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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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with the breaking details. darla. >> reporter: david, liz, that indictment was handed out just about 30 minutes ago. we did not see the large nypd presence we saw last week at the arraignment because of today's wake. tyrone howard himself was not in court today. we did spot these women. they are presumably his family members in court there in support of howard. when approached while speaking with his defense attorney, they adamantly said no comment. the 30-year-old suspect has been indicted by the grand jury for first degree murder and first degree robbery in the shooting death of nypd officer randolph holder last tuesday along the fdr. the discovery of that 40 caliber glock from the harlem river early sunday morning was a key piece of evidence presented to the grand jury. >> the verdict on mr. howard will be determined at trial, not here. he should not be prejudged. he denies the allegations. >> now there was no plea
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heard his attorney, his court appointed attorney say that he denies the allegations. the no remand is continued so he does not have any bail, but this investigation also continues. tonight the fdr north of 96th street will be closed from 7:30 p.m. until 9 a.m. tyrone howard indicted on first degree murder in the shooting death of randolph holder. more on this coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5. reporting live in lower manhattan, darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. right now in queens, the wake for slain new york city police officer randolph holder underway this morning, a moment of silence, as the police honor guard escorted officer holder's coffin to the greater allen a.m.e cathedral. holder was shot and killed in the line of duty a week ago tonight. >> he worked hard each and every day, and he was a very humble man, very good man, very good person.
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>> it's really overwhelming, you know, sad. it's really sad. >> the funeral is tomorrow, and reverend al sharpton was invited by holder's father to give the eulogy. told sharpton says he is declining the invitation because he says his presence could be a distraction. the funeral is scheduled to begin tomorrow afternoon at 3 at the greater allen a.m.e cathedral of new york and jamaica queens. we're following other breaking news out of suffolk county, police chief james burke has just resigned. the resignation is effective immediately. we're going to have full details on the story on eyewitness news at 4:30. now to the mets. close to three long decades have passed since either of the
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it was '85 for the royals, '86 for the mets, and fans of both teams are so desperate to end the drought. >> the big story tonight, will there be more daniel murphy heroics and can the met's pitching help the team win the series. >> oh, we have fans. we have analysis at home and in kansas city we're going to begin with sports anchor laura behnke. she's at kauffman us. laura. >> reporter: hey, david and liz, it's not exactly the most beautiful fall day to begin the fall classic here in kansas city, but i don't think the mets or the royals will complain. they are the only two teams remaining in baseball. this is something the players have aimed for all season long, yet tonight the real work begins. >> as exciting as this october run has been for the mets, it was all leading to this, the world series and four wins to a title. >> in october you see the world series, and you know, you always kind of imagine yourself
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being there, and so to be able to make it, you know, is definitely very exciting. >> just a dream come true. i'm going to live in the moment and soak it all in. >> game 1 spotlight shines on matt harvey who has already had post season success this fall, but this stage against the royals will be a whole new test. >> we know what kansas city's about, and you know, for us, i think going forward it's being able to pitch, which obviously all of us are able to do. >> the home crowd will clearly favor kansas city, but the mets are once again ready to embrace enemy territory. >> definitely going to be a high. it's going to be intense. we start here in kansas city where the fans are going to be energetic and looking forward to, especially since this is their second time. enjoy the moment, have fun with it. >> reporter: starting lineups are out, mets fans you can breathe a sigh of relief. owe ennecessary cespedes will be in center field. he's good to go. we will have live reports throughout the evening from
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kansas city. for now we are live from kauffman stadium, laura behnke channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the mets home field is nearly ready to host the fall classic for the first time in the ballpark's history, world series logo has been painted at citi field. doesn't it look pretty. ground crews have been working on the logo making sure the grass is just right for the showdown with kansas city for game 3 on friday. >> all over the city people and businesses are coming up with ways to celebrate. some of the most creative ones are designed to be eaten. yum, eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg with that part of the story. >> reporter: the way to a fan's heart is through the belly, and mets' fans can certainly find plenty to eat. most of the items that we found a little bit decadent but well deserved. >> it's not a diet sandwich. >> that's for sure. these days the already hefty heroes are going super sized to honor the mets. steven matz is from the area, and he's got a sandwich on the board for a while.
