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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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start. obviously it's a start on a different level but it's still baseball. >> the royals in game 1 will start edinson volquez and the mets have now entered the field. they were taking care of their media responsibilities and now here they are as they take the field in kansas city. kauffman stadium. they get their second look. they did have a workout here yesterday. this is the first one available and open to the media. you can see some of the guys keeping their name placards as souvenirs as they come out of their media news conferences. so it looks like they're ready to go. front and center on the right sleeve, the world series patch. i asked a couple of the guys, is that when it really sets in when you see all the signage around the stadium? that patch on your old jersey. said you know what, yeah, it kind of does. we've got you coverload the way through. more coming up at 6:00. rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. see you in a
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bit. >> there's another rally taking place in queens. it's just wrapping up around queens boulevard and helping to kick things off, we've got former mets players. we're going to go out to joe torres. >> what a great afternoon out here in q gardens today. this two-hour rally that started at 3:00 continues and just finished up a few minutes ago. let's show you the pictures from a few hours ago. so many fans, young and old, for them today no school, no work. they came to cheer on the national league champions as they get set for the world series against the kansas city royals. fans who have lived through so few highs and suffered through so many lows dating back to 1962 when the mets first started. that back was referred to by the met legends who came to this rally. alfonso and john franco. >> it's been a while since we
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and last time fonzi and i were out there participating. hopefully the results this year will be a little bit different. i can tell you one thing. the present mets, they'll be beating the kansas city royals. >> a quick reference there back to 2000, the last time the mets were in the world series. the general consensus today, mets in five. which means of course they win the series at home. i'm taking the train. represent. live from queens, news. let's go, mets. >> that's right. let's go, mets. pride. when you post your photos on social media, include bc7ny. stay with eyewitness news. we're your source for to citifield. we begin with big developments in the murder of new york cop randolph holder, al sharpton, a long time critic
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will at the family's request speak at officer holder's the nypd tonight saying the gun divers recovered from the harlem river is in fact the gun that killed officer n.j. burkett tweeting found that gun. he's at the river in east harlem for us. >> that's right. they tell me finding a needle in a hay stack would have been easier than this. it took five days in unforgiving currents, but investigators say they have the murder weapon. >> reporter: out of their dry suits for the first time in nearly a week. the nypd's elite scuba team managed to beat the odds, finding the 40 caliber pistol used to murder officer randolph holder at the bottom of harlem river. >> they know, they really wouldn't want me to call them heroes. i think randolph holder
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is a hero. but i'm going to use that word to describe what they did. >> reporter: divers worked around the clock in some of the swiftest currents anywhere in detective john mortimer was one of two divers groping with a waterproof flashlight at 3 a.m. morning. >> pretty much on my stomach feeling the small distance in front of my face. i did see at first but it was from here to my hand. >> investigators say ballistics test later confirmed that the gun was used not only to kill officer holder but in the shootout that preceded it. eyewitness news first reported on the search late last week as divers recovered a series of items including this spent round where the gun would be found three days later. >> i said hey, great, elated that after five days of grueling
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everybody just felt elated. >> so they found the weapon after searching 67,000 square feet of river bottom over the course of five days. so how did they do it? how did they know exactly where to search? more on that part of this amazing story on eyewitness news at 6:00 tonight. we're live in east harlem, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the public is going to have a chance to say farewell to officer holder tomorrow at a viewing at the greater allen ame cathedral of new york, in jamaica, queens. to 6 p.m. his funeral will also be 3:00. officer holder will be buried in his native guyana. new information on that bear that spent the afternoon relaxing in a park in new jersey. state and wildlife officials sedated the bear at about 3:00 after the animal didn't leave the park and the bear wandered in to the park at 9:30 this morning and instantly became an internet celebrity. people posted pictures of the
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bear all over social media. officials say the animal is a 247-pound male black bear and will be relocated to state owned forest land. a woman's car went through a fence and plunged 30 feet down in to a construction pit. you can see the car landed on its roof. the woman suffered a head injury and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. no word on what caused her to lose control of the car. the victim of a deadly fire in new jersey has been identified. firefighters found 44-year-old lisa hook unconscious on the floor of her condo in bridgewater early this morning. they performed cpr but she died at the hospital a short time later. one firefighter suffered smoke inhalation and eight other condos were damaged. it's unclear when residents will be allowed to return. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders bringing his campaign to new york city. sanders joining union workers during a protest in times square. outside the verizon store.
