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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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a grocery store worker shot and killed in the middle of the day. tonight, police search for the gunman and the reason behind the murder. but first -- [ music ] >> he give his life for us. he give his life to protect us. >> the love of her life gunned down in the line of duty. tonight, for the first time, we hear from the fiance of a fallen nypd officer. good evening, everyone, i'm sandra bookman. >> this weekend, a final goodbye to officer randolph holder. >> tonight, a celebration of his life and his dedication to serving the community. his fiance sat down with eyewitness news reporter, lucy yang.
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>> reporter: sandra, and joe, the official wake is later this week, but tonight, it was the guy in east wake, where the community rallies around the family, and tries to uplift them, in this, the most devastating time of their lives. they sang, and prayed, and celebrated the life of randolph holder. the 33-year-old new york city police officer who was killed in the line of duty last week. >> he was a very beautiful person. he saw the good in everyone. he was, you know, he loved his job. he wanted, actually, to be a detective. >> reporter: surrounded by the new york community, they paid tribute to this third generation officer. holder's father and grandfather served in ghana. >> proud of himself, and what
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example of a truly disciplined individual. >> reporter: finally found, 20 feet under the east river a .20 caliber semi automatic weapon. they believe this was the murder weapon, and they weren't going to rest until they found it. 100 officers could search methodically for key forensic evidence, as investigators build theircation against accused cop killer tyrone howard, the holder family is left with the heartbreaking task of saying farewell. >> i have no idea when he kissed me on tuesday and said i love you, i'll see you later, that that would be the last time i see him. >> reporter: now holder's fiance told me, she would like to organize a foundation, where used nypd gear and equipment could be sent to gianna. she believed that would be the perfect way to withhold his
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legacy across both countries. >> the public viewing for officer holder will take place tuesday in jamaica, queens from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. funeral services will also be held at the cathedral. that's wednesday afternoon at 3:00. holder will be buried in his native gianna. in part, because of officer holder's death, community activists want the police force to feel supported. they announce that njypd headquarters that support rallies be held simultaneously in every precinct in the city. organizers say this is all a gesture of respect. we are following breaking news out of canada this evening, where several people have died after a tour boat sank. officials say the whale watching boat went down in the waters off vancouver island
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about three hours ago. nearby water taxis helped to rescue passengers. however, authorities say at least three people did not survive. police and coast guard crews are still searching for more victims. police in new jersey, in jersey city have arrested a 15- year-old accused of shooting two other teenagers. detectives say the suspect lives in the same neighborhood where those two 16-year-olds night. one of them remains in critical the suspect was taken into custody earlier this evening and charged with attempted murder, assault, and weapons charges. it is still unclear if the victims were the intended targets of the attack. a search underway in the bronx tonight for a gunman who killed a grocery store worker in broad daylight. witnesses say the shooting stems from an argument inside the store on jerome avenue and fordham heights.
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mallory hof has the details. >> he was always in the store making sandwiches and stuff. never messed with nobody. it was just, unbelievable. >> reporter: police say the 46- year-old was shot once in the chest and once in the torso. the shots were fired inside a grocery store on jerome avenue in the fordham heights section of the bronx, just before 10:30 a.m. >> i looked at him as a family member of my own. >> reporter: a close friend says the grocery employee moved to the bronx from santo domingo. police say that person likely took off in a grey chrysler sedan. investigators have not said if the shooting was captured on surveillance video. >> for that to happen you know, it was kind of messed up. >> reporter: now as investigators search for answers, neighbors mourn the
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in the fordham heights section of the bronx, mallory hof. eyewitness news. a death at a college homecoming parade. >> the driver tonight now charged with four counts of second degree murder. police say 25-year-old adacia chambers plowed into a crowd at oklahoma state university homecoming parade yesterday. injured. chambers was initially facing a charge of driving under the influence. her lawyer says he country believe she was intoxicated. >> she only remembers from what was communicated with me, the end of the crash, people removing her from the car, shards of glass being everywhere, and her being extremely confused while at the same time, trying to maintain the ability to cooperate. >> reporter: three adults and a 2-year-old child died in that crash. the number of critically hurt now stands at 4. new jersey governor chris christie apologizes after apparently making too much
