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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 29, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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he did not speak at all. he is charged with vehicular homicide and manslaughter. march 20th, prosecutors say abboud drove the wrong way on the west shore expressway on staten island and crashed head on into a tractor trailer. two of his friends, fellow police officer frank biggy an no and another friend joseph rodriguez were killed in the crash. another friend was critically injured and abboud was seriously injured. >> investigators say abboud and his three friends partied at that strip club in staten island and around 5:00 a.m. on that night, abboud got behind the wheel of his honda civic with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit, .24 and they maintain he caused the deadly accident. back live outside the courthouse, mario galuchi, his defense attorney, said represents another client who partied at the same strip club but on a different night and left the club and drove the
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he maintains there is a strong possibility that both men may have been drugged inside the strip club in an effort to get them to spend more money with the dancers. the only way to conclusively prove that abboud was, in fact, drugged, is my testing his blood sample from that night. that has not happened. when that happens they can make the determination. his next court date is december the 8th. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new at noon, a school van driver in new jersey has been fired after she was caught on camera texting and speeding with at least one student on board. 16-year-old ashley chase sent these videos to her mother on tuesday. the teen capturing her charter van driving up to 80 miles per hour on the garden state parkway. the substitute teacher was caught on camera taking pictures of a stuffed animal as the van was speeding along. no one was hurt. also new at noon, a collapse at a building that was under construction in queens.
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the project in astoria. the claps is described as partial. no word about what caused it. the collapse happened as a crew was pouring concrete on the second floor. >> we are going to turn to the world series and the mets. they have been in this position before, down two games, desperately in need of a rally. if history repeats the mets have to beated kansas city tomorrow night at citi field. >> the year they won the world series, 1986, they lost game one by one run and gained two by six runs. the same situation as this year. governor cuomo has faith tweeting, okay mets, time to come to new york and turn the series around. >> we have reports from kansas city to queens. let's begin with eyewitness news reporter kala rama live at city field. keep the faith. >> reporter: yes, the fans and the players. they players got home around 4:00 this morning. i was there.
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it was 4:00 in the morning. they had all day to rest on this beautiful day. they will be back at 4:00 for a workout. they know they need to step up the game for tomorrow night. >> second baseman daniel murphy was one of the first players to leave citi field at 4:00 this morning. he gave us a smile and wave. one by one teammates followed out of the gates for much needed rest. game 2 was a let down. >> i am disappointed but we will do it. >> too bad they lost. >> >> reporter: here is the thing, mets have come back from a deficit before in 1986 to win against the red sox. >> nervous, nervous. so, when they come to the stadium, citi field, we will win. >> what is the advantage now that they are home? >> more relaxed. more comfortable.
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>> reporter: in the words of yogi berra, it's not over until it's over. >> the past is the past. we are looking for the future. >> reporter: game 3 will be played tomorrow night. live attorney citi field, call a rama. >> thanks. mets fans are trying to keep hope alive. for the fans that made the trip to kansas city, the two losses left a mark. >> they did. nelson has more. >> reporter: so much of the season the talk has been about the mets pitching. last night it was the royals pitching that stole the show. epic game one they used 7 pitchers. last night only one. performance has the mets heading back to new york facing a 2-0 hole in this best of 7 series.
