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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> i'm david that -- navarro. >> we will begin with the deadly van crash this afternoon. a 10-year-old girl was killed in the collision. seven people in total were in the van. six of them under the age of 17. >> the crash happened this morning, at the intersection of west 9 the street and arlington jersey. reporter tony yates is there this afternoon with our lead story. tony? >> tragic. six children inside that minivan driven to school, and in a split second, their lives are changed forever. now news chopper 7 was overhead that horrible scene and police tell us that at 7:20 this morning, the woman driving the minivan with the kids inside was coming down arlington avenue. she had no stop sign. she actually had the right-of- way. a man driving the ford taurus on ninth street slammed into the minivan in the intersection, and the minivan ?ripped over. that's when the 10-year-old
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as you can imagine, it was a loud crash that had people running over to try to help. >> i dialed 911 and as i came out, that's when i saw the van was on its side. and adrenaline just pumped in and trying to push the van over. heard the screaming and the kids crying and everything. >> of course, this police investigate is still ongoing. they have not released the names of anyone involved in this accident. they were all taken to local hospitals to be treated. coming up at 5:00 though, we will talk to some local residents about the problems at there intersection. for now, we're live here in plainfield, tony yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a big break this afternoon, in the case of murdered nypd officer randolph holder. investigators now say that the gun pulled from the harlem river is the weapon used to kill officer holder. investigator say the ballistics
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testing ties the weapon to suspect tyrone howard, accused of shooting the officer in the head in east harlem tuesday night. a short time ago, the team from the harbor unit talked about finding the weapon by feeling around the bottom of the river early sunday morning. >> there was a black firearm that detectives asked us to find so i recovered that weapon. and brought it up for the crime scene guys. >> the detective stresses it was a total team effort, finding that weapon. also today, mourners paying tribute to officer holder with flowers and a memorial that continues to grow. begin tomorrow morning. a wild afternoon in a park in new jersey. a bear is now on the way back to the woods after spending a leisurely day in morristown. a black bear wandered into the park, downtown, around 9:30 this morning. and social media posted, a lot
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of folks posted these photos of the incident. and the bear is casually strolling along the grass and just hanging out by a tree. and police cleared the park in hopes that the animal would leave voluntarily. about an hour ago, wildlife officers tranquilized the bear to move him to a less populated area. well, now to the mets. and right now, getting ready for game one of the world series. they are in kansas city, missouri, where tomorrow, they will face off with american league champs, the kansas city royals. and many mets fans hope our team's pitching continues to get the job done. from the ground to that young gunnink named thor. tomorrow night, the dark knight of gotham, pitcher matt harvey will start. he is expected to speak in just moments from the kaufman studio. you can see right now manager terry collins speaking out in. we are at kaufman stadium in kansas city. but we will be gin with joe tores in queens where mets fans are rallying this afternoon. are you having a good time? >> this is unbelievable. so easy to spot the long term
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mets fans here at this rally. because some of them, they reached way back in the closet to pull out jerseys, hats, scarves, sweatshirts that they first purchased during the mets last championship run in 1986. a little weathered to say the least. are you looking at it. this is the pep rally from the mets home burough here in queens. for so many fans young and old, work today, school today, and all that is secondary. >> jacob degrom is here. matt harvey made an appearance. captain david wright showed up as well. sort of. >> let's go mets? >> just 4 1/2 miles from citi field die-hard mets fans broke out the hat, jerseys and anything else blue and orange. for a late afternoon pep rally on the steps of queens boy hall. all of them sure they will take a bite out of the kansas city royals. >> i haven't slept in 2 1/2 weeks.
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heart. the adrenaline going through my body is the highest peak it has been since 1986. >> i still can't believe this is happening. you know. a long time suffering. >> mets fans are sky high. because trips to the fall classic just don't happen every or every year. that's why they are loving this post-season run that should end with the team's third world championship. >> tell me about this bat you are holding. >> this is my baby bat, wilson, dave kingman, john stein. 1982. >> 1982. >> going back. >> we are going back. >> just so you understand it, that inflatable toy was 33 years old. diamonds don't last that long. this rally started at 3:00. it goes until 5:00. we are still waiting for the highlight, the matt legends, john franco and garno alfonso. they will be here to really fire up the crowd.