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the governor's office says christy accidently took a seat in the quiet area on the estella express from washington, d.c. to new york this morning. witnesses say he was speaking loudly on his phone, and was asked to leave. but aides say he left once he realized his mistake. a fellow passenger posted pictures on instagram of christie departing. t minus two days and counting until the mets begin their quest for a world series championship and the team's first title in 15 years. they get ready for the best of seven game series against the league champion royals. >> reporter: for the second year in a row, the world series pays a visit to kansas city. this time around though, mets are right in the thick of it. today, the amazens took their next step in the title the mets boarded buses at citi
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airport, where they then took off for kansas city. once they arrived, the crew went straight to kauffman stadium, where they held their first workout on the field where the world series will begin on tuesday with game 1. first up, we've still got tomorrow, another workout, followed by media day and both the mets and royals get going. games 1 and 2 will be on the road for the mets before the teams arrive at citi field for up on friday. coming up in sports, we will hear from the mets less than 48 hours before the world series gets underway. >> my bad, the mets haven't won it it since '86. governor cuomo shows his faith in the nets with a bet against governor jay nixon of missouri. there's also a personal stake. the losing governor must wear the winning team's jersey for an entire day of work. cuomo appears confident,
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going to look great in blue and orange. pep rallies for the mets are scheduled for tomorrow. the queensboro visit from 3:00 until 5:00 p.m. then at 5:00, this one on long island, in executive and legislative building. the dome there will be lit in mets orange and blue. don't forget, eyewitness news is your mets station. we'll be with the team every step of the way as the amazens take on the kansas city royals in the world series. still to come on eyewitness news at 11:00, a shooting at a house party in queens sends two people to the hospital. the latest on their condition, as investigators try to figure out what sparked the gunfire. >> plus, inside the raid on an isis prison. a raid that freed dozens of hostages, but ended with the death of an american soldier. >> officials disqualify the winner of a high school cross
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help a struggling runner across the finish line. >> we're crisp and quiet out there, but eventually, we have
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new at 11:00, police in new jersey arrested two men accused of a violent robbery invasion, inside a home. it happened in garfield, about 12:30 yesterday morning. prosecutors say 22-year-old xavier epps and tymell white
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force the their way into a house at gunpoint, and forced ground. they allegedly sexually assaulted one before stealing cash, cell phones, and other electronics. police are still searching for a third suspect. a super soaker down south. more than 20 inches of rain coming down in the bible belt, rescues. they derailed train cars. mile-per-hour winds and 10-foot waves caused an empty tanker to run aground. the water is draining in most parts of texas. but flash flood watches remain in effect to the florida border. that far east. new video tonight of a raid on an isis compound in iraq that freed dozens of hostages, but cost an american soldier his life. the pentagon released the video, capture bid helmet cameras during a raid on a
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militant camp in northern iraq last week. master sergeant, joshua wheeler died during the mission. today, defense secretary ash carter praised the highly decorated commander. isis was planning a mass execution. >> we have now heard from rescued hostages. they expected to be executed that day. after morning prayers. they're graves had already been prepared. >> government officials say 70 captives were freed, and isis intelligence was seized during the raid. sergeant wheeler's body returned to the u.s. yesterday. former british prime minister tony blair is acknowledging the u.s. led invasion of iraq in 2003 is partly responsible for the immergence of isis. but in an interview with cnn, blare insists toppling iraqi dictator saddam hussein was the right thing to do. isis now controls a large area
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of iraq. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 11:00, an 18- month-old syrian boy found alive, floating in the aegean sea. >> why the new york city police union wants you to boycott quentin tarantino's films. just ahead. >> and a live look outside on this sunday night. meteorologist geoff smith gets you ready for the workweek with a look at the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we are taking you mile by mile, introducing you to some of the new yorkers that you're going to find along the course. >> mile 6 kiwanis. kiwanis has a rich history of the home of dutch settlers in
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it saw the battle of long island in the revolutionary war. >> the marathon is sunday, it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. coming off a nice weekend, and a cooler start to the week. >> much needed rainfall by the middle part of the week. we're going to head outside. it's a clear night out there. a very nice air mass coming in from canada right now. a little bit cool. we get temperatures falling into the 40s, and it will go down to 30s, north and west of the city. but we had a nice afternoon today, after that little bit of rainfall we got earlier this morning.