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when given the opportunity, we get a chance to go on the field, every team has a chance to be successful. >> reporter: jacob degrom suffered the first loss of the postseason. >> the walks hurt me. in the 5th i couldn't stop the bleeding. i was one pitch away from getting out of it with one run. i couldn't make the pitch. >> reporter: the mets are back for the first every world series game at citi field. they will hand the sin day guard. >> i would strike somebody out and the roar of the fans. it scared me at times. i can't imagine how much louder. >> reporter: the mets players are upbeat. some fans that made the trek to
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>> it's a magical season. we are hopeful. >> reporter: the mets were in this position before down 2-0 in the world series. that year 1986. that is when the mets did come back to still win it all. there is reason to keep the faith. that wraps up our coverage in kansas city. see you back in new york. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we will keep the faith. >> stay with eyewitness news for coverage of the mets in the world series. we want to see how you are supporting the team. send us your orange and blow photos on twitter, facebook, instagram, the whole family with #abc7ny. three years ago today superstorm sandy made landfall devastating the coast of new york, new jersey and southern connecticut. events are taking place around the tri-state area to mark where things stand as communities continue to recover. in breezy point, queens, 355 homes were lost to flooding or fire, almost 300 homes have
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we will have more in a live report from new jersey coming up at 12:30. now a developing story. letter the u.s. house of representatives has a new speaker. the house formally elected congressman paul ryan as the 54th speaker of the house. at 45 years old, ryan is the youngest speaker in the 170 year history of the office. he received the gavel from house minority leader nancy pelosi. the entire chamber said good- boehner. then ryan appealed to the different faxes in the g.o.p. in congress to work together. turning to the race for attacks flying in all directions at the republican debate last night. the candidates spared but carson, a front-runner in many polls had little speaking time. trump a focus in the past didn't make big headlines. it was a confrontation that start with jeb bush at -- started with jeb bush attacking
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>> you should be showing up to work. >> my campaign will be about the future of america, not attacking anyone else on this stage. i will continue to have tremendous admiration and respect for governor bush. i am not running against governor bush. i am not running against anyone on this stage. i am running for president. >> reporter: another focus of attacks, the cnbc moderators. the republican national committee saying it did a disservice to their network and our candidates and voters. the network fired back by saying the candidates for president should be able to handle tough questions. well, a disturbing attack. an 8-year-old girl followed and nearly raped. the clue that could help police catch this predator. >> we are counting down to the tcs marathon. live at the finish line for a tradition runners love to see year after year. >> we will talk about the weather for the marathon for halloween, the great fall classic. check out these numbers. this is no trick or treat -- maybe a treat for some.
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with the stroke of a brush, the traditional line is set for this sunday's marathon. both runners and city officials were on hand for the ceremony in central park this morning. >> the line marks the 26.2-mile course through all five boroughs. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is live in central park with more p. stacey? >> reporter: hey, shirleen, the stage is set and security plan is in place.
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come sunday, more than 50,000 of them will be here. so will mr. spike lee, the grand marshal of the marathon f first grand marshal from new york city. the ceremonial painting of the lines as the official kick off tamara on this weekend begins. the tcs new york city marathon, a celebration this weekend on abc 7 which will not disappoint. all four of the champions from last year's marathon are ready to roll this year as well as other noteables including retired tennis pro james blake recently in the news after the nypd mistakenly arrested him with a tackle. blake is running on behalf of his cancer foundation. also running as the marathon's
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straight is dave she will speak the -- sing the national anthem before running and spike lee produced and directed a love letter to his favorite city which will start the broadcast on sunday. >> a great honor. we all know new york city is the greatest city on the planet. >> reporter: and a secure one if you ask the police commissioner, no small chance of handling the world series, halloween and the city's marathon in the same weekend. >> a lot of what you don't see behind the scene, the counterterrorism people. terrorism is always a concern but there are no specific threats we are looking at directed at the event and policing in the rest of the city will go on as usual. so we are blessed to have a large police force that deals with these large events. >> reporter: a lot of them going on this weekend. the commissioner did something unurge.
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1866 uniformed police officers stationed throughout the marathon and 14,000 police barriers and, let's see, 13 different command posts and 356 rolls of police tape in case you were wondering. abc 7 will be here and we will continue to bring you the latest, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> looking forward to it. could former assistant coach jerry sandusky face new charges? >> scary moments for a hiker trapped on a mountain. we will show you the rescue. >> we are taking you mile by mile on the marathon to introduce you to the new yorkers that you will find on the course. >> behind me is saint michael's church, the second most tallest building in the community.