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that's the latest from kew gardens. let's go mets. i'm joe tores, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> pace yourself, joe. you got to get to the world series. all right. pace yourself. [ laughter ] >> thank you, joe. long time met fan right there. let's look at how the crowd is impacting traffic in the area. we have more in news chopper 7. it doesn't take much to jam up that area, right, shannon? >> it really doesn't. blue and orange spilling down the steps of queensboro hill and queens boulevard itself. street. police have decided to shut down queens boulevard itself on southbound, traffic is still getting through but there is rubber necking and people just looking on at that sea of mets fans. but here is your closure on that northbound side. avenue. look at the volume as you get through this area. if you can take it over to kew gardens road, you will get around it without a problem. sitting through this will take a lot of patience. reporting live, over kew gardens, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> but it is so worth it.
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and now, to the mets fans who traveled west. and are already staking claim to kaufman stadium in kansas city. and eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is there and continues our coverage. marcus. >> reporter: and liz through the first two rounds of the playoffs, in los angeles, in chicago, we saw plenty of mets fans in the stands. the world series, a little bit of a harder ticket. but have no fear. there are mets fans here. we touched down in kansas city to find lots of royal blue. as in royal's royal blue. it didn't take long to spot them in the crowd. mets fans wearing orange and blue with pride. john dolan lives in arizona now but was born in queens. >> when i was a lot younger, i went to the world series and saw them play the red sox, game two lost, but kind of nice to see that they are back, and all these young arms. so whatever curse here, they got some future to look forward to. >> so no fear about wearing this here in enemy territory? >> no. no, sir.
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>> fans have waited 15 long years to see the mets in a world series. the first two games are on the road and die-hards will make the trip to the midwest. we asked the fans new yorkers? >> mets fans expect a loud stadium for sure, if they're man enough to go into the stadium. >> not to worry, mets fans. fully expecting the amazing's hot streak to continue into the fall classic. >> mets are going to do well. pitching is too good. the mets in five. that's my prediction. >> that sounds good. like that prediction. here at the stadium, there are some fans as wem. here at 5:30, we will introduce you to one lucky fan, he got to meet some of the mets. that's coming up, later on. for now, live in kansas city, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. we have several important anchors, including mark powers covering game one of the world series in kansas city. much more coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00 and everything you need to know about the world series at the
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special section on our web site abc 7ny .com/mets. in other news we are following right now, the woman killed in an early morning fire in new jersey has been identified this afternoon. firefighters found 44-year-old lisa hook unconscious, on the floor of her condo in bridgewater. they performed cpr but she died at the hospital a short time later. one firefighter suffered smoke inhalation and eight other condos were damaged. at this point, it is unclear when residents will be allowed to return. firefighters rescued a woman whose car went through a fence and plunged 30 feet down into a construction pit in younkers. news chopper 7 w5s over the scene in yongers. an elderly woman lost control of her car and plowed into a fence on the road, and landed on its roof in the construction pit, on wald burton avenue. the woman was rescued from the car. she suffered a head injury. was taken to the hospital for evaluation. no word on her condition. and no word yet on what caused her to lose control. international agencies are preparing to respond to a
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northern afghanistan and pakistan today. more than 250 people were killed in the quake. and that number is expected to rise. and rescue workers, as rescue workers searched through debris. most of the fatalities from the 7.5 magnitude quake have been in pakistan. government officials in that country say they will not be asking for international relief. the effects of the quake were felt as far away as india. one person remains missing after a fatal whale watching tragedy. a sight-seeing boat, sinking off the coast of western canada. five people were killed in the accident yesterday afternoon. 21 people rescued. the whale watching boat capsized about 8 miles off the coast of vancouver island. authorities say the seas were calm at the time. and it is unclear what caused it to sink. the owner of the boat company released a statement saying he is devastated by the incident. and is cooperating with investigators. stocks on wall street losing ground on the first day of the trading week today. investors were discouraged
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reported an unexpected drop in new home sales. that pushed home stocks down. a look at the big board right now. the dow fell 23 points to finish at 17,623. on new charges for the woman accused of plowing into a crowd of parade-goers and killing several people in oklahoma, and we will tell you what the judge wants to know now that she has appeared in court. >> and plus, technology, that puts the power of the helicopter into police cars, in realtime. nassau county has it. we will take you inside and show you how it works. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. a nice late october day. and unfortunately not going to stay that way. big soaking rain to tell you about. i will tell you when. first of all, here is your signal traveling out and about tonight, nice to have a dry commute. classic fall feeling. you still need the jacket tonight.