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now daniel murphy and jacob degrom have their own too, and the degrom starts with a chicken cutlet and roast beef. >> it is a big sandwich, a lot of big sandwiches here but this is one of the biggest one. >> the owner isn't kidding, it weighs in at 2.5 pounds. good luck lifting it to your mouth. >> what was it about the degrom that appeals to you? >> i think it was the chicken cutlet and the roast beef on it. you can't really go wrong with the combination of the two. >> does that sound like something degrom would eat? >> i would think so. it's a little crazy, kind of like his hair. it sounds good enough for me. >> continuing the mets food tour to bourbon street and bay side where they're serving a curve ball of a drink. >> it's murphy's law, with a little heavy cream, shaken up, blended a little bit, and then designed like a baseball. >> the end result picture perfect, enjoy it on the heated rooftop.
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for dessert, sweety's candy cottage in huntington. >> it's a milk chocolate covered pretzel and we cover it in orange and blue mets colors and put the mets logo on it. >> that logo is edible. the metzels are 2.0 each. >> sales are very, very good. we're all working overtime here. >> and she's also making jetzels and giant pretzels but it's their metzels that are the star attraction. i have some for you guys liz that you'll enjoy later. >> we certainly will. all right, thanks lauren. question now is what the weather is going to be like in kansas city for tonight's first pitch. we saw laura behnke with her umbrella out and the tarp on the field, rain obviously a possibility there and we're also getting hit with the remnants of hurricane patricia tomorrow night right lee? >> no question about it. they're going to play tonight, but i can't promise an on time start. the rain while steady right now
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for the most part has been light. the stadium is on the east side of town here. they've had about a quarter of an inch of rainfall, nothing that the field can't take. it is steady right now, and you can see there's moderate showers we saw on laura behnke's live shot. this is going to take until early evening to exit the area. here's the local futurecast for the kansas city area. still some showers on the east side of town at first pitch time and quickly moving away. the worst-case scenario is a small delay. we'll go with 54 and still some light showers around first pitch time. that's the western edge of the big rainfall headed off the coast for us, rainfall to about d. c. it's dry near us so we're not raining until around day break. here's the time line, new jersey could start to get wet, roadways are getting wet. during the morning commute mostly light rain first part of the day. by the time we get to tomorrow night and early thursday morning, inch and a half to 2 inches of rain especially north and west over parts of the area. could mean flooding. we have a lot of wind coming in onshore about 30, 40 miles per
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hour gusts at the shoreline. here's what you need to know. rain arrives around down, earlier south and west, the heaviest really is during the afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night and we have to be concerned about ponding and a very slow evening commute. much more on the timing and the seven-day accuweather forecast, halloween forecast and marathon as welcoming up in accuweather. >> we want to see how you're celebrating tonight, tweet or facebook us the photos using the hashtag abc7 ny. we have everything from record breaking ticket prices to tonight's lineup at the special section on our website, we're going to move on to the other news of the day. we're learning much more about that little girl who is on life support this afternoon after choking at school. today her family hired an attorney to try to get to the bottom of exactly what happened and why. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman is outside that school with more.
