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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 24, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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touchb so, the buckeyes will have to run one more play. mild disappointment. they didn't protect that late shutout, but a very, very successful return to the starting quarterback position for j.t. barrett. bosa had a sack tonight. and the buckeyes will enjoy that calling. >> kirk: and i think for ohio tested. because the fans, the media, a lot of people are going to start to peek ahead, talk about the michigan state game and the michigan game at the end of the year, but i think their experience from a year ago will definitely help them keep their focus against teams that they should be expected to be able to take care of. >> chris: rutgers, you go to wisconsin and to michigan the next two games. you get nebraska. and they're going to be boararring a major surprise, struggling to get back to 6-6 and try to get bowl eligible here. and the heat, perhaps, will be
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turned up on kyle flood after a lopsided loss against the number one team here tonight. final ticks, seconds tick away. one final cannon shot. and it's 49-7 for urban meyer's team in his first visit to this stadium. all the buckeye playmakers got involved, including thomas, who had a big night. elliott, another 100-yard game. braxton miller had a big catch. touchdown run for jalin marshall. mentioned the sack for bosa. 528 yards total offense for urban meyer's team and he's with heather. >> heather: chris, thank you so much. urban, all week, really all season, everybody's been talking about your offense. so, let's shine the spotlight on your defense a little bit. minor blip in the last minute, but 59 minutes of some pretty great football. >> i thought they played great. i thought -- it's been coming. because our defense has been playing well.
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other than a couple big plays and we eliminated the big plays against a very good throwing team. i think in the second or third-ranked offense in the big ten, so, very pleased. >> heather: how could you describe the additional sort of elements that j.t. brought to the field tonight? >> i don't want to be unfair to cardale and i think j.t. was great. j.t. is a great leader, he's a great player and he made those around him better today. it was a good team win. >> heather: waiting for a smile. there's a smile. so, how much fun is it as a coach to be able to spread the wealth offensivery like ryly like you were tonight? >> well, you always want to get guys touches and i try to watch that. i'm glad zeke got 100 yards and mike thomas got 100 yards. i try to reward the warriors. they deserve to touch the ball. >> heather: coach, on a night where two unbeatens went down, you may not know this, utah and florida state both lost and your winning streak continues at 21. how would you describe the chemistry of this team? >> i love these kids.
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day and chance to go 9-0 is all 8-0 is. >> heather: i almost scripted that for you. coach, thank you. >> chris: meyer getting to 150 career wins against just 26 losses by far, the top active winning percentage and goes to 26-0 at ohio state in games october and november. back to heather with j.t. barrett. >> heather: j.t., describe what it is like, how much fun is it on a night when you have so much success to quarterback this team? >> it's really good. i mean, we kept it simple as an offense. i just try to do my best to get the ball to the play makers that we have on offense and we executed well on offense today, which was really good. >> heather: how could you describe how your perspective has changed this week moving from a red zone specialist to a starter? >> i mean, not really. i play -- starting quarterback last year. it wasn't really a big change or anything like that. now just making sure -- i was preparing well, but i mean, just
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a little bit more, watching film here and there, this and that before the game, so, i mean, nothing really changed. >> heather: kirk upstairs in the booth in the fourth quarter talked about how this felt like a turning point for this team. yes, you are undefeated, but it felt different. did it feel different to you? >> i think it was a turning point for us. we have to keep on pressing. got to keep on going. not get comfortable. but i think as an offense, as a team, we executed both sides of the ball, special teams, as well. i think it was good team win for us, but we know we can get better. that's the good thing about it. >> heather: congrats. enjoy it. >> appreciate it. >> chris: heather, thank you. indiana was a tough 0opponent for ohio state. maryland, they gave up 28, but we've seen a shift in gears against penn state and now rutgers in the last couple games. >> kirk: yep, and, you know, we talk so much about j.t. barrett and the offense. what's getting overlooked, i think, is the way this defense has been playing. and urban meyer just made a great point to heather. this rutgers offense, you could
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say whatever you want about their record. they've been scoring points on people. almost on every team they have played. tonight, they were control. they had a nice opening drive. other than that, ohio state put the clamps down. it's because of the way the defensive line has played in the man coverage they play on the outside. the reason i feel this is a turning point isn't just the 49-7 win over rutgers. it's because their guy, their leader is back on the field end executing this offense and leading this team and he is providing abilities to make a throwing. >> chris: you can call it a turning point. that go from pretty good to really, really good. still undefeated, still on november against michigan state and michigan. wrap up the cannon crew. only a couple of shots tonight for rutgers. plenty from ohio state. next saturday, 8:00 eastern on abc, the fighting irish visit philly and undefeated temple. looking forward to that one. hope you'll join us. for kirk and heather and our entire team here on the banks of
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the raritan, chris fowler saying good night from piscataway, the ford wrapup show coming up now and robert flores. all right, chris, thank you. welcome inside our college football studios. last week in ann arbor, it was michigan state that had the improbable win. this weekend, it is georgia tech and both coming via special teams. here we go. number nine florida state. going for the game-winning field goal. instead, it is blocked. and that's when lance austin does his thing. >> austin is returning it down the left sideline. >> he's got blocks. >> inside the 20 -- >> you got to be kidding me! >> and he scores! he scores! lance austin picked up the blocked kick and returned it all the way to the house and the north end zone! >> georgia tech radio on the call. seminoles suffering their first loss in 28 straight acc games. utah, previously undefeated.