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we want to take you back live to kew gardens in queens where mets fans have been gathering to show their pride. but as a result, that rally is tying up some traffic in the area. let's check back in with shannon stone in news chopper 7. what is the latest? >> reporter: here is the problem. the northbound side of queens boulevard, police is directing traffic. they shut it down at hoover avenue to allow for that huge rally. this is what happens when you close down queens boulevard. lots and lots of traffic here on this northbound side. it goes back to the kew gardens interchange. the ramp on the left-hand side of the picture, that is the kew gardens. and on the southbound side, there is no closure in place, everyone wants to see the sea of blue and orange. and that is backing you up towards jewel avenue.
4:15 pm
reporting live over kew gardens, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> can't blame them for that. shannon, thank you. well, the driver who plowed into a crowd of spectators at the oklahoma state homecoming parade and killed four people, including a 2-year-old child, appeared in court today. adacia chambers was initially charged with dui. now, she is also facing several counts of second-degree murder. abc's lin azac has details. >> reporter: family members of adacia chambers came to her defense. >> this is not her character. we don't have answers either. >> reporter: here is what is known. around 10:30 on saturday morning, a crowd of oklahoma state homecoming fans were watching the parade, when 25- year-old chambers allegedly drove her gray car into the screaming crowd. the impact too graphic to show. >> it hit people, just like thump, thump, thump. as people were flying. >> 47 injured. and four people lost their lives. and 65-year-old marvin stone.
4:16 pm
23-year-old student nikita mccall and 2-year-old nash lucas whose father says was a symbol of love and joy. words of comfort to the victimses and their families came from chambers father. >> trust in god. love those who have been >> who also said she appeared fine just the night before. but had previously suffered from mental illness. >> she was very good about hiding her problems. because she didn't want the family to worry about her. >> investigators believe she was driving under the influence, her boyfriend says that is impossible. >> i have said that the blood tests would come back negative. because i know that she -- there is no way she was drunk or impaired. no drugs whatsoever. she just wasn't that type of person. >> reporter: chambers has been charged with four counts of murder in the second degree. those may change as a fifth victim is reportedly in grave condition. in washington, lana zac, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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the aftermath of hurricane patricia is wreaking havoc across the southern united states. texas got record-breaking rainfall over the weekend. leading to widespread flooding. and the need for several rescues. the flood waters were so powerful, they derailed train cars. further south, in galveston, 50 mile-an-hour winds, and 10-foot waves caused an empty tanker to run aground. a milestone today in the recovery from superstorm sandy. the final two bellmar families forced from their homes because of the storm have returned just short of sandy's third anniversary. this is part of a fundraising campaign called home by summer, even though the families did not return until the fall. they are grateful to be back. >> the best feeling so far about being home, besides being back in the community, is that my babies now have a place in their safe haven. we all do. >> a local clergy and dignitaries including the mayor
4:18 pm
welcomed the families back home. $240,000 were raised to repair the homes. the donations came from people all over imagine all of this time. >> three years out of your home. and your community. >> i can't believe it. >> the wear and tear on your family. that is very difficult. >> yes. >> good to see that they are back. >> yes. and it also good to know as we approach this third anniversary, we don't have anything on the radar like that. >> what a difference. >> but we certainly have a connection to patricia, as we see rains coming in this wednesday. nothing to worry about in terms of storm surge or anything like that. but we have to worry about some flooding down pours that we will have on wednesday. it is amazing to see three years later. still people just getting back to their lives. all right, let's go ahead and take a look outside. it is absolutely beautiful. starting to see some nice color on the treetops in central park. great foliage. we welcome your pictures to share on eyewitness news. hash tag abc 7ny. 57 degrees. humid 39%. light north wind. really feels great in the sun and the shade. a little coolish, but the wind is not that bad. the high today in the upper
4:19 pm
50s. 57 in smithtown and brook haven and across the sound and 55 in norwalk and 57 in danbury. we will drop in the 30s in northern suburbs. 544 in monticello. and 61 in newark. and mid to upper 50s on the shore. early tonight. high clouds will increase, as we go toward morning. if you want the sunshine, it will be filtered early morning but dry. clouds thickening during the afternoon hours as temperatures once again top out in the upper as. you can see on the satellite and radar. there is a deck of high clouds to the south. but thankfully high pressure over lake ontario, keeping us on a mostly sunny note. after that high moves away, that will open the gate for that low, and that's the remnants of patricia. right now, a fire hose on the gulf coast, and mississippi, alabama, and georgia. and that is headed to the north. and we will swing some rain our way. the big ticket item day is wednesday for the soaking rains. tomorrow, clouds are increasing. with a high in the upper 50s. that sun fading through the day.