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this 7-year-old little girl, they simply believe there are a whole lot more answers that they need to get from the school system, and they are hoping that by hiring that attorney they can find out exactly what happened here at ps250. now the family was understandably emotional when they gathered in the offices of their attorney today in midtown. it was almost a week ago that 7- year-old noelia-lisa echavarria began choking on something here at school in williamsburg. an emt that happened to be passing by in a private ambulance was able to come in and help. the child was eventually taken to the hospital where she remains this evening. she is on a ventilator. the family says they believe there is a lot that the school is not telling them, and they are demanding answers, not only from the school but from the
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>> call to see her, she's -- tell me mrs. santiago this was really happen to your daughter. >> the concern that the family has is how long was it until 9- 1-1 was called, who responded in the school and how fast, what, in fact, did they do, and how did this choking incident happen in the first place. >> reporter: now, again, the little girl remains on a ventilator in the hospital this evening. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:30, we're going to hear more from her family members, from their attorney. also, we will hear the doe's response so far. for now we are live in williamsburg brooklyn, i'm sandra bookman channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you sandra. we're also learning new details about the bronx mother accused of tossing her baby out of a window. investigators reveal what happened in the moments before
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time for a check on traffic. big headaches on the long island expressway. you can see the backlog right there. the westbound lanes are closed at exit 62 because of an accident. this is near nichols road in holtsville suffolk county. and on the hudson river minor
4:15 pm
things are looking good at the holland tunnel and george washington bridge. the justice department is now investigating the violent takedown of a high school student from south carolina. the incident was caught on camera, and it's disturbing to watch. the incident began when the student refused to leave math class. you can see that the deputy flips the girl backwards in her desk and tosses her around the classroom floor. the deputy who has been identified as ben fields is now on leave. >> to be thrown out of her seat as she was thrown and to be dumped on the floor as she was thrown, i don't think that was the appropriate way to respond. >> the local sheriff has also asked the fbi to begin its own investigation as well. a government shutdown avoided after a budget agreement between the white house and republicans in his final days as speaker of the house, john boehner announced today that a deal was reached. while some conservative republicans are not thrilled
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can do to stop the two-year deal. boehner says that passing it is a top priority before his replacement is named. that could happen on thursday. >> lee was saying we shouldn't -- there will be some raindrops, but we shouldn't necessarily worry so much about the game being delayed or canceled or anything like that tonight right lee? >> i am a little worried about a delay off the top. i'm not worried about a cancellation, but you know, there's enough steady rain leading up, the tarp's on the field, they'll have rain into the 8:00 hour, whether it's light enough to say let's go or they say let's wait until now that radar is pushing the rain away, we get going at 9, that's not out of the question. >> could be a late night. >> add to the drama a little bit. >> we're going to await some rainfall of our own. we'll time that as well. let's go right outside. visibility's still good although the clouds have thickened. you look up the hudson towards the gwb, we're at 58 degrees. southeasterly wind at 3. the high today was just shy of that 60-degree mark. we're comfortable from sunset
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park to cambria heights and the upper 50s right now. uniform temperatures, dry but kind of that cool, gray feel right now. we remain dry overnight. the wind freshens out of the east. that's something you'll notice tomorrow, pretty good wind. 7 a.m. this could be a case where it's already starting to rain in staten island but it's not in the bronx yet. it's sort of overtaking new york city at that point raining over much of new jersey. the heaviest rain is tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. the evening commute much more challenging than the morning commute. clouds thickening up right now. you see the radar looks like showers are about to get to cape may. there's pretty dry air close to the area. that initial rain is kind of just setting the table, moistening things up, and the rain doesn't arrive until tomorrow morning. there's the low over the gulf states. you can see we're pulling in moisture from the gulf, from the atlantic. it's a water logged system. remember, it has a tropical depression to the remnants of patricia. you see the arrival time, around 7:00 or so as we go into the city and points south and
4:18 pm
west, and then the heaviest coming in during the afternoon and evening hours. then you have that soaking that goes through tomorrow night. i think the heaviest rain may at least briefly push out during the evening hours. there are a couple of waves of showers that could linger even for early commuters into thursday. plenty of clouds becoming breezy overnight. late rain over new jersey 53, a pair of 6th tomorrow, a good soaking. that windy weather will continue tomorrow night. watch out for ponding on area roads. we're concerned about minor coastal flooding as well. here's your seven-day accuweather forecast. we've got that soaking that will go through tomorrow night. any early clouds will break on thursday, and there's kind of a lag before the cold air gets here. you're going lower 70s on thursday. beautiful day and then brisk and bright on friday around 60 degrees. as we head into halloween, 58 around 52 with trick or treat time, and so far for the marathon there's a small chance, i mean less than 20% of a passing shower early. clouds giving way to sun, a lot better than last year, and it's
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we also remind you remember to turn those clocks back. coming up at 4:30 a more detailed look at the futurecast and the rainfall amounts and winds with this rainfall potential flooding event tomorrow. we're back outside. we've got some amazing animals. earlier today was parade of puppies promoting pet adoption. dog activist here with us today. you've got maui and we have. >> freddy. >> freddy's here with us today, and these are up for adoption. they're mets fans and how can people get ahold of them? >> we're all here for the mets. we're very excited about tonight, and if you want to adopt, you go to >> they are fantastic, and they're a little cold. it's okay. put on a another layer of mets jerseys. likes channel 7, how about that. now. >> they're super cute and they match you lee. >> we're all in the blue and orange, and i'm 6 and 0 in the mets colors. >> you are the lucky charm. i was going to say that.
