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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 28, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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there's bugs and heights and public speaking. as it turns out, on this show, being buried alive was just for starters. surprise, surprise for the test subject, in came snakes and rat s s and creepy crawlers. the test subjects' family and friends watching in horror. >> ow. don't nip at me. stop trying to bite me. ow. >> we really are trying to overcome our fears right now. >> let me tell you something, i'm going to -- >> you're in here. you're doing it. >> i'm going give you a big hug. we're going to exchange facebook information. >> reporter: it all got to be too much for one of the three. >> get me out! get me out! get me out now! >> reporter: can you blame him? i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> get me out!
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what's left of patricia headed our way after causing flash flooding across the country. the remnants set to soak us here in the tri-state. good evening at 11:00, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa.
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we're in for some heavy rain. the aftermath of patricia affecting huge swaths of the country and there's been flooding. this is in louisiana. >> lee goldberg timing it all out for us. he's at the weather wall. >> you hit the nail on the head. part of its dna is hurricane patricia. you can see this satellite and radar which goes back to sunday, compound fragments of patricia and expanding as moisture runs up the east two 3rds of the country. rainfall to harrisburg. closer to new jersey about 5 a.m. about daybreak, new york city, western long island, midmorning eastern long island, and eastern fairfield county. slight change since 6:00 tonight, this little kink in the timing because i think earlier rainfall could shoot in to the hudson valley in northern connecticut. it's going to be a 1 to 2 and a half inch rainfall. closer to the inch along the immediate coach. 1 to 1 and a half inches for most. closing in on the 2-inch amounts especially north and
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west of new york city near the hudson valley. coastal flood advisories. that's going to be minor during the high tide. maybe gusting to 40 along the coast. know. rain develops around daybreak. morning commutes, probably steadier over new jersey. heaviest rain and strongest wind, winds could gust coast. there's going to be evening commute. poor visibility. i say that because all the leaves on the roads keep the storm drains clean as well. more on the timing, futurecast. we've got the halloween and marathon forecast coming up later in the show. a rescue tonight in the hudson river. the boat capsizing it. the man adrift in the hudson but with a flotation device. how the man was saved, that's the story. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan at the scene on the hudson. >> what a story it was, as his boat was taking on water in the hudson river today, the owner
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life vest, put it on before his boat capsized and sunk and there he was. in the middle of the hudson river, treading 58-degree water and nobody around to pluck him out. but that is when mike baker came along. he's the captain of a new york waterway ferry between haverstraw and ossining. he had a boat full of passengers but they were going to have to wait because he knew exactly what he had to do. >> in a life-threatening situation you respond immediately. anything you're doing has to be put on hold. it worked out well. we were able to get the guy out of the water in about 10 minutes and had him with ems in about 15. >> the guy whose boat sank, he was taken by ems to a hospital in sleepy hollow, phelps memorial hospital. he's doing fine thanks to mr. baker, captain baker and his first mate. quickly responding ems
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crew. the passengers of course on that ferry were a little late but happy to have helped. reporting live from ossining, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kudos to captain baker. the man accused of killing and shooting new york police officer randolph holder now indicted on murder charges tonight. 30-year-old tyrone howard appeared in court late this afternoon while the wake was underway for officer holder. meanwhile tonight, preparing for officer holder's funeral tomorrow in queens. josh einiger in jamaica. >> you can see this nypd tow truck towing a car out of the neighborhood. we've been watching a lot of last minute preparations for the last several hours as police work to clear the neighborhood where they expect thousands to turn out tomorrow for yet another long and painful goodbye to one of new york's finest. >> reporter: as the nypd honor guard carried the flag draped casket from the church through
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the solemn ritual sadly all too familiar to the nypd as yet another fallen hero. >> he was a very humble man, and that what him. >> reporter: today mourners came by the thousands to pay their respects. officers from across the country came. a first generation american whose father and grandfather were also cops in their native guyana. >> when one police officer is hurt or killed in the line of duty, every policeman throughout the world is hurt badly. >> reporter: a string of deignuitaries including mayor de blasio, cardinal timothy dolan. most of them will be back for the funeral tomorrow. reverend al sharpton will not. >> i felt the attention must be on officer holder and the fact that the city has lost a police officer. >> reporter: he'd been invited
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the eulogy at the funeral but facing an outcry from angry police unions he backed out in this letter to holder's father. now he won't attend at all. >> there are those that want to make this about them and side shows and i'm not going to engage in it. >> probably uncomfortable for him to walk in to a church full of cops just the way it could be uncomfortable for the devil to walk in to heaven. >> this is of course the fourth nypd funeral in just 10 month of officers killed in the line of duty. jetblue airways flying officers in from departments across the country so they can take part in the ritual here in jamaica. behind me after the funeral services at this church in jamaica, officer holder will be laid to rest in his native guyana this weekend. live in jamaica, queens tonight, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. eyewitness news will bring you coverage on tv and online for the funeral service of officer holder tomorrow afternoon scheduled to start at 3:00.