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the workers there in the middle of a contract dispute with the communications giant. sanders blasting verizon, claiming its management gets huge compensation at the expense of its workers. republican presidential candidate donald trump campaigning in new hampshire. sticking to familiar themes. he misrepresenting his performance he's dropped substantially especially in iowa. he burr -- beraded his fellow challenges as low energy. an unexpected drop in new home sales. that pushed homebuilding stocks down. the dow fell 23 points, closing at 17,623. the nasdaq gained 2 points. the s&p 500 dropped 3 points. a deadly accident in new jersey involving a minivan full of children. coming up, why neighbors say they feared something like this would happen at this intersection. plus,
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the new york city marathon. what he says he'll do when he sees nypd officers along the route. >> diners at a new york city staple, where are they all going? >> the week off to a nice start. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. typical october temperatures. a lot of sunshine out there. 57 degrees at 5:00. watching a lot of clouds and rain to our south. we'll let you know when that arrives and the long range outlook for halloween and new york city okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices.
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on jersey. tonight a family mourning the death of a 10-year-old girl. she was in a minivan when it collided can a car at an intersection. the van over. it happened in the union county city of plainfield. eyewitness news reporter toni yates at the scene.
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>> where candles now burn in memory of that child. drivers along arlington avenue, they have the right of way on 9th street. but some people who live in this area say this intersection needs to be made safer. >> i heard the crash. there was a loud one. louder than normal. >> reporter: unfortunately it was fatal. a little girl inside the overturned minivan was killed. newscopter7 was over the scene shortly after the collision at 7:20 this morning. police say the van was traveling down arlington avenue which has no stop sign as the woman driving the van passed through the intersection. traveling on 9th street, slammed in to her so hard the van flipped on to its side. six children's ages 6 to 16 were inside. a 10-year-old girl died. valerie knight hodges rushed out of her home to help. >> we were trying to push the van back up. the security officers came. >> reporter: knights-hodges had
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already dialed 911. she then turned her focus on the children. >> i helped pull out the little girl, the 10-year-old, the other kids, all except for the teenage boy who jumped out the passenger side. i was trying to keep them calm and tell them everything was okay and they were worried about the other little girl. we had to block her. >> reporter: police are not expected to release their findings about what exactly caused the accident until tomorrow at the earliest. people in the area say this intersection is a known traffic trouble spot. >> i often see them going too fast. i tend to not see it. i see after the crash. i hear the crash. sometimes i actually happen to be looking out the window. >> police have not released the names of anyone in the accident. a difficult and painful scene. >> i'm still kind of traumatized. when i close my eyes, i see blood. >> a couple people were saying maybe this intersection needs to
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be a fourway stop. police are continuing their investigation. no names of the victims involved in this accident have been released. live in plainfield, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so sad. thank you. british officials confirming the five people who died when a tour boat sank in canada were british citizens. 21 people were rescued from the water. the group was on a whale watching trip off vancouver island. the owner of the boat company says he's cooperating with the investigation and plans our time. the remnants of hurricane patricia hitting louisiana torrential downpours turned deadly in kenner. a driver died when he lost control streets still swamped monday morning. 20 kids rescued when their school bus flooded. more than 8 inches of rain fell from new orleans to baton rouge. new images of a galaxy far, nasa's
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hubble telescope captured had galaxy. the european space agency says new stars are quickly forming right inside that ring. >> and obviously named by a ranger fan. messier 94. has to be. i wonder if the next galaxy is going to be like wright 15, for the mets. >> you're optimistic. outside we go. we have a beautiful afternoon and our big star is working overtime today. we have a lot of sunshine out there. looks beautiful. as we look down to the south, the empire state building to one world trade, also some high thin clouds. that's the sign of things to come. storms move in from the high clouds and lower and thicken. during the day tomorrow that's what will happen. we'll have a little sun tomorrow. sknaev -- 57 now. the high today , 58. the low, 46. pretty close to our averages. really nice october
