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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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appearance last week which was jam packed and punctuated with some of holder's family members shouting and cursing at the 30-year-old suspect. >> i wasn't in court. i read a small account and i think everybody would be in agreement those things shouldn't happen. >> reporter: eyewitness news has learned the gun learned in the holder shooting has been traced to this shop in south carolina, legally sold in 2008 but not connected to any other shooting. none of this, however, equates to a conviction for his court appointed defense attorney, michael herowitz. >> my hope in this case is he'll have his day in court and he won't be prejudged. >> even though this indictment has been handed out, the investigation continues. in fact, there will be a third search of the fdr from 7:30 to 9:00 tonight so every street, every exit north of 96th street will be closed. reporting live in lower manhattan, darla miles,
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channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. mean while at the wake for officer holder, a sea of blue. hundreds of fellow officers paying their respects all day today really, a steady stream of people have been filing in to the queens church. the wake is about to end in less than an hour. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is outside the church in jamaica. >> the greater allen ame cathedral, a scene of such profound sadness where mourners waited for hours in lines that stretched for blocks. a solemn tribute to a man and a noble profession he chose to follow. >> reporter: for the officer's family and his fianci, the loss is unbearable. some relatives were so overcome with grief, they needed to be carried in to the sanctuary. >> he was a very outgoing person, very giving, very caring. he's a very loving person.
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guard escorted the gleaming white hearst bearing officer randolph holder's coffin, merrick boulevard went silent. his former officers stood at attention and saluted, respect mixed with sadness for a third generation police officer murdered in the line of duty one week ago tonight. >> it feels like a family member just been swiped away. like a family loss. >> reporter: hundreds of mourners stood on a line that stretched more than four blocks. among those paying their respects, the mayor of new york, the city's police commissioner, former commissioner ray kelly, the archbishop of new york, the pba president and officers from across the nation. all for one simple reason. >> it's really overwhelming. it's sad.
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it's a sad day. >> reporter: retired police officer joseph was an instructor in guyana where he said he trained officer holder's father. >> when one police officer is hurt or killed in the line of duty, every policeman through the world is hurt badly. >> reporter: captain raymundo was his commanding officer in psa 5. >> he worked hard every day. he was a very humble man, very good man, very good person and that's what we're really going to miss about him. >> it is a sentiment we heard from so many people, so many times today. as you see now the wake here coming to a close. the order of service lists the reverend al sharpton as the the eulogist but today he said he had a change of heart. more on why tonight at 6:00. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. eyewitness news will bring you coverage of the funeral for officer holder tomorrow on tv and online. our coverage will
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begin when the service gets started at around 3:00. it will also be held at the greater allen ame cathedral in jamaica. officer holder will be buried in guyana. what's left of hurricane patricia is making its way toward us but it's already causing trouble in kansas city for game 1 of the world series. we've got meteorologist lee goldberg tracking the storm's impact for us. >> kauffman stadium is on the southeast side of town in kansas city. they've had a couple tenths of rainfall. not much. it has been raining steadily as of late. light to moderate rain, heaviest rain off to the west. couple lines of showers over the next few hours. the heaviest moving east by first pitch. still a couple lingering showers around. clearly moving away after that. the worst case is a small delay. it's probably light enough they actually get the game started on time. that's the western edge of the big rainstorm that's coming to us tomorrow. there's rainfall that's trying to get close to southern new jersey.