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it will be held at the same church as today's wake. meanwhile, the gun used to kill officer holder authorities say tonight may have some connection to an illegal gun ring busted today in new york city. six people indicted on conspiracy and gun charges. investigators say over the course of 20 months the suspect sold 74 firearms at east harlem and the bronx. most of the guns were sold loaded with ammunition. two of the final sales took place near the site of the shooting that killed officer holder. >> each of the buys took place in residential neighborhoods in broad daylight with two of the final sales taking place on east 102nd street near the site of violence which culminated in the death of police officer randolph last week. >> the gun used to kill officer holder has been traced to a south carolina gun shop, part of what cops call the iron pipeline. the gun traffic highway from the south right up to new york. the chief of the suffolk county police department is resigning as news that a federal
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investigation focused on him has reopened but james burke's decision to retire has nothing to do with that probe, according to his attorney. instead he says it's for personal reasons. the feds have been investigating a 2012 incident in which a man says he was beaten by burke and other officers after allegedly stealing from burke's suv. now the mets versus the royals. maybe you've heard the mets are in the world series. game 1 in kansas city tonight. we have several reporters there. tonight, the big headline, technical difficulties. the game went to black for tens of millions of americans watching it on tv. rob powers with the latest. >> the game does continue. but before we update you on what's happening in there, let's update you on what happened about 100 feet away from where we're standing right now. the primary generator for the national television broadcast lost power in the 4th inning in kansas city. the game delayed not so much because of television because because the mlb replay
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system was affected as well. the teams had to agree to play without it until it was restored. which it was. as for the game itself, we have seen just about everything else. escobar with a lead-off inside the park home run off matt harvey on his first pitch. curtis granderson has a home run off edinson volquez whose father it's 4-3 mets in the 8th inning right now. we do have other major sports news back home today. jason pierre-paul back with the new york giants. the giants released this photo earlier tonight of jpp signing his new contract earlier in the day. he's been away from the team after losing a finger severely hurting his right hand in a july 4th fireworks accident. the former pro-bowler will now begin working with the medical staff as he works his
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the giants hope pierre-paul sees game action by week 12. we'll let you know what happens when we come back in sports. live in kansas city, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> for the mets in the world series. also invite you to share your mets moment @abc7ny. a big shake of the ranks of the presidential candidates. when the contenders hit the debate stage thursday night, donald trump will no longer be the national frontrunner. a new poll shows trump at 22% trailing dr. ben carson by 4 points. with carson now on top, trump is ramping up the attacks. robbed, tased, and tossed in to the train tracks. it's a terrifying attack caught on camera and we'll show you how it all ended. >> a cop in hot water after tackling a teenager in a classroom tonight. new reaction
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dramatic new video tonight of a robbery victim being tasered then pushed in to subway tracks by his attackers. it happened in philly over the weekend. police say a man and woman stole the victim's bag. when he fought back they tased him on the neck. the man was able to get up in time before a train came. new video tonight of a deadly police shooting of a teenager. this on the same day state prosecutors announced the officer won't be charged. >> the officer says he shot 19-year-old zachary hammond in self-defense. it happened during a drug sting in south carolina in july. hammond's
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authorities are investigating. action tonight against a sheriff's deputy caught on video violently man handling a female high school student. the video more than viral. it's infectious. the sheriff is white, the student is black. this local controversy has become a federal case. >> reporter: it started in a high school in the south carolina capital city of columbia, a 16-year-old girl being disruptive and asked to leave by the teacher. she refuses. so a school resource officer, a cop, comes in, takes the student's laptop and she refuses again to leave. >> you're going to come with me. >> reporter: then comes the confrontation. several students shooting it all on their smart phones. the officer grabbing the student by the neck, flipping her and her chair over, slamming her to the ground and then dragging her. other students frozen, terrified, watching it all in silence. sophomore tony robinson shot this video. >> everybody was scared. deputy came in there, we all
