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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 29, 2015 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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tt2w`tiy %t, bt@qp%$ tt2w`tiy %t, "a@q@)@ tt2w`tiy %t, bm@qk"l tt4w`tiy %t," dztq 8ed tt4w`tiy %t," entq ha$ tt4w`tiy %t," gzt& qf\ tt4w`tiy %t," hnt& ah0 tt4w`tiy %t," iztq +!h tt4w`tiy %t," jntq 9q( tt4w`tiy %t," lzt& !> i'm bill ritter. an ugly night and it could be an ugly morning commute. gusts battering construction sites. the wind making it hard to hold even an umbrella when it was pouring rain in morningside heights. >> meteorologist lee goldberg is at the weather wall. >> tracking autumn thunderstorms at 11:00 tonight. just calmed down outside our studios. torrential rain a few
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degrees right now. really mild as the cold front approaches. flood advisory just out for northeast new jersey, parts of rocklin and orange county just after 1:00 in the morning. over an inch in new york city. pushing 2 inches. somerville nearly 2 inches. lighter amounts on the island but you have heavy rain approaching. winds whistling out of the southeast at 30 miles per hour. they'll back off by dawn but still several hours of gusty wind driven rains. there was a thunderstorm near edison, new jersey. went to patterson and wyckoff and a piece of it got in to manhattan over harlem. parts of yonkers going in to the bronx. that's going in to rocklin county as well. this heavy rain going to the island. still several waves and bands of rain that have to rotate through. if you look at the futurecast, the heaviest should be east of new york city. offshore toward daybreak, lingering showers early in the commute. waves of heavy rain and thunder next four to six hours. six hours would be the
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east end of long island. lingering rain and ponding for the early part of the commute. the commute improves. the weather gets much better and is unseasonably mild. we'll get much nicer by midday but a little rough early on. little change to the marathon forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. developing news out of harlem, police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. one man killed and a second hurt. the man who died was shot in the head. not clear yet what motivated the shooting. so far, no arrests. one inch lower and he'd be dead. a father in harlem, a maintenance worker at a local church coming this close to death, shot in the head as someone driving by opened fire. it happened at 118th and frederick douglass boulevard. police right now looking for the gunman. jim dolan at the scene of the shooting. >> you can't exactly call
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raphael benjamin lucky. he was shot in the head yesterday from a bullet that came all the way down the street. it wasn't a graze wound. it went in and it went out. but it did almost no damage to his brain at all. in fact, remember, this happened yesterday. he told us all about it tonight. >> reporter: raphael benjamin works at the canaan baptist church in harlem and lives nearby with his 14-year-old son. yesterday he thought all that might be over. >> i've got two holes in my head. it went in and came out the other way. >> reporter: benjamin spoke to us from his bed at mt. sinai st. luke's hospital. he was shot in the head outside his home on west 118th. >> i see toward us, down the block with a gun. i started running. and the guy >> reporter: when johnson said benjamin is a dedicated father in his life. >> the police officer with him
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shared with him two more inches, you'd probably be in the morgue rather than in the e.r. so he's very cognizant of that and was very emotional about that. he talked about his son and his concern for who would take care of his son. >> reporter: mr. benjamin says he has no idea why the young man down the block was shooting. >> this happened so fast. i don't know who they were shooting at or why. >> no one in custody yet. if police know who the target was they are not saying. mr. benjamin says that old story about not being able to hear the gunshot is true. he saw the gun from all the way down the street but didn't realize it had been fired until he felt the pain. reporting live from harlem, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. right now breaking news, sports, the new york mets tonight trying to even things out against the royals. baseball's two teams left standing going at it again. not good news tonight for the mets.
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city, keeping score for us. >> since the dawn of time we've heard that good pitching beats good hitting. tonight an argument for the other side. and bad news for the mets. a royal pain as the world series heads back to new york. the mets did draw first blood in this game though. in the 4th inning lucas duda with a two-out run scoring single. the royals get to jacob degrom in the 5th inning and didn't miss a chance here. a five-hit, four-run inning. hosmer drove in two runs with two outs. kc hits hard and doesn't back down from anything. it's like the royals knew what was coming in that inning. 7-1 the mets lose tonight's game 2. like i said, game 3 now headed back to new york. the mets in a 2-0 hole. lucas duda with the only two hits for the mets tonight. coming up in sports, complete highlights and postgame reaction as the mets now fall behind the royals 2-0 in the world series. >> disappointing night. stay with eyewitness news as the mets
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try to bring home the world series win and talk about the games with us on facebook and twitter. the body of murdered new york cop randolph holder heading to guyana tomorrow. the 33-year-old will be today an emotional funeral. the mayor of new york praising his character. commissioner bratton fighting back tears, promoting holder in death to detective first class. here's eyewitness news reporter josh einiger. >> reporter: it's as remarkable as any other spot on the drive, most likely had no idea this is now sacred ground. it's where eight nights ago randolph holder died protecting their city. as life continued here, on the other side of queens, it stood still. thousands of law enforcement in the driving rain saying farewell to a brother in blue. randy holder was a five-year veteran, and the love of mary muhammad's life. they planned to marry.