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too dry just yet but we'll see rain arrive around daybreak, earlier than that south and west. we could see an inch or even two inches north and west of new york city. there's also a coastal flood issue. that's because of the winds kicking onshore. maybe gusts at 40 along the coast. rain arrives around dawn. heaviest from afternoon a in to the first part of tomorrow night. there will be ponding especially for the evening commute. details on this storm and of course halloween marathon sunday. all in the 7-day accuweather forecast. the countdown is on to game 1 tonight of the world series. right now we are just about three hours away from the first pitch. mets fans are in kansas city cheering their team on and getting ready for something they waited a long time for. a world series title. >> they've waited a long time. we do have a team of reporters from here to missouri covering the fall classic. joe torres is with excited local fans. we want to begin in kansas city. marcus solis and rob powers
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and the team are right now and we begin with rob. >> it's a little messy right now. nobody really cares if the weather knocks the game off the front pages as long as it doesn't knock the game off completely. i'm going to get out of the way here and you can take a look at the field. the rain has been falling all day long. we've got our fingers crossed for game time. the mets have every contingency covered here. when it comes to the game itself, when it comes to experience, who's got the upper hand? world series number 111, the first between these two teams, the first in 15 years for the mets. heck, these guys were in grade school. they can hardly remember 15 years ago. >> hard to remember, if anything. >> reporter: for the royals it's been 12 long months since they stood on baseball's biggest days. they played in last year's series and lost. so just about everybody in the other
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the mets, two. juan uribe and curtis granderson. >> the first time didn't go the way we wanted to. looking to be on the victorious side of things this second time around. >> reporter: so does experience matter when you get this far? >> i don't think so. i think both of us have had that experience right now. obviously had a bit more than we do. >> there's only two teams left. the whole world is watching. i don't see having a huge experience advantage over those guys because it's the world series, anything can happy. you just go out and play. >> so the team is ready. the field is getting ready and you know the fans are ready. marcus solis has been welcoming the fans all day long. >> this is the first world series game for the mets in 15 games. the mets said they were going to be here no matter what
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whether they have a ticket or not. >> reporter: they're here, not your run of the mill mets fans. these are the diehards who travel with their dark knight masks, an airport invasion ahead of game 1 of the world series. >> it's worth coming to kansas city. i hope it doesn't rain tonight. because we came a long way. >> it's been a long time coming. i'm hoping they keep their bats going and pitching and everything goes well. >> reporter: just ask the taylor brothers. an nypd inspector and mike now living in boston, reunited in kansas city over their lover of the metropolitans. >> i told my boss if they make the playoffs, i'm going every round. i'm in l.a., chicago, flew here about two hours ago, waiting him. i don't want to come here for six and seven. i'm tired. >> i'm kind of playing the stubhub game. i'm definitely getting in, i'm kind of gambling to see what it's going to cost me. >> reporter: the weather has been dreary all day but should clear by game time.
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for this mets fan from new jersey who moved to kansas city in april. >> just the fact that they and the royals both wound up, it's pretty much the perfect storm for a met fan that moved out to kansas city to have both teams wind up in the world series. the odds of that most years was probably pretty bleak. >> once in a lifetime and this season has been great, what they've been through. they're a great organization. we want to see them win. >> so all these diehards here, who is the biggest mets fan? we might have just found him and we'll hear from him coming up at 6:00. >> we'll see you then, marcus. also at 6 :00 laura behnke will rejoin us. still coming down, just a drizzle. this is a formality out here. they will play like this. it's got to stay like this though. got everything coming up at 6:00. rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the excitement is building. tonight the spire on one world trade will be shining in
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blue and orange to support the mets. joe torres continues our coverage from citifield. >> just a beehive of activity all day here at the ballpark. these workers you see behind me and so many others inside the ballpark as well, more concern not so much with tonight's game but friday's game, game 3, the first home game for the mets in the fall classic, even mr. met. he was busy. he was up early. >> reporter: what a way to start the day for the amazing's number 1 cheerleader. we found mr. met at the met this morning leading the orchestra through a stirring ren decision -- ren decision -- rendition of meet the mets. sporting his stuff along chambers street. outside
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workers kept busy as they put up tents for vendors while cleanup crews made sure fans truly feel welcome. the haggertys grew up on long island. >> we wanted to see it since it's new. having remembered the old shea stadium i couldn't imagine we'd be on long island and not be here to see the new citifield. it's beautiful. >> just to pick up the newspaper and they're talking about it here on the radio and ad saying for my yankee fans, it's just nice for us to have our time. >> reporter: inside the stadium matt brown spent hours spray painting the world series logo along the 1st and 3rd base line ahead of friday night's game 3. >> the biggest challenge is the weather honestly. being a fall and all, we don't get a whole lot of sunlight. getting them to dry is very difficult actually. >> matt brown started painting the logo at 9:00 this morning.
