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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 29, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> that is the ne. good morning, america. republicans face off in boulder. >> his poll numbers tanked. that's why he's on the end. >> the heated exchanges. >> even in new jersey what you're calldoing is called rude. >> you find a democrat cutting spending, i'll give him a warm kiss. >> make or break moments. >> you guys write this stuff. >> the biggest surprises. and who fell short? the candidate in the crosshairs who wasn't even on the stage. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> complete coverage and senator marco rubio here right now on "gma." breaking news, the all-out manhunt for a convicted felon. a shootout at a gas station overnight on the run for five days considered armed and dangerous. people warned to stay inside and schools are closed. up in the air. heavy winds tear a top secret military blimp from its post and fighter jets sent scrambling as
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it travels 150 miles knocking out power to thousands. >> oh, my god, it's going down. >> the outrage this morning. and the abc news exclusive interview with leah remini. opening up about her time as a scientologist. >> what does that mean, go on course? >> the techniques -- >> her revealing answer and her break from the church only on "gma" this morning. . and good morning, america. boy, robin, there are some fireworks at the debate last night. donald trump is the front-runner. he took heat and gave it right back. jeb bush and marco rubio went at it too and the candidates hit back hard at the moderators. >> and the viewers too but the one thing they all agree about, hillary clinton. the democratic front-runner was a target all night long. after the debate, her team tweeting this, clinton brushing it all off. the image drawing some criticism, as well.
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our political team is here to break it all down, all the big moments, plus the man many are calling the big winner last night, marco rubio, george is going to talk to him in a moment but we begin with abc's tom llamas who is still there in boulder. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the debate did turn messy but it was still filled with exciting moments. at one point it seemed like the candidates were going to revolt then there was that exchange that everybody in the political world is talking about. for the first time, donald trump was not in the middle of the biggest fight at a republican debate. >> what is it like a french workweek, you get three days where you have to show up? >> reporter: jeb bush going after the man he men storied senator marco rubio attacking him for missing votes in the national. >> you can campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job. >> reporter: but rubio standing his ground delivering a line that left bush silent and the audience cheering. >> someone has convinced you attacking me is going to help you. i'm not running against governor bush, i'm not running against
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anyone on the stage. i'm running for president because there is no way we can elect hillary clinton to continue the policies -- >> i think there is -- [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: but trump did have his moments like when governor john kasich described his campaign as fantasyland. >> we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. >> reporter: trump unleashing. >> number two this was a man that was a general managing partner at lehman brothers and almost took every one of us down. >> reporter: was it tough not to be the star? >> i don't know what you mean by the star. >> like the focus. >> i think it was very unfair. it's become very unfair. i think that i did very well according to all of the online polls, i got 80% as a win. >> reporter: candidates also critical of the questions. christie exploding when bush was asked about fantasy football. >> we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? can we stop? [ cheers and applause ]
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tangling with cnbc's john harwood. >> because i got to tell you the truth, even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude so -- >> reporter: and senator ted cruz winning cheers with this debate critique. >> this is not a cage match and you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic book villain, ben carson, can you do math? how about talking about the substantive issues? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and even with all eyes on dr. ben carson, the front-runner in some of the latest polls, he ended up being one of the candidates who had the least amount of time to speak. >> what was your greatest moment of the night? >> hmm, when the debate was over. >> reporter: now the rnc blasting the moderators, as well saying they did a disservice to both the voters and candidates. now, the next debate is in less than two weeks but this one was still important because candidates are running out of time to raise substantial money
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before the holidays hit. george. >> thank you, tom. bring in the man many are calling the big winner, senator marco rubio in colorado this morning. good morning, senator. lots of big headlines saying you were the winner last night. rubio soars. how do you capitalize on this moment? >> well, first of all, i don't want to overstate it. it was a debate. there's one coming up in another 14 days and if we don't do well there it won't party. this is a long process. for us it was another chance to express ourselves before the american people. i hoped we had had more of a chance to go in depth on some of the policy issues before america. we didn't get a chance to do that as. and hopefully we will in the next debate but i was happy to be a part of that debate. i felt good coming out. >> you and your former mentor, jeb bush, went at it on your attendance record in the senate last night and governor bush doubled down on that and hit you again in the spin room and danny diaz says you don't have a record of accomplishment. the reality is marco rubio
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hasn't demonstrated he's qualified to be president. his team is even calling you the gop obama. how do you respond? >> well, look, another candidate's decided that the way they're going to win is by attacking me then they're going to pursue that line. it's not the way i run my campaign. i won't change my campaign because of a change someone else made convinced attacking me is the way forward. i'll continue to tell people who i am, what i'm for. there are policy differences between us. we'll discuss those. but i'm not going to change my campaign and not going to change how i feel about governor bush. jeb is my friend. i have admiration for him i i'm not running against him. i'm running for president. as i said last night and repeatedly throughout the campaign. i'll tell people what i'll do if they give me chance to be president. i feel confident about that. >> how about on the underlying issue of your missed votes.
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other senators have missed far fewer. don't have voters have a right to be concerned. >> a couple things. i enjoy and i'm honored to be a senator from florida. one of the most meaningful things i do is the constituent service aspect. that never makes it into the press. whether it's the veteran who has to prove they're disabed despite the fact they're losing two legs or elderly couple -- >> the most important job commander in chief. donald trump has not proven an understanding of the issues or preparation necessary, you said. would you say that about the other front-runner, ben carson? >> well, whether it's donald or ben or anybody else, this campaign gives everybody a chance to learn about these issues and to express themselves and that's the other thing i said as part of that statement is that can change. i mean people can continue to learn about these issues and over time demonstrate a knowledge -- >> but they don't have it now? >> -- before america. look, in other debates we've had we haven't seen that sort of
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discussion from the other candidates. that doesn't mean that they can't or won't. i know i have and i feel comfortable about the fact with all due respect of all the other candidates running i'm the one that's shown the best judgment and best understanding on the foreign policy threats before our country in the 21st century and hopefully all of our candidates will grow to be able to do that, as well. >> you saw hillary clinton's team sending out a tweet. her brushing off the debate. in 30 seconds why are you the best candidate to take her on? >> well, first of all i found it outrageous using video from a benghazi hearing, a hearing about the loss of four american lives to put up something trivial like her brushing something off her shoulder. that was a serious hearing about a serious issue. as far as staying her on, i can tell you this, if i'm our nominee we'll be the party of the future and the democrats will exposed as the government of big ideas from the past. >> many months to go, senator rubio. thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks, george. let's break this down with our political team, jon karl and matt dowd are here.