4:20 pm
it is a dry day. for your wednesday morning commute, i anticipate already some raindrops falling but the steadier rain coming in later in the morning and last through early evening and that's a good soaking. maybe an inch or two of rainfall. 66 degrees, it is windy as well. and it is mild. but it is a soaking day. just want to show you the future cast out of kansas city. 56 degrees tomorrow in the afternoon hours. there are some showers in the area. but most of them will be shifting off to the east. that will allow us to dry out. first pitch time, i would say it is in the mid-50s. forecasting temperatures right around 56 degrees. maybe a 20 to 30% chance of a passing shower. but they are going to play no problem. and there won't be any issues with game two. tonight, clear to partly cloudy skies. 30s in the chillier suburbs. and about 45 in the city. for tomorrow, it a high of 59. but sun gives way to clouds. and overall, the afternoon hours will be perceived as a gray cool afternoon. plenty of clouds turning breezy tomorrow night. not all that chilly. down to about 53. coming up at 44:30, we will get more particular 4:30, we will
4:21 pm
get more specific with the rain timing and the potential amounts as well. a long range outlook at the halloween forecast and the new york city marathon forecast. it is a big weather forecasting week in the weather office. we will get to all of that in the next half hour. back to you for now. >> thanks, lee. for years, experts have told people to lay off processed food. >> i know. >> you especially. >> but now, a warning that takes it to a whole new level. one group saying processed meats are on the same cancer causing level as cigarettes. so how much should you and your family be worried about this? dr. richard besser joins us with information you need to know. >> plus, whoopee goldberg takes us inside the scary moment she found out that her tour bus was on fire. >> and channel 7 is your home marathon. we are taking you mile by mile, introducing you to some of the new yorkers that you will find on the qowrs. here is mile 10. -- course. here is mile 10. >> this is mile 10. here in williamsburg. you heard of the story of the
4:22 pm
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skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at more deadly violence today between israelis and plins, as israel's -- palestinians as israel makes a bad move. one was killed after critically wounding a soldier.
4:25 pm
the other was shot after trying to stab a soldier. his condition is unknown. and israel's prime minister is ordering a review of the status of some palestinian neighborhoods in east jerusalem. changing status could mean revoking residency and work rights for the people. the view's whoopi goldberg forced to cut a paxance short after her tour bus caught on fire. she -- tut a performance short after her tour bus caught on fire. she was performing in a casino, when the bus went up in flames. it caused some people to suddenly leave when they smelled smoke. >> i couldn't figure out what was happening because i still am sick and can't smell anything. >> i couldn't smell the smoke. so i have seen people leaving and what is happening? what is going on? somebody dying? what the hell? and here comes this big guy who says your bus is on fire. >> wow. she almost cursed there. and the firefighters arrived quickly. put out the fire. you can see them posing with her right there.
4:26 pm
goldberg says the bus can actually be repaired. >> happy she is not hurt or anyone else. new images of a galaxy far far away, and its stars. nasa's hubble telescope captured a closer look of the messier spiral galaxy. the european space agency says new stars are quickly forming inside of that ring. >> all i heard was messier and thinking of hockey and go rangers. a big change for new york city high schoolers. how can you take the s.a.t. for free? >> and an airline apologizes after a passenger is forced to crawl off of his flight. we will talk about the blunder.