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he told us he'd be working till 5:00, assured us the logo would be dry by friday. however, with rain in the forecast, they may need the tarps to cover up the logos, which by the way, are designed by major league baseball. this just in, billy joel will sing the national anthem friday night for game 3 here at the ballpark. we hear he's in a new york state of mind. joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> no doubt. thank you. and we will have every angle of the world series covered. we'll update the game tonight during eyewitness news at 11:00. our team will remain in kansas city for the first two games before the series comes to citifield and we've been receiving a lot of photos of fans showing support for the mets. send us yours using #abc7ny. >> love all those pictures. coming up, the head of a popular retail chain talks about opting out of black friday. >> also a young girl fighting for her life after choking at school.
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we have new developments from the family as they try to figure out exactly what happened. >> also new details on why the government is now involved in a violent arrest in a classroom. >> plus, he lost his vision after superstorm sandy and his home was badly damaged.
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le brooklyn borough president eric adams calling for swift action to stop gun violence following an apparent gang-related shooting in brooklyn. police say 16-year-old armani henkins was killed and a man was wounded last night. adams says governor cuomo should fund more anti-gang programs. >> when the cup of violence over fills, the blood spills downtown as well as in the inner parts of the borough and the
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city. >> he wants the city to allocate $10 million for efforts and would like the board of education to open buildings for provide safe spaces for children. a budget agreement between the white house and republicans means no government shutdown. in his final days of speaker of the house john boehner announced while some conservative republicans are not thrilled about it, they say there's not much they can do to stop the two-year deal from could be up for a vote as early as tomorrow. boehner says passing it as a top priority before his replacement is named, that could happen again on thursday. the recent outbreak of violence in israel has claimed the life of an american from the tri-state area. richard lackin, originally from connecticut was stand during a bus attack two weeks ago and died today of his wounds. he lived in israel and had dual citizenship. a palestinian man boarded the bus
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and started stabbing and shooting riders. stocks on wall street losing more ground following another drop in the price of oil. that caused energy stocks to slide. a string of disappointing earnings reports. nasdaq lost 4 points. s&p 500 dropping 5 points. we've got lee goldberg back with us dawning his mets colors. >> just supporting long suffering team. i think you're the lucky charm here. >> i'm 6-0 with mets colors. i'll continue with my support. like rob was saying, i think they're going to play on time. small delay, maybe 30% chance of that because rain in the area but it is getting lighter and lighter. it's going to look a lot different than this tomorrow night at this time. it will be pouring, winds around 20, 30 miles per hour. something to keep in mind, we haven't had a good soaking in almost three
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weeks. got a lot of leaves around. slippery and storm drains can get clogged. that can be problematic. clear those drains. be extra slow. 57 degrees, east erly wind at 6. sunrise and sunset times for you, first sunset before 6:00. 53 in white plains. 56 at jfk. pretty uniform temperatures in the low and middle 50s. cool gray feel. the wind isn't all that gusty now but will freshen through the evening hours and could be gusting to 25 miles per hour. not putting rain on the 7-day, could be raining over parts of new jersey. maybe it's even in to staten island, over spreading new york city at that point. heavier rain during the afternoon and in to the first part of tomorrow night. just clouds right now, still dense spots over the hudson valley. rains trying to get to cape may but there's dry air in place. this isn't going to fall for
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another 12, 14 hours. you can see with the wind stream lines they've got the gulf contributing. they've got the atlantic here. they've got a lot of moisture. this is the remnants of hurricane patricia. it's water logged and give us an inch or two of rainfall. could already be a little area of moderate rainfall over parts of new jersey. over spreads the area and the theme will definitely be heavier rain to the north and west. heaviest rain in the afternoon, first it's moving slow enough so could be a lingering shower on thursday then things get nice. plenty of clouds becoming breezy. tomorrow temperatures not the problem, 63, windy with periods of rain. heavy at times especially in the afternoon and night. even a rumble of thunder. in to the 60s, mild night. 7-day forecast breezy and warm in the 70s. cooler again friday. it's dry for halloween. turn the clocks back and might be an early shower on marathon sunday. will 70s spark a shower thursday afternoon again? will we have a shower to
5:20 pm
start the marathon? are we looking at a mild start to november? that's going to be discussed in the 7-day accuweather forecast in the next half hour. and turning back now to our coverage of the mets, a couple of hours away from game 1 of the world series. >> we want to head back to kansas city and eyewitness news reporter marcus solis because he has a special guest and we know who that is. >> that's right. we've been telling you the last couple days mets fans have been coming in. chief executive of the state of new york, governor cuomo. you've traveled to enemy territory. >> i have. don't tell anyone i'm playing hookie today but i indulge myself. i'm an old queens boy so i grew up with the mets, many great memories with my father watching the mets. used to ride my bicycle to shea stadium. so we're out here to show some support. we want the mets to know we love them. there's a lot of new yorkers rooting for them. >> what does this team tell you about new york, about the fight
5:21 pm
>> i think they are in many ways the quintessential new york team. especially the mets. the mets are out of borough team. they're the nd -- they're the underdog. they fought hard, they came back. they're the unexpected team. and that's us. that's new yorkers. we're scrappy, we're tough. we come from all different places. nobody expects us to make anything of ourselves. and that's the new york story. we always have. >> got to get your prediction real quick. >> oh, the mets. the mets. the mets. and as many games as it takes. >> you heard it here first. back to you . >> good to see the governor there. it's nearly impossible to get tickets for hamilton. coming up, how students in our area will get to see one of the most popular broadway shows for a fraction of the price. >> also new and disturbing information about how a mom allegedly tried to cover up her pregnancy before throwing her baby out a window.
