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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:59pm EDT

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the minivan driven a male driver was the only person in the ford taurus. the minivan had the stop sign. >> i seen the car flipped over, and he had stuff laid out in the street. i believe this is where the kid was ejected from the car. >> emergency crews rushed to get the children out. their ages range from 6 to 16, a 10-year-old child died. >> then i saw a person on a stretcher being put in an ambulance, and i got to tell you, i see -- i've lived here for quite a while. i see in the spring, summer and fall generally about four accidents a month at this corner. >> police are interviewing who may have seen what happened. it was 7:20 this morning when there would have been lots of activity at plainfield high school which sits on one corner. >> reporter: and of course all of the victims were taken to local hospitals. no names have been released yet from police so we do not have the updates on their conditions.
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>> toni thank you. breaking news on the investigation into the death of nypd officer randolph holder. police now say that the gun found in the harlem river has been linked to the officer's death. the gun was found early yesterday morning. investigators say that ballistics testing has tied the weapon to suspect tyrone howard. howard is accused of shooting officer holder in east harlem tuesday night. meanwhile at officer holder's precincts, psa5 in east harlem, mourners continue to pay memorial. scene. viewing services will begin firefighters rescued a woman whose car went through a fence and plunged 30 feet down yonkers. news copter 7 was over the scene there. police say an elderly woman somehow lost control of her car, then plowed through a fence on a road above that pit. the car landed on its roof in there, in that construction pit.
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they say she suffered a head injury and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. no word on what caused her to lose control. new details on a fire that tore through a condominium complex in new jersey. police say a woman died in the fire that started around 4:30 this morning in bridge water. the name of the victim has not been released. officials say rescue crews found her unconscious inside one of the condo units. eight units were damaged in the fire. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. a service has been fully restored on the long island railroad after a fire alarm forced crews to evacuate jamaica station. the alarm went off triggering the fire suppression system. there were chemicals in that system. the mta staff that runs the system was forced out. >> it is a good thing that the lirr service is restored because lots of fans may be depending on them to get to two big rallies today. >> yes, we are one day away from the world series kicking
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off in kansas city. mets fans will be fired up at two pep rallies cheering the amazins on to victory. >> kala rama is in kew gardens where all the fun starts at 3 p.m. kala, what do they have planned we want to know. >> shirleen, people get a ton of free swag, especially if you're one of the first 500. you get something special from the mets. i'm not going to give it away just yet. as you can see they're just starting to set up. these balloons just came in. all the decor, all the swag you're going to see here today has been donated by local businesses, if you are coming down queens boulevard will be shut down, all the westbound lanes until 6 can tonight. >> i'm a diehard mets fan, always been a mets fan since i was a child. >> vernon gibson wears his team on his sleeve literally.
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helmets decked out in mets colors and there's special meaning behind it. >> the significance of the hat is to never forget 9/11. i remember those firemen that passed away when the two towers went home and they're my heroes. >> gibson has been waiting for his team to shine for the past 15 years. this past season the mets have been putting in their work, and he called it. >> the mets are going to the world series. a lot of my friends didn't believe me. co-workers laughed at me. now i'm laughing at them. >> we've picked up a lot of mets fans. it hasn't been locked. it's been a great team, great pitching staff, great players who are out there fighting the fight. >> queensboro president is rolling out the red carpet for fans with a ton of freebies. >> free t-shirts, the mets are giving out 500 t-shirts to the first 500 people here today. we have food tasting, beer tasting all for free.
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>> the mets are in kansas city getting their second workout in before tomorrow's game. the team said they can feel the love from queens more than a thousand miles away. >> reporter: and i could feel the love, too. this is one of those events where you make a lot of new friends right guys, go mets? >> oh, yeah, let's go mets >> you're going to love the decor, all the free stuff. today's rally kicks off at 3:00. live in queens, channel 7 eyewitness news. go mets >> let's go mets. >> thank you kala. if you want to join the rally in queens, head to borough hall at 3:00 at 12055 queens boulevard in kew gardens, then at 5 outside the executive and elective building on franklin avenue in minneola. the dome will be lit in mets orange and blue. governor andrew cuomo, queens native himself showing his faith for the mets through a friendly wager. cuomo bet an assortment of new york food and products against a similar batch of items from missouri.