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temperature right now, 52, that wind, northwest 17, still gusting up to 25 miles per hour. so that does make it feel a little bit cooler. you definitely need to dress in some layers. look at the high on the day. we did manage to get up to 68 degrees at one point this afternoon. the normal high is 61. so a full 7 degrees above that. 79 was your record in 1963. only .05 inches of rainfall during the day today. closer to a quarter inch in parts of the hudson valley. sun coming up 7:18 tomorrow morning. we did get up to 70 at newark. not showing it on the map, but did get up to 70 at jfk airport. 65 was your high at islip. following in the low 50s in and around new york city. but north and west, well down into the 40s, places like monticello and poughkeepsie. 41 and 42 respectively. low 50s on the island and down shore. the clouds lingered until about midday. then we really broke out into nice sunshine.
11:21 pm
that helped to spike temperatures into the upper 60s. and in some cases, low 70s. but the party is about to come to an end, because we have this system, which is partially the remnants of patricia. that hurricane that slammed into mexico, causing a lot of flooding flooding rainfall over parts of texas. baton rouge, louisiana has had over 9 inches of rainfall so far from this system. this storm coming into the pacific northwest is actually going to grab it and accelerate it more to the northeast, toward our direction by the middle part of the week. also, it's going to skim past kansas city, where the first game of the world series is being played on tuesday. i think during the day tuesday, they will get a little bit of rain, but by game time it should have cleared out. mostly sunny during the day tomorrow around here. 56, could be high clouds at times as we head into tuesday. clouds will increase with that system gradually moving off to the north and east, and we do get into heavier downpours during the day on wednesday. here's your accuweather forecast. mostly clear.
11:22 pm
colder, down to 44 in the city. 30s and many of the suburbs, clear to partly cloudy at 7:00 a.m. temperatures still in the low to mid-40s. we're mainly sunny tomorrow. could be some high clouds at times. of 56 for a high. so a full 10 to 12 degrees cooler than it was today. clear and partly cloudy tomorrow night. down to about 43. clouds increasing on tuesday. closer to the 60-degree mark. periods of rain on wednesday beginning late morning, lasting right through the afternoon, into the evening. could be at least an inch of rain with that situation, that's needed rainfall though, 66. it's a breezy blend of sun and clouds on thursday. could be an early shower, especially north and east. then we clear things up, north of 70. check out friday, saturday, sunday. upper 50s for some big events going on here in new york city. of course the mets back home at that point. and oh, yeah, the marathon next sunday. looks like perfect weather for all of those things, and halloween too for that matter. >> got a lot going on. >> don't we also change the clocks as well? so busy. we are calling this rivalry
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sunday in the national football league. at least in new york for the giants and the jets. big blue hadn't beaten the cowboys in three years. today, finally getting their chance against banked up dallas
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it's always good when these two play. the big blue, and big d. >> five losses over nearly three years. the giants had a major skid to end today, as they look for their first win over the rival cowboys since 2012. luckily for the giants, dallas still without tony romo. this afternoon at the meadowlands, trying to hand them a fourth straight loss. the first touchdown goes to orleans darqua. they led 13-10 at the break. football. matt cassel, the quarterback.
11:26 pm
drc had two interceptions on the day, cassel turned it over three times, but he had great throw here in the 4th to devin street. that tied the game, but the ensuing kickoff, the giants have about had enough with this game. specifically, dwayne harris. he wants it to be over. he goes 100 yards for the go ahead score. it's the first time big blue has scored on offense, defense, and with a kick return since 1951. 27-20. the giants hang on. >> to get the kickoff return was at that point in time was really exciting. of course, dwayne's been waiting for that, for the previous six games as well. and he reminded me of that. >> you have kickoff returns. you have turnovers, interceptions returned for touchdowns. sometimes you don't get the ball all that often, but we will take those points any day of the week. the jets came in at 4-1. their best start since 2009.