4:27 pm
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>> a half mile from citi field, die-hard fans showed up for an afternoon pep rally today on the steps of queensboro hall. things got under way, with the rally expected to last another half hour. parts of queens boulevard, closed. fans are cheering on the home team. unfortunately, that is causing a lot of backups in the area. with the update. shannon, how is it looking now? >> it is getting more and more exciting by the moment. mr. met is out now and a lot of the v.i.p.s from the mets organization are here as well. what you need to know as you travel through this area, as you mentioned, about another half an hour, we can expect this to go on. and that is queens boulevard. coming into your picture there. and as you can see, on that northbound side of the roadway, no traffic is getting through. so the closure remains in place. all the way down here at hoover avenue. and your delays are getting worse by the moment. it is really taking you around to kew gardens road. not a big detour around it. but lots of company with you. so avoid the area if you can.
4:31 pm
at least through 5:00 tonight. reporting live over kew gardens, channel 77 eyewitness news. >> thank you, shannon. we are not done with mets pride. because that is not the only rally for the mets today. another one expected to get under way at 5:00 outside the executive and legislative building on franklin avenue in min owe lax the dome there will be -- mineola. mets orange and blue. the top story this half hour, taking aim at guns. new york city leaders are coming together with a new bill to crack down on gun violence. >> the bill comes nearly a week after a new york city police officer was shot and killed. so what are the bill's chances of actually passing? >> political reporter dave evans is live outside city hall with more on this. dave? >> david, despite a lot of violence across the country here in just the last couple of weeks, this new gun law probably does not have much of a chance of passing in washington. in this republican-controlled congress. but congresswoman, we are in an epidemic of gun violence in america and something has got to be done. she announced her bill on the steps of city hall, where flags now fly at half staff, in honor
4:32 pm
of officer randolph holder who was of course killed last week in the line of duty. her bill would put a $100 tax on every gun sold in america and much of the money would go to mental health programs an between a billion and 2 3w-8 $2 billion a year and a gun registry system with a computer chip found some day in every single gun. >> we need some people in america to wake up from their second amendment slumber addiction and realize that there are reasonable things that can be done and the has embodies the acronym of no real answers. the answer can't be merely that we have a right to bear arms. >> how many of our children have to die? how many of more of our police officers have to be shot and killed before we have congress pass sensible gun legislation? >> again, this bill is supported by all of the local
4:33 pm
but in washington, a much different story. that is because this new bill would impose a tax on every gun sold in america. and also because of the power of the nra. we will see you at 6:00. reporting live at city hall, eyewitness news. >> thank you. a former pro tennis player james blake giving a revealing interview about his mistaken arrest. and the officer is tackling blake outside of a hole on 42nd street outside of a mistaking him for a suspect. in the interview with espn, blake talked about telling his wife. >> i initially wanted to sweep it under the rug until i called my wife right away when i got in the call and she said what if this happened to me and that infuriated to me and i said i will make this public. >> the civilian complaint review board found the officer used excessive force. he is now on desk duty. and will face administrative leave. david? a new york city police
4:34 pm
commissioner william bratton denouncing director quenten tear tarian teen tarantino for taking part in a rally, a week after a new york city police officer was shot and killed. pat lynch is calling for a boycott of tarantino films and he is saying the timing is unfortunate. and will is fiery crash on a new jersey tush turn bike that killed a truck driver. the tanker exploded into films trying to avoid a mattress that had fallen off of a van. the driver of the truck was cited for thot not having the mattress properly secured. a former united nations leader facing tax charges is said to be released on bail. prosecutors say former general ablebly president john ash took more than a million dollars in bribes from a chinese real estate mogul and other business
4:35 pm
he will be released with an ankle monitor and on a million dollars bail. this is the final term of a new york state board of regents chancellor meryl tish. she will not seek another term. she served the board since 1996 and her current term ends in march. she is a former first grade teacher who has seen significant shifts, including adapting to common core learning standards. the university of mississippi took down the state flag in a call for removal, with the confederate battle emblem and some are still saying it reflects slavery. the school's chancellor says while the symbol represents tradition and honor to some, it means some members of the community do not feel welcomed or valued. it will be placed in the archive along with resolutions
4:36 pm
two patrol officers in texas went beyond the call of duty to keep the youngest of the community safe. they stopped a car at a gas station saturday because there are three small children inside but not a car seat. and the family explained they could not afford a safety seat so instead of issuing a citation, they pooled money with three other officers and bought them the car seats. >> instead of issuing three citations for each child, it would devastate them. >> the money is not the issue. the issue is can you help them? that was the easiest way we could, the fastest path to helping them. >> very thoughtful. very generous. the family says they are overwhelmed with gratitude for the kindness of those officers. >> maybe saved three lives, too you never know. the high schoolers getting a chance to take the s.a.t. test for free. coming up. >> and a new link of a study of red meat and processed meat with cancer. what should you do?