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you saw senator rubio going on offense. was he the winner? >> ef the clear winner. he was strong. he was consistent throughout the debate. he seemed to be the best prepared and he vanquished his primary rival at this point, jeb bush. jeb came right at him on that issue of missed votes and, frankly, it was rubio who silenced bush on that with that line. >> matt dowd, even some of jeb bush's supporters are being quoted saying he was crushed. can he come back? >> it wasn't just the moment which i think was a very bad moment where he was slayed by his apprentice in the course of this. it's also almost every single answer he gives. he doesn't look like he's prepared. the first two debates we had, he didn't look prepared. this one he doesn't. we thought bush was the liability for him. boy, ultimately we're learning jeb may be the liability from him and gone from an exclamation point to a question mark and heed to a period. >> if he doesn't improve in the next debate he might not make it to iowa. >> he might drop out? >> i think that was such a weak performance if he does not turn it around with the next debate there will be questions about whether or not he will --
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>> meanwhile, the front-runners, donald trump and ben carson did not dominate the debate last night but i thought that might not have hurt them at all. >> i don't hi it hurt them fundamentally in the race but the problem at this point in the campaign you have to grow your support and start moving towards momentum and the only two people that came out with momentum was rubio and ted cruz had very good moments and i think he has momentum. >> his big moment was attacking the moderators and moderators coming under a lot of heat last might. >> absolutely and everybody else piled in, chris christie had a good moment going after the moderators but ted cruz did himself well in this debate and so did chris christie so although rubio, the clear winner i would say those two did themselves quite well. >> robin. >> you know, george, one of the big questions for our viewers asking on twitter and facebook was also about the moderators. diane said "less questions and more time to give an answer. our problems can't be fixed with 30 to 60-second sound buys candace cameron bure. it it seems like the candidates were
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saying the same thing. >> fundamentally the problem is there's too many candidates on the stage. you can blame the moderators and the debate format. too many candidates on the stage is too much. >> go ahead. >> don't forget it was donald trump and ben carson who insisted this only be two hours. ten candidates, two hours, closing statements, it's a matter of math. >> one test is getting out your answers in 30 or 60 seconds. this puts them to that test. >> that's true, george. the one person who was mentioned a great deal last night but wasn't even on that stage was hillary clinton. abc's cecilia vega is covering her campaign and, cecilia, what does last night mean to her. >> right after the media hillary clinton was the second most targeted person on that stage, i would say. you know, the republicans had the chance to go after each other and many opportunities, instead they went right after her but, you know, she i think is one of the biggest winners last night, the more they duke it out and more internal fighting there is she stays above the fray and come that general election that is going to help. >> she was really weighing in last night. even though she wasn't there.
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>> she was having a good time. i think she was liking it. she was live texting her supporters throughout the debate and live tweeting and one tweet she retweeted she said she was lol'ing about the debate and that clip of hillary clinton brushing off her shoulders, marco rubio didn't think that was so funny. a lot of her supporters thought that was really funny and that was the big zing from hillary clinton last night. >> cecilia, thank you. >> we'll see if she regrets using that hearing. military blimp that broke loose in maryland floated through the northeast for several hours captivating so much of the country drawing an escort of fighter jets before it finally went down in pennsylvania. abc's linsey davis is there with our story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. not since the balloon boy hopes has this country been so fixated with a helium balloon floating away. the military is guarding the road to where this blimp landed. this morning, authorities are
7:13 am
investigating just how this happened. >> oh my god, it's going down. >> reporter: a $175 million top secret military surveillance blimp tearing away from its post free floating for hours crossing state lines and sending f-16 fighter jets scrambling after it. >> it knocked down our power at school and knocked down all of columbia's power. >> reporter: it started around 12:20 wednesday afternoon, the 240-foot unmanned balloon nearly the length of a football field drifting away from its military base in aberdeen, maryland, at about 50 miles per hour reaching as high as 16,000 feet in the air, dragging a 6600-foot metal cable behind it triggering blackouts, knocking out power lines, leaving about 30,000 customers without power. >> lights out for us at fowlersville. they lost power out there also. >> route 11's dead. >> reporter: the blimp, which can't be steered remotely, making its way to pennsylvania,
7:14 am
cornfields and schools. >> people were just like holy cow because that thing is enormous. >> reporter: part of a nearly $3 billion program, this blimp equipped with high-tech radars and early warning systems is part of a testing system to defend the nation's capital against airborne attacks able to search an area the size of texas flights. >> it's the best capability in the world. it is so sensitive they don't want anybody who shouldn't see it see it. >> reporter: finally nearly four hours later the blimp came to rest in moreland township, pennsylvania, snagged in these trees deflating on its own after a roughly 160-mile journey, it had finally lost its steam. it's still not clear yet just how this blimp became detached. people with knowledge on the subject say it likely had a lot to do with the windy weather. it's expected to be removed
7:15 am
>> if they can salvage some of it. >> those winds that ripped that blimp from its post and pushed it about 150 miles were part of the last gasp you're saying of hurricane patricia there, ginger. >> it's still with us, remnants in new england and northeast, still thousands without power and you have to see these pictures out of western new york. just south of buffalo, new york, the trees coming down crashing into homes, that's why we have some of the power out. the gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour, add elevation, 60, 70, even close to 90 in mt. washington. still coastal flood advisories as far south as savannah. still wind advisories today but all out of here, a. drier and cooler halloween forecast that i'll have coming up for you. >> look forward to that. amy with the other top stories starting with that violent fugitive on the loose. >> the search for a convicted felon described as armed, dangerous and desperate is intensifying right now in rural tennessee. floyd ray cook has been on the
7:16 am
he's wanted for shooting a police officer and shooting at a kentucky trooper. overnight u.s. marshals opened fire in the town of white house, tennessee. a shark attack at a popular hawaiian beach left a young boy in serious condition. he suffered several wounds to his leg. it is the fourth shark attack on oahu this month alone. an historic decision in china. the communist party is ending that one-child policy as a method of population control. all chinese couples will now be allowed to have two children. a growing controversy in washington state. a high school football coach who led prayers on the field after games has been suspended. the school district says religious activity violates its policy and legal action is likely. well, a dominating performance by the royce in game two of the world series. they crushed the mets, 7-1. game three is tomorrow right here in new york.
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furniture revolution. forget the new trend of standing up at your desk. we've shown you that. how would you like instead to work while lying down at your desk? the new chair reclines so you can work in a more relaxed position and, you know, it only costs $5900. you know, just a small price to pay for a little relaxation. yeah, i could do the news like this. you would take me seriously, right? >> absolutely. >> you might fall asleep. >> i think -- i'd like it in my office. you want to chip in? >> coming, george. >> so many people talking about the meeting between prince harry
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that's in 30 seconds. we're back at 7:18 with that royal visit to washington. prince harry meets president obama, spends some time with the first lady. abc's lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: prince harry arrived for an informal chat at the white house to promote the 2016 invictus games as well as warriors. >> i've had opportunity to spend a lot of time with so many of his family members, but this is the first time that we had a chance to talk directly. >> reporter: the president noting that while it's his first meeting with harry, the first lady has gotten to know the prince well for a variety of reasons. in photos the two look like old friends. >> all right, ladies, prince harry is here. don't ago like you don't notice. >> reporter: the prince and michelle attended several events for injured vets in virginia.
