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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the heaviest of the rain moving middle of rush hour. >> earlier today tidal flooding county. meteorologist lee with the very latest. >> we got drenched from 4:00 to 5:30 across new york city. now the rain is getting lighter on the west side. heaviest north look 66 degrees. the wind is whipping off the ocean right now. we've got a gust at flushing at 41 miles per hour at laguardia. glad the mets are in kansas city tonight. pretty nasty. 39-mile-per-hour wind at jfk. these are wind gusts and the strongest will be during the evening hours out of the east southeast. nearly .6 in central park. over an inch in caldwell. heaviest amount north and west of new york city. lighter amounts in long island and half inch in the jersey shore. still over parts of burgen, passaic. also over western suffolk. going to be a
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little lull over central new jersey. that lull will last until 8:00, 9:00. another round overnight. so we've got a ways to go with this and that future scan over the next hour shows the heaviest rain moving north and east of new york city. high tide cycles from 8:00 to midnight. that's the concern for minor flooding. waves of heavy rain and thunder. heaviest rain from new york city north and west. ponding, poor visibility, slippery roads. a lot of leaves on the area roadways. we'll give you the latest on this in your 7-day accuweather forecast just a few moments away. all of new york city is in pain, those words from mayor de blasio speaking at the funeral for new york police detective randolph holder. his presence, the mayor's, reflecting a change in his relationship with the nypd. inside listening to the mayor and the very emotional police commissioner bill bratton delivering his fourth eulogy in less than a year for police
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officers shot and killed on duty. meanwhile, outside tens of thousands lining up in the rain as you can see at attention for this final salute to the 33-year-old murdered detective. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is talking to them outside. we begin with n.j. burkett in the funeral service itself. >> outside the church here the mournful sound of drums echoes down the street as the processional prepares to go down this long line of police officers, now six deep that stretches four officer holder's casket was carried from the church just a short time ago after a two -and-a-half-hour service. i don't think i've ever seen commissioner bratton quite so moved, quite so emotional, as i did here today. yes, as you said, he's lost four officers in less than a year. as the mayor put it so thoughtfully, the entire city is grieving. >> reporter: the rain swept across merrick boulevard as an
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nypd honor guard carried the flag draped casket from the church. the weather matching the mood of an entire city as thousands of police officers from across the nation joined the officer's family and friends and new york's leading political and religious figures to mourn the loss and to honor the proud legacy of officer randolph holder. >> so detective randolph holder, you're relieved of your duty as a new york city police officer, guardian at the gates of new york city, and we send you on your way to your new assignment to be a guardian angel at the gates of heaven. >> reporter: commissioner bratton was visibly moved and he promoted officer holder posthumously today to the rank of detective. his lifelong dream would come true only in death. officer holder grew up in the south american nation of guyana and came to the united states at age 21.
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after prosecutors say he came face to face with a fugitive along the fdr drive. >> officer holder loved the people he served. and they loved him back. >> reporter: mourners heard from his aunt today who described his early years in guyana. his brother, who read the 27th psalm, and his fianci who spoke of the dreams they shared. >> because of the love that i was so blessed to experience and the life i was so privileged to live with my beloved, i have learned a different word and that is courage. >> it's impossible to say how many officers are here but there are clearly thousands. they've been out here on merrick boulevard for for hours. most, if not all of them, soaked to the bone. the nypd honor guard here will accompany the officer's body to guyana where he will be buried. live in
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jamaica, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> it was a fitting tribute. thank you. also there for us tonight is darla miles who talked to many of those officers from around the country who watched the funeral outside in that pouring rain. >> the church only holds 2,000 people and it was reserved for officer holder's family members and members of the nypd. the overflow was out here on merrick boulevard. all of them stood outside at attention with a dead silence paying attention to the tribute going on inside. >> he's a guyanese and he has shed light on guyana in a positive way. >> reporter: some might argue fallen nypd officer randolph holder has three families. his biological family, his brothers and sisters in blue, and then there are his fellow emigrants from guyana. >> i am so proud and i want to thank him and to give moral support. >> reporter: so wednesday's
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celebration of holder's life isn't just about blue. it's also about the red, yellow, and green. >> you came to the wake yesterday as well. >> yes, i did. >> what was that like? >> heartbreaking. >> reporter: still it was the color blue that filled merrick boulevard in front of greater allen a.m.e. cathedral in jamaica, queens. >> this is probably one of the strongest brotherhoods i've ever seen. it's heartwarming. sometimes i see a little choked up. >> we're just here pulling together for the officer as i'm sure they'd do for us. >> reporter: so much love and support for holder and the 35,000 officers of the nypd. these guys just hope that today nyc can feel it. >> you got to support each other. and this is one way you support each other. >> of the thousands of officers that arrived here in jamaica, queens to support officer holder, his family and the nypd, many of them tell me this is not the first funeral they've attended for a fallen police
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that it never gets any easier. reporting live in jamaica, queens, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. meanwhile another block buster development tonight about the gun used to kill officer holder. it once belonged to the south carolina highway patrol. .40 caliber glock sold to a gun shop in columbia in 2007 then bought by a retired state trooper. it was stolen reportedly from his car in 2011. it somehow got in to the hands of howard. the iron pipeline, illegal guns transported in new york city and sold on the streets. whether you're a mets fan or not, hard to argue. what a game last night. it was long and it was good until the end. game 2 of the world series starts two hours from now. blurry eyed mets their team lose to the royals in the 14th inning, the longest game 1 in world series history. ending shortly after 1:00 this morning. now the mets will try