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they never had the chance. >> to simply wear the uniform of an officer is an act of courage. you have chosen to be both target and hero. it could be argued that to be a loved one of an officer, we choose the same fate. but less choose to be heroes. >> reporter: law enforcement ran in holder's blood. his father and grandfather before him swore the same oaths to protect as police officers in their native guyana. the third generation holder would follow in their footsteps as a member of the nypd. >> today i posthumously promote police officer randolph holder shield number 13340 detective first grade and issue him shield 9657. >> that's the same shield number worn by randolph, sr. when he was a cop. a city united in grief.
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you're relieved of your duty as a new york city police officer, guardian at the gates of new york city and we send you on your way to your new assignment, to be a guardian angel at the gates of heaven. >> reporter: in jamaica, queens, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. 18 people under arrest tonight in connection with an international luxury car theft ring targeting drivers in new york and new jersey. prosecutors say thieves stalked route 17 corridor looking for carjackings or break-ins. the vehicles were shipped to west africa where they were sold to buyers at premium prices. >> where these cars will sell for prices in significant excess united states. >> investigators say 90 stolen luxury vehicles worth more than $4 million have been recovered. on long island tonight a packed meeting between worried parents and officials who are thinking about closing up to
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four schools. the school district is one of the largest in the state, citing declining enrollment and more than $1 million of debt. administrators say they may have no option but to shutter some schools. >> going to make an awful lot of confusion with the new school children. and all the children. >> closing four elementary schools still does not correct our fiscal problems. it doesn't get us across the troubles year in right now. >> district officials are considering several options from closing one middle school to four elementary schools. they expect to make a decision within the next two months. new video tonight of a burglary in brooklyn. three men caught on camera hauling away an atm. surveillance video. we've got it tonight. shows three young men pushing a container with wheels in to the lobby of an apartment building in greenpoint. happened last month. the suspects then used the container to take away an
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site where they were able to remove more than $4300 in cash. a blimp breaks free and then takes off. oops. fighter jets scrambling to catch the unmanned military flying ship. wait till you see what finally brought it down. >> a man saves every penny he finds for decades. how much did he make when he finally cashed it all in? >> take a look outside. your costume kids want to know will the weather hold up for
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now to vote 2016. republicans who want to be president tonight in their third primary debate at the university of colorado and boulder. two of the quietest candidates, the two leaders in the polls. ben carson and donald trump. somewhat surprisingly they were not targeted by their opponents but the media was. >> reporter: ben carson and donald trump, the top two in the polls, tonight for the most part keeping calm and quiet. with an exception or two.
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>> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> no, it's not a comic book and it's not a very nicely asked question the way you say that. >> reporter: it was for much of the debate a slam fest on the media which many of the candidates believe is bias against them. >> the democrats have the ultimate super pack. it's called the mainstream media. >> even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude. >> ben carson, can you do math? john kasich, will you insult two people over here? marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the subsative issues people care about? >> reporter: mark rubio has appeared to not like his job as u.s. senator. >> this is a six-year term and you should be showing up to work. literally like the senate, isn't it a french work week? >> i don't remember you ever complaining about john mccain's work record. the only reason
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you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position. >> reporter: carly fiorina asked why if she were fired by the board of hewlett-packard should be hired by the american people. >> yes, i was fired over a disagreement in the board room. there are politics as well. >> not exactly your typical debate. many of the candidates blasting the media and so too is the head of the republican national committee. he said cnbc reporters were asking gotcha questions and said cnbc should be ashamed of the way it was handled. cnbc responding saying people who want to be president of the united states should be able to answer the tough questions. tomorrow the u.s. house of representatives will confirm paul ryan as its new speaker. >> tomorrow we are turning the page. we are not going to have a house that looked like it looked the last few years. we're going to move forward. >> ryan promising to unify his fragmented party after his republican colleagues nominated him today. he'll succeed john