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neighborhood that holds a historical landmark. >> tcs new york city marathon
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queens are cleaning up after stormy weather. the fierce winds and heavy rains knocked down trees in smithtown and sea talk ket leaving thousands without power. a giant tree toppled on the second floor of a home in queens. no one was home at the time. the people that live there are on vacation. not happy when they come home. >> october 29th now, i think sandy. every year goes by we do a weather story. i remember one. you can never forget. >> we were watching it in the weather office unfold. a once in a lifetime storm because you had three systems come together. letter that storm went from manitoba to miami. big storm. we have wind. that will continue for the afternoon. be on the lookout. the ground is soaked. we had an inch and a half of rain to two inches in spots that could create problems for knocking a tree down, power line here and there. at noontime, here we go.
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the wall street area, the lower east side, down to the battery, there you go. we are looking at the ferries working back and forth. there is a sailboat in the east river right there. a little wind. the sale is not up on that sailboat. it's usually the motor. plenty of wind out there. plenty of wind propellant to drive the boat. 71 degrees. 55% the humidity. it's dry. here is the wind gusting up to 24. pressure has been around 29 to 59, up to 29 and 6 -- 29.63. this low the atmosphere is unstable. in the park an inch and a half of rain. the sunsets a little bit before 6:00. we will have a beautiful sunset coming up. 69 around river dale. 71 murray hill. whitestone 72. about 55 up to monticello. it's a really warm day. it should be about 58 degrees and 48 off to the north and west.
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miles per hour wind. newburgh 21. all of this is out of the southwest. so, that's probably why that boat down the east river doesn't have the sail up. it would push it up the east river. dutchess county, the next front is moving through. along the thruway and at 84 and the thruway, that line of showers and a pop up thunderstorm to albany, another lovely place on the hudson. this is the cool dry air that will filter in. the temperature will drop after sunset, down into the 50s by accuweather forecast, sunshine by the rest of the afternoon. cooler temperatures tonight. tonight's low down to 48. tomorrow is a great day. great for the fall classic. beautiful weather. 53. sunshine saturday. great weather for trick or treating.
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clouds and sun on marathon sunday, great weather. talking about the mets, we wish three players in three world series games for the mets in the third game of the world series hit a home run. >> okay. >> see. see what you are doing there. >> if tomorrow night curtis granderson hits a home run, there is the sign. >> from your mouth to the man up stair's areas. taylor swift fighting back. her move against a radio host
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an emergency. a fishing trip that turned into a rescue mission and a dog that steals the spotlight. we begin with a dramatic rescue of a hiker trapped on the side of a mountain in arizona. this person had a debilitating injury. phoenix fire officials responded to a call about a female hiker stuck on the second highest peak. they found her unable to walk because of a leg injury. a helicopter was called and whisked the hiker to a local hospital for treatment. no word on her condition yet. two fishing buddies in
12:20 pm
mission. a construction worker tumbled from a bridge hitting his head on a boulder and falling in the water. both fishermen ran to help. they called 911 on the way then recorded video as rescuers hoisted the worker to safety and he is recovering. and a minnesota couple's dog did not want to be left out of their special day. louie photo bombed basically all of their engagement pictures that they wanted to send to family and friends. the wife to be adopted louie before they met her fiancee. she things jealousy might be behind it. >> look at this. >> i told you not to marry him. >> what about me. what about me. >> so cute. >> thank you, david. an assistant high school football coach in washington state has been suspended for leading his team in prayer on the field after games the
12:21 pm
warned joe kennedy not to engage in overt public religious displays on duty. kennedy refused to comply. the district claimed it had to act to protect itself against any liability for violating the state and constitutional rights of students or others. his client may sue the school district. much more news straight ahead. in the next half hour, the search is on for a man who police say tried to rape a young girl. new details coming in as we hear from a neighbor. >> plus, a police officer arrested. what he is accused of doing outside of a restaurant while he was off duty and three years