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on the line a purchase bayingers from junior's bagels factory in queens and barbecue from the famous gates bbq in kansas city. the losing governor must also wear the winning team's jersey for an entire day. no word on a bet between the opposing city mayors. and stay with eyewitness news for coverage of the mets in the world series. we are with the amazins every step of the way as they take on the kansas city royals. and now to a milestone at the jersey shore, the town of belmar is welcoming back its last two families displaced by superstorm sandy. the town started a fund-raising campaign back in february to raise the money needed to finish repairs on krista sperbur and theresa keith's homes. both their families have been displaced since sandy made landfall three years ago. the campaign brought in $240,000 in cash, material labor. >> developing at noon, a
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struck afghanistan. the epicenter of the 7.5 tremor in the northern part of the nation bordering several other countries. india. around 200 people in afghanistan and pakistan have reportedly been killed. that number may go up. at least 800 people definitely hurt, some of them killed cover. buildings have been leveled. power outages hundreds of miles. remnants of hurricane patricia are pounding the south this noon, heavy rains have sparked flash flooding in several communities are under water. elizabeth hur is live in new orleans with more. elizabeth. >> reporter: shirleen, here in new orleans, it has been raining on and off throughout the morning, but it was the heavier wind and rain overnight that left thousands in this area without power and the reason why officials are now watching these rivers and
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coastal communities closely. >> torrential rain across louisiana overnight, more than 8 inches falling with winds reaching 80 miles per hour, a tornado touching down and injuring an elderly woman. in texas, winds still strong they caused this empty tank tore run around, two reported tornadoes near houston also left a path of destruction. >> and i look out the window and all you saw was a whirlwind of trash. >> the lone star state is still rainfall. there were at least 75 rescues south of dallas alone including this elderly man and his dog trapped in his truck and in houston this man stuck in neck high water swimming to find a submerged vehicle. >> i stood there and watched my car slowly disappear. in san antonio rescuers rushed to save a man swept more than a mile through a storm drain. >> you can imagine crashing along the walls in there. it was a wild ride for him. >> forceful flood waters knocked this freight train on
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all of this from the remnants of patricia, the strongest hurricane on record in the eastern pacific with winds peaking at 245 miles per hour, powerful enough to flip this truck over. >> and we are now learning there was one weather related fatality here in louisiana. according to local officials a man was killed when he lost control of his car during the storm. that is the situation here live in new orleans, i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. back to you. >> thank you elizabeth. this storm could impact us later this week, meteorologist bill evans is in the weather center. bill. >> that's right, and it might actually put a shower on the baseball game tomorrow night in kansas city. we'll show you here on the accuweather radar. it's going to slowly make its way to us by wednesday. we're going to talk about that
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forecast, so don't go away. >> thank you. plus new details about a whale watching disaster, at least five killed when a boat sinks off the coast of canada. how did this happen. and could eating a burger at lunch be as dangerous as smoking. we have new information ab caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
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rescue teams are searching for one person still missing after a deadly boating disaster in western canada. 27 people were on board the whale watching boat when it sank off the coast of vancouver island yesterday. five people did not survive. all the victims are british citizens. officials say ocean conditions were calm when the boat
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capsized. we'll have the latest on the search and the investigation at 12:30. a new video emerging from the raid on an isis compound, at coalition air strike destroyed the compound. the operation that rescued the people being held inside. the one american casualty delta force team leader hosh wheeler. he is the first american to die in the fight against isis. the united auto worker union and general motors have a tentative contract agreement, the deal avoids a strike for now. the uaw had set a deadline of midnight last night to reach a new agreement or go on strike. union leaders will meet in detroit wednesday to vote on that deal. if it is approved, union members will then vote. a new report released today suggests a link between red of cancer. we've heard this before. this is the latest one. the report from the world health organization says eating
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processed meat like hot dogs, bacon, corned beef can increase the risk of colon and prostate cancer. the processed meat contains certain types of carcinogens. abc's dr. richard besser says the key is in how the food is prepared and how much is consumed. >> you want to switch from red meat and fish and poultry and lane forms of meat. when you're cooking your meat, instead of charcoal grilling go with broiling, baking, those things will not release some of the chemicals. >> the meat industry says there is no connection between red meat consumption and cancer. new jersey governor chris christie has apologized after apparently making too much noise on an amtrak quiet car. christie accidentally took a seat in the quiet area on the ascella express from washington d. c. to new york sunday morning. witnesses say he was speaking loudly on his phone and was asked to leave the car.