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we're learning more tonight about the giant runaway blimp that the military lost control of today. new video showing the deflated blimp crashing in to trees. this is north of harrisburg, pennsylvania. the unmanned blimp breaking free in maryland, then drifting for hours over pennsylvania with two fighter jets on its tail. knocked out power to thousands as it dragged its heavy tether across power lines. equipped with a high tech defense warning system that cost taxpayers $175 million. >> this protects the national capital region but it's a very sophisticated military technology. >> still not clear how this very expensive blimp broke free. for the very first time the national christmas tree will hail from the great state of alaska. it will spend three
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tractor-trailer as it makes its 4,000-mile journey. >> just want to get this right. we're talk ing about a christmas tree already? what happened to summer? >> keeps getting earlier and earlier every year. >> still feels like it outside. 68 degrees. feels warm out there. we're almost over the biggest hurdle of the week which is a big rainstorm going strong. right now the rain has calmed down briefly. our temperature at 11:00 is coming in in the upper 60s. we're at 68 degrees. rainfall amount in new york city over an inch. this is the first time we've seen over an inch since the 2nd of october. there are your sunrise and sunset times for thursday. you'll get sunshine and really mild temperatures middle of the day. it's lighter rain after about 3:00 in the morning. the last drops around daybreak especially east of the city. a balmy breeze tomorrow. then cooler on friday but a nice finish to the work week. looks like it's dry for halloween, a little cool for
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trick or treat time. unfortunately got to include a small shower chance on marathon sunday. nothing heavy but there might be a shower chance, a lot of clouds as well. at least it's not too windy or cold. it's 71 at poughkeepsie right now. 68, central park. 70, belmar. 67, islip. it's mild and muggy. the ceiling is down about 600 feet. visibilities are low. that will rise by morning. and the winds will back off a little bit. still a breezy day but sunshine will come back. at 7:00 in the morning, showers are east. breaks in the clouds. a spot shower during the afternoon hours. we have heavier downpours over jamaica bay going in to nassau county and up toward glen cove. then you see heavier downpours over northern westchester right now from yorktown to bedford and armark. there are still a couple other bands. there's the actual cold front that will come through let's say in about four, five hours. that will shut down the heaviest rain and also knock down the winds a little bit. then we'll start the drying process.
2:28 am
if you look at the futurecast, we still have what could almost be a squall line here through 3:00 in the morning. then that will move through. off the east end by around daybreak. even breaks in look how mild the start of the day is. 70s. might be a spot shower especially north and west but it's windy and warmer tomorrow it's a case where if you leave early you actually run in to rougher conditions tomorrow morning. then it improves dramatically through the tail end of the morning commute. about 73 degrees should do it. that cold front goes through and friday is a more typical october day. brisk and bright. 60 degrees. here's your actual -- accuweather forecast. breaks in the clouds over western new jersey. we'll go up to 73. might even be a spot shower in the afternoon. bulk of the day, clouds and sun and a nice warm day. we'll cool off tomorrow morning at 48. here's the 7-day accuweather forecast. halloween looks dry. 52 around trick or treat time.
2:29 am
turn the clocks back saturday night. marathon sunday, 63 is your high but at the start line, 52. might be a passing shower but no heavy rains. looks mild for the start of november going in to late next week, could get back in to the low 70s again. >> could you imagine? thank you. coming up next, can marriage literally save your life after a life-changing procedure? >> plus, a man packs away his pennies for 45 years. wait till
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit researchers it euniversity -- at the university of pennsylvania found those separated or widowed had a greater risk of dying or developing a disability than married patients. researchers say support from a spouse likely
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that old song about a penny saved is a penny earned tonight for one man adding up to a pretty nice pay day. anders started collecting pennies about 40 years ago. filling up 15 five-gallon water bottles. his insurance company said he'd no longer ensure them so he decided to cash them in. $5100. >> wow. >> that's a lot of money. the mets in kansas city doing a little math and they don't like what it adds up to. 0-2. rob is in kansas city next with sports. >> we talked about it earlier in the broadcast, royal fans head home happy. the mets head home down 0-2 in the world series. straight ahead, what happened tonight here in kansas city? and what has to happen back home in new york. when eyewitness news continues. >> channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon.
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>> we're taking you mile by mile to some of the workers you'll find on the course. >> my name is tom, and i ran the marathon in 1978. mile 1 goes over the ver zonoazano bridge. and it's eke -- equal to 14 football fields. >> the tcs new york city marathon is sunday, november 1st.
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_n est* en aqu^ in this world series, they got to do it quick. let's get to the highlights. the mets actually had the lead in the game. 4th inning, lucas duda, scoring. they are in front but not for long. the royals get to jacob degrom in the 5th. they didn't miss a chance to get a hit off him. five-hit, four-run inning. kansas sid just -- kansas city just kept coming. like they knew what was coming from degrom. mike moustakas gets a base hit. that made it 4-1. after that it was all just too much for the mets to overcome. everything broke the royals' way tonight.
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