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the sunset, this is the sunday. cold spring was so beautiful with the foliage by the river. great town. 55 in danbury. long island, 56 belmar. newark, 59. very comfortable. early evening hours, patchy high clouds to clear. by morning you'll notice high clouds and they'll definitely be more numerous during the middle of the day and lower and thicker during the afternoon. the day probably ends on at least a mostly cloudy note. we should be in the upper 50s to near 60. winds shouldn't be that bad. freshens as we go in to wednesday. there's our first deck of high clouds. right now it's retreating in to the ocean. high pressure is centered right here pushing those clouds to the south at least for now. as the high moves across new england, that
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the moisture to come northward. that's the remnants of patricia. tremendous rains coming in to alabama and georgia. that's what's coming up the east coast on wednesday. rainfall amounts estimated by doppler radar, east texas and louisiana. anywhere from half a foot to a foot and a half just south and east of dallas here. not in dallas proper but right here. incredible rainfall amounts. we could have an inch to 2 inches of rain, maybe more in a couple spots. clouds will increase tomorrow, 59. the day ends on a mostly cloudy note but filtered sunshine at times. here comes the rain wednesday. i think the heaviest is from late evening to pretty gusty southeast. will turn in to a that's week. on the western side of tomorrow. pitch time. showers mainly to a few may be near the stadium but i
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moving away during the game. small threat of a shower but they'll play with temperatures in the mid 50s. your accuweather forecast, clear it to partly cloudy. 45. there's some facility -- filtered sun tomorrow but overall the clouds are increasing in the day. tomorrow night plenty of clouds and turning breezy. late at night there might be a couple showers. whether or not it's actually damp for even your morning commute on wednesday, i think wednesday evening commute is certainly worse. will it be raining already when you wake up? it could -- could there be 2 and a half inches of rain, will halloween and the marathon remain dry? more on that coming up in our next half hour in the 7-day accuweather forecast. still ahead on eyewitness news, harsh words tonight from the nypd's top cop for quentin tarantino who marched in manhattan.
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say they can't get their mail. can them? >> looks like an average wall overlooking new york city but it's now so much more. meet the woman who is singing her way in to the hearts of mets fans and she did it right here. >> a reminder, channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we're trying to take you mile by mile, introducing you to some of the new yorkers you're going to meet along the course. >> this is mile 11. 10 miles long. at least we don't have to run the whole thing, all of us runners. good luck to all. >> the tcs new york city marathon is this sunday,
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i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait.
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1200 miles from queens to kansas city and mets fans tonight are hoping, yelling that they're doing in queensboro hall will be heard all the way to kauffman stadium. shannon sohn in newscopter7 over this little rally. >> i think if they had their drudgers they'd be 1200 miles away but for now this will do. this rally technically ended at
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5:00. the crowd has thinned out some. reasonable considering the valley is technically over. these people still want to be here cheering on the mets. the northbound side of queens boulevard remains shut down. this is the first closure point at 126th street. it's a soft closure so people can cross through. a hard closure is here at hoover avenue. this has been in place for about two and a half, almost three hours now so you can imagine what this is doing to queens boulevard. i think people don't mind, that's the key here, because it's for such a great reason. if you take it to q gardens avenue it take you out without a problem. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. the view's whoopi goldberg was forced to cut a performance short when her tour bus caught fire. she was performing at a casino in new brunswick, canada.
5:23 pm
causing some people to suddenly leave when they smelled smoke. >> i couldn't figure out what was happening because i'm still sick and couldn't smell anything. i see people leaving and i think what is going on? somebody dying? what the hell? and here comes this big guy that says your bus is on fire. >> firefighters arrived quickly and put out the fire. no one was hurt. the bus can be repaired. imagine not getting any mail for weeks. that's exactly what happened to an apartment complex full of needy families in new jersey. >> the post office stopped delivering mail because there was no secure place to leave it. >> that's when residents sent a letter marked urgent to nina pineda and 7 on your side. >> this is housing for disabled vets, senior citizens and families in crisis who were once homeless. when we told that to the national postal service, it delivered right away.