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it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. we follow breaking news. the attorney for the linden police officer charged in the deadly wrong way crash on staten island claims his client was drugged before the crash. earlier. the attorney says he may have been given a date rape drug by a dancer where he partied with friends before the crash. >> the mets are back in queens gearing up for game 3 of the world series against the royals. the game tomorrow night. fans are optimistic even though
12:25 pm
>> paul ryon is the speaker of the u.s. house. the ohio republican secured 236 votes this morning. there were 184 votes for democrat nance cipel loss see. hello, i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. we begin with new details about the attempted rape of an -year-old girl. >> police say this man, seen on surveillance video, tried to sexually assault the girl in broad daylight in the bronx. she screamed and the man took off. eyewitness news reporter steph fan kim has this -- cefaan kim has this disturbing story. >> reporter: parents are not allowing young kids to walk around alone. cops say a man on saturday attacked a girl from behind entering this building. according to investigators, this is the man who attempted to rape her. the surveillance video was taken from a local business nearby and released by the nypd. police say he covered the
12:26 pm
her but he ran away after she started screaming. he is described as roughly 5'9", 165 pounds with light skin complex. he was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, ripped jeans and gray sneakers. what has residents more on edge is there are two schools by this building, an elementary school next door and middle school across the street. we spoke to a neighbor whose window faces the building entrance. he heard the little girl's mother cry for help after the incident, he knew something was wrong and he said that little girl is still shaken up. >> from what i saw after the incident, she is just -- she seems very uncomfortable to be outside. you can tell like some sort of same. >> reporter: that little victim was taken to a local nearby and released.
12:27 pm
in regards to this incident to at 1-800-577-tips. in the bronx, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new at noon, hempstead police officer is under arrest. police say 49-year-old lewis arcelo was off duty when he followed a woman into her car in hempstead. he had his police shield clipped to his waist and sexually assaulted her as her 3 and 10-year old daughters looked on. details about a suspect charged with killing a new york city police officer. tyrone howard made an appearance in the bronx on an unrelated charge. he faces charges stemming from an arrest on rikers island in 2014. he was caught holding 33 small bags of crack cocaine.
12:28 pm
jury on charges of first-degree murder and robbery in the shooting death of officer randolph holder. police in new jersey bust what they call a mobile meth lab. officers noticed something was wrong in a car parked in the ramada inn on route 46 in wayne. when they went to check it out, they saw the suspect, christopher gary pull mixing chemicals. he didn't notice them as the vehicle filled with a white cloud of fumes. officer in jamaica hospital, the victim of a hit and run driver in glendale, queens. the off-duty officer was hit in the crosswalk at cooper avenue night. he may have been hit by a toyota s.u.v. accident. doctors say the officer's injuries are not life threatening. three years ago today corms slammed into the tri-state area, caused billions of dollars in damage. today some communities are
12:29 pm
fight to get more help from the government. eyewitness news reporter toni yates is live in union beach where the lieutenant governor is speaking right now. >> reporter: you can walk down several streets in union beach and see that families are still in trailers while their homes are unfinished. many families are dealing with this. lieutenant governor spent a lot of time speaking to the homeowner here three years after the storm and a few years worth of battles with that homeowner's insurance company and united way and its thousand of volunteers stepping in to ramp up this effort that is taxing and tiring to these families? >> this is where you have been living for three years. >> the last seven months. we were back in then we were told we have to leave so we got another trailer. >> reporter: 386,000 people were out of their homes the day after sandy hit. i was one of them. i lived down the road here.