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to $25,000 in cash. well, this next story is the big talker of the day. a new warning out today about a link between eating processed and red meat and cancer.
4:40 pm
says eating processed meat like hot dogs and bacon and corned beef and sausages can increase the risk of colon and prostate cancer. health experts say the processed meat contains certain types of carcinogens, and not surprisingly the meat industry rejected the finding saying other studies have suggested there is no connection. to put all of this in perspective, we have us now, the study, abc's chief health and medical doctor dr. richard besser. my middle name is i love bacon. tell me exactly what is the study saying? >> this was a group at the world health organization, 22 experts from 10 different countries and reviewed hundreds of studies and concluded that yes there an increased risk of canser from processed meat and meat. but the increase is very small. so here is how it works out. if you are an average adult american, and you have two slices of bacon every single day, your risk of colon cancer, that is is the one you are worried about with these foods, the risk of colon cancer goes
4:41 pm
from 5% to 6%. that is not a very big gain. >> okay. >> it is small. >> if you have colon cancer in your family, do you need to pay more attention to this? >> you might want to think about it a little bit more. but it is still, very, very small. so you have to weigh that. how much do i like these foods. how do they fit into my diet? the american cancer society has been telling us, since 2002, that's when they put their recommendations out. so it is not something new. but i think the international community is finally catching up with us here. >> what is the problem? is it that the nitrates are in it. the cooking too much? what is going on here? >> if i eat nitrate free, i feel healthier you. >> do feel healthier. the problem is, it is not clear that is it. >> whether it is the nitrates or ni trsmed rites and other chemicals and cooking at high temperatures you are releasing other things that may cause cancer. it may be the blood in the meat that may be part of the issue. and you don't have to eliminate meat. if you like meat, you can still keep meat. you may want to go to a
4:42 pm
mediterranean diet that we know is healthy for your heart anyway. limit or cut back on the amount of processed meats that you have. and you think about choosing some fish or poultry, and in place of some of your servings of red meat. and then when you are cooking, baking, broiling or poaching is a safer way to go. but you know, if you're not having bacon every single meal, you can enjoy something, and i love bacon, i am not going to give up bacon, i will have it occasionally but i will weigh the risks. they are here. the risk is not great. but it is real. >> if you're eating bacon, i am eating bacon, too. >> i hope that people are not starting to eat bacon because of this. >> in the en, seriously, it is always -- in the end, seriously it is is a balance. >> everything in moderation. >> we keep changing our recommendations cashes
4:43 pm
are good, cashes are bad. big changes for high schoolers. new york is offering free s.a.t. testing. >> also ahead, find out why a disabled man was forced to crawl, crawl off of his flight. >> and let's take another live look outside. look how great that sun is right now. some rain, though, will be headed our way this week.
4:44 pm
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that means you don't have to rip out your old tub. so there's no demolition or ridiculous costs. and they do it all in just one day. that's my favourite part. plus, you get to choose everything here's a before and after photo. this is a gorgeous acrylic tub that fit right over the old one. and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantee a watertight fit. when you change your tub, you change your bathroom.