4:20 pm
thank you lee. >> you've got it. >> we want to tell you about unclaimed money, millions of it, locals cashing in, so how do you know if you are owed cash. we'll tell you. >> one store taking a stand not only on thanksgiving but the day after as well. we've got the details coming up. >> and channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we're taking you mile by mile introducing you to some of the new yorkers you'll find on the course. >> this is mile 17 here on the upper east side. this area right here is known as bedpan alley because of all the hospitals. i hope you don't end up in one. >> lets go mile 17. the tcs new york city marathon is sunday november find over 1,000 special stories
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tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. the united nations general assembly condemned the u.s. trade embargo on cuba despite warming relations between the two countries. the vote was 191 to 2 with only israel joining the u.s. and rejecting the resolution. it is the 24th year in a row the u. n. has condemned the embargo. the vote comes three months after the u.s. and cuba restored diplomatic relations for the first time in 54 years. president obama has eased travel and trade restrictions but only congress can ended embargo.
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black friday, the lights will be off at retail locations nationwide, headquarters and distribution centers as well. the company says it wants to give its 12,000 employees the opportunity to do what they love the most, and that is be outside. it's also inviting the nation to join its philosophy for the day after thanksgiving with a hashtag opt outside. in entertainment news sandy talking to one of our own, gossip girl fans know him as chuck. today he's taking on a new role in the premier of the new abc dramatic city. sandy kenyon here with more. >> the new abc tv series has got a great title that really fits its time and place. during the 1980s i worked on hollywood's sunset strip which was anything but glamorous. the title for the new tv series is no exaggeration, l. a. in the 1980s was a wicked city.
4:25 pm
>> neon lights and billboards and clubs and it just feels so fun even though there's a seedy underbelly. >> her character is covering it as a reporter. >> what's the story? >> all this. >> detectives played by jeremy sisto and gabriel luna are trying to make sense of the underworld. >> it was the serial killer capital of the world. there were serial killers from all over country just like there were artists and other ambitious people. >> ed westwick who previously starred on gossip girls plays a creepy serial killer. >> i've never done anything like that. >> this is just the beginning. >> he knows how to manipulate. he knows what people want to hear, and for someone, you know, in betsy's position who is perhaps looking for that, you know. >> and your characters have what i would describe as a co- dependent relationship don't
4:26 pm
they? >> that's good. >> yes, absolutely. >> kent, you know i'll take care of your needs. >> will she be another victim, that question is resolved quickly. more like bonnie to his clyde, their drama one of many on these mean streets. >> it was probably easier to get cocaine than a cab on the sunset strip. >> i can vouch for that. today hollywood is a tourist mecca in much the same way time square went from seedy to safe a quarter century ago. wicked city premiers tonight at 10 p.m. right after shield right here on abc7. dave, liz. >> all right, sandy, thanks so much. >> and still to come on eyewitness news first a the 4, breaking news this afternoon, the suffolk county police chief is stepping down. we've got details behind his sudden resignation.
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i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses...