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cody kessler to juju smith. usc rolls, 42-24. their first win against a top three team since 2006. staying in the pac-12, right now on espn, it is stanford with just one loss, but rolling. taking on washington. kevin hogan to austin hooper. right now, it's 14-0, cardinal, second quarter. also on the watch espn app. in the big 12, baylor beat iowa state despite scoring a season-low 45 points. their quarterback, seth russell, suffered a broken bone in his neck. he'll be re-evaluated later. they win, 45-27. lsu takes on western kentucky. third quarter. brandon harris, tyrone johnson. 61 yards for the score. tigers win it 48-20. leonard fournette, 150 yards and a touchdown. tigers are 7-0. couple of s.e.c. schools. tennessee and alabama.
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to alabama. touchdown. alabama wins it 19-14. miami. the hurricanes, bless their deshawn watson. here. waltzes in. clemson hands miami their worst loss in school history, 58-0. michigan state's connor cook, threw for 395 yards, three yards away from the school record. michigan state pucklls away from indiana, 52-26. hey, and the university of houston cougars remain undefeated. they won 59-10. hey, gameday, next month, memphis and houston from h-town. you should be there!
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teenagers shot and one is in critical condition tonight. hello everyone, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. police so far have not released details about the circumstances surrounding that shooting but we do know both victims, a male and female, are 16 years old. >> it happened near martin luther king drive and forrest street around 6:15 tonight. cefaan kim is outside jersey city medical center where doctors are treating both victims. >> 16-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl, both shot tonight, and now that young teenage girl is fighting for her life. they were both rushed to barnabus health where the young girl is now listed in critical condition. the boy we're told is stable. what's unclear is tonight. at this point there's answers. jersey city police say it happened around 6:15 tonight and forrest street. cops say that boy was shot in the shoulder. it's unclear when
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that teenage girl was struck but she's not doing well. a man claimed to be that boy's uncle. he would not say what started doing. he was too upset to speak with us. what's unclear is if the two victims even knew each other or if they were the intended targets. the the been released yet. as we learn more about this story, we'll bring those details to you. reporting live, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. a child is now among those who died after a suspected drunk driver crashed in to people at a parade. police say the car plowed in to spectators at the homecoming parade today. four people died including a child. 30 were hurt. >> we've got a car in the crowd.
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arrested 25-year-old chambers on suspicion of drunk driving. police describe the case as a homicide investigation. as for the homecoming football game, it went on, but it started with a mometd of silence. the american flag was lowered to half staff and the oklahoma state players knelt in prayer. the stadium is less than 3 blocks from the crash scene. a solemn vigil tonight in memory of a fallen police officer. the family of officer randolph holder gathered in richmond hill, queens this evening, an area known as little guyana to pray and remember the officer who was gunned down earlier this week. >> you need to hold that light higher. and say you know what, randolph deserved better than this. and we're going to give him better than this. >> earlier today a pagt plea
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from -- a passionate plea to the community in east harlem to end senseless violence. a.j. ross has the story. >> his loss is a loss to all of us. >> reporter: one of new york's finest gunned down in the very community he risked his life daily to serve. >> we stand with the officers as they grieve. >> reporter: prompted a passionate prayer vigil and call to action from reverend al sharpton. >> we wish all police were like him. and we wish all citizens would mourn him. >> reporter: while sharpton's organization has been extremely vocal against police brutality, he says their support of the police force has never wavered. >> we have been consistent in saying that anti-police brutality sad -- advocates are not anti-police. >> reporter: some gathered around this growing memorial sharing prayers, tears and condolences for his family.
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>> i just came to pay my support and let the family know that we're here. we're here for them. and it touched all of us. >> reporter: as detectives continue their search for the three men in this surveillance video wanted for questioning. members of the harlem community are hoping more people will step up and support the men and women in blue who protect and serve us all. >> i just hope this can bring us together now. let them see what this is doing to us. >> the police need help and we should do something for them instead of rallying against them. as you can see from this memorial, it's quite everything. >> reporter: as the outpouring continues even at this hour with people still stopping by, paying their respects, police are asking anyone who may have information on those three men call. 1-800-577-tips. a.j. ross, chan nel 7 eyewitness news. the public viewing for
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officer holder will take place next tuesday at the greater allen ame cathedral of new york in jamaica, queens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. funeral services will also be at that same church wednesday afternoon at 3:00. holder will be buried in his native guyana. new tonight, a man in upstate new york is accused of killing his mother and dumping her body in south carolina. police say charles cole strangled his 76-year-old mother betty cole at the pleasant valley motel where the family had been living. investigators say cole and his wife kept the victim's body in the hotel for nearly two months before driving to south carolina and leaving her remains in a wooded area. cole and his wife were arrested in poughkeepsie yesterday. the strongest hurricane ever in the western hemisphere tonight is just a low pressure system.