5:24 pm
>> i'm not talking to you until you tell me who called. >> i'm trying to help you. >> reporter: the owner of the apartment complex where tenants declared their mail is a mess didn't want to hear the message we were delivering. >> you have to take some steps the post master said to transition the building in to clust er boxes. >> your mail is here on the table? and anyone can pick it up? >> yeah. >> reporter: their landlord used to have office workers sort the mail for the 23 units in the transitional housing village which is listed as a not-for-profit charity but the office hasn't been staffed. as a result, mail left on a table. an i.d. thief's dream. the post office stopped delivering it. residents want cluster mailboxes similar to these but the post master told us the building is listed as a business which as a rule doesn't allow for individual mailboxes.
5:25 pm
>> do you know we can ask the post office to help you? >> reporter: when we tried to explain that to the owner she didn't want to hear it. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> reporter: we went ahead and got the mail delivered anyway. >> they'll be so happy. >> reporter: after we asked the local post master to have the mail sorted in temporary cubbies and meet with the owner -- >> i want to apologize for the way i acted. i should not have reacted. >> it's a misunderstanding. >> reporter: she went from slamming the door to smiling. >> i want to give you something. >> oh, thank you. i want to thank you guys for getting involved and being the impetus behind getting this done. i really appreciate it. >> residents tell us the mail for the first time in weeks is being properly delivered and sorted by the mail carrier. the owner of the charity running the complex says a local post master told her he's trying to get them a mailbox cluster, a proper one with locking doors. she said the problems started when she lost some of her funding which may be the subject of something else.
5:26 pm
>> you're not just a good consumer reporter, you're like a counselor. a therapist. >> sometimes there's a misunderstanding about what we're trying to do but we're always on your side. >> i'm glad she apologized. a hardworking father gunned down in a bodega in the bronx. tonight we learn new details about the victim as police search for his killer. >> it was an amazing thing that's moving us back home. >> and a community banding together, donating time and money to help families finally get their homes back nearly three years after superstorm sandy. >> and you used to see them on every corner in new york city.
5:27 pm
new this half hour, they're a staple of life in new york city, or at least they were. the diner once ubiquitous in new york now ubiquitous no more. where have the all diners gone and why? >> tonight the story of some homeowners finally moving back in with a big assist from their community. we're going to have those stories in a moment. first tonight, the search for a killer who murdered a father in broad daylight. >> police want to question three men caught on surveillance in connection with a deadly shooting in a deli in the bronx. tim fleischer in the fordham heights section with new information. >> by all accounts, this bodega clerk was a very hardworking man. they've been stopping by this memorial to him all day long, placing flowers and candles, a very hardworking man with a wife and three children in the dominican republic. >> he was a nice man. he's never look ing for problems with
5:28 pm
anybody. >> reporter: every day maya rodriguez would see the man when she came in to this bronx bodega where he worked. now she and others huddle around a small wooden memorial made in his honor, adorned with candles and flowers by fernando perry and others. >> he was a good guy. only working. he didn't have problems with anybody. >> reporter: police say three people were arguing with the clerk sunday morning and one of them returned and shot and killed him. sandra loreano was working two doors away. >> when i got here to work i heard the shots and i saw all the people running. we panicked we shots. then they told us a guy had been killed. >> reporter: police have released the pictures of these three men they want to question in connection with the case.
5:29 pm
recognize them. they also released video of this car leaving the scene. >> he was very quiet. he was to himself just working and saying hi to everybody, good morning. >> i was really sad about it. he was a nice calm guy. i used to buy my coffee there all the time. >> reporter: the cold blood murder is also a great concern to sandy flores, a community activist with bronx quality of life community safety. >> shootings left and right, all over the city. brooklyn, queens, the bronx. the police officer that got shot the other day. these guys don't care anymore. >> so far there have been no, arrests. reporting live in the fordham heights section, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. a man accused of abusing a child in new jersey behind bars. jordan miller is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated assault. bergen county prosecutors say fort lee police were called to a
5:30 pm
home where they found a boy with bruises on his face and neck. he reportedly told officers miller pinned him to the floor and hit him multiple times. it's not clear what the relationship is between miller and the boy. new york city's top cop blasting quentin tarantino for taking part in a protest against police brutality. bratton said tarantino should be, quoting, ashamed of himself. taking part in a rally a week after a police officer was shot and killed. tarantino joined activists on saturday. he equated shootings at the hands of police to murder. >> shame on them. particularly at the time we're grieving a new york city police officer. there are no words to describe the contempt i have for him and his comments at this particular time. >> also today, the head of new york city's police union calling for a boycott of tarantino's films.
