chase over by the fdr drive and that's where police say 30 year old tyronne howard opened fire. killed. howard is now charged with the officer's murder. as we said there will be a vigil here scheduled for 11:30 outside of the psa5 where the memorial has been growing all week long. live in east harlem, channel 7 eye witness news. >> thank you marcus. eye witness news has just learned one person was killed in an overnight accident on the southern state parkway. investigators say a driver lost control of his car while traveling in the eastbound direction and the car crossed over the eastbound lanes, hit the metal divider, went into the air before hitting a car traveling the opposite direction. the driver in that first car was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. those inside the second car were hurt but not seriously. the stage is now officially set for the world series. the mets will meet the kansas city royals in kansas city
9:57 am
wrapped up their second straight american league, they outlasted the toronto blue jays and won the game last night 4-3 alcs. the royals now head to the straight year. both teams looking to end lengthy championship and the met of course won their last world series back in 86 and that's just one year after the but yes. underdogs is that what we're talking about? the whole series has been. >> look at the cubs? the royals were there last year, they've won three world series overall do you know what i mean? so let history be your guide but doesn't matter. best-of-seven, first two in kansas city and coming home for three and back out to kansas city if it goes that far. >> talk fast. >> okay. >> today we've got clouds increasing, temperatures in the
9:58 am
40s right now but going for a high of 57 in new york city this afternoon so there it is is the picture mostly cloudy and cool so layer up the accuweather seven day forecast, an early shower and 66. monday we start with sunshine 58 and then we have showers back in possibly tropical moisture connection wednesday and thursday for those. and it's a wrap according to mr. nelson. >> i know, thanks for being
9:59 am
>> i'm rob nelson for new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting


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