5:22 pm
world series tickets, beware. 7 on your side with what to watch out for. >> i'm lauren glassberg. we'll have the history of the world's largest costume maker. >> channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. >> we're literally taking you mile by mile introducing you to some of the new yorkers that you're going course. >> we're at mile 18 of the marathon. a local establishment that's been here since 1902. my grandfather started it. famous for our black and whites and brownies, cookies. so stop in for a snack. >> tcs new york city marathon is sunday, november 1st.
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we've got days to go until halloween. a lot of people are finalizing their costume plans. are you going to be clever, scary, or silly? >> whatever you choose, there's a company in queens that's been helping people dress up for decades now. for them halloween is big business. >> lauren glassberg went to check it out all. >> reporter: this is where superheroes come to life. a factory in richmond hill, queens, where they've been making costumes since 1973, many
5:26 pm
of the time. the biggest maker and distributor of costumes in the world with production and he has 1,000 employees here in the states, about half of them in new york. >> i know the children, i know the issues that they've had over the years. it is somewhat of an extended family. >> reporter: an extended family working at a business that's an extension. ruby's was a store that sold gag gifts and costumes for kids. >> when i first began my career about 50 years ago, halloween was really a trick or treat holiday only for children. >> reporter: when fears of poison candy became pervasive in the 1970s, people started celebrating with house parties. >> within one year they said why should the little ones have all the fun?
5:27 pm
>> reporter: now they account for 50% of sales. he has three retail locations which are as much shop as they are amusement park. >> it's the best store in the world. it's so innovative and wonderful and exciting. that's what halloween is about. >> reporter: from the theatrical to the perennial. >> he's great. >> reporter: it's what mark will probably wear this year if he can stay awake. >> i like to rest because halloween is a combination of halloween and new year's. it's the end of one year and the beginning of the next year. >> reporter: lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> lots of choices out there. it is the story that's flooding social media. rei has decided not to open on black friday. coming up, you're going to hear from the head of the store on what sparked the decision. >> months after crediting her
5:28 pm
guide dog with saving her life, a woman is reunited with her pup. >> a girl in the hospital after
5:29 pm
geico motorcycle,
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game 1 of the world series less than three hours away. right now all eyes are on the weather. a tarp covering the field. meteorologist lee goldberg is here with the game time forecast. lee? >> kansas city radar right here. that's kauffman stadium, steadiest rain is light right now but look off to the west. patchy, light, and the rain seems to be falling apart. that's all good news for potential on-time start. light
5:31 pm
rain in the area. worst case would be a small delay, forecasting 54. they're finishing the rainstorm. we'll be getting started. more on that in the 7-day accuweather forecast a little later on. dozens of guns off the streets tonight. >> just a short while ago the nypd revealed details of the arrest and the sales two of them connected to the death of officer randolph holder. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is at police headquarters in lower manhattan with more for us. marine. another served as a broker, introduced the other defendants to what they believed in the end they seemed to make out big, taking in more than $52,000 in cash. that's until they realized the person doing the buying was actually an undercover nypd detective. >> some of the firearms recovered are among the most
5:32 pm
>> reporter: semiautomatic weapons, and five others sold these firearms to what they thought was a gun dealer. it was really an undercover nypd detective. officials laid out the details how the defendants cruised the streets of east harlem, harlem, and the bronx from january of 2014 to this past august. the group allegedly not only sold these guns but also ammunition. they called, quote, food for the weapon. >> each of the buys took place in residential neighborhoods in broad daylight with two of the final sales taking place on east 102nd street near the site of violence which culminated in the death of police officer randolph last week. >> reporter: officials say barretto served as a broker, introduced the other suspects to them. a steady flow of illegal weapons from the south. mayor
5:33 pm