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hurricane patricia broke apart as soon as it made land fall, leaving behind minor damage and no deaths or injuries but now heavy rain from that system is drenching texas. some areas expect severe flooding. the storm even spawned a tornado. >> reporter: heavy rain sent floodwaters flowing across much of texas saturday. homes and farms were swamped by the rising tide which took out roads and highways leaving waterlogged cars barely visible above the flood line. >> all the road was washed out. >> reporter: this funnel cloud was spotted in harris county and strong winds took a heavy toll on buildings taking down fences, tearing up roofs, and showering the streets with debris. >> like the whole house just started to shake and i look out the window and all you saw was a whirlwind of trash. >> reporter: this was the view on galveston beach as storm clouds gathered. this train
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carrying cement derailed when it hit partially submerged tracks south of dallas. in corsicana, texas more than 16 inches of rain trapped residents in their homes, stranded drivers, and shut down interstate highways for miles. though hurricane patricia hit mexico as a massive category 5 storm, it apparently left little damage. now a much tamer tropical depression, patricia is moving toward the u.s. border. as precipitation from the storm moves in to texas, more rain is on the way, prompting houston's mayor to plead for caution. >> all of our first responders notice they may have to deploy. >> reporter: southeastern texas is bracing for more heavy rain with voluntary evacuation orders in some areas. a construction site in queens remains underwater one day after a water main break, a contractor ruptured a 20-inch water main yesterday flooding
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the site and surrounding neighborhood. the basements of nearby businesses filled with water and that damaged equipment and inventory. today businesses are open but things are not back to normal. >> so we lose the customers, we lose the building. and today we have no hot water at all. >> i've actually spoken to the person in charge of the construction site, spoke to the other neighbor businesses but nobody's really told us anything yet. >> business won't be back to normal until everything that was damaged has been repaired or replaced. >> no foul play is suspected at a fire that destroyed a historic synagogue in new jersey. police and fire officials in new brunswick said the fire appears to be accidental. they say it started on the first floor of the century-old building yesterday afternoon. investigators are still looking for the specific cause of the blaze. no one was hurt but the fire did destroy all but one of the congregation's torah scrolls. tomorrow morning the mets
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they'll take on the kansas city royals in the world series. today they practiced at citifield, the second day in a row they worked out on their management announced some pitching choices. laura behnke will have those names coming up in sports. eyewitness news is your mets station. we'll be with the team every step of the way as they head to the world series. happening tomorrow, gracie mang reopens to the public with a new focus on the city's past. mayor de blasio and chirlane mccray are hosting an open house to celebrate the renovation of the upper east side residence. the building features over 40 historic paintings, sculptures and documents. reservations for future tours can be made online. a recall tonight, whole foods warns about listeria in some deli food sold in local stores. >> a couple arrested for
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with their one-year-old daughter in tow. >> president obama wants to limit standardized testing in schools. >> meteorologist amy freeze in the accuweather center tonight. we have clear skies and the radar is still clear but we're tracking a front that will be
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a new jersey mother is behind bars tonight accused of bringing her daughter along on a major drug deal. they stopped queen arabia suggs and keith foster after a suspicious behavior complaint yesterday afternoon. detectives say the couple had 400 bags of heroin in their possession. they also had suggs' 1-year-old daughter with them. suggs and foster are now endangerment charges. the
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hundreds -- released to a family member. hundreds rallied to protest police brutality. activists want nationwide changes to police policy. the march was mostly peaceful. police reportedly arrested at least five people. the event was part of a series of protests and was planned before officer randolph holder was fatally shot in east harlem on tuesday. president obama says he's heard the criticism so he's now philosophy on standardized tests in schools. >> i also hear from parents who rightly worry about too much testing and from teachers who feel so much pressure to teach to a test that it takes the joy out of teaching and learning both for them and for the students. >> in a video released on facebook, the president named
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should only take high quality tests. standardized testing shouldn't take up too much classroom time, less than 2%. and tests should be just one source of information on how students are doing. movie star maureen o'mara has died. the irish-born actress received an honorary oscar just last year. with her red hair and green eyes, she attracted a lot of attention when films began being made in color and became known as the queen of technicolor. harris starred in many black and white films as well including the iconic christmas movie, "miracle on 34th street." she died at her home in idaho. maureen o'hara was 95 years old. whole foods is recalling 230 pounds of curryed chicken salad and deli pasta salad due to possible contamination. a sample tested positive for listeria bacteria. the salads were sold last week in stores in
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the northeast including new york, new jersey, and connecticut. the products were sold as wraps and in separate packaging as well. no illnesses have been reported. police officers are there to help anybody in need. today a different kind. a rescue when they found this injured hawk. >> live look outside. chilly temperatures tonight . could some rain showers interrupt the weekend as well? this is a story about doers, the artificial heart, electric guitars and rockets to the moon. it's the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. doers built this country. the dams and the railroads. john henry was a steel drivin' man hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states.
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there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at police officers found themselves acting as animal control officers today in brooklyn. a caller reported an injured hawk behind a building
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