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...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 4:30 and all new this
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half hour, a mother in the bronx charged with throwing her newborn out the window. today there are new details on this tragedy. >> plus millions of unclaimed funds in westchester county and some of it could be yours. we'll tell you how you can find out. >> and we are just hours away from the start of the world series. meet one mets super fan with an entire room dedicated to his team. >> but we begin with half hour with breaking news out of suffolk county. we have learned that the police chief there james burke is resigning. >> the resignation is effective immediately. the move comes amid word of a federal investigation into burke. >> long island reporter kristin thorne in the outback with the details. >> reporter: dave and liz, a spokesperson for the county confirmed to me that chief james burke is stepping down and resigning from the department. burke's attorney says this has nothing to do with that federal investigation and it has
4:31 pm
that he's stepping down for personal and family reasons. burke is under federal investigation for an incident that stems back to 2012 when a man stole burke's gun bell and ammunition from his department issued vehicle which was parked in his driveway. that man christopher lobe alleged that he was subsequently arrested and beaten by burke and other officers while he was detained. federal investigators have been looking into those claims. burke has been with the suffolk county police department for the past 30-plus years and has always said he did absolutely nothing wrong in that case. burke's attorney says he is officially stepping down at the end month because of personal reasons. his decision to retire is unrelated to any speculation of a federal investigation. chief burke havemently denies any wrongdoing whatsoever and looks forward to the next chapter of his life. i did get a statement from the police commissioner here at the suffolk county police department. he says that burke was
4:32 pm
absolutely an outstanding supervisor, and he thanked him for his many years of service. i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. got new details about the murder indictment against a woman accused of throwing her newborn baby out of a 7th floor window in the bronx. prosecutors say 33-year-old jennifer berry lied to her boyfriend about having an abortion. when she gave birth in his bathroom, prosecutors say berry then tossed the infant out of the window. they say she told her boyfriend her menstrual cycle was to blame for her heavy bleeding. athe baby's body was found in the courtroom. the investigators have identified the gas station clerk murdered. ashawin patel was shot and killed just before midnight. so far no arrests have been made and a motive for the shooting has not been released yet. the man accused of tampering with several red light cameras in suffolk county told a judge he is not guilty
4:33 pm
today. steven ruth says he stands behind what he did because he says the red light cameras are illegal. ruth has admitted to turning two cameras in ronkonkoma away from the street and towards the sky. ruth says the cameras are just money making machines for the county. about a dozen people showed up to support him today. ruth is being charged with obstructing government property. millions of dollars are being stolen by the public from the public every week. that's the reason why our basis is not guilty. all we're doing is stopping the county from stealing millions from the public. >> this is about taxation by citation, and if there was something wrong, god bless them they should get a ticket. we're not seeing that. >> the suffolk county legislator is holding a public hearing thursday afternoon about those cameras. to politics now, donald trump losing his bragging rights as the gop front runner in a new york times cbs national poll dr. ben carson is
4:34 pm
trump's support falling to 22%, marco rubio trails far behind with 8. jeb bush and carly fiorina are tied at 7. let's get back to the mets. we're less than four hours away from the first pitch of the world series, a live look right now inside the stadium in kansas city. see the tarp out there. you can bet the mets will have their fair share of fans in the stands and probably have some umbrellas. here in new york, you can see mets pride all around. tonight the spier of 1 world trade center will be lit up in orange and blue. no surprise, lots of folks donning their mets gear right now. for one diehard mets fan it's about more than hats or t- shirts. he has an entire basement dedicated to his team. michelle charlesworth checked out his amazing display. >> mets memorabilia, meet the man kev. >> when i was about 9 years old my uncle got me an autograph of greg jeffries which i still have over there.
4:35 pm
i have an autographed ball and card. >> then there was a jacket tom received when he was about 5. no picture, who gave him the jacket, his uncle ronnie, the mets fan who started all of this. >> the u a all of -- all of this stuff takes up the entire downstairs basement. >> i had all this stuff in our guest bedroom and i painted the walls met blue and met orange. when we were trying to sell it the real estate agent was like this isn't going to fly. >> his wife jackie, here she is at a game the day they got engaged is fine with it. >> that is the 69 and 86 world series team. that's a complete team autographed photo of each member of the team and another cool piece is those ticket stubs over there. that is every ticket from the '69 world series and every ticket from the '86 world series. i've got a rookie card of every single player that was on the 86 world series team and the 69 world series team. >> what makes mets fan a unique breed of fan. >> we're very loyal.
