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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 27, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, republican showdown. more evidence that ben carson is surging passing donald trump in important polls just one day before the next debate. we're live in washington with the latest. breaking overnight, budget deal. a milestone agreement between the white house and congress just announced. has it diverted a looming government shutdown? caught on camera. a student flipped off a desk and thrown across the floor. the police officer's auctions being questioned this morning. dangerous display. a house goes up in flames setting off the huge amount of fireworks stored inside. and we do say good tuesday morning to you, everybody. we'll get started of course with the race for the white house getting more heated by the day you might say as republicans
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gear up for their next debate. >> donald trump losing ground in iowa now trailing ben carson in the latest polls by double digits and trump making more comments on religion. this time about muslim women. abc's bazi kanani is in washington. morning to you, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, reena. good morning, kendis. the latest ap poll showed donald trump is not faring well with critical hispanic voters but among most republicans he is viewed as their strongest candidate for the general election. just ahead of the third republican debate, donald trump is talking religion. on muslim women and their veils. >> they want to. what the hell are we getting involved for? the fact is it's easier. you don't have to put up makeup. wouldn't it be easier, right? >> reporter: trump also refusing to apologize for questioning ben carson's seventh day adventist faith. >> i said exactly i don't know about it so, you know.
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>> that's not an insult. >> reporter: polls show him surge surging over ben carson. jeb bush is down in the polls and frustrated. >> i got a lot of really cool things that i could do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonize and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> reporter: bush met privately with his family and big donors at this hotel strategizing after being forced to cut campaign staff and salaries. on the democratic side hillary clinton is riding a new wave of support following vice president joe biden's decision to stay out of the race. bernie sanders now going after her more aggressively but to the ladies of "the view" he saved his attacks for republicans. >> we have a very right wing extremist republican party. >> reporter: the republican candidates will gather in
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night's debate where this time donald trump will be joined by ben carson in that center stage position. reena, kendis. >> bazi kanani, thanks so much, bazi. also from washington, overnight developing congressional leaders and the white house have reached a budget deal which would avoid a government default. the agreement would also lower the chances of a government shutdown. it would fund increases for the pentagon and domestic programs while cutting social security as well as medicare. a vote could come as early as tomorrow. heavy rain left over from hurricane patricia is soaking the tennessee valley this morning and moving north. the stormy weather triggered major flash flooding across louisiana. more than 8 inches of rain came down from new orleans to baton rouge and the water in same spots around lsu was more than three feet deep. here's a look at where the storm is moving now moving into a wide area of the southeast with downpours from louisville to the florida panhandle as it makes
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here's more from accuweather's molly cochran. good morning, molly. >> thanks, kendis and reena. good news for dallas, houston area on tuesday. going to be staying dry. so any of those cleanup efforts still under way, going to be greeted with some sunshine, but unfortunately more wet weather to come for the later half of the week. dallas into the houston area friday into the start of the weekend. we could be looking at three to four additional inches of rainfall, definitely could reinforce the threat for flooding problems. alsoing look at wet weather across the deep south on tuesday from atlanta to raleigh. kendis and reena, back to you. >> molly cochran, thank you. next, the investigation into the sinking of a whale watching boat off vancouver island, canada. the bow of the boat is still sticking out and search for one person still is missing a local fishermen went toward a flare
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fired by a crew member. >> i seen the life raft with some people in there waving their hands and the guy was directing me over there. there's people in the water. there's people in the water. >> another witness claims a sudden wave was what caused the boat to capsize. the tour company says the boat had operated for 20 years without incident. authorities say their investigation into what went wrong could take several months. oklahoma judge ordered the suspect in that deadly homecoming parade crash to be held on $1 million bond. it was the first court appearance for adacia chambers who faces four counts of second degree murder. the prosecutor said chambers purposely drove around a barricade before plowing into spectators. her lawyer says she suffers from mental illness and is sue aid. overseas rescue operations under way in south asia after that powerful earthquake we told you about first yesterday. more than 300 are confirmed dead
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so far with most of the victims in pakistan and afghanistan. but that toll is expected to rise as rescuers reach remote mountainous areas. residents being warned about the possibility of more strong aftershocks much the magnitude 7.5 quake was the strongest to hit in recent years. the mississippi state flag is no longer at ole miss much the university of mississippi ordered campus police to remove the flag which contains the controversial confederate battle emblem. university leaders agreed to take it down after the student body, faculty and staff voted in favor of removing it. the flag will be blow served in the university archives. we're getting a dire new warning about the dangers of global warming. scientists say by the end of the century humans won't be able to tolerate the heat and humidity in certain parts of the persian gulf. the muggy conditions are especially threatening because they overwhelm the body's ability to cool down by sweating. extreme temperatures have already been reached in iran
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where last july the heat index was 163 degrees. >> wow. i'd rather take the heat but not when it's 163 degrees. >> thankfully we have air con. the long wait for the world series ends tonight. the royals hosting the mets. ahead of the action hundreds of mets fans gathered for a pep rally in their home borough of queens. >> including the dogs decked out in blue and orange and all predicted the mets would win their first title since 1986. >> in kansas city the world series gear is on the shelves ahead of tonight's game. sales are said to be swift despite the royals having been in the series last year. on the field the teams held workouts ahead of tonight's game one of the royals haven't played since friday. the mets have had nearly a week off. >> it's been a while since the mets have been in the world series. okay, so leave it out. soon plane passengers will be asked to leave something dangerous out of their checked bags.