7:19 am
harry who served two stints in rock star. afghanistan changed the direction of my life. there is very little that can reality of war. >> reporter: the invictus games will be in florida in may 2016. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> looking forward. >> big cheer there. so much more ahead this morning. an abc exclusive, actress leah remini speaking out about her time as a scientologist and her church. come on back.
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back here on "gma" the first snow of the season in northwest minnesota. don't freak out.
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let's get to good morning. thursday, october 29th. latest headlines, the mets return to citi field early this morning hoping they left behind the bad car may from the first two games of the world series. they are in a 0-2 hole after losing game two last night 7-1. they now will try to copy the 1986 mets and with win the series after being down two games. game 3 which will be the first world series game in citi field history is tomorrow night. today marks three years since superstorm sandy makes landfall. there are thousand of people in our area waiting to get back in their homes. today mayor de blasio will be on staten island to announce his goals for the city's build it back program. he says that help expects more
7:25 am
have their homes fully repaired by the end of next year. new details on a double shooting in harlem. police identified the victim who died. the second victim, a 34-year- condition. the shooting happened about 8:00 at west 112th and adam clayton howell boulevard. the police hailed a cab to get to the hospital. police officers is in jamaica hospital. the off-duty officer was hit in the crosswalk after 10:00 p.m. last night. he may have been hit by a toyota s.u.v. which then sped off after the accident. doctors say is the officer's injuries are not
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let's get a check on the morning commute. a busy morning, right, heather. >> busy on the l.i.e. jericho turnpike to the westbound side a ton of police activity. it's causing a delay. it was worse before with a couple of lanes closed. let's go to our maps. we will tell you that the george washington bridge is still 30. the lincoln is 45. holland tunnel is a 20-minute delay. 495 near the route 3 split an accident. lori, back to you. >> thanks so much. meteorologist bill evans with the forecast. >> cloudy skies and a few showers pushed to the east. much of the rain is leaving the area and 64 degrees. there is the rain in eastern suffolk county.
7:28 am
southerly wind to southeast wind will warm us up nicely. 70 by noontime. cooling down quick after sunset. cool air pours in tonight. sun and cooler tomorrow and through the weekend great weather ahead. lori? >> thank you.
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welcome back, everyone, to "gma." that's actress leah remini. we're about to hear from her opening up about her very public break from scientology. >> candid stuff. and congressman paul ryan will be elected speaker of the house today. in his acceptance speech he's going to ask both pears for a period of healing. he will be the youngest speaker in nearly 150 years. record-setting day in space. scott kelly breaks the record for longest single space visit, 126 straight days. he sets the mark less than 24 hours after making his first space walk. he will be on the international space station until march. >> wow. happy friday eve, everybody. also this morning, oh, we just think of the number 40. very special to all of us here. >> i miss 40. >> very special to us. we're going to have more ahead in the next hour. >> that is all coming up.
7:31 am
right now we will begin with leah remini taking on scientology in her new memoir, "troublemaker: surviving hollywood and scientology". and she sat down with dan harris for a candid conversation about her break with the church after three decades. good morning, dan. >> hey, george, good morning. in a church known for its celebrity members leah remini is the most famous scientologist to defect and then go public. this morning we have an advanced look at her exclusive interview with abc news. long before she was tv royalty starring on the hit cbs sitcom "the king of queens." >> do you need to build yourself up by tearing me down. >> reporter: leah remini was a child who joined scientology at the behest of her mother, who to use church terminology brought her daughter into the faith and put her on course. what does that mean go on course? >> you learn how to aply the techniques of scientology to yourself and others. >> reporter: so for a kid who was always looking around comparing herself to other people, to be part of a faith where you had a mission to
7:32 am
>> the planet, save the planet. >> that must have been a big deal. >> yes, and because scientologists view children as spiritual being you're not treated as a kid so you're given a lot of responsibility. your ego becomes extremely inflated. >> reporter: leah would go on to be an active member for more than three decades. >> i love it. i love being involved with it because i feel like i'm a good person. >> reporter: but as she describes in her new book, "troublemaker," she would ultimately leave the faith and level some scathing and very public criticisms. >> the decision to leave is you're giving up everything you have ever known and everything you have worked for your whole life. i feel that people need to understand this is my whole life. i want them to understand how it happens. >> reporter: it is quite a yarn she has a lot to say and we'll have. more of the story behind her decision to leave and publicly criticize the church in which
7:33 am
here on "gma" and you can see our full exclusive interview friday night on "20/20." >> her whole life. wow. >>. of it, yep. >> thanks very much. we'll see you in the morning. now to that high-profile prep school sexual assault case in new hampshire. 20-year-old owen labrie is set to be sentenced today after he was convicted in late august. abc's gio benitez is in concord, new hampshire, for us this morning. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. for owen labrie these could be his final hours of freedom if the judge decides to put him away for more than a decade. this morning, owen labrie back in court, a judge deciding whether the former prep school student convicted this summer of sexual assaulting a schoolmate will spend up to 11 years behind bars or no time at all. the judge poring over these presentencing documents filled with character letters from friends an family, even showing photographs of a smiling young labrie seen here playing violin as a child, volunteering and visiting harvard where he was
7:34 am
scholarship. but they also show a darker side, his mother revealing that after he was first interrogated when a 15-year-old schoolmate accused him of rape, the then 18-year-old was placed on a days. shaking and sobbing for seven to eight hours. his mother now pleading to the judge writing he has been punished beyond a degree that understand. but i see it in the fear and sadness in once bright and joyful eyes. labrie maintains he never had sex with the girl. but this august in an emotional trial labrie's accuser tearfully took the stand. we have distorted her voice. >> i was raped. >> reporter: a jury acquitting him of the most serious forcible rape charges which could have put him behind bars for 60 years. >> guilty. >> reporter: but convicted him of several charges including misdemeanor sexual assault charges and a felony conviction of luring a minor by a computer. now just hours away from sentencing, his accuser's family
7:35 am
is hoping labrie serves time. >> the harm that was done will not be solved no matter how many years he spends in jail. they do want it to be a consequence, though. >> reporter: and this afternoon a victim's impact statement will be read here in court and that's when we're told the judge will make his decision but whatever it is, both lives have been changed forever, robin. >> all right, gio. we bring in abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams and, dan, of course, his lawyers are asking for probation. how likely is that? >> you know, i have no idea what this judge is going to do. anything from probation to up to 11 years is possible. look, in a typical case with these charge, remember, here you're talking about what he's been convicted of are crimes related to the fact that he was 18 and she was 15. those are all the convictions in connection with this case. so typically you'd be talking about no jail time, probation, but you got two other factors here. number one the judge can take the totality of the circumstances into consideration, this judge can look at this and say, yeah, but
7:36 am