11:27 pm
all of that set up a battle for first place today as the jets look to hand the pats their first loss of the season when they met in foxborough. field goals until the 2nd quarter, when new york found the end zone first. new england had to respond. they always do. tom brady on 4th down, that tied things up. the pats would lead at the half. here come the jets in the 3rd. fitzpatrick, hooking up with chris ivory. 9yards, and the jets take the lead. the patriots enter the 4th trailing. retaking the lead. they just added to it. the jets left him all alone. he made them pay. the jetteds tried to make things interesting at the end, just didn't have enough in the tank. the pats 4-0, the jets 4-2. >> they played better situational football than we did. >> we fought, they fought hard as well, we knew what kind of
11:28 pm
game it would be. >> we put in the effort every day, not just on sunday. we can't really take any moral victories for it. a loss is a loss. >> much more ahead in sports when we return. we're headed to the world series, or at least the site of the world series, because the
11:29 pm
11:30 pm
and just look that, it's gotten real for the mets in this world series run. tonight, they're in kansas city, will they will begin the fall classic with game 1 in less than 48 hours. this evening, they hit the field at kauffman stadium. the mets have had plenty of time to rest and prepare for the world series after sweeping the cubs last week in the nlcs. that made things seem almost easy this october. easy as a title run can be so far. >> you're thinking, this can't be, you know, going like this. something's got to happen. you're kind of waiting for, you know some of those speed bumps, which, we've experienced plenty of the last few years. >> also today, the americaning league champions took the field. the royals continuing preparations for their second appearance. kc came out on the losing end
11:31 pm
so they feel they have some unfinished business. last night, the rangers stumbled in a shootout in philly, but there was no time to dwell tonight, right back on the ice. this time in the garden of a second weekend back-to-back. the blue shirts hosting calgary in their bounce back attempt. oscar lindbergh, his fifth goal of the season. the kid is on fire. less than 5 minutes later, dan girardi with his first goal of the season. that let the blue shirts take the lead from there. derrick broussard taking top shelf be, new york city goes on to roll. 3-1 to the revolution at yankee stadium. the red bulls also played their final regular season game with the win they'd lock up their second straight supporter shield, and thanks to a pair of goals from bradley wright phillips and sasha phelps, they did just that clinching the best record in the nls. they'll take it it.
11:32 pm
but they have unfinished business as well. >> they want the trophy that comes at the end. >> the real trophy. next, on eyewitness news at 11:00, a panic takes over at a house party in queens when bullets fly, leaving two people critically injured. >> plus, say no to tarantino? why a new york city police department called for a boycott of quentin tarantino films.
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we just received new images of three men wanted for questioning in the murder of a grocery store worker in the bronx. police also released video of a vehicle connected to the shooting. investigators say a gunman opened fire inside the store on jerome avenue in fordham heights just after 10:00 this morning. the victim has not been identified. after days of searching the east river, divers recover the gun believed to be the weapon used to kill nypd officer randolph holder. that gun will now undergo testing. topping our news this half hour, two men injured after a shooting at a party in queens. >> someone advertised the party on social media. soon, the house in bayside became overcrowded and the fun turned to chaosy gunshot rang
11:36 pm
out. >> like everyone freaked out i was going up to the stairs to see what was happening. when the gunshots happened everyone just started tackling downstairs. i fell. >> reporter: frankie describing a house party in bayside that turned suddenly violent sunday morning. two men were shot, both critically wounded. covered with signs of mayhem. broken bottles and beer cups littering the front lawn. he says he found out about the party on instagram. so there were several groups of people who did not know each other. >> i was going upstairs to see the fight. i just hear gunshots. oh, i just start going down, and everyone is tackling to get out of the way. >> inside or outside? >> i heard two inside, then i heard some more outside. >> reporter: cops say it was just after midnight when gunshots rang out. party goers say men were charged $20 at the door. women got in for free. according to police, the shooter were the waiting for
11:37 pm
his two victims outside. year-old man. both shot in their stomachs. police say many party goers were underage. neighbors say the homeowner was home during the party, but did not wish on camera and had little to say to us. the home own's daughter at the party, to tell her mother she was sorried, but was not allowed back inside. moments later, police arrested her along with her boyfriend charged with domestic dispute for an argument on the corner. >> surprised. i don't even know how can one family rent for a party. >> reporter: the biggest question is what sparked this dispute. police say that is still under investigation. in bay side saffon kim.