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aides say he left once he realized his mistake. a fellow passenger posted pictures on instagram of christie departing. >> there are cell phones everywhere to capture every embarrassing moment. >> very true. danger on the football field, another high school player dies over the weekend. this the seventh this season. we'll tell you about the potentially life saving recommendations from doctors. >> plus a package delivery turned into a criminal investigation. we'll show you what happened next. >> let's take a live look outside, meteorologist bill
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ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. today is a chance to sign gracie mansion. mayor bill de blasio and first lady hosting a halloween family gathering friday and saturday. over the weekend, new york's first family welcomed some visitors to the redecorated residence. you can go to the halloween celebration if you have children between the ages of 5 and 10, but you will need a ticket. signups started at noon and runs until 10 p.m. just head over to or call 311. winners will find out tomorrow if they're the lucky ones to get in. gracie mansion's such a classic
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great building, perfect for a little halloween fun. >> i drove my boat by it yesterday, and the backup is totally redone. looks like a pumpkin, a giant jack-o-lantern. >> that thing's going to be great. >> we have a lot of weather to talk about on a very important week of weather. i don't know if we'd have to think back for a while. this is a week where we have a lot going on this week in a lot of places. here's what's happening at noontime, check out the water taxis, they are working it here up and down the east river. you can see the sea streak coming up and down taking folks back and down over towards the jersey side coming around to the south street seaport and back and forth from brooklyn. it's a great day for that. it's a really nice day outside. wind. it's almost glass here on the 50%, temperature 52 degrees. this is cool, this is nice, a light north wind. look at the pressure. you talk about strong high 30.47. that's really strong high pressure. the barometer way up there.
12:19 pm
normal high is 61. we'll be just under that today, and the sun will set around 6:00. so we are looking at some very nice seasonable weather through tomorrow with a gradual increase in clouds late in the day. rain on wednesday, could be heavy enough for a little flooding. i think particularly on roads and highways, streams and creeks and rivers and things are so low because october has been abnormally dry. i think it will be a flooding problem in low lying areas. a warm thursday and some great classic fall weather coming up for this weekend, which all kinds of stuff is going on. poughkeepsie, 52. kingston 52. carmel right there, putnam county, 52, 55 around west orange, the urban areas of new jersey, white plains, rocklin county and down the jersey shore, 55 coastal connecticut. eastern end of long island, 12 miles an hour wind, 13 down here toward monmouth county and belmar w. that northerly wind pushing clouds south or holding them off for the most part,
12:20 pm
it's clouds really associated a frontal boundary and this is patricia. it could put a shower into kansas city where -- that's kansas city right there. you see it's right on the edge just before game time, but then you see on wednesday we have whole batch of rain coming through here. it's mostly sunny, also cooler than yesterday. tonight it's clear to partly cloudy, 45 in the city and the upper 30s to mid-30s. a few clouds tomorrow afternoon. we're right at 61 which is our normal high temperature this time of the year. this is all good. we get some much needed rain on wednesday, an inch, maybe a little more, some local spots might get two by the end of the day, and then, well, it's just going to have some nice breaks of warm sunshine on thursday, and then friday, saturday, sunday, some great great weather for baseball, each day friday, saturday and sunday, great weather for halloween and great weather for the marathon. >> so much going on, that one weekend,. >> you don't have to wear a
12:21 pm
>> we're due for a couple of good ones. >> very important. >> thank you bill. >> all right. do you know how fast your internet connection is. we'll tell you why new york's attorney general says you may not be getting what you pay for.