this isn't a typical case where you have two consenting 18 and 15-year-olds even though there was no conviction and, number two, it's high profile. the world is watching this judge and i think it would take a lot of guts and i'm not saying that in a positive way for this judge to say, i'm not going to give him any jail time. >> is that fair because it's high-profile. these cases are around all the time. this is one for whatever reason has gotten this. attention. should that be a factor? >> it shouldn't but judges are human and when they look at these kinds of cases, they try to look at them only but it is almost impossible not to think of what will the reaction be if, if i do this. >> he may be asked to register lifetime as a sexual -- >> sex offender. i think he likely will be -- if not for life for a very long time just on the conviction on the fell in i alone that's not even the sentence, that's almost mandatory. now, if he's able to get the felony thrown out later or if
7:37 am
but he's going to be registered as a sex offender for a really long time, no matter what, unless he can get the felony thrown out. >> he can go back again and again and try to get that reduced. >> try but it's very hard. i mean that's pretty -- that's pretty mandatory, his best hope there is trying to somehow get this felony thrown out. number one felony, the rest are misdemeanors. >> you really have no idea like the rest of us what's going to happen. >> if you were going to ask me to guess i'd guess he's going to get jail time because of all the factors, maybe a couple years >> we'll see today. >> shows what a complicated case dan, thanks. lookout." fascinating experiment. our parents are put to the test on a crucial issue. >> this little girl is not missing but she will help us demonstrate very important to yes, millions of you have pictures of your kids on your phone but it's the type of picture that can make all the
7:38 am
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back now with "gma on the
7:42 am
lookout" for missing kids. it happens to half a million children each year. many are lost for only a short time but those first few hours can be critical. abc's t.j. holmes here with more on how parents can protect their kids. good morning, t.j. >> good morning, george. come lunchtime or therepoint a lot of parents won't be able to answer this cipel question, what did your child wear to school today and not being able to answer that question could cost you precious time in an emergency. now, a lot of parents think, not me, i wouldn't be that parent. but watch this. these children are missing. and the single most important tool to save a child who's lost or missing is a photograph. even better, a photo of what that child is wearing today. otherwise, a precise description is crucial. without it experts say there could be delays or misidentification. how much time do you have? >> the first three hours are always the most crucial when it cops to a missing child. >> reporter: callahan walsh is a child advocate at the national
7:43 am
center for missing & exploited children. >> we need to give law enforcement a detailed description of what he's wearing. >> reporter: how many parents know exactly what their children are wearing. >> definitely shorts. >> gray velcro sneakers. >> i don't know. >> reporter: elizabeth haddone sets up with eight unsuspecting parents and give each this situation. >> you found out your daughter is missing. you need to give a detailed description. >> reporter: the key for parents to recall it quickly and get it right. >> black and white striped dress and pink sneakers. >> reporter: then we bring out the child. >> reporter: hi there. >> she got it absolutely write. black and white triped top. >> red and gray shirt. white shirt that says hurley across it, michael jordan socks. >> reporter: spot on. >> i think the socks came into >> reporter: but that's where the parental accuracy ends. >> really i don't remember. black shorts and i believe a black shirt.
7:44 am
okay. >> shorts were correct but these are jean shorts and the shirt is a blue shirt. >> reporter: does that do bliss any good? >> not really. they will be looking to are a child in a black shirt and she's wearing a blue shirt. >> argyle print leggings. long sleeve maroon shirt and jean jacket. >> we changed the shift. >> reporter: what surprised you out here in talking to these parents? >> we know some parents are going to be better with the description than others and know some parents aren't going to have a clue. >> reporter: some we meet had no idea what their child is wearing. police are standing here asking you what is your child wearing. they need some description. how would you get it? >> i could ask my wife. >> where is your wife? >> she's at work. >> call her. >> reporter: walsh says this is when things get tricky. >> leggings and a shirt. you don't remember. dan immediately knew he was busted. >> that's difficult in that situation. you know, that's probably worst case where neither parent knows what the kid is wearing and law enforcement won't have. to go off of. it's their most frantic moment
7:45 am
in their life, you know, when their child goes missing so it's going to be very difficult for parents to give a 100% description and that's why the picture is so great. >> reporter: little allison is not missing but helping us out. you got a million pics. you have to see the kid's face clearly and have a full body shot. sometimes the most distinguishing feature can be the socks the kid is wearing, maybe a bright colored shoe or important to know your child's height. it's one of the first things police are going to ask, guys, we had one parent say i think she's about this tall. kid came out she was about this tall. that can all make a difference. >> wow. >> all important information. >> i would have never thought socks and shoes. that's great, t.j. >> thank you, t.j. coming up, michael has our "speed feed." >> yes, i do, george. you know, coming up, this police officer took a tense situation and defused it with a few amazing moves all of that is coming up in our "speed feed." you don't want to miss it.folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles...
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watch me whip now watch me nae nae >> get my own lesson how to whip and nae nae. back with "the speed feed." trending a police officer breaking down to break up a tense situation. >> yes, as you can see here's
7:50 am
one impressive way to defuse a conflict, the d.c. officer breaking up a conflict between some teens and one of the teens tried to -- the group tried to get away and one of the teens happened to challenge the officer to a dance-off. 17-year-old taylor said, hey, instead of us battling each other let's do the whip and the nae nae battle and taylor was impressed with the officer's moves as you can see and the whole thing ended and a lot of laughs, but i love and everybody was winning at the end of the day. >> nobody wanted to leave even. apparently the officer was sort of invited to hang out all was well. >> yeah? that's because they knew how to whip, how to nae nae. all right, coming up, a hollywood backlash coming up. coming up "gma's" halloween countdown brought to you by ihop. bring the kids to ihop on
7:51 am
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realize your buying power at back here on "gma." you got to see these photos out of southern california. the beautiful beach normally, huntington beach with sandbags, the tide, seven feet as we go through today. high surf advisories for waves up to 1 feet. that storm going to bring texas rain.
7:55 am
7:56 am
brought to you by petsmart. good morning. thursday, october 29th. i'm lori stokes. cleanup is underway around the area this morning after storms made a mess with wind and rain. strong gusts of wind knocked down trees in smithtown and sea take you kick and a giant tree came crashing down into a home no one was home. officials will be in central park for the ceremonial painting of the blue line for the tcs new york city marathon. it marks the 26.2 course through five boroughs in the city.
7:57 am
our coverage of the marathon this weekend begins saturday night at 7:30 with count down to the starting line and then the 2015 tcs new york city marathon starting on channel 7. a disabled train in millburn is causing delays on new jersey transit trains. let's go to the maps. delays on the more ricks essex, gladstone and port jervis has signal problems. 4 and 5 trains, we have activity that was completed. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. >> thank you. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> here comes the sun, lori. sun is breaking out and the low clouds will burn off and develop on up and we get a lot of sun, southwest wind. temperature 64. that will be the 8:00 temperature. the last of the showers pushing eastward. sunshine, 73 this afternoon.