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to even the series before it comes to citifield friday night. rob powers and marcus solis are both in kansas city. >> without a doubt a tough loss last night but there is still baseball to be played and play they will. later on tonight the mets on the field right now, degrom against cueto. the whole team now ready for game 2. >> you've got to bounce back. i heard the guys last night when they came in after the game. they said we've been here before this year. >> busy night tonight for the mets. it's already been a busy day for mets fans, trying to stay strong after the game last night. joining us here in kansas city, marcus solis outside the stadium. >> no doubt about it. mets fans need ed to clear their heads, get their minds off of the heartbreaking loss. for many it was their first full day in kansas city. some got to take in a little history and eat
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a whole lot of food. >> a little bit better if the mets had won but the town itself was nice. >> reporter: mets fans out exploring the town and one must-see attraction, the negro league baseball museum. >> going through it, you can see what the connection was and how it was sort of like the center of a lot of what went on. very interesting. >> reporter: it's a powerful exhibit where visitors are initially separated from life sized bronze sculptures of legendary players, symbolizing segregation that prevented black major leagues. the field opens up as baseball did when jackie barrier. the world series has meant an influx of visitors. >> this story is so much bigger than the game of baseball. this empowerment. it's a story about leadership. it's a story about ultimately the socialization. >> reporter: then it's time to eat. met fans descending on joe's kansas city barbecue. >> i looked online. this is ranked number 1 so that's why we're here.
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and lots of blue and orange on display. plenty of ribs. and tend r -- and tender pulled pork for mets fans trying to eat away their sorrows. >> it was an emotional victory for the royals tomorrow. their pitcher's father died. i'm not unsympathetic to that. i'd just like us to careen them the next four games. >> the people here so polite but let's face it, new yorkers want to get out of town with a win. >> coming up in sports we'll see laura behnke again. until then we're live in kansas city, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. see you in just a bit. >> thank you both very much. remember to send us your pictures of mets pride using bc7ny. as we continue with eyewitness at 6:00, international carjacking and stolen car ring busted in our area. >> and later, jason pierre paul practices for the very first
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we have breaking news to tell you about. it's affecting the lirr, as if the rain weren't enough because of switching problems outside the east river tunnels. westbound service suspended between jamaica and penn and jamaica and east side. new york city transit we're told cross honoring fares. a violent global car theft ring taken down in new jersey. today officials announced the arrest of 18 suspects. prosecutors say car thieves stocked the route 17 corridor in
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allegedly look for luxury cars and steal them for carjackings or break-ins. amazingly no one was hurt. the vehicles were shipped to west africa where thieves would get top dollar for them. more than $4 million. three suspects are still on the run. still to come on eyewitness news at 6:00, lee goldberg fine tuning his forecast, timing out
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it's one ugly night out there. >> no doubt about it. tonight is rough and even in to tomorrow early morning hours, the rain continues. outside we go tonight where we've had heavy rain through the midafternoon but now we're in a lull for a few hours where the rain intensity is down. even a drizzle is blowing around and it's nasty, not easy to hold the umbrella. at least it rain intensity is shutting down for a little while. 66. gust to 22 in the park. gust to 40 in other spots.
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we're at 66 for our high today. new rainfall totals in the park pushing an inch in central park. sunset was at 5:58. new rainfall totals, inch and a third in caldwell new jersey. this will be the corridor of heaviest totals. we can approach 2 inches. lighter amounts on the east end. significant everywhere. lull in the rainfall till 8:00, 9:00. then we'll get a couple more waves. last one is just leaving prior to daybreak. that means there can be ponding for the morning commute. the midday gets great. it's balmy tomorrow and 70s. cool and dry for trick or treat. still a small shower chance that i can't take out of the forecast for marathon sunday just yet. upper 60s to near 70 in teterboro. mid 60s on the island. gusty wind, only 50 in monticello. peak winds and rain intensity will be later this evening through part of the overnight. still breezy tomorrow with the rain moving out early. then breaks of sun will come out. there's a
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coastal flood concern because of all these winds coming off the water for so long. gusting to near 40. so from 8:00 tonight to midnight we could have minor flooding. south shore of long island. jersey shore as well. here's our local radar. smithtown and seck -- and setauket. tough ride. on new york city it might be a drizzle or mist for a few more hours. we have this hole in the radar. but there's a lot more going off to the south and west. thunderstorms here see a lot of lightning to the north of dc. some of that is going to our west. some of this will catch us after about 9:00 tonight. there's yet another wave of rain here with the actual cold front. that doesn't come through till tomorrow morning. that's why i'm saying much of the night they're going through one wave after another causing localized flooding. look at the futurecast here, doing a nice job picking up the current lull coming in. resurgence after
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9:00. heaviest during the overnight. leaving the scene after early commute time then big time improvement as we get through the 7:00, 8:00 hour tomorrow morning. heaviest amounts will be to the north and west. 2 and a half inches. more like an inch along the immediate coast and that one to half inch range in new york city. want to look at the kansas city forecast. a little bit of sun. could be an isolated shower late in the game. first pitch temperature around 54. windy and warm tomorrow after the morning shower. sun and 73. spot shower in the afternoon. back to norm al on friday. pretty day, partly sunny. here's your accuweather forecast. windy and warm periods of rain. thunderstorm. tomorrow up to 73. damp early. midday is the best. spot shower late. here's your 7 -day accuweather forecast. halloween looks good. 51, trick or treat time. marathon sunday, could be a spot shower. start time of the marathon, low 50s. nice and mild in to early november.
