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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 29, 2015 3:35am-3:59am EDT

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here's lifestyle expert michelle yarn with our final hollywood hot list item. >> october is the national popcorn month. what better day to celebrate popcorn, than halloween. it's non-gmo, gluten-free and naturally low in fat and calories and it will help fell you up. of course, it's delicious on its
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own, but for a fun twist, mix it with candy, raisins and peanuts for a snack everyone you love. you will get all sorts of popcorn tips, treats and tricks. >> team ok!'s viviana vigil will tell you what your favorite celebrities are up to. >> that didn't stop cell brits to celebrate early. we get to see celebs decked out in the coolest costumes. >> the halloween parties were in full effect and songstress sierra and her boyfriend russell wilson dressed up as batman and catwoman for their joint soiree. it was their guest, beyonce who stole the show. beyonce took home best everything this year, and it hasn't happened yet. >> demi lovato was her interpretation of trap queen. >> nick jonas dressed up like the hamburglar.
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>> kourtney kardashian and her kiddos coordinated with a superhero theme and little northwest tagged along in her unicorn costume. melissa joan hart said once the kids get older it's hard to coordinate with mom. >> it's the first time we're not all going in the same thing. my oldest one wanted to be an army man and my little one wanted to be a gladiator. >> it's the first time and i'm very sad. >> modern family's kids are grown up and they've got the costumes to prove it. nolan gould shared his costume plans. >> i think i'm going as mad max. >> old school mad max? >> that would be really cool. i like that. >> i like how i inspired your costume right now. >> no matter how you're dressed, everyone at ok! tv wishes you a safe and happy halloween. from the ok! tv sightseeing celebrity bus in the heart of new york city i'm sonia isabel,
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we'll see you next time. ok! >> i love the fact that this year the lucky recipients will get costumes that include jurassic world 2, mario brothers characters for twins, a teenage mutant ninja turtle and shell raisers and the frozen castle. >> look at that. >> so creative. i love this. >> it probably makes such a difference for those kids. >> everyone should be able to enjoy halloween, including adults too. >> and we will. coming up in "the skinny," the talk show host renting an elegant mansion for just $90,000 a month. >> also ahead, zac efron and robert de niro taking off their shirts for their latest act. a sneak peek at their new film. >> and how could customers benefit when two pharmacy retail
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giants prepare to merge in the huge deal that could save you money, but first our big thursday forecast. max made this yesterday. big thursday forecast. max made this yesterday. . >> "world news now" >> "world news now" weather,
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i will live the life of now with the skin of then olay total effects vitamin-enriched. to fight the 7 signs of aging. in 4 weeks, skin looks up to 10 years younger. 7 in 1 from the world's #1 olay. your best beautiful authorities say a gang after ought though thieveses would stake out fancy restaurants, country clubs and homes in wealthy new york suburbs and they'd have a shopping list of the high end cars they wanted. sometimes the vehicles were stolen. some were carjacked. new jersey investigators busted more than 20 people and recovered 90 luxury cars that they say the cars were shipped
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to west africa to be sold at a big profit. a megamerger could be in the works for the hotel industry. come on, kendis. first the drugstores, now the hotels? hyatt said to be in talks to buy starwood hotel and resorts. the combined company would be one of the largest lodging chains in the world. the brands include "w," westin and the st. regis. you have been on the road quite a bit. >> i want to do the hyatt brand. >> you can stay at the hyatt, too. and get extra points. you're the point man. you really know. >> yes, i try to. so back to our big merger, the drugstore merger set to take place across the country. >> walgreens set to buy rite aid for more than $9 billion bookkeeping one of -- becoming one of only two major drugstore chains in the u.s. they're saying this could benefit consumers. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: it's a far cry from the local pharmacy on the corner. >> the remarkable new medicines found in all drugstores today. >> reporter: industry
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stores acquiring rite aid and its 4,600 stores, creating a drugstore colossus. if regulators approve, it will mean the market for your medicine is dominated by just two major players. walgreens and competitor cvs. typically, less competition means higher prices, but that might not be the case here, according to some experts, because walgreens will now have the upper hand when negotiating prices with drug companies. americans spent a staggering 13% more on drugs last year than the year before. so, what can you do? use apps like good rx or lower meds, which let you compare prices at local pharmacies. check discount warehouse clubs like costco and bjs. they offer some of the lowest prices and you don't have to be a member to buy. and try mail order. if your insurance offers it. they'll typically send you a 90-day supply. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> very good tips. >> yeah.
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it's too bad though for the mom and pop drugstores that are probably getting impacted. did you moonlight as a drug dealer sometimes? >> a drug dealer? >> a legal one, or course. >> negative. >> negative? really. >> no, i can't figure out a 10% tip let alone mixing. you've got to the do the math when you're a pharmacist. > mixing all that stuff. >> yeah, so never come to insomniac pharmacy because it will be messed up. >> you've got to know your chemicals. >> next, what justin bieber did during a live interview that got some fans giving him the thumbs down. >> zac efron and robert deniro getting a thumbs up because they are shirtless. who doesn't want to see bobby de niro shirtless. oh, i can't call him bobby. only his mom calls him bobby.