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it's time for caught on camera. this starts out as a regular package delivery in california. the driver drops a box at the front door, but look at what happens next. a u-haul pulls up to the home and a crook grabs the package for himself and takes off. the homeowner says this must be one of the dumbest criminals ever because he has signs around his house saying smile, you're being videotaped. >> oh, boy. a two-hour police chase ended without an arrest in southern california. the suspect took off after a routine traffic stop and is wanted on charges of making criminal threats. police chased him across ten different freeways at speeds of more than 80 miles per hour. at one point, the driver took a turn the wrong way down a side street and almost crashed head on into another vehicle. investigators lost sight of him nearly two hours after the chase started, and they continue to search for him. david.
12:24 pm
vision may not be delivering on promises of super fast internet connections. the new york state attorney general's office says the service may be slower than advertised. the state investigation shows your premium price blazing speed can disappear when one company's service passes through another company's wires and infrastructure. that's something to consider. >> much more news ahead in our next half hour. the latest on the investigation of a slain officer. police getting ready for a news conference after a dive team recovered a gun in the east river. also how one community is honoring a new jersey trooper who died when his cruiser struck a deer. >> and a little boy getting an amazing opportunity today after his life.
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with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . you're watching new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen allicot and meteorologist bill evans, now eyewitness news continues. >> our top stories this afternoon, mets fans gearing up series. there will be pep rallies held in queens and on long island today. tomorrow game 1 against the royals. look for live coverage from kansas city later on eyewitness news. a horrible crash has claimed the life of a 10-year- old in new jersey. it happened near a school this morning in plainfield. we are told a minivan filled with children flipped after colliding with a car. the 10-year-old in the minivan
12:28 pm
died. seven other people ages 6 to 16 were hurt. the accident happened on a side street outside the plainfield board of education complex. hello, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. we have breaking news on the investigation into the death of nypd officer randolph holder. police now say that the gun found in the harlem river has been linked to the officer's death. >> the gun was found early yesterday morning. investigators say that ballistics testing has tied the weapon to suspect tyrone howard. howard is accused of shooting officer holder in east harlem tuesday night. meanwhile, at officer holder's precinct, psa5 in east harlem, mourners continue to pay memorial. scene there. viewing services for officer morning. happening today, an honor for a first responder who died in an accident while on duty. highland park new jersey will be dedicating a street sign in honor of trooper anthony raspa. he and another trooper died
12:29 pm
deer and ran off the road in upper free hole township earlier this year. the 24-year-old lived in highland park and was based at the hamilton township station in mercer county. we're learning more about a deadly shooting outside a strip club in the bronx. 26-year-old garrett warren is the suspect killing of jose feliciano. the shooting happened outside the key club cabaret october 9th. feliciano became involved in a fight between two women in the parking lot, one of the women girlfriend. now to the search for answers after a whale watching tour turned tragic. the boat carrying dozens of people capsized. at least five are dead and one passenger still missing off the coast of british columbia. abc's brandi hitt has the latest on the search. boat's final moments upside down in the water off vancouver island before sinking.
12:30 pm
>> what we heard was the just people all over the place in the water. >> officials say 27 people were on board the tour boat sunday afternoon when it went under. at least five are confirmed dead, another 21 rescued from the 55-degree water. several were hospitalized, and one remains missing. >> the cause of the capsizing is presently under investigation. >> a 65-foot ship departed from tofino an a calm cool day, because of its large size passengers were not required to board. >> it's run by the company that here. >> every available boat nearby including several operated by native american tribes joined in the search for survivors. >> locals in tofino say the large boat had the potential to hold a lot more than 27 people and this incident could have been much much worse.