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well, a disabled man forced to crawl off of an airplane after an airline mix-up left him with no wheelchair and no other options. after arriving at washington reagan national airport, this man waited for a special wheelchair and he waited for a half hour where he crawled to the gangway where the special wheelchair was waiting. and the one to get him off the plane was removed from the gate by mistake. new york city will offer the s.a.t. exam free of charge to high school juniors to help more students get into college. the school's chancellor carmen fraina announced the program today as part of the college application week. students are able to take the test during the school day, starting in the spring, and the move will give students from low income families an equal chance to take the test. you can read about the free testing on our web site. abc 7ny. and thought you weren't getting the internet speed you
4:47 pm
vision may not be delivering promises of super fast internet connections. the new york state attorney general's office says the service may be slower than advertised. the state investigation shows your premium priced blazing speed can disappear when one company's service actually passes through another infrastructure. device. i know they are out there. while check. blazing. >> slow. >> i beg for blazing. >> my kids are watching saying duh, dad, we keep telling you, it is slower and are you paying extra for it. >> yes. it is gorgeous outside. we know the rain is coming. heavy rain, right? >> a big hurdle to get through in the middle of the week. we get through that and we're in cruise control. this afternoon, it is really pretty but we won't see the deep blue skies as we go tomorrow. and right now, beautiful sunset, just after 6:00 now, and our temperatures, 57 degrees. sunshine, and north wind right around 3 miles an hour.
4:48 pm
the shade. mainly clear through much of the overnight and midnight. and high clouds stroll in. 45 in new york city. 30s in the coldest spots north and west. fair lawn new jersey, will dip into the 40s after 9:00. and probably in the mid to upper 30s by the time we get close to the day break. here is the planner through the day tomorrow. day. lower and thicken during the afternoon. finish off the day in a mainly cloudy note in the morning and remain dry through the daylight hours and the early evening for that matter. and start off with tomorrow morning's future cast. the 33 in newburgh. and 44 islip. and 44 in belmar. and some high clouds are strolling in during the midday. still some sun out there. a bright looking day and maybe more of a gray look toward sunset and the clouds thicken. and raindrops are getting through here, around day break on wednesday and i think you have to have the umbrella and the rain coat for the morning commute. the tail end of the morning commute, there could be some moderate showers that come in. but no question by far, we have the heaviest rain coming in during the afternoon. and into the early evening hours.
4:49 pm
and just some initial looks at some of the model predicted amounts, looking at a 1-2 1/2 inch rainstorm. remember this has some connections to some of the tropical moisture from former hurricane patricia. some remind evers as we go into the weekend -- reminders as we go into the weekend, don't forget, we will fall back, the end of daylight savings time and the sunset at 4:53. don't forget to do that and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. and here is an early outlook for halloween. and early evening forecast, 51 degrees and degrees. and light wind as well. an early look at the marathon forecast. maybe a 10% shot of a shower early. but i think we are just going to see clouds giving way to sunshine. 50 degrees, and look at that. the wind, west, southwest wind and light. and i looked at myographic from last year. wind gusts to 40 miles an hour. with wind chills around freezing. a lot better this year. clouds tomorrow. upper 50s. a wind swept rain on wednesday. that is the soaker that leaves the seen thursday, nice and mild.