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don't forget to turn the clocks back saturday night into sunday morning. rob powers not eating any ribs tonight but has his fingers crossed. >> we had the rain yesterday. today cold and wind as we get ready for game 2. straight ahead on eyewitness news, we get a little deeper in to tonight's pitching match-up. degrom against cueto. plus how the mets bounce back. plus, jason pierre-paul back on the field with the new york giants. >> first, channel 7 your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we're taking you mile by mile introducing you to some of the people you'll find on the course. >> mile 26 in central park. i'm the president of events and race director for the tcs new york city marathon. most exciting memory was meb coming in to the park to win the 2009 new york city marathon. >> tcs new york city marathon is sunday, november 1st. our
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as baseball games go, back me up here, this was a great game last night. >> it was fun to watch. you can look at that loss any way you want to. but it's only one loss. it was only one game. and really all that matters in the world series is the next game. we get that tonight. let's take a look at the pitching match-up now. jacob degrom for the mets. johnny cueto for kansas city. pitching so important in this game no matter how hairy this game gets. >> reporter: he's been turning heads since making his big league debut. he's about to make a start in the world series and jacob degrom makes news because of his hair.
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>> i don't know, i think mine's gone at the end of the year. >> reporter: oh, my. that's major stuff but let's steer this now back to baseball. degrom faces a royals lineup made up of good fastball hitters. that's tough on any pitcher. >> they're going to battle you. we've got to put the ball in play. my job is to keep the ball down. >> reporter: now pitching game 2 of the series, the challenge, the experience, that's what this is all about. >> it's awesome. it's kind of hard to explain. i don't know if it's set in for me. this is what we play for. we play to come here and just get the chance to make a start in the world series, it's really awesome. >> we all know now the mets are down in the series. but that just gives us a chance to talk about a comeback story with laura behnke outside the stadium here in kansas city. >> hey rob, forget about everything that happened last night. the mets say they already have. right now we're going to find out their greatest
6:26 pm
ability here, the ability to bounce back. >> reporter: adversity. all of the sudden the mets are facing it, trailing a series for the first time this postseason. >> coming in to this we knew these guys are an excellent opponent and we knew it wasn't going to be easy. these are the types of hurdles we're going to have to clear if we expect to win this thing. >> reporter: and all season long the mets have prided themselves most on one thing. their resiliency. >> confidence always remains high. that's the way it's been with the team all season long. you're going to win games. you're going to lose games. >> we'll respond. i think we're all professionals here and we'll do fine. >> reporter: because the ultimate goal is still out there, a title. >> we'll see if we can get our split here. you don't come in thinking you want to split but you lose the first one, split sounds pretty good. >> as blew his first save last night, his teammates all saying the best thing for familia tonight would be to get him right back in the game.
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that would mean the mets are leading so that's what they're hoping for even more. live outside kauffman stadium, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> see you tonight at 11:00. we've got football news for right now. jason pierre-paul takes a major step toward getting his football career back on track. the all pro joined the giants at practice today for the first time since he suffered that severe injury. pierre-paul joined the team in prepractice work and went to work with a trainer. giants hoping he might be ready to play by week 10. >> his attitude is outstanding. he's anxious to play right now to be honest with you. but they're going to go relatively slow on that. but it would be a wonderful thing to have him come back, get ready to play and play and contribute which is his plan. >> and we have nba basketball tonight. the nets host chicago. the knicks are on the road in milwaukee. this will be a new knicks team. they overhauled the roster, hoping to change the culture, get this team headed
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back in the right direction. >> a lot of emotions going through right now but most important thing, just to kind of enjoy it. kansas city tonight . we'll see you at 11:00. unit till then, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> see you at 11:00. time to check in with sade to see what's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> a heated debate tonight over closing schools. tonight parents outraged when a major local district says it might shut down four schools for good. plus, why your marriage might the difference having a spouse we'll have those stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> it's always been my mantra. >> i >> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news tonight coming up next. eyewitness news returns tonight
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