de blasio warns if it's not shut down we'll continue seeing violence like what unfolded in east harlem last tuesday. >> we know for a fact the gun that killed officer holder originated in south carolina. we keep seeing this pathway illustrated over and over again. gun from south carolina kills one of our finest here on the streets. >> yet another takedown in a similar case. the d.a. announced a seventh person was taken in to custody for selling guns to an undercover. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. new and disturbing information tonight about a mother charged with dropping her newborn baby girl out of a seven-floor window in the bronx. prosecutors say 33-year-old jennifer barry lied to her boyfriend about having an abortion when she gave birth to the baby in the bathroom of his
5:34 pm
university heights apartment, prosecutors say barry threw the infant out of the window. she said she tried to clean up and told her boyfriend her menstrual cycle was to blame for her bleeding. a girl choked in school and is now on life support. her family has hired a lawyer, wanting to know what happened. sandra bookman is at the school in williamsburg with more. >> not only does the family of noelia echavarria believe they are not getting all the information in the case from officials at ps 250, they also don't believe that school staff did enough to help her. >> that one person gave me information about nothing on what happened to her. they're supposed to be taking care of her. >> reporter: grief and frustration for the family of
5:35 pm
they try to find out how she ended up in the hospital on life support. >> she's a good girl. she's always happy. >> reporter: it was last wednesday here at ps 250 in williamsburg that noelia reportedly began choking on something she was eating. staff flagged down an emt who happened to be passing by. >> there was no one around to help her. >> reporter: noelia was rushed to the hospital when she remains on a ventilator. doctors reportedly said she will not recover. the family understandably devastated has hired an attorney to get answers it says the school system isn't giving them. >> reporter: it would seem if somebody is choking on something they should be prepared to deal with a situation like this and
5:36 pm
how did it cascade and break down to a point in time where you have a child on life support? >> reporter: today school's chancellor refused to answer our questions on camera but the d.o.e. later said in a written statement we believe the principal and faculty responded swiftly to the emergency, notifying 911 and the student's family immediately. >> tonight the family is telling me that doctors have told them they have detected no brain activity. however, the mother tells us that she will not take her trial off life support. she's praying for a miracle. we're live this evening in williamsburg, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. an emotional reunion today between a legally blind woman and the guide dog that saved her life. audrey stone and her dog, a golden retriever named figo, are back together at their home. they were struck by a school bus
5:37 pm
in june. eyewitnesss say fico leaped between stone and the they've both recuperation from their injuries. stone says her goal was to get well enough so she could bring figo back home. a lot of businesses are closed on thanksgiving but one retailer is going one step further. rei announced it will well. the company has given everyone from stores to the and it gets better. everyone gets paid. rei is encouraging its employees to enjoy the outdoors and says the decision is in line with its beliefs as a business. >> we talked about our core values. we talked about the getting people outside is one of the most important things we can do. and we thought what better way than to put our money where our mouth is, shut down the business, pay our employees and challenge them to get outside with their family and friends. >> that's wonderful. the vp also says at the soho store, the big announcement was made during
5:38 pm
a team huddle this morning. i'm sure they were happy coming out of the huddle. by the time the meeting was over, several workers already formed a carpool to the catskills for thanksgiving weekend. still ahead, that disturbing video inside a classroom. a deputy takes down a student tonight. how the federal government is getting involved in the investigation. >> and it's the hottest show on broadway. thousands of students will get to see hamilton for a fraction of the p i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it.
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plus get $350 back. last chance, offer ends november 7th. get out of the past. get fios. new information about the scck -- the south carolina student slammed to the ground by a teacher. a new video shows the student hitting the officer during the arrest. the justice department has launched an investigation. the student refused to leave her high school math class when the deputy was called. he flips the girl backward and tosses her across the classroom floor in front of other horrified students. the deputy is on leave.