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tt0w!t%(q! %4@-'o< tt0w!t%(q! el@--hp tt0w!t%(q! ed@-+j4 tt0w!t%(q% )8h-k4h tt0w!t%(q% kzh-v[4 tt0w!t%(q% n-h-#28 tt0w!t%(q% 0ph-=u tt0w!t%(q% s"h--'@ tt0w!t%(q% ueh-.e0 tt0w!t%(q% 7hh-2gd skinny, so skinny okay. time now for "the skinny." apparently for justin bieber there's only so much a guy can take. >> as he promotes his upcoming album release, he's been making the rounds of interviews, but this one ended badly. on a radio station in spain speaking through a translator, the host asked bieber a series of apparently uncomfortable questions for him including whether there's a woman in his life and if he dresses himself. and then this happened. >> we want to make like a crazy -- we want to break the internet. so now we've got you here.
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and we've got friends of us, the biggest in europe. hundreds of millions of followers. [ speaking foreign language ] >> hundreds of millions. >> crazy. >> come with us. >> here, here, here. justin, here. >> justin? >> oh, yeah. >> see ya. >> you can see he walked out without a word or explanation. i actually give hip credit for this one. you know what? he didn't make a big fuss, felt uncomfortable, stepped out. other bieber fans don't feel this way. >> despite the title of his new song, he did not say sorry about this incident though. i thought something was lost in translation. i watched the whole eight-minute interview. it was kind of weird. >> you think maybe he misunderstood what they were trying to do? >> it just got to be too long-winded this interview with the translation.
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not coming after them? you know, he quietly disappeared. >> next up, something old and something new and apparently something for everyone in the trailer for "dirty grandpa." >> it's a comedy starring zac efron and robert de niro, focuses on a grandfather teaching some old tricks to his young grandson on how to live on the wild side. >> you don't know how much i appreciate you doing this for me. >> are you naked? >> yeah, it's the best way to sleep. >> oh, my god. >> there is plenty of nudity, alcohol and even crack smoking as the two tool around florida in a pepto pink mini cooper. "dirty grandpa" hits theaters january 22nd. we've got wait for that. >> that looks funny. does it not? >> it looks hilarious. >> one of the artists who defined the sound of the '80s is set to launch a big comeback. >> talking about phil collins. hasn't released a new album in 13 years and has recently been battling medical issues.
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in 2007, during the genesis reunion, a spinal problem caused nerve damage in his hands, leaving him unable to play the drums. >> but a recent surgery is giving him new hope. now he's no longer retired telling "rolling stone" magazine "the horse is out of the stable and i'm raring to go." good for him. >> it would be great to see him back. finally our latest edition of celebrity real estate porn. >> just a couple weeks ago, dr. oz plunked down 1 million bucks for this estate in palm beach, florida and now he's renting it out for 90,000 bucks a month. the landmark oceanfront mansion was built in 1923. it's nearly 11,000 square feet. boasting 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. >> the elementary is 36 feet long. the dining room 32 feet. of course, lease a tennis court, swimming pool and a beachside cabana with its own living room, bedroom and bathrooms. >> look forward to having a party there. >> proving stars, they're just like us.
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we'll explain.el strahan.
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michael strahan spent his entire football career, of course, with the new york giants breaking records and becoming a super bowl champion. >> and his career really took off right here on abc. what's the next logical step for michael strahan? hollywood. >> of course. >> we're up "up all nightline" with michael strahan. >> hey. >> whoa. whoa. >> don't you drop my apples. >> don't adjust your tv screens. that's me, michael strahan guest starring on this week's episode of "blackish" or should we call it "gappish"? >> hey, everybody, i'm on the set of "blackish." it's their halloween episode and i am playing anthony an end's cousin junebug. >> your real name? i look alike.
3:55 am
so we decided to be on this episode together so we can prove we are not the same person. i'm so excited. i'm ready for my close-up. let me get into character. let's go. what's up? >> but before we start rolling, some acting advice courtesy of my co-stars. >> you know, i'm glad that i'm here and thank you for having me because a lot of people think you and i are the same people. >> i'm going to show them something. my gap has closed immensely and his has widened. >> immensely. >> i think it's a compliment to me because i've been in the gym. so for them to confuse me with this, i'll take that any day. >> maybe i ain't going to be happy. i'm just saying -- >> what are we looking forward to on this halloween show? >> you're going to be scary. >> yes. >> very strong. >> yes, keep going. >> very handsome. there's a lot of acting. no. >> i was feeling good about myself until you did that. >> you play a mother to four kids on the show. >> yes.
3:56 am
it's amazing. probably one of my favorite parts working with anthony, working with the kids. >> i am so nervous. what kind of advice do you have for me? >> if you like mess up on your lines, it's okay to mess up because everybody messes up. even i mess up. >> wow. >> even this guy messes up. >> even he messes up? >> i'm on set. i've got to get back to work. check out "blackish." all right? this is the halloween -- >> michael, get your -- back to work, man. >> bye. >> oh, we love our michael. we love our michael. he has so many time on his hands. he's such a slacker, doesn't do much. >> he's going to be going on kelly and michael. i can't wait to watch that. >> don't miss our updates on facebook, >> this is abc "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two
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