12:31 pm
in los angeles brandi hitt, washington is supplying $326 million to keep new yorkers warm this winter. the money will go to low income residents and senior citizens to help pay their heating bills. senator schumer says funding from the low income home energy critically important. schumer says people should not have to choose between paying medicine. >> already a little chill in the air, 52 degrees. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans. he has the after school accuweather forecast. >> you know, we roll around to, you know, marathon time this time of the year, and we're looking at some colors in the park as we look across through the ghost busters building, the metropolitan museum of art. flushing bay, great visibility here at noon, and the temperatures this afternoon will be in the mid to upper 50s and dropping on into the 40s tonight. we're going to be looking at a lot of sunshine. we're also going to be looking at a great period after school kiddos, a lot of sunshine,
12:32 pm
you might want to wear one more layer under the uniform for practice or for a game this afternoon, a little wind out of the north, a little cooler as we go towards sunset which is going to be around 6:00. we're going to talk more about the rest of the week's weather, rain on wednesday, a big weekend of all kinds of events going on, the world series, new york marathon, a couple little things going on to talk about in just a moment. back to you. >> very busy week. developing story involving the nypd officer killed in the line of duty. >> police now say the gun recovered in the harlem river was the one used to shoot and kill officer randolph holder. there are rallies planned today to show support for officers following last week's shooting. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is in far rockaway with the very latest. darla. >> shirleen, now that the nypd says it has found the handgun used in the shooting death of randolph holder, they say they will now present that evidence to the grand jury. that 40 caliber handgun was
12:33 pm
pulled out of the east river sunday morning. the fdr, parts of the fdr were shut down for the two-hour search on sunday. investigators say a fisherman heard a splash at the time of the shooting which helped divers narrow the search in that area near 96th street. now sunday night the guyanese community came together. they held a massive vigil in order to celebrate the life of 33-year-old randolph holder. his fiancee said when she kissed him good-bye on tuesday she never thought that would be the last time she would see him alive. >> he deserves this and so much more. he gave his life for us basically. he gave his life to protect us. >> reporter: also holder's father met with reverend al sharpton and asked him to deliver funeral. sharpton is expected to talk about gun violence and building a better bond between police and the community. also, this evening at 7:00
12:34 pm
and rally in all five boroughs officer randolph holder and, again, building that better bond with the community. we'll have more information on reporting live in far rockaway, darla miles channel 7 darla thank you. her is a live look at psa5 in east harlem where a memorial grow. people have been dropping off flowers and notes every day. viewing services for officer holder will begin tomorrow at the greater allen a. m. e. cathedral of new york from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. funeral services there wednesday afternoon at 3. holder will be buried in his native guyana. we'll be turning to politics and donald trump not backing down again, the latest controversial comments and why he's not apologizing. plus vice president joe biden opens up about why he decided not to run for president. >> and a firefighter's son
12:35 pm
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12:37 pm
lawyers will call for a mental health evaluation for the woman accused of crashing into a crowd at the oklahoma state home coming parade. attorneys for adacia chambers say they will ask the judge for a psychiatric examination this afternoon. police suspect chambers was under the influence of alcohol
12:38 pm
or drugs when she plowed into the crowd killing four people on saturday. hospital. now to vote 2016, and another no apology from donald trump. the republican front runner ruffling feathers with his latest comments about why vice president biden did not get in the race for president. lana zak live in washington d. c. with more. >> good afternoon, david, there was a lighter moment on the campaign trail moments ago when vermont senator bernie sanders confessed to the women of the view that he and new york comedian larry david were the same person. meanwhile trump is making sure no one mistakes him for his nearest rival ben carson. >> don't expect an apology, that's the message from donald trump after calling into question the legitimacy of ben carson's 7th day adventist >> 7th day adventist i don't know about. i just don't know about. >> trump has been on the attack after several polls show carson pulling ahead in the influential state of iowa.