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>> and caught on camera. a school police officer flowing a student out of her chair. new reaction overnight. plus, a house filled with fireworks suddenly goes up in flames creating quite an
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don't worry. this wasn't someone getting an early start or a late start to the fourth of july. this actually happened in the netherlands. a house where loads of fireworks were being stored caught fire causing the explosive impromptu display. the house was destroyed and three people were injured. an important warning for airline passengers. e-cigarettes will soon be banned
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from all checked bags. they can still carry them on board but can't recharge them while on board. they have sparked at least 26 explosions or fires since 2009. the rule takes effect in about two weeks. a new government report being released this morning aims to shed new light on the issue of tire safety. the ntsb says 33,000 accidents a year in the u.s. are related to defective tires. many of them are old and many drivers are unaware their tires may have been roo recalled years earlier as unsafe. the report coming out today looking into the tire recall system and addresses the age of tires. walmart has joined amazon in exploring the use of drones for delivery. walmart may use the drones to fly online orders to customers' doorsteps or to fly pickup orders out to parking lots at their stores and may provide aerial surveillance at distribution centers. fedex which still delivers the old fashioned way using
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humans with legs is predicting a record holiday season much the company says it expects to ship 317 million packages. up about 12% over last year much the busiest shipping days the monday after shotgun and the first two mondays in december. >> so you're telling me to avoid mondays. >> avoid mondays and note 59 more days left. >> wow. >> till christmas. >> scaring me. >> it's getting here. when we come back a dramatic end to a bank robbery. the suspect tossing cash in the air before the takedown. carjacked by a bear? opening the vehicle's door and hopping in. and off you go, and off you go,
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packs 15 grams of protein punch. but what else? it has 0 added sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. dannon oikos triple zero. dannon this british airways jet just landed in johannesburg, south africa, when its left landing gear completely collapsed. take a look at that. that caused the plane to tilt on much to its side. none of the 100 people on board was injured. everyone got off the plane safely and was taken to the hospital. now for a look at morning road conditions. wet commute from chicago to detroit and much of the southeast. highways will be slick at types from the northern rockies down to denver and a slip rye ride to the northeast. airport delays possible in atlanta, chicago, detroit as well as charlotte. there is new recombrakz to an alarming scene inside a high school classroom caught on camera. >> shows a school resource
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officer struggling with a student who police say refused to leave class. the officer you see here tipping her desk backward until she nauls on the floor and tossed her several feet across the floor. overnight a top district official saying the video appears excessive and unnecessary to him. the sheriff now demanding answers. we don't want everyone to rush to judgment but feel the video was very, very disturbing, the sheriff was not happy with what he saw. he's very disturbed and wants answers as to what happened and what took place. >> an army vet erin tells this morning's new york "daily news" he was manhandled by the same officer ten years ago and reverend jesse jackson is calling for the officer to be fired and a lawsuit to be filed against the police department. a sheriff's department truck stepped in as a makeshift school bus for some louisiana elementary schoolchildren when their real bus got stuck on a flooded road much the bus driver had tried to make it through but
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you can see there so she waded to a nearby home and knocked on the door. surprising the woman who lived there. >> i couldn't believe it because no one has ever tried to drive through that water, especially not a school bus with kids on it there. >> sheriff's deputies took the children off one by one and put them in the back of a pickup. the incident, another reminder, of course, don't tie to drive through a flooded road. >> an employee of our station in miami, wplg came to the rescue of a pilot whose plane had just crashed. juan rodriguez was on a news helicopter that just flew over a crash crash. he arrived before the emergency crews. >> at least the guy was alive and he was in a lot of pain. he was his face was completely bloody. >> he had to be removed from the cockpit with the jaws of life.