4:36 pm
just being bad for so long, it's being bad while having the yankees in your city, so that makes it -- it makes it even sweeter now that we're good. >> and boy are they, in morris plains new jersey, michelle charlesworth channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a fan. we know there are a lot more of you out there. show us your orange and blue pride tonight. send us pictures of you and your family in mets gear and share them with us using the hashtag abc7ny. >> it's hard to be a mets fan in light of the yankees for so many years. >> we understand. >> even a lot of us yankees right now. >> of course. for the city. >> a town in new jersey battling a major dui problem. their new plan, the first of its kind to get residents home safe. we'll tell you all about it. >> plus how would you like an extra 100 bucks. who wouldn't.
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my stop & shop. yi you're looking at a live picture of the westbound side of the l.i.e. in holtsville. you can see there is no traffic moving right now. it's currently closed at exit
4:40 pm
62 because of an accident there. lots of traffic tieups. it appears a motorcycle and truck collided. we have no word on any injuries, though, we're continuing to monitor this situation, but you can imagine traffic is backed up far. >> a community in new jersey teaming up with uber to keep drunk drivers off the road. anyone who's had too much to drink can get a free ride home from the car service. the offer is good from 9 at night until 2 in the morning through january 2nd. the program being funded by donations from local businesses and nonprofit groups. it comes after an increase in dui arrests in the area. a county on long island is moving to ban microbeads in personal care products. suffolk county joins two upstate new york counties banning the tiny little plastic bits found in toothpaste and facial scrub and body washes. a statewide ban failed to pass the legislature this year. many companies have stopped using those microbeads in response to a concern about
4:41 pm
their environmental impact. suffolk's ban goes into effect in january of 2018. a man says his 90-year-old mother was wrongfully strip searched by the tsa. she was flying out of portland international airport in oregon over the weekend. the woman had apparently sewn a pocket in her bra where she could put extra cash. it was caught by a body camera. agents pulled her to the side. that's when the woman's son says she was told to take off her blouse. she said they went too far. >> i'm like what? there was no sanity or sensitivity at all to the work they were doing. >> tsa is investigating but says a search that thorough would be unusual, and the security system worked as it should. governor cuomo signing a new bill today into law that allows dogs to join their owners at patios at restaurants throughout the city. the dogs have to be leashed and restaurants can choose not to allow them. states including california, florida, and maryland have
4:42 pm
similar laws. more honors for the u.s. women's soccer team, their trip
4:43 pm
>> plus the brooklyn we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town. get to know us at
4:44 pm new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to $25,000 in cash. there's new information about one of the stars of the u.s. women's soccer team. abby wambach has announced she's retiring. the announcement came after the world cup championship team was honored at the white house today. president obama congratulated the national team on their
4:45 pm
victories in the tournament. he also said that the athletes set an example for excellence in sports and changed the perception of what it means to play like a girl. mr. obama also got a bit of a political jab in by pointing out that carli lloyd's wikipedia page was briefly changed to say that she was president of the united states. >> by the way, the jobs about to open up [ laughter ] >> what's another candidate in the mix [ laughter ] i guarantee carli knows more about being president than some of the folks that are running, but that's a whole other -- >> ooh, the president also with abby wambach in a selfie. she's awesome. she's a rock star. she will play the final four matches before leaving.