11:38 pm
calling for a boycott of quentin tarantino movies after the director took part in a protest against police brutality, less than a week after an officer was killed on the job. he called the oscar winner, a cop hater, who quote makes a living glorifying crime and violence. tarantino said the timing of yesterday's rally was unfortunate, but said many people had traveled to new york city to attend the event. can gun violence be reduced? while two famous relatives are renewing their approach to do just that. comedian amy schumer and her cousin, charles schumer want changes to federal gun laws. background check loopholes, making background checks more effective and stopping the movement of illegal guns. >> i know the tweets i get say people's guns. i'm saying if you're a violent criminal, a domestic violence
11:39 pm
ill, you will not be able to purchase a gun. >> the schumers first teamed up on gun violence in august after the deadly shooting at a showing of amy schumer's movie, ""trainwreck"" in louisiana. fire marshals in bronx continue their investigation into a fire that injured four people. authorities say the fire started in the back of a laundromat and spread to an ajoining deli. more than 100 firefighters responded, and kept the flames from spreading. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. one civilian was seriously injured. now to the migrant crisis overseas. a little boy, only a year and a half old became separated from his mother after their small boat sank. >> reporter: two turkish fishermen approach what they
11:40 pm
fearing the worst until they here its tiny cry. revive him. a miraculously surviving five hours in the water, alone, separated from his mother after their boat capsized in the aegean sea. thousands of refugees have drowned, making the same harrowing journey. the journey to europe, youngest. as we saw in croatia. >> and how about for the baby, any food, any water, formula? >> reporter: he says she has had nothing today. but little mohammed is one of the lucky ones. his mother, thanking them with tears of gratitude. saying you gave him a new life. washington. small changes to roman catholic teaching coming from
11:41 pm
bishops at the family synod. today at the vatican, pope francis spoke about showing mercy to refugee families. the synod's report reflects his continued emphasis on mercy, but making the church more welcoming to devoid catholics and those divorced. it's still unclear if divorced people without annulment can take communion. in manhattan, an open house at gracie mansion earlier today. mayor de blasio and his wife welcomed visiters to the residence. the mansion has reopened with a new art exhibition, peeturing items that reflect the city's diverse history. paintings, documents and sculptures have been donated by museums and cultural institutions. with the new york city marathon just a week away. there is still a lot of work to do. today in central park, construction crews were hard at
11:42 pm
temporary building just steps from the finish line. the marathon pavilion will host pre-race events. 7:00 a.m. you can see the tcs new york city marathon right here november 1. special live coverage gets underway at 7:00 a.m. coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00, an alarming discovery at a south carolina home. deputies uncover an arsenal of up to 1,000 stolen guns. >> and a walk on someone steals a man's collection of rare "star wars" memorabilia, worth tens of thousands of dollars. >> and a live look outside
11:43 pm
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a south carolina man is behind bars after police say they found thousands of stolen guns on his property. police say 51-year-old brent nicholson had more than 7,000 guns in his home and warehouse. that stash of weapons was discovered when deputies were
11:46 pm
friday. authorities say most of the firearms are stolen. hunting clubs. it's unclear what nicholson planned to do with the arsenal. a man in vancouver hopes thieves who stole his collection of "star wars" memorabilia will turn away from the dark side and have a change of heart. someone broke into richard bates home and stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of "star wars" selectables. the items were collected over a lifetime. bates suggests the upcoming release of the next film played a role in the crime. >> i'm sure it was a perfect time to steal my stuff and sell it. the better part of my savings was wrapped up in these things.
11:47 pm
do not, there is no try. >> the crime is under investigation. fossils from a prehistoric extinct reture have been washing up on some beaches in north carolina. the teeth, as big as a hand reportedly come from the megaladon, that's a giant shark- like creature that swam the coast. beachgoers say it's not something that happens every day. >> felt like i was a lottery winner or something. i'm the first one to touch mouth. i could have gotten a million happier. >> experts believe drudging for beach nourishment has likely unearthed these fossils.