7:58 am
then we cool off and fall weather returns. >> thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america," three prominent
7:59 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. major halloween backlash. protests, petitions and big questions over the caitlyn jenner costume from that famous magazine cover. when does edgy cross the line into offensive? the fight over breast cancer screening heats up. three prominent doctors breaking with the american cancer society over the new mammogram guidelines, what you should do and when should you get tested? dr. jen ashton breaks it down this morning. and as we count down to our biggest halloween ever, we teamed up for a little revenge on michael for last year's big fright and who we got help from. demi lovato is with us live, what she's only saying here about that surprising photo
8:00 am
confident than ever. lovatics lining up all night to cheer her on as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> look at that big crowd. they are excited as we are too to have that woman back with us. demi lovato is back bringing some confidence to times square performing her new song just ahead, "confident." i love it. >> looking forward to that. exclusive look at what some television. it's about to revolutionize the way we watch apple tv. >> and we also have a big and we mean big announcement that we are thrilled to tell you about. "gma," we're turning 40 celebrating with an unprecedented live event. so many people joining us to pull it off and we can't wait to share that with you. >> that is coming up. the morning rundown from amy. >> good morning. the big story, the winners and losers from the third
8:01 am
republican presidential debate, this debate was different. donald trump and ben carson may have been at center stage but they were mostly relegated to the sidelines while the other candidates took the gloves off and it was the debate moderators who took some of the fiercest criticism. abc's tom llamas has the more's after buzz. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning. it was full of exciting moments and did turn messy at times with the candidates complaining about the format and even openly criticizing the moderators during the debate but there was that one exchange everyone is talking about, jeb bush going after senator marco rubio calling him out for missing votes in the senate even asking for him to resign his post in the senate but rubio was ready and fired back with a line that silenced bush and had the crowd cheers. george asked rubio about that on "good morning america" earlier today. >> well, look, another candidate's decided that the way they're going to win is by attacking me then they'll pursue that line of it's not the way i run pie campaign of i won't change my campaign because of some change someone else made
8:02 am
because they allowed themselves to be convinced attacking me is the way forward. i'll continue to tell people who i am, what i'm for. there are policy differences between us. we'll discuss those. americans deserve to hear those but i'm not going to change my campaign and i'm not going to change how i feel about governor bush. i mean, jeb is 3450i friend. i have admiration for him. i'm not running against him, i'm running for president as i said last night. >> reporter: the one candidate leading several polls including in iowa, dr. ben carson received the least amount of speaking time, after the debate he was asked what was his best moment, he said when the debate was amy. >> all right, tom, thanks so much. and a new warning about the threat posed by isis. this morning a top british intelligence official said the terror group has been planning mass casualty attacks in the uk and he said the danger is now at a level he's never seen before. well, that runaway military surveillance blimp that floated across two states will be returned to its base today. it drifted for hours traveling power lines.
8:03 am
some are still waiting for power to be restored as the investigation into how it got loose now begins. well, it was a frightening scene at a school near washington. a school bus erupting in flames. the fire apparently burning through the brake lines. the bus rolled across the parking lot. fortunately no children were inside the bus at the time. no word yet on what caused that fire. well, a health alert for millions of americans who take statins to lower their cholesterol. researchers found the flu vaccine may not work as effectively in people who take statins and found the effectiveness of the vaccine was 12% among staten users compared to 26% among nonusers. finally pumpkin carvers this halloween are really enjoying the race for president. we recently showed you one farmer who carved the candidate's faces but this one trumps them all. an ohio woman's so-called trumpkin weighs 374 pounds. she says she had to make six wigs out of thatch to cover such
8:04 am
a big head. but she is quick to squash any ideas that the pumpkin is an endorsement of trump's campaign. ba-dum-dum. there you go. >> that's a wash. >> a lot of hair there. >> huge. >> it's a big head. >> it's huge. it's huge. >> let's go to michael in the social square. >> you have too much fun over there without me. what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" and everyone gearing up for halloween and caitlyn jenner costumes flying off the shelves but there's a big backlash over that and the breast cancer battle heating up. doctors fighting against new guidelines, when should you really get tested. "gma" is getting their halloween revenge and unfortunately, the revenge is on me. all that and a huge announce birthday. square on "gma" with the people. [ cheers and applause ]
8:05 am
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8:10 am
>> reporter: caitlyn jenner, her striking "vanity fair" cover, one of the most problem rabble moments of the year but not surprising the image is an inspiration for countless halloween costume. >> people want a halloween costume that makes them look good and they're wanting to look cool and put across the idea that they know what's going on in the world or thinking about big issues. >> reporter: retailers like wholesale halloween costumes and anytime costumes deciding to pull the costumes from their site this week but controversy has been brewing since august when the first call me caitlyn costume came on the market many taking their outrage to twitter saying it's the most offensive ever and others demanding retailers not sell it. >> some people see that caitlyn jenner costume as potentially a little offensive, maybe a little incensesensitive but then other people see it the opposite way, they say, well, this is a way to honor her and say that she's a superhero. >> reporter: caitlyn has said she's not offended but now in a bold new piece in "vanity fair"
8:11 am
monica lewinsky weighing in as someone who knows all too well what it's like to be the butt of halloween jokes writing it's complicated when someone starts the year as a private person and by october ends up in the costume aisle. the question of what's edgy and topical versus what's offensive and tacky is a fine line. celebrities have always used halloween as an opportunity to let loose and dress up as their hollywood counterparts but critics say that costumes like jenner's don't just make fun of her but the entire transgender community and lewinsky is reminding us there is a fine line between clever and cruel. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> caitlyn doesn't mind. >> i guess there's a fine line but lighten up. >> it's halloween. >> relax. let's go over to amy. >> all right, guys. we'll be talking about some confusion and questions about the american cancer society's new mammogram guidelines which recommended that women do not get screened regularly until they are 45.