5:42 pm
some lucky teenagers will get some of the hottest tickets on broadway. the announcers -- the producers of hamilton announced they're going to host students for a matinee. the discount combine would the rockefeller foundation grant will bring the ticket price down. >> hamilton is a wonderful opportunity to teach our students that history comes alive, has real people behind it. >> hamilton uses hip hop and other music to tell the story of the american revolution and the first treasury secretary. the first student matinee will be held next april. according to forbes, the top earning dead celebrity of 2015 is the king of pop. michael jackson's estate pulled in $115 million this year from this music catalog and other sources. in second place, the king of rock and roll, elvis
5:43 pm
presley. he earned $55 million, mostly from graceland ticket sales charles schultz came in third with $40 million. we're still keeping an eye on that rain and how it's going to affect tonight's mets game. >> and when will that rain make its way to us? meteorologist lee goldberg has the accuweather forecast.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
we've got lee back with the weather but we're really going to start in kansas city because all eyes are watching. are they going to leave the umbrellas in the stands, all that kind of stuff. >> it's damp. the tarp has been on the infield all day long. it's not so much rain that the field can't take it. we saw rob out there. that's about the steadiest the rain is
5:46 pm
going to be. i expect this is going to get on time. outside here, cloudy skies. our first raindrops, 12, 14 hours away. outside we go this afternoon as we look at more of a dreary view up toward the george washington bridge. we're at 57. you do not need the umbrella here tonight. the rainfall isn't coming in till tomorrow morning. clouds overnight, first raindrops. 5 a.m. could be raining over parts of new jersey. forecast for mets-royals tonight, a couple showers in the kansas city area starting to work away. 54 degrees and the wind is fairly light. for us, one change to the weather as we have light rain through the midday and i waited to put the heavy rain in till 2:00 in the afternoon. i think it's going to be focused on midafternoon and the first part of tonight could be the heaviest rain. there's no doubt tomorrow evening's commute is more challenging when the road was just starting to get wet. after a night in the 40s and mid 50s, first rainfall coming in around daybreak especially from
5:47 pm
heavier pockets of rain during the afternoon and evening, especially north and west again where we're going to pick up some of the higher rain totals, heavy rain in to the first part of tomorrow night. even for early thursday morning commuters, brief shower left over before things get really nice during the day and get in to the 70s. because there's a cold front coming in afternoon, we get sun, clouds, breezy. low 70s. that's a low shower in the afternoon. best spot would be north and west and then we'll start to dry out. rainfall amounts, lighter amounts in the coast but still significant. closing in on an inch. there could be two inches or more. there could be street flooding later in the day. winds coming in on shore will be out of the east southeast and that's will be gusting to about 30 or 40 miles per hour at the coast. if you look at the wednesday late day winds, these are sustained around 20 miles per hour. see the reds? you're closing in on 35, 40-mile-per-hour gusts. a wind-driven rain and visibilities will go down. windy and wet tomorrow. thursday, 73.
5:48 pm
have a book end shower early then late. friday is beautiful, back to fall-like weather. here's your halloween weather. 58 by day, early evening hours around 51 degrees. as we go in to marathon sunday, a small threat of an early shower. 53 degrees for the start of the new york city marathon. warming in the low 60s in the afternoon hours. talk about a nice beginning to november. we're in a nice mild pattern. temperatures will be in the mid if not upper 60s. we've got a nice start to the month. hopefully that shower morning. game 1 of the world series now just more than two hours from now. their spirit. a bar in midtown hung a new sign renaming itself daniel murphy's, who's an 28. it's the home of the irish-american baseball hall of fame featuring thousands of
5:49 pm
many mets fans, a dream is attending a game. >> that could be a nightmare if you're ripped off. bogus tickets shattered one couple's dream. >> what you need to know before you fork over a cent. >> reporter: tickets to game 3, the first game at citifield, are going for just over a cool thousand according to stubhub. standing room tickets are listed for $600. ouch. before you reach for your wallet and get your mitts on those burning hot tickets, a reminder, you have to follow some rules of engagement to avoid getting scammed. >> it's safe to say you're kind of a crazy fan. >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: just in and his fianci don't just talk the amazing talk. they walk the walk. here they are at game 1 of the nlcs dressed up like dark knights to honor matt harvey. when the pair went back online and bought tickets from the same reseller for game 3, they never got to show off their costumes
5:50 pm
scanned void. >> reporter: eyewitness news even captured the couple's disappointment for the 11:00 news at night. >> the cold harsh truth that the tickets they got on the internet were fakes. >> we drove probably like an now we can't get in. >> reporter: don't let this remember the world series is sold out. be careful buying from resellers. we found tickets for game 3 today on craigslist at the too each. on stubhub, seats in the same section are selling for more than three times that. we texted the seller. he couldn't meet in person and wanted us to wire him the money now. two red flags. >> recommending you do not pay cash, do not do prepaid wire transfers. >> reporter: exchanging cash with strangers could be dangerous. be suspicious of too good to be true prices like we saw. if you use a ticket broker, check them out.