4:46 pm
scorer male or female in international soccer. >> wow. >> she's a fierce athlete. >> absolutely. >> it's hard to follow a story like that. thanks a lot. i'm going to try with this oddity if you will. the fictional character indiana jones may have been able to outrun a boulder if you remember, but a man couldn't get away from police in new york. police say a 21-year-old man named indiana z jones took off after a traffic stop. officers gave chase and followed jones as he hit speeds of 100 miles per hour, jones stopped after spike strips punctured his tires. why did we do that story because he has the same name as indiana jones. >> do you think his parents meant it as a joke? >> yes. >> spike strips are not stopping indiana jones. >> exactly. >> back to the president, by the way. you can see the wheels churning. should i say this. >> should i hold back. >> right [ laughter ] >> really funny right. >> very very funny. >> all right. so would you rather talk about the rain tonight or the rain
4:47 pm
tomorrow? >> i hate to talk about it at all liz. i'll start out with what's going on in kansas city. then we'll get to our own rain. light rain in kansas city. it will be moving out close to game time. we have a lot of clouds that are starting to move in and thicken. we're still more than 12 hours away from our first raindrops, 58, cloudy skies, southeast wind at 3. those thickening clouds, breeze picking up holding in the 50s. 4 a.m. not raining in new york city, maybe westernmost new jersey at that point. by the time we get into the morning commute, lighter rains. it's light rain off and on through the midday and early afternoon. then the rain intensity will pick up. the evening commute more challenging than the morning commute as there will be pockets of heavy rain. there's also a wind swept rain with gusts of wind near 40 miles an hour. you see with this futurecast already at 6 a.m. we've got lightering over much of new jersey, overspreading new york city between 7 and 8. even then there's moderate showers starting to come in. the widespread heavier rain is into the afternoon, into tomorrow night.
4:48 pm
temperatures are not the problem. it's in the mid-60s. the winds are gusting and the rain is falling heavily. do think the heaviest rain is going to be north and west. whether you get big winds off the southeast they come over the higher terrain and tend to enhance the rainfall when the wind is going up the terrain. you see the heavy downpours which will continue into the first part of tomorrow night. even some lingering showers for early commuters on thursday. by the way, even though a cold front is coming through, the cold air lags, we get into the 70s on thursday. there can still be a stray shower in the afternoon hours. much of the day is breezy and warm. rainfall amounts into early thursday morning could exceed 2 inches north and west. coastal flood advisories, minor coastal flooding. definitely a wind driven rain. if you look at the afternoon winds, the sustained winds are around 20 and these reds are gusts to near 40 miles an hour there at the coast. your seven-day accuweather forecast, clouds break for sun on thursday, breezy and warm, 73.
4:49 pm
friday we're brisk and bright. let's get more details on friday as we go into halloween that will be on saturday, early evening temperatures around 51 degrees. then marathon sunday. what's the situation there. well, we're looking at about 53 degrees at the start line, much better than last year. the wind 6-12 but there is a small chance of 20% of a morning shower and then some clearing. don't forget we turn the clocks back. here is your fall back forecast. don't forget, sunday early in the morning hours that sunset will be at 4:52 on sunday afternoon. right now cloudy skies, light rain in k. c. moving out at first pitch, they may be a short delay because it's been raining all day. that would be the worst case. >> a short delay. >> earlier talking about mets, lauren glassberg holding food, sweeties. >> i got mine. >> gave us some metze ls. we also have a live picture of citi field. >> this is good. this is delicious.
4:50 pm
logo on the grass today, so. >> oh, did they? >> these are very good actually. >> i can't wait to bite one. thanks sweeties for sending them over. >> you keep talking. >> you trending? >> i'm eating. >> oh, sorry. all right. here's what's trending and yes, mets are trending. in fact, here's mr. met leaving the orchestra outside lincoln center to his favorite tune [ music ] you don't see that every day hashtag mets, hashtag let's go mets, hashtag october 27th also marks the day we honor the men and women who serve in the u.s. navy. it is navy day and today and every day we thank all our deployed sailors and their families standing the watch at home. first navy day in 1922 the date chosen because it's president theodore roosevelt's birthday. prince is trending for
4:51 pm
doing for a time now, posting on instagram [ music ] >> is that his post? >> that's his post. he's like a ventriloquist right there. he shared 88 uploads in four days. as far as i'm concerned, as long as he keeps giving us tastes of his music like that i'm not going to mind about all the posts. you want to know who he follows? >> who. >> >> no one. >> what do you think, you have a baby shower, your family and friends are thrilled. kim kardashian has a baby shower and the internet trembles. the reality queen posted pics of her celebrity party based on the move troupe beverly hills. they all wore pajamas and kim showed off her baby bump. a a new home. this is heartwarming story, the mets jefferson and his older brother always dreamed of thanking their mother for her
4:52 pm
sacrifices in a great way, and this may be it. >> hey, how are you? > surprise >> she just was overwhelming, crying. they let her know when she's coming. this is your birthday, this home, this is your gift. so sweet. >> what a great surprise. >> mom worked two jobs to help keep her family, give her family all the opportunities they could have for success and sure did, you know, the young men that grew up there able now to buy home for her in pennsylvania, and you think she's a little happy and grateful? i think so. >> she raised those boys right. >> she did. a beautiful thing. >> beautiful family. >> that's nice. >> as always you can check out the trend online at abc7ny and send us your trend ideas using the hashtag the trend. >> did you finish your whole metzel while trending. >> i'm sharing it with the crew right now. we're on a budget conscious place. >> if you hurry i won't eat it. i'll save it for you. >> okay. >> i'm on my way.