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>> reporter: another student trying to defend her classmate stepping in and the officer arrested her too. >> they got her out the classroom. then he came back and he was like, you want some of this too? then he said you going to jail too. and he put me in handcuffs. i just walked out. >> reporter: 34-year-old ben fields has been suspended pending fbi and school district investigations. he's also a deputy sheriff and the high school football coach who was honored, ironically, last year as an exceptional role model, but he's also been sued seven years ago for using excessive force. now school officials say they're disturbed by what they've seen. >> what we all watched on that shamefully shocking video is reprehensible, unforgivable, and inconsistent with everything that this district stands for. >> the girl now with her arm in a cast says she also hurt her neck and back. police say there's another cell camera that shows the girl swing at the cop but they will not release that video.
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insisting this case has racial over tones. the sheriff's department disagrees. its reaction, the deputy is dating a black woman. a woman who has a history of sleepwalking wakes up miles from her home. she went missing from their home in colorado today. bloodhounds tracked her scent to a bus standup then lost it. she said she woke up miles away but safe near her uncle's home. police say it's possible she rode the bus while asleep. ride. how much rain are we getting? >> i think we're going to get in the order of 1 to 2 inches of rain. an inch at the coast, higher amounts in hudson valley and lower new jersey. a lot of that is going to come in to the second half of the day in to tomorrow night. that's why i think the evening commute is going to be a lot more challenging than the west. if you get in to new york city
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before 7:00, you probably get here dry though staten island probably has rain by 6, 6:30. i think it takes between 7. 52 degrees right now. east wind at 5. see the pressure is through the roof. so high pressure still dominating and the air is still somewhat dry near the ground. the rain isn't getting here for several hours. average high 60. there are your sunrise and sunset times. not going to see much sunshine tomorrow. rain could be heavy tomorrow especially in to tomorrow night. a balmy breeze follows this front on thursday. we're in the 70s. school and dry again by the time we're trick or treating halloween. maybe an early shower marathon sunday. doesn't look like a big deal. still a chill in the air in the hudson valley but these numbers will climb a few degrees overnight. 55 in belmar. so lighter rain, steady but the strongest wind gusts are during the afternoon and evening hours. temperature
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is not the issue, we get in to low and middle 60s by late day. the rain is going through southern pennsylvania here. look at the wind streams lines coming out of the gulf, atlantic, the remnants of patricia. right now a lot of it is in to our west. by the morning, rain starting to come in. over spreading the area during the morning. heavier during the afternoon hours. pockets of heavy rain here. ponding for the evening commute. might see a lull in the intensity as we go through the evening hours. front still has to come through. resurgence of showers even for early commuters thursday then things quiet down. heavier rainfall amounts. lighter but significant along the coast. wind speeds will peak tomorrow evening. 15 to 30 miles per hour. some gust as you see here near 40 miles per hour along the coast. not damaging but definitely a wind driven rain. speaking of tomorrow evening, no problem in kansas city tomorrow. we don't have a rain threat, just an isolated shower. breezy light rain tomorrow morning. windy with periods of rain, especially
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heavy during the early evening hours. rain and thunderstorm and nasty travel in to tomorrow night. seven-day shows the soaking rainstorm. thursday, 73. a spot shower could be with us in the early afternoon hours. upcoming weekend, halloween, early evening not bad, trick or treaters. lower 50s. light wind. in to marathon sunday, after we turn the clocks back, 53 and a 20% chance, even 15% chance of a shower sunday morning. it's actually a mild beginning to november. looks pretty warm in to next week. might not have seen our last 70-degree day. up next, what happened to dozens of kids when they gave up sugar for just nine days.