12:39 pm
trump said he did not wrong. >> i said exactly i don't know about it. so you know, that's not an insult. >> while carson on the trail is getting questions after comparing abortion to slavery. meanwhile jeb bush is trying to connect directly with voters through his new e book remri all, offered exclusively through amazon for 9.99 it's a collect collection of his e- mails while governor of florida. 68th birthday. on 60 minutes biden confessed this summer. >> i thought, well, you know i think we can do this. my little granddaughter puts her arms around me and says pop you smell like daddy. you're not going to leave me are you pop. the vice president also said that the memory of his son beau weighed on his mind as he tried to make the decision whether or not to run for president but that that hollywood death bed moment at the end of his life,
12:40 pm
it never happened he said. live in washington, lana zak, back to you. >> thank you. an iowa high school athlete has lost on his record after an act of kindness. zack hoagland crossed the finish line. helping another runner is grounds for disqualification. despite pleas from the other runners, hoagland was stripped of the title. his team did so well he'll still be able to compete in championships. >> you know what, what defines winner. i don't care about crossing the line. out. no question. football field. another high school player dies over the weekend. now doctors are issuing stern recommendations to try and keep this from happening again. >> and a good deed for a
12:41 pm
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seen kiara?
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. seven high school football deaths in seven weeks, now experts have new recommendations in hopes of trying to keep kids safe. the american academy of pediatrics says first and most importantly there needs to be a zero tolerance for illegal and dangerous hits. >> we need to stop any of the head to head hits, and we need to make sure kids are being taught on proper tackling >> other recommendations keeping athletic trainers on the sidelines during both games and practices. some experts even want to remove tackling altogether. i grew up playing high school football and loved it, but i'm so glad that my son who was a pee wee football player said to me in the end i don't think i want to do it in high school. worry about. he became a swimmer which has its own issues. i'm glad he did. you hear all these stories. >> tackling's such a big part of the sport. >> i played football and i coached football for six years, and i think one of the
12:45 pm
important things is is teaching the proper way to tackle. we'd always keep kids to tackle with your head up. missile. that's where the injuries come from is the compression on the head and neck. it's a wonderful sport if it's played right f. you start using yourself as a weapon people get things happen. it is a wonderful fall afternoon around the area. we're looking at roosevelt island, across to the fdr. it's like glass on the east river. we just have a little light wind. the tide is coming up. as we look down towards lower minute, great visibility. you can see at the world trade and beyond world trade. beautiful sunshine for this afternoon, the humidity continues to be very low. the temperature's 52 degrees and the winds are northeast at 6. we're looking at a pressure that is rising which just indicates it's strong high pressure out of canada coming over. looking at 54 in sprit town, 54 brook haven to west hampton.
12:46 pm
52 towards danbury and the hudson river valley. these are a little cooler than normal, and there's a light wind out of the north here. with that in mind, you've got a bubble of high pressure that's going to give us great weather for a couple of days, it will hold these clouds off that are running up from what's left of hurricane patricia. now it's bringing a lot of rain to alabama, tennessee and the ohio valley is where this is headed. basically on the very edges of kansas city there might be a shower before the game about 7:00, it kind of clears out. the biggest part of the system is going to go eastern ohio valley, the northeast to us, and on into new england. so what we're watching is by the time we get to, you know, wednesday night some of these showers start coming in wednesday night and then for wednesday morning into wednesday night, and that will be right from the morning commute into the evening, and then that gets out of here and out of the way by -- as the time would go over wednesday night into early thursday morning. then we're off to the races this high pressure ridge slides eastward today and tomorrow.