4:53 pm
>> still to come, well, it might be the tiniest wheelchair you'll ever see. stella the guinea pig lives at a california animal sanctuary. they think that she broke her back when someone squeezed her too hard giving her a hug. she and another guinea pig were abandoned near an animal shelter. stella can't use the back half of her body. with the wheels she can get around now. social media fundraiser helped pay for the custom wheels. >> very cute. >> good for stella. >> yeah. >> save it for later. >> still to come, millions of dollars sitting unclaimed in westchester county. >> tonight the new push to get that cash back to its rightful owner. >> and things are looking pretty good at the hudson river crossings right now. we're talking about 20 minutes at the lincoln tunnel. right now hold on to this picture, no delays at the
4:54 pm
wa smells like spaghetti with johnsonville italian sausage. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory.
4:55 pm
make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage.
4:56 pm
here's a silly question. who couldn't use a little extra cash in their pockets? >> there are millions of dollars that belong to local residents but have never been claimed. local leaders are trying to get that money back to its owners. >> reporter: freddie scott just got a little richer. >> you do have money and i've already claimed it for you so in about two weeks you'll have your money. >> that's good. i've got in -- some eggs in the basket. >> reporter: freddie and others are lining up in hopes of collecting money. utility deposits, uncashed checks, money most people never knew they could claim. >> for many families, whether
4:57 pm
it's $50 or $100 and those are the typical recoveries, it can make a difference. >> reporter: made up of 11 communities, including the cities of yonkers, new rochelle and white plains. there is nearly $7 million in unclaimed funds, close to 200,000 accounts. >> the reality is who doesn't want newfound money especially if it's theirs to have? >> daria hall didn't find any but there was some for her mother. >> now your mother has some. great. >> reporter: you can check for more than just individuals too. susan was checking for the yonkers library system and found money. >> found money is good money. >> absolutely, everybody should do this for sure. >> reporter: the easier way to website. >> you can actually apply right online and for the more simple recoveries you can get a check
4:58 pm
>> reporter: freddie scott never knew. >> the state returned a record amount last year, $427 million. there is no deadline. one account dates back to the 1940s. reporting from yonkers, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that's a lot of eggs in the basket right there. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins now. for the mets, the entire season was all about this. getting to the world series. the mets are ready. so are the fans and we are there tonight with both teams just hours away from the first pitch. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. eyewitness news is covering every angle of the mets and that's just ahead. but right now we're going to continue to follow breaking news. >> tyrone howard formally indicted this afternoon for the murder of officer randolph holder. that indictment came as many were paying respects for
4:59 pm
him at his wake. >> n.j. burkett is at the wake. we begin with eyewitness news reporter darla miles in today's breaking developments from court. >> tyrone howard has yet to enter a formal plea but his defense attorney says he denies these allegations but the 30-year-old has now been indicted for first degree murder. he may face a possible life sentence in jail if convicts of these charges. >> they left the lower manhattan courtroom tuesday afternoon. the 30-year-old suspect now indicted by a grand jury for first degree murder and robbery in the shooting death of nypd officer randolph holder. >> is this a typical timeframe or do you think this is expedited because it's a high profile? >> they have to indict within a certain period of time. that's their obligation. >> reporter: howard did not set foot in the courtroom today.


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