8:12 am
well, now three leading breast cancer doctors have written an op-ed in "the new york times" saying they profoundly disagree with these changes. abc's dr. jennifer ashton is here with more and, jen, we discussed these new screening guidelines. i have been outspoken about my personal situation, a mammogram gave me the best chance of surviving cancer because i went at age 40. there is a lot of anger over these new guidelines. walk us through what these doctors are saying. >> so this is really the story behind the story, amy and to start with, there were three major points that didn't get spoken about last week when these recommendations came out. to start with, let's talk about the words that were used with their recommendations. for the average risk woman. well, the word average is a problem because the reality is the majority, the majority of breast cancer -- >> 80% or more. >> in women 40 to 44 is diagnosed in women who yesterday were average, today you have breast cancer. >> that was me. >> so that's a problem. number one, the number two
8:13 am
the fact of the matter is that for younger women, 40 to 44, their risk of breast cancer is 1 in 166. that's a significant number and lastly, this issue of if you delay the first mammo, what will come along with that? delayed diagnosis, larger tumors, tumors that will need more surgery, more invasive surgery, more chemo, more radiation. they only looked at death in those recommendations, there is other things to consider. we need to consider quality of life. >> now, a lot of experts have been very vocal about how these are confusing and dangerous for all the reasons you just mentioned. what do women need to know? >> well, listen, they're going to continue to evolve. that's a good thing in medicine and science. we always re-evaluate the data and a mammogram is not the perfect test. for right now this needs to be individualized, not sweeping generalization and there are other professions radiologist, pathologist, gynecologists,
8:14 am
front lines of this who need to have their voice heard and when you talk about emotion because this is emotional, stop using fear and anxiety as a medical risk. i think that's insulting to women. what makes women anxious is not having a good conversation. >> there's a lot more anxiety when you get that breast cancer diagnosis and certainly are in a. better position if you find it early. >> absolutely. >> we'll continue to follow this. dr. jen, we appreciate it. thank you so much. michael, over to you. >> thank you, amy. now, you know, i think we're all line family right here. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. and always good-natured joking and occasionally harmless fright. >> teasing. >> some not so harmless. >> i didn't anybody would ever hold a grudge. >> oh, yeah, no, we do. >> you know, apparently people do. let's take a look at this. >> aaagh! >> aagh. >> halloween 2014. no one was safe when michael
8:15 am
freight elevator into a fright elevator. so this year it's time for revenge. time to scare strahan. >> you guys can't scare me. i'm michael strahan. i don't get scared. >> oh, we'll see about that. first up, lara and tory with a spook-tacular surprise. what's in the box? just you wait and see. >> these are slashed by 65%, 20 bucks. >> 20 bucks. >> ready. >> great gift. >> and last but not least. >> oh! whoa! >> oh. oh. you scared me again.
8:16 am
>> think that was scary? well, watch what happens when amy and ginger give michael a taste of his own medicine. then turn off the lights in the elevator. >> aaaagh! >> what is wrong with y'all? it's too early in the morning. >> hey. happy halloween. >> you're lucky i didn't spill hot coffee on you. get out. get out. >> and for their frightening finale, the "gma" anchors call in a favor from their friends at fox nfl sunday. >> good morning and welcome to the fox nfl sunday set. >> we got a friend from our friends at "gma" trying to scare strahan for halloween so passing the ball to us. >> i think they got one of terry's cousins to help out. >> really. >> think we can get him? >> let's do this.
8:17 am
>> aaagh. >> oh. >> that is wrong with you people? >> aaagh. what is wrong with you? i hate you. get out of my face. >> all right. "gma," you got me. third time is a charm. now stop scaring me. i might scare you back. >> oh. >> really. >> i don't hold a grudge like you girls, you guys do. yeah, i really don't but you know everybody's laughing now. i get it, everybody is laughing but wait till we see how robin got everybody tomorrow. >> oh, that's right. >> just remember who didn't get you. >> oh, yes. >> way to try to team up, george. but you're not exempt. you're not exempt at all. >> yeah. >> built by association. >> you're with them, you're in the mix. >> that's true. everybody in the pool. >> good sport. we got exciting news to share right now.
8:18 am
big milestone for "gma." we are celebrating our 40th birthday. and we're commemorating with a marathon broadcast featured in the current "people" magazine. going to be seeing lots of familiar faces. >> good morning. i'm david hartman. >> and good morning, america. i'm joan london. >> iams charles gibson, sawyer and roberts, you know them well art four decades in the making, unprecedented 40-hour global live nation experience. a nonstop celebration, your favorite "gma" anchor teams copping together again to bring you all your favorite moments and brand-new exclusive events. >> here is -- >> like one direction for the first time performing their hit single "perfect" in america. baby i'm perfect for you "gma's" first ever live look inside the "dancing with the stars" rehearsals. >> a 10. >> reporter: and all access pass to the premiere of "marvel:
8:19 am
>> the sizzling hot cast of "the hunger games" part 2. and. more, a 40-hour marathon of live tv. >> good morning, america. >> all leading up to a "gma" family reunion. every one of your favorite "gma" hosts coming home, every one. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> whoo-hoo! >> there we are. that is so great and that's just what we know about right there, a lot of surprises coming, as well. it's going to be great. >> it will be. let's go outside to ginger. >> can't wait for that and i can't wait to show you this. so i just saw this on the internet yesterday. it is my favorite halloween costume so far. take a listen. >> in a world that is warming,
8:20 am
nino. >> i'll post more of that video on my facebook and twitter. el nino, lara.
8:21 am
"pop news" time. listen up, y'all. a major "pop news" announcement this morning for you. country superstar tim mcgraw will be performing live on "gma" right here on wednesday. the morning of the 49th annual cma awards. he'll be coming from bridgestone arena in downtown nashville. chris stapleton will drop in. that is next wednesday on "gma." i'm going to go out there in the morning and then, robin, i know you have a lot going on. >> monday, our countdown special. but that wednesday morning before the cmas always so special here on "gma." >> i've never done it so i'm really looking forward to it. >> they'll take great care of you. >> tim, looking forward to having you. more music news now. i can feel it >> one of the greatest songs ever. >> it is. >> i can feel it coming in the air this morning. and it's a new album from my my '80s musical crush phil
8:22 am
collins telling rolling stones magazine he is no longer officially retired saying the horse is out of the stadium rearing to go. he cited hearing problem and nerve damage in his hands from years of pounding on those drums when he retired in 2002 and says he still loves making music and his kids are now at the age where they want to see what dad does. he says he will record a new album in the stoo, stoo, studio. >> nice. >> against all odds he's coming back. i believe we have a first, america. george just made a pun. it was bound to happen. >> thank you, george. i feel a new level of love between us. you know what, this next story, george, made me think of you and i really mean this because it's all about becoming a gentleman and you are a great example of a gentleman. if you want your guy to be one or looking to, you know, brush up on your skills the british magazine "country life" has a list that has so many people
8:23 am
it's a rather posh publicly kag and lists 39 qualifications in this increasingly complex social world. now shall the overriding emphasis is on being consider at and taking time to look out for others but specifically a gentleman possesses at least one well-made dark suit, one tweed an one dinner jacket, george, i believe, check. never kisses and tells. can cook a good omelet. turns off his cell phone during dinner or puts it to silent. breaks off a relationship face-to-face, says his name when being introduced and is kind to waiters, that's just a few of them. and never blows dry his hair. that was actually on the list for some unknown reason. >> they had to fill up 39. >> so really kind of random. >> you're not a gentleman if you blow dry your hair. >> i don't know. this is a chic english publication. who told me about it was our very own president james. his wife sent hip the list and i thought it was fantastic. went online and a lot talking about it.
8:24 am
check that out. finally, we have two videos to celebrate national cat day which happens to be today. this courteous kitty who very politely paws her owner when requesting a little rub so she -- yeah, wait. she's just so sweet and she'll stand and wait and when it stop, she's like, hello. i'm not done yet. more. and, you know, if that doesn't work, there's always this method. >> ah. >> meow. >> meow. >> meow! >> george -- >> meow. >> just saying, food for thought, george. >> meow. >> let's roll a few more of those. thank you, lara. >> you're welcome, george. >> equal time. we normally talk about dogs. nice we have some cats. coming up, "deals & steals"
8:25 am
buys, just five dollars. good morning. 8:27, thursday, october 29th. topping headlines, the mets return to citi field early this morning hoping they left behind the bad car may from the first two games of the world series. they find themselves in an 0-2 hole after losing game 27-1. they will try to copy the 1986 mets and win the series after being down two games. game 3 is tomorrow night. today marks three years since superstorm sandy made landfall. thousands are waiting to get back in their homes. mayor de blasio will be on staten island to announce his goals for the build it back program.