5:31 pm
timing of the rally unfortunate. randolph holder shot and killed thursday. verizon, time warner accused of not delivering on fast connections. the premium price, blazing speed, can disappear. one company's service passes through another infrastructure. new york city public school students will no longer have to pay to take s.a.t. exams. all high school juniors will be eligible to take the test for free on school property. the initiative will launch in some schools in the spring and will be available city wide in 2017. the world series about to kick off in just over 24 hours. mets fans can hardly wait. a
5:32 pm
where a mets rally is underway outside the executive and legislative building in mineola. down there will be lit up and orange and blue to celebrate the team. >> of course there are those diehard mets fans would rather spend a small fortune to go 1200 miles away to the game in person. >> kansas city, here they come. marcus solis outside the stadium for us. >> man, are those tickets expensive. we'll have more on that in just a minute. yes, mets fans are present and accounted for and some of them lucky enough to be acknowledged by players as they arrive here to kauffman stadium. >> one of my buddies is from around here. i was able to come up with one ticket. >> reporter: not only is jay fisher rooting for the mets, he got to meet some of his heroes as they entered kauffman stadium, including the hottest player on the planet, daniel murphy. fisher got his hat
5:33 pm
collins come in. i see a lot of the players really nice. >> reporter: it may be too early to say mets fans are out in force, but games 1 and 2 of the world series are on the road. new yorkers are expected to hit the road. this father and son from bay ridge fit the bill of long suffering met fans. first game. back in the days of hawk taylor, jack fisher. it's been a long time. >> reporter: a long time since the mets were playing for a world championship. 15 years since the last world series. nine since they were in the playoffs. >> since beltran's 2006 strike down the middle. heart broken since then. but now we have a chance. >> mets fans shockingly picking the mets to win it in games 4 or 5. fans may not afford to come back here if there's a game 6 or
5:34 pm
about $300. still cheaper than the new york games where they're world series fever doesn't come cheap. eyewitness news. >> thank you. by the way, we have several reporters in kansas city to cover this world series. you can see the reports on air and online throughout the fall classic. it's been three years since superstorm sandy hit. tonight a community celebrates as two families finally return to their last time he was in new york, he was arrested by mistake. tennis star james blake is coming back to run the new york city marathon. what he says he'll do when he sees officers along the route. >> diners disappearing from new
5:35 pm
does this $20 family fill up meal have eight pieces of original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing]
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it's been nearly three years since superstorm sandy pommeled the tri-state. jersey shore was not a match for sandy.
5:38 pm
long? shirleen allicot is here with the story. >> too much red tape. that is what these families say they their them, government programs falling short. they say if not for the kindness of strangers and a successful fundraising campaign, they'd home. >> reporter: in 2012 sandy made landfall on the jersey shore. flooding streets, wrecking homes, leaving several people three years later, the last two families in the town of belmar left homeless by the superstorm are back. >> the best feeling about being home besides being back in the community is that my babies now have a place and their safe haven back. 72 this was theresa keefe's home after the storm hit. and this is keefe's home today. the mother of three along with krista sperber, mother of two, give all thanks to a fundraising campaign
5:39 pm
>> he came back with this amazing program. he said i have a great idea. i said awesome, i'll do it. i didn't even need to know what it was. it was this. it was this amazing thing that's moving us back home. >> reporter: the program raised $240,000 in cash, materials, and labor. most of the people who donated from across the country. it's afforded moments together these families haven't had for three long years. >> family dinners are amazing and everyone has a place to lay their heads and sleep soundly and for that, we thank you. >> reporter: it's also been a source of inspiration. sperber has joined the fight to help other families like her. >> families now facing foreclosure, they're just moving back home and facing foreclosure. we have to be able to stop this. >> sperber is heading to trenton this week to push lawmakers to do something for the thousands of families still displaced. it's a case of neighbors helping neighbors. >> three years later. thank you.