12:47 pm
here comes the remnants of patricia. look at all this rain, we could get an inch or two of rain, and it's much needed rain, we're really dry and this october has been abnormally dry. mets and royals tomorrow night, first pitch temperature 56 degrees. just a little east northeast wind, so the wind's not going to be a factor in the game. as we were talking about, jeff smith and i were talking about a chance of a sprinkle or shower prior to the game as most of what's left of patricia is going to miss kansas city. we're looking at sunshine, a little cooler than yesterday. yesterday's high was 68. we're 10 degrees cooler than that. clear to partly cloudy, upper 30s in the colder spots 5:00 around the five boroughs. 61 tomorrow. we start with sunshine. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast, we've got some showers on wednesday, periods of rain off and on through the day. a good guarantee of an inch of rain, maybe an inch and a half. you see it gets out of the way and it's kind of balmy on
12:48 pm
thursday. temperature near 70. we'll cool down weekend. we're looking at great weather for friday, saturday and sunday. great weather for the first night of the world series at citi field, great weather for halloween saturday. and then sunday there's a little foot race in town, and that will be a lot of fun. be great weather for that. runners love the weather, you know, a little spritz or a sprinkle like a little drizzle. 40 degrees. race time temperature probably going to be about 47 with sunshine. >> that's good. >> good for runners and spectators. >> they'll be pleased. a big honor for a young survivor. we told you about 2-year-old owen hogan two years ago when he was battling bone marrow cancer. owen received a harrow donation through a national registry. today owen will ring the closing bell at the new york stock exchange. he will be the youngest person
12:49 pm
to ring the bell on wall street. >> way to go. >> just precious. >> it's going to be fantastic. bill was talking about the marathon. there is a lot of work to do. >> that's true. yesterday in central park construction crews were hard at work putting together a temporary building just steps from the finish line. >> the marathon will host prerace events this week for runners, race supporters and the public. shirleen and i will host the pasta party the night before the race on saturday night that will air right here on channel 7. we won't eat all the pasta. we'll leave some for the racest. a.m. >> tcs new york city marathon right here on channel 7 sunday november 1st. special live coverage starts at 7 a.m. >> it's official, shirleen throws down. we'll be right back. first here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> hey guys, halloween is almost here. today we're going to eat, drink, and be scary. clinton's shaking up some creepy cocktails.
12:50 pm
and i'm putting layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card.
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tonight on eyewitness news, not a warm reception from one apartment complex owner after tenants went weeks without mail delivery. can 7 on your side help deliver a truce. >> and diners, new york city staple but it seems like there are fewer and fewer of them out there in the city. we're taking a look at what's behind the dramatic drop in the beloved diner. >> it is time now for the feed, the stories that got their start on social media and are now getting shared and re- tweeted on social media. you know the line things that go bump in the night? >> oh, sure. >> well, in this case it was an l that literally got bumped by a semi in the middle of the night. >> whoa. >> the weber county sheriff's department in utah tweeted these photos of the owl stuck in the truck's grill. the trucker remembered hitting
12:52 pm
the owl survived, suffered a broken wing and will need rehabilitation but otherwise okay. >> the owl survived. >> yes. >> holy cow. >> isn't that amazing. >> that is amazing. >> this is a car,s a ton martin tweeted that this db10 model was its most closely guarded secret in years. the upscale maker kept images of the special car out of the public eye until today. >> sweet, that's a sweet looking ride. >> you can buy your own james bond edition db10. aston martin is only making 10 of them. >> 10 more than i'm going to have. >> in this day when college football players are making news for the wrong reasons, a perdue player is making news for the right way, he made her birthday wish come true. fuller was shopping in the same store when he overheard kin lee
12:53 pm
talking about her list of toys she wanted for her birthday. he took it upon himself to buy one of the them for the little girl, and mom was so touched she put it on facebook and said kinley and her new doll are inseparable. that's a good story about college kids o'under the there. >> that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. make sure you are back this afternoon for eyewitness news first at 4. have a great afternoon. >> looks nice out there, too. >> it does. enjoy it while you can because
12:54 pm
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