12:30 pm
i understand how difficult it can be to work with the bureaucracy which is why i gave her my cell phone number. if we can help any family in new jersey, we will do that. >> reporter: governor christie and other state leaders will be in moonachie doing that same post sandy tour. we will talk to some family members about what it's like dealing with insurance companies, bureaucracy and trying to get in their homes. we will hear from the united way. they came in after sandy and have not left union beach in the last three years. still working hard to get the families back in their homes. live in union beach, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the work continues. thank you, toni. we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans with the after school accuweather forecast. 73 degrees. can you believe that? by the time we get into the evening, a cool front starts to move through we get the sunset
12:31 pm
everything down into the 50s, upper 40s overnight. after school kiddos, great. 73, windy, warm, clouds, great for after school sports and practice. cool weather coming tomorrow. the weekend we talk about next in the seven-day forecast. david, shirleen, back to you. >> thank you, bill. disturbing allegations against a special education teacher on long island. >> also we are learning more about the military blimp that broke loose and crash landed in pennsylvania. >> a teacher's facebook post is getting thousands of shares and sparking a debate on how many if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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police are searching for the person that opened fire in upper manhattan and hitman in the head. ralph benjamin is recovering in the hospital after being shot in harlem. this happened on tuesday. the gunman, police say, was riding a dirt bike at the time. benjamin works at a baptist church and leaves nearby with his 14-year-old son. police have not released a description of the shooter. happening today, sentencing for the man convicted of sexually assaulting a fellow student at a new hampshire prep school. he faces up to 11 years in prison and will have to register as a sex offender. while a senior in high school, prosecutors say he forced himself on a 15-year-old girl. he claimed that it was part of a ritual at the school where graduating seniors attempt to
12:35 pm
now to the runaway military blimp that captured the attention of people across two states complete with sensitive high-tech material to detect from air attacks. the blimp broke loose in maryland and landed in pennsylvania. marci gonzales has brand-new details. >> reporter: we learned the most critical pieces of high- tech equipment from that blimp have been removed from the wooded area where it crashed in pennsylvania. army officials are at the scene working to deplate the rest of the giant balloon. authorities once insisted that something like this could never happen look into what went wrong. today investigators are trying to figure out how this happened. >> it will land in the cornfield. >> reporter: this $175 million top secret surveillance blimp ripping free from a military base in ab ber lien, maryland. the 240-foot unmanned balloon floating about 50 miles an hour.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: dragging 6600-foot metal cable behind it, knocking out power lines. >> it knocked down the power at school and clumps power. >> reporter: the blimp crossing often neighborhoods. >> like holy cow. that thing is enormous. >> military officials unable to stop it. >> there is supposed to be a switch that somebody on the ground in an emergency can flip and do an emergency deflation and bring it down. in this case, they tried the switch and it didn't work. >> reporter: the blimp equipped with high-tech radars able to search the area the size of texas is part of a nearly $3 billion system to defend the nation's capitol. >> the concern is not only where does it come down but they need to keep people away from the technology. it is so sensitive that they don't want anybody that shouldn't see it to see it. >> reporter: after four hours
12:37 pm
>> it's neat but in a way it's scary. >> reporter: experts say wind was a major factor in the blimp deflating, military officials are offering no explanation. shirleen and david. >> thank you, marci. a big shake up on the way in the hotel world. hyatt is in talks to buy star woods. the negotiations have been going on for weeks and an -- announcement could come this week. acquiring starwood would greatly expand hyatt. starwood has more than 1200 hotels in 100 carnals. october is breast cancer awareness month but as we think blue. according to the american cancer society, more than 2300 men in the u.s. will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. more than 400 with the disease will die. breast cancer is 100 times less
12:38 pm
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a long island man that serves as a special education teacher and volunteer firefighter identifiesing disturbing allegations. justin russo charged with touching a 15-year-old girl when she visited the fire department saturday. he is charged with forcibly touching a 28-year-old woman last year during an event at the selden fire department. he teaches 4th grade special education.