5:40 pm
about a link between eating processed meats and cancer. world health organization says eating processed meats like hotdogs, bacon, and corn beef can increase the risk of cancers. it packs certain kinds of carcinogens. the meat industry denying the findings. lee goldberg has the forecast coming up. >> oh, danny boy, your bat, your bat is slugging >> a mets fan takes a classic irish song and turnsns for the girl scout meeting. okay.
5:41 pm
for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? at stop & shop, prices have just gone down. the savings keep going up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop & shop. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? you got to know when to hold'em. know when to fold 'em. know when to walk away. know when to run. you never count your money, when you're sitting at the ta... what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
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i great thing about monday is
5:43 pm
in the first forecast, it's like the goldberg family travel log. >> i love to share. the fall color is fantastic. we were concerned about with the drought conditions, would it suffer? no, the colors have just been fantastic. we were in cold spring over the weekend. fantastic. outside we go this afternoon where we have beautiful skies. want to savor that sunshine. you're not going to get it in this form for a few days. we'll have clouds mixing with the sun tomorrow. we have rain moving in. we're at 57. we have sun shine. we're approaching sunset which is just about 14 minutes away at 6:00. planner through the evening hours will be mainly clear. patchy clouds will come in through morning. 45 for your lows. still 40s in our suburbs north and west. summit, new jersey, here's a planner for you with clouds after midnight. look at the 5 a.m. temperature. 35 degrees. have your coat in the morning but wind will be fairly light. planner shows
5:44 pm
clouds will low er and thicken during the afternoon. we remain dry during the daylight hours. late at night on wednesday when the first raindrops start to come in to parts of new jersey. chilly tomorrow. 32 in poughkeepsie. 34, new brg burg. -- newburg. sun and high clouds. mid and upper 50s during the afternoon. cool, gray finish to the day. temperatures coming up short of that 60-degree mark. first raindrops coming in by the morning commute wednesday. i don't think it's terribly heavy. steadier showers may be over parts of new jersey at that lighter over connecticut some moderate showers could sneak in by the end of the morning commute. it's really afternoon in to the first part of wednesday night where we get the good soaking. so the wednesday evening commute a lot of rain. wind swept rains and also flooding in some areas. you get 2 and a half inches in a couple spots. this has a tropical connection to the we'll be friday. let's fast forward to
5:45 pm
halloween where it should be dry. gun -- 51 degrees. partly cloudy skies . don't forget we fall back over the weekend. daylight saving time comes to an end. sunset will be at 4:53. bill loves me to remind you to replace those batteries in the smoke detectors. then we've got the tcs new york city marathon which crossing my fingers looks good. clouds breaking for sunshine. light southwest wind. i was look ing back at the planner last year which had winds of 40 miles per hour, temperatures in the 40s. much better this year. don't forget about the clocks. we know fan is short for fanatic. tonight, a song only a fan could come up with. >> the unfield exploits of mets infielder daniel murphy sparking a spin on the traditional irish song "oh, danny boy." no question it's clever. >> you're about to hear it. here's kemberly richardson. >> reporter: it's
5:46 pm
used to, but this is quintessential new york city. >> i'm getting all these messages on social media from mets fans saying this is so beautiful, you made me cry, and all the irish american mets fans because i'm irish. they're loving it. and i'm have done something that people love this much. >> with every swing we see your home run str >> reporter: the original work was created here in the studio by maxine's husband. he's a songwriter and producer. she had just seen a headline in the newspaper saying oh, danny boy, referring to mets superstar daniel murphy. >> i said we should write a parody of danny boy but dedicate it to daniel murphy. >> reporter: the rest is history. but from this very same rooftop in times square --
5:47 pm
tried kershaw and arr >> reporter: where the video was made, a little bird told me something. >> i guess, yes, this is true. this is true. i am n -- i am indeed a fan of the red sox. >> reporter: boston. but we'll give her a pass. with a voice like this it's a pleasure having her on our team. >> and we will cheer from here to flushing meadows oh, danny, boy oh, danny boy we love you so let's go mets! >> reporter: kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we'll forgive the boston red sox fan. a little note there. we all know you guys have some great mets spirit out there. we want to see it. we've been get ting lots of pictures in your mets gear. keep them coming. share them
5:48 pm
former pro tennis player, james blake, the center of a police controversy in new york city, returning this weekend to run in the tcs new york city marathon. mr. blake, the innocent victim in this surveillance video, shows officer james traffic tor ae -- james frascori mistakenly attacking him . >> i'll probably be pretty tired at the end but i hope i have the opportunity to shake as many hands as i can and thank them because that day they're doing good work. >> the officer is on desk duty and will face an administrative trial. they've been a favorite place to hang out or grab a bite for decades. >> now local diners are quickly closing up shop. owners tell us why they're struggling to stay in business. >> i'm liz cho.