11:48 pm
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this busy, busy, busy week ahead of us, weather is going to cooperate, it looks like. >> lots of busies in there. i realize i forgot something, and lauren mentioned, we're turning the clocks back next saturday night at 2:00 a.m. that's in addition to halloween. >> you didn't have enough to do. >> the we're going to stand back, and just let you cover the stuff. because the weather is going to cooperate as we head into next weekend. in the meantime, we do have heavier rain on the way, the middle part of this upcoming week. we're looking up toward the brooklyn bridge in lower manhattan. the wind coming in pretty brisk. miles per hour. yeah, we got a little bit of rainfall earlier this morning. just enough to kind of dampen the ground out there. .05inches in the park. closer to a quarter inch at the
11:51 pm
41 at monticello. temperatures temperatures in mid- to low 50s down shore and toward long island. we zoom things out, and there's a lot of rain, a lot of water to our south and west right now over the mid-south. there's been a lot of flooding over parts of texas, and louisiana, about 9 inches of rain in baton rouge, louisiana, during the day today. this whole system is gradually working its way off to the north and east. some of the highest clouds from the storm system can reach into our area during the day tomorrow, even though it's going to be a mainly sunny day, there could be high, thin, cirrus clouds out there. we're going to track it all for you on the future cast starting right now. as we head into the day on tuesday, around here, you'll notice just some clouds increasing. kansas city, where the mets are playing in the world series, game 1, now, of course that's tuesday evening. during the day tuesday, in kansas city, we do have some rainfall around. i think by game time, things
11:52 pm
rains just knocking on our door from the south and west. then that overspreads the region during the day on wednesday. in the meantime, lows getting down to 44 in the park. highs tomorrow, getting back up to about 56. that is below normal for this time of the year, and a good 10 to 12 degrees cooler than it was during the day today. so be prepared to layer up. mostly cool, colder tonight, we're down into the 30s in the northern and western suburbs. about 44 in mid-town. a mainly sunny day tomorrow. could be high, thin, cirrus clouds. periods of rain wednesday from late morning on. then we do try to clear things out on thursday. up near 70ers before we cool saturday, sunday. really, no weather worries, as we head into next weekend. cool and crisp, and very much like late october. >> it's the it temperatures though. >> we'll take it. thank you geoff. it's not often you see
11:53 pm
athletes helping out their competition. >> that's what a high school student in iowa did when he saw a fellow runner in distress. the act was sportsmanship may have cost him the race, but he says it was always worth it. >> reporter: it's a moment that did not last long. zach hogland was hanging out near the finish line, when he spotted a rival, gary hintsle of minneapolis going down. >> he looked dehydrated. i yelled, is anything going to help him? no one said or did anything. i jumped in alongside him, and gave him a push toward the finish line. >> reporter: he never imagined what would come less, a disqualification. the rule says you cannot aid or help another runner. the officials held firm. >> the human being, he was
11:54 pm
really hurting really bad. >> reporter: the iowa athletic association uses rules from a national federation. bud leg of the isiaa said he can't change saturday's ruling it was the proper call, and his hands are tied. >> there is no wiggle room. it's an unfortunate occurrence, but the official, or the association is not bigger than the wording of the rule. >> reporter: the team hopes the rule will be changed in the future, but that would have to come from the national federation. still, that's a bitter pill to swallow for a kid just striaing -- trying to do the right thing. >> i knew i just wanted to be a good sport about it. >> a true example of sportsmanship and character. he will always remember winning that race and doing the right thing. >> reporter: hintson, who was treated and removed from the hospital with dehydration, will be on hand.
11:55 pm
chances for state for helping me there. he's a pretty good guy for doing that. that's amazing. glue can't just let the guy just suffer there. >> obviously the story made air, so he wins. >> yes, he wins. great job. thank you for staying up with us. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe torres. for all of us here at eyewitness news. thanks for joining us. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 make it a great night everybody. can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment.
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