12:42 pm
she is filing a counter claim in a groping lawsuit. last month former denver radio host david mueller sued swift claiming he was fired after she accused him of groping her. mueller claims he didn't touch swift but her taylor says she knows the host assaulted her. wish you could stretch out at work? now there is a new chair that the makers say will let you lie down on the job and make it easier. this is the alt work station computer attached to a chair to attach to comfort levels. relakes comes with a -- relax aches comes with a hefty price tag 2900. >> >> i would be snoozing in two seconds. >> i could see that in the
12:43 pm
>> i need one for my back, you know, that antigravity thing. operate the computer upside down. >> bill ritter stands the whole typewriter. >> he is a different kind of -- >> inno virginia tear -- inno via tore -- innovator. >> looking at clouds, sun and a mixture and warm air. really warm by about 13, 14 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. it has groton breezy. i saw lots of folks in bullover the horse drawn carriages were coming down the street a moment ago. everybody will get blown around by the wind. at 66th street, the wind, with a southwest to a west wind coming through there by juilliard we have this shotgun
12:44 pm
hours. could be trees or limbs that fall down because the ground is soaked with rain. southwest wind gusting to 24. 72 in kingston. 72 in poughkeepsie. monticello is 55. there is the evidence of the in. that will be sliding in across the hudson river valley and cooling things down as we go into the evening and tonight. it's 74 around west orange and down to trenton. here is the wind coming out per hour. then you will see the wind changing more to a west to northwest wind eventually as we go into the overnight hours. those thunderstorms in that line are nasty. a few of those pictures you can see on my twitter page at evans weather. they came in from dutchess county and around kingston and the thruway. for the rest of the afternoon, dropping. we hit 73 at 3:00. dropping into the 50s tonight and 40s overnight.
12:45 pm
sunny fall day. the west wind right across. we look at 60 tomorrow, a normal fall day. brisk and chilly given the fact that at this time eye warm today. halloween and trick or treating, baseball weather first pitch 63. halloween is looking good. 73 this afternoon. 48 tonight and then tomorrow 60. 58 saturday and great weather sunday. just don't forget to set your clocks back. >> okay. >> we won't. >> warn us like we had problems in the past. what were you suggesting. >> going into my building and the wonderful lied di who stands by the door says to me, you are not telling us to set our clocks back. >> okay, you heard it here. >> she warned me, i passed it along. >> that's the new york way. >> thank you, bill. halloween is on saturday. i'm warning you. it's expected that the average american will spend about $74 for the holiday.
12:46 pm
to help you save money. walmart is cutting costume prices. peer 1 import offering halloween clearance with discounts and williams sonoma offering all halloween items 30 to 50% off. if you look, you will find deals to be had. >> i didn't get my costume. >> you? >> i'm not doing anything -- i am with you. we will be working the premarathon costume party saturday night. >> i will be dressed up as a wanna be marathon runner.
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>> we will be back. my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call 1-866-ny-quits caring about the things
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hi, everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. concerns about the flew mist. why some children may not be able to get it. eyewitness news investigators with an exclusive look at what smugglers are bringing into the airports. you may be surprised at the item. those stories and more at "first at 4:00." shirleen, i think you and i need to join forces to dress david up for halloween. >> i think we should. >> we should come up with something so clever. >> diana, there is still time. >> i have never been so afraid. >> i will see you after the show. the stories on social media, we have to tell you about a teacher's resignation letter went viral. it touched a nerve about education. in the post the respective florida educator says she believes too many tests are hurting our children. for years she taught challenged students from kindergarten to
12:51 pm
tears and stress pour out of these kids when stress time comes along. they are so pressured to perform that they miss out on making friends and becoming a more well rounded person. >> why didn't the teachers talk about that when i was in school. >> i didn't get that either. i have a daughter that goes that way. she has to deal with it. an update on actor richard gere opening up a dialogue about homelessness after a photo that went viral earlier this week. we showed you this. he was in character for a movie. he hosted an online forum to discuss why the public responded so strongly to the homelessness photo the in the video he said in new york city 60,000 people are homeless and it's a huge problem that needs to be addressed everywhere. >> he is right about that. no question about it. this is another one. an officer in washington, d.c. didn't use force to break up
12:52 pm
she used fancy footwork. >> check it out. >> what the heck is going on? >> the officer immediately turned the tense situation into something fun saving the day with those moves. >> did they have a dance off. >> washington, d.c. police chief released a statement saying the video show cases the many positive community interactions that take place daily. to answer your question, there was no mention whether the chief thought the officer or
12:53 pm
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