5:49 pm
6:00, calls for a hefty new tax on guns following the deadly shooting of nypd officer randolph holder. we'll tell you what lawmakers behind the new tax want to do with that money. >> and the mets take to the field in kansas city within the hour to practice on the eve of game 1 of the world series. rob
5:50 pm
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new york city has plenty of fancy restaurants but it's the diners that some believe provide the city's flavor. experts say there used to be close to a thousand in the five boroughs, now it's less than 400. sandra bookman is live on the west side. >> we're in a diner, it's been in this neighborhood for more than 50 years. frank sinatra used to come here. the notorious hells kitchen gang, the westies, they were regulars here. even an episode of seinfeld was filmed in the market diner. all of that storied history isn't enough to save it.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: he can barely say the words, the beloved diner he manages is closing in less than a week. the market diner has sat on the edge of hells kitchen at 43rd and 11th since 1962 from welcome. >> we expected this to happen we thought we were going to be here for three more years. >> reporter: but the developer already building across the street wants to put up a multi-story property where the diner now sits, much to the disappointment of loyal customers. >> this is like my kitchen. where else are you going to get a home cooked meal? >> reporter: the market is not the only new york diner that's become a casualty of a shifting economy, including rising rents and food costs. soup burg on the upper east side and the el greco diner closed their doors last year. >> some change is not good.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: susan maxwell and nancy york have been coming here to the market since they were children. >> we had our communion party here. we had our graduation party. so it's a little sad that it's closing. >> came here with our parents when we were small. i came in for a last meal. >> management here at the diner says it tried but failed to find a reasonably priced alternative location in this neighborhood. as a result, the market diner is supposed to close its doors for good on sunday. we're live tonight on manhattan's west side, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> too bad. you hate to hear that. still ahead, calls for a hefty new tax on guns and what lawmakers want to do with the money.
5:55 pm
starts right now. mets fans haven't been this excited in a generation. rallies today in queens and on long island as the mets practice in kansas city on the eve of game 1 of the world series. first tonight, the nypd says the gun divers found in the harlem river in the middle of the night is indeed the weapon used in the killing of officer randolph holder. good evening to you at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. in about an hour at the nypd precinct for officer violence. meanwhile, a big >> the nypd saying the gun found is connected to the officer's murder. psa 5 in east harlem, mourners continue to pay tribute with flowers and a
5:56 pm
growing memorial there, this as we learn more about what is planned for officer holder's funeral. >> we have two reports tonight. dave evans on a new proposal for a hefty new tax on guns. we begin with n.j. burkett at the scene of the shooting. >> that's right, i stood on this spot on thursday night and said investigators were optimistic that they would find that handgun. they did. they worked around the clock in and out of the river for five days. groping in the water where visibility is 6 inches at best. there's more investigative work to be done about prosecutors are one step closer to closing this case. >> reporter: the nypd's late scuba team managed to beat the odds and finding a needle in a haystack would have been easier but divers managed to find the 40 caliber pistol used to murder officer randolph holder at the
5:57 pm
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