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resc in tonight's health alert, cutting back on sugar can pay off quickly when it comes to your health.
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in a new study, obese children who had foods with added sugar removed from their diets saw dramatic improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol after just 10 days. that's despite no reduction in calorie intake. the study was financed by the national institutes of health. mega drugstore chain walgreen's is buying its rival rite aid for more than $9 billion cash. the deal will combine the largest and third largest chains based on store counts. walgreen's will now own nearly 18,000 stores. the rite aid stores will maintain their name with at least for now. the buyout is worth more than $17 billion. two unusual rescues to tell you about. one disturbing theme, kids with their heads stuck. both incidents happening in china. on sunday the first one, a 10-year-old boy getting his head stuck between two glass doors. authorities had to take apart the doors to free him. then yesterday a 2-year-old boy
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rescuers were forced to cut the bars. the boy tonight said to be fine. two bizarre stories out of china. hopefully not a bizarre story out of kansas city. how are the mets doing? what are they doing? how close to the end is it? rob powers is there for us. >> a day like none other, bill. game 1 of the world series not in the books just yet. straight ahead, game 1 has just about everything that you would want and everything that you wouldn't want to happen at a baseball game. we'll have everything tied up for you. >> that was a hint. channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we're take you mile by mile introducing you to who you'll find on the course. >> this is mile 20 in the south bronx. we need to cheer on our runners. they're hitting the final stretch. let's get them
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>> sunday, november 1st.
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can't get pumped for the world series, what can you get pumped for? mets and royals pumped tonight. >> the players said this is exactly what they've been dreaming about since they were little kids. game 1 of a world series but i bet you nobody dreamed it would end up and turn out how it did. this game has had everything. right now it is 4-3 mets in the bottom of the 9th inning. they're just minutes away possibly from taking a 1-0 lead. the go-ahead run scored in the 8th inning on an eric hosmer error. the mets have a 4-3 lead in the 9th inning. earlier today mets manager terry collins was named the sporting news national league manager of the year as voted on by the other managers. >> i'm thrilled by it. certainly an honor but we're blessed as managers because i have good players. you better
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reason why you get those awards. >> we can now update that score. it's 4-4. eric hosmer just hit a solo home run. 4-4 in the bottom of the other big sports story of the day, it's football. jason pierre-paul is back now with the giants. the team made it official earlier tonight tweeting out a photo of jpp signing his contract. he'll return to the team immediately, start working with the team's medical staff. pierre-paul lost a finger, did more damage to his hand during a july 4th accident. now the team gets an exemption. they hope he'll be ready by week 10 or 12. tonight is the first night of the nba season. the cavs and bulls, what a lot of people think will be a preview of the eastern conference finals, all eyes tonight on lebron james and he delivered. of course a
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couple highlight reel dunks as well. the night did belong to derrick rose,wearing the face mask to protect his broken orbital baron. they get the win 97-95. we do have hockey tonight. the devils look ing for their fifth win in a row. they took on the columbus blue jackets. columbus picked up two goals in 45 seconds in the 3rd. first it was jenner then cam atkinson. they tacked on a 3rd. devils lose at the rock, the final 3-1. we're still awaiting a final right here in kansas city. game 1 of the world series now tied in the nijet inning. we'll stay here. we'll have everything wrapped up for you tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. it's been a heck of a night. we'll see how this one
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