8:26 am
active applicants the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. we check the commute with heather. >> a traffic camera and how things are looking on the west side highway. northbound, traffic is moving right to left. we have a lot of traffic. southbound side is okay. heading to the maps, why there is northbound volume near the george washington bridge we have an accident being cleared. it's 45 minutes inbound. the lower level has an accident. lincoln 45. holland 20.
8:27 am
alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we got clouds, breaks of sun now and we will look at 64 degrees as the temperature. the rains pushed east. things will be clearing up. sunshine and warm june spring 73 this afternoon. cooler air comes in tonight with another front. that will drop the temperature to 48. cooler tomorrow, sunshine, 60. 58 on halloween. looking at 52 by the time the sunsets at beautiful weather for the marathon on sunday and baseball all three days for the fall classic. set your clocks back saturday night. >> thank you. if you need a fuzzy pick me up, uber has you covered. the ride sharing app will send kittens to those who need cut lettery attention. they come from local shelters and are up for adoption. uber hopes the 15 minutes of snug also will lead to several
8:28 am
kittens finding new homes. we welcome you back to "gma" and we've had some scary halloween extravaganzas. look at this. oh, baby george last year was hysterical. oh, go, ging. go, ging but nothing compares to what we have planned for you tomorrow. boy. >> never know what's going to happen. a little bit of a haunted house and surprise guest, as well. tune in tomorrow. let's go inside to lara. >> thank you very much and cannot wait until tomorrow but right now let's talk "deals & steals." tory johnson with bargains up to 60% off today. tory, we're all about beauty. >> all about beauty bargains. you want to give this a spin around. >> very gentle spin. >> very gentle. sw basics. what i love about this, there are nine different products to choose from. everything has a maximum of five
8:29 am
products that big ingredient that's touted is sort of buried among 50 ingredients. these are really beautiful, all the basics from ex-foal yaptss to toners, cleansers, even a amazing deal on these. all made in america. they're based right here in brooklyn, normally 14 to $45 but everything slashed in half so starting at 7 bucks. >> nicely done. this one kind of creepy. in honor of halloween. >> you know what, when you're in your bathroom all by yourself and have dry tired skin a quick patchology face masque moisturizes. you feel it in just five minutes. you don't have to rinse anything afterwards. so easy to use and eye gel, as well. if you have puffy tired looking eyes. >> check, check, check.
8:30 am
12 to $20 and free shipping. >> isaac mizrahi is now a cosmetics mogul. >> he has turned his attention to beauty and he's got this really great line, true isaac mizrahi with an enormous amount of products. eye, lips, skin, nail, big, big assortment and you get to pick and choose. we don't force you into any bundles. pick and choose what you like. they're already priced well starting at $10 but everything today only slashed in half so 5 to $34. >> this is from bosha. one of the best-selling beauty brands and a sponge that would replace a washcloth or your hands. use it with your own cleanser at home and you get great but gentle exfoliation. >> you can feel it? >> yeah. what's great about it it comes with a string so it's going to
8:31 am
dry very easily in your bathroom instead of a washcloth. really great deal on these. normally all of the products start at $15, everything slashed in half. 7.50 to 19 today. >> and last but certainly not least. >> an oldie but goody. >> a waterpik. all new aquarius designer series. four different color, great for flossing, also massaging the gums, gum care, any doctor is going to tell you or dentist will tell you critical to just good dental hygiene and great teeth. big deal on these. also normally $90. these are all 50% off so $45 plus free shipping from waterpik. >> i like the pink one too. i wouldn't mind having that out on the counter. thank you to all of the companies and you can get the links and codes and another exclusive bonus deal you'll only find online at tory, thank you. >> thank you. outside to george. >> thank you. right over here, television
8:32 am
about to take its next leap forward. apple revolutionized so much aand now they've turned their attention to tv. it hits the stores tomorrow and rebecca jarvis has a sneak peek. >> good morning and tim cook says it is the foundation of the future of tv and we got an exclusive look at how it could change how we watch and what we do in our living rooms forever. this morning, the company that revolutionized the way we listen to music and use our phones is taking on the television. >> i think this is really going to change everything. >> reporter: apple's eddie que inviting us in for a look at the brand-new apple tv. a device that for $149 connects to your tv with an hdmi cable organizing your tv screen. like an iiphone. with apps you decide what to download like disney infinity. >> is the force with you, eddie. >> always. >> to house hunting apps to apps of your favorite channels which
8:33 am
include their live programming and a whole lot more. you could in the middle of that commercial break swipe over and do a little shopping. >> it's all controlled by this remote with just five buttons including this one, for siri so you can yell at your tv and it listens. >> or you can even ask what's the weather in new york right now by asking siri. >> what's the wirth in new york right now. 61 and cloudy. >> reporter: or find your favorite tv show down to a specific episode just by asking. >> let's try, find episode of "modern family" with matt dylan and there it is. five seconds later we're watching. >> and what you see here this morning might just be the tip of the iceberg. what do you see when you look at the future? five, ten years from now? >> what i really wanted to see is the ability of having more control and having it been more interactive. >> sounds pretty cool. those changes will depend on the companies who are making the
8:34 am
giving consumers even more opportunities for interaction but this could just be, george, the tip of the iceberg because now we're doing so many more things with our tvs. >> you're saying, you can just talk to it and say pull up the "seinfeld" finale. >> a voice activated siri activated command and your voice commands what you watch. >> wow! out to ginger. counting down to halloween with seven little pancake picassos all month to celebrate halloween our sponsor ihop is giving kids the chance to have delicious fun deck rating their own scary face pancakes and this
8:35 am
until 10:00 at night kids >> oh, these are coming along. we'll get good treats. can you say, back to you,
8:36 am
george. she had it before -- >> she had it. almost nailed it. thank you, ginger. we're cole back and demi lovato will perform live. and next, jimmy kimmel teams up with these kids to get revenge after their parents played halloween tricks on them. they'll turn the tables. that's next on "gma." "gma's" halloween countdown brought to you by ihop. bring the kids to ihop on
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what's wrong with me what's wrong with me >> a little demi lovato there. her newest hit "confident." we'll hear live if her but now jimmy kimmel always has fun convincing parents to play tricks on their kids about their halloween treats but some have turned the table. >> good. >> nick watt has their sweet revenge. >> we ate every bit of your halloween candy. >> no! >> reporter: this is now part of halloween like bellyaches and pumpkins. >> you ruined my life! >> reporter: but where are those kids now? first stop, ohio. >> hey, kimmel, payback. >> reporter: last year daddy pranked nolan. >> i'm going to eat it all. yeah, i'm going to eat it. >> no. >> listen to me, let's see -- >> reporter: time for revenge. >> you in? high-five.