5:51 pm
tickets from someone who is not registered, you may very well have your money taken and get a ticket that's useless. >> reporter: advice these diehard mets fans wished they had followed before missing out. >> how will you buy tickets for now on? >> i'd try stubhub or always try to buy from the source. >> you learned a lesson. an expensive one . >> remember, stick to reputable ticket sellers like stubhub, the official online provider of secondary tickets for the mlb. we put a threeung -- we put a link to lodge a complaint on our website. a man had his home severely damaged in superstorm sandy. then he lost his vision. >> coming up, the story of who stepped in to help him rebuild. >> i'm bill ritter. new at
5:52 pm
a way to help force, canceling his plans. tonight, reaction on why he backed out. >> also at 6:00, what kind of mets fans go to kansas city to see their team in the world series? you'll meet them and okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. whatever speed you need, fios has it. so if you need more streaming for more devices, fios gives you options with the fastest internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 mpbs. and we're not just talking downloads. we're talking equal upload speeds, too. you can upload your favorite videos up to 5x faster than cable. plus with the fios mobile app, you can view your entertainment at home, or on the go. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. why fios? ultimately, that's why. right now, get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone
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three years ago this week, superstorm sandy hit us hard. even now there are thousands of homes that need to be repaired and families that need help. >> tonight we show you a happy ending. stacey sager is there. >> this family had been waiting, waiting for three years for critical home repairs that are only expected to take seven days and a lot has happened to this family. the homeowner has actually gone blind. so this help can't come soon enough. >> reporter: 57-year-old sosa has been feeling his way through a nightmare these past three years. the nightmare of superstorm sandy. and like many on long island south shore, the wait for home repair has been never ending. the home they've
5:55 pm
took on six feet of water in this storm leaving behind mold such as this. he was waiting on repairs, but then life got in the way. >> first of all, it's been my vision. i have lost it. >> reporter: there were nine surgeries then came the phone calls from the bank. >> i have been fighting with my bank. they wanted to take away my house. >> reporter: fortunately the hispanic brotherhood of rockville centre stepped in. so did united way and the health and welfare council of long island. today workers began gutting sosa's first floor and basement. and while all of this is great news for the sosas, it's estimated that 3500 long island families are still waiting on help. >> this is not the end. and it's three years, thank god we haven't gotten another hurricane but it's a little bit of a disgrace. >> the further we go away from the impact of the storm, the more complex and expensive the
5:56 pm
rebuild and recovery becomes. >> reporter: but for one family, a light at the end of the three-year tunnel. >> i just want to tell them not to give up, just like i have been helped, they can be helped too. >> contractors will also be replacing the sosas' oil tank with gas heating. all of this made possible through united way and these other groups, and one other great thing about this project, many of the workers are veterans, veterans that are now getting on the job training so they can have future employment. we're live, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. stay with us as we count down to game 1 of the world series.
5:57 pm
starts right now. long lines filled with new yorkers and officers from around the country. one person not showing up tomorrow, reverend al sharpton, now declining the holder family invitation to speak and attend the officer's funeral. the man accused of shooting and killing holder has just been indicted. the feds step up their investigation in to the chief. we're in kansas city tonight as the mets hope to win their first series in 25 years. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. matt harvey for game 1 in the best of seven series. >> world series logos for the first time ever at this ballpark painted on the field for game 3 friday night. singing the
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