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able to walk away but, wow, quick thinking by juan rodriguez. well done. >> glad that he stopped. all right. in los angeles, the bizarre ending to a bank robbery. the suspect seen tossing cash out of a suitcase before being hit with a bean bag by police. since a production crew was working down the treat some people thought it was part of a tv show or a movie. it was the real deal. >> all right. it is l.a. let's talk about sports much the starting pitchers for tonight's game, one of the world series are matt hi very for the mets and edinson volquez for the royals. >> from our guys at espn. >> john buccigross and john anderson in the beautiful studios at "sportscenter." >> good-looking people on a good-looking set. good-looking end to the nfl schedule. second quarter. the cards are up 10-7. palmer, boom. loaded up, fire, michael floyd
4:18 am
has it, fourth quarter, they're up 26-10. they are just cruising along except they get a punt blocked and on first and goal joe flacco throws a touchdown pass, two-point conversion. a little more binding. now they got a chance to tie, no, flacco down deep and throws the pick and cards win it 26-18. ducks and blackhawks under six to go, jonathan toews, captain of the blackhawks to patrick kane, kane passes to artem artemi but the net is off. was that on purpose by frederik anderson. joe quenneville thinks so. overtime, caner to toews and it's a twisted wrister. winner, winner, chicken parm dinner, hawks win 1-0 beating the ducks.
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>> can you do that fist pump -- >> very nice. fresh look at all the sportlights. see you. good morning. up next in "the pulse," raise a glass to this comet racing through space and spewing out booze. >> my kind of comet. release the wookie. chewbacca under arrest? plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara . it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses stelara helps me be in season. stelara may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara if you are allergic to stelara or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems- these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition.
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all right, time to check "the pulse" stories, of course, you'll be talking about today starting with a happy hour that is out of this world. >> that's right. you see it here, the comet lovejoy boozing it up in space leaving behind a big trail of alcohol. during peak activity, every second lovejoy was releasing as much alcohol as you'd find in 500 bottles of wine. merlot or cab.
4:22 am
eye early this year is releasing sugar along with the alcohol. adding to the evidence that comets could have been a source of the molecules needed for the emergence of life. >> bottle it up. >> a good happy hour. a couple on their honeymoon in the smoky mountains had quite an unexpected encounter with a bear. that's their chevy impala. the bear seems to be interested in it. they can hardly believe it when he opens the passenger door. >> i love the graphic. the cub sits behind the wheel for a few moments before the horn sounds and he's scared off of the newlywed husband says perhaps the bear was attracted to the symbolic one on the license plate. >> boo-boo, you're smarter than the average bear. >> more bears. costco known for selling big lots for low prices has a big lot bear.
4:23 am
so heavy recommended only for children over 3 years old. anyone smaller would probably be crushed, right? >> i think. >> the practical problems of ang eight foot stuffed bear are pretty obvious from this video but it's also clear there would be a lot of bear to love and guaranteed to make your kid the coolest one on the block. >> another adorable cub we followed. chewbacca isn't always so adorable and cuddly. >> he can be an outlaw. check him out getting rough treatment from the police in ukraine. the wookie was arrested for failing to produce proper i.d. when stopped by the cops. >> this might be the best part. the whole incident started while he was driving a guy dressed as darth vader to vote in a local election. chewy was fined $7.50. what's up with that relationship between darth vader and chewbacca. i wonder if that will be discussed in the next "star wars." >> interesting. more news after this. sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am.
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taking a look at our top stories a u.s. navy destroyer entered the south china sea near a chain of islands china claims are within its territory. china calling the navy action illegal and a threat to its sovereignty. the suspect in that deadly homecoming parade crash will officially be charged next month. she's accused of plowing into a crowd killing four people. a judge has granted a psychological evaluation. louisiana is starting to dry out today as the remnants of hurricane patricia move into the southeast. the drenching rain triggered widespread flooding that led to dozens of water rescues. the worst of that rain hitting the tennessee valley today, also wet from chicago to detroit and in the northern rockies, a storm moves into northern california overnight. and finally this morning, for us, putting some expertise to extremely good use. that expertise came courtesy of the employees at seaworld in san diego. >> they came to the rescue of a humpback whale that was struggling in the water. vanessa van hefty of our station in san diego has the story.
4:27 am
>> right there is the last one we saw. >> reporter: these images show a very risky rescue under the surface at 20,000-pound humpback whale in big trouble. >> you could tell that it was very much in distress. >> reporter: seaworld's keith yip is trained for this. few has his level of expertise through noaa. >> reporter: he had line wrapped around its peduncle or forward of the flutes or what someone calls tails. >> reporter: one was attached to the floats. another to a lobster trap. >> you could tell that it was very much in distress and very encumbered by this anchor it was pulling along as it was swimming. >> reporter: the first order of business, attaching this satellite buoy so they could see him. >> it's attached to the whale right here. >> reporter: but this 0-foot whale had other plans. >> so every time the boat
4:28 am
and roll and that was the problem. >> reporter: another problem, seaworld's specially designed boat with propellers that protect the lines conked out. the coast guard's boat sucked up the nylon lines in the motor. what could have been catastrophic ended up freeing the whale. >> and it's a great feeling when everybody works together and something good is accomplished. we saved a life yesterday and that's important much that's a good day. >> doing some good work out there. >> so good to see them taking care of them. >> hayes got booted off "dancing with the stars" but the good news they'll be on "good morning america" later on today. >> look forward to that
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