8:39 am
nice. daddy's brand-new work pants, nice sprinkles. lovely, your daddy is going to love that. >> but can i dump it on? >> of course you can dump it on. dump it wherever you like. >> do you think daddy will steal your candy again? >> no. >> reporter: going to do one pair of daisy dukes. that's enough for any man. >> surprise! >> hey, boys. >> wow. what are you making? >> jeans. >> you're painting jeans. does mommy know you're doing this. >> they got all into this stuff by themselves. >> you didn't know they were doing this at all? >> let's break cover. >> there we go. >> i'm nick from "good morning america." luke, this kimmel kid, revenge.
8:40 am
we bought new jeans. will you steal his halloween candy again? >> probably. >> come on! >> absolutely. >> reporter: more vengeance brewing down in arkansas. these guys and mom made dad's beloved tv into a spaceship's flight. >> hello. >> hello. >> oh. >> he's going to freak. >> i think so, yeah. >> he did this to miles and asher. >> i'm going to eat all your candy. >> you are not nice. >> reporter: let's wait for dad to get home. >> where is -- >> well, it rained all day and so the boys made a spaceship. >> this is paint? >> it should wash off, right? >> this has to be a joke. >> it's not. >> i'm nick.
8:41 am
i mean nick watt's in my house. >> reporter: now, will you ever steal their halloween candy again? >> i probably won't. >> we recycled the tv and bought matt a new one. we're not monsters. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, arkansas. >> it doesn't sound like they have learned their lesson. >> not at all. >> huh-uh. >> it's a revenge show today. >> why so angry, america? >> we'll possibly get in a little more from jimmy kimmel monday night 11:35 eastern, 10:35 central and that's going to be this year's installment of "hey, jimmy kimmel, i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy."
8:42 am
give you a chance welcome to a free online resource for parents of kids with learning and attention issues... with personalized recommendations,
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we are here now with our
8:44 am
friend demi lovato. she just released her fifth studio album "confident" which debuted at number two. congratulations on the billboard 200 and she's going to perform in just a moment but first let's chat, demi. hello. i love the title of your album. it pretty much sums it up. you say when you were first starting out in this career you didn't have control. now, "confident" is just the beginning. >> yeah, you know, with this album, i've dealt with a lot of things in my life but i think one struggle that is so common that everybody has dealt with is confidence. so i wanted to empower people with this message of inspiring people and trying to empower them. >> empowerment, inspirational. we love your makeup-free mondays. you're in such a good open place. take a look at what you did at "vanity fair." that was incredible. no clothes, no retouching, no makeup. that is confidence. >> pretty much as confident and bare as you can get. >> this is me. you know, take it or leave it. >> yeah. >> that's your message. now you're performing at the amas on november 22nd. >> i am.
8:45 am
what can why expect? >> well, you can probably expect my newest single "confident." >> that's exciting. >> and hopefully a really confident performance. >> i'm confident that it's going to be confident. you and nick jonas are actually major big tour announcement on "good morning america." how exciting is that, everybody? the future now tour kicking off in june. what are you most looking forward to with this tour? >> not only am i really close with nick, we've been each other's best friends for a long time now but also on top of that i'm excited to play for the audience, getting to sing new music is refreshing. >> how have your fans reacted to this new music, demi? >> i would say pretty good. >> you guys got the cue very well. nicely done. but what are hearing from them? >> what i'm hearing from them, i'm hearing that they are really receptive of everything that i've done, all the changes i made in my music. they are saying, you know what,
8:46 am
you've grown as an artist and we're going with you and i'm really grateful for that. >> well, i am very grateful you're here right now and get to hear her sing, how about that, off her new album out now here is demi lovato performing the title track, "confident." [ cheers and applause ] it's time for me to take it i'm the boss right now not gonna fake it not when you go down 'cause this is my game and you better come to play i used to hold my freak back now i'm letting go i make my own choice yeah i run this show so leave
8:47 am
me behave oh oh oh so you say i'm complicated that i must be outta my mind but you've had me underrated rated rated ah ha what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ah ha what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ah ha it's time to get the chains out is your tongue tied up 'cause this is my ground and i'm dangerous and you can get out but it's all about me tonight tonight oh oh oh so you say i'm complicated that i must be outta my mind
8:48 am
rated rated ah ha what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ah ha >> sing it, come on. what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ah ha what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ah ha what's wrong with being what's wrong with being oh ah ha uh-huh yeah ooh ooh ooh >> how many of you guys are
8:49 am
so you say i'm complicated but you've got me underrated yeah yeah what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ah ha what's wrong with being what's wrong with being oh yeah what's wrong with being ah ha what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ah ha yeah [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series
8:50 am
the bright side of car buying. my name is 127 willow lane. and i've had some work done. in '62 they put in a conversation pit. brilliant. in '74 they got shag carpet. that poor dog. rico?! then they expanded my backside. ugh. so when the nest learning thermostat showed up, i thought "hmmm." but nest is different. keeps 'em comfy. and saves energy automatically. like that! i'm like a whole new house! nest.
8:51 am
love this song, love the message. "confident," demi lovato, thank you so much. before we go want to tell you about the 40th tcs new york city marathon. it's this sunday. amy robach, you have your running shoes on. >> the only way i'm running a marathon is in a relay. that means i only have to run a few miles. and running programs for children who don't have access to them we're running for and it will be broadcast live on wabc 7 streamed live on watch abc and
8:52 am
espn3, as well so watch me run my three miles. >> yes, go amy. thank you, demi. have a great day, everybody. good morning. it's 8:56 thursday, october 29th.
8:53 am
area after storms made a mess with wind and rain. strong gusts of wind knocked trees down leaving thousands without power. in queens a giant tree that crashed on a home during last night's rainstorm left a mess. no one was home. the people that live there are on vacation right now. the mets return to citi field hoping they have left -- they left behind the bad karma from the first two games. they will try to copy the 1986 mets and win the series after being down two games. game three the first world series game game in citi field's history will be held tomorrow night. the mets return to citi field early this morning hoping they left behind the bad car may. we hope we leave behind the bad weather and traffic. >> we will tell you that we have issues as far as mass transit is concerned. so, we will head to the maps and tell you what is going on here. it's new jersey transit, signal
8:54 am
problems on the port jervis line. delays on the northeast corridor line because of an earlier stalled train. path trains on or close to schedule. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. back to you. >> now we check with meteorologist bill evans and the forecast. >> we have great weather. temperature for 9:00 will be at 65 degrees. we got clouds breaking up. showers pushed out into the atlantic. high pressure will give us nice weather. an area where we see the temperature warming into the low 70s. then canadian air pushes in cooler. 53 first pitch. field. >> that's the news for now.
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