4:50 pm
nice october weather, friday and marathon sunday and i think this digital clock, we will tell you to the turn the clocks back. >> i thought that was a jack-o- lantern up there. >> that is the clock alarm. >> maybe time to upgrade. >> no, i like it. >> david, you put it to good use. >> thank you. here is what is trending on this monday. steve jobs may have been an iconic innovater and the movie of his life is a complete flop. with a paul tri $7.3 million it came in seventh place between martian and witch hunter and para normal activity and universal believes the picture can recover. they argue it has got p positive reviews and if it gets a golden globe or oscar nomination, audiences may give it a shot. the actress lea remeni is sharing her story why she left scientology and told abc in an exclusive interview that will air this friday that her devotion to scientology forced her to become isolated from her
4:51 pm
family and she also says anyone who criticized tom cruise was considered evil. and her book, trouble maker, surviving hollywood and scientology, comes out november 3. you can watch her interview, this friday, at 10:00 p.m., right here on channel 7. and vin diesel, currently starring in the movie last witch hunt, no surprise we agree to play dunn dungens and dragons. >> i am an 800-year-old mortal. [ laughter ] >> he was made for this game. >> yes. >> he actually did very well. game. and playing with youtube gang, geek asundry. it appeals to the sci-fi and fantasy audience. vin diesel likes his car and is behind likely the return of the gm classic camaro. paying attention, lee? it is the first time the muscle car has been produced in the u.s. since the third generation
4:52 pm
models in 1992. does that bring back some memories, liz? >> i remember my baby-sit her an electric blue one with an eagle on the hood. so cool. >> coolest ever. >> iroc. >> good stuff there. >> and the cute dial up to an 11. are you ready? i present to you a baby and two puppies. check it out. [laughter ] >> aww. >> i mean i don't think you have to say anything. you can see why it is trending. and why it is so popular. >> so cute. >> don't you want to be in the middle of that. so much fun. >> babies and puppies and a laugh. you hit on all cylinders. >> just throw in a rainbow and a butterfly and i am good. >> a unicorn. >> yes. check us out on abc 7ny. >> very cool. coming up next, on eyewitness news first at 4:00, an exclusive, the new technology that is giving police a big advantage when it comes to tracking down wanted suspects.
4:53 pm
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we have an eyewitness news exclusive. officers with the ability to get a bird's eye view of the suspects they're chasing no matter where they're at. >> it's the first in the region that has new helicopter technology that allows the chopper's images to beam right in to their patrol cars or tablets. it can change how they fight crime here. kristin thorne has the exclusive details. >> trying to go over the fence
4:56 pm
>> reporter: what you're seeing here is real. a man wanted for breaking in to cars around carl place, trying to get away from nassau county officers. but the suspect didn't get too far thanks to an advanced thermal camera now being used by the nassau county police department on its chopper and they're taking it a step further. >> what you're seeing right now on the screen is a live video feed coming from our aviation unit helicopter 5. >> reporter: the police department is now making it possible for what's seen up above to go right to screens in ground. the video can also be streamed in real time to phones. >> it's better communication now because we're now talking on the same sheet of music as to what's going on in real time which is the critical factor here. >> reporter: it's the first technology of its kind in the region and was made possible by a multimillion-dollar grant from
4:57 pm
the department of homeland security and the u.s. coast guard. >> what we have now is the ability to push the information we're getting from the aircraft to the street supervisors so we're really connecting our street supervisors with an asset we've had for years but in a much better position to do this. >> reporter: the camera on the helicopter has such great zooming capacity that even from 800 to 1,000 feet it can zoom all the way in to a license plate. >> get very good definition, facial recognition, definition on a subject that you might be looking for. >> reporter: the video can also be viewed in realtime at the county's 911 center, allowing everyone to be on the same page and we all know there's nothing wrong with that. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> crime fighting tools just getting better and better. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00
4:58 pm
the gun that nypd divers found in the harlem river tonight confirmed as the weapon that killed new york cop a huge development in the case against the accused murderer. first tonight, met fans for 15 years. for the first time since bill clinton was president, the mets are in the world series and tonight the fans from queenseraly on the eve of game 1 in kansas city. good evening at 5:00. i'm bill ritter in for diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. mets fans holding a rally for their team. the mets may be 1200 miles away but these fans hope the team will feel their energy. >> just about 27 hours from now, but who's counting? the first pitch in game 1. all it takes, four wins to get that championship champaign shower. reporters. we begin with rob
4:59 pm
>> i know who's counting down. that would be the mets players themselves. we just talked to them and to a man they said they are excited about game 1. it is the ultimate childhood dream. but to get the crown they have to go through the royals. welcome to kansas city. the mets not on the field just yet. they were scheduled to be. the world series today, the workout, the teams on the field in just a few minutes trying to stay sharp. back in the world series for the first time in 15 years. the mets last won it in 1986. kansas city last won it in 1985. here they are, the last two standing in 2015. >> it's the ultimate. when you're a manager or a player, to play in this setting. it's hard to get here so you have to have fun with it. as pressure packed as it may be, you've got to enjoy